Public Humiliation

Submissive phone sexAs you all know I am looking for a Master, and I have been for quite some time now.  I have met many Men who think They can just do the BDSM thing, and it turns out that They can’t.  BDSM isn’t about just hurting someone, believe it or not what You can do and cannot do is completely up to the submissive.  If Your sub has a hard limit then do not cross it, there is a good reason for them to have it, so respect it.  I say all that because I recently had an experience which I was sorely disappointed in.

I know a few P/people in the scene who have guided me, taken me under their wing, so when T/they suggest S/someone that I should make contact with I do so, without question.  I texted the number that was given to me and received a reply.  W/we were going to meet up at a very nice Hotel in the downtown area.  He instructed me to wear a body stocking, heels, and a coat over top.  I went to the room and He was not there yet.  However, there was a lovely display of food and a handwritten note telling me He would be late, to relax and enjoy the food and drink.

I had been there only a few minutes when the door opened up.  He marched in, grabbed me by the back of the neck and pushed me to the floor.  Before I could even move he slapped a pair of handcuffs on me.  Then ordered me into the bedroom.  This was unheard of, He wasn’t familiar with me, nor was I familiar with Him.  Usually there is a conversation before any type of play, detailing what is expected.  He however, went right into it.  I knew then that He was not at all experienced, and did not know how to be a Dom, and this situation could turn dangerous very quickly.

I started to speak, with great respect, but He hauled off and smacked me across the face.  Now I was just pissed off.  I wasn’t going to give myself over to Someone who was this violent right from the get go.  I asked him to take the cuffs off, He once again slapped me hard across the face, my lip started to bleed.  I decided that if I didn’t want to risk being severely hurt I should just comply.  He shoved me onto the bed, grabbed my hair and yanked my head back.

He told me to keep my head up, I did.  He put a collar on me along with a lead, then He used the lead to pull me off the bed.  It took me a moment to gain my balance.  He yelled at me to walk.  I started to walk around the room, but He pulled me so hard with the lead that I still have a mark on my neck from it.  He said, “No! We are going to go and walk the halls bitch!”  You see this a hard limit for me, I work at a very prestigious company and I did not want to run into S/someone I might know.

He pushed me out the door.  I was almost in tears at this point.  It was a mixture of being pissed off, embarrassed and completely humiliated.  He walked me up and down that hallway for at least twenty minutes.  He was berating me the whole time, I couldn’t help but think that there might be little ones in someone of those rooms and I certainly did not want to get arrested just because this ass clown didn’t know what He was doing.

We went down to the next floor, again, W/we marched up and down the hallway for the same amount of time.  W/we finally returned to the room, He took the collar off, pushed me down on the bed to position me on my back with my head hanging off the side of the bed.  Due to the fact that I was wearing a now torn body stocking I was slipping off, all  I could think of was hitting my head on the floor and breaking my neck.  Nothing about this play was safe, nothing.  He came on my face then took the cuffs off.

He smiled at me and asked me how I liked spending time with Him.  Since W/we were no longer in play mode I told that idiot off!  Men like Him cause severe damage and injury.  They are dangerous.  Tomorrow I am going to have to have a talk with the one who had me get in touch with Him in the first place.  Luckily, Those I speak to here know how to be a Dom, and for that I am grateful!

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