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Extreme Fetish Phone Sex Human Toilet Piss Slave

Extreme fetish phone sex is truly something that has no limits nor boundaries. But that is my ideal, as I am the same. In essence I have no boundaries nor limits. My body is yours to use and degrade.

Obviously my greatest pleasure is to degrade myself for your pleasure, pervert. It’s a honest das work as a filthy little subby slut that I am. Use my mouth for your pleasure. If it means making me your urinal then by all means. Piss on me, and in me.

Coincidently I have found my life’s pleasure in being a tall giantess whore of degradation. Degrade me. Make me your bukkake covered whore that needs a shower. Well obviously the only shower your interested in giving me is a golden shower of piss.

Extreme fetish phone sex

Gangbang phone sex Subby Pet for Your Use – Subby Elianna

Gangbang phone sex is essentially the best thing ever for me. Hi pervert owners of sluts. I am Eliana and I wish to be your favorite subby pet.

As a good pet for Master I will please all of your clients and friends. Like a good whore I know that my place is serving you. Let me be the best little whore for you.

Despite my height at 5’9″ without heels I am very submissive. This is something that I have recently embraced. Truth is I am a switch. As a dominant giant to men I have taken a liking to being a submissive tramp recently. Prolapsing my holes with gaping big dicks is exciting.

Finally I must add that my holes are meant to be used and gangbang are often so fucking exciting for me. And my love of cum and piss make me a fun playmate for perverted Masters.

Gangbang phone sex

Gangbang Phone Sex on Camera S&M Video Nanny Cam

Gangbang phone sex filmed on the Nanny cam for a viral S&M video feed for Master. My Master approves of mine being a good submissive sex whore on the phone. In fact as a Submissive whore this is what I do best. Maybe you would like to know how I started as a sexual Switch?

Where this all started and how I came to doing gangbang phone sex as a good submissive whore. In the beginning of my Sexual prowess I was very mean. As a girl that stands taller than most men I found it empowering. I loved the idea of men crawling at my feet and worshiping me.

As a CBT torture Queen and Dominant woman, I loved inflicting pain. Torturing cocks and men wanted this from me. I was their Giantess fetish Queen that could own their petty asses. But then I met Master Don.

My new Lover was another dominant figure. We hit it off when I was going a great gangbang party. I get fucking nasty and will not hold back. My love of cock and everything depraved and sexual made me the best submissive sex whore I am today. Don was one of the guys banging me in this event.

Gangbang phone sex can be nasty as all with Eliana

With this gangbang phone sex fantasy of a session was really taking place Don was giving me it all. His ass on face and a hand full of my cum and piss covered hair he demanded I rim that ass. At this point I was also being completely stuffed with two big cocks in my ass and my whore cunt.

As I buried my tongue in that ass and gave him the prostate milking of a lifetime… well at that point the best. Of course I say that because I have done him even better still. There is always room for improvement. But our relationship blossomed after that event.

And that is the beginning of my exploring my submissive side that should always come with a strong Dominant woman. So do not mistake me as weak.

Gangbang phone sex

Bondage and submission of Submissive Whore Switch Eliana

Bondage and submission of Submissive Whore Switch Eliana. As the filthy cum dumpster I find myself unashamed of being used in public. Hovering over most men, it is a turn on. Submitting and being obedient is an extra turn on.

Bondage and submission

Simply put, my life is all about getting sexual pleasure. And in this journey of sexual deviances, I find a soft spot for being a submissive. Getting piss and bukkake sprayed on me while I am tied up is so damned hot.

In fact the other night I was surrounded by ten guys that all used me as their urinal. They shoved their cocks down my throat even and had me gagging and vomiting all over them. Of course they expected me to slurp my vomit right back up.

Another night I was laid out on a slick black vinyl sheet. In this position my hands and ankles were bound. Of course this is a good position for a submissive cunt like me! The guy I was serving, or rather my Master of that moment then sat his big hairy ass on my face.

When my face gets used as a seat there is only one thing for me to do. That’s right. I used my tongue and rimmed his hairy asshole. Milking his prostate is the place of a good subby slut.

Submissive whore

So when you need a good submissive then you know who to call to drain your balls.

Submissive Whore for Your Pleasure – Good Subby Slut Eliana

For Master’s pleasure I am a usable Submissive Whore. My greatest pleasure is being used by men that own me. SOmetimes I am used by men that My Master’s invite to use me. That is ok because when I am owned then I have to oblige.

So if my Master that has purchased me, like a side of meat. The slave that is purchased is to be for owners use. My greatest pleasure is knowing that my Master is pleased with me.

So in this effect the other night I was purchased on the slave purchase site. He bid my services for 12 hrs and won. It was 25,000. dollars he won me for. He wanted a party favor for his High end clients to use.

These were Japanese business men, and boy were they naughty. Treated me like a dirty white girl whore. These men made me a toilet and a cum covered filthy pig. I was their greatest pleasure and forced to eat so much ass. In the end I was vomiting and they were cumming harder.

Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore Eliana Here For Her Masters Every Desire

Submissive whore Eliana is the perfect submissive cum slave. My use is always my every bit of pussy tingling pleasure. You can own me and deliver that raging hard cock to my asshole and gape me out even.

Cumming on my face and maybe even invite or sell me to a bunch of guys to do the same. Let them all use me as a bukkake whore for their sperm. Pissing on my face.

A human toilet is what you wish to use me for? I have no say in the use as I am but your submissive to be used as you wish, Master. I will rim your anus with my subby tongue.

Ask and request and I must obey your wishes. I am your faithfully and devoted cum slut submissive ready to serve your every desire while under your ownership.

Submissive Whore

Submissive Sex is What I Crave – Submissive Whore Eliana

You know you desire to own a sub slave. Get that with me, as I crave submissive sex. My desires are fulfilled as a Submissive Whore for me to use.
As my master you can have the best of fun with me. I won’t break easily and am a total perverted kinktress.
The reality of my cravings to be a good submissive came about in an odd way.

I felt a great high after being dominant for so long. The best feeling was to finally let go.
Letting go was not easy for me. I am 6’8″ and completely fucking wild. Waitressing and working a dungeon were how I got through college.
One day I had one of my professors in my dungeon and he did a number on me. Pure psychological mind fucking.
In turn I found myself greatly enjoying to give it up and be a groveling little sex doll, toilet and submissive slave.

Submissive Sex

Bondage and Submission Cock Worship Weekend

Bondage and submission cock worship is a thing I enjoy. Being tied up and forced to submit to sucking over a hundred cocks off over the course of an evening. This is what last night brought me. My Master really knew what I loved the most.

Being humiliated with cocks in my face is a hot time. My face and mouth was plastered in sperm and even piss. My face was a cum dumpster for over a hundred cocks. Sometimes multiple uses of my face for some of these guys.

These guys couldn’t get enough of my filthy subby slut mouth and face. Draining their balls and hosing their piss out all over a filthy naked sub piggy.

I still smell the stench of all that ball batter and urine in my nostrils. The remainders of a bukkake drenched night is lingering in the air around me. I am indeed a filthy pig submissive for ball juice.

Bondage and submission

Submissive Whore Eliana is a Cum Dump and Urinal

As a submissive whore I know my place. In fact I am fully aware that i am indeed nothing more than a human toilet for whatever comes out of a mans penis.
My mouth is always ready to take that piss and sperm. My anus is meant to be gaped and used as a cum dump as well. This has been a form of liberation for me. My Master Mr. G really taught me my place.
The other day when Master called for my services I was nervous and eager. I knew he had a special session in mind for us. I was bound and a metal spreader bar in my mouth. The party was me.

The guys, about 20 of them were all feeding me their bukkake and piss. 

By the end of that party I was throwing up all over Masters cock as he throat fucked me. My mouth and throat are so sore but I am always ready for more.

Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore for Spreading Her Holes for Perverts

Guys need a Submissive Whore in their lives. I’m in need of a dirty pervert who craves to control and use a slut. We have a true calling to be together. Use me as you feel fit. Just don’t be too scared of me because of my height and dirty perversions.

I’m a switch, for sure. My love of CBT and ball busting is great. Guys love me in their giantess fetish roleplays, due to my height, and perverted fucked up mind. My love of submissiveness is counter acted by how much I enjoy dominating and torturing men.

Maybe your need is to have a giantess bust your balls and sit on your face? I am 5`11, strong and slender. Extreme calls are my greatest love. Having a knack for the more extreme fun really brings out the inner kinks of perverts. We start to get quite filthy once they realize I am true to my word, anything goes, extreme fetishism is perfect fun for me.

Let me trample your balls and stick rods in that pee hole. I want to anally violate that ass and you can use extreme sized toys to violate and gape me out. Piss on me or I will stand over you and piss on you. Fuck it, let me bust your balls as I turn the tables on your lack of being able to really serve me as a good master.

Submissive Whore