Putting On A Show

Submissive phone sexMy sister slave and I put on a show for Master. Master wanted me to be a good little submissive whore for her. And to obey her like she was Master. I made sure to obey. I did not want to get the wrath of Master by ruining his show. She was very rough with me as commanded. Tearing into my cunt with her fist at first. Then using a huge dildo to fuck my ass. Master put me on my knees to eat at her cunt. Master then took his boot rubbing it against my soaked sloppy whore cunt. I was grinding on that boot so fucking hard. Moaning on this delicious cunt I was suckling on. Slamming two fingers in her. Feeling Master take his boot away. I whimper softly. He grabs my hair without warning and slams my cheek into the floor. Telling my sister slave to put the strap on and fuck my ass until I bleed. He then stood on my head yelling “you better not move you fucking worthless piece of shit.” My cheek was throbbing. I felt the strap on dildo ram deep in my ass. Tearing in without lube. I cried out in agony as it was a hard fast fuck. I could hear Master laughing and screaming “harder, harder, harder.” As much as the pain in my ass was shooting thru my body. I could feel my cunt getting wetter and wetter. Every vibe of pain I felt I equally if not more felt pleasure. Knowing Master was getting enjoyment from my pain. Made my cunt ache even more for him. I wanted to obey every command and take every bit of pain. From my sister slave and Master. For I knew my reward would be that I would be allowed to be his cock worshiping whore. And I always want that more than anything.

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