I was so excited about my new position at this Catholic School. I thought I was in a great position to teach the little ones about life and sex as an instructor. I think the joke was on me when I arrived because these bastards were no angels! I am sending this message as sort of a secret code because I have been imprisoned here for 45 days now! They take me out when they want to torture and fuck me in every way you can think of. I am only allowed to eat, piss, and of course when the fuckers tell me I can! Today was no exception I can see they invited you here to the little game!
As usual I am ordered to my knees per request and as the buzzer sounds that they implanted along my neck for control, I do what is asked! They have decided today they want you to tie me up and gag me for their amusement and you had better do it right now! If you don’t do it quick enough you could be stuck down here with me!
No one is going to contact you either these bitchy nuns of the school are in on it! They said having a virgin type whore was the thrill they needed for a life of fucking solitude! Can you believe these little bitches made money on selling my pussy to the archdiocese! Yes I am that kind of submissive whore! Whatever and to whomever these brats say I have to fuck until they tell me to stop. Last night it was whips for disobedience, tomorrow it may time in the cage. The cage was the worse they would submerge it underwater when I got out of line and let me stay there until the next time they thought me useful!
Look at the welts on my back and rings on my pussy. I will belong to them forever!

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