Me being a submissive whore doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. I was raised to be an independent woman and to handle my own. I come from a first generation Latin family who always pushed me to exceed in everything I did. I excelled in school growing up and was an overachiever. I even quit an internship not too long ago because of a “button down rule” the head supervisor had. He wanted to see more of my tits and hear less of my ideas and opinions. To be quite honest, As much as I put up a front about the situation, I secretly felt he was right.

No one would ever believe headstrong, independent Shiloh would agree with that sexist rule, but I do. I should have taken his demands and satisfied his needs. It peaked my excitement; I couldn’t believe that I was turned on by his desire to objectify me sexually. After I quit, I was upset that I didn’t obey his rule. A big part of me wanted to follow his demand.

My mind wondered when I went home and thought about how exciting it would have been to have a man control me to all extents. I must be one nasty slut to get wet at the thought of being used and abused. Some of the ideas that raced through my mind were fascinating me to the fullest. I longed to fulfill my fantasies with someone who can take all control of me and make me their little slave pet. Thinking about someone tying me up and gagging me brings a rush of excitement to my body.

I need to be an obeying slut I want to serve someone and take everything they give me. Is that you? Can you control me? I need lots of whips and spanking’s till my tight bum is beet red.

I will address you how you wish and will make sure you always cum first. I can be anything and everything you want. You may want me to be your accomplice or possibly your torture doll you may wish to make me a cum slut or a wicked partner in crime. Your wish is genuinely my command. I want nothing more than to obey my master. Nothing is ever to rough or vanilla with me as long as you are being taken care of I’m happy. I was born to be your whore. I like all your games and any idea that pops into your head. Let me worship the ground you walk on. I don’t mind being pimped out or cock worshiping whatever my master wants my master gets. Pain equals pleasure, and your desires make me wild.

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