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Submissive Sex Enslaved for being Treated like a Slut

Submissive Sex Enslaved for pure use and being Treated like a Slut. A life of submission is a life of enslavement. I am a submissive slave and I bow to my Master’s and Owner’s. One day I was caught the cock of the family’s pet and daddy made the new family’s pet.

Submissive sex with an enslaved cum whore.

It was then that I was forced to crawl around naked except for a butt plug and a collar. Some days I would even be put on a lead and walked around the yard in a full furry costume. I was made to get on my knees and service all the neighborhood cocks that walked by. My humiliation was when I would just get pissed on. That is only the beginning though.

Submissive Sex

Submissive Whore Ready to Be Owned

As a submissive whore I am eager to please my new Master’s. Currently I am owned by one that is extremely stern with me. The other day he tested me and I completely failed to follow his directions appropriately. My bottom got sore and that turned me on.

Essentially a problem for me is how much I actually enjoy being punished. It’s true, I mess up on simple tasks so that I will be administered with floggings, spankings, or paddling. Sometimes, even though I pretend to not want it, my nipples will be the punished element of my body. My of which is all completely owned by my Master.

Whimpering and begging to stop is only going to fuel Master’s need to punish me further. In turn this reaction from me turns him on. Honestly, a little secret… pain and humiliation really turns me on too.

Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore Here to Serve

Dominant men love a good girl that submits to his desires, and I am that Submissive Whore. Why Whore? Because I am a paid submissive and taking money for sexual gratification in return makes me a Whore. You are paying to use me for your pleasures and to take out frustrations on me for a small fee is worth my weight in gold.

I love the calls I get from men that are in their Office after hours to have some alone time. I am the girl that they call up if they are in California or somewhere that it’s midnight or 1am. As I come on at 4am EST most days that means I am the total after hrs girl of late nights. Or the day slut they need to start their day or have on their lunch break. It’s me who will kneel before them and get a deepthroat blowjob from in the middle of the Morning or day. 

My only desire is to be used hard. I cum like a Queen when my holes and body are used in some extreme fun. Nothing is off limits.

Submissive Whore

Gangbang Phone Sex Bukkake Festivities

Master wanted to get Festive with his Subby Whore. I am always eager to please my master and was even more so when it came to the Gangbang Phone Sex bukkake party. I love being a dirty little cum suckling slut. Taking as any cocks as I could in my mouth and sucking them dry.

My cunt and ass were also up for grabs… but the truth is these titties were grabbed, pinched, nipple twisted and slapped. My ass, well yes it was as red as Rudolphs lit up nose. I could say that my ass could really guide Santa’s sleigh and in a way it sure did. They say I pulled the train well as I took all that dick. Splattered in cum is my kind of XXX-Mas Cheer.

Gangbang Phone Sex

Bukkake Phone Sex is The Best Fun

Making me suck off a bunch of cocks while being hogtied was Master’s idea. It was overwhelming at first since I couldn’t use my hands. This fuels my lust for Bukkake Phone Sex. I was smothered and covered by cum and cocks. They blew loads all over my face, in my cock sucking mouth and on my tits. That really made a total cum whore.

This was in the hot Summer and we were down in Southern Cali for a trip, Master and me. He wanted to have me be the center of a Fetish party he likes to throw in July. I was naked, with a butt plug in my ass and tied up. I probably had to service somewhere around 50 cocks, but fuck if I really know the amount I was completely busy and used.

Rail after rail fed into my snotty cum dripping whore face and the occasional gulps of water to keep me hydrated and going like a good whore. It seems Master had the whole trip paid for and then some with the use of my whore mouth. It was truly a fucking adrenaline rush.

Bukkake phone sex

Cock Worshiping 101 Pray to the Cock

This is Cock Worshiping 101, knowing my place as a cock whore is the greatest start. Understanding that I need to make dick cum is where it is all at. Embracing the role that cum has in my life is an essential service of a slut. My mouth wrapped around your cock as my gaze is looking to your eyes. Taking every inch is of no surprise, because master understands that I am a skilled cock sucking cum slut.

Tied in bondage and laying with my head over the edge of the bed is my place. My mouth is available, and my legs they are spread. The place for that cock is where ever Master wishes to put it. My mouth will worship every inch, and when it cums that cum is the milk nectar of a thousand gods and I will drink it, rub it into my breasts or hold every drop in my fuck hole of masters wish.

Cock worshiping

Submissive Whore Eliana

Submissive Whore Eliana knows that her place is for Master’s pleasure. A good whore is an obedient whore. I never talk back to master as if I did, I would surely be in for a world of humiliation, pain and hurt. Hell, my Master would slap me across the face and shove the wand at highest setting to my cunt. I would squirm, mutter and whimper and squirt, against my will.

But making me cum against my will is my Masters favorite thing to do with me. Serve me up with ridicule, slaps, and high intense vibrations on mx clit. I will squirm and moan. Soon to end up in a massive orgasm that I had no control over. That is my Masters favorite thing to do. Sometimes it gets filthier too.

I am just so god damned fucking obedient for big dick as a Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore


Bondage and submission Roleplays with Eliana

Some of the hottest sessions are Bondage and submission roleplays. My love of being a good slut is truly intrigued by the various naughty roleplays of me tied up in bondage and forced to be a submissive cum dump.

Filling my legs get spread open with a spreader bar while I am blindfolded and stripped was intense. The straps being closed and my cunt slapped. I whimpered and got a swift spank on my ass and told I was a dirty slut. I was wet between the legs and that made them angry with me.

The slap on my ass made me even wetter and that made master even more angrier. I was scolded with nipple clamps and a collar. This was driving me more mad and I start to orgasm. This is certainly not the actions of a good submissive so matbe I need a firmer Master to better control me.

Bondage and submission

Prostate Milking Strap-on Play

Strap-on play is the best form of prostate milking, well kind of. Unless you have a filthy little sub slut like me. I do love strap-on play and milking you that way. However most masters have a better idea. It’s all about using me and demeaning me, right?

Obviously for a filthy subby whore like myself prostate milking can involve me a little more intimately. That’s right. I will be the good subby whore and lay down and let Master sit his ass on my face.

Or some love to just have me on my knees and bury my whore face in his ass. The base of the matter is that my tongue and mouth will lick your ass and milk you with my fingers and tongue.

Making me squirm under you is what so many find the best. Some masters totally get off on shitting in my mouth. I deserve this after all I am your slutty whore submissive. I am here to serve you, Master… or you can serve me, now can’t you? Bitch boy? You know I am a switch and can certainly turn that table. Watch out Master. I am onto you.

Prostate milking

Crawling and Begging Cock Worshiping

I’m not always a complete submissive. However when it comes to big cocks and lots of cum, that’s a weakness. Cock worshiping is something I enjoy greatly. Big cocks are what I need.

As a tall slender gal, I am a size queen for sure! Just that I am tall for a chick, I therefore have big feet. Great big feet lol. Essentially, if your cock is smaller than my foot, well, I think I would need to trample it! Haha, I may be a submissive cunt sometimes, but in reality if you have a small dick I will turn into the Dominant whore in an instant and you best be ready to get on your knees.

Yeah, I know many small dicked men take on Dominant roles as a way to cancel out their lacking in manliness. I get a rise out of it, to be honest. In taking over and queening a little dick asshat. Ha ha, I do have a great time playing as a submissive though, it’s really good to not be in charge for a change.

Don’t feel too shy around me if you are going to dominate me, because I will turn the table and take all control of you.

Cock Worshiping