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BDSM chat with the best anal bondage whore.

BDSM chatMy master met Jace through an online BDSM chat a very long time ago. Master said he has been a long time paying customer for years and he wanted to set me up with him. I was worried because Jayce really loves rough anal and lots of bondage from what I heard. Although I take big cock in my ass hole; I am not so confident on a big 10 inch black man cock. I told my owner I was nervous and he laughed and threw a huge 14 inch dildo at me and told me to set it up on the fuck machine. I stood there without moving and wide eyed at the size of the toy. 

I was regretting even saying anything because I could tell my owner wasn’t in the mood for back talk or complaints. He stood up and looked at me and said “Bitch I really don’t have time to beat your useless ass into submission; so take the toy out, put it on max speed and lay down while it fuck your ass hole open”. I did not want to make him anymore annoyed so I did what he told me; he sat back stroking his hard cock as he watched my ass hole get used up. It went on for a while until I could not feel my butt hole anymore. He told me to stop, told me to make him cum and than told me I was ready for Jayce and everything he had in store for me!

Bondage whore tied up & ready for a throat slam.

Bondage whoreThe nastiest Bondage whore is always tied up and ready to have her face slammed with a big fat dick. Hence why they say red heads always do it better; it’s because we are freakier and sluttier. My master loves having me as a free use slut who is always ready to serve and please cock. Out of all the whores he owns I am the one who is always so ready to please cock and take cum pretty much all day long. Granted, he has owned me for over a decade so I am more than used to my life as a masturbation hole for men. My life hasn’t been mine in years; I exist to please men and swallow loads. 

Most of the time I am nothing but a filthy Cock worshiping oral pleaser for my owner. He never touches my cunt and my ass hole is usually used by customers. So the only hole left that he really loves is my throat hole. Once in a blue moon if I satisfy his cock to the fullest he will attach a huge dildo to a machine and watch it destroy my useless worn out pussy. He loves watching me scream in ecstasy while I squirt all over a huge fat fake cock. He laughs and calls me pathetic since my pussy is so used up it needs a 10 inch fake dick to please me. It turns me on so much when he treats me like a worthless set of fuck holes!

BDSM chat with a pain slave!

BDSM chatI had a great BDSM chat with my friend Tyler here and he just couldn’t control himself. Once he knew about all my fun encounters and how happy I make my master he needed a piece. We talked for a few weeks and he finally was ready to book a day with me. He spoke to my owner and they set up a meet right away. We met and I could tell he was nervous; he has been craving a slut who likes it rough for a very long time. My master gave him a price and told him how long he had with me. Tyler was so excited to be able to take out his fantasies on a bitch who will never say no!

While I was bouncing on his cock he told me how much he loved some Sexy bondage with a inferior fuck slut. He knew I was submissive and with his cock up my ass he would never question how much I can take. He knew he could push my limits without hearing me complain, etc. I screamed as he butt fucked me harder and harder as he degrades me and told me how badly he wanted to hurt me. I was in pain and I loved feeling him force fuck my ass hole open on his cock. After a while he made me begin begging him for his cum load. He wanted me to basically tell him how much I needed my ass filled with his seed in order to live. It was so hot watching him get so close to the edge of nutting!

Bondage and submission makes the best slave cunts!

Bondage and submission

Bondage and submission is a very important part is slave cunt training. The man you’re with should know how dedicated you are in regards to pleasing and servicing him. You are designed to be a bitch in a heat for men; there is no room for fuck ups or complaints. As a slave whore my number one priority is always making sure the man is satisfied. What I want doesn’t matter when you are an owned piece of meat. I am grateful to be the chosen cunt. There are plenty of younger bitches my master could pick; yet he was nice enough to choose me for use.

I was owed some Bare bottom spankings because I was a dumb bitch and messed up some rules. The number one rule is to always have my holes in the best condition. Which means no public hair; men like bald fuck holes. I forgot to go to my waxing appointment the other day and my owner was infuriated with me. He slapped me across my face, beat my tits and cunt and told me I was useless. He explained that when a cunt make a stupid mistake she has to take the consequences so she never fucks up again. I understood, I messed up his whole day; he had planned sessions for me with other men.

My stupidity costed him loss of fun and desire and it was all my fault. So, he tied me up and left me there for a while as he forced me to beg him to beat me. I cried and sobbed but eventually I got used to the pain. After destroying my holes and making my cunt so sore; he waxed me himself just to hear me cry. After making my cunt nice and smooth he wanted me to be a Cock worshiping slut for the rest of the nigh; that’s exactly what I did for him!


Rape phone sex fantasies with a couple of teen fuck dolls!

Rape phone sex fantasiesMaster was in a real filthy mood today and wanted some Rape phone sex fantasies with a couple of young little sluts. Occasionally he will take me out to younger clubs and bard and sit back as I work over a few barely legal sluts. That fresh 18 year old meat just drives him crazy. We love sitting back and watching a couple cunts dance and get hammered when they shouldn’t even be at a bar. His favorite thing is using it to blackmail them and force them to come back home with us. He will pretend to be a cop or lawyer and tell them he will snitch on them for having a fake ID at the bar, etc. They get so scared and nervous they will do just about anything so their parents don’t find out. 

By the end of the night they are well trained Cock worshiping whores and want nothing more than to be used like fuck dolls. This time I was a little tipsy and I was craving to be dominant on these 2 little skinny sluts. They were 19 and barely 100lbs and both dressed like trashy made up stripper whores. It made my fucking cunt drip when I saw them; they had no idea what was in store for their holes. Me and daddy were about to tear into these sluts and couldn’t wait to hear them scream. I bent these 2 little bitches over as daddy started filming and I gave their pink cunts and teen shit pipe an inspection before we got started. 

The rest is a story for the books. Call me so I can tell you how great it was to fuck these 2 little slave whores..


Slave training on some big black king cock!

Slave trainingCurrently I am involved in some BBC Slave training; my master gave me direct orders and instructions on my sessions. Basically, I am no longer allowed to fuck any customers or playmates that aren’t black. He makes sure to set me up with at least 3 men a day and each cock has to be bigger than the next. Eventually he wants me to be completely trained with a 13-14 inch black cock. Until I can take a pounding by a prick that big I am not allowed to have any orgasms. Not only does he want my wet cunt to be trained with BBC but he also wants my ass hole gaped opened with big thick brown meat too. 

Most big black daddies love a whore who is into Cock worshiping. That is super easy for me because I love worshiping and drooling over cocks. I am obsessed with getting fucked and completely emotionally and physically trained to need sex and cum. I am craving a thick creamy load all the time and I am even more horny because I haven’t had an orgasm in weeks. It has made me even more needy and horny for a pounding. My pussy is always throbbing and ready to get stuffed full of prick and black seed. 

Are you a BBC king baby? I sure hope so. Give me a ring so I can worship you and beg you for your cock and big creamy load. I hope you are ready to spray that seed in my cunt or tight little ass pipe!

Rape phone sex fantasies with your favorite cum bucket!

Rape phone sex fantasiesRape phone sex fantasies always gets me going like a little bitch in heat. My master loves watching me be a helpless little piece of fuck meat for him. He always sets up some nasty little fantasies for me when he finds nasty men. His cock gets so hard when he sees me being used like a dumb whore. This particular guy is a long time friend of my owner and he has always paid top dollar to play out some dirty fantasies. He loves to make it seem like I am taken against my will and desperate to get out. He likes to watch me suffer and beg for my last breath!

He says the best Slave training is by making a bitch do the most vile shit for a mans pleasure. His friend Logan picked me up from my house and ripped off my clothes before putting me in the back seat. He took pictures of me in  nothing but a slutty pair of leather heels. He made me pose and show off my holes for the camera. He taunted me as he roughed me up and made me beg him to stop. He said he wanted it to sound more real so he went harder and rougher so I would scream. Once I started crying he recorded me and came all over my face before he even put his cock in me.

When he finished his first load he said my master would be very proud of me for being the proper Cock worshiping whore I was trained to be! When he was done using me for the night he threw money at me, pushed me out of the car and told me he would see me next time if my holes weren’t worn the fuck out yet!

Cock worshiping whore ready for a throat fuck!

Cock worshiping It was the perfect day to be a Cock worshiping whore for my masters cock. He throbbed in my warm, wet and sticky mouth. He fucked my dirty slut throat as I gagged and dry heaved on him like the perfect little bitch. He was groaning as he watched those tears pour down my face. He slapped across the face as he pumped my throat hole full of dick over and over again. I couldn’t breathe as he used my face because I was retrained; just like he likes it. He loves when I have no control and have no choice but to just sit there and take it. He railed my mouth open for so long; he was craving an oral session so bad.

If you’re craving Submissive sex with a slut; you better give me a call. I can suck and fuck better than any slave whore here. Just whip out that prick and force it down my throat until I am a whimpering mess. Watch me buck my hips and wiggle to try and get away as you violate my nasty skank throat. Fuck my mouth like a pussy baby; I am ready for your nice creamy load!

Submissive sex with your fav ginger slave trainer!

Submissive sexMy all time favorite Submissive sex is with a sweetie little teen who is new to the domination and submissive world. My master made me in charge of breaking in all the new meat. I am pretty great at training and there is nothing I like more that pretty teen pussy. It is especially fun when a sweet little whore like this has never been with another woman before. I get so excited to show her the ropes and make good use of her holes and body. My master is always so proud when I bring out a fresh piece of holes for him. 

I always tell her that the way to a dominant man’s heart AKA “Master” is by Cock worshiping him whenever he is around. He gets off on sluts who throw themselves at him and praise him. He knows he is doing good in the world; one slut at time. This is why I always have to make sure my bitches are trained and ready for daddy. If they aren’t prepped correctly I will be punish fucked and used until he is happy. Sometimes he likes to abuse and force me to do anything just to get his cock nice and hard so he can spray a big load. 

It’s time for some fun BDSM chat with your favorite ginger whore. Call me so I can tell you all about breaking this little sweetie in. I get another cunt to train soon too! I can’t wait to have all my bitches lined up and ready to be fucked by daddy dick in no time!

Hardcore bondage with a red headed slave doll!

Hardcore bondageMaster told me he has a lot of friends who love Hardcore bondage. I as very scared at first but very soon after I became used to it. Once you get tied up and used like a piece of meat the first time; it all becomes so easy afterwards. It is not as painful as it looks; some pain and pleasure make for a great time. I have been a slave cunt for such a long time now; I can’t even remember the last time I felt enjoyment with sex. Most of the time I am in pain or totally numb from all the fucking and torture to my pathetic body. 

That’s totally normal though and once you get used to it you won’t even care. The enjoyment I get is when I see my superiors feeling good. When you are soaking wet from a cock being jammed down your throat you know you are a proper Submissive slut. I love my tits bouncing back and forth as my mouth is being used like a cunt. Feeling my throat close up and barely being able to breathe makes me so horny. I love when all my nasty throat slime is dripping down to my fat tits. Listening to man moan and groan as he busts his nut down my nasty wet throat is the best feeling ever! I want to make you cum baby; call me so I can make you feel good like a good set of fuck holes.