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MILF Phone Sex Submissive

milf phone sexMilf phone sex submissives are popular on the phone. I have a theory about that too. I think many boys have some latent lust for their own mothers. Perhaps their mothers are not as naturally submissive as me and rebuff their advances. Or they are too prude to explore their carnal desires for their sons. In some cases, the boys call me to roleplay their mother. I always find mother son calls the hottest because boys are not the only ones who think about incest. I have a teen son. Now, we do not have a traditional mother son relationship. He hates me. He does not approve of my submissive whore lifestyle. He never has approved either even though my master has kept a nice roof over his head, provided him with health insurance and set up a college fund for him too. My son is an angry boy. Full of hate for me. He blames me for all his problems. He is ungrateful for the sacrifices I have made. My daughter is too. She is a total spoiled princess. Both my son and daughter look down on me. But until they graduate high school, they are stuck with me. I do my best to juggle mom duties and submissive bitch duties simultaneously. My master wants me steering away from family fun. He is a lawyer and wants me on the up and up, so I do not taint his reputation. A woman’s loyalty is always to her offspring first. What my master does not know will not hurt him. My son gets in these violent and angry moods often. When he does, I am his punching bag. Last night, he was in such a mood. He was drunk and horny. He came into my bedroom, dragged me out of bed and fucked me. I told him no. I tried to fight. I did fight initially but I went into submissive mommy mode and let him ravage me. I mean if a boy wants to explore his rape phone sex fantasies for his mother, she should allow it. A mommy needs to cater to all her son’s needs.

I Did Not Always Enjoy Bare Bottom Spankings

bare bottom spankingsI love bare bottom spankings now, but I did not always enjoy them. My dad was a fan of corporal punishment. He would punish me when I had not done anything wrong. He just liked beating on me. His favorite thing to use on my ass was his hands. My bare ass and his bare hands. He enjoyed looking at his hand print on my bare bottom. I would cry. The harder I cried, the harder he would spank me. Sometimes, he would use his leather belt. He preferred his hand, because he would slip a finger in my ass or cunt while spanking me. Daddy enjoyed using my tiny, young body. He was my first master. He was less a master and more just a mean son of a bitch who looked at me as a burden not his daughter. Honestly, if he could have killed me or sold me into slavery without raising eyebrows, he would have done it without remorse. He turned me out to his friends. They would pay him $50 to fuck my jailbait holes. If his friends had not been a bunch of drunk working-class Joes, he could have made more off me. We did not have a traditional father daughter relationship. I eventually ran away. Initially, I ran away so I could not be a fuck slave or a punching bag anymore. I wanted a chance to be a normal girl, but I was a high school drop out and that was not in the cards for me. I met a man as bad as my dad and I married him. I eventually ran away from him too. I ran away with a much older man and became his submissive slut. I am still with him too. I may still be a sub, but I am no longer unwilling. I have a good master who takes care of me. Sure, he spanks me, ties me up, flogs me, pimps me out sometimes and makes me drink his piss and lick his ass. But it is so much better than my life before I met my master.

MILF Phone Sex Submissives

milf phone sexMILF phone sex sluts can be submissive too. I have always been submissive, but the older I get, the more submissive I have become. When I was my father’s whore, I was not willing. I did not fight my father, but that was because I feared he would kill me if I did. He had no love or paternal instincts for me. He just saw me as a burden who had to give back for a roof over my head and clothes on my back. Now, I chose to be a submissive. I have grown to like the life. When you are owned, someone takes care of you. I know some women think the price is too high to be a kept or owned woman, but I love being a submissive whore. I was born for this life. I lucked out when I met my master. He was the most benevolent man I had ever met. He was so different than my daddy or ex-husband. He was older, sophisticated and benevolent. He takes care of me. I never wonder where my next meal is coming from. I never live in fear that I will be killed either. He is an old school master. I must suck on his old hairy balls and occasionally drink his piss, but that is the worst of it. Sure, he spanks my ass so hard it leaves a mark, and he ties me up in positions that make me hurt the next day, but I am a submissive. That is par for the course. I will be any man’s submissive bitch, even those less than benevolent masters like you. I know my place, sir. I do not need slave training unless you want to train me to your ways. I am loyal and I am obedient too. How can I serve you, sir?

Submissive Sex for the Holidays

submissive sexIt was a submissive sex Christmas. Not with my master either. I have been stuck all week at home with my son and his friends. He hangs with a bad crowd. They party and get horny. Since they have been shacking here, I am the only thing around to fuck. Well, my daughter is here, but she has no tits or ass. Some guys like that young body, but guys her age want a milf with curves. They want a woman who can handle a hardcore fucking. My son hates me most of the time. He does not see me as his mother. He sees me as just a dumb cunt and a submissive whore. Him and his friends have been tweaking all week and decided to force fuck me. Not before they stripped me naked and humiliated me, however. They made me stand in front of them as they called me fat and ugly. My son had a cattle prod he used on my exposed body. He would shock my tits and my pussy. One of his friends shocked my asshole making me piss all over the floor. As if that was not degrading enough, my son pushed me down on the ground and made me lick my piss up. Then him and his friends gang banged me. They were rough and degrading. Passing me around like I was a piece of candy. I was so humiliated. They grabbed my tits and slapped me. They fucked all my holes. Even pissed in my holes too. I was covered in cum and piss, even sweat. I am not used to fucking so many guys at once. All week I have been held captive in my house. Not able to leave or do anything but entertain these horny, fucked up boys. I guess it could be worse. The life of a submissive slut is never fun.

Submissive Sex with My Son and His Friends

submissive sexWhen you are me, it is a submissive sex holiday always. I am on break from my paralegal job until after the first of the year. My master and I had a small office party for two last week. I am going to be working more as a phone whore since I do not have to get up early three days a week and go to an office job. I will miss my master, but I will have you all to keep me busy, right? I was fast asleep last night, when I was startled awake by my son and some of his friends. They were drunk and horny. I demanded that they leave. My son is over 18 now, but my boss still does not want me fucking him and his pals. My master / boss told me at first, I could do nothing illegal because if I got caught it would reflect badly on him. Once my son was 18, my master still held strong to his believe that if I let my son bang me, it would tarnish his reputation as a lawyer. I think he is just jealous of a young man’s hard cock. My son does not need a Viagra to fuck me. I tried to tell the boys to go to sleep. Even offered money so they could go to the strip club. They wanted this mommy submissive whore. I tried to fight them off, but I am no match for a bunch of strong drunk boys. They dragged me out of bed and fucked me like horny animals. They ravaged my mouth, cunt and asshole. They fucked my holes. They even pissed in my holes too. And when their dicks would not work anymore, they sodomized me with beer bottles. It was like a nightmare, but I woke up with cum in my holes and a very sore asshole, so I knew it was not a dream. I wish it had been because my holes looked like raw meat. What do you want for Christmas? If it is to explore your rape phone sex fantasies for mommy, I can help.

Submissive Whore Bernice

submissive whoreHe wanted a submissive whore for Christmas, and he got one. My master and I had a small Christmas party at the office this morning. He is giving me a few weeks off for the holidays, so this was our last time together. I was not going to fuck it up. I miss him when we are not together. I do not do well when we are not together either. I am in my sexual prime at 40. I need fucked daily. Master would not be happy if he knew half the things I do when he is not around. I guess that is why I am always in need of some slave training. Master and I exchanged gifts. I cannot get him anything other than a tie or bottle of booze or the wife raises an eyebrow. She has remained clueless, however, that I am his sex slave not just his paralegal. It was just us in the office, and I enjoyed every moment with him. He gave me presents, lots of nice gifts too. But all I wanted was to be his bitch. I wore a sexy Mrs. Claus outfit so he could spank me on my pantyhose clad ass. He loves when I wear hose. He is old school like that. I think my legs look sexier in nylons. My master got aroused more than he has in a long time. His cock usually needs a Viagra to fuck me. Not today. He got stiff smacking my hot round ass. That was my real Christmas present. He fucked my ass, and he has not done that in years. When we first got together, he only fucked my ass for fear of knocking me up. Once he realized I would never blackmail him, he trusted I was on the pill. He gave my ass a hardcore fucking too while slapping and groping my tits. It was like he was 20 years younger. Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus.

Submissive Whore for Christmas

submissive whoreMy master is getting a submissive whore for Christmas. It is what he gets every year. He will not let me get him a real gift unless it is like a boring tie or a bottle of bourbon. His wife thinks he is my boss, and I am his sole employee as his paralegal. It is how I have been able to be his whore for 20 years without his wife suspecting. It has worked for us. I pretty much only see him at the office, and now that he is older, he only works a few days a week. We had a chance to get together last night. His wife is paranoid about the virus, so she will not go to parties. He knew when he asked her to be his date to a Christmas party that a lawyer friend was throwing, she would suggest he take me instead. He did take me, but it was no holiday party. It was a BDSM party. Other lawyers and their slaves were in attendance. No wives. This is an annual thing, but we did not have it last year because of COVID. I was excited to be used by lots of men; but I was afraid too because I knew they had built up aggression over the past few years. I dressed in a sexy black cocktail dress. I had to look sophisticated. I was the best looking slave there, so I was the most popular. All the men wanted me. That made be unpopular with the other whores but made my master proud. He watched me get gang banged and passed around like candy. His cohorts are younger, more virile. He was enjoying watching though. Master is a voyeur. He said it was the best party ever and he was on the sidelines. I, however, was front and center for all of it. His buddies fucked my holes. I had to eat out other slaves too. I guess I was the star submissive slut. I made my Master happy, and that is all that mattered.

Bondage and Submission is My Life

bondage and submissionBondage and submission is what I am here for. I understand that life can be stressful for men. Every man needs a sub or a slave to take his troubles out on. For my master and many of his associates, that is me. I have been a fuck doll, a punching bag, a human toilet and a subby whore for men all my life. My master is very stressed with this case we have been working on for months. It is a contested will case. If we can win the case, it is a huge windfall. One big enough for my master to fully retire. I have mixed feeling about his retirement. I know I will still see him, but it will not be much. At least the 2-3 days I am in the office, I get to be his submissive sex slave. I work better owned. He will still take care of me. I am set for life, and so are my son and daughter. He is a benevolent master. I am not always the most loyal submissive, but that is because I am a horny woman now in her early 40s. Master was in rare form on Black Friday. I thought I would be off for the day, but I was summoned in to work. I thought it had something to do with the big case we were working on. He just wanted an excuse to see his whore. His wife was shopping, so he came into work to tie his slave up. We were not working. Well, I was working. I was working on his old dick. I had to really work hard to raise the dead too. He wanted a prostate milking. A good slave does whatever her master needs, including a finger up her master’s old ass. He was determined to fuck me like a dirty whore. I worked my prostate phone sex magic and raised the dead. In hindsight, I was sorry I did because he fucked my asshole for hours. It was like he was in his 30s or 40s again. He was rabbit fucking me into oblivion. Harder than he has in a decade. He even spanked my ass and choked me. I know he loves me though. Like you, he just needed to blow off some steam with his whore.

Bondage Whore Bernice

bondage whoreI enjoy being a bondage whore. I hated being tied up by my father as a young girl, however. I think the years since my youth have taught me to embrace my past. I no longer let the past rule me or make me live in fear. I love bondage. I want to be tied up and vulnerable. Maybe, I do not wish to be left for days on end to piss on myself and stuff, but I like the not knowing what you will do to me once you have me tied up. I met Tim on Tinder. I am not supposed to be dating according to my master, but Tinder is not dating. Tinder is anonymous, discreet hook-ups. It is just fucking. That is my loophole. My master said no dating and these men on Tinder will not take me out. They will, however, tie me up and abuse me. Tim was a younger man with lots of aggression towards women. He was not a benevolent master type. He just seemed to hate women, especially women who reminded him of his mother, like me. He tied me up like a parcel and dumped me on my bed. For hours, he tortured me. He used a taser on my tits. He even put it on my clit, and I pissed the bed involuntarily. I could smell my flesh burning. This was not what I wanted. It was not even my worst-case scenario. I never imagined he would be this violent and aggressive. He started calling me mommy as he slapped and punched me. He clearly had mommy issues. He never fucked me though. He said he did not fuck whores, especially not an old submissive whore like me. This was another Tinder hook up gone wrong. I was tied up and beaten and left that way until my daughter came home the next morning and found me covered in my own puke and piss. You would think I would learn, but I just get back on Tinder the next day.

Submissive Phone Sex Loser

submissive phone sexI am your submissive phone sex slut. I am here to service you. I may not like what you want me to do, but I will do it. My master recently lost me in a poker game. He plays poker with other lawyers. They are all in the same BDSM club. They all have slaves. They rarely bet money. My master thought he had a winning hand, but he lost to his buddy Roy. I could tell master was disappointed. And not just because he lost. He lost to Roy who has a reputation for being brutal to his slaves. I do not like him. I hate him actually. He is a pig. He leaves marks on his bitches. And he likes to make bitches cry. I have been with my master for a long time because he treats me well. Roy goes through slaves like I go through water. I had to spend the night with him. Master could not even look me in the eyes. He felt bad for me. I was the real loser. I had to suck Roy’s cock for the 90-minute ride back to his place. I was not permitted to come up for air. My jaw was sore. When we got to his place, he made me lick his ass. I swear he must have been waiting for this moment because his ass was nasty. I was like he had not wiped or showered in a week. I was dreading anything that came next. He tied me up on his bed and whipped me with his leather belt. He broke my skin. My master was not going to be happy. He does not like his bitch to have marks. I was in pain. I was beyond humiliated, but I had to endure a night of hell. A bet is a bet, right?

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