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Submissive Phone Sex: There’s a Whore Waiting to be Used

Calling up my Submissive phone sex line is calling up a whore that craves your control and power. It’s then that you realize a few things about me.

First off, My throat is a perfect tool for you throbbing big cock. A good throat fucked cum receptacle is what I enjoy.

When I pleasure my juicy cunt I am thinking about all te wonderful things you are planning to do to me. Like ram your big fat fuck rod up my ass. Taking and using all of my holes for your cocks pleasure.

One guy I enjoyed being owned by had me used by his furry companion. That red rocket was really something else. The fur and knotting all of it made me super fucking wet.

In no time I bacame owned by that furry beast. I was his bitch. And the guy really got off on me being mounted by his good boy. Some day I hope to be used by a new master that is also very kinky.

Submissive Sex