Piss and Bruises

Submissive Phone SexThere is nothing better than being an owned slut!

I know I am the property of my Master and I have the branding under my tit to prove it!

But I would not have it any other way!

The burning from being fucked raw, the black and blue tits stretched like udders on a cow, the bruises on my wrists and ankles from being shackled to a breeding bench and having my juicy heart shaped ass ripped open….I love it all and smile at the painful reminders!

I don’t get his cock as much as I would like and I know I am an unworthy sow of a whore but the ass poundings he doles out from total strangers with monster cocks tide me over and make me appreciate his nine and a half inches even more!

It is a great day when I can sleep in a puddle of piss on the floor of my cage with my fuck holes dripping with lukewarm cum….regardless off who put it there, he gave the order and so it shall be!

A lot of sluts would never choose this life but then they have never been slapped in the face while being skull fucked by the dripping cock of the man they worship….it’s the little things like that that make me love him more everyday!

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