Shower Me With Pee

golden showers phone sex

Master, I know that you have needs that are more unique than most men. You have a need to take the things that you deserve, as a superior male. My body is ready to take it. This sub is thankful to be used by you in the most humiliating of ways. Will you debase me and dehumanize me? You can strip me, mock me, whip me and then you can give me some of the ultimate degradation with golden showers phone sex. I’ll thank you, I promise to thank you for every drop that you spare this sub whore.
I can think of nothing more fitting than to be used as your toilet. You shouldn’t have to hold back. This dirty fuck bitch is here for all of your water-sports fantasies. I’ll gladly drink it from your cock if you let me. You can wash me in your piss and make me go in public with the stench of abuse clinging to me. It’s what a fuck whore deserves, it’s what your toilet slave deserves. Please, use this piece of meat as the filthy toilet bitch that she is. I beg of you to leave your mercy at the door.

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