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Submissive Slut for BDSM Fun

submissive slutThis submissive slut loves BDSM games. When my Master was younger, we spent much time in the office slave cave. It is once in a blue moon that we go in there now, but I think about all the fun we have had in there over the years. It is filled with restraints and BDSM equipment. My pussy gets wet thinking of the hours he could fuck me after flogging my ass as foreplay. He surprised me yesterday with a visit to the slave cave. He took 3 Viagra and had a cock like he did 20 years ago. Master has a huge dick when it is fully erect. The problem lately has been getting it fully erect. No amount of cock sucking or flogging me gets it hard quickly without medicinal help. He had a glimmer in his eyes that told me before he spoke that BDSM fun was in my near future. He signaled me into the slave cave and ordered me to strip. I was shaking with excitement. He bent me over the bench first. He put a ball gag in my mouth and restrained my arms behind my back. When the first whip hit my back and ass, I swear I came. I am such a pain slut. Even on BDSM phone sex calls, I love spanking myself. I loved the feel of the whip cracking on my back, but what I loved more was master’s hard cock in my ass like old times. He fucked me for an hour without lube to make it hurt. It was a hurt so good kind of sensation. After he came, he put a but plug up my ass to contain his cum all day. I secretly hope he takes a couple Viagra a day from now on. It was like he was a young guy again.

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