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Bondage Whore and Daughter

bondage whoreI am a seasoned bondage whore girl, but my daughter is not. She thinks she is a princess and has always demonized me for being submissive. She is not used to being stuck at home. School was canceled early last semester and she will be doing her senior year online. She is not a happy camper. She has been reading more and watching movies.  She discovered the “Fifty Shades of Gray,” movies and books. Now, she thinks she can snag a rich man playing bondage games. She got on this fetish lifestyle site and started messaging men she thought looked rich. I told her it was dangerous. She did not want to listen to my experience or my advice. I told her Christian Gray looks like Snow White compared to many men out there. I know because my master is mild compared to guys I have met online and in clubs. She thought I was just being jealous.

I went out to run some errands on Saturday. I came home and there was a BMW in the driveway. I knew my daughter had some strange man over. I rushed inside to see if she was okay. I walked in and saw my daughter strapped to a St. John’s Cross with a ball gag in her mouth. She looked scared. I tried to warn her. She did not want to listen to her submissive whore mother. This guy was polite to me. I told him her real age, but I think that made him harder. I gave him permission to torture her jailbait pussy with an industrial massager. That is one of those huge back massager vibrators that can go so fast it leaves skid marks on a clit, LOL. She needed taught a lesson for thinking she knew more than the seasoned BDSM whore. She started convulsing from cumming so many times. She passed out. We used a cattle prod to force her back awake. I enjoyed watching this stranger abuse my girl. Little bitch thought she could run with the big dogs. She got some serious slave training that day. And I gained a new friend who will be happy to put the little bitch in her place again.

A Submissive Whore Remembers

submissive whoreI have been a secretary and a submissive whore for a lawyer for almost two decades now. This virus has benched our relationship sadly. And a subby whore needs alpha males in her life daily. I have been reflecting on my relationship with my boss and master lately. I have lots of extra time on my hands. I met my boss when I was a scared and abused wife with two little ones in diapers. I was in a store and my credit card declined. I burst into tears because I knew my husband had drank away the food money. A handsome much older man paid for my groceries. I went back to my one-bedroom apartment and masturbated thinking of him. I knew he had strong hands and I wondered how good they would feel around my throat or spanking my ass. I knew he was married. I saw the ring on his finger, but he was the first man to be nice to me. I did not even know his name or if I would see him again. I did not until almost 2 years later. I ran into him in a corner store in downtown New York. That second encounter changed my world. I found out he was a lawyer from California, in town for a case just like the last time. He took me out that night. I got a babysitter because my husband was MIA on a drunken bender. He took me to a BDSM club. A very elite club. Membership only. I would have done anything for him. I wanted and needed rescued. That night, he watched as men used me. They spanked me. They choked me. They restrained me and they fucked me. He was impressed that I was a good submissive slut. He made me a proposition I could not refuse. Leave my husband, move to California, get trained as a paralegal and be his office whore. He paid for my move. He paid for my education. He set me up in a house. He even helped me get a divorce. Almost twenty years later, and I am still his slave. I am your slave too, however. My master finds it hot that he gets to share me with all of you men.

Bondage and Submission

bondage and submissionBondage and submission are what I do best. I was raised as a submissive girl. I am not young anymore, but I am still submissive. Sometimes, guys ask me to be dominant, but I suck at it. I do not want to tell people what to do. I want to be told what to do. I want to be tied up. Lately, it has been difficult for me. I have my phone job, and many callers use me for 20 minutes to an hour, but it does not replace the feel of rope on my wrists and ankles. Nor does it replace a hard cock shoved in my ass or my mouth. My master has not seen me in person since March. I have had a few Tinder hookups that helped, but a lifetime submissive whore like me, needs daily bondage and physical abuse. I need a lot of humiliation too. I decided to bait my son last night. He hates me. He does not want much to do with me, but I can bait him occasionally to abuse his mommy, especially now when he is not getting much pussy. When he came home, he was drunk. That made it easier to piss him off. I said a few things about getting a job and contributing to this family, and that was all it took. My son is a freeloader. I like having him around though even though all he does his berate me. Occasionally, I can get him to fuck me. He is not attracted to his whore mother, but he will fuck me out of anger and to burn off some steam like last night. He tied me up and fucked my ass like some sort of wild animal. My asshole still hurts. I wanted it though. Just sitting here trying to figure out how to piss him off again because I need more rough sex.

Bondage Whore Bernice

bondage whore

This bondage whore got herself in a pickle Friday night. I hooked up with this guy I met on Tinder. I told him I was into bondage and he tied me up on my bed. He said he was going to use my bathroom, but I heard the front door slam. He left me tied up. My phone was on the nightstand, but I was bound and gagged. It was not easy to get my phone. I did manage to hit my daughter’s name to call with my nose. She came home hours later. She did not run to rescue me. She took her sweet damn time. And when she arrived, she was not alone. She had two guys with her. Friends from school I assumed. She stood there looking at me with disdain. She told the guys to do what they wanted with me. They unzipped their pants, pulling out sizeable cocks for their age. My daughter was all for them taking advantage of me tied up. I know I am a submissive whore, but I wanted some say in the matter. They did not care.  I knew my master would be pissed because he does not like me fucking high school boys. Do not tell him, okay? Those friends of my daughter got what they wanted, and according to her, I got what I deserved. They shoved their cocks in my ass and pussy for what seemed like forever. I could feel the cum oozing out both holes. When they were done, they made me suck their cocks clean. I was tasting my ass and pussy. My daughter snapped a few pictures to shame me further. I endured all that to still be left tied up. I had to wait until my son came home. He did untie me, but only after he nutted in my face and laughed at what a submissive sex whore I am.

Bondage and Submission Whore

bondage and submissionBondage and submission are what I do best. I miss being tied up. I can bind my feet and my tits. Sometimes I can get my hands tied behind my back, but not tightly enough that I can not get loose. Bondage clubs are still closed in my state, but it is getting easier to get someone to come over. My master has not summoned me back to work yet, so I can still feed my need for bondage with Tinder encounters. It is just that master cannot know or things will get ugly for me quickly. He is very picky about who handles his bitch. Tony is not a BDSM master. He is just a kinky guy who likes to experiment. When he came over last night, he was surprised to see that I was who I claimed to be. I had not cat fished him. He found me attractive and in good shape. He thought only nasty old whores or strung out bitches would fuck a random stranger off a phone app. I told him that I was a submissive whore. I needed more than I was getting and more than I could give to myself. We talked for a while, then I broke out my treasure chest of BDSM goodies. He had to Google what some of the things were, but he was aroused at the thought of me being his captive slave. He tied me up. Tied me up great for a novice. I have rope burns. I have cum stains on my ropes too. He was jizzing all over my bound body.  I have cum matted in my hair and dried cum all over my body. I even have some whip marks on my back. For a novice, I think Tony missed his calling. He was harsher on me than my own master. I think I woke him.

A Submissive Slut Even on Quarantine

submissive slut

Once a submissive slut, always one. Even though I cannot see my master yet, we are in touch daily. Texting, phone and sometimes cam. His wife had a doctor’s appointment today, so he had some free time to Face time me. He wanted to see my pussy. He wanted to inspect my ass. I think he was just checking up on me to make sure I am being a good whore. I am mostly being a good girl. It is not from lack of trying, however. The state of the world right now makes it harder for an old submissive whore to get cock. I have had a few men behind master’s back, but not as many as I want! Master made me put the phone close to my fuck holes. He said my ass looked used. My ass has not been used in too long. My pussy has had a few loads, but master missed that. He wanted me to punish myself. I had to fuck my asshole with my stiletto heels. Can I say ouch? I did as I was told because he can cut off my financial stipend. He is paying me while on quarantine and not working. I need his money. Even though my ass has been untouched, my pussy has not been on good behavior. I needed punished. I knew it, so even if I had to inflict the pain myself, I did. He watched me. I saw his old dick get hard as my heel penetrated my asshole. I was biting down on a leather strap. It is hard to inflict that kind of pain on yourself. He was yelling at me to go deeper and faster. I did as I was told. When he does finally see me face to face, he still might punish me more. I would rather have bare bottom spankings than a heel up my ass any day.

My Submissive Slut Origins

submissive slutI am a submissive slut. On the phone and off the phone. A caller yesterday asked me how I became one. He could tell I did not really want to talk about it, but he pushed me. Because I am submissive, I eventually gave in and told him. It made me uncomfortable, but I answered his questions and told him my past as daddy’s fuck slave. He asked what the most humiliating thing was my father did to me. There were many, but the one that almost 30 years later still sticks out is when my father invited a few friends over. They were married or divorced men in their 30s. I was a young girl. Up until that night, daddy had never shared me with anyone. Him and his buddies got drunk and high and started fucking me. Force fucking me. They fucked my ass, pussy and mouth. They passed me around like a piece of candy. They were rough on my tiny holes. Daddy and one of the guys shoved both their cocks up my ass at the same time. I was bleeding. My ass was gaped open and I was crying, but no one cared. No one cared that the young schoolgirl was in pain and scared. Once they were done with me, they pissed on me. I was curled up in a ball on the floor while grown men pissed on me and laughed. I was a little girl. I was scared and sore and just wanted to be invisible. I had no one I could tell. I had no where to go. It was humiliating for a young girl to be used by her daddy and his friends. I mean I had two cocks in my ass at once and they pissed on me too. My caller came a few times just listening to my submissive whore origins. If I can please my callers, I am happy.

Bondage Whore Gets a Mouthful of Cum

bondage whoreBeing a bondage whore has its ups and downs. It is hard to tie yourself up. No matter how hard I try, I will never tie myself up as good as a man like you. I was watching some bondage films over the weekend and brushing up on my techniques. I have a lot of time on my hands lately, so I thought this was an area of my life I could work on. I managed to get my hands tied behind my back too tightly. I was on my bed with my hands secured snugly behind my back when the doorbell rang. I was expecting a package of sex toys and did not want to miss not getting them. I rolled myself off my bed and hopped to the front door. I opened it with my mouth. Maybe not the healthiest thing to do but it was a smart thing to do because I have a big mouth. The delivery guy gawked at me once he saw me. The first thing he said was, “Do you need help, ma’am?” I laughed and told him I was in no danger. There was no one home but me. Perhaps in hindsight, that was not the smartest thing to say. I just let him know I was tied up and all alone. I saw the wheels spinning in his head. I tried to turn around and hobble away, but I fell. I heard the door shut, but I also heard it latch from the inside. I rolled over and he was standing over me with his cock swinging. He knelt over me, shoving his cock down my throat. He assaulted my throat. He was taking advantage of the situation I handed him on a silver platter. For whatever reason, he ignored my pussy, but he left me tied up like he found me, just with a mouth full of his cum.

Submissive Sex Slave on and off the Phone

submissive sex

Submissive sex hit a new level with me yesterday. I am almost fearful to say anything because I do not want to give my phone masters any cruel ideas for punishing me. Master C made it known from the get-go that he was a sick master and I was nothing more than a dumb cunt here to amuse him. He told me that I had never met another phone master like him, and he was correct. First up, was jumping up and down so fast that my tits smacked my face. I tried explaining that my boobs are fake and do not bounce like that. He did not want excuses. He wanted what he asked for. I had to run in place a little hunched over so my boobs would make a sound against my flesh and please him. It was hard to hold the phone. I was too afraid to drop it. I tried speaking and he told me to shut the fuck up. When he told me to stop, I sighed in relief. That relief was short lived because he had more in store for me. I had to spin around the room fast. I am not Wonder Woman changing outfits. I got dizzy fast. I stumbled, fell and he was not happy. After that I had to pant like a dog. Like the dog I am. Again, I got dizzy and almost passed out. I felt nauseated too. After the call, I fell on the floor. My daughter rushed up to see what was wrong. She does not have much use for me. When I told her about my caller, she laughed at me. Told me I brought it on myself and did not deserve pity. She made me eat her cunt. She pissed in my face and then grabbed my strap-on I use for my submissive whore girlfriend and fucked both my holes. I thought it could not get worse than my caller, but my daughter is a natural mean master.

I will Need Slave Training Again After Quarantine

slave trainingAfter this quarantine is over and things get somewhat back to normal, I think I will need some serious slave training. I have been a bad sub when left to my own devices. I am getting spoiled being at home all the time. I have been playing with women without permission. I have been masturbating without permission too. I have even seen a few young neighborhood boys and master would be pissed the most about that. He is old school and prudish. He does not like me playing with younger guys, at least not the ones still in school. The more I have been stuck at home, the hornier I have become. I am a BDSM whore. But I cannot go to clubs and I cannot see my master, so I must fill my time somehow, right? I thought I was just having some naughty fun with one of my son’s friends. The boy came over, looking for my son, but he was out on Postmates deliveries. I told him he could wait for him. I was happy to have some company. Master keeps me isolated and my second job as a phone sex submissive whore never leaves me time for a social life. Then this virus happened, and I had all the free time in the world, but I could not go anywhere, lol. This boy walked into my house like a gift from the gods. I tried my best seduction tricks on him, but he was impervious to them. I had given up and decided to make us some snacks. He came into the kitchen, grabbed me by the throat and choked him. He started calling me names like bitch and cunt. He new all about my whore ways from my son. He was not interested in fucking me. He wanted to take me. To force me to submit. He slapped me around, skull fucked me, sodomized me and came on my face like he was marking his turf. Sometimes a boy does not want what is given to him. He wants to take it instead.

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