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Bondage Whore Bernice Loves to be Bound and Gagged

bondage whoreI love being a bondage whore. No matter how hard I may try, bondage creeps back into my life. Awhile ago, I just embraced it. I realized that bondage needs the right man tying the ropes. My master is an experienced rope guy. Older than me, but he grew up in a generation where no one talked about BDSM. He discovered some bondage pictures of Betty Page, and those pics became his jack off material for years.

Often, he binds me in the exact poses he looked at when he was just a teenage boy. However last night, my master did not tie me up. I met a guy online in a bondage and submission forum. We have been chatting for some time now. Maybe close to two years. Although he does not live in my state, he found himself traveling for work. Wealthy guy. White man, suit and tie kind of guy. Married with rugrats and drives a BMW. Like my master, he has one image for clients, and another for women like me.

Born to Be Bound and Gagged

His wife knows about his kinks, but she does not want any part of the BDSM world. So, they have a don’t ask don’t tell policy marriage. Not my place to question. But I was happy to have him tie me up last night. I kind of hoped he might fuck me. Kind of sweet that he did not, I guess. He told me he loves his wife but has his dark needs.

Dark needs a woman like me can full fill. While he had me bound and gagged, he whipped my ass raw. I still have welts on my ass! Ouch. Hurts when I sit on the toilet. He hurled insults at me too. He wanted to make me cry, but I do not think anything makes this submissive whore cry anymore.

I’ve been seasoned before. I did enjoy my time with this guy. He jacked off on my face and tits while he looked at me bound and gagged. So, I knew I aroused him.  Maybe next time some one ties me up, they can fuck me like I deserve. Will it be you?

Slave Training A Girl When She’s Super Young Builds a Good Whore

slave trainingSome men think I need slave training, but I do not think I do. Sure, like any submissive woman, we might need to learn a new master’s way of doing things, but I am a seasoned submissive woman. Someone has owned me since I was a little girl. My father owned me first. I never had a father. I had a master. Even though I ran away from him and never came back, he made me the way I am today. A good whore who does what a guy tells her to do. Honestly, I do not know if my father is still alive.

My master and I discussed my old man recently. He wanted to know if I had looked him up at all. Perhaps, I am curious about what happened to him, but never curious enough to really look for him. He could very much be alive. He would be younger than my master, LOL. Master never pushes the subject much. He knows I am a submissive sex slut because of my father, but that I also endured years of severe abuse at the hands of the man who gave me life.

Although master would never do most of the things my father did to me, my master thought I should let him find out what happened to dear old dad for closure. Or even to learn if I have siblings out there, I know nothing about. I finally caved, and let master do some DNA matching and searching. What he discovered shocked us both. The man and woman I believed to be my parents, were not my biological parents. In fact, I appear to be a kidnapped girl from 1980. Mind blown.

submissive sexMaster thinks the woman I thought abandoned me likely kidnapped me for him and might have been a victim herself. Since it does appear my biological parents died sometime ago in a car accident, I will never know the answers to so many questions. I am a submissive woman because of this man, but I have no desire to go to the cops or anything. Honestly, my life turned out okay despite its rocky beginning. I’ve made a good life out of being an owned woman.

Plus, it’s kind of ingenious of a man to want a little girl to abuse so badly, he gets a woman to kidnap him one. Maybe, if I had not run away, I would have aged out for him and kidnapped him a newer, younger model than me. Although I am overwhelmed by this new knowledge, it explains why the man I believed to be my father never wanted me in public school and never came looking for me once I ran way. Perhaps, he got a new me, but with DNA advancements and modern technology got caught with subsequent girls. I might never know.

Oddly enough, the man I believed for decades to be my biological father and who I have feared most of my life, now is like a folk hero in my mind. Wow. I really am a good submissive whore. What lengths would you go through to have the perfect victim?

Submissive Whore Gets a Hardcore Ass Fucking in the Office

submissive whoreMost days I enjoy being an office submissive whore. Master retired this year, but I still go into the office on Thursdays, and sometimes Friday. He does some pro bono work and some wills and estates for friends. Plus, it gives him an excuse to see his favorite slave. I like being his whore. However, today, I was not just his whore. He invited a friend to meet him in the office. But it surprised me. I did not expect any others.

Office Whore Bernice Takes it Dry in the Ass

Master does that sometimes. He surprises me with another man. He likes to watch. Although he can still get erections thanks to modern medicine, watching another man fuck my ass or pussy does the trick too. This bonus master appeared much younger than both of us. That always spells trouble for me. Although I am no spring chicken in my early 40s, my master is in his late 60s. Men his age rarely fuck me past my breaking point. However, this guy? Yeah, his slave training broke me.

slave trainingMaster watched as his friend destroyed my asshole. Even though I begged him to use lube, he refused. He thinks a dry ass feels better because he can feel the tightness of the anus. His words not mine. Good thing I had the desk to brace myself because a dry ass fucking hurts so much. I bit down on a bottle of glue to prevent myself from crying. Honestly, I fought back the tears.

I do not know what got into master. Normally, he draws the line at blood. But his old dick looked more erect than I have seen it in 15 years. My ass was bleeding from the hardcore anal sex with no lube. The younger guy joked that now I had my lube. At this point, tears came. Master came on my ass, so his cum acted as lube as his pal finished in my ass. A small blessing, I guess.

Now, as I take submissive phone sex calls, I sit on a bag of frozen peas to dull the pain. My asshole appears partially prolapsed. Tomorrow will be fun in the office. Maybe I will call in sick.

XXX Bondage Porn Star Has a Nice Ring to It

xxx bondageDo you watch XXX bondage porn? My master pimped me out to a friend who made one of me. Perhaps, this was not so much a pimped out situation as it was a rental. My master’s friend never fucked me. However, he did strip me naked and tie me up in all sorts of contorted poses. He told me our little bondage flick would serve a duo purpose. One, it would be an instruction film of sorts for young men wanting to explore bondage with their bitches.  And two, it would serve as a spank bank film for my master.

I did not know my master wanted a jack off porn of his favorite submissive slut. Well, I am his only one. But I do know he loves bondage. It’s his specialty. We met in a bondage club and now he owns one that I help manage. I have three jobs. I am a paralegal, a phone sex whore and a manager at a bondage club. Four jobs technically because being a bondage slut is a full-time job too.

Bondage Slut All My Life

Back to my little bondage film. Master’s friend took his time tying me up in 25 different poses from the basic damsel in distress, to the more complicated tortoise tie. And everything in between. This guy kept me captive all weekend long. All tied up and nowhere to go. I spent approximately an hour in each uncomfortable pose. Some poses I held longer because he narrated every step of the way. Apparently, this guy is a leader in the BDSM world. But he needed the perfect model. And master suggested me.

Although I am a skilled bondage whore, I have never spent an entire 48 hours tied up in so many positions. My father used to tie me to my bed for 8-10 hours a day, but one hand was always free so I could drink water or grab the bedpan to potty. And he never tied me in actual bondage positions. He just restrained me to the bed. Four days after being lent to the bondage guru of the west coast, I am still sore. I still have ligature marks. But my master is happy and proud because his prized pony will star in a training film.

Female Bondage Turns on Many Men

bondage whoreFemale bondage turns many men on. They enjoy seeing a woman tied up and helpless. Perhaps, they enjoy abusing her while she is helpless too. My master likes the visual of a woman tied up. He told me that when he was a young boy there were all these older films that depicted a woman tied up to a train track waiting for some knight in shining armor to rescue her before the train came. However, he never assumed the knight role. He thought the villain had more fun.

Those old-time silent movies with a woman in peril shaped the master I know today. He loves me helpless. In fact, he enjoys bondage so much he opened a BDSM club. This weekend, he hosted a XXX bondage contest. He invited masters to bring their slaves and tie them up. The best bondage look won a prize. And the slave to hold the pose the longest without begging for freedom won a prize too.

I Love Being a Bondage Slut

Honestly, I wanted to participate but since it is master’s club and I am his slave, other contestants would look at that as unfair. So, I helped him judge. I enjoyed how some of the masters tied their bitches up. Although some of those poses looked painful. Maybe when I was younger, I could have held some of those posses like these ladies did. But now in my 40s, I might break an extremity.  After we crowned our winners, master let some of the other men in the club tie up his prized pony.

You know that saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” I feel that today because I am so sore from what other men did to me. They tied me up in every possible position imaginable. Perhaps this bondage whore is too old for bondage nowadays. Although, I hurt like fuck, my guess is I will never stop enjoying bondage. How would you tie me up and what would you do to me once you had me bound?

Submissive Slut Bernice Spent a Day Tied Up Under Master’s Desk

submissive slutI’m an office submissive slut. I bet you wish you had an office slut like me. Although I am not in the office as much as I once was, we still make the most of our time together. Master tied me up and shoved me under his big office desk yesterday. I did not feel cramped because he has a huge desk. But to anyone sitting on the other side of the desk, they would not realize a whore was tied up on the other side.  I felt like a caged animal.

Master scheduled meetings all day because he had me tied up under his desk. He enjoys conducting meetings while I suck his cock. His old dick gets hard like a 20-year-old boy when he has me captive under his desk. On days like these, he does not even need Viagra. After, like the 5th meeting, I was sore. I had a crick in my neck. I had too pee. And the rope was starting to cut into my flesh.

Office Whore Bernice

Master did not care. If I cried out or yelled for help, there would be consequences. And I never enjoy his consequences. I accidentally bumped my head while he was talking to a client making a thud, and he pissed in my mouth. Although I am a submissive whore, I hate piss play. Master knows this. His piss tasted foul too. It is because of his age and his meds. I gulped it down and did not make another peep.

Meeting after meeting dragged on for me. But master enjoyed himself. He booked several new clients while getting his cock sucked. He came in my mouth several times, but he pissed in my mouth even more. All the while presenting himself as a well-respected lawyer in his office. I am not saying he is not a well-respected lawyer. His reputation gets better every year. But no one really knows what a naughty man he is.

You know. A few of his cronies know. But his clients would never guess what he does to his submissive sex whore in the very office they meet with him. Master loves having me as his dirty secret. Maybe, I can be your dirty secret too.

Submissive Whore Bernice Has a Shoe and Pantyhose Fetish

submissive whoreThis submissive whore loves shoes. I mean I really love shoes. I guess you could say I have a shoe fetish. Pantyhose fetish too. My master requires me to wear pantyhose everyday to work. Also, I must wear high heel shoes. Once upon a time, my heels came from Payless. Now thanks to a master who shares my love for high heels, I have expensive designer shoes now. Master caters to my shoe fetish. He gave me my pantyhose fetish.

Sometimes, I meet a man out who I can just tell likes my pantyhose of my high heels more than me. I went to. A fetish club last night. Master told me to go and have fun. I had a rare hall pass last night. When I get one, I can fuck whoever I want. I can do anything I want. He just wants to hear the details the next day. I went hunting for a man with a big cock. Instead, I found one with a foot fetish and a love for submissive sex.

However, he was not submissive. Good thing, because I am, and I am not good at being dominant.  I brought the guy home with me. He wanted a good slave. And that is what he got too. I blew him. Well, it was more like he skull fucked me. Smeared my make up all over my face. He came quickly, and blamed me because he wanted to fill my cunt with his cum. Not a problem. I can make a cock bounce back. I mean this guy was younger than me. My master cums easily and he is in his 70s. That’s because of my skills.

This guy wanted me to fuck my cunt with my shoe. His wish, I granted. I ripped my pantyhose in the process. But that was part of the show. I gave my shoe and his cock an easy access hole. He wanted to fuck me while I was wearing my pantyhose. I found that hot. Master enjoys the same thing. Perhaps, he knew my master. He has set me up before. It did not matter though. I was on a hall pass and I did whatever that tall handsome man wanted. I came so hard on his cock and my shoe. However, that’s because I am a good submissive slut.

Bondage Whore Let’s Her Sons Friends Gang Bang Her

bondage whoreWhat does a bondage whore do on a Saturday night? She lets men use her. I had no plans. Although I have a master, he was at home with his wife. If I stayed out of the BDSM club he owns with some of his lawyer buddies, he would never know what I was up too. I thought about going on Tinder, but I got on Fet Life instead. I needed some action. More than bondage action. I needed fucked.

I talked to all sorts of men on Fet Life. However, none were local. I found that disappointing. Nothing worse than being horny with no one to play with. I had given up when my son came home with some of his friends. My son hates me, but his friends think I am a sexy milf phone sex slut. Even though my son is not a fan of mine, he has fucked me before. Not often though. Never as often as I would like.

I put on something inappropriate and brought the boys some beer. I hoped that the boys would notice me. My son noticed me. I embarrassed him. He slapped my ass as I walked by and ordered me to put some clothes on, but his friends took my bait. Fuck my son. If his friends wanted to use me as their gang bang whore, I was game.

Once his friends started fucking me, my son was not going to just sit and watch. He went into my room, got some rope from my treasure chest and tied me up. Although my boy is not a master, he knows how to tie me up good. He had me tied up like a hog about to be spit roasted.  While his friends played musical chairs with my fuck holes, my boy pissed on my face. He knows I hate pissing sex. I love bondage though. And I love a gang bang if I am the one getting gang banged. Two out of three ain’t bad right?

MILF Phone Sex Sluts Help Produce the New Generation of Masters

milf phone sexMILF phone sex sluts like me attract dominant younger men too. Most of my life my masters were older than me. Now that I am older, however, finding old men with the strength to control me is harder to find. My master has more strength than men his age because of newer drugs. But he still does not tie me as tight or spank me as hard as he once did. Still, I call him master. I always will too.

And because he is my master, I do what I am told. His rules stated I could never fuck a boy who was not at least 18. I get it. His career would be over if his paralegal got herself embroiled in a sex scandal. It would turn into one of those guilt by association sort of things. But now that he is older and not working as much in the legal profession, some of his stringent rules are not so stringent anymore.

He surprised me the other day when he told me he lent me to one of his friends for the weekend. Honestly, I thought I would be draining old balls all weekend. That was not the case. In fact, I never touched his old dick. I was there for his grandson and his friends. Call me a party favor. The teen grandson wanted a submissive whore for his birthday. Although that boy did not yet possess the knowledge a master does, he was willing to hone his skills early. That was my purpose.

Creating a New Generation of Masters

The birthday boy and his friends used me. They spanked me. They fucked me. And they treated me like the hired whore I am. While on all fours, a gang of teen boys made me their anal sex whore for hours. They choked and slapped me while ravaging my ass hole. Now, master loves to fuck my ass too. But his cock is old and not as thick as a teenage boy’s cock. Master’s friend wanted to give his grandson a whore to use so he would know what he is entitled too.

I guess you could call it a master and slave training birthday. The boy learned how to treat a bitch when fucking her and I got to practice being a submissive bitch for a new generation of masters.

Submissive Sex is All This Bitch Knows

submissive sexI am only allowed to engage in submissive sex. However, master allows me to have sex with other men if I remain true to my submissive roots. I do not know how to dominate. I could recreate moves that men have used on me, but it would be awkward and unnatural. This subby bitch gets on  fetish sites and chats with men. Unfortunately, most are nowhere near me to meet in person. Every now and again though, I get lucky. Last night, I lucked out and found a guy only 40 miles away. I got in my car and went to see him. However, I was catfished. It was a teen boy with a mommy fetish. He just wanted to fuck a mature sexy woman.


I appreciate a hard cock. But, he did not want to dominate me, so we just fucked. I am certain he was not 18, but a hard cock is a hard cock. If I drove 80 miles, it was not going to be for nothing. As I was about to leave, his big brother came home with some friends. That was the guy I thought I was meeting. His baby brother used his pictures to lure me. It worked too. Now the older brother saw a milf phone sex slut and decided he wanted in on the action. He was not taking no for an answer. I could not have said no if I wanted.


He and his friends jumped me. Not sure master would like a gang of boys fucking his prized pony, but I did not sign up to be a gang bang whore, in my defense. Hell, I did not sign up to be some high school boy’s mommy fantasy come true either. But those horny high school boys used me as their personal cum dumpster. They were high and drunk. To them, I was just fuck meat. Once they were done with me, they tossed me out on the lawn naked. Luckily, they let me grab my purse. But it was a long drive home naked, sore and covered in cum like the submissive whore I am.