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Cock Worshiping Is Exactly One Way To Use Eliana

How would you use a good whore? I have a keen love of Cock worshiping if that pleases you. My mouth is a great place to prepare that cock for fucking my pussy and ass.

Alternatively, if it’s just fucking my ass that turns you on, by all means. Give me that hard ass pounding. It would be great if you pissed in my asshole too.

First off my body is a perfect playground for you. Have you ever wished to control a woman that is taller than you? Little man? Well I will be your subservient amazon slave.

However, if it suits you, I would shrink you down and fuck myself with you. As I was forced to be a giantess due to my height and use my last master as a toy for pleasuring my pussy.

Finally, I am flexible as a switch.

cock worshiping

Golden Showers Phone Sex For a Dirty Slut

Golden Showers Phone Sex For a Dirty Slut is everything you crave to deliver. Pissing on me is exciting. I love drinking lots of piss. In fact my whole body can be your toilet. Use me, and make me your filthy little whore. That excites me.

Coincidently, I became a human toilet for a few guys while I was off yesterday. Sometimes I like to be the pervert whore and visit the local jack shack. I will go there and get undressed in a booth.

Often times I keep the curtain open and watch piss porn. It excites me watching all of these mens penises urinating all over a slut. In these moments I am playing with my cunt.

Often times I am pushing out urin into a plastic cup. Expressly, It excites me to pour this pee all over me tits. In fact I like to close my eyes and think about being pissed on. On this day I gained a little audiance.  Surprisingly, a few frat guys were watching and saying lewd things to me.

One Day I Want Golden Showers Phone Sex on Camera Like the Porn Whores

Finally, we interacted and decided to get a sleazy room. This makes it easy for them to all use me as their toilet. And these guys pissed all over me. And in general pissed on my cunt while one was fucking me even.

While on the subject, I even became a gangbanged whore. Well slut to be specific. And there was so fucking much cum all over my body.


Golden showers phone sex

A Submissive Whore Like Me Loves Being Filthy

As a Submissive whore my limits are none. Some of the thing’s men love to use me for are as a toilet, an anal cum dump, and a good ass licker. The fact that I am eager to do any of these things shows how filthy I can be.

Just last night I was caught squatting in the bathtub to piss. I had the plug in the tub and just enjoyed the flow of my piss spattering on the porcelain. Moist juices spattering is rather arousing to my vaginal hole. My brother walked in on me doing this. In fact, I was still wearing my panties as I did this. He was very confused and decided that he would just piss on me.

First thing my brother did was actually push me down in my piss panties. Pushed down in the wet bathtub. Then he started to piss on me. He fucking had a huge flow of hot urine spilling all over my panties and cunt.

Finally, When he was done, he told me to stay put. My brother actually went and brought his four friends in. They had been shooting hoops with him. Seems He told them all to piss on me. That I was a filthy little whore that needed it.

Obviously a Submissive Whore Like me Knows her place as a Toilet

Of course it really goes without saying my brother knew exactly what I needed. I sat tere in the bathtub while those guys pissed on me and started jilling my pussy off.

Submissive whore

Join Me In Submissive Sex Chat For a Hot Time

Join me in some submissive sex chat. This I can promise I will be a good slut for you in any form of session we may have. My eagerness to please you and drain your balls is profound.

Obviously I can take some massive cocks. After all I am an Amazon at nearly 6 feet tall. I can indulge you in some vore and be the proper dominant for you as well.

And did you read about foot licking, toe sucking and ball washing? Well as a matter of fact you read that correctly. I take great pleasure in doing all of those things. But one of my favorites is giving rim jobs. I will rim that anus and suck the juices from it.

Finally if you just really need a kinky toilet with a long tongue, that’s me.

Submissive sex chat

Submissive Whore Eliana is a True Taboo Slut For Your Use

Submissive Whore Eliana is a True Taboo Slut For Your Use. How might I describe myself as a true taboo slut? First off I am not a stranger to getting filthy of Sunday. In fact a little blasphemy and humiliation fits me well.

One Sunday I was stripped and collared with a leash even, like a bitch. Then I was walked into the Church where six men dressed as priests awaited me. I was forced to crawl to them. Then the men all lifted their priestly gowns and pissed on my face. I was told this is my baptism as a disgraceful little ass licker.

After they all emptied their penis of their golden baptism liquid these holy men turned around and bent over. I was then permitted to lick each of their holy holes. My tongue rimming and penetrating each of their filthy Holy men’s holes.

Finally as I proved to be a good whore I was given the holy shaft of their big beastly Satan beast cock. This was a bigger black man dressed in a white priests gown and had a raging hard black cock that defiled my filthy holes.

Submissive whore

Submissive Whore Eliana Is The Perfect Pet for Furry Friends

Submissive whore Eliana is best on all fours. Letting that furry friend lick and penetrate this whore pussy makes Master hard. One of the best fucking experiences I have with Master is after I have been knotted and dumped in. 

Now, to back up on how this all started. It was an fetish community party that I attended and met this Master. At this party I wore a faux pink fur dog collar. Also had on some sheer pink bikini panties and nothing else. And when I walked in, there was such a big furry boy that greeted me. You see I am a lover of the furry critters I could not help but give the big boy some love and belly rubs.

As it seems his Master was watching me the whole time and had a great idea. He talked to me a little and got a feel for my roles. Ultimately he was sizing me up for bringing up the taboo situation. It was Buster’s Birthday and he was seeking a good sub slut to take Busters knot and nut. 

Finally if this is intriguing to you I would love to get into details. Like how I started to suck on that red rocket. Then the point were my legs were spread and Busters wet nose sniffed at my pantied cunt. Soon it turned to that rough tongue lapping at my pissing cunt… 


Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore Was Not Always My Thing

Submissive Whore Is what my old Boss man turned me into. I was not always submissive. Infact just the opposite. However, times were hard and I needed a job.

So I was going for a position as a beer maiden at a Beer Garden. This Deutscher fucker of an owner decided I was going to suck his cock to prove I was worthy. You see this place was a very popular joint and well I’d make bank working here.

So like a desperate girl I got down on my knees and served the Bar Master. I was servicing his cock and licking his asshole. My rim jobs are truly the best and my blowjobs are truly sloppy and nasty hot. 

Ultimately this guy came so fucking hard after I edged him so good. Finally He spewed all over my face and I laughed. 

Obviously I got the job. I got the lead Barmaid job and the other girl demoted. It was me becoming enslaved to this German Beer Garten Master. I was put into slave sex training and made the good submissive I am now.

Submissive whore

Submissive Slut is What I am When Used Like a Whore

As a Submissive slut I will do anything for the pleasure of yours. My very presence here is to serve a man that needs a good whore. In making my Master happy I get aroused greatly. My being owned and serving you is of great pleasure.

First off it should be known that my limits are none and I will submit fully to you. I was tied up under the Christmas tree for my new Master. He got to take his use of me immediately. In fact I was not even unwrapped completely before being covered in cum.

That is of course because my mouth was freely oven and ready to lick his ass and suck his cock. Imagine having your very own whore to use as a pleasure source. 

Conversely this is the most exciting thing for me. Finally my ability to lick ass and be a filthy cum dumpster is great. And so is the pleasure I gain from serving.

Submissive slut

Cock Worshiping Excites Me Knowing I Will Get a Surprise

What really makes this nasty amazon of submission excited and wet? Well, ultimately I find Cock Worshiping quite rewarding. The reward is knowing how well I am able to please my Master. While in some cases I will also be pleasing Masters’ friends as well. The pure explosion of cum on my face or in my mouth is awesome.

In fact just last night I got to service twenty big dicks. And like a good whore I love being covered in so much bukkake all over my face. These guys have no shame in going for seconds either!

Cock worshiping

As you can imagine a cum whore like me, I get super excited. By being so extremely excited my cunt is often gushing. To repeat myself  guys take my holes and make me nothing more than a sex doll.

Undoubtably this was one hell of a great time. As a Cum slut phone sex whore I am often used as a dumpster for all of their ball juices. Honestly guys love to pound my ass as much as they love pounding my cunt, if not more!

Finally just understand that I am a complete whore and love what you do to me. I have no limits and love cum and cumming. My holes are for your use. I am here to please you and that pleases my whore pussy the most.

Cum slut phone sex

Submissive Sex Rim Jobs on Demand for Cum Whore

When it comes to being a submissive I am hands down the dirtiest. So of course giving rim jobs  as a subby whore is my joy. While helping to milk your prostate is some submissive sex play that I enjoy.

Obviously many girls don’t do a good job or are very reluctant. But not me.  Let me lick and eat your ass like a good sub pet.

First time I was forced to really lick an ass out was with my training as a submissive. This was difficult to get into for me as I have always been dominant. I used to bully my school mates. Now I feel like the one being bullied sometimes.

Of course this is especially true when I have a line on men and women taking turns sitting their assholes on my mouth. Then being forced to eat like twenty assholes. Obviously that was really a way of training me well.

Submissive sex is not only vanilla, but it is full blown toilet play too

Finally I can’t resist slipping my tongue in that taint and rimming it real good. Even If I get a taste of a little brown and get some shit in my mouth, it’s ok with me. In all realness just piss on me and even take a shit on or in me. My conclusion is that I am indeed a toilet for you.

So as it appears, this is my place to serve you, Master. And so the reality of my training as a submissive has brought about all kinds of filthy uses for me, and I love that. As a filthy slut that stands tall like an amazon woman your need to degrade me is hot.

Once in a while I am proposed to be the Amazon woman with a strap-on and I get to go into my dominant role. This excites me to make men small and enjoy some control again. I will milk your prostate more ways than one, my man.

Submissive sex