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Submissive Sex Office Whore

submissive sexDo you need submissive sex in your office? Your wife is never at your place of work, so it is the perfect time to get naughty. Although my master and boss is not back to the office yet, he gave me permission to temp for a friend of his who needs a paralegal for a few weeks while his normal woman is on Covid lock down. I was happy to take this gig too because Todd is so handsome. I was not sure what to expect. Master never admitted if Todd was a master type or just a normal boring lawyer. Either way, I was hoping he would fuck me. Yesterday was the end of my first week with Todd. I may never go back to my Master. Not only does he fuck me bent over his desk, but he also gets rough with me. He treats me like his property, like his submissive whore. He slaps my ass, pulls my hair, pinches my nipples, shoves office supplies in my fuck holes. He skull fucks me whenever he wants, even if I am on the phone. If he is on the phone and must pee, he snaps his fingers and I crawl under his desk and act as his porta-potty. It has been invigorating after being separated from my master for months. I need to be put in my place often. A whore like me does not thrive without male ownership and supervision. My ass hurts. My jaw hurts. My tits are black and blue. I have rope burns on my ankles, wrists and tits. I have a pretty purple ring around my neck too. Some girl in the office building asked me why I stayed with an abusive men. She had no clue that I was not a battered wife but a willing submissive slut.

Bondage Whore Bernice

bondage whoreBeing a bondage whore is rough sometimes. I mean I like being tied up and abused. I do not like being tied up and left. And that is what happened with Jake. He was this younger guy I met in a fetish room for bondage on Reddit. He only lived 30 minutes away. He was looking for a submissive to play with and I was looking to be tied up. He looked like a normal middle-class man. Cute and clean. Did not appear to be a druggy type of guy. We discussed safe words and everything. I felt confident this would go well. It did for the most part. He tied me up in several different positions. We had fun. Until the end. I was tied up like the victim of a home invasion at the end. He left me on the floor bound and gagged with no one home. My daughter was on a date and my son was hanging with friends. I had no clue how long I would be like this. I had to pee. I ended up pissing myself. I was embarrassed but I had no way of getting loose. I was stuck in this position. Until my son and one of his friends came home. They were stoned and found my predicament humorous. My son mocked his submissive whore mother who smelled like a toilet. He told his friend who had to take a leak to piss in my mouth. He did not miss a beat. Pulled out his cock and pissed down my throat. So did my son. Now I really smelled bad. My son did untie me but not out of the goodness of his heart. He untied me to fuck me. His friend and him took turns tag teaming me. I acted like I hated it. But I loved it.

Submissive Slut Gets Gang Fucked on New Year’s Eve

submissive slutSometimes, a submissive slut deserves punishment. Although I try to be a good whore, a loyal whore, and especially an obedient whore, I sometimes fail. I am only human. I get weak. Younger dick is my kryptonite. I have a teen son who lives at home still. Sure, I would be his bitch in a heartbeat. I would love his cock in my all the time, but he hates me. He barely wants to talk to me, let alone fuck me. He has male friends, however, who see a dirty old whore with holes to fill. They do not need to like me to fuck me. Personally, I think angry, hateful sex is the best fucking around. On New Year’s Eve my son had a few friends over. Now my boy did not want me around. I was up in my room alone taking calls and watching Ryan Seacrest count me down to 2021. A little after midnight, I went downstairs to check on the boys. My son saw me, yelled at me and I went back to my room. I heard some of his friends giving him shit for treating me like that. Not 10 minutes later, there was a knock on my door. Standing before me were 4 horny boys. They apologized for my son’s bad behavior, then they pulled out their cocks and pushed me on my bed. One moment they were being nice and charming. The next moment they were exploring their rape phone sex fantasies with their friend’s mother. They told me if my son was not going to punish my pink holes, they would. My own panties were stuffed in my mouth so my son would not hear me scream. Not that he would have come to my rescue anyway. They left me battered, bruised and covered in cum. They left and I spent the rest of night in my room, alone thinking that was the best New Year’s Eve ever.

Milf Phone Sex Teen Gang Bang

milf phone sexDo you like submissive milf phone sex sluts? My son and his friends do. I was hosting a holiday party for my son and daughter. It was part of their Christmas gifts. With California shutting everything down again, they have been isolated from their friends. Virtual school sucks ass for them, and I am not much help. We have a tumultuous relationship, but I do try. I dressed up in a Mrs. Claus outfit and my son and daughter were embarrassed. They thought I was trying to seduce their male friends and accused me of throwing the party for my own selfish needs. I will admit to flirting with some teen studs, but I am an owned bitch. I have been in trouble for fucking around with Tinder dates already. Master would not be keen on me robbing the cradle either. After I made sure everyone was happy with food and drink, I exited to my room. I sincerely did not want to embarrass my son and daughter. I fell asleep on my bed watching some sappy Hallmark Christmas movie. The next thing I know, I am being yanked from my bed by some horny teen boys who smelled like liquor. I served virgin eggnog and fruit punch. Either some one brought liquor, or my son opened my wine cabinet. My son was acting as the ringleader. He told his friends they could fuck me. I was fighting them, but I was not strong enough sober to fight off 8 horny drunk teenage boys. They ripped my cute dress off my stacked body and took turns fucking me. Sometimes, I had two or three cocks in me at once like a gangbang phone sex whore. The boys came inside me, joking about knocking up an old bitch. The pissed down my throat and smacked my titties around. They were having fun. It did not matter that I was sore and tired and not wanting any of it. In the end my son and daughter enjoyed their party. I, however, am still recuperating.

Submissive Sex Christmas Party

submissive sexI was invited to a submissive sex Christmas Party. I was not the only sub there. Everyone had to wear a mask but us, so I was not sure what was going on. A holiday party or a sex party? I was ready for either. Of course, I should know better. I was not going to be invited to a real party. Me and the other submissives were there for the guests. We had to service the male partygoers in anyway they wanted. Some guys wanted to be sucked off. Some wanted their assholes cleaned. Some wanted to relieve themselves in or on us. Most guys just wanted to smack us around, and force fuck a submissive whore. I did not know these men. Even Santa Claus was there to fuck us bitches. We spent the first few hours serving as cum guzzlers and piss whores. The men were drinking so much, and they did not want to wait for the bathroom. Why would a man wait when he has a skank like me who will open her mouth like a toilet?  I did not mind it as much as the other Santa’s helpers did. I do not mind being degraded. I was born for this world. When they got drunker, they became more violent. Suddenly, they were wanting more than to piss in a bitch’s mouth. They wanted to make us into anal sex whores. I got down on all fours with no problem. The other bitches had to be forced on their knees. I was going for the queen sub at this party. I need to get back in master’s good graces. I let Santa and his friends force fuck my asshole. I was Santa and his friends’ favorite whore. The other girls did not act like they enjoyed it. I am a good whore. No matter how rough you treat me. No matter how hard you degrade me. No matter how hard you fuck me, I will say thank you sir, and ask you to give me more.

Bare Bottom Spankings for a Naughty Girl

bare bottom spankingsI was naughty and I got bare bottom spankings because of it too. I had no idea that my master was going to make a surprise house call to check up on me. I have not shared the same physical space with him in months. We text and talk on the phone with some facetime calls too, but we have been isolated apart for months. He has had a few eyes on me, so I have been trying to be a good whore. But I need abused. I need to serve. So, I have had a few Tinder dates on the DL. Not like going out to dinner dates. Those are damn near impossible lately. I am talking hook ups at my place. I advertise myself as a submissive whore needing an alpha man. I had just finished getting anally tortured when Master arrived for his surprise visit. He had to have passed my lover in the driveway. When I heard the door, I assumed it was my Tinder date. I almost pissed myself when I saw my master for the first time in far too long, the longest we have ever been apart in almost 20 years. He told me I had been a naughty girl. I had cum leaking out my ass to prove it. There was no trying to deny it. I would have just made my punishment worse. Master took off his leather belt and I assumed the position. I knew I was in for a beating. With every whack, I bit down on the pillow I stuffed in my mouth. He made me count each whack, which I did. I cried because for an old man, he had some strength I had not seen before. My ass was mincemeat. I was bleeding, raw, swollen and black and blue. He jacked off on my ass, then pissed to make it burn. He told me if he caught me being naughty with someone else without permission again, he would disown me. I have been branded by master’s belt. No one would even want me again.

I Will Be a Submissive Whore Again by Christmas

submissive whore

Do you want a submissive whore for Christmas? I promise to be whatever you want or need. Master thinks I have lost my sense of place. According to him, quarantine has spoiled me. He is right. I have lost my way, so I am back on Tinder. Do not tell Master. He would be upset that I am violating stay at home orders. But am I? I am still at home. The dudes are coming to me. I make sure the men know I am a submissive woman. I know I need to get back in the game. This is the longest I have gone without some extreme humiliation and hardcore treatment. I am making up for it too. Men who do not know me, have an easier time using me. Last week, I had two different guys who helped get me back to my submissive roots. Tyler is a 25-year-old milf hater. Mommy issues, maybe. Or maybe just a young misogynistic guy. There were no pleasantries when he arrived. He stripped me naked and dragged me into my bathroom. He flushed my face in the toilet a few times until I was spitting up toilet water. Then he pissed in my face. He did not want to fuck a diseased whore (what he called me). He did want to humiliate me with some toilet sex, however. I hate bathroom play. He reminded me what a submissive slut I am. The next guy to come over was a seasoned master. He was in his late 30s and hated me at hello. Now, this guy fucked me. He fisted me too. He had no problem gaping my asshole and cunt. No problem filling me with cum too. One guy left me smelling like an outhouse. The other guy left me sitting on an ice tray for several days. I am getting back to my submissive roots quickly. I will be a good slave again by Christmas.

My Bondage and Submission Roots

bondage and submissionBondage and submission is what I was put on this earth to do. Men cannot just tie up any whore. Well, they can, but not all women are willing bondage slaves. There are no consequences tying me up because I am a willing whore. I was not always, however. It is weird how the things you hated when you were young you grow up to love. I was just a little girl when my mother left me. She met a new man, and I was expendable. She knew what a mean man my father was, and she left me with him. Left me to fend for myself and she never looked back. Never came looking for me, not even when I was an adult. When I was just a peanut, daddy tied me to chairs so he could skull fuck me. Maybe he would tie me to my princess bed posters so I would not fight while he forced his cock inside my tiny pussy. When I entered my teen years, daddy upped his game. He became fearful I would runaway and leave him like my mother. He pulled me from school saying I was sick and needed to be home schooled, but he never hired anyone to home school me. He turned me into his sex slave and laid the seeds for me to become a bondage whore as an adult. He caught me once trying to escape through my bedroom window. He thought I was running away, but I just wanted out of the house. At that point it had been months since I went outside. I spent the next 4 years tied up or shackled. Daddy would whip me tied up. He would fuck me tied up. He would sodomize me with his empty beer bottles tied up. And he would let his friends fuck me tied up too. I would be left tied up for hours a day, only released to pee twice a day. I lucked out one day and got loose. I ran away, vowing never to be tied up again. We know how that turned out for me though.

Bondage Phone Sex for Life

bondage phone sexI got into this sort of work because I love bondage phone sex. Men have been tying me up since I was a schoolgirl. When I was a young girl, I hated it. I was scared. My father would tie me up all day while he was at work because he feared I would run away. Eventually, I did. But I ran right into the arms of a man who liked BDSM games too. I met my master at a bondage club in NYC that my husband took me too. My master was in his 40s then. I was 19, I think. I loved being tied up by men I knew would not harm me or leave me to die. My current master was not fond of the way my husband treated me because as he said it, my husband was not a true dome. He was just a misogynistic asshole. A couple years later, I would cross paths with my master again in an underground NYC club. The second encounter changed my world. I am still a bondage whore, but now I live in California and I have a job and a salary. I am owned and I am taken care of well. I still get tied up and left in precarious situations, however. Master misses tying me up as his bondage secretary. Coronavirus has halted our fun, but he hired a guy to break into my place last night and tie me up. It was filmed too. I had no clue this was staged, and that I was not going to die. My reactions were real. My fear was real too. The hired hand dragged me out of bed kicking and screaming and bond me in the living room. I assumed for his rape phone sex fantasies, but after being left for 6 hours chained up, my master’s voice came across the answering machine telling me I was just punished for being a dirty slut. I loved every minute of every. Every 10 hours of it that I was bound up for master’s amusement made me wet.

Submissive MILF Phone Sex Slut

milf phone sexThis milf phone sex slut has always been submissive. I had my first gang bang before I could drive. My father got me drunk and rented me out to some friends. About ten guys who my father owed money to came over to fuck his young teen daughter. I was scared, which is why daddy got me drunk first. His pals smelled like sweat and whiskey. They grabbed my tits, tore my clothes, slapped my face and shoved fingers in my mouth and pussy. I was pleading with my father to make them stop, but he could have cared less about me. One of the guys pushed me down on the floor. His cohorts stripped me naked and tied me up. I was tied to various pieces of furniture so I would not escape. I was fighting. A couple of the men skull fucked me.  Other guys fucked my ass and my cunt. I was worried I would get pregnant, but no one cared about that. My daddy joked that if I got knocked up, the brat would be sold. I was no virgin. Daddy had been exploring his rape phone sex fantasies for years on me, but this was the first time I fucked more than him or had multiple guys at once. Girls my age were riding bikes with their friends or hanging out at the mall, not getting sodomized by their daddy’s friends. I was anally brutalized. Men put their fists and cocks in my ass, and cunt. I cried harder than I did when daddy force fucked me that first time. I sobered up quickly from the pain.  They brutalized me for hours. They spanked me, skull fucked me, fisted me, double penetrated me, strangled me, slapped me and pissed one me. My ass prolapsed for the first time. I was fucked raw. Decades later, I am a gangbang phone sex whore you and your friends. Just now, I like it.

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