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Anal Slave Training for this Subby Whore

slave trainingI thought my days of slave training were in my rear view window. As a submissive woman, I know my place. My master trained me early on to his needs. However, he seemed to want to embark on something new. And he thinks I need trained to be his ass slave.

When I first met my master in the early 2000’s, I never had any formal training in how to be a slave. Men just used me. And abused me too. Primarily my daddy and my husband at the time. Master took me away from my abusive ex and made me his slave. And when I arrived in California with him, he trained me not only how to be his submissive whore, but also how to be his paralegal too. For over 20 years, I have served my master in a couple capacities.

Now, he wants me to be his anal whore too. But I do not have a virgin ass. Daddy and my ex-husband abused my asshole all the time. My ass would not feel as tight as it did once upon a time. But I played along because I knew my ass would feel tighter than my old pussy. Master has never ass fucked a woman. His generation thought the ass was for output not input, LOL. But he watches a lot of anal porn. Even at his age his dick still gets hard thanks to Viagra.

With a Lot of Head an A Viagra My Master Turned Me into His Ass Slave

I told master no one has fucked my ass since I was 22. A little fib. My son likes to force fuck mommy’s asshole too. Master needed my help. So, I slobbered on his dick to get it super hard and wet with saliva. And it worked. With the help of some head and lube, master shoved his cock up my shit box as I bent over his big oak desk. He pulled my hair and slapped my ass like he was a 20-year-old frat boy fucking a bitch.

For an old man, he fucked my ass good. Now that master knows how much tighter my asshole is than my pussy, I fear he will only ass fuck me from here on out. Perhaps, I deserve that. I am nothing but a submissive sex slave.

Cock Worshiping Slaves Like Me Get the Wrinkles Out of Old Dicks

cock worshipingCock worshiping an old dick requires some time to get accustomed to. My master is in his 70s. And honestly, his dick reminds me of one of those wrinkled hairless cats. But as his submissive slave, I adjusted to it. His little accordion looking dick grew on me. Like anything in a slave’s life, you grow accustomed to doing unpleasant things like sucking an old, wrinkled dick.

My master treats me well. Although my daddy and my ex-husband appeared to be more like misogynistic assholes than dominant master types, they abused me right into the arms of an older man. And I have been with my master for over 20 years now. And as he aged, his dick accumulated more and more wrinkles. Even he jokes that as his submissive slave, one of my duties is to get the wrinkles out of his old dick with some cock worshiping.

And I do what I am told. He came over on 4th of July because he needed the wrinkles out of his old, mature cock. And I never mind getting the wrinkles out. When a mature cock stands at attention, you never notice the wrinkles. His wife no longer fucks him. She does not even touch his old dick for him. So, this is why he owns a slave. I am there to polish his knob when he needs it.

This Submissive Slave Loves to Get the Wrinkles Out of Cocks

cock worshipingHe took a Viagra and paid his whore a house call. My son no longer lives at home, and my daughter went out with friends to see Fireworks. So, master came over. Our relationship is a secret from his wife, but my offspring know I am an owned slave. They do not approve even though my lifestyle provides very well for them.

Master’s cock appeared extremely backed up. So, I showed off my cock worshiping skills. Slurped on his old dick showing him how much I love his cock. Mature cocks still work well with a little love and a magic blue pill. My mouth worked its magic and so did my finger. When an old cock gets backed up, combining head with a prostate massage drains those old balls the best. I could taste his old smegma oozing out the deeper I inserted my finger in his asshole.

I drained him dry like a good whore. He blew chunks of cum all over my face and in my hair too. Maybe some women do not enjoy wrinkled old cocks. But I am not just every woman. I am a cocksucking slave who knows how to get the wrinkles out of old dicks. If you have a mature dick, I would love to get the wrinkles out for you too.

Submissive Phone Sex Whores Service You the Best

submissive phone sexSubmissive phone sex whores service men on and off the phone. Although I prefer to be called Bernice, most men just call me whore. My mother called me Bernice, but she was the only one. Oh, and my schoolteachers when I still went to school. I am a subby slut. I am someone’s bitch for a living. Started with my daddy. Then I belonged to my husband. However, for the past 20 years, my master has owned me.

Men use me, even abuse me. And I never complain. Sometimes, I even ask for more. My current master and I have an S and M relationship. I am his submissive sex slave and his legal secretary. Although he retired two years ago, Master still works on some wills and trusts. And that means I go into the office once or twice a week.

On Friday, I messed up a fax. I thought I sent the fax. However, I keyed in the wrong number. For this minor work infraction, Master restrained me at my desk. He tied my arms to the arm rests. And he bound my legs to the chair. He placed a ball gag in my mouth too. But what turned me on the most was when he exposed my breasts and tied them up like torpedoes.

Master Punishes Me for the Smallest Infractions

Master made sure my ass dangled off the seat just enough to expose my asshole. He shoved the biggest butt plug up my ass and ordered me to hold it in place. And I struggled to do that. My entire body shook, and I even peed myself a little trying to clench onto that monster butt plug. My ass felt sore too.

I thought my punishment involved that butt plug. However, Master had just begun. He bent me over the desk and paddled my bare bottom repeatedly. But he made me count each paddle. After he grew bored of spanking my bare ass, he decided to remove the butt plug and fuck my asshole. And he rarely fucks my ass.

However, master gaped my asshole too wide for his dick to stay inside of me. Frustrated with himself, he decided to fist my ass. He never does that. But I think his fist would be the only thing to fit in my asshole after he gaped it with the butt plug form hell.

Thanks to Viagra, he dumped a load of cum in my ass. And I thought it might all be over once he came. But he put the butt plug back in my asshole to contain his cum. For the rest of the day, his submissive whore needed to work on legal briefs with a huge butt plug in her ass and bound to my office chair. All this just for fucking up a fax.

Bare Bottom Spankings I Rarely Want but I Always Get

bare bottom spankingsSome days I need bare bottom spankings. However, I do not always think I need them. When master paddled me Friday in the office, he told me I had been a bad girl. But honestly, I did not know what I did this time. Usually, I am late, or I fucked up a task or he caught me on Grinder. But I have been good lately. So, perhaps he just wanted to spank his slave. When we first hooked up, all he wanted to do was spank me and tie me up.

Bondage and spanking games he enjoys the most. As his slave, I just must submit and do as I am told. But this time, he employed a spanking machine. And I knew I might be in trouble. Those things use a wooden paddle to spank bare asses at warp speed. So, I did not know what speed he intended to use. And I have heard horror stories about women getting raw and blistered from these things. Master has blistered my ass before. However, he goes much softer now that he is an old man.

As a Submissive Slave, I Take My Punishments with a Smile

Modern technology did this submissive whore no favors Friday. I have a love-hate relationship with modern technology. No machine could spank my ass harder than my father when I was a schoolgirl. However, the spanking machines did not exist back then, thankfully. Simpler times to be a slave, LOL. I sucked it up and bent over the desk in the position to take my wallops. And master did put it on warp speed. Ouch. He started slow but increased the intensity quickly.

I grabbed a pencil on his desk and used it as a bite grip. But I broke the pencil with the first round of paddles. That machine hurt my butt. Although it has been a few days, my ass still resembles raw hamburger meat. I have not been able to sit. I still do not know what I did to deserve that sort of pain. But as a submissive slut, I take my punishments like a good bitch.

I Share All My Erotic Submissive Stories with Men Like You

erotic submissive storiesI am full of erotic submissive stories. And some not so erotic. Well not erotic to me, LOL. My first master I guess you could say was my father. He introduced me to the submissive lifestyle. However, back then I was not a willing submissive. Now, I am. I guess you could consider me part nature and part nurture.

My mother abandoned us when I was a very young girl. And I do not know if she knew what my dad would do to me and did not care. Or if she thought he would only abuse adult women. He never touched me until she left. At least I have no memories of him abusing me until my mother left the picture.

I Have Years of Submissive Stories to Share With You

But soon I became his submissive sex slave. Although I did not fight him, I did not like it. I wanted to play with friends and watch cartoons. And I wanted to go to school. But he quickly pulled me from school because he feared a nosey teacher would notice my bruises and rope burns. Or he thought I might say something about him forcing his cock in my tiny holes. But I would never have said anything because I had no family. I would have ended up in foster care and who knows what would have happened to me then.

When I became a teenager, he put me on the pill. He did not want me pregnant. And he pimped me out to his drunk poker buddies. I assume they were all P men and they traded favors for access to my tiny young holes. And if my dad owed them money from poker, well my little holes settled the debt.

Eventually, I ran away. But before I learned to drive, men used me worse than any adult submissive whore. Although I never wanted to be some one’s bitch, here I am owned again. I’ve got decades of submissive stories to share. And I create new ones daily. Life is never dull for me.submissive sex

Bare Bottom Spankings for a Dirty Old Whore

bare bottom spankingsI love bare bottom spankings. I find spanking an erotic form of foreplay. Do you enjoy slap and tickle games? I have a master who loves spanking me. He provides a firm and hard hand for my nice round ass. Although I am not a fat woman, I do have plenty of tits and ass. And I like to accentuate the positive, which draws attention to my backside.

Master summoned me to the club for some spanking fun. He wanted other men with their slaves to watch him spank his slave. And it turns me on to get spanked hard while others watch. I love being called dirty names while taking my punishment too. And Master found out I hooked up with a guy from the BDSM club without permission. So, this turned into a public flogging as punishment.

This submissive slut stripped down to her garter belt which framed my ass. Master bent me over the wooden sawhorse with my arms restrained behind my back. My big, beautiful ass looked like it was on display. But I guess it was on display for other slaves and their masters. Master slapped my ass so hard that I pissed myself a little.

Master Loves To Spank His Slave in Front of an Audience

He groped my ass for a while before pulling out his cock and dick slapping me. He pulled my hair and whipped my back with the flogger too. However, my pussy dripped with every slap no matter how soft or hard he went. When he showed me his new paddle for my ass, I felt scared. This paddle appeared heavy with grooves that would leave a mark.

As master whacked my fat ass, I heard other slaves gasp. It felt like they had sympathy pains for me. I quivered in anticipation, wanting more whacks. It was the hardest smack he ever gave my ass. But when he invited other men to spank my ass too, fear overcame me. The men watching me get my 50 whacks, looked younger and stronger than master. And they were.

Today, after a long spanking phone sex punishment session, my ass appears red and blistered. And I cannot even sit properly. But I suppose I deserved it since I cheated without permission. Perhaps you need to punish me too.

Bondage and Submission Games Often Lead to Pain and Water Sports

bondage and submissionBondage and submission games are not lost on me. I am a submissive slave. So, when master wants to tie me up, I never say no. However, when he outsources me to other men for bondage games, I panic. It can be a crap shoot what I get. But he meets many new bondage guys at his BDSM club. Many pay him for a night with his prized pony. Although I want to please master, sometimes I worry about what these other men might do to me.

When Master summoned me to the club, I went. Under protest, but I went. And I met Eric. Do not think I had ever encountered him before. And after last night, I hope I never encounter him again. Eric is not an old-school master like my master. Perhaps, sadist better describes Eric.

I could feel his hatred as he tied me up tightly. He wanted to inflict pain. And he almost broke my arm. Today, it feels like my arm came out of its socket from him binding my arms behind my back for hours. I am a bondage whore, but treated me too roughly. While I sat on the bed tied up like a pretzel, he skull fucked me. Not sure if master gave him permission to fuck his prized show horse, but I could not fight him tied up. And I could not say a word with a mouth full of cock either.

Men Love to Tie Me Up Like a Pretzel and Fuck Me

But I had more than a mouthful of cock. He pissed down my throat. Like I think he drank a gallon of water before he came over so he could drown me in his urine. Luckily, my master is not into watersports. But Eric used me like his personal toilet. I do not know what I hated more. Being tied up so tightly that one move could break my arm. Or drinking a gallon of his piss. Never been a fan of pissing phone sex either. But a sub does what you tell her to do.

Eric left me tied up on my bed smelling like a public urinal. When my daughter came home from a date, she found me. However instead of helping me, she left me tied up and told her date to fuck my whore ass. Now, I am consumed with revenge. Want to help me destroy my mean daughter’s tight teen holes?

Milf Phone Sex Sluts Know How to Drain Old Backed-Up

milf phone sexMILF phone sex sluts make the best slaves. As a mature woman, I have learned to obey. And as a sexy mommy, I want to take care of men. I love draining balls. Even the old balls of my master. He summoned me to the club last night and I went. Not like I had much choice. When a woman is owned, she drops everything she is doing to take care of her master.

We have not seen each other in over a week. Although we sometimes Skype, meeting in person gets more challenging now that he is mostly retired from law. So, when he summons me, I go. I want to serve him. With his age, his balls get backed up badly and quickly. I do not think his wife has touched his old dick in 20 years.

So, I dolled myself up and met him at the club. And I knew he wanted a good prostate milking. I brought a rubber glove and plenty of lube. Plus, I grabbed a large cup so I could capture his cum load. Master enjoys fucking me still. Viagra turned back the hands of time for his cock, LOL. One little blue pill, and master can fuck his slave all night long. But some days, like last night, he just wants me to milk his balls the old-fashioned way.

This Submissive Slave Knows More than One Way to Drain Your Balls

Part of my job description, I guess, LOL. So, master got my finger up his ass for over an hour last night. And boy, did he feel backed up. He likes the latex glove sometimes, so I wore one and worked my greased up finger in his old hairy asshole while tugging on his old dick. The more my finger wriggled up his asshole, the harder his cock became. Although I wanted him to cum, I knew old nasty chunky spunk would explode from his backed-up balls too.

And boy did he explode a nasty load. Chunky pungent sperm went all over me. But he felt better. And I felt honored to help him expunge all that cum. It is part of being the prostate phone sex experience.

Some Women Harbor Rape Phone Sex Fantasies Too

rape phone sex fantasiesMen harbor rape phone sex fantasies for women, especially mommies. But some women harbor such fantasies for other women too. Not me. But I know this woman who harbors them for me. Well, she did until this week when she acted on them. She works for one of master’s friends. She’s not submissive. Not an owned slave like me. She is just an employee and right hand gal. I thought she hated me. She has never been nice to me.

Yesterday, I had to deliver some paperwork to her for her boss’s signature. When I arrived, she pushed me against the wall, and began to choke me. She did not look as strong as she felt. My body trembled in fear. I did not know what was going on. I told her I was not her submissive slut. And she slapped me for getting an attitude. Then she shoved her fingers up my cunt. Although I wriggled and squirmed, even kicked, she overpowered me.

Sometimes I Think Women Can Be Rougher on Me Than Men

Master would not be happy that she violated his prized pony. But she told me that master gave her the okay to do whatever she wanted to me. I gulped hard, not sure if it was true or not. But if I fought her and escaped master might be pissed if he did give her permission to violate me. And if he didn’t and I let her molest me, he might be mad if I didn’t fight to escape. I felt dammed if I do and dammed if I don’t.

So, I went still. Just turned my body into a rag doll and let her violate me. She used the biggest dildo on my pussy and ass. And of course, she made me spit shine her dildo when she was done. Today, my pussy and ass hurt like they hurt when daddy violated my schoolgirl holes. I do not know what I did to this woman to make her hate me so much, but submissive sex with a woman is not what I signed up for.

Bondage Whore Bernice Spent Friday Night All Tied Up

bondage whoreBeing a bondage whore ties me up often. Did you see what I did there? I know I am not as clever as I think, but I found myself in a predicament recently.  My master let me bring home a man from the BDSM club who wanted to tie me up on my bed. Master knows this man, so he trusted him with his prized pony, me. But I had no say in the matter. None. I do not say no to master. No submissive slave does.

This guy wanted a rope bunny. Older man like my master, so I underestimated how well he could tie me up. He tied me up in over 20 different bondage and submission poses. With each pose, he took pictures and sent them to my master. Too bad my master could not witness this. This man tied me up better than anyone ever has. But don’t tell my master that.

The Life of a Rope Bunny Does Not Appear Dull

However, this guy got some sort of emergency mid play and left. Although he told me that he would be back shortly. He never came back. He left me tied up on my bed. I had no way to call anyone for help as he bound my hands behind my back. I could not really get any leverage to roll either. If I did roll, I risked injury falling off the bed. Neither my daughter nor my son stayed home. It was a Friday night. They went out on dates.

My son came home first. But he did not help me. However, he did help himself to my asshole. He sodomized his submissive whore mommy. I could smell the booze on his breath, and it reminded me of my daddy a few decades ago. I could not even fight my son because of the  position I was in. When my daughter came home, she untied me. But she found me hours later, covered in cum and piss. I peed my bed. However, my son pissed up my whore asshole too.