From an early age I knew that I liked submission. I craved it. I was always drawn to the mean guys. You know the ones that degrade and were sometimes forceful. My first experience was as a teen. My boyfriend decided he would like to blindfold me and tie me up. I didn’t even hesitate and gladly agreed. He must have gotten an extra dose of testosterone that day because he was an animal. He started nice enough and teased and fucked my pussy but soon he became a little rougher. He untied me and bent me over his knee and started spanking me. With his hands between my legs he felt my pussy getting wet. That set him into overdrive, and he was soon throwing me to the bed and spanking my pussy. I think when I started to moan from excitement, he took that as a sign to use and abuse me. He took out a belt and whipped my tits, leaving them swollen and bloody. I didn’t even try to fight back. I fucking loved it. He shoved a cucumber up my ass and fucked my pussy. I moved my ass taking it in deeper. Instead of cumming in my pussy he shot his load all over my face and I licked it off my lips. His dick was hard again, and he turned me over and pounded my ass. There was nothing he could do that I said no to.

I am now a complete pain slut and want to be used and abused. It excites me. I totally submit to your every desire. So baby, pick up that phone and use me.

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