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Submissive Phone Chat Makes Me Your Phone Slave

submissive phone chatI enjoy submissive phone chat with alpha men like you. A few years ago, my master found me this job. At that time, he knew he would be fully retired soon and wanted me to still have money coming in weekly. He set me up for a bright future with or without a job. But since I am much younger than he is, he knew I would still want a consistent paycheck.

My house, he paid for. And he set me up with a nice 401K but I cannot touch that for another 20 years. So, this is a nice option for me. But it scares me too. Makes me realize I hit the jackpot with my current master. The younger alpha men have grown sadistic over the years. Although I like to think I am a seasoned submissive whore, I think I am not seasoned enough for some of the more extreme and humiliating men in the world.

I am Compelled to Obey on and Off The Phone

But just like in person, on the phone I am compelled to obey. I got on a long call last night with a man more into humiliating me than anything. He had me drink out of my toilet bowl and clean it with my tongue. When a man forces you to do that, you suddenly realize how not clean your bathroom really is. He had me paddle my bald pussy with a hairbrush too. I had to spank my worthless pussy 50 times with each side of the hairbrush. And the bristle side hurt more, which surprised me.

My caller ordered me fuck my ass with that hairbrush and clean the handle off afterwards too. You may think your ass is clean, but until you suck your ass juice off the handle of a brush that you inserted into your asshole, you realize it is not so clean after all. For hours this man humiliated me and subjected me to grueling and humiliating tasks. This submissive sex slave fears what the world of masters looks like now.

Bare Bottom Spankings for a Submissive Slave on Valentine’s Day

bare bottom spankingsI got bare bottom spankings for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps, I would have preferred flowers and candy, but I don’t get romance. Not as a submissive slave. But my ass got whooped. And since I am a pain slut, I did not mind. Even though today I cannot sit still for long. If you call me today, you may hear me walking around my house as it hurts to sit for long.

I showed up at the office yesterday because my master summoned me to help with a legal brief. But it was all a ruse. He summoned me for some Valentine’s romance. Well, less romance, more pain and humiliation. However, my master was not alone. He invited a few friends from his dom group. For decades, he has been in this circle of older men who enjoy whipping and tying up women. They even went in together to buy a bondage club for which I have a small stake in too thanks to my master.

Bent Over for You Sir, Ready to Take My Ass Whooping

None of his cronies have a dedicated submissive whore of their own this Valentine’s Day, so master suggested they share me. Most of them are far crueler than my master. Which is why they cannot keep a slave. But luckily, they are just as old as my master, so I can usually handle whatever they toss at me. But I guess they have all caught on to the fact that I often feign pain, so instead of using their hands, they brought paddles.

Personally, I do not think anything hurts more on my ass than a heavy wooden fraternity paddle. And all 6 old farts had one. My master was nice enough to put a bridle in my mouth to bite down on as each man gave me 14 whacks on my ass for Valentine’s Day. Spanking phone sex will sting today because my ass is red and blistering. Ouch. I guess I need to get better at faking pain, because I do not want the wooden paddle treatment again anytime soon.

Submissive Sex Whore Bernice Understands Her Purpose

submissive sexSubmissive sex whore. Pain slut. Fuck slave. Cock sucker. Bondage slut. Whore. Bitch. Bernice. These are all names I answer to. My father raised me in a more traditional way. After my mother left us for another man, daddy raised me to be the woman of the house. I took care of his needs more like a wife than a daughter. He instilled in me that women take care of men.

This sort of thinking feels archaic nowadays. But I still adhere to the principal that women walk in the shadow of men. We exist to take care of them. Girls nowadays do not understand why I would put a man’s life above my own. My daughter does not understand my lifestyle. But she is part of that generation who thinks a woman has her own autonomy outside of a man.

Men should never come home to an empty house. If I married my master, I would never leave the house. He would come home to a clean house, a warm meal and a willing pussy. As a submissive whore, I would have a beer ready for him and his slippers too. But alas, my master is married. So, I take care of his every need at work. And Friday morning, his needs appeared to be my ass.

A Woman is Here to Serve Men

My master feels extra stressed lately. Tax season creates a lot of legal paperwork when you manage estates and wills. We have worked nonstop for the past few days. But master knows he can take his frustration out on me. My pussy and ass belong to him. And they are both great stress releasers. In the office is treasure chest with a wide array of objects he can use on my ass ranging from wire coat hangers to his old fraternity paddle. When he feels frustrated or angry, I think it is a privilege to offer up my holes.

However, I can handle bare bottom spankings with any object. This day he spanked my ass raw with his fraternity paddle. Although my ass hurt like hell, he felt so much better afterwards. So, that made me feel good. And when a man is happy, I am happy because I know I did all I could to make him feel better. How can I make you feel better, sir?

My Ass and I Love Bare Bottom Spankings

bare bottom spankingsI love bare bottom spankings. Personally, I think I have a perfect ass for spankings too. I find spankings erotic. My father used to spank my ass. But I hated it because I hated him. He abused his daughter for years until I ran away. And it all started with my ass. Master loved to spank me when we first united. But age and arthritis make his spankings hurt less, even with new meds.

However, master often uses surrogates to spank my ass because he enjoys the show. You would think after the experience I had growing up; I would not let anyone near my bare bottom. But that is not the case. I bend over for anyone. Master has a pal who has no submissive whore of his own. He often comes into the same BDSM club that master and some of cronies own. And Troy came into the club Friday night, so master lent him my ass.

Troy wanted to spank me in the center of the club so everyone could watch my bottom turn bright red. Master wanted to watch too. It arouses me to get spanked while others watch. Troy used several spanking devices on my bottom. I stripped down to my bra, panties and garter belt and took center stage for my punishment. My garter belt framed my ass perfectly. Troy gave my ass a few slaps before pulling out his cock. I did not know if he intended to fuck me, or dick slap my ass. He did both.

Bend Me Over and Spank My Ass, Sir

The men in the club all pulled out their dicks and started masturbating as Troy spanked my ass with his cock, his hands and his belt. My pussy dripped with every touch, no matter how soft or hard. When he showed me his paddle I gasped. It was huge. It looked like one of those fraternity paddles. Thick and wooden and very hard. Although, I quivered waiting for the first whack, I knew it would hurt. Suddenly the men watching us started tossing money on the floor. One guy yelled out a whack for every dollar on the floor. That provoked the men to toss more money at me.

My master counted the money and reported $201. So, I got 201 whacks. I know I love spanking phone sex, but that was too many whacks with such a mighty looking paddle. Needless to say, Troy blistered my ass raw. I hobbled out of the club and sat on an inner tube for the ride home. My ass is all shades of pink, red, blue and purple two days later. And it still hurts to sit.

Submissive Phone Sex Whore Bernice Knows How To Serve You

submissive phone sexI am a submissive phone sex whore. My father trained me first. Then my husband further taught me. But my current master turned me into the best slave a woman can be. Master is neither cruel nor violent. However, he has friends and clients who are. And occasionally, he needs to pimp me out.

Last night, he arranged a date for me with a prospective client. Sometimes master dangles me in front of guys like a carrot when he needs to snag a big client. Although he is mostly retired, he does wills and estates still. And the money he makes off large estates and wealthy folks helps him give me a monthly stipend too. So, I go wherever that carrot gets dangled.

His potential client has a thing for redheaded moms. Despite his penchant for inflicting pain and humiliation, I agreed to be his submissive whore for the night. He took me to his dungeon in his mansion. What he had in his dungeon would make Christian Grey blush. Whips, chains, spreader bars, fuck machines, suspension equipment, restraints, cages, gags, muzzles, electrocution devices, body clamps, nipple clamps, speculums and all sorts of benches and devices to restrain a woman for his abuse. I swallowed hard, and realized I was in for a world of hurt.

I am Your Willing Slave to Do What You Want

He possessed more medical devices than my gynecologist. Although I knew my master counted on me, I had my doubts that I was ready for this kind of torture. But before I could protest, I found myself suspended in the air. Blood rushed to my head and for a moment I thought I might pass out. He skull fucked me upside down. But I struggled in that position to get him balls deep in my mouth.

When he pinched my nose, I struggled to breathe. But that was what he needed to nut in my mouth. Wow, what a load he shot too. He almost drowned me with his cum load. Not the way I want to die. But he had only just begun. He kept me hung upside down for over an hour. When he let me down, he was far from done with me. Hardcore bondage and BDSM appeared to be his thing. But I let him whip me, gag me and restrain me in all sorts of contorted positions. By the time he was done, I felt like a truck had hit me.

But I am here for men’s submissive sex needs. Master landed the client, and I landed a few days of R and R until my body heels.

MILF Phone Sex Whore Bernice Enjoys Your Mommy Rape Fantasies

milf phone sexSubmissive milf phone sex sluts stay busy on and off the phone. My master encouraged me to get a phone sex job over 5 years ago. He was starting to pull back from work and wanted me to still have some income. Although he set me up with a 401 K and I have no house payment because of his generosity, I still need money coming in on a regular basis.

My master enjoys hearing about my calls too. Although I never mention names for your protection, I do tell him all about the mommy calls I get. We both think the world must be full of cock teasing mommies who need to learn to be their son’s sex slave. There is no shame in being a submissive whore mommy. Better than being a cock teasing mommy who gives her sons blue balls.

Master’s old cock gets hard at different things now. Once upon a time, he did not like even hearing incest stories or any stories involving jailbait boys or girls. But age changes a person. And sometimes when you watch a lot of porn and make a lot of phone sex calls, you need something different to get off. Perhaps even something  taboo like a mommy rape fantasy.

A Sexy Mommy Submissive Enjoys Your Rape Fantasies

When I told my master about my mommy rape fantasy calls, his old dick sprung to life. Not even 5 years ago, that would not have happened. Sometimes, I think my taboo calls work better than his little blue pill. As I explained in detail my caller’s mommy rape phone sex fantasies, my master’s cock came to life before my eyes. As it turned out, that was not a good thing for my holes. His old dick ravaged my pussy and ass.

Even a few years ago, master never would have considered fucking my ass. But now that he is in his 70s it is the taboo things that spring his old dick back to life. Can you relate? I let him fuck my ass and pussy while calling me mommy. He choked and slapped me too. But he never came harder. Since I am a good submissive bitch, I felt grateful that I could drain his balls without his Viagra.

Submissive Sex Whore Bernice Deserves Punishment

submissive sexMy callers and some men I meet online call me a submissive sex.whore . I have a name, but only my master calls me Bernice. But usually, he just refers to me as slave. I am his subby slut. My job is being his bitch. However, men have used me, even abused me all my life. But I only have one Master. We have an S and M relationship. Although I am his paralegal, I am more his slave than I am his secretary.

Even though Master retired last year, he still manages a few wills and trusts. Yesterday, I met him at the office for some paperwork. But I messed up a fax. For this minor infraction, my master restrained me in my office chair. He placed duct tape on my arms securing me to my chair. He then duct taped my legs to the chair legs. I could barely move. Once he secured me to my desk chair, he placed a ball gag in my mouth. And he tore my blouse to expose my breasts. Since I am his submissive slut, I never complain.

A Submissive Bitch Takes Her Punishment

He cut my skirt off to expose my asshole. Master made sure my ass dangled off the seat to make my asshole accessible for his amusement. When he shoved a huge butt plug up my ass and ordered me to hold it in place for 3 hours, I almost complained. I have a well fucked asshole, so the muscles are not as tight as they once were. That made this punishment difficult for me.

My entire body shook. I peed on myself a little too. My ass hurt. This seemed like extreme punishment for a minor infraction. But Master had only just begun. When he ripped the duct tape off my arms, some skin came with it. Master bent me over the desk and paddled my bare bottom numerous times. Ouch. He blistered my ass with bare bottom spankings.

When he fucked my ass, I knew my punishment was almost over. At least I had hoped so. But I was wrong. He put the butt plug back up my asshole to keep his cum inside me. He also duct taped me back to my chair where I remained the rest of the day. Me bad. I will never fuck up a fax again.

Bondage Whore Bernice Enjoys the Feeling of Peril When You Tie Her Up

bondage whoreBondage whore Bernice might be my favorite nickname. Men call me all sorts of names, but this one says it all. I love to be tied up and vulnerable. Although I do not enjoy what happens to me while I am tied up like a side of beef, I do like the sense of peril I get every time. I will not see my master until after the first of the year. Although he did see me a few times Christmas week, he is now out of the country with his wife. That sort of means I am on a hall pass.

So, I got on a fetish site the other night looking for a rope master. Men often think I have the perfect body for bondage. My tits and ass are more than ample. I possess that curvy body that looks great bound and gagged. Even though I have plenty of restraining devices, most rope masters bring their own stuff. This guy looked dangerous. Tall, strong, brooding type. Misogynistic too. He told me I do not belong anywhere but either on my knees, tied up or bound and gagged like a submissive whore. Do you agree?

I am Nothing More Than a Rope Bunny and Human Toilet

I thought he looked handsome in his online photo. But when he arrived at my place, he looked more ominous. He scared me. Honestly, I wanted to say I changed my mind, but from the looks of him, that might of resulted in my death. I let him tie me up in all sorts of contorted poses. Today, my body hates me. He left me tied on my bed for hours. Laughed at me for being helpless. He pissed in my mouth many times too. Luckily for me, master is not into golden showers phone sex.

When my scary hook-up left, I was still tied up on my bed, helpless. My son untied me, but not before he and his friends had their way with me. Now, my asshole hurts more than my extremities and my joints. Sometimes, most times, I get what I ask for. I guess I am just a punishment whore.

Bare Bottom Spankings for Christmas for This Whore

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings are what I got for Christmas. I’ve been a naughty slave according to my master. However, I disagree. He does not really know all about the naughty stuff I do when he spends time at home with his wife. I am mostly good. But he likes to play naughty slave. Spanking and bondage are his things. Even though his age prevents him from spanking me like he once did, new meds brought back his spunk.

Now, he spanks my ass and pussy like a 20 something old man. That is a good thing for him. However, not so good for my ass. He summoned me to the office the Friday before Christmas. I knew it would be something like this. He loves to surprise his submissive whore. But he summoned me to give me a Christmas bonus. And even though he gave me a nice bag of cash like I had just killed someone for him, my ass needed spanked. That was his Christmas present from me. He never lets me get him anything. But all he ever wants is my fuck holes.

A Submissive Slave Gets Spanked for Christmas

I bent over the desk to give him my ass. He must have just taken his medicine because he popped a wallop on my ass. My ass is still stinging days later. He gave me 25 spanks for the 25 days of Christmas. My ass turned beet red because he took a picture of my swollen, red ass. But Master appeared to only be starting on me. He made me turn over so he could flog my cunt. He enjoys watching it get red and swollen from his touch.

I prefer he does not whip my cunt. Always stings to pee for weeks after one of his pussy whipping sessions. But I am his slave. And a submissive slut never complains to her master, or she gets it worse the second time. I bit my tongue and took my whooping. I am still recuperating. My pussy and ass feel out of commission still. But if you need to use my holes, I cannot say no.

MILF Phone Sex Slut Gets Pissed on in Her Sleep

milf phone sexEven though I am a milf phone sex slut, I am a submissive first. No one goes easy on me because I am a mother. My son certainly does not. I would not say I am his whore. My master owns me. But my son hates me. I raised him with good values and not wanting for much. However, none of that matters. In his eyes, I am the reason he never had a father in his life. Many men grow up with out a father. Some grow up without a mother too. But my son remains ungrateful for the sacrifices I made for him and his sister.

I did not want to be owned for life after an abusive daddy and an abusive ex-husband, but I had no skills outside of being a submissive whore. But a much older man offered me the world, but I just had to be his whore until he dies. He trained me to be a paralegal, even paid for my schooling. He bought me a house in the suburbs. Bought me a nice car too. And I get paid 4 times the amount of any other paralegal in the state of California. I could not pass any off that up just so my son could have a piece of shit daddy.

I Only Know the Submissive Lifestyle

Master provides for me well. But to my son and daughter, I traded my soul to the devil. They just do not understand the submissive lifestyle. My son moved out of the house when he turned 21 last year. Never went to college with the money my boss and master provided for his education. But he is an adult and I need to let him find his own way.

He and his drunk friends found their way into my bedroom late last night. Although I was in a deep sleep, I woke up when they started pissing on me in my own bed. Not the way any woman wants to wake up. Master would be disappointed that my son shows me such lack of respect. Although master is a dominant man and I am his submissive slut, he holds old school values and views.

Even My Son Treats Me Like A Submissive Fuck Slut

My son cares about nothing, especially not me. As I woke up to hot piss streaming on my body, I tried to fight them off. One woman and 6 young men? I did not stand a chance. So, I lied there in my bed with my eyes clenched and my body tense as they dick slapped me, groped my tits, pissed on me and fucked every one of my orifices. What can I do? He is my son after all. I let him and his friends ravage me and humiliate me too. Eventually they left. I cleaned myself up and slept on the couch. Even though my son hates me, I will always love him.