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Want To Punish Me?

submissive whoreSometimes I need to feel the strap across my ass and the breasts clamps on my nipples. There is something about the pain that feels so much like ecstasy. I love it, I want it, I must have it. Just thinking of the heat from my beaten ass makes my pussy so wet. The pinching of my nipples makes me even wetter. I will not tell you because then you will not punish me, but I get so excited when you lay out a submissive slut outfit and matching heels for me to wear. I know what that means. It means you are going to use my body, push me to the brink, make me obey you and do as you command. I intentionally disobey you so that you will punish me. If you chose to humiliate me or share my body with your friends or complete strangers, I secretly orgasm time and time again. Right now, I am playing with my pussy which you own, without your permission. So how are you going to punish me?

What Can I Do For You?

submissive whoreI am such a submissive whore. It is my dirty little secret as most of my friends wouldn’t understand. The thought of you tying me up and putting duct tape over my mouth makes my pussy so wet. When you add nipple clamps, I can feel my pussy start to contract. I need the humiliation and pain. I want to do as you command, I want to be your slave. I want you to grab my hair and throw me to the ground, forcing me to take your hard cock deep in my mouth. Shoving it in so deep that I gasp for air. Holding your dick deep inside my mouth as your streams of cum fill my throat, gagging me. Feeling you smack my face and telling me to take it all. How you lay me on the bed and paddle my slick bald pussy until it is red and bloody. I won’t even move, no need to tie me up. I long to please you. For you to use my body as you want. All of my holes are yours, to do with what you want. I am here to please you and if that means pleasing all of your friends then I will lay there like the slut I am and take it because all I want is to make you happy. So Master, call me and tell me how I can please you.

A Submissive Christmas Tale

submissive whoreWhat better way to spend Christmas than being bound and used? That is exactly how my Christmas went. As I walked into the bedroom my pussy immediately got wet when I saw my present. New nipple clamps, the kind with the clasps for weights and attached to a collar and a brand-new ball gag. Of course, there was a hot naughty outfit and heels to match. He walked in with a switch and as he drew back to smack my ass, he told me to hurry and change and meet him in the basement. As I removed my clothes, I could smell the aroma from my wet pussy and as I attached the collar and nipple clips, I felt my pussy quiver. I knew not to cum though, although I don’t think I will last till I am given permission. I slipped on the outfit and heels and headed downstairs. He was standing under the bars and I walked over and raised my hands like the good slut I am. He rubbed his fingers across my slit and commented on how wet his whore was? The feel of his hand drove me wild and I shook with anticipation. Once I was fastened, he grabbed the whip and drew back…………….

Punish Me

submissive whoreI know that when Master puts the ball gag in my mouth I should be scared. I mean it is the prequel to a punishment, so no one can hear my screams. But that doesn’t happen. My pussy gets so wet and my nipples get hard and I get lost in my head fantasizing about which whip he will use, or will he bind me or will he run a train on me. But I never let him know I’m not scared because then he would stop. Lately I have even found myself putting it in my mouth and fastening it. I attached nipple clamps and weights and then I take a giant dildo and sit on it while using a vibrator on my pussy. I bounce up and down on that dildo taking it deep in my ass. The pain brings me so much pleasure that I have multiple orgasms before I am through. It’s so hot to me, just telling you about it is making my pussy wet again.

The Smell Of Her Pussy Made Me Cum

submissive whore He sent me a message to meet him tonight at his cabin. I prepared like always, doing all the little things that he likes. Shaving, douching and perfect grooming. I arrived at a little early and went in. On the bed he had 2 beautiful latex outfits laid out. Confused I was quickly intrigued on when another girl walked into the room. She was a beautiful dark-haired lady. I did not know he had another slut but that is not my place to question, I am only to worship him. Although I admit I was a little jealous. We both got dressed in our outfits and waited. Just looking at her breasts hanging out and the thought of him fucking her was making my pussy so wet. He finally arrived and grabbed us by the attached leashes and led us to the basement. There he directed us both onto the vibrator and fastened us in. He put a vibrating dildo in my pussy and the other end in her pussy. Then he turned them on and waited. He told us not to cum or there would be severe punishment. I sat there looking at her beautiful body and her wet beautiful cunt just inches from mine. The vibration on my clit and the smell of her pussy in the air was too much. I started orgasming and couldn’t stop. As I finally came down, I realized she had also came without permission. He just shook his head, grabbed a whip and walked towards us.

He Bound My Hands

submissive whoreWe had the house to ourselves for a few days and I knew it was play time. He told me to shower shave and dress in what he left in the bag. I was so excited as I prepared. Would it be just me and him? Would it be him and his friends? Or would it be him and his sons? It really didn’t matter to me because as long as I felt pain and humiliation and my body was used for pleasure, I would love it. I dressed as instructed, walked down the stairs to the basement. In the middle he had set up the long stick he uses to bind my hands over my head. I saw whips, dildos, nipple clamps, butt plugs…… My pussy was soaking as he bound my hands and attached my legs to the spreader. He slapped my face, called me a bitch and laughed. Then he fastened a blind fold on my eyes, attached some nipple clamps and stuck a vibrator against my clit and left. As the clamps became heavy and my nipples bled and my clit became sore from the continual orgasm, I heard people come into the room. They laughed and I could hear zippers and pants falling to the ground. Then I felt their hands………….

A Present For Him

bare bottom spankingI searched for the perfect gift for him, although I knew it would mostly be for my enjoyment. It was a special day, our three-month anniversary. I dressed in patent leather high heeled boots, a corset and a short skirt, sans panties of course. I handed the gift to him and as he opened it his eyes grew wide. A thin, strong switch. He hit it against his hands a few times and the pink marks made my pussy wet in anticipation. He was however not going to give me immediate satisfaction and instead laid it across the table. Between our plates. As we ate, I stared at it imagining how it would feel striking my bare bottom. My pussy was soaking wet and my nipples hard. After dinner he reached for my hand and led me to the bedroom. With the switch in hand he turned on a movie. He continued beating it against the bed and on his arms. My pussy quivering in anticipation. But he was ruthless, making me wait. When he went to get a drink, I closed my eyes for a moment and my hand started rubbing my cunt. I arched my back and fingered my soaking wet hole fast. I heard a laugh and then felt a pain across my chest. Startled I opened my eyes as he grabbed me by my hair, bent me over the chair and began whipping my bare ass. Every hit hurt and my ass was on fire, but my pussy was trembling, and my juices ran from my legs. Once my knees started to wobble, he threw me on my back and lifted my skirt. Smiling an evil smile as I felt the first whip against my bald juicy cunt………………

My Punishment

submissive whoreI was walking into the house when he came from behind and grabbed me. He covered my face with a pillowcase, handcuffed my hands and led me to a waiting car. I knew who it was by the feel of his hands on my face. I knew that this was my punishment for playing with my pussy without permission. Part of me was scared but mostly I was excited. My pussy was wet, and my panties were soaked by the time we arrived. He led me into the building and down the stairs. He lifted my handcuffed arms above my head and fastened them to a pulley. Then he ripped open my shirt and attached nipple clamps and weights. My pussy was throbbing now. He then lifted the pillowcase off my face and put duct tape over my mouth. As my eyes adjusted to the low lighting, I could see a dozen or so men watching as I hung there. Some appeared to have their cocks out of their pants and were stroking. He then stood back and told them that I was all theirs to do with what they wanted until he was tired of watching. I was so turned on that when he ripped my panties off, and his finger grazed my clit I orgasmed right there. He laughed, called me a slut and backhanded my face. The things those men did to me was naughty and dirty and I loved every painful minute of it. Give me a call and let me tell you about it.

Make Me Your Slave

submissive whore Ball gags, titty clamps, whips and rope are what my dreams are made of. My pussy gets so wet just thinking of being used. I want to be used. Be rough, be firm but most off all make me your slave. Don’t allow me to tell you no ever. If I hesitate, I want you to punish me. Whip my pussy and my ass until the skin is broken and welts appear. Make me thank you after every strike. Then pour salt on my cuts and fuck my raw pussy. Hard and deep and pull out and squirt your cum all over me. Make it hurt if I disobey you. Take all of my will away. Make me your complete and submissive whore. I will please you and your friends and even your sons if you so desire. I will even take care of the women you bring to me. Just humiliate me like the piece of trash that I am. I want you to make me beg you to allow me to cum as you tie the vibrator to my clit. Punish me if I cum without permission. Slap my face and my tits. I want you to totally control me.

An Orgasmic Pain

bare bottom spankingsThere is nothing hotter than the sight of a red freshly bare bottom spanked ass. You can almost see the heat radiate as the redness spreads. I love the sound of the woosh as the stick is pulled back in the air. My pussy gets so wet as I prepare for it to touch my skin. I wince and thank him at every strike. The occasional misses hit my clit driving me mad. The sting causes my pussy to quiver with desire. As tears run down my face I can only think of the next hit. My ass feels like it is on fire and my skin broken but I still want more. I thank him over and over again, sometimes barely getting my words out from the pain, but I need more. I live for the pain. That orgasmic feeling from the hurt. As welts form, he puts the stick down. He then caresses my ass with his hands. Gentle and soft. He notices my pussy is soaking wet and just laughs as he calls me his pain slut. I then feel his huge hard cock enter my slippery wet pussy and I am drifted away to the ecstasy of the orgasm he is giving me.

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