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Submissive Sex School Girl Once Upon a Time

submissive sexI was raised to be a submissive sex slut. When my mother left, I was just a little schoolgirl too. My dad was a mean SOB to her. I was aware that their marriage was far from conventional, but I did not understand the dynamics until she left, and I took her place. I was never a daughter to my father. I was a fuck doll, prisoner, and slave. The very night my mother left, my drunk mean old daddy crawled into bed with me and took my virginity. He fucked me every day after that until I ran away. I did not enjoy my younger days. Daddy made me service him and that included things like licking his ass and giving him head when he was shitting on the toilet. I became his wife and maid. I cleaned the house. I cooked his meals. I learned how to make his favorite cocktails. He pulled me from school saying they were moving out of state. He was afraid of me telling a schoolteacher or counselor about the abuse. I became a prisoner. He tied me to the bed while he went to work. He would leave a TV on for me, but I had to hold my urine or piss my bed. If I pissed my bed, I stayed in it all day. He would fuck my ass, my pussy and my mouth at all times of the day. Sometimes, just to humiliate me, he would wake me up in the middle of the night to piss in my mouth. My holes were gaped and well-used before I could legally vote. With my youth, it should be no surprise that I am a submissive whore. Daddy trained me well. I may not see my father anymore, but a girl never forgets her roots.

Female Bondage

female bondageAre you into female bondage?  I love to be tied up. It is why I am with my master still. He is the best bondage man I have ever met. Well, that was until I met Sam on Tinder. I am not supposed to be meeting men off Tinder. I am not supposed to do a lot of things, but my master and I only see each other twice a week. I need more than that. I am in my sexual prime. I am hornier now then I was in my 20s or 30s. Sam’s profile said he was a rope expert. He is only 26, so I was doubtful that he had what I needed as far as experience. I told myself that at the very least he would have a big hard cock and plenty of energy to fuck me all night. He had both experience and stamina. He tied me up on my bed. He used some complex ties I did not know existed. So complex that my master would not have the dexterity to do with his arthritis. He told me he grew up dominating his mother and sister. He had a father much like my dad. If I had siblings and my mother had stayed around, I imagine my youth would have been like his. It made me wish I had him as my brother. It also made me wish my son was like him. My son hates me. He will fuck me when high or pissed off but it is never consistent. My son is more of a misogynist than he is a master.  This boy tied me up like I was a pig he was about to roast. And he fucked me. Ass fucked me, skull fucked me and dumped his seed in my milf phone sex pussy. He left me tied up when he left, so my son came home with some friends and took advantage of the situation. Good for me.

Public Submissive Sex

submissive sexSubmissive sex in public is never my choice, but some men love degrading and abusing women with an audience. I went to a private club over the weekend. It was the premiere of a new bondage club. You could be an observer or a participant. I was there just to watch, however. My master did not know I went so I had to be low key. I was enjoying watching women get hog tied by strangers. A couple guys approached me, and they wanted to hook up but I said no because I am owned. They seemed respectful. That was until I left. The two guys I rejected teamed up with each other and jumped me in the parking lot. They were no longer respectful. They groped me and pulled my hair. They ripped my clothes off and pushed me down on the gravel. There were other folks watching me get fucked in the graveled parking lot, but they did nothing to help me. Before long it was a public gang bang and I was the star. Normally, I like attention, but not this kind of brutal attention. Some other guys joined in. I was exploring their rape phone sex fantasies with them I guess, but not by choice. I got major road rash too from the gravel. They fucked me raw. I was screaming for help. I had a large audience and not a sole tried to help me. Even the women were watching and masturbating. I got no support. I am sure they were just grateful the attention was not on them for once. Perhaps I would have just watched too. My master will not be happy with me when he finds out. I am covered in road rash and my holes are not as tight and pretty as they were a few days ago.  Maybe he will not notice.

Erotic Submissive Stories of Daddy

erotic submissive stories I am full of erotic submissive stories. I have been a slave since I was knee high. It began with daddy. He made me the submissive slave I am today. I will admit that I never wanted to be my father’s slave. He did unspeakable things to me when I was young, and I hated him for it. I ran away from home as a teen girl. In hindsight, I get excited thinking back to when I was a scared young girl with a very dominant daddy. All the BDSM things I love now, have roots in my youth like bondage. I am a mature bondage whore because my dad tied me up when I was young. He did not tie me up the same way my master does. He tied me up to restrain me so I would not fight and later so I would not escape. But those formative years being tied up by daddy gave me a deep love for bondage. My earliest memories of bondage with daddy involved his friends who he let fuck me. I was a little girl and daddy would tie me up so his friends could force fuck me. I was young and scared, but I would wiggle and fight, so he tied me up. Later, he would tie me to my bed so I would not runaway while he was at work. One day, I got loose and fled, never looking back. That was almost 30 years ago. When I left home, I told myself I would never be a submissive whore for anyone. That never happened. Today, I am an owned bitch. But, when master ties me up it is a mutual love for bondage. And I realize now that my love for bondage goes back to the days of my daddy tying me up.

Bondage Whore for Life

bondage whoreI am a bondage whore. I love to be tied up. It is my master’s favorite thing. Or it was his favorite thing. He has not tied me up well in years. It is because he is getting older, and his hands do not work as well. Sometimes, he lets one of his friends tie me up while he watches. I just like to be bound and gagged. Does not matter who is tying me up. I used to think that. Victor is a friend of my master. He is younger and in better shape. He is a lawyer too. They belong to the same club master does. It is a BDSM club of old men who like to abuse slaves. Every guy in the club has a submissive whore for home use. And they all share slaves. Mater was in the mood to watch me get bound and gagged. Victor has a much stronger arm than my master. He tied me so tightly that he left rope burns on me. I thought that would be it. He had a surprise for me. His horny teen sons came in and fucked me while I was tied up. Master never wants me violated by young men still in high school. He is a letter of the law sort of guy. That day, master gave Victor full use of my body and he extended that to his horny boys. Both master and Victor jacked their cocks watching these teen boys violate my holes. They showed me no mercy. Horny boys never do. My holes were sore and full of cum. They fucked me with no condoms. And no lube. They fucked me until their dicks were raw. I was excited to be tied up again. I was less than thrilled to be offered up as a cum receptacle

Bare Bottom Spankings to Another Sub

bare bottom spankingsMaster had a surprise for me Friday when I got to the office. He wanted me to give bare bottom spankings to a colleague’s slave. Master won her in a poker game. He got her for 24 hours. He wanted my help playing with her. I almost never get to be dominant, even to another woman, so I was going to enjoy this. I put her over my desk and spanked her bare ass while master masturbated. He was enjoying watching some girl-on-girl sub action. He was directing the action. After I spanked her, he had me put on a strap-on and fuck her. I felt like a queen fucking her cunt and ass. I got into it too because master was watching and stroking his old dick. I grabbed her hair and rode her like a mechanical bull. I slapped her ass and squeezed her big tits too. My pussy was so wet. Master did not want to fuck her. I think he was afraid his old dick would not work. He was living vicariously through me. And I was acting like a bitch in heat. I made her eat my ass and lick my cunt. I pissed on her face. I even tied up her big titties and slapped them around. I did to her all the things men have done to me and it felt amazing to be somewhat in charge. I have learned from some of the best masters around. My master was so proud of me he is considering letting me help with the slave training of other submissives. He is often asked to help break in new subs for his colleagues.  I think I have paid my dues. I am ready to help break in new meat and train them to be good whores. Maybe, I can be your accomplice instead of your victim?

Submissive Slut Loves Pantyhose Fetishes

submissive slutThis submissive slut has a master with a pantyhose fetish. Some days proper work attire is sheer nude pantyhose and high heels. No panties. No bra. Just hose and heels. I like pantyhose, so I look forward to these days where I can wear pantyhose. Most days in this attire, the abuse is mild. I get spanked. Maybe if he takes a Viagra, he will rip a hole in my hose and fuck me. He just has a pantyhose fetish stemming from his youth. It was what his mother wore. Back in those days, bare legged women were scandalous. I understand why men of a certain age love pantyhose. Yesterday, was a hosiery day, but he had something different in mind for us. Master invited a few younger boys to the office. His great nephews. Now they were not too young. They can vote, but not drink. Master said the boys had milf fantasies. They are brothers and got busted jacking off together with a pair of hose belonging to a best friend’s mother. That mother turned them away. Master wanted them to get some milf pussy and explore their hose fetish. It is not like I can say no to my master, but this is one rare time I get to enjoy myself. College boys with a milf fetish? Would go wrong? These boys had rape phone sex fantasies for a mom. They tied me up with hose that my master had ready for them. They forced their dicks in me raw, ripping through the pantyhose I was wearing. They fucked me like savages. Plus, they used my hose to choke me as they fucked me. I was not prepared to be brutalized by two college boys. Master was enjoying the show. He did not even need a Viagra. He was getting off on watching these young boys brutalize my holes. Pantyhose day will have a new meaning to me now and I will never look forward to pantyhose day at work again.


Special Slave Training on National Wildlife Day

slave trainingSlave training can get wild with some dominant men. It was National Wildlife Day the other day. I would not have known that if it had not been that the guy I hooked up with on Fet Life was a Zookeeper. Honestly, I had no clue he had something so kinky in mind for me. My master is conventional. He is an old school master who is into spanking, bondage and having a good obedient slave. He has some key rules that most men do not. He does not want me fucking anything too young or without 4 legs. He does not want me on drugs. Essentially, he just wants me to be a good and legal whore, LOL. I like extreme humiliation though and master’s forbidden things are among the more humiliating things for a woman. When my Fet Life hook-up took me to his zoo, honestly, I thought he just wanted to show me some behind the scenes things. I was looking forward to it. When I got there, it was not at all what I was expecting. He said I needed more slave training and humiliation. He stabbed me with animal tranquilizer. When I woke up, I was very groggy, and we were not alone. I saw the National Wildlife Day posters in the vet room. I also saw a lot of extra men and a big beast. I thought I was going to be gangbanged, but he had something more forbidden in mind. These men had all paid money to see some barnyard fun with a dirty old whore. I was tranquilized so I could not fight. They brought in a rather big beast with a monster cock. I started shaking and saying no. I screamed no. I was not into non-human fun. He did not care. None of them did. They wanted to give me some furry ones slave training. What felt like a ten foot cock pierced through my cunt and rearranged my insides. The dick was slimy and smelly. I was not drugged enough for this. I felt the pain. I heard their laughter as they watched one of their more perverse fantasies come true on National Wildlife Day. I may never walk right again.

slave training

This Submissive Slut is Owned On and Off the Phone

submissive slutI am a submissive slut on and off the phone. Honestly, I thought my phone sex submissive days would be far easier than my real time ones. I was wrong. I have a lot of hardcore phone masters who really put me through the ringer. I have this one caller who has always fucked me rough. He was MIA for a while. I was met with mixed feelings when he disappeared. I was sad that he was gone. But part of me was relieved too because he went hardcore on my fuck holes. He is back and he owns my body and soul again. No one fucks me as savagely as him. Nonstop fucking. It is like I feel my insides scrambling as he fucks me like a rag doll. He wants to meet me, but luckily, I am forbidden by my real-time master to meet anyone. I am still owned. I am glad, because as much as I adore my phone husband, he would break me if he fucked me in real life even a quarter as hard as he fucks me on the phone. He calls me multiple times a day and wears me the fuck out. I am dehydrated. My voice is horse because he skull fucks me too. He has made it clear that I am his submissive whore. My real-time master has a broke-down dick. He needs Viagra to get hard and once he cums, he is done until the next day he takes another blue pill. Not my phone husband / master. He never goes soft. He can cum a gallon of jizz in a day, and still be able to keep on fucking me. I cannot keep up. My pussy is raw. My ass is raw. My throat is sure. My belly is full of cum. My phone husband / master is back in my life and owning my pussy more hardcore than ever. I think may just break my body.

Submissive Sex Slave My Entire Life

submissive sex

Submissive sex is what I am good at. It is funny when I think about where I am today. I hated being my father’s sex slave and punching bag. I ran away promising myself I would never be some one’s bitch again. I never succeeded in my goal. I have been someone’s bitch since I was a schoolgirl. Turns out, I work better being owned. I went from my father to my husband to my current master. I tend to stay long with men who own me. I have it made with my current master. He takes care of me financially. He has owned me since I was in my 20s. He paid for my education to make me his paralegal. He bought my home that I live in which is 10 miles from where he lives with his wife. He pays for my health insurance. He set my son and daughter up with college education funds. I am set for life because of his benevolence. I just must be a good submissive whore. Now, my master has never been as brutal to me as my father or ex-husband, but sometimes he shares me with men who can be brutal. Master is old school. He is into bondage, spankings and light BDSM. He uses safe words. Some of his friends, however, are misogynistic assholes who just hate women. I was pimped out for a legal favor my master needed. This law clerk for an opposing team would not take a financial bribe. He wanted a night with his slave. It was 24-hours of hell. He tied me up so I would not fight him. He fisted my ass and my cunt. At the same too. Master has never fisted me.  He let 20 of his best friends force fuck me all night long. They pissed on me and in me too. I was so used up the next day, master instantly regretted pimping me out because now my holes are messy and looser.

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