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An Orgasmic Pain

bare bottom spankingsThere is nothing hotter than the sight of a red freshly bare bottom spanked ass. You can almost see the heat radiate as the redness spreads. I love the sound of the woosh as the stick is pulled back in the air. My pussy gets so wet as I prepare for it to touch my skin. I wince and thank him at every strike. The occasional misses hit my clit driving me mad. The sting causes my pussy to quiver with desire. As tears run down my face I can only think of the next hit. My ass feels like it is on fire and my skin broken but I still want more. I thank him over and over again, sometimes barely getting my words out from the pain, but I need more. I live for the pain. That orgasmic feeling from the hurt. As welts form, he puts the stick down. He then caresses my ass with his hands. Gentle and soft. He notices my pussy is soaking wet and just laughs as he calls me his pain slut. I then feel his huge hard cock enter my slippery wet pussy and I am drifted away to the ecstasy of the orgasm he is giving me.

It Started With A Blindfold

submissive whoreI was always a shy follower but when I met my math teacher it went to an entirely different level. I struggled in the class and he offered to tutor me. I loved the one on one with him and he was so charming. One night he asked if I would like to go back to his house for some dinner. I quickly said yes, and we headed that way. It started with a blindfold and taste testing. Innocent but exciting. Then we watched a movie after, a Fifty Shades type of show. I had read the books and my cunt was so wet watching those things play out on screen. He caught on to my fidgeting and slid his hand over my leg and said, “not yet”. That made me even wetter. He stood up, took my hand and led me to his room. I followed like a little puppy. He undressed me to my bra and panties and laid me on the bed. He blindfolded me again and then tied my arms and legs to the posts. I then felt his dick smack my lips and I instinctively opened them, taking his cock inside of my mouth. He started slowing but went deeper and deeper. He said nothing but I could hear his breath getting faster. His cock twitched and I could taste the precum. Before cumming he pulled out and sat beside me, gently stroking my pussy through my panties, telling me that I needed to wait. I don’t know exactly why but I did. I did exactly as he said. It gets much hotter, but I am going to have to tell you about that when you call. I am finding it difficult to type and stroke my soaking wet pussy at the same time.

Anything For You

submissive whoreHe came home with that twinkle in his eye and I immediately knew what he wanted. I smiled as I walked to our little secret room and put on the newest addition he had purchased. The metal against my skin was cold and hard, my pussy was already wet. I saved the collar for him as he always likes to put it on me. He then had me stand so he could admire my body. It was not quite to his liking, so he pulled the buckles a little tighter and then snapped on the leash. I got down on all fours and crawled behind him as he led me to the basement. There he lifted me and bent me over the couch with my hands bound behind me. He took out his favorite paddle and started spanking my bare bottom. He started slowing and firm, a type of rhythmic motion. Just as I had grown accustomed to his pattern, he started striking me harder and faster. My ass was on fire, but my pussy was pulsating with desire. He saw that and took a big scoop of ben gay and slathered my juicy wet cunt with it before ramming a thick long vibrator inside. He turned it on full speed and laughed as I flinched and cried out in pain. He moved in front of me and put on a mouth brace before ramming his throbbing pre cum soaked hard cock deep in my throat.

It Started When I Was Young

submissive whoreFrom an early age I knew that I liked submission. I craved it. I always was drawn to the mean guys. You know the ones that degrade and were sometimes forceful. My first experience was as a teen. My boyfriend decided he would like to blindfold me and tie me up. I didn’t even hesitate and gladly agreed. He must have gotten an extra dose of testosterone that day because he was an animal. He started nice enough and teased and fucked my pussy but soon he became a little rougher. He untied me and bent me over his knee and started spanking me. With his hands between my legs he felt my pussy getting wet. That set him into overdrive, and he was soon throwing me to the bed and spanking my pussy. I think when I started to moan from excitement, he took that as a sign to use and abuse me. He took out a belt and whipped my tits, leaving them swollen and bloody. I didn’t even try to fight back. I fucking loved it. He shoved a cucumber up my ass and fucked my pussy. I moved my ass taking it in deeper. Instead of cumming in my pussy he shot his load all over my face and I licked it off my lips. His dick was hard again, and he turned me over and pounded my ass. There was nothing he could do that I said no to. I even smiled and spread my legs when he brought in his little furry friend to play.

I Am A Pain Slut

submissive whoreThe strike of the whip against my tits makes this pain sluts pussy get so wet. With each lash I feel my tits burn and my orgasm grow. I am a complete pain slut and ordinary sex does nothing for me. I want to be tied up and abused. I want welts and marks and open wounds. When the lashes open up my skin and the blood start to flow, I can’t control myself. I shake from the enormous orgasm that you have just given me. Want to tie me up and give all your friends a turn? That makes my cunt start dripping. I can service them all. Spread my legs and hold them up so that I can be DP’d. I love the feel of two cocks pounding me. But I still have one hole that is waiting to be abused. Ram a cock down there too baby. Don’t be gentle. Feel my throat start to gag. If I throw up all the better, just keep on ramming it until you shoot your load. I want to have my nipples clamped and weighted, my pussy abused, and my ass stretched. I need it baby and I think you are just the one to give this pain whore exactly what she needs.

My First Taste Of Submission

submissive whoreI remember the first time I ventured into some BDSM, my boyfriend bound my hands and legs to all four corners of the bed. He blindfolded me and then he proceeded to use me. I felt his cock slapping against my face and I instinctively opened my mouth and started sucking his cock. He climbed up on top of me, sitting on my chest and started ramming his hard cock down my throat. I remember gagging and gasping for air, but I also remember how wet my pussy was and how much I wanted more. After he unloaded his sperm into my mouth, he slapped my tits with a paddle, and I felt an orgasm start to build. I lay there helpless not knowing what would happen next because of the blindfold. It grew quiet and I couldn’t hear where he was. I wasn’t scared, I became anxious, excited really, waiting on what he was going to do next. I was so close that I wanted to squeeze my legs together for some relief but that wasn’t to happen. Instead after what seemed liked hours he returned, hitting his cock against my face again, this time he put a metal device in my mouth and again climbed on me. I was helpless as he pushed his cock deep into my throat. I could do nothing but take that dick deep and feel his balls and ass against my chin. I still needed more. He pulled out a wand and set it on my clit bringing me to the brink only to stop. He them paddled my clit. It hurt but it felt so good at the same time. This continued on for a while and I wanted to feel that pain. My heartbeat with excitement as I heard the paddle coming down. That was the beginning of my obsession with humiliation and punishment. I am looking for a man to degrade, humiliate and use me. Are you the one?

They Tied Me Up And Used Me

Submissive WhoreWhen my master called and told me that he had an incredibly fun weekend planned for us with some of his friends. I immediately started rubbing my pussy. It had been a while since we had one of those and I knew that I would be the entertainment. I closed my eyes and stroked my clit and fingered my soaking wet hole just envisioning the pain and torture me and my holes would endure. I love that. I want to be humiliated, fucked hard in all of my holes until my ass, mouth and pussy are filled with cum. I want them to all become creampies. Anything to please him as I am nothing but his submissive whore. I made my body perfect for the weekend, a full wax and bleaching just like I know e expects from me. We drove to his cabin and when we walked in, I saw he had already installed all of the devices for the weekend. Lots of hooks, whips, saddles, dildos, strap ons and tables. I was so wet just looking at them all. He laughed as he watched my eyes get wide trying to take it all in. He sent me to shower and change into the outfit he would lie on the bed. It was a hot latex body suit with all my holes and tits fully exposed and a pair of thigh highs. I put them on and walked downstairs to a room of horny men wearing absolutely nothing. I nearly creamed as they tightened the rope between my cunt lips. They used and abused me for hours at a time all weekend, can’t wait to tell you all about it.

He Tied Me Up

submissive whoreHe caught me with my vibrator again and I knew that I was in even more trouble than I had been in before. He had told me that if he caught me again that the punishment would not be pleasant. I walked down the stairs to the basement where he was waiting for me. He told me to kneel with my hands in front of me. I did as I was told, and he bound my hands in gloves and lifted me up. He walked me over to where hooks hung from the ceiling and bars leaned up against the wall. He took my hands and attached them to the hook above my head. He then placed my legs in a spreader bar and attached a rod between my legs leading to my pussy. He then removed a paddle from his box, ripped open my shirt and proceeded to paddle my tits until they were bright red and my nipples were swollen. As tears rolled down my face and I tried to catch my breath he attached a wand to the bar between my legs, pushed it close to my clit and turned it on. I immediately felt my body begin to orgasm. He sat there watching me and when he could see my clit becoming engorged, he would flick it with a stick. The pain was enormous. Who would have though that orgasms could bring such unpleasantness? As I sobbed from the torture he just laughed as he turned off the lights leaving me in a dark room with only the sound of the wand and my cries.

I am His Submissive Slut

submissive slutSo, you like a hot little submissive slut baby? Someone who loves to be degraded and told exactly what to do and when to do it? Someone to spread her legs or open her mouth just to satisfy you at anytime or any place? Yeah, I know a few guys like that too and as a woman who loves to be dominated, I need them. I have been my daddy’s little pet for a while now and when he calls, I know that I am to answer and totally obey. He called from a bar where he was with a few buddies. I dressed just how he likes, complete with my collar around my neck. I entered and there he was at the bar motioning me over. I walked over to him and he patted my head and directed me to his crotch. I knew what to do and although there was a bar full of people my need to please him and my love of humiliation immediately took over. I unbuckled his pants and pulled out his massive cock. I started stroking it until I could see the pre-cum. Then I opened my mouth wide and started giving him a wet sloppy blow job. As he got more excited, he grabbed me by the hair and forced my face deep in his crotch, holding me there while he throat fucked me. I gagged and struggled for breath, but I know that I am here to please him. As tears ran down my face and I struggled not to vomit he filled my throat full of his warm cum. He then told me to clean him up and I did as I was told. He then had me sit beside him, legs spread so that my juicy bald pussy was on full display. Let me tell you all the kinky things this submissive slut did that night, you are going to love to hear all about it.

Punishment For Playing With His Pussy

Submissive WhoreI walked in and could tell just by the look on his face that I had displeased him. I hung my head as he stood there just looking at me. He asked me who’s pussy was between my legs. In a low whisper I answered that my pussy was his. He had caught me playing with his pussy and I knew I was in for a punishment. He ordered me to follow him into the basement. Once there he bound my hands above my head, duct taped my mouth and ripped my shirt. He attached nipple clamps and pulled on them so hard as he attached a weight. It felt like my nipples were going to be ripped from my body the pain was so great. He left me like that for what seemed hours before he returned. He then ripped my skirt and panties and pulled out a paddle and started striking my pussy. I could feel it swelling and what I imagine was blood running down my legs. He then reached between my pussy lips and moved them back, so my clit was exposed. He then proceeded to beat it too. I was screaming in pain, but no one could hear me. Tears ran from my eyes as he smacked my face with his hands. Next, he got out a dildo and shoved it up my sore, swollen bleeding cunt and turned the vibrator on. He attached it to me and sat to watch as I wreathed in pain.

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