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Bondage Phone Sex in a BDSM Club is Perfect for a Bondage Slut

bondage phone sexBondage phone sex makes my cunt wet. Are you good with knots? My caller asked me why I liked being tied up and defenseless last night and I had no good answer for him. Sure daddy tied me up, but I hated it. I think my only real answer is that I am submissive and I enjoy not knowing what might happen next. Plus, I like being under your control. Last night, my master sent me to the bondage club. He could not go because he had no good excuse for his wife to explain why he was going out on a Friday night. It is funny. My master is dominant with me, but not his wife. I think I am the wife he wished he had married. I know I am. He just loves being a sensual dom. He loves that I am a bondage whore. In his prime, no one could tie a bitch up better. Recently, he has enjoyed a rejuvenation of bondage thanks to modern medicine. This BDSM club in our city is a newer club. It emerged in the post Covid world after a few other clubs were forced to close because of mandatory shutdowns. This is a swank club. I must dress up and men cannot get in without a woman, but women can get in the club solo. I dressed up in a nice black dress and slipped on some high heels. I am always the oldest woman in the club, but that is okay. I like showing up the other whores. When I arrived, I was paired with Michael. Master had it planned out, but he failed to tell me the details. Michael could tie a knot better than a trained sailor. Of course, he was much younger than master. I was put on display like a prized pony. I was contorted in so many awkward poses and left for 30 mins or more in every pose so guys could fuck me. This club was supposed to be no sexual contact. Turns out Michael owns the club, and he is friends with master. Michael has seen me in the club and decided he wanted me, at least for a night, and master just handed me over on a sliver platter. Michael fucked master’s submissive whore for hours, and so did other men. I could not fight. I was too contorted to even move. I might have two masters now, oh joy.

Submissive Whore on the Phone and Off the Phone Too

submissive whoreI am a submissive whore on the phone but in the real world too. Even though phone sex is fantasy, some of my callers can make it seem so real that I forget I am on the phone. I spoke with a new phone master last night. He wanted a submissive mommy. I have a son and daughter who hate me, but I would love to be their sex slaves, especially for my son. This caller wanted a mommy who tended to his every need on his terms. When he wants served and where he wants served. He was in the right place. This mommy took care of his cock before school, after school and as much as I could in between. This was one horny boy indeed of cock worshiping. I was a good mommy whore for him. Sucking his cock was not enough. He wanted to drop a load in my pussy. The problem was that mommy has a used cunt. I birthed two brats; men fist me; they also ravage my cunt sometimes two at a time. Stands to reason that mommy’s cunt is just not very tight anymore. So, he fucked my ass. He did a lot more to mommy’s whore ass too. This phone son was just as brutal on my fuck holes as my own son has been sometimes. Only difference is my phone son wants to fuck mommy. My son, however, only fucks me as punishment or when he is in a foul mood and I am readily available to be his punching bag. I do not mind being anyone’s punching bag. On or off the phone I know my place. My phone son fucked my ass with such force he prolapsed it. My asshole was on the outside. It hurt. Especially when he put hot sauce on the prolapse to add some extra pain.  Luckily this was just submissive phone sex. I have been brutally fucked in the ass before. I have suffered a few anal prolapses too. But this caller was brutal. I guess whoever is next has to up his game. Hopefully, I can handle it.

Submissive Phone Sex with Me Means You are in Charge

submissive phone sexSubmissive phone sex means you are in charge. I may have a master in my real life, but on the phone you are King. My master was the one who found me this job. He was worried about me having a job once he retires completely. He has me set up with a 401 K and he also bought my house, but I am in my early 40s and master is in his early 70s. I still need to work. This has been the perfect job. I was hesitant at first. I did not know what to expect. I have not had many jobs in my life. But all of them have required me to be a submissive whore. I met master in a BDSM club where I was cocktail waitressing. That was my first job. I was not even 21 yet serving drinks. I was a busty, young, red-head slave and the owner of the club only saw dollar signs so he got me a fake ID so I could be in his club. Once I met master, he moved me from NYC to LA and I became his full-time slave and paralegal. Phone sex is only my third job, but it pays well and keeps my skills as a subby bitch honed.

Last night, I did a long call with a guy who put me through the ringer. I did not even try faking anything because he was a seasoned master. He would have known. It started with me describing my body to him. Then it went into punishment. I fucked my cunt with all sorts of things I had in the house, including a rolling pen and a hair brush. I even had to spank my bare ass a few times with my hand and my hair brush. My ass is still sore. Most days, I am grateful that I have a submissive sex phone job, but days like today, when I can barely sit, I regret it, LOL.

Submissive Sex is the Only Kind of Sex I Am Allowed to Have

submissive sexSubmissive sex is what I do best. I do not really know how to be dominant. Guys ask me to dominate them. I try but I am not very good at it. I prefer to be the slave. I told master about this one caller I had last week who wanted me to be his dominant mommy, and I failed miserably, LOL. My master has a friend, much younger than him, who has a mommy fetish. Master thought I would be perfect for him. I told him I could not be his dominant mommy. I should have known better. Master would never expect me to be anything but a submissive whore for any of his friends. I met the guy over the weekend. He was just about my age. He told me his mother was a redheaded whore just like me. I asked him how mommy could serve him, and he shoved me down on the ground and slapped me with his cock. His cock was way bigger than I expected. This guy was hung like a horse. His own mother was likely afraid of his horse dick and that is why she always rebuffed her son’s advances. This friend of master’s was fed up with milfs dick teasing him. He was ready to get his revenge. And my holes were how he got his aggression out. He fucked my ass and my pussy raw. No lube was used. No protection either. He kept calling me mommy. It turned me on to be called mommy even if it was rough sex. I did not need any slave training to be a submissive mommy. I let my son do whatever he wants to me. He hates me, but occasionally he will fuck the shit out of me to try to break me. This friend of master’s thought he could break me too, but I was broken a long time ago. I just acted the part. He would be so pissed to discover that this mommy whore loved the hardcore fucking he gave all my fuck holes.

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies for My Daughter Need Your Help

rape phone sex fantasiesDo you have rape phone sex fantasies? You need a submissive bitch to help you explore them. Now, I am a willing victim. I know many men do not want them willing. My daughter would never be willing. She thinks she is hot shit because she is 18 and making more money than I am without being submissive. I have made choices in life like being a submissive slave for my offspring. And both my son and daughter have zero respect for me. They have a nice roof over their heads. They have health insurance and college funds. They have nice clothes and all the modern electronics. With my master, they have never wanted for a thing. If I had stayed with their father, we would be on welfare, if we would even be alive. My daughter would have been daddy’s submissive whore too. When I met my master, my son and daughter were not even walking yet. I saved them, but all I get is flack from them both. My daughter is an influencer and a sugar baby. She is a social media whore and a whore for older men, yet she still looks down on me. I have rape fantasies for my daughter. I think she needs to experience something awful and terrifying to appreciate how sweet life has been for her. My master never wanted anything to do with jailbait girls. Now that she is 18 though, he still thinks my daughter is off limits. That is why I need you. I know you do not care how old she is to fuck her. You know that slave training can start at any age for a bitch. I bet you can break her mean streak, make her appreciate me more. I will cooperate with anything you want to do to her. Just promise me you will make it brutal.

Bondage Whore for Life

bondage whore I am a bondage whore. I have always been one.  I like being tied up now. I hated it when I was a schoolgirl and daddy would tie me to my bed while he was at work. I have become a more obedient whore since those days. Master is a bondage expert. In fact, he teaches other masters how to tie up their bitches. I met him in a BDSM club in 2000. I was not even 20 yet. We have been together since. He can still tie me up better than anyone, but I like to explore other men too. Not to own me, just to tie me up. Master is my master until one of us dies. He has given me permission for a lot of things. He was the one that suggested I become a submissive phone sex whore. He wanted me to have an income once I stopped working for him. He has also given me permission to go to bondage clubs without him. I have some rules of course, but I have more freedom than many slaves. In fact, I will argue that I am treated very well by my master, perhaps better than most slave women. Master gave me a job. He gave me a house. He gave me health benefits. He also has provided financially for my son and daughter. I follow his rules. I do not want to lose the best thing to ever happen to me. I went to the bondage club we frequent Saturday night without master. And the men were fighting to tie up his prized pony. I let 6 different men tie me up that night. A different man, a different room and a different bondage and submission pose each time. Some of those men tied me up so well, that I have rope burns and sore joints still. But, I am a bondage slut. Just a piece of meat for men to use, even you.

Submissive Whore in the Office, on the Phone and In Life

submissive whoreI am a submissive whore in the office and out of the office too. I only work two days a week in master’s law office because he is mostly retired. Some days, he summons me to the office when there is no work to be done. Well, no legal work to be done. Yesterday, was Sunday, but he summoned me to work. He told me to wear a sexy outfit but look professional. I knew this meant we would not be alone in the office. He likes to watch me with other men. I may hate it, but I do it. I am a good slave. Master had a client in the office. A very rich client who was not certain he wanted my master to take his case. Doing the wills and trusts for this guy would be very financially rewarding. I was the bait to sweeten the deal. Not the first time that master has pimped me out to get a client. Since, I get some of the profit, I never mind being a submissive sex slave to land a big client. This guy was young, well younger than master. He was horny as fuck too. He has a wife, and a lot of fuck trophies, but he still had the energy to fuck the shit out of me in front of my master. He bent me over the desk and spanked my ass first. He told master before he fucks a worthless slave’s ass, he likes to give it a good beating. He shoved his cock in my ass raw too. He was neither small nor thin, so it hurt. He choked me as he fucked my ass. Master watched and stroked his old dick. I did not cry or fight. I had one job and that was to land this client with my ass and cunt for master. I was in pain, but I took it. I am a good submissive slut. Master got the account. I got a hardcore ass fucking and an ass beating. But master is pleased, so that is all that matters.

MILF Phone Sex Submissives Wanted Ravaged by 20 Something Year Old Men

milf phone sexI am a milf phone sex slut who is submissive. My master is older, like all my masters in the past. But I do like younger guys. I cannot admit that to my master, however. He gets jealous and angry. He wants to think he can do everything a young 20 something guy could do to me. He does take medicine that helps him tie knots better than ever, but he has not been able to fuck me like a 20 something in over 20 years. Viagra helps him get hard, but it does nothing to help his stamina and his breathing. He huffs and puffs after 5 mins of fucking. I sometimes worry that he might stroke out fucking me. I am very loyal to master. As much as I want to get on Tinder and find some young buck to fuck the shit out of me I don’t. But this week, some young buck broke into my house and fucked me. The boy came to rob the place. Boy was he in the wrong place. I have nothing of value. That just angered him and he decided I did have something of value. He had more than rape phone sex fantasies. He wanted forced sex with me since I had no cash or jewelry on hand. Luckily, I was home alone. My daughter was sleeping over at a friend’s house and my son has a third shift job. I have been fucked against my will all my life, this was no different. Or was it? I mean I sort of wanted it. He looked like a 20 something guy in great shape. Sure he was high on something, likely Meth, but I did not care. I played the victim though because if I acted like I wanted it, he might kill me. I did not want to die. I pleaded and begged, but it was all an act so he would fuck me super hard. He smacked me around a bit first, but he took my pussy and ass for the trouble of breaking into my house. After he left, I was sore and full of cum. But all I could do was masturbate because this submissive whore finally got fucked by a 20 something year old guy.

Submissive Whore Valentine’s Day in the Bondage Club

submissive whoreI had a submissive whore Valentine’s Day. Maybe not the traditional celebration for the most romantic day of the year, but I am accustomed to that. I have never had a romantic Valentine’s Day. This was the most romantic one ever because my master brought me flowers, wine and candy before he took me to the sex club. I was no stranger at this sex club. Master took me last month and I was the bell of the bondage club. I showed up all the 20 and 30 something slaves. Master was the oldest master in the place, but he had the prized pony, so he was sort of the bell of the ball too. He loved being high fived and congratulated on having such a good bondage whore. Other masters were in the club with their slaves for Valentine’s Day too. I wore some sexy black and white lingerie with red heart accents. I was ready to show up the competition again. The club was packed. More packed than last time, but we were still the oldest slave and master in the place. New faces. I was not sure if any of the guys were there before. No one looked familiar. I got a few disses though for being old. I wanted to show up those younger slaves more than ever. I was the first up on the stage. We began simple. Started with a frog tie and a shrimp tie. He worked himself up to the more complicated bondage techniques like Shinju and Strappado. Master’s new meds make him tie me up in more complicated and contorted poses now. Good for him, but bad for me. I am sore as fuck today from a chain strappado position that won for best bondage position. I was happy that Master won again. It made me feel special and him feel great. Bondage and submission are my life. I did not want to be tied up for Valentine’s Day, but not like I had a choice. If master feels good, I feel good too. So, I guess a happy master, means a happy slave and a sore one.

Cum Eating Phone Sex from a Good Ball Draining

cum eating phone sexCum eating phone sex is something a whore like me is good at. I may not like the taste of my master’s old spunk, but I swallow every drop and I act like it is fine chocolate when I gulp it down. Master’s prostate has been giving him issues. Taking Viagra helps him get erections, but it does nothing to aid in draining his balls completely. He will argue that he may get a hard on like a teenage boy, but he cannot empty his balls completely and he needs those balls drained thoroughly. That is where I come in. Not that I want to be in that position, but I am his slave and I am obedient. I never had to learn about prostate milking until I met my master. That is because I never needed to drain an old man’s balls before. When I was a young schoolgirl taking care of daddy, he was in his 30s. He drank a lot, but his dick always worked. He seemed old to me at the time, but in hindsight he was not old. My master is in his 70s. That is old. One hand, he can get erections again thanks to modern medicine. On the other hand, he needs a finger up his ass once he gets that boner to drain his balls. That was how I spent my time in the office today. I was under his desk with my finger up his ass as he spoke to clients on the phone. I was under that desk for 5 hours draining his balls. I was not permitted to swallow it. Not then at least. He wanted to measure the load I was able to eke out of his balls during that time. He filled a measuring cup. My geriatric master had a full cup of cum lodged in his balls. He praised me for being a good submissive whore, but I still had to guzzle that cup of old spunk and pretend it was the best thing ever. Nasty. Sour, old spunk. I wish I was not so good at ball draining sometimes.