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Hurt Me

submissive whoreThe strike of the whip against my tits makes this pain sluts pussy get so wet. With each lash I feel my tits burn and my orgasm grow. I am a complete pain slut and ordinary sex does nothing for me. I want to be tied up and abused. I want welts and marks and open wounds. When the lashes open up my skin and the blood start to flow, I can’t control myself. I shake from the enormous orgasm that you have just given me. Want to tie me up and give all your friends a turn? That makes my cunt start dripping. I can service them all. Spread my legs and hold them up so that I can be DP’d. I love the feel of two cocks pounding me. But I still have one hole that is waiting to be abused. Ram a cock down there too baby. Don’t be gentle. Feel my throat start to gag. If I throw up all the better, just keep on ramming it until you shoot your load. I want to have my nipples clamped and weighted, my pussy abused, and my ass stretched. I need it baby and I think you are just the one to give this pain whore exactly what she needs.

I Remained His Perfect Slave

submissive whoreSmack my ass and make me your slave. That thought rings in my head as I watch him hand me a hot little maid’s outfit. He had rented me from my master for the night. I obediently changed into the slutty outfit and followed him to the family room. Kneel he told me. I did as I was told. He walked around me, observing his purchase. The bulge in his pants led me to believe that he liked what he had bought. Now climb up on this table slut, on all fours. I climbed on the table as he instructed. He pulled my skit apart and grabbed a whip. My tits already hanging he started smacking them hard. Going from my nipples to my ass and to my exposed pussy. Hard and fast and firm. I thanked him after every strike. My ass on fire and my pussy throbbing he unbuckled his pants, pushed me on my back, my legs bent with my arms around my knees. Holding them apart so he could view both my holes. Then he smacked me a few times so the marks were fresh. Then he pushed his cock deep inside my pussy. I yelped in pain. For the next what seems like forever, he took turns ramming his throbbing hard cock inside my ass and pussy until he pulled out and squirted his warm cum all over my tender nipples. Although in pain and tears ran from my face, I remained his perfect slave.

Make Me Your Slave

submissive whoreTie me up baby and use me. Treat me like the disgusting slut that I am. Humiliate and degrade me. Make me beg and plead. Don’t be gentle. A firm hand is what I need. If I disobey you must be harsh. If I play with my pussy, I must be punished. Come to me and pull me by the hair from my bed. Rip my clothes off and put me in leather. Exposing my breasts and my cunt completely uncovered. The attach my hands behind my back and trip me to the floor. Make me lay there helpless and you pull your cock from your pants and piss on my face. I don’t open my mouth like you wanted so you smack me hard. Make me stick my tongue out and get every last salty drop you have. Then have your friends over or just any pervert you can find. Circle jerk around me, leaving my face covered with cum. Grab me by my hair and bend me over the table. Attach spreaders and lift my skirt. My ass and twat exposed for anyone and everyone to have a turn with me. Paddle and whip me into submission. Make me your slave.

Make Me Your Slave

submissive slutThe phone rang and within minutes I knew his firm and strong words would make me his slave. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he wanted to dominate me and unbeknownst to him that is exactly what I wanted him to do. I melted as he ordered me to retrieve my biggest dildo and deep throat it. My pussy got wet as he told me to go deeper until he heard me gagging and choking. My eyes watered and I did exactly as I was told. I didn’t want to stop but he told me to, and I obeyed. Then he told me to put on heels and nothing else. Again, I followed his commands. Then I was to paddle my pussy with a ruler as I held the phone so he could hear it beating against my skin. My pussy stung but I was soaking wet. Then he had be pinch my nipples hard. Attaching a clip to each one. Although in pain I carried out his every desire. Nothing he asked was too much and I was under his complete control. I fucked myself with my dildo and then licked it clean before ramming into my ass. I again licked it clean. Then he wanted to hear my wet sloppy pussy as I brought myself to orgasm. It was so hot, and he was so controlling. I hope he calls to punish me again.

Punish And Humiliate Me

submissive whore


Are you looking for some fun today? Maybe those deep dark fantasies that fill your head when it is quiet are creeping into a reality for you. You know what I have been thinking about today baby? You. You are being cruel and harsh and making me your little obedient bitch. I want you to degrade and humiliate me and punish me if I tell you no. I want you to spank my bare bottom until it is bright red and I beg and plead for you to stop. Tie me up and put nipple clamps on my breasts and pull until them are red and ripping and little streams of blood from them. Spread my legs and tie a want to my clit and laugh as I orgasm over and over again. So much that tears run from eyes they hurt so bad. But you don’t care at all do you? You are just getting started. I talked back and now it is time for my punishment. Humiliation hurts the worst so you attach my collar and leash and dress me as slutty as you can. Then you lead me to the car and to the mall and restaurants. Making me service all the men and women you command me too. Then you take me to the local homeless camp and smile as they form a line in front of me.

He Broke Me

submissive whoreWe met on a matchmaking service and met at a bar. I saw him as I walked in and I was impressed, some would say I fancied him. We had the best date and soon we went out again. About the third date we had a drank a little and went back to his house. He was so gentle and kind as he undressed me, and he kissed every inch of my body. Taking his time and teasing me as he went. I was so wet and so turned on that as his lips touched my swollen clit, I orgasmed all over his face. He smiled as he came towards my face and kissed me, letting me taste myself on his tongue. Then he spread my legs and pushed his huge throbbing cock inside of me. Slow and steady motions, almost as we were one, taking his time as he inched in little by little. Then once totally inside me he pushed so hard and so fast that he hit my cervix. I yelled in pain and he apologized, and we continued. As the dates went on, he continued “accidentally” hitting my cervix and threw in some other painful parts. Biting my nipples or my tongue, each time apologizing. It got worse from there and as I got on all fours for him to place a collar around my neck and raised to hand him the whip to flog me, I knew I was completely broken. I know you want to hear the things he did and tell me the things you would do to me. I will sit here patiently like a good whore waiting for your instructions.

I Was The Party

submissive whore


I know that I belong to my Master. So, when he tells me that my body is to be used and abused by his friends for entertainment I simply obey. Secretly I enjoy it, truly I do. I love to be spanked and degraded and fucked furiously by as many men at a time as I can. I would never let him know that though. One morning he told me that I was to go get my body waxed, hair done, douche my snatch and enema my shit hole. I knew I was in for a treat. I did exactly as I was instructed and when he examined my body he was pleased. We rode to his lodge and he told me to undress. I undressed and stood there with my head down as I am not worthy to look at these men’s faces. They bound me with ropes and left me there as they drank, ate and partied. Soon my Master came over to me and announced that all my holes were open to do with what they pleased. I felt my heart flutter and then I felt my pussy getting wet. They didn’t even take turns, they ravaged me like a pack of animals. They used my tits to suck on, bite, whip and piss on. They smacked my face, squirted their cum on my face and pulled my mouth wide open as they rammed their dicks inside. They spanked my ass so hard it was numb. They fucked my ass hard, filling it with their loads each time, they inserted dildos, candles, cigarettes and broom handles. The tore my pussy up. It was bit, beat, fucked and burned. By the time they were finished my entire body was covered with cum and piss. I would never let my master know but I had so many orgasms that I lost count. My body will need to recover but my insatiable appetite for orgasms was fulfilled.

Make Me Your Submissive Whore

submissive whoreBall gags, titty clamps, whips and rope are what my dreams are made of. My pussy gets so wet just thinking of being used. I want to be used. Be rough, be firm but most off all make me your slave. Don’t allow me to tell you no ever. If I hesitate, I want you to punish me. Whip my pussy and my ass until the skin is broken and welts appear. Make me thank you after every strike. Then pour salt on my cuts and fuck my raw pussy. Hard and deep and pull out and squirt your cum all over me. Make it hurt if I disobey you. Take all of my will away. Make me your complete and submissive whore. I will please you and your friends and even your sons if you so desire. I will even take care of the women you bring to me. Just humiliate me like the piece of trash that I am. I want you to make me beg you to allow me to cum as you tie the vibrator to my clit. Punish me if I cum without permission. Slap my face and my tits. I want you to totally control me. I want you to own me.

He Bound Me For My Punishment

submissive whore


I was in trouble, well actually more trouble and I knew the punishment would be severe. I was asleep when I heard the door slam and his heavy steps coming to the bedroom. The door flew open, and his eyes were filled with fury. He grabbed my hair and threw me onto my stomach. Yelling he told me to stay. I didn’t move a muscle. He rummaged through the play drawer and brought out a rope and locks, He grabbed my legs and arms and bound me so I could not move. The rope was cutting into my wrists and ankles, but I didn’t say a word. I looked down not daring to look him in the eyes. Then he pulled out his phone and put it under my face. Watch he screamed as the video of me appeared. It was me in my bed using my vibrator while watching porn. I had orgasmed multiple times, playing with my pussy and ass and nipples. He was furious. I could say nothing except I was sorry. I know I am not to play with his pussy without permission, but I did. He slapped me across the face and told me he would be back. After an hour or so I heard the front door open and the sound of dozens of feet coming down the hallway to give me my punishment.

Moo For Me Bitch He Said

submissive whoreHe was feeling extra naughty tonight. I knew when I saw my brand-new collar with the cowbell. He likes me to be his pet and most recently I have been his little cow. So, I dressed accordingly. A black garter and bra and some hot red and black stockings with matching heels. There was a ball gag laying there too but I saved that for him. I dressed and knelt like the good little pet that I am. I waited for what seemed liked hours, but I think it was just excitement. The door opened and there he stood with a bright shiny metal leash. I didn’t dare lift my head to make eye contact. I remained kneeling with my head down. He had a paddle in the other hand and walked behind me, smacking it against my ass. He put his foot on my back and pushed me on all fours. Then I felt the collar tighten and the sound of the clasp. Another smack to my ass and he was leading me in circles. Smacking my ass to make me go faster. He then stopped, told me something wasn’t right and removed my bra. There you go he said. Now you look just like a cow with your udders hanging low. He reached beneath me and smacked my tits relentlessly until they were bright red and so sensitive. He stuck his hand on my panty covered cunt and laughed louder. You are soaking wet you fucking cow he said. Moo for me cunt he told me, and I did. Loud long bellowing moos. Then he fastened the ball gag around my head and pulled out his bag of torture toys. Want to hear what happened next?

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