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Submissive sex hit a new level with me yesterday. I am almost fearful to say anything because I do not want to give my phone masters any cruel ideas for punishing me. Master C made it known from the get-go that he was a sick master and I was nothing more than a dumb cunt here to amuse him. He told me that I had never met another phone master like him, and he was correct. First up, was jumping up and down so fast that my tits smacked my face. I tried explaining that my boobs are fake and do not bounce like that. He did not want excuses. He wanted what he asked for. I had to run in place a little hunched over so my boobs would make a sound against my flesh and please him. It was hard to hold the phone. I was too afraid to drop it. I tried speaking and he told me to shut the fuck up. When he told me to stop, I sighed in relief. That relief was short lived because he had more in store for me. I had to spin around the room fast. I am not Wonder Woman changing outfits. I got dizzy fast. I stumbled, fell and he was not happy. After that I had to pant like a dog. Like the dog I am. Again, I got dizzy and almost passed out. I felt nauseated too. After the call, I fell on the floor. My daughter rushed up to see what was wrong. She does not have much use for me. When I told her about my caller, she laughed at me. Told me I brought it on myself and did not deserve pity. She made me eat her cunt. She pissed in my face and then grabbed my strap-on I use for my submissive whore girlfriend and fucked both my holes. I thought it could not get worse than my caller, but my daughter is a natural mean master.

I will Need Slave Training Again After Quarantine

slave trainingAfter this quarantine is over and things get somewhat back to normal, I think I will need some serious slave training. I have been a bad sub when left to my own devices. I am getting spoiled being at home all the time. I have been playing with women without permission. I have been masturbating without permission too. I have even seen a few young neighborhood boys and master would be pissed the most about that. He is old school and prudish. He does not like me playing with younger guys, at least not the ones still in school. The more I have been stuck at home, the hornier I have become. I am a BDSM whore. But I cannot go to clubs and I cannot see my master, so I must fill my time somehow, right? I thought I was just having some naughty fun with one of my son’s friends. The boy came over, looking for my son, but he was out on Postmates deliveries. I told him he could wait for him. I was happy to have some company. Master keeps me isolated and my second job as a phone sex submissive whore never leaves me time for a social life. Then this virus happened, and I had all the free time in the world, but I could not go anywhere, lol. This boy walked into my house like a gift from the gods. I tried my best seduction tricks on him, but he was impervious to them. I had given up and decided to make us some snacks. He came into the kitchen, grabbed me by the throat and choked him. He started calling me names like bitch and cunt. He new all about my whore ways from my son. He was not interested in fucking me. He wanted to take me. To force me to submit. He slapped me around, skull fucked me, sodomized me and came on my face like he was marking his turf. Sometimes a boy does not want what is given to him. He wants to take it instead.

Submissive Sex with Another Sub

submissive sexSubmissive phone sex slaves make friends with the slaves of their master’s friends. Kim is my best friend. Our masters know each other. They went to college together and shave a love for dominating and owning women. Although neither of us can fuck other men, neither master has forbidden us from playing with each other. She is sick of being at home too, so I invited her over. She packed a bag and has been here for a few days. Since we are both subs, we enjoy pain. Guess what? A woman can be crueler than a man any day. I think because we are competitive with one another. Kim and I, however, have a special bond. We promised when we first met that we would never compete. We promised each other that if our masters made us fight each other, we would fake it. Kim and I having been exploring the world of sensual domination together the past few days.  She is a bondage whore like me. Her master is far tougher on her than mine. He is younger too. Anything we do together is designed to get us off. We mix vulnerability with a bit of pain and discomfort. I found her sweet spot last nice when I had her tied up. I used my vibrator on her cunt and ass, but it was her ass that made her squirt. She was tied up, helpless, forced to trust me and squirting all over my bed as I worked the vibrator in and out of her ass while pinching her nipples. We switched places, and I had to trust her. She fucked me with a big strap-on. I was blindfolded with my wrists and legs bound. My cunt was wet as she had her hands around my throat squeezing while she thrust in and out of my pussy. She found my sweet spot too. It has been nice exploring bondage games with a sexy woman. I may dread going back to reality, lol.

bondage whore

This Submissive Whore is Back in the Game

submisive whoreIf you are looking for a good submissive whore, you found her. I have been serving men all my life. I know I look like a soccer mom; the kind of woman who should serve you milk and cookies instead of being your bitch. But that is not who I am. I went to an underground sex party this week. Master took me. The party was at his legal buddy’s house. It was the first time I have seen Master in over a month. He escorted me in on a leash. I had to crawl on all fours since I am a pet and not a woman. This put me at crotch level with all the men, which meant I had to be very liberal with blowjobs. I swallowed a couple dozen cocks, and about a bucket load of cum. I am master’s whore. He paraded me into the club like a champion pig. He is proud of my oral skills. There were no other slaves there. The virus has altered the S & M life. I am such a submissive slut that I was happy to be the star of the party. Master ordered me to share my skills with other masters. It is a way of showing up his buddies. He takes pride in having the best whore around.

One of the men there did not think I could be a better cocksucker than his own slave because I was 20 some years older than her. I sucked him again, while master watched. I could take his entire shaft down my throat with ease. I brought him to a second orgasm quickly and swallowed every drop. No way any of master’s friends had better cock sucking slaves than me. I can swallow a 10-inch coke bottle thick cock down my throat without a gasp or a gag. My eyes will not even bulge out, or water. I was crowned the blowjob queen of the slaves. I had to suck the others off again too. I swallowed so much cum; I think I gained 10 pounds. I am a good slave. It just felt great to be back in the submissive sex game again.

Submissive Phone sex is all I Got

submissive phone sexSubmissive phone sex is all I have right now. I can’t see my master. I can’t go to my fetish clubs. Hell, I can’t even find a guy on Tinder to come over and fuck me. Since I am not working my other job right now, I am on the phone a lot more. Some of my callers are really sadistic too. That is not a complaint, however. I am doing my best to be an obedient phone sex submissive. It is all I have, and I need to be a slave. I need to be abused. I had a new caller last week that honestly made me glad we had only met on the phone. He was the kind of sadistic man a submissive slut hopes she never meets in person. He had me beat my tits. Nonstop smacking of my big fake boobs. He wanted no excuses like they are fake so don’t bounce as much. He wanted to hear my hand against my tits. He wanted me jumping up and down too so they would smack me in the face. I had a headset on because I didn’t want to drop the phone, but he made me take it off because it muffled the sound of my tits smacking against my body. I dropped the phone a few times and that just pissed him off. I had to smack my face a few times to make amends. He was like a drill sergeant. It was the longest 20 minutes of my life. I figured he was a one and done kind of caller, but he called me back two days later and made me do the same shit just with more intensity. My tits have never hurt that much from a call. I have never been out of breath from a call either. I’m not complaining though. Submissive sex on the phone is all I got. 

Submissive Sex Slave Will Drain Your Balls One Way or Another

submisive sexI am a full-time submissive sex slut. Like many of you, I am stuck at home with nowhere to go and no one to discipline me. I decided to try some online dating sites to see if I could find anyone to come fuck me. I met this young corporate lawyer on Tinder. I was worried this guy might know my master who is a lawyer too, so I never mentioned I was a paralegal. I needed someone to occupy my time. He was hung but I sadly discovered his dick was limp. I knew it was not me. He is stressed being unable to work. I was hoping this guy would get hard and take out his financial woes on my pussy and ass. I thought back to some of the many techniques I know. I mean I do have a master who is much older than me. I am no stranger to dick issues. I can deliver a special massage: a prostrate massage. I know men get stressed and have limp dick. I know balls get backed up and need a full ball draining. I know a prostate phone sex massage is a quick fix for a wet noodle. Have you ever had a prostate exam from a subby whore? It is the happiest ending you will ever have in your life!

prostate phone sexMy stud lawyer with the limp noodle was tense. I could feel his tension everywhere in his body. I wanted that big dick, so it was my responsibility to get him hard; harder than he has been before. I oiled him up and down, giving him a traditional massage first. I worked out some of the kinks on his upper body before I moved to his lower body. His cock was at attention the entire time. Soon I worked my magic fingers down to his swollen shaft. I cupped his balls in my hands, slid a finger into his puckered asshole, found that pea shaped prostrate, massaged it as my mouth devoured his cock. He insisted on licking my pussy as I worked his cock and balls into a huge happy ending. I was not saying no to that. My master rarely gives back. I was losing my focus as I felt his tongue probe my asshole. I struggled to keep my mind on his prostate as my pussy juice cascaded over his face. The taste and the smell of my hot cum made him shoot out a jet stream of overdue jizz.  A bigger trajectory than Old Faithful. He splattered my face with such force, I kept playing with his ass until I had drained him to the point of exhaustion. We both had happy endings because he got hard again quickly to fuck me properly. He just needed a good ball draining to get hard for this submissive slut.

Submissive Sex on Quarantine

submissive sexSubmissive sex slaves need their masters. I would give anything to feel my master’s hands around my throat. To feel his cock ramming my ass. Too drink his piss. To feel his bare hands on my ass. You get the picture. This separation has gone on longer than he thought it would. He is missing me too, but he is trapped at home with his wife. He can’t come up with a good excuse to get away. He is over 60, so is his wife. She is keeping him on a tight leash for his health. I get it, but I don’t like it. The best we can do is some video chatting and texting. He was able to video chat me late last night after his wife went to sleep. I need to be disciplined. I need to be used. He was in a kinky mood. He is by far the most extreme or perverted master I have had, but last night he kicked things up a notch. He has never once wanted me to fuck my son. My son on occasion has fucked me out of anger, but for the most part he ignores me. He hates me. His hatred has only grown stronger stuck in the house and unemployed. Master was making an exception because he couldn’t fuck me. Plus, my son is getting older and it’s not as illegal to fuck him, lol. My master is a lawyer with a morality clause. I get in trouble, he is tainted.  So, he doesn’t know about my past dalliances with my son. I was afraid he would find out, but when master ordered me to seduce my son and have him fuck me hard, I couldn’t say no. I took my iPad into my son’s room with me. Placed it on his dresser and woke him up by sucking his cock. My son was not happy. He leaped out of bed, smacked my face and screamed that if we fucked, it was on his terms. He threw me on the bed and fucked me like a rabid animal from behind. He was hurting my ass with glee. He never noticed the iPad. He dumped his load in my submissive whore ass and screamed for me to get out. I grabbed the iPad, scurried back to my bedroom and basked in the fact that my secret was safe, and my master was happy.

Bondage Whore and Pain Slut

bondage whoreI am a bondage whore on quarantine. I have not been able to see my master in weeks. I have not left the house in weeks either. I have never been trapped inside this long. I have my son and daughter with me, and they want to be anywhere but here with me. They hate me. They even told me they want me to go out so I will catch this virus and die. I think they mean it too. I have been keeping busy on the phone, but it is not the same as being in a bondage club or with my master. I got a surprise late last night. My master called me. He figured out how to use Skype. His wife had taken her sleeping pill and was an hour into sleep, so master felt confident she would not hear a thing, especially since he was in the downstairs bathroom and his wife was asleep on the third floor. He wanted me to get on my bed and get some of my bondage supplies. I am his submissive whore. I did as I was told with a big smile on my face. First order of business was to tie up my fun bags. I know how he likes me to tie them up too. Like a side of meat, I bound my tits with coarse rope. Coarse enough to cut my flesh. Master took a Viagra because he was hard. I hated that I was missing a rare hard-on. Once my tits turned purple, he had me take the biggest two dildos I had and shove them up my ass and cunt without lube. I was uncomfortable, but soon the pain lubricated the dildo in my cunt. I am a pain slut, but a pain slut gets off the hardest being instructed how to hurt herself. Who knows when I might get to have a rendezvous with my master again, but last night was the most fun I have had in weeks.

I’m Going To Need Slave Training After Quarantine

slave training

I am going to need some more slave training once this quarantine is over. I have been a disobedient slave. I know while separated from my master, I am supposed to be on good behavior, only doing what master would want. Because I am on quarantine at home, I have been talking on the phone more. I get so horny talking to phone masters. I had one late last night with a shoe fetish. Funny thing is I have a shoe fetish too. When I first learned to masturbate, I did it with shoes. My mom left in the middle of the night, leaving behind a bunch of pretty high heels. I have a closet full of designer shoes, but I can never wear them to my paralegal job because master likes me in classic black pumps only. One of the first rules I have violated is wearing “slut” shoes. The second rule I have violated several times a day is no masturbating without permission. I can’t help it. Some of my callers want me to play with my pussy. My caller last night wanted me to fuck my cunt with high heels. I was happy to do that because it took me back to my youth. I am stuck at home with a son and daughter who loath me. We interact very little. They hole up in their rooms watching movies and talking to their friends. I am up in my room having submissive phone sex trying to forget that there is an epidemic going on around me. I have become a masturbating fiend. My caller last night made me fuck my cunt and my ass with my shoes. I am not going to lie. A heel in the ass hurts. At one point, he made me put three heels in my ass. Master would be so pissed off if he knew I was being a dirty masturbating whore without his permission. Don’t tell him. I mean my ass did get punished. I can barely sit today.


Submissive Whore on Isolation Gets Self Abuse

submissive whoreThis submissive whore is growing tired of being stuck indoors. My master can’t see me. I can’t go to fetish clubs either. I wanted to go to this adult movie theater and even though it was shut down. I start to feel like a caged animal when I can’t get used. Master has been missing me too. His wife is a stick in the mud. The kind of woman you marry but not the kind of woman you fuck. He has not had a minute alone since the state closed everything down that was not an essential business. Master figured out how to have some fun with his slave while stuck at home with his wife. Video conferencing from his home office. He told his wife he had to do a conference call and he went to his office. He called me up on my computer and ordered me to give him a sex show. I know what he likes to see. He wants my fuck holes gaped open wide. He wants my limits to be pushed.  I got out my biggest dildos and even some rather large garden veggies. I fucked my slave holes and Master masturbated. It wasn’t hardcore BDSM or anything, but it was my first human contact in days, even if the contact was virtual. Master came hard without a blue pill and that almost never happens. We were both super horny. He did order me to spank my ass a couple dozen times and of course, I did as I was told. I was just happy to see master’s face, even if just on my computer. I came many times thanks to master’s generosity. I don’t know how much longer we must stay home, but at least now Master knows how to connect with his office whore. If you find yourself getting cagy and in need of a subby slave too, check out our phone sex specials. Save a few bucks while abusing my ass.

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