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Gangbang Phone Sex Fuck Slut

It’s a Gangbang phone sex slut that Master wanted to make me into. He suggested I get cheap and go let bums fuck me, use and degrade me. I guess it’s just another level of training. I will be taking a long train of cocks for the next few days until Master feels I have been destroyed enough.

SO essentially I needed to sell my soul to the undeserving and take the abuse and pain at their pleasure. My holes will be torn up and messy. It’s of great likelihood I will be their urinal as well. I do think this will do me a world of good. The best aspect is that I will have my pathetic slave next week.

The whole of me being violated by a gangbang and degraded will fuel my energy to burn and take out on my slave. This is how the world turns. Let me be used by you, Master. I need to collect the sperm of many men this week, please become a donor Mister.

Gangbang Phone Sex

Gangbang Phone Sex Party

It’s a great time for a Gangbang phone sex party with me in the center. I’m a shameless kind of slut and I def go to extremes. Can you make me feel things no one else has ever made e feel? Can you awaken my beast that will turn me from submissive to dominant 🪑?

Ok, truth time, I am not that gullible, vulnerable nor weak. I am five foot nine inches in height. I wear 4 inch plus heels. This makes me tower over most men. It’s a power I employ in ever cell of my body. However I have been trained to be a good submissive and this makes me a fun time for a strong dominant man.

The weak ones that don’t know how to dominant will end up the one in a collar, leash and a mouth full of pussy 🌮 and ass 🍑. Yep I will queen 👸🏻 a mother fucker in an instant when he shows weakness. You think bullying and beating is dominance? That is a weak mans way of trying to feel he has some power. I spit on those types and will ass ram them in a flash. Capeesh? 😋😈

Gangbang phone sex

Submissive Whore Eliana

We all have some super stressful things in life. I am the one that is here to help you get some release from that stress. You need a good Submissive Whore that you pay and degrade. That would be me!

As you become my Master and I become your paid servant, we maintain a professionalism that is symbiotic to one another. I service your needs and you pay me to be of your service. This is awesome since I  am paying off my student loans. Honestly I can’t think of a better way to pay my college education.

I will crawl around and you will control me and direct me in what I need to be doing for you. Draining your balls is one thing for certain. A cum slut crawling around dressed in only stockings if that is what you wish. A collar and a leash and served my meals in a pet bowl. If that is what you wish as you are paying me. My every bit of service is to you, Master.

Submissive Whore

BDSM Chat with a Slave

BDSM chat is just a great time with me as a sexy slave for your use. We can chat about all aspects of me being your submissive slave. My very curiosity in the fetish world of BDSM is something you can clue me in on. Do this by controlling me and telling me what you expect and plan for me. My curiosity is triggered by the masters that love to bind their submissives.

One of my first experiences was at a fetish party and I had my wrist bound to an iron gate. My ankles where spread by a bar and bound to it and the gate. I was in thigh high stockings, and high heels. The heels made my 5’9 into over 6 feet tall. I was a bound giantess and that seemed to get many men turned on.


Submissive Whore Cock Slut

Hey guy! Got a hard throbbing cock for something kinky and nasty to use a Submissive Whore for? mmmmm… Well I am the perfect whore for you then! I just had one hell of a weekend and enjoyed so many cocks cumming all over me! I was in the middle of a bukkake fest and gangbanging some fucking hotness. These guys loved me! I am a rather tall and flexible slut with nice tits. If I don’t say so myself!

So you should know that my very submissiveness is something that has been trained into me. I am considered a switch, meaning, I am also dominant. I will not fret at taking control as much as I love to just fully submit! We could have a great time with those dynamics sexy! Hit me up soon and get this tall slut restrained and trained for your use.

Spanks you later!

Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore Eliana For Your Use

Hi, I hope you are looking to use a tall slut like a ragdoll of a Submissive Whore! I’m Eliana and I am loving the idea of you taking me with a few of your friends for a good fuck party. Fuck my holes together and gape me the fuck out. Face fuck me like you can’t get enough of my cock sucking lips around that fuck stick. Pound out my pussy and asshole with as many cocks as you can get together to share me with. Cover me in bukkake and torture my slut body to the extreme. You can dish it out and I can surely handle it all. I’m a good sturdy nearing 6 feet tall of hot strong fuckable whore.

Submissive Whore

Sexy Bondage Submissive Slave

Sexy bondage is a specialty with this submissive slave. Truth is my love of being taken down is a very erotic one. I’m tall and also a switch. The purest pleasures come from a stern Master that can break me into the good submissive.

Honestly, it’s not so much about breaking as it is about you knowing your stuff. Own me like a good Master and I will be the best little sub slut for you. My pussy juices gush between my legs when I feel your strong hand on my neck as you firmly force my chin up by the grip on my neck.

Your other hand is taking the small cat o nine tails and administering soft slaps along my cunt lips while the clamps and chains are attached. I will cum at your wish Master and I cannot promise that I can control myself otherwise.

Sexy Bondage

Submissive Slut Saturday

Yep You read that right boys! I am declaring this Submissive slut Saturday and cum on by and see if you can tie me up, pin me down or simply command me like a dirty little bitch begging for a bone. I am here to fulfill those wicked needs and not only Saturday, who the fuck am I fooling. I will be the naughty giantess standing over you that you get to crawl all over and cum inside me. My height and mischief should not fend off the most demanding and experienced of Master’s. But yes, it’s true I will be able to switch into the role change in an instant. Wrestle me and see who gets on top today. I am feeling quite frisky and who knows, I just might have to torture those balls a little for my own pleasure!

Submissive slut

Submissive Whore, Switch Whore Taboo Sex

A submissive whore that is a switch whore with a complete enjoyment of taboo sex sums me up. I am a bit of an amazon especially in heels, and I love wearing heels. Standing over you at 5’10 and taller still in those 7 inch heels. I really could just easily wrestle you down and take control. It’s hot that way.

My cunt loves to get tortured and at the same time I love torturing cock. Anything can be a sounding device in that penis, well if it’s slender enough. Sticking q-tips in a dick hole was great times while my partner was tied up and squirming with my panties in his trap.

Once I was tied up in black stockings, open toe heels, to a gate. My partner was doing all kinds of things to my cunt and making me piss for him. To be honest squatting on a dick and taking a piss is hot. But tying a guy to the bed and hovering close over his face with my cunt and letting the golden shower out as I had his cock tied up was so god damned fucking hot. I finished peeing and rubbed on his mouth commanding him to lick and make me cum.

Submissive Whore

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex, Delight Me?

You know what would delight me the most, it’s Extreme fetish phone sex sessions with a strong Master. Let me be your cum guzzling phone sex whore that enjoys a good tie-up and clamping.

Clamp my nips, and my clit.

Tease me with your big beautiful dick.

Make me suck and lick.

I promise to love it even if your sick. 

Just don’t try to be slick.

Be a little bitch that thinks being a Master’s servant means I am a dumb cunt and let you do whatever you wish to me.

Well I will prove you wrong and switch it up in a flick.

With the Click click clack of my high heels on the slick of your dick the flickering of a whip will make your prick hard as a brick.

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex