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Pain Slut Craver

Rape phone sex fantasies
A pain and bondage slut is one for the books! Nothing is better than debasing yourself and allowing someone to hurt you for their pleasure. I get off on hurting for a man as he force fucks all my holes! I want his cock to throb as I cry, beg and LOVE every second of the abuse he inflicts on my slutty holes. I have been in this position for 2 hours now and that is an electrocuting clasp that is controlled by a remote. Whenever I whine or complain my dom zaps my clit and it hurts so much! I love to hurt though; it makes my fuckhole drip! If I am a good bitch he will use my cunt and ass hole until he blows his load in each of my holes. Call me so I can make you nut like a good pain slut.

Cock Whore Ready To Please

Submissive whoreHi I am Shiloh! I am stupid little cock whore who loves to be degraded and used. Here I am latched into this machine with a big 9 inch dildo using my whore mouth. My master has had me in this for over 8 hours and I can’t even feel my tits anymore because of how tight I am latched in. Every hole has been used all day I can’t keep track of how many loads I have taken. My master says he wants to make sure I am a used up slut by the end of the night so that I know the only use I have is to please men. He made sure every guy was satisfied after using my filthy slut body and he made sure I said thank you after they pissed all over my whore face and down my throat. I could not be more thankful that I am so useful for men. You should call me so I can be a useful cock sleeve for you too!

Force Fuck This Rope Whore

Ropes and force fucking my pussy into a dripping wet mess makes me so horny. Being a tied up little play thing for a man is what I was built for. That rope splitting my cunt apart while my arms are behind me; whimpering like the stupid broken little bitch I am. There is nothing sexier than feeling totally helpless while a man ravages and force fucks every hole in my body. My little nipple clamps dangling down and swinging as you plow me. A pretty little ball gag to shut me the fuck up so you can go as hard as you want on my holes. Call me so I can make that cock explode all over while I talk to you about how I want you to use my body as a playground. Mmm I will be waiting to hear your voice baby!submissive whore

He Punishes Me

submissive whoreWhen I make him mad, he does a little thing called “open house.” He rents an Airbnb and puts out a memo on his master sites. They read something to the effect that there will be an open house today and to come by and have a look, check it out and get a feel. Then he takes me to the address and dresses me in hot latex and leaves me bound on the floor. He leaves hit box of toys beside me too. Whips, clamps, paddles, dildos, and electrodes. Then he blindfolds me and leaves so he can watch. His friends are evil horny men, and they waste no time showing up. Hitting and punching me and beating my ass until it is red and bruised. Spreading my legs and ramming their cocks in dry. Sometimes two at a time inside of me. Jerking off on my face and chest before caning my nipples. He will sometimes let this go on for hours or even days if he is pissed enough. Leaving my holes full of cum and raw is how he likes me. If you walked in and found me bound, what would you do to me?

He Disgusts Me

submissive whoreI am usually the one being punished but I have recently found a pathetic degenerate who I have come to love humiliating. He called all pathetic like. Giving me this line on how his perverted ass liked to go into his sweet young niece and nephews room for a little fun. By fun I mean pure p shit. In the most disgusting way. Like taking their tiny used panties and putting them in his mouth so he can taste them or wrapping them around his cock and stroking it with them. Disgusting right? Get this?

Last night he had the panties around his cock and went into the room, raised her nightgown, and pulled down her panties. Rubbed his p-cock up and down her tiny slit. Then he stood beside her and jerked off, even getting a drop of his p-cum on her thigh. So appalled and sick from his perverted ass I told him to lick it up. Lick every drop off of her little soft leg. I could here him slurping it up, horrifying. Then as I lectured him and humiliated him, I could hear him breathing heavy again, stroking his cock. My god, he squirted his load again and then thanked me. I wanted to vomit but instead I laughed at his sorry ass. I am sure he will be sneaking around their bedroom again tonight.

They Used Me

submissive whoreIt is the football playoffs, and I knew that I would be the halftime entertainment. I didn’t mind, after all that is what a submissive slut is for and that is what my master wanted. I was getting ready and by the sounds from the other room I could tell it wasn’t going well. That would mean that the guests would be frustrated and angry. What better way to get your aggressions out than by an obedient whore? I walked out and Master attached my ball gag. He smacked my face and told me that he would get me first.

He threw my chest against the table and spread my ass cheeks. He pushed his already hard cock deep inside my ass as he grabbed my hair. No lube and my ass was ripping and tearing but I would not flinch. This is what I am to do. He laughed and told the other guys to join. I felt a hand smack my face and turn my head around. He ripped off my ball gag and rammed his cock deep inside my throat. I was gagging and choking but he didn’t stop. When Master shot his load in my ass, he said next. They lined up and ran a gangbang on me. Filling my mouth, pussy, and ass with their cum. Then the game came on and Master pushed me on my knees to take turns blowing them while the game played on.

He Owns Me

submissive whoreHe came home and was in a festive mood. Off work for the rest of the week and ready to party. I heard him on the phone inviting some of his friends over. I knew what that meant. That meant that I would be the entertainment for the evening. My body would be theirs, to do with what they pleased. I didn’t even wait for him to instruct me, I immediately got dressed in the hot maid outfit he loves. I then waited at the edge of the bed for him. He walked in and his eyes glazed over. He was infuriated with me. Firmly he told me how I belong to him and that I was NEVER to assume anything and that I must be enjoying myself.

He pushed his fingers inside my exposed cunt, and I was soaking wet. He pulled them out and pushed them down my throat. This is what a slut tastes like. A disobedient whore. He grabbed me by my hair and drug me down the stairs. He attached me to the cross and put the Hitachi wand on my clit. He turned it on high and left me. Let’s see how you enjoy yourself now he told me. The orgasms continued on and on for an eternal amount of time. Tears ran from my face with the pain. The party didn’t start for hours, and he had no intention of releasing me. As his friends started to arrive, he spit on my face and told them to enjoy themselves. Nothing was off limits tonight.

I Will Be Used

submissive slutTonight, is his Christmas party for his perverted friends and I will be entertaining all of them. I prepare for the night making sure I am soft and smooth, and everything is cleared out. Don’t want to disappoint them with any mishaps. I put on the outfit he has picked for me. Black thigh highs and heels and a hot fuzzy corset and nothing else. I fix my hair and makeup and head downstairs. They have been partying for hours now. Liquor and pills and blow, any type of party favor you can imagine is available to them. Porn plays on all screen and in the center of the room is a pony, table, ropes, whips, and everything they need to please themselves.

There is silence as I walk in and go to my designated place. I kneel down and look at the floor waiting for him. He walks over and lifts my head and smacks me across the face. Look boys, it is our real-life blow-up doll that we are going to destroy tonight. No need to be gentle, the bitch likes it rough. My pussy pulsates at these words as he kicks me on to all fours. He smacks my ass a few times and grabs a giant candy cane. He pulls me apart and sticks it in. My juices start to flow, and he laughs harder and rams the candy cane inside me further. I gasp and they line up to have their way with me. What would you do to me first?

You Own Me

submissive slutI woke up and you were gone. Left on your pillow was a gift bag. Excitedly I opened it. It was a flash drive. Curious I opened my laptop and pulled up the files. It was me. Me disobeying you. Me masturbating in the shower, thinking you wouldn’t know. But you did. A camera must have been installed. Not once but three separate times. I started to panic. I know how that disappoints you. How mad you get when I try to pleasure myself without permission. Embarrassed and ashamed I put on my robe and went to the bathroom.

There on the counter was another gift bag. I opened it and it was a ball gag and a huge suction dildo. The only instructions given were to attach the ball gag, put the suction against the shower wall and fuck it continuously. I pulled the dildo out and immediately knew the smell. Ben Gay. You had covered the entire dildo in Ben Gay. Knowing you were watching I didn’t dare disappoint. I attached the ball gag and the dildo to the shower as instructed. I then fucked the dildo over and over like you commanded. The Ben Gay burned, and my pussy was on fire, but I didn’t stop. I will never stop until you allow me.

What Would You Do To Me First

submissive whoreThe smell of leather and latex and wood always brings me back to one of my first encounters. I was younger and naive and had answered an ad in the local paper. Needing some extra money, the idea of becoming a sub was appealing. Not sure what was involved didn’t really matter to me at the time. Subconsciously I knew and was called. We set up a meeting at his lake house, about an hour out of town. I let myself in as instructed and was led to a room down the hall by the butler. The room was beautiful and bright and there were packages on the bed. He told me to dress and ring the button and he would escort me to the playroom. I opened the packages to find collars and binders and lots of leather and latex. I was confused as to what to do. I rang the buzzer and the butler arrived. He helped dress me. Binders on my wrists, a collar around my neck, crotchless panties, thigh highs and heels. I stood up and he bound my hands behind me, fastened a leash to my collar and walked me down the stairs. I walked in the room to see so many benches, whips, and chains. If you were my master, what would you use on me first?