Submissive Desires

I have been a submissive little bitch for so long I can’t think of any other way to be. I want you to throw me on a little wooden chair, take some thick wire rope, place my arms down to my body and tie my filthy ass up. You need to punish me, keep me in my place. Take the rope and tie my ankles. Make sure you tie them real tight. Tie a ball gag around my head, a little bitch like me doesn’t need to talk. I will try to get out at first, I know you like to watch me squirm like a stupid little cunt. You like punishing me even more and I know this. I get pleasure in pleasing you, even if that does cause me pain. Your calling me names and telling me how much of a stupid slut I am, you tell me I need to listen to you more and stop being such a dumb fucking cunt. When I notice your pleasure turning into real anger I calm myself down. You untie my ball gag, slang your rock hard cock out and hold it in front of my face. I love how hard your cock gets when you know you’re going to punish me. You tell me to open wide, you’re going to give my mouth a good golden shower. I open my mouth wide for you, feeling your warm liquid gold enter my mouth is something you think I hate. Let me tell you a little secret, the more piss you let go down my throat the wetter this little submissive whores pussy gets. After your done cleaning out my mouth you fuck my whore face until you give me your thick gooey creme…You call this my dessert. I know you will not feed me tonight as part of my punishment. That is fine with me, seeing you get off on my misbehavior and punishment is enough to fill this submissive¬†bitch up for the rest of the night.

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