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I Waited For My Punishment

submissive slutPain. It causes some extreme discomfort but for others, like me, it causes extreme pleasure. Master knows I crave pain and often calls me his hot little pain slut. I can’t deny it, but Master uses that against me sometimes. If I have been bad or he is feeling incredibly naughty he will tease me. Just like today. He called me and told me to be ready for him. I already knew what that mean. Naked but with hot stripper boots and a corset. I was all ready and my pussy was pulsating in anticipation.

He walked in and I was already in position. In the basement on all fours with my ass facing the stairs. He walked in and I looked back at his smiling. He picked up the switch I had placed beside me and held it against my bare ass. He could see my pussy glistening with wetness and laughed. He didn’t move the switch. He held it there as I waited for the strike, but it didn’t come. He told me there would be no spanking tonight and I would be forced to stay on all fours with the switch against my skin. Master can be so cruel, I bet you would have spanked me.

The Feel Of The Whip Excites Me

submissive whoreI purchased the perfect present for him. It was a special day, the anniversary of me becoming his slave. I dressed like the whore I am and then handed the gift to him. He opened it and his eyes grew wide. A thin, strong switch. He hit it against his hands a few times and the pink marks made my pussy wet in anticipation. He was however not going to give me immediate satisfaction and instead laid it across the table. Between our plates. As we ate, I stared at it imagining how it would feel striking my bare bottom. My pussy was soaking wet and my nipples hard.

After dinner he reached for my hand and led me to the bedroom. With the switch in hand, he turned on a movie. He continued beating it against the bed and on his arms. My pussy quivering in anticipation. But he was ruthless, making me wait. When he went to get a drink, I closed my eyes for a moment and my hand started rubbing my cunt. I arched my back and fingered my soaking wet hole fast. I heard a laugh and then felt a pain across my chest. Startled I opened my eyes as he grabbed me by my hair, bent me over the chair and began whipping my bare ass. Every hit hurt and my ass was on fire, but my pussy was trembling, and my juices ran from my legs. Once my knees started to wobble, he threw me on my back and lifted my skirt. Smiling an evil smile as I felt the first whip against my bald juicy cunt………………

Another One Please

submissive whoreIt is Friday night and I know you are ready to play. I will get this party started for you baby because I know you want to punish me. I got this rope especially for you. A nice shade to match my hair. I will get it started. Placing it in all those places you just love to torture. Wrapping it tightly around my breasts so you can squeeze them. I will hold it in my mouth and wait your arrival. I hear you pull up and my pussy glistens with moisture. You always make me soaking wet. Knowing the pain and pleasure you inflict on me is intoxicating. You walk in smiling and kiss my forehead. You tell me to stay, and I don’t move. You return with our box of toys and finish bounding me. You pull tightly and my body starts to ache. The rope deep inside my slit rubbing hard against my slit. The rope squeezing my tits and nipples, turning them a shade of red. Then you kick me down face first with my ass in the air. You grab a whip and start your fun. I hear the sound of the whip being thrown back and almost orgasm as I beats across my bare ass. Thank you master I say, another one please.

I Am Yours

submissive whoreUse me master. Make me obey. Let my body be for your pleasure regardless of the pain I endure. Let your friends use me. I will always obey you. You tell me to prepare for a party, but I know what that really means. That means that I will be the entertainment for you and your friends. You will drink and party and use me as a sex toy or a punching bag, either or both is what I deserve. Because I am here to serve you.

Your friends fuck me until they can no longer get hard, but they are still wanting to be pleased. You bring out your fun box of toys. My body covered in cum. Cum running out of every hole. My ass bright red from their spankings. My ass gaped from being pounded. My tits sore and red from pinching. Bruises start to appear but that doesn’t detour you nor them. I am now bound as one of your friends lifts the whip. I lay there on the floor waiting for it to strike my skin. I don’t flinch or try to avoid it. I take it because I am obedient to you. It pierces my flesh and soon I feel blood running from the cuts. I still remain still and resilient, for I am yours.

Punish Me

submissive whoreI have been naughty babe. Like really really naughty. The only recourse is punishment. You think you are up for punishing me tonight? I want you to make it hurt. I want you to humiliate me and degrade me. Spankings, whippings, nipple clamps, I want them all. I need them. The feel of your strong hand smacking my bare ass always makes my pussy wet. The sound of the whip as you draw it back excited me. Bound and gag me and make me your puppet. Tie me and let me be the party favor. Open my mouth with instruments and make me gag on cock after cock. My stomach full of cum but you refuse to stop. Spread my legs and lift my ass so they can push into my pussy and pull out and pound my gaped ass. Filling all of my holes so full of cum that it leaks out. Don’t hold back. Put me on my knees and walk me like a dog, making me service any and all people we meet. Let them stand over me and jerk off onto my face. I want to be your submissive whore tonight babe.

The Ball Gag Excites Me

submissive whore shilohI know that when Master puts the ball gag in my mouth I should be scared. I mean it is the prequel to a punishment, so no one can hear my screams. But that does not happen. My pussy gets so wet and my nipples get hard and I get lost in my head fantasizing about which whip he will use, or will he bind me or will he run a train on me. But I never let him know I am not scared because then he would stop. Lately I have even found myself putting it in my mouth and fastening it. I attached nipple clamps and weights and then I take a giant dildo and sit on it while using a vibrator on my pussy. I bounce up and down on that dildo taking it deep in my ass. The pain brings me so much pleasure that I have multiple orgasms before I am through. It is so hot to me, just telling you about it is making my pussy wet again.

Tied And Abused

submissive whoreI had been bad, and Master was not pleased. He told me to clear the weekend for my punishment. He sent a driver and he brought me to master’s cabin. I entered and he immediately inserted a ball gag in my mouth so no one could hear me scream. He tied me and jerked off while admiring his work, masturbating all over my face. Then he got out the whip and took turns whipping my tits until they were raw and bloody. Thinking my tits needed more punishment he put clamps on both my nipples connected to a chain that would pull with even the littlest movement. The was loving it as he pulled the chain. Blood dripped from my breasts and tears ran down my face liquifying the dried cum. Next, he put a vibrating big black dildo in my pussy and turned it on. It was relentless as I came repeatedly until even my orgasms were painful. He whipped my pussy until it was raw never turning the vibrator off. A butt plug was shoved up my ass without any lube and it was excruciating. So, there I lay with clamps on my titties, a vibrator in my pussy and a butt plug. I was in so much pain, but the orgasms would not stop. He laughed as he smacked my face with his cock, shoved the butt plug in further and turned and left the room. I was left to the pain and unending orgasms not knowing when they would return.

Hurt Me

submissive whoreThe strike of the whip against my tits makes this pain sluts pussy get so wet. With each lash I feel my tits burn and my orgasm grow. I am a complete pain slut and ordinary sex does nothing for me. I want to be tied up and abused. I want welts and marks and open wounds. When the lashes open up my skin and the blood start to flow, I can’t control myself. I shake from the enormous orgasm that you have just given me. Want to tie me up and give all your friends a turn? That makes my cunt start dripping. I can service them all. Spread my legs and hold them up so that I can be DP’d. I love the feel of two cocks pounding me. But I still have one hole that is waiting to be abused. Ram a cock down there too baby. Don’t be gentle. Feel my throat start to gag. If I throw up all the better, just keep on ramming it until you shoot your load. I want to have my nipples clamped and weighted, my pussy abused, and my ass stretched. I need it baby and I think you are just the one to give this pain whore exactly what she needs.

I Remained His Perfect Slave

submissive whoreSmack my ass and make me your slave. That thought rings in my head as I watch him hand me a hot little maid’s outfit. He had rented me from my master for the night. I obediently changed into the slutty outfit and followed him to the family room. Kneel he told me. I did as I was told. He walked around me, observing his purchase. The bulge in his pants led me to believe that he liked what he had bought. Now climb up on this table slut, on all fours. I climbed on the table as he instructed. He pulled my skit apart and grabbed a whip. My tits already hanging he started smacking them hard. Going from my nipples to my ass and to my exposed pussy. Hard and fast and firm. I thanked him after every strike. My ass on fire and my pussy throbbing he unbuckled his pants, pushed me on my back, my legs bent with my arms around my knees. Holding them apart so he could view both my holes. Then he smacked me a few times so the marks were fresh. Then he pushed his cock deep inside my pussy. I yelped in pain. For the next what seems like forever, he took turns ramming his throbbing hard cock inside my ass and pussy until he pulled out and squirted his warm cum all over my tender nipples. Although in pain and tears ran from my face, I remained his perfect slave.

Make Me Your Slave

submissive whoreTie me up baby and use me. Treat me like the disgusting slut that I am. Humiliate and degrade me. Make me beg and plead. Don’t be gentle. A firm hand is what I need. If I disobey you must be harsh. If I play with my pussy, I must be punished. Come to me and pull me by the hair from my bed. Rip my clothes off and put me in leather. Exposing my breasts and my cunt completely uncovered. The attach my hands behind my back and trip me to the floor. Make me lay there helpless and you pull your cock from your pants and piss on my face. I don’t open my mouth like you wanted so you smack me hard. Make me stick my tongue out and get every last salty drop you have. Then have your friends over or just any pervert you can find. Circle jerk around me, leaving my face covered with cum. Grab me by my hair and bend me over the table. Attach spreaders and lift my skirt. My ass and twat exposed for anyone and everyone to have a turn with me. Paddle and whip me into submission. Make me your slave.

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