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Submissive sex with the best slave cunt is what you need!

Submissive sex My master was craving some filthy Submissive sex lastnight and needed me. I am the best slut he has so when he is feeling dirty and aggressive I am his go to whore. So he called me in the slave room and tied me up like usual. He shoved his nice cock down my wet throat while I struggled. He jammed it down and held my head down while spitting on me and calling names. He told me he didn’t care if I passed out. He needed to get his nut off and he wanted my holes to do the job correctly.

When you are the mood for some Cum slut phone sex with a skank who can work your cock properly; I am the one who can do the job. My master jack hammered my wet throat hole open for like 30 minutes while I struggled to breathe. My arms were behind me and I was feeling very numb. I was aching and wanted it to end but he kept saying “Good slaves keep their mouth shut and do whatever their superiors want”. I cried and he said “Good bitches cry for their daddy; that means they want it up the ass hole next”. 

If you want some rough and nasty Hardcore bondage you should connect with me. I am here to be your jerk off slave whore; I am craving your load. Please pump your cock in all my holes and cum wherever you please. I am here and ready to submit to you; I am so needy and ready for a good fuck session!




Submissive sex with Shiloh will have you cumming hard!

Submissive sex Submissive sex is the best when you have a dominant man ready to take control and do whatever he wants to you. So David is the perfect fuck for me; he is aggressive and knows how to please me. Usually we set up a hot scenario where I meet him back at his place and wait for him. Lots of times I will be half naked in the kitchen so when he walks in he could just slip his cock inside any hole he wants. Most times he picks my ass hole so I scream and yelp like a whore; he loves to watch me in pain. 

David gives the best Bare bottom spankings while he rails out my hot holes from behind. I am usually begging for him to stop because my ass hurts so bad. He keeps going until my cheeks are beat red; sometimes he even uses a paddle on me. By the end of our sessions I am begging for mercy and can’t take the slapping anymore. This time he used his hand the whole time while I bent over and bucked my hips back onto his cock. He was plowing out my cunt hole because he said he needed to feel how sloppy I got while he abused me. 

Your cock will explode with the best Cum slut phone sex! You need a bitch like me who will satisfy all your needs; that includes your darkest fantasies and kinks. I know you need a slave who craves violation and abuse; there is nothing that makes me cum harder than degrading men. Being used makes me feel like I am living up to my true life purpose. Let me make you cum deep in my hot wet hole just like David does when he slams his big fat rod in me.

Mouth Slave In USE!

Submissive sex One of the best way to train a slave cunt and mold her into exactly what you want is by making her an oral whore first. Getting a bitch to worship your cock with her mouth first will train her to be thankful when you decide to use her other holes. In my experience the thing that made me so needy is being denied in my other two fuck holes. Being able to become so obsessed with a mans cock is the first thing to becoming a proper slave.

Worshiping cock and balls in your mouth will get you so used to the taste and smell; you will be throbbing to feel it in your pussy and ass. Whenever I have a dick in my mouth and I feel it getting so hard I can’t help but feel my other 2 holes tingle and become jealous. I suck cock better knowing my other holes are being denied and ignored. I know that the better and more gracious I am as an oral slave I will eventually get my other holes used.

Slave girls have to make a man cum from their mouth first before they are rewarded with cock in their other fuck holes. I can make a man cum in like 2 minutes with my throat. So my master is very fond of my mouth/ throat hole; he has appointed me as the whore who trains new oral slaves into the best cock suckers. I have done such a good job at training bitches to become the proper mouth sluts. Every bitch should aspire to be me!

Weekend Fun With A Good Customer!

Submissive sexMaster set me up with his friend who needed a sexy little maid so he could have his house all clean and his balls drained. His wife was out of town all weekend so he bought me for the whole weekend; he needed a side piece to make sure his cock always felt good. Master told me to make sure I do a good a job because he is a very good customer and a good friend of his. I always make sure I do what I am told to keep master and all the customers happy.

The customer’s name is Andrew and he always loves his whores to bounce on his cock so he can see some big tits in his face. So I hopped on top and rode him like a horse; he loved my big tits bouncing. He laid back and told me to keep bouncing until he was ready to cum deep inside my hot fuck hole. He filled me up a couple times and than told me to go make him dinner and clean his kitchen.

H requested that I do it all naked and that if he was horny he would just come in and slip his cock in any hole he wanted. I smiled and said that was totally fine. As I cleaned the kitchen and cooked he came in and used each hole a few times until he was satisfied. I knew this was going to be a long weekend; he wanted to get his money’s worth. He was a very happy man at the end of our weekend; and his balls were deff empty!

Anal Slave Put To Use!

Submissive sex I always tell everyone how much better sex is when you are tied up and forced to do what a man says. The throbbing sensation in your wrists and ankles when some circulation is cut off is an exhilarating feeling. There is no other excitement quite like the  warmness in your body as you feel your breathing stopping slowly while a hand is wrapped around your throat. I love to feel the blood rush back into my brain when a man releases my throat as I am cumming with him. My heart pounds harder and I sometimes pass out from the pleasuring sensations of going limp. 

With that, the easiest way to get ass fucked is when you do all the things I mentioned above. It relaxes your muscles and body which makes it way easier to slide a cock up your shitter. I have been a slave girl for a while now so I know all the things that make sex and sessions easier and way more fun. However, I also enjoy anal sex so anything to intensify the feeling of being ass fucked is a yes from me. However, we all know it doesn’t matter if I like it or not. A man is allowed to take a slave girl anyway he wants. 

Your master is in control of what your holes do/take; I learned and accepted that a long time ago. Life has been a lot easier since I just learned how to accept my place and spread my legs when told to. This is one of masters long time friends who enjoys anal so much. His name is Mike and he only likes slave cunts who truly love being ass fucked. He doesn’t want a difficult time trying to stick it in a sluts ass. He wants it to be just as easy as fucking a cunt or a mouth. So that is why I am always the lucky girl who gets to be his anal slut!

BBC Training For This Cunt!

Submissive sexMaster said the best way to learn how to be a slave for cock is by training with a BBC. He said they usually have some of the biggest cocks. Therefore, it will help me and all the other slave girls learn how to fuck without needing a break. Men don’t like breaks; they want to keep fucking until they are satisfied. That does not always mean just making a man cum once. Most times they want to cum more than once and sometimes they just want to use a whore for fun even if they don’t want to cum again. 

You are designed to take cock and objects in your holes whenever and however a man sees fit. So if you are properly trained to get fucked and stretched out than you won’t need a break, etc. James is the best to practice this with because he has a huge black cock and loves to fuck for quite a long time too. I took his cock inside me for like 2 hours and was so sore. It was so much fun though because it taught me how to take lots of cock at once and different objects. My master was so proud of my accomplishments. 

How about you baby? What is your favorite way to teach a cunt how to stretch her holes for you? I bet you want to watch a pretty white whore like get broken open by a big fat black cock. So call me and tell me how nasty you want me to be for you. Tell me how much you want me to take a BBC for you so I am a well trained little hole. I promise to be a good cunt for you; I will never say no daddy!

How I Entered My Life As A Slave Whore!

Submissive sexAs the ropes tightened around me I would surrender myself completely to Damien’s control. He found happiness in my submission and the loss of control I had UN-apologetically given up. Damien would tease and taunt me using tons of toys and different restraints that made him throb. He told me about all the other cunts he has trained and molded through the years. I was shaken up but also excited to learn about my new life. I knew I was a bondage slut as I felt my cunt leak each time he tightened the ropes around me.

I was bound and helpless and in so much pain mixed with pleasure, anticipation, and release. Damien was in tune with my every whimper and moan. He would expertly navigate the balance between pleasure and pain and was pushing my boundaries and unlocking new realms of pleasure with each idea he had. I was experiencing so many different emotions physically and mentally. He was thrilled with how well I was learning and wanted to just keep pushing limits as our sessions went on.

He passed so many comments about how good I was and how he wanted to keep me so we could train other cunts. When he finally fucked me I had been teased and toyed with for so long. Feeling his cock go back and forth in all my holes had me filled with so much ecstasy. I craved and wanted more each time. When I first felt my cunt throb and I squirted my juice out I knew I never wanted it to end. He used my holes for hours until he was completely satisfied. He looked at me and welcomed me to my new life. I was smiling with joy; this was over 5 years ago and I have been completely his ever since!


Fuck Meat Entertainment For Daddy!

Bondage whoreMy owner had a lovely session set up for me today and I was so excited to see what he had in store in for me. When I walked in and saw everything set up I knew I was in for the time of my life. My favorite Hitachi wand was set up with all the rope/restraints laid out for me to see. I could feel my pussy throbbing/tingling in my panties because I knew I was going to be able to cum. I have not been allowed to cum from my Master in over 3 months so I could feel how drenched and excited my little fuck hole was getting just standing there. 

I was enthralled with excitement and anticipation; my daddy could see me getting all worked up and he loved it. He grabbed me by the hair and threw me to the ground and said “Take off your panties bitch and open up your mouth”. I did exactly what he said and waited with my mouth open; all my drool was dripping down my chin. He stood above me with his rock hard shaft and said “If you take care of this cock properly you will be rewarded you fucking bitch”. I shook my head so excited to play and so needy for his cock in my mouth.

He pumped my throat open hard and made me look up at him while my makeup ran down my face. He loved a messy blowjob and enjoyed making all his cunts cry for him after a face fuck. He used my mouth for a while and nutted all over my face; I was covered in my spit and cum. He dragged me over to the set up and began restraining and roping me up to the wood slacks. He spread my legs and slapped my cunt a few times. He then covered up my mouth and said “I don’t want to hear you so I am going to keep this over your mouth whore”.

He cranked on that vibe and pushed it up my clit. He sat back and watched me squirm and get tortured by that vibe forever. I squirted all over so many times until I could not even feel my clit. I was in a daze and could not take it anymore I needed it to stop. My daddy came over and shut off the vibe and laughed at my disorientation; he told me I had enough orgasms for a lifetime. He slapped me in the face and pissed all over my fat tits and cunt. He called me a dumb whore and took me down. I laid there for quite a while unable to move!

Slave Cunt Watched Me Get DP’d For Practice!

Slave training Spreading my legs for the best DP session of my life was so much fucking fun. What made it even hotter is having another slave cunt during the play time session with 2 of the best customers our owner has. Feeling those nice cocks slip in and out of both my holes while this cute little slave whore sucks my big tits was such a turn on. I always feel so lucky when I get to have the best customers use me for hours. It has been a while since I have had fun with another slut too; so it was a lot of fun to get some pussy action. Customers love watching two cunts fuck each other for their entertainment; which is a plus because I love eating pussy and getting mine eaten from a sweet girl.

This slave cunt above me is newly added to our little group; my owner has had her for a couple months now. She was super nervous when she first got here because she has not really had a lot of prior sexual experiences. I felt kind of bad for her when she arrived and did not know how she would last without a lot more training time. It took her a couple weeks to be fully anally trained; she was having a difficult time getting gaped. My owner was really disappointed in her and demanded she trained for longer hours and stretched her own ass open so she can get fucked properly. He told me it was my job to put her in line; so she was told to join in with me on this session to learn. 

So when we arrived I told her I would show her how a proper whore takes cock up both her holes. She seemed really nervous but knew she had no choice if she wanted to be a top choice and not be punished for being a useless set of holes. I mean she was super aware that our owner would not tolerate a cunt who can’t take a cock in all holes at once. Our customers pay good money for properly trained slaves so she would need to learn how to please. Otherwise our owner would be angry and take it all out on her body. I told her by the end of this session she will know how to be a good cunt and our owner would be so thrilled with her.

I was so proud of her sucking on these big tits of mine and watching that cock split me open. I was finger banging her ass hole open and she was taking it well. I knew after they fucked me for a while that she would be ready to take a pounding. I could not wait to put that whore on her back; sit on her face so she could eat my cunt and watch those cocks impale her. She was a hot little thing and had some really nice holes that would milk a cock perfectly. She is absolutely going to be one of our owners favorites if she keeps up the good work!



Rented Out Slave Whore Bouncing On Cock!

Submissive sexAs a slave you are only as good as your body has to offer. This means if you have a nice pair of tits, a tight body and pretty holes for men to unload into. Some cunts have to upgrade their body to be more satisfying and useful to men and some cunts like me get lucky and have the perfect set of tits and holes for an owner. I got pretty lucky as a fuck toy; I was naturally made to satisfy men and look good for them. So because of that, my master is always satisfied for his own personal use and his customers use.

This is my owner’s number one customer James! He is a really big spender and specifically asks for me anytime he books an appointment to get a whore. He loves my big bouncy tits, tight bald cunt and pretty fit body. He loves when I get on top like this so he can rub my clit and watch my tits slap around as he pumps his cock inside me. I am truly so lucky when he rents me out for the day because he loves to watch me cum and squirt all over. 

He is one of the few customers who get’s off on making a slave feel pleasure. Anytime he rents a piece of fuck meat he always says “Make sure the bitch is ready to quiver and shake from pleasure”. So because of that, I always make sure I do everything he wants with no complaints. I don’t usually get to cum or squirt on a regular basis so I take advantage of that when James asks for me. He told my owner that I am his favorite cunt because I let him use me all night long.

James is a very busy man so on the weekends he loves to get drunk and high and stay up for days at a time. So when he rents me out I know it will be a long night and I have to be able to perform for him and anyone else he may have over. Also, he let’s me get high and drunk too which is always fun because I get even filthier once I have some coke and whiskey in my body. James pumped my pussy hole full of cum at least 10 times today. Anytime he cums in me he tells me to push it all out and lap it up off the floor like a good pet!