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Bondage Phone Sex Makes Me Wet

bondage phone sexBondage phone sex is my safe place. I know that sounds weird, but I love being tied up and helpless. When I have had a stressful day or week, nothing takes the stress away better than being tied up. I was so happy that my favorite bondage club opened back up this week. It is allowing fewer people inside, but something is better than nothing. It has been closed for over a year. The day I got a text it was reopening, I went. I had to wear a mask, but that was just in the common areas. When a man took me to a room, we could take our masks off. I dressed up for the occasion. I did my hair and nails. I wore make-up too. I wanted to be some one’s bondage whore. I needed to be. My first two weeks back to work have been stressful and painful. Getting tied up would help me escape. Dave selected me. He said I had a perfect body for bondage. I have heard that before too. Big tits and a fat ass make me a bondage master’s wet dream.  He had some blue rope to bind me with. He was an expert in rope too. He tied me up in several different positions. Ball tie, hog tie, crab tie, reverse tie, breast tie, prayer tie…. All the bondage positions, he knew. We were in the private room for hours while he was practicing his bondage techniques. We ended our session with some horizontal suspension bondage. The room we were in had all the proper equipment for suspension bondage. While I was naked and hanging from a bar by my feet with my hands bound behind my back, he pissed on me. In this club, we are not supposed to exchange any bodily fluids. It is a legit BDSM club, but he said that I was such a good bondage and submission whore that I deserved a treat. I would have eaten his shit and I hate scat. That is just how excited I was to be tired up by some one who knew what he was doing.

Sometimes a Whore Needs More Slave Training

slave training

He told me I needed slave training. I thought he just meant I needed to go back to slut school. He sent me to be a slave / maid for this man I had never met. My master has been disappointed with me since I returned to the office. He says I am lazy and not appreciative of what he gives me. He also does not think I am appreciative of servicing his cock and his ass. I spent a week in this guy’s house dressed as a slutty French maid. I was humiliated daily. One of the more humiliating things I had to do daily was clean his toilet with my tongue. I had to clean his ass and cock too. He used no toilet paper. My tongue was all the toilet paper he needed. Everyday, he left his toilet a mess. Skid marks on the porcelain. Pubic hair and piss drops on the rim of the toilet. My master has never humiliated me like that. He is not into bathroom play thankfully. I was beginning to understand why I was here. As a submissive whore, I needed to realize how lucky I was to have a master who is just into bondage and other BDSM games. This guy I was lent to for the week made me see how good I have it as a whore. I do not ever want to have to lick a nasty ass toilet again. I never want to swallow piss or be pissed on like I am a piece of turf. I was smacked around and whipped too on top of being a human toilet. When I was returned to my master, I was a new whore. I was more appreciative of what my master does and does not do to me. Sometimes, I you must be reminded that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

BDSM Phone Sex for a Pain Slut

bdsm phone sexDo you like BDSM phone sex? I am a submissive woman and a pain slut. For over a year, my BDSM clubs have been closed. Finally, I got an email that one was open again, just half capacity and I had to wear a mask. No problem, I told myself. I had an itch that had to be scratched. Women can show up alone, but men must be accompanied by a woman. I know that seems weird because who are the men supposed to play games with if they are coupled up. The men usually juggle a few women. The one they came with and a singleton like me. I am not single in the traditional sense. I am an owned bitch. It is just that my master is old and getting feeble. He cannot whip and flog me like he once could. He wants me to experience pain beyond what he can give me, so he allows me to go to clubs 2-3 times a week. I have been going through withdrawal during the pandemic.

submissive whoreI arrived at the club in a sexy outfit. For the regs there, my mask did not hide my identity. I am known as the red headed submissive whore. A guy immediately requested me to be a part of a threesome. Not the fun sex kind either. Well, fun for me I guess as a pain slut. He wanted to whip two whores at once. He wanted to fuck two whores at once too. I did not think that was possible, but he was creative. While he fucked my ass, he fisted his slave’s ass. When he came in her cunt, he was sodomizing me with his beer bottle. He could multitask two whores better than anyone I had met yet. After an hour, my ass was gaped and my tits and ass bright red. I was begging for mercy, yet my cunt was dripping wet. That is because when I am pushed past my comfort zone, I shine.

This Submissive Slut is Back to Work

submissive slutBeing a submissive slut is not always easy. This was my first week back in the office after a year apart from my master. We had a few face time sessions. He sent a few surrogate masters over to see me. But basically, I became a spoiled bitch away from the daily BDSM grind. I am not the kind of woman who does well on her own. I need to be controlled. I need to be trained. I need a master to dominate me. Master is a year older now and he was old before the pandemic hit. He most have conserved some energy and built up some strength this past year because he was brutal on me this week. He reintroduced me to slave training. He was not dumb to my naughty excursions when he was not watching. The first two days we were together, he punished me for my insubordination. Day one, I walked around the office naked and in shackles. I had to answer phones and type up legal briefs naked. He would smack my ass and my tits when ever he wanted. He would bend me over my desk and fuck my ass. Master’s dick was never hard enough for my ass. At least not hard enough in the past decade. He told me he started taking Viagra. He wanted to punish me like he used to, with his cock. After the first day, I could barely sit the rest of the week. I mean he beat my ass, fucked my ass and I was not used to such anal attention. I am still sore because every day of our first week back together he reminded me what a submissive whore I was. My tits are black and blue. I have rope burns on my extremities. And I cannot shit or piss right. It is all deserved though. I know I got too big for my britches on lock down. The party is officially over though.

Bare Bottom Spankings in the Club

bare bottom spankingsI have an ass for bare bottom spankings. No matter what I am wearing, men are drawn to my ample ass. I was out last night with a girlfriend. We were not looking for men. She is happily married, and I am an owned whore. The bartender was flirting with me, but I acted like I was clueless. I did not want an awkward situation. He must have spiked our drinks with something because we woke up naked from the waist down and bound and gagged. We were in a dark room, bent over a table.  My friend is not submissive. She is a normal woman with a husband and a few little ones running around. I am the professional submissive whore, but this was nothing I had experienced before. We were roofied and tied up in a corner of a club. This was new to me because I did not know this guy. We had no master servant relationship. No agreed upon safe words. My friend was hysterical. I mumbled to her to calm down and let me try to negotiate with the bartender who had been flirting with me. He came back into the room with a few men. They started whooping our asses. With bare hands, with belts and with paddles. We got skull fucked, and ass fucked too. I was not prepared to be sodomized while bound in a club next to a good friend who knew nothing about my lifestyle. I tried to take the brunt of the abuse. These men were high on something and abusing us with their cocks, their hands, and whatever objects they could find nearby. I acted like it hurt more than it did. Honestly, it felt incredible. It had been forever since I had been used this aggressively. I needed it, but I played the victim role. They used us for a few hours, then passed out. I got out of my ropes because I am not a novice to bondage. I got her home to clean her up and calm her down. We filed a police report, but if it had just been me alone, I would have begged for more.

Submissive Slut Bunny

submissive slutAs a submissive slut, I have had to do a lot of things I did not want to do. Somethings I enjoyed, somethings I did not. My master rents me out during Covid for extra money. He has associates who need a well-trained slave occasionally. Over the weekend, I had to be a hostess for a private party. I was not the only sub there. We hade to dress like old time Playboy bunnies. I had no idea what to expect. Honestly, I was certain this was a vanilla gig. The folks in attendance were old rich guys and their wives. What were these old fucks going to do to us in front of their wives? It felt like we were just there to serve drinks and be eye candy for some horny old men. It was that for about an hour or so. Then the party atmosphere changed drastically. It got wild. The old wives started groping us. Spanking us too. I thought maybe there would be cock worshiping, but it was mostly cunt worshiping. These were dirty old women with old hairy beavers. While me and the other submissive bunnies ate the old ladies out, their husbands fucked our asses. I think the men had Viagra and the women Spanish Fly because an hour into cocktails these geriatric guests got kinky. I have been made to do a lot of things as a submissive. I have eaten women’s pussies before, but this was the first time eating gray haired beavers while old husbands fucked my ass. My guess was some of these women had never had a woman lick their cunts before. They were clearly high on something. The men arranged this group sex party and me and the other submissive whore servers were just party favors. When I left, my ass was oozing cum and my face smelled like grandma’s pussy. There is always a first for something, I guess.

Milf Phone Sex Sub

milf phone sexMilf phone sex women make great submissives. I have decades of being a sub under my belt. I know no other way of life. I do not want any other way of life. My master sent a younger surrogate to my place to punish me. Not punish me in a bad way, but in a way that would make my pussy super wet. I love spankings. The guy that showed up at my door was in his early twenties. Tall and handsome. He looked strong too. He had huge hands. I was excited to see what he could do to me. He had a deep voice. I was wet in anticipation for some bare bottom spankings. Been too long since someone whooped my ass properly. He had me strip naked and bend over his knees. For one hour straight he smacked my ass in rhythmic fashion. I was dripping pussy juice all over his knees. That is how much I love my bare ass fucked. My ass was sore and raw and bright pink when he was done. I wanted more. So, did he. But he did not want to spank me. He wanted to fuck me. His cock was bulging inside his jeans. This guy was a law student, not a seasoned master. My master tossed him some extra money to spank me. He was not prepared for me to be sexy. I was not prepared for him to be hung like a horse. I love cock worshiping too. I made him promise that he would not tell my master that I drained his balls like a cum slut. He said he would take it to the grave if he could call me mommy while he fucked my ass and emptied his balls inside me. Best present my master has sent me this past year. And hopefully a gift that keeps on giving.

My Submissive Sex Life

submissive sexI was born for submissive sex. When I was a young schoolgirl, I thought I wanted to be a nurse. I had friends and I did well in school. I was a happy girl. What I did not yet know was that my mother was shielding me from my asshole daddy. One day, she left. Left us both for another life and never looked back. That day changed the course of my life forever because I became my father’s fuck toy that next day. He enslaved me. My youth was like a ripped from the headlines Lifetime movie. My father sodomized me daily. He thought fucking my ass would ensure I would not get knocked up. As I got older, he got increasingly paranoid that I was going to tell some one at school, so he kept me home. He cut me off from everyone else. No school. No friends. No doctors. In fact, he was so fearful I would runaway or go to the police, he would tie me to the bed for 10 hours a day while he was at work. Eventually, I got loose and ran away. I ran to New York City and married the first guy who was nice to me. His niceness was very short lived. He was just as awful if not worse than my father. On accident, I met my master and he saved me. Changed my life forever. I never became a nurse, but I did become a willing submissive slut and paralegal. I never married again and although I am still subservient, I have enjoyed my adult life with my master. Unlike my father, unlike my ex-husband, he has provided for me and has never beaten me or broke a bone. We have a master and servant relationship based on the BDSM principles. If you want a lifestyle sub, I am her.

submissive slut

Sexy Bondage

sexy bondageI like sexy bondage. I like all kinds, but when it is more sensual my pussy is gushing like a fire hydrant on a hot Bronx day. My master was once the bondage king. He knew how to tie me just tight enough to cause some pain and discomfort. He got old and arthritis prevents him now from making those knots as tight as I like. He was feeling generous. We are in the home stretch of being together and back in the office again. He is vaccinated and I should be next month. As a present, he sent one of his associates to tie me up and fuck me. My master knows I am a bondage whore. It is why we were well matched 20 some years ago. He was a gentleman master, and I was a young submissive into bondage. He took me under his wing, trained me to be a paralegal, moved me and my little ones to California and set me up for life. I knew back then I would be with him for life. He has provided better for me than my parents did. Better than my ex-husband too. I have not always been the perfect slave, and he has not always been the perfect master, but we love and respect each other. I have been his office slave since 2000. He knows his limitations as an almost 70-year-old master. His associate was half his age and looking to take over his practice, which means he may take over me too. Master will not relinquish me to the wrong man again. He did that once and I was black and blue daily. Master wants his prized submissive whore taken care of too. Tony was into sensual domination and bondage. He tied me up and fucked all my holes without leaving scars or broken bones, just like my master. I have some minor rope burns and a sore ass, but those will both heal in a couple days. This may be just the man to be my next owner.

Submissive Slut Needs to Be Used

submissive slutI love being a submissive slut. I can get sassy sometimes, but it is not because I am a switch. It is because I am wanting more pain. My master understands me, but men I meet off fetishes sites rarely do. They think I am just playing a role, but I am broken bitch and a lifestyle submissive. I have been broken since the late 80s and early 90s. I start to feel guilty about cheating on my master with younger, more capable men during this quarantine, so I egg them on when they mistake me for someone who wants playful spanking. Sometimes it works, sometimes it backfires. Last night, it worked. I was with this much younger man I met on a fetish site. He said he wanted to hurt a milf. I thought he had like rape phone sex fantasies but when he arrived, he acted more like we were on a first romantic date. I wanted 50 Shades of Gray, not a romantic comedy. He brought flowers and wine. Ugh. This boy just had the hots for a milf. I wanted spanked. I wanted rough sex. I wanted degraded and treated like the whore I am. I did not want to be wooed. I do deserve that. I tried pushing his buttons. I asked him where the man I spoke to online went. I gave him some good coke I had stashed for special occasions. My master would beat me senseless if he knew I was partying, even occasionally. He would beat me if he found out I was fooling around with such a young boy too. Once high, he started to find that bad ass I was hoping for. I got mouthier and he pulled my hair and shut me up with his cock. Once his dick was hard, he ravaged my asshole. He finally started fucking me like the submissive whore I am. Do not mistake me men. I am a submissive. It is just that sometimes I need to push some men to treat me like the worthless whore I am.

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