Submissive Bitch

Submissive WhoreYou love to come over and fuck this stupid little worthless whore. You are always degrading me. I like the way you put me on my knees and just lay your balls on my face. Making me smell those swamp balls. The way you bitch slap me with your balls still resting on my face. Making shove those balls into my mouth. I can feel your boot kick my legs wide open. I yelp as I feel your boot shoved up against my nasty cunt. You tell me to fuck your boot and I obey. Rubbing my cunt against your boot. My moans get louder on your balls still shoved in my mouth. You bitch slap me again laughing yelling humiliating names. You shove your cock in my mouth. And I grind harder on your boot. My clit fucking swelling as I explode all over your boot. Gasping for air as you choke me with you cock.

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