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Bondage Whore Bernice Likes To be Tied Up and Snuggle During the Winter Months

bondage whore

It is winter and that is cuddling season even for a bondage whore like me. My master is on this new arthritis drug, and he is suddenly like one of those old men in the movie Cocoon. He can tie a knot better than a 20 something year old sailor.  He rarely comes to my house. That is because he is married, and his wife has never discovered our real relationship in the almost 20 years that we have been master and slave. Now that he is feeling spry again, he told his wife he was going out of town to golf with his buddies. It was just an excuse to spend the night with his slave.

bondage whoreI was happy to have him over, but I was nervous. We have not spent a night together in over a decade. Last time was when he was still traveling for cases, and we had to go to New York City for a deposition. I remember it though like it was yesterday. We got snowed in and did a lot of cuddling by the fire in the hotel room. We had to stay a few extra days because the airport was shut down from the snow. I may be my master’s bondage whore and sex slave, but he is a romantic with real feelings for his subby whore. He loves to cuddle. He loves to spoon. I am here for him. Whatever he wants to do to me from the abusive to the romantic, I will always obey my master.

bondage whoreThe first thing he did when he arrived was tie me up. He has been making up for lost time now that his hands are not all shriveled up. He tied me up in blue BDSM rope. It was a pretty color, but he had me so tight I could barely move. He made me suck his old dick while I was bound like a side of beef. Once he dumped his old seed in my mouth, he got nostalgic for that time when we cuddled in NYC during a snowstorm. I love that memory. We live in California, so we do not get snow, but I do have a fireplace. He started up the fireplace while I was still bound like a good bondage whore. I could not cuddle back. He snuggled up to me on the couch while we pretended to be snowbound again. He made me worship is old ass and cock some more while we snuggled on the couch. I spent the entire night tied up next to him. I have ligature marks and some broken skin from the tight knots. My master is definitely back in action.

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies for Mommy Can Cum True

rape phone sex fantasiesDo you have rape phone sex fantasies for mature women? I think most men do, especially for mommy. I am 40 now. I have a 19-year-old son who resents me. I have done everything for him and his sister, but neither appreciates the sacrifices I have made for them. They have a nice house to live in. New clothes on their backs. They have health insurance and college funds too. My daughter is in high school, and my son is just a bum right now. He was supposed to be going to college, but he withdrew after the first semester.  He will not get a job. He just wants to drink, get high and hang out with his fellow bum friends. I have worked hard as a submissive whore to make sure him and his sister are well cared for because their father has never paid a dime in support. I let my son have it last night. I yelled at him for being a freeloader. I mean he hates my lifestyle, yet he is comfortable freeloading off it. I was on my own before I was even 19 and my lifestyle may not be ideal, but a mother does whatever is necessary for her offspring. Later that night, he was drinking with friends, and I guess he was still seething from our conversation earlier. Him and his drunk buddies burst into my room and tied me up so they could fuck me. My master does not like incest or jailbait sex, but my son is legal age now. He would not approve though of my son forcing himself on his submissive slave. I fought, but I was no match her 4 teenage boys. They all wanted to fuck me. They took turns fucking my ass and my pussy. They pissed on me too. They were violent little savages. They left me full of cum and bound tightly on my bed for hours. I guess I am my son’s submissive slut too.

Bondage and Submission Whore Bernice is Your Toilet Too

bondage and submissionWhen you are a bondage and submission whore, you do anything you are told, even the stuff you do not want to do. Master is on this new arthritis med, and he is taking a dick pill, so he feels 30 again. I guess he feels like he is making up for lost time. He summoned me to the office yesterday. It was my day off, so I knew this was not good for me. I cannot say no to him, but I was not looking forward to whatever he had in store for me. He wanted to tie me up to my office chair like he used to before arthritis prevented him from tying knots like he once could. He is back. He tied me tightly to the chair. I love being his bondage whore. I was not just that though. He wanted to piss on me. He was not always into water sports. He accidentally pissed on me this year because his prostate was not working correctly, and he saw how disgusted I was. He has been doing it to me since. He likes humiliating his fuck pig. Not every time. I think he likes me guessing. I was tied up to my office chair when he pulled his cock out. It was not hard, but he shoved it in my mouth and started pissing. He held my nose, so I was forced to swallow his nasty old pee. I swear he eats the nastiest stuff when he knows he wants to piss on his whore. He was not peeing on me. He was pissing down my throat and making me swallow it all. I was grimacing, but I could not breath, so I had to swallow it so I could open my mouth. I rarely talk about pissing phone sex because I do not want to give anyone ideas. I am glad my master is feeling better thanks to modern medicine, but I really hate being his human toilet.

Bondage and Submission Whore Bernice was Born to Serve

bondage and submissionI love bondage and submission. If I am tied up, I am a captive audience. I have no choice but to be submissive. I mean, where can I go all tied up, right?  Master used to be great with tying me up, but he is old now and getting feeble. He has been using surrogates for me. He surprised me last night at home. He never comes over. Okay he does but it is once in a blue moon. I do not think he has visited me since before the Covid shutdowns. Our time together is spent in his office. He just started a new wonder drug and wanted to show off how well it is working with his favorite bondage whore. I was excited, but I was scared too. I mean he was feeling 20 again according to him. I was not born yet when he was 20, so who knows what he could have done to me. He had a bag of tricks with him. All sorts of restraints from rope to leather cuffs. He wanted to show off his knots. We first met almost 20 years ago in a fetish club in New York City. He tied me up so well, I had ligature marks on my wrists and ankles for weeks. I fell in love with him almost instantly. Whatever med he was given is a miracle drug. He had me bound tightly just like he did back in New York City so many years ago. My cunt was wet. Like soaking wet. Tying me up like he did so many years ago brought his old pecker back to life. I did not even have to give him a prostate massage. I think being able to tie up his submissive whore again brought him back to life in a good way.  I may need to watch out because my master feels like he is 20 again.

MILF Phone Sex Sluts Make the Best Sex Slaves

milf phone sexMILF phone sex sluts are the kinkiest women. That is why we are popular in fetish clubs and among dominant men. There is something about maturing that makes us hornier. Now, some women get more dominant as they age. They think that they have paid their dues and are owed the right to be dominant as they age. Not me. I only get more submissive as I age. I thought once I was legal age and had run away from home, things would be different, but they were not. I just hooked up with one dominant man after another. I have a master now. He is the most benevolent master I have ever had. He is much older than me, so know he mostly has surrogates tie me up and use me for his amusement. I hated it at first. I am his submissive whore, not anyone else’s whore. But I also crave abuse and my master is not as strong as he once was.  When I went to the office yesterday, master was there with a younger man. I was older than this guy, so he was late 20s, or maybe early 30s.  I was nervous. I mean I had no clue what he could be up too. Turns out master wanted to see his whore tied up and helpless. Because of his arthritis he can no longer tie knots that can keep me down. No doubt though that this young buck could do it.  That guy was in shape. He picked me up like a sack of cement, put me on his shoulders and bench pressed me while turning me around. I got disoriented and light-headed. He threw me down on the ground and turned me into his bondage whore. Tied me up in several places, so I could not get away. Once I was subdued, he skull fucked me. Master pissed on me, and they took turns abusing me for hours tied up like a side of beef. This was one of best days I have had in a while. Master still finds ways to enjoy his sex slave.

Submissive Sex Sluts are Never Too Old to be Broken In

submissive sexI was raised for submissive sex. I do not know if my father always intended for me to be his sex slave, or it just happened because my mother left us. Men have needs. That is why they have wives and daughters. Or at least that is how my father put it to me. I know he wanted to justify what he was doing to me. That was decades ago, and I am still submissive to men. I thought I might be able to leave the BDSM life, but I think it in my DNA. I have been owned since I was knee high. I do not think I have another life in me. In fact, I have been trying to show my teenage daughter that being a submissive whore is something to be proud off. She does not respect the choices I have made, even though my choices have provided well for her. She is 18 now. Barely legal, but she is legal. My master never wanted anything to do with her when she was jailbait. I told him how disrespectful she is to me, and just how unruly she has been. I though maybe he would fuck her, but he barely fucks me. I wanted a man to put my little bitch in her place. The girls of today are being raised to think they are special. They think the rules do not apply to them and that men will just give them things because they are cute. My daughter wants to be a sugar baby, so she gets spoiled. She does not want to be any man’s bitch, but she needs to learn her place. Master sent one of his friends over last night to explore his rape phone sex fantasies for barely legal girls. My daughter was not happy at all. This guy tore up her perfect little holes. She is black and blue, and swollen between her legs today. I am getting the evil eye too. She got fucked hard, but she has not been broken yet. I guess I need a few more guys to fuck her raw. Are you game?

Submissive Whore Sexy Trick or Treating

submissive whoreSubmissive whore trick or treating is not for the young ones. I was summoned to a friend of my masters last night for some sexy trick or treating. I was not sure what to expect. I was the only woman there. No other whores. Just me, and like a 100 of my master’s friend’s pals. I was still wondering what was going on, but I do as I am told. I think I am too old to trick or treat, but master summoned me to his friend’s place, so I went. I saw what I guessed to be about a hundred naked men lined up against the wall. I was given one of those plastic pumpkins that the little ones use to collect their candy in. I had an idea of what was going on, but until I was given instructions, I did not speak. This submissive whore learned a long time ago to keep quiet and do what I am told because when I argue or fight, it is always far worse for me.

submissive whoreI had to milk every cock dry, but I was not to swallow the cum. Not yet at least. This was like some macabre blow bang. Master’s friend instructed me to drain these cocks any way I could, but the cum had to go in the pumpkin. These were old men. I do not think a single guy was under 50. I saw nothing but a sea of gray-haired limp dicks. This was definitely no treat for me. I am submissive. I do love servicing my master, but he is one guy. This was like a hundred old men with broke down dicks. But I do as I am told. I fingered assholes and I sucked cocks until my mouth was sore as fuck and I thought I might get lock jaw. I had no idea men’s cum could taste so differently. Some spunk was tart. Some was chunky. Some was really thick and creamy almost like mucus. It all smelled awful and did not taste any better either.

submissive whoreI was on my knees for hours sucking cocks like the good submissive whore I am. After about four hours, I had a plastic pumpkin that weighed a ton from all the cum. This was not my kind of trick or treating because there were no treats for me. It was one big trick to get me to be a cum guzzling old whore. I had to chug that pumpkin full of old man sauce and let me tell you I came close to puking several times. Gross. I could not believe my master made me do this. Worst Halloween ever. Master’s friend got off watching this whore drain all those old balls. He told me it was the sexiest trick or treating he has ever witnessed.

Submissive Phone Sex is Not Just a Job for Me

submissive phone sexSubmissive phone sex is not just a job for me. Sure, I love being your submissive bitch, but I am a real submissive. Hell, I even went to a submissive Halloween party last night. A friend of my masters throws this Halloween party every year. Slaves dress up slutty, or sluttier than usual, LOL. Their masters bring them, and we never quite know what to expect. Master had me dress like a French maid. I figured I would be serving the other masters at the party. I am usually doing things like sucking cocks, licking assholes and draining prostates at these sorts of events.  I am like the house slave. This party was packed. I think every master my master associates with was there with his slave. I was sent to a room. I was not sure what was going on, but I knew I could not ask questions. A good submissive whore keeps her mouth shut and does as she is told. I did as I was told. I sat in the room and waited to learn my fate. As it turns out, all of us slaves, were tasked with a job that we performed in each room for any of the masters. I was tasked with prostate massages. Having a much older master has made me a pro at milking old broke down dicks. Most of the women there were younger than me. They got the better gigs like blow jobs and spankings. I wanted to be in a room where I could suck cock or get spanked. But I got the prostate milking gig. I saw nothing but old men with shriveled old dicks. I had to finger their hairy assholes and milk their old dicks. I swallowed a lot of funky, backed up spunk. Ick. But I was assigned a task, and I did it. I never showed anything but love for those shrunken old balls. That is because I am a good submissive bitch.

Submissive Whore Bernice is an Anal Sex Whore for Anyone, Even You

submisssive whoreThe life of a submissive whore is never dull. Most days, I have no idea what to expect. I know my master is not going to physically destroy me, but his cohorts. That is a different story. Lately, master has been watching younger masters use me for his enjoyment. He is older now, and less able to properly use my fuck holes. He gets young bucks, however, that are more than capable and willing to fuck a dirty old milf. I seem young to master, but to these men he hires to act as his surrogate, I am a dirty old milf. Master is a voyeur. As he has aged, he has gotten off more on watching men do things to me then being the one doing the things to me. Earlier in the week, Master watched two 30-year-old lawyers tag team me. This was not a typical tag team though. These studs had huge cocks. Bigger than master ever was even in his prime. Plus, these surrogate masters were far stronger and crueler than my master. They wanted to really abuse this milf phone sex slut’s holes. Instead of one big cock in a hole, they wanted to put two cocks in a hole simultaneously. Their preferred my ass. Master was never much of an ass man; I think that is because of his age. Younger men though are obsessed with the ass. When they pushed their big cocks in my ass together, I screamed. Honestly, I yelled for help. No lube. They wanted to ruin my asshole, maybe even prolapse it and master was all for it too. His broke down dick was rock hard. His dick is rarely hard these days. No Viagra was needed. He just loved seeing his prized cow be a submissive slut to these hung studs. I was trying not to cry, but those young lawyers were brutal on my ass. I am still not sitting right because of it. Master does not care. In fact, he invited them to spend the weekend with me to brutalize my ass some more. Cannot wait, said no subby whore ever.

Bondage Phone Sex is My Specialty Because I Have Been tied Up Most of My Life

bondage phone sexBondage phone sex is my specialty. I am not proficient in tying knots or knowing all the positions, but I am a good bondage slut. I have literally been tied up most of my life. My father was afraid of me going to school or running away to tell folks what he was doing to me behind closed doors. He pulled me from school and kept me has his house slave. He made me believe that little girls are to stay home and take care of their daddies. When I was younger, he did not tie me up. As soon as I hit my teenage years, however, he no long trusted that I would not run away. So, he would tie me to the bed while he was at work. I started my BDSM career as daddy’s bondage whore. Now, I am your bondage slut and many others too. I have grown to like it and understand it is all I am good for. Bondage and being your cum dumpster are what I do best. I did try to find men opposite of my daddy, but I think this is my destiny. My ex-husband was meaner than my daddy. My current master is all about bondage games. Even though he is older now, and riddled with arthritis, he still ties me up. He sometimes must use a surrogate though. That is what he did last night. He hired a young buck with strong arms to tie me up in various positions. It was like my master was the director of an X-rated film and I was his star. Justin is 28 and a legal intern while he is in law school. My master gives him some money occasionally to tie up his submissive whore. Last night, when I was with my master and Justin, he tied me up so tightly, I got rope burns. I did not complain though. I am a good submissive. I do what I am told no matter who the man is.