Submissive Mommy

submissive slut

My son needs a totally submissive slut to get his big cock off. I told him that his naughty mommy whore will do anything his filthy mind can think of. It’s been my job to serve and please my son in every way since he was just a young boy. When he first discovered sex, mommy was there to take care of him. His desires quickly turned dark and he needed a fuck toy to use and abuse. His Mother was there to experiment all his new nasty ideas with. He covered me in cum, piss, and any other bodily fluid he saw fit to shower me with. He was fascinated to find what dirty things would make his cock hard and wanted to see what limits he could he push me too. Do you think you can push me to my limits? Come make me your own fuck doll to stuff your big cock into. I’ll gladly take anything you wish to give, and than you for it. I’m the perfect little submissive mommy whore that wants you to abuse her fuck holes for your pleasure.I’ll be on my knees, waiting to serve you.

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