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Cock Worshiping Slut Bernice

cock worshipingI am good at cock worshiping. I may not always enjoy sucking cock, but I am a good whore. When I went to work on Friday, master was waiting for me with a special task. He had a bunch of his old cronies waiting to blow bang me. He rarely shares me, but when he does, it is never pleasant. He can be a mean old man sometimes. None of these men were under 60. Gray pubes. Old dicks. Not my ideal blow bang, but what I want never matters, right? Master tied me to my office chair My ankles were bound. My wrists were strapped to the arms of the chair. Master’s old lawyer buddies lined up to skull fuck me. Some of these legal eagles are retired. No one took a Viagra, so my jaw got sore quickly. Master told me that since I am a submissive whore, I should make a dead man cum. It felt like I was raising the dead sucking those old limp dicks. I knew if I could not get them off, it would be my fault. I channeled my best porn star moves. I felt humiliated licking on gray haired shriveled dicks. I felt like a miracle worker. I was pumping life back into those broke down dicks. I had to swallow all the old spunk too. These old dudes would hold my head down on their broke down dicks until I could not breathe. I did the best I could. I swallowed a ton of old jizz like a good cum whore. I made each old dude cum a few times. One guy I had to massage his prostate to get him hard because his dick would not get hard for anything. As a good slave, I do whatever I must do to please men.

Submissive Sex Slave for Hire

submissive sexSubmissive sex is what I was born to do. I was born into this word to service men. I like being in a committed master servant relationship. I need a strong male to keep me in place. Master does not usually share me, but he did this weekend. I was not sure why at first. He said he needed money. I did not think that he did, but with the shut down, I did not question him. The man he loaned me to for the weekend had some special requests. I had to wear a French maid outfit. I had to have red nails and toes too. I can rock the slutty maid look. I was with this guy for slave training. Master thinks I went soft over the past year. I did not go soft. I just supplemented my horny needs with some cock I did not have permission to fuck. This guy who was my weekend manager was skilled in humiliation and punishment. The very first thing I had to do for him was clean his filthy toilet. Not with a toilet brush either. I was the toilet brush. He made sure to piss on the seat and leave his curly gray pubes all over the rim. I did my best to be his human toilet without gagging or complaining. I am seasoned enough to know things only get worse when I do. Once I cleaned the toilet, I felt some relief thinking anything else would not be as bad. He had several dirty toilet brushes. I had to swallow them and fuck them. I was double penetrated with dirty wet toilet brushes. All weekend I had to do similar tasks. Humiliating tasks that reminded me what a submissive whore I really am. I do not think I will ever forget that I am after this weekend.

Bondage Whore Now and Then

bondage whoreI am a bondage whore. It is how I came to terms with being a submissive. I was raised by a dominant and mean daddy. My youth scarred me, physically and mentally. You can never really escape your destiny and I believe the submissive life is my destiny. I could have let the scars and trauma of my youth ruin me, or I could embrace the aspects of the BDSM world I enjoyed. That is bondage. My father started tying me to the bed when he would leave for work. As I got older, he was afraid I would run away and tell the cops what he was doing to me. His solution to the problem was to tie me to the bed or bind my hands and wrists so I could not flee. My spirit was broken young, but he was smart to confine me. I would have fled. I eventually did escape, but I never called the cops on him. I was 18 with no money and no GED on the streets of New York City when I saw an ad for fetish bondage models. I thought, I have been tied up a lot already, why not profit from it. That was the first day I was a bondage and submission whore on my terms. I loved it. I had the power. I met my ex-husband as a bondage model. He was just like dad. Then I met my master in a bondage club and he really changed my life. I became his subby bitch. A little over 20 years later, I am still his submissive bitch. And I am still his bondage slut. Other men tie me up too, but no one ties a knot like master. He tied me up at work yesterday so tightly that I still have rope burns. My arms were twisted behind me in such a way that a sneeze could have resulted in a spiral fracture. I still have rope burns too. I will always be a bondage slut.

Submissive Whore at Work

submissive whoreSubmissive whore is what master calls me. I have a name, but no one calls a subby slut by her name. My job is being master’s bitch and whore. Men have used me, even abused me since I was a schoolgirl. My boss is my current Master. We have an S and M relationship. I am more than just his slave. I am his legal secretary too. Today, I messed up a phone message. I had the number to call him back at wrong. I transposed a number. I saw this as a minor work infraction. Master did not, however. He restrained me at my desk. He restrained my arms to the chair with duct tape.  My legs too. He put a ball gag in my mouth. I was stripped naked with my breasts exposed.  Master positioned me in a way, so my ass was dangling off the seat. He wanted my asshole accessible. He shoved a huge dildo in my ass. I had to keep it in place for the rest of the day and do my work. I was severely restrained with a 10-inch dildo crammed in my ass. I peed myself a little. My ass was sore when the end of the day came. I thought that was my punishment. Master was just waiting until the end of the business day to really punish me. When he ripped the duct tape off, I lost some skin too. He bent me over the desk and fisted my asshole. Then he spanked me. Bare bottom spankings from Master are painful. He fucked my ass too. He dumped a load of cum in my ass and put the dildo back. He sent me home with an order. Keep the cum in my ass all night and come to work with the dildo and cum still there or do it all over again.

Office Submissive Slut and Piss Girl

submissive slutI am back to being an office submissive slut. My master is my boss. He is much older and not working as much. Plus, Covid had us working remotely from home for a year. He is a lawyer and partially retired, which means we are only in the office two days a week. But when we are, Master is making up for lost time. He was never a cruel master. His thing is bondage and light BDSM. He likes to tie me up and make me perform fellatio and office duties. Occasionally, he puts weights on my nipples and clit. Occasionally, some bare bottom spankings. He has done all sorts of things to me over the years, but he was never much into bathroom play thankfully. A lot has changed in the past year. He discovered Viagra and he is like a 40-year-old man again in the bedroom. Where he shows his age is bladder control. He may have a 40-year-old dick again, but he has a 67-year-old prostate. I have become his piss boy. I guess, I am a piss girl. I was in the office yesterday, and he had a long video conference. He still does Zoom meetings to keep clients out of the office until more of our state is vaccinated. While he was on his long video conference, I was under his desk, naked. I was to suck his cock and serve as his toilet. Now that he is on Viagra, he is hard as a rock, and he stays that way for a long time. My jaw was sore after 4 hours of sucking his old dick. I felt nauseated too, but not from his spunk, from his piss. I swear I swallowed a gallon of his piss. I used to love to go to work, but now that he treats me like his port-a-potty, not so much. Suddenly, I am more qualified for pissing phone sex than I was before, and I am not sure I like it.

Bondage and Submission Games

bondage and submissionBondage and submission games are right up my alley, but sometimes they get out of hand even for a bondage slut like me. Master has decided I can play with men at night if they are dominant men and I do not lose sight of what I am. I was all set to go on Tinder to look for some kinky fun, when a guy answered my Fet Life ad from weeks ago. He was local and wanted to explore some bondage fantasies floating around in his mind. He has this damsel in distress sort of fantasy. He wanted to tie me up like a home invasion gone wrong. He comes to my rescue but finds me bound and gagged and is aroused. Instead of rescuing me, he exploits the situation and violates me while I am incapacitated. Honestly, hearing him describe the scenario made my cunt wet. I wanted to see where this would go too. He came over and tied me up. Left me on the living room floor bound and gagged like a piece of luggage.  When he left, I thought he would never return to explore his rape phone sex fantasies, but he did. Just not alone. What we agreed on, did not happen. It sort of happened, but he brought 5 extra men to take advantage of me. They were not nice either. No safe words worked. They kicked me while I was on the ground. Pissed on me while I was curled up in a ball on the floor. When they untied me, they fucked me violently. Ass, pussy and mouth. Nothing was off limits. They coated me in cum and piss and laughed at how gullible I was for falling for this scam. The joke was on them; however, I love being used like a submissive whore.

MILF Phone Sex Submissive

milf phone sexMILF phone sex submissives are in high demand. I put an ad out on Fet Life last week and the only guys answering my ad were much younger men with rape fantasies for mommy. My own son will not admit it, but he has rape fantasies for his mother too. I had a lot of young men to choose from to play with first. I went with Zachary. He is a 22-year-old college boy who told me I looked just like his mother. She is a busty redhead too. We texted back and forth for a few hours before we agreed to hook up. His mother cock teased him up until he left for college. She never let him fuck her and even punished him severely for masturbating after she would walk around the house half naked.  He wanted to explore a mother son role play with me. It was more like violent rape phone sex fantasies for mommy. When he arrived he wasted no time getting into character. He slapped me against the face and called me a whore. He told me he was all grown up now and his days of being cock teased were over. His hand was against my throat as he ripped my clothes off. I was pleading for mercy, but not really, LOL. I was in character and loving it. He ripped mommy’s panties off and jammed his fingers in my cunt dry. Before long, he had his entire fist in my pussy as he was choking me. He was spitting in my face and calling me names like whore and slut. I do not think my pussy had ever been wetter. He fucked my pussy and ass. He smacked me around and humiliated me too. Turns out I love being a mommy submissive whore. Do you have rape fantasies for mommy too?

Bondage Whore Bernice

bondage whoreI love being a bondage whore. Tie me up. Restrain me with anything was how my Fet Life ad began. I was getting tons of responses, but only one guy was in my own city. I was afraid it might be master. He does not mind me doing phone sex, but if I meet in real time with anyone, I need prior approval. It is not ever granted anymore because I was a bad whore during the pandemic. The time apart from my master during the pandemic was worse for me than it was for him. I hooked up with as many dominant men as I could, until I was busted and punished. I am back in the office being an office submissive slut again, but at night and on the weekends, I crave bondage. This past weekend was a three-day weekend, so I knew I had to arrange something for myself. I am an addict when it comes to bondage. David arrived on Friday night. He left Monday morning. I would like to say we got along well, but he tied me up Friday night and left me that way until he left Monday morning. He brought his own rope and was good with knots. A little too good. I was in pain. The ropes were cutting off my circulation. They were cutting through my flesh too. I was hoping he would fuck me. I wanted to be bound and fucked. He had no desire to fuck a used-up whore like me. He just needed a place to squat for a few days to hide from a guy he owed money too. He tied me up and left me in my room. No food. No bathroom breaks. My bed was my potty and my mouth was his potty. He pissed on me, ate my food, slept on my couch and humiliated me for 72 hours. It was not the bondage and submission I was wanting.

Submissive Sex Chat Mommies are Popular

submissive phone chatSubmissive phone chat mommies will always be popular with boys and men alike. My son and his friends enjoy abusing mommy occasionally. I never mind. Most times I egg it on. Sometimes, I try to get my boy to ravage me, but most of the time he will not take the bait; so I masturbate thinking about past times. Last night, I knew I needed pounded. I wanted his cock to abuse my fuck holes, but he called me a desperate hag and locked his bedroom door. So, I remembered this one time years ago, when my son had a slumber party. I broke out the one sex toy master lets me have at home to remember the night. I had let my son invite a few of his hockey buddies over after they won a big game. I was drinking wine while they played video games in the recreation room. My little night gown was inappropriate in front of young horny boys. I knew it was, but I did not think at their age they would notice much. That was the first night my son fucked me. He said I was asking to be fucked. I got more than fucked. I got anally gang banged by schoolboys. They stuffed my ass with boy cock. At their age, they could stay hard for hours and fuck me aggressively. I was their submissive whore for hours. They made me clean their dicks that tasted like my dirty ass when they were done with me. At the time, I was humiliated. Now, I masturbate thinking about it and trying to recreate the very gang bang. My son is still friends with the same boys. They are over periodically just not all at once. I guess until I can get them to gang bang me again, I can at least masturbate to the memory.

Submissive Sex Whores

submissive sexI am a submissive sex whore. When guys ask me to be in charge or to dominate them, I am at a loss, honestly. It is not in my nature to be dominant. In fact, I do not really know what to do. I am always at my best when I am being told what to do. Master paid me a house call last night which he never does. He was not alone. He had a much younger woman with him. She looked to be college age. Master left her with me. She is living with me until Master can figure out a place for her. In the meantime, I have been tasked to break her in. I have never overseen the training of another person that way. I mean I have a son and a daughter, but I am not training either of them to be a submissive whore. I decided to have some fun with her. While getting to know her, I made her eat my pussy and ass. Turns out my Master won her in a poker match. She is the whore of another master. His wife is not cool with a 22-year-old French maid living in the house with them, so he pawned her off on my master, who cannot have her at his place either because his wife has no clue he is a Master or that I am his slave. My master pawned her off on me. I have no clue how long she will stay with me. Twisted, I know. Did you follow? I decided to have fun with her. After hours of licking my pussy and ass, I fucked her with a strap-on. I let my son fuck her too. He had a boner for her the moment he saw her naked with a collar around her neck. I set her in my bedroom. Not my bed, but a dog cage. If I am going to have a slave, I am going to give her the kind of slave training I had when I was her age. Plus, I am going to enjoy her holes too.

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