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I am a Bondage Whore

bondage whoreI am a bondage whore. I do not have regular dates like most single women. I am submissive. I do not want to be wined and dined or spoiled like a princess. That is because I know my place. My father and ex-husband drilled it into me that I was nothing but a worthless whore born to be a cum dumpster. I have a master now and he is into bondage. He punishes me with bondage too. He found out about some of my quarantine activities and was not happy. He sent a much younger and stronger man to punish me. I thought Master was coming over, but it was not him. He sent a surrogate who he paid to film my punishment. At first, I thought I had won the lottery. I mean this man was buff. Been a long time since I was with a younger guy as buff as that for some bondage games. I flirted and he smacked me. That made my cunt drip. I know. I am not right in the head. He told me I needed slave training and that he was hired to adjust my attitude. His voice was emotionless. The more he was in my presence, the scarier he became. He could have snapped my neck in a heartbeat. I felt confident that Master wanted me alive, but I knew this guy could beat me into submission too. He tied me up and tossed me on the bed like a dirty whore. With a ball gag in my mouth, I could barely scream as he penetrated my ass. The biggest and thickest cock to ever penetrate my ass. It was like someone shoved a wine bottle up my ass. I was crying. Legit crying. I felt like I was broken again. My ass felt like it needed medical attention. Master is not a violent man. I guess that is why he sent in a surrogate to remind me that I am a nothing but a submissive whore.

Submissive Whore Brutalized

submissive whoreEven a good submissive whore like me forgets her place sometimes. I will admit I have been doing things I am not supposed to do as an owned bitch. I have been playing with my pussy and making myself cum without permission. I enjoy making myself cum. I have been chatting with men online and omitting the fact that I am an owned woman.  I was on good behavior for the first few months of quarantine. I did not think that this would last long, certainly not this long. As the months passed, I started feeling like an independent woman. I know that is wrong. I have never been my own woman. I met Carlos online in a fetish room on Reddit. We just flirted and talked dirty. After a few weeks of daily talking, he pushed to meet. I figured Master would never find out. I would have a booty call. I got my booty call, but it did not go as planned. Not as I wanted. He fucked me, but only after he tied me up and abused me for a couple hours. He said dirty old whores like me do not deserve to have pleasure. He had no interest in eating me for hours or spooning me after sex like we talked about. He saw me as a dirty old whore and nothing else. When he fucked me, he did so without lube. He just crammed his cock up my ass raw, tearing my sphincter. I was bleeding. He was laughing and choking me. This was not just rough sex. He was brutalizing me. He could have killed me. He seemed so hateful, I thought I might not see tomorrow. As he made me suck his dirty cock clean, he told me he would be back for more. I do not want more of him. It was a painful lesson to learn. I may never shit right again. I have been trying to avoid him online, but he made a point of telling me he knows where I live and I better be a good submissive sex slave fore him if I want to stay alive.

Sexy Bondage Roots

sexy bondage

I love sexy bondage games. Tie me up or tie me down. A caller asked how I became a bondage sex slave. He made me go back to my youth. When I was young, my mother left. She found a new man. One who would treat her like a princess and one with money. She abandoned me and left me with an abusive dad. He just saw me as a surrogate wife, not a daughter. I had to do all the housework, cook his meals and take care of his cock. As I got tits and pussy hair, he fucked me more. He shared me with his friends. I hated every moment. When I got sassy, he started to tie me up to my bed. He pulled me out of school, and I was tied up all day while he was at work. I would pee the bed. I had rope burns. I would have panic attacks. I had no food or water. No TV. Just tied up alone for half the day because my father was afraid I would leave him just like my mother did. Eventually, I did escape. I was a teen then and had endured almost 10 years of abuse at the hands of my own father. Almost 25years later, I find myself still into bondage. I grew into a bondage whore. Now I am still tied up and left by some men, but now I get wet. What gave me fear and anxiety as a young girl makes my pussy wet now. My caller made me admit that I am attracted to older men because I miss my father. Freud would have lots to say about me, I am sure. Although, my masters now are far nicer than my daddy ever was, I am still treated like nothing more than a sex slave.

Submissive Milf Phone Sex Slut

milf phone sexI am a submissive milf phone sex slut. I love the idea of younger men owning older women. I think older women and younger boys is taboo, but when you flip the dynamic and make the woman submissive to the boy, it is hot as hell. I have a son. My fantasy has always been that he would make me his slave. He has fucked me before. Many times, but it is not a slave master relationship like I want. He gets drunk or angry and fucks me, but the next day he does not want anything to do with me. My son and daughter only live with me because they have no other options. They disrespect me, which is okay because I know I am a submissive whore not deserving of respect.  I try to push my son’s buttons to get him to abuse me. I just wish he would take me, own me. I want to be my son’s bitch. I want to be his sex slave. He wants to just use me when I piss him off and then forget about me. Personally, I think many men want to fuck their mothers. And I am not talking about making love to mommy. I think boys want to pound mommy’s ass and pussy. Abuse the shit out of her fuck holes whenever they want. I would be the perfect submissive mommy. I would do what ever my son wanted. Drink his piss. Let me fuck my ass. Let him fist me. Be a gang bang whore for him and his friends. Clean his room and his house on my hands and knees while naked. Anything my son wants, I will do for him. The only problem is he hates me and does not want anything from me most days. But I bet you would take advantage of this mommy’s submissive nature and rape phone sex fantasies, wouldn’t you?

Submissive Slut Tied Up and Helpless

submissive slutI am a submissive slut, but I am also a mom and normal woman too. Like most single moms, I work and try to raise my offspring the best I can. I am a mother first, slave second. I made a bad choice the other night. Normally, I only have men over when my son and daughter are not home, but that becomes challenging during a health crisis. I cannot go to fetish clubs or bars. Hotels are sketchy too. I had been talking to Don online for a month. I felt I knew him. I felt we were on the same page. I felt safe with him. I was wrong about him. Horribly wrong. He never wanted me. He wanted my daughter. We never talked about her, but he found her Facebook and Instagram accounts and targeted me to get to her. I failed as a mom. He was not in my home for more than 20 minutes before he had me bound and gagged so he could explore his rape phone sex fantasies with my daughter. She gave up more of a fight than I would have, but in the end, he dominated her. He tied her to her bed and fucked her. She was feisty. Not sure where she gets that from. I am not feisty at all. I would have given in and started enjoying being force fucked. Not my daughter. She screamed at him the entire time. She screamed at me for being a horrible mother. She hurled small dick insults at him, which angered him. He smacked her around for it too. He left us tied up. After he came in my daughter, he pissed on me. He laughed that we were mother and daughter whores for the taking. My son returned from a movie, untied us and then helped his sister beat the crap out of me for being a bad mother.

Bondage and Submission with a Young Man

bondage whoreI want to be your bondage whore. That is what my ad said on a fetish site. I used this picture to tell men I was serious and that I had my own equipment. I was getting tons of responses and that made my pussy wet. I spent a few days sifting through responses and texting with the ones who seemed the most promising for me. It was hard to decided on a man to begin with because I never suspected I would have that many responses. Just a few months ago, I could not find a man on Tinder who wanted to fuck me. Maybe as time goes by, folks are willing to take more risks? I know I am. Master gave me permission for some bondage and submission games. He would love to be the one to tie me up, but he can not escape his wife. So, placing an ad on a fetish site, was the next best thing. I settled on Teddy. He was young for a man into bondage. I was hoping he would fuck me. When he arrived, he seemed way younger than 27. I joked that I should card him. Turns out he was 18. I told him he could not know anything about bondage because he was still wet behind the ears. He pulled his belt off his jeans and whacked me across the face. I could feel my cheek swelling up. My lip started bleeding too. He manhandled me for hours, tying me up in various poses. He tied me tightly. Too tightly. I was getting rope burns on my wrists and ankles. He was so young to be full of that much hate. He reminded me of my son. He is just as angry and violent. I did not sign up for hardcore bondage games. A barely legal boy used me better than an army of seasoned masters. I think I am in love.

In Need of Slave Training

slave trainingMaster said I needed more slave training. He thinks I have become spoiled being at home and not under close supervision. He is probably right, but I have been working the phones more and I have some stern, even mean phone masters. Not enough for master. He summoned me to the office Friday. It was the first time we had been in his office together since March. I was nervous, but excited too. I have been craving his attention. I needed some pain. I needed some BDSM punishment. Master needed to see me too. We have had some Facetime sessions and lots of sexting, but his bare hands have not been on my body for way too long. I wore his favorite outfit. He likes me looking classy but slutty when in the office. I had on a black business suit and black stockings and a garter belt. Classy black pumps to complete the look. When master saw me, he pulled his cock out. It has been awhile since I saw his cock that hard. I guess the time away has been good for his old dick. Cock worshiping was needed, he said. I got on my knees and let him skull fuck me. He had lots of pent up sexual frustration. I was willing and able to handle it all. Master has never been a mean man, but maybe the time away sparked something inside him. After I swallowed his old spunk, he pissed down my throat calling me a fat pig and a whore. He was jealous of my time with my phone masters. He wanted to put me back in my place and it worked. I licked his ass like the human toilet I am. I was not enjoying being treated like a human waste can, but Master was right. I have been spoiled by social distancing.

Bondage and Submission

bondage and submission

Bondage and submission are what I am good for, sir. That is what I told him when he asked. I did not know the man. Master sent him to me. Master owed him a favor. He thought I was a fair trade for a tit for tat deal. I do what master wants, even if it is submitting to a man he owes a favor too. I did it because I am an obedient whore. Once I knew the man wanted to tie me up, I broke out the ropes. I was too eager for him. He slapped me across the face hard. He does not like women to like it. He wants them to be annoyed and scared. I switched gears. I cannot have him reporting back to master that I am a bad slut. I started to get Bambi eyes. Big and scared like a deer in the headlights. He tied me up and I whimpered. It was not too tight, but I gave the submissive whore performance of the year acting like he was going to give me rope burns. I can make tears well up in my eyes just thinking about it. He got hard once he thought I was in pain. I gave him what he wanted because I know my livelihood was at stake. Master does not like it when I disappoint him. If I did not deliver what this man wanted, master would not be off the hook for the debt he owes. I thought I would be play acting for the duration of our time, but when he fucked my ass, I was crying. Master is not found of ass fucking. This guy was and his cock was huge. Like almost a foot long. He rammed his cock up my ass dry too. He showed me no mercy. I was no longer acting. I was crying. I was in pain. I guess it was a good thing because master would be pleased that I gave the man what he wanted. Real pain. Real tears.

Submissive Slut Secretary

submissive slutI was hired as a submissive slut secretary over 20 years ago. This virus benched me from the office. My master / boss is much older and being among the public is more dangerous for his health than mine. We have worked around being in the office, however. We can still consult with clients and potential clients with Zoom and other similar platforms. Sometimes, I must give master or one of his associates a special show like yesterday. It is challenging to hurt yourself. I will never hit myself or fuck my cunt or ass as hard as you would, or my master would. And bare bottom spankings are near impossible. But when master asks me to do something, I have no choice. It is not really a request. I did my best striptease. I was dressed professionally yet seductively too. Master likes me to look sexy but not sexy like a trailer trash whore. I utilized some stripper moves, but I knew a seductive dance was not the only request. I had to insert things in my ass and cunt. Things not meant to go in either hole. The ruler in my cunt was not bad, but the stapler hurt like hell and I almost lost the computer mouse. Master and his associate were jacking off watching the submissive whore do whatever they said. I have a love hate relationship with self-torture. On one hand, I am a pain slut. On the other hand, even a pain slut has her limits. Master was in a mood. Maybe it was because this was the first extreme fun he has had with me in months. Maybe it was his friend egging him on. Maybe it was cabin fever. Whatever it was, my holes are sore as fuck today. But I am a good whore. I always do what I am told.

This Submissive Slut Loves Being Fucked to 80s Rock Music

submissive slutThis submissive slut is an 80s rock chick. Eighties rock music is the best music for fucking. I am talking 80s hair band rock music like Bon Jovi, Poison, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Warrant, White Snake and the like. I have quite the collection of 80s rock too. I gathered some pictures of me trying to look like my best 80’s slut. The first picture, I was 18. I was born in 1978, so the picture is from the 90s. I was never really socialized like normal teen girls. My father kept me isolated from friends and even school. All I had was the TV and 80s rock music because that was what my father listened too. When my dad was fucking me and beating the crap out of me, he was blaring Motley Crue and Def Lepard. I now know that he blared the music so the neighbors would not hear me screaming and crying for him to stop hurting me. Eventually, I got used to the way he treated me. You would think I would hate 80s rock music, but that is not the case. This submissive slut gets wet listening to 80s rock arena music because her father force fucked her too it in the 80s. I know that is fucked up, right? I was so desperate to escape daddy, that I ran away and right into the arms of my ex-husband who was just like daddy. My ex-husband had a mullet like my daddy and loved 80s rock music too. In the beginning, he did not abuse me. Once I said I do, he was getting drunk and sodomizing me while listening to Poison and Skid Row. My asshole would be bleeding, and my husband would be singing, “Every Rose Has its Thorn.” He would punch me singing “18 and Life.” Eventually, I ran away from him too. The next man in my life was a Sinatra fan, LOL. He had never heard of the 80s rock bands that this submissive slut was force fucked to for over a decade. What do you think? Want to put on some old-school 80s rock and fuck me raw like my daddy did in the 80s?

submissive slut

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