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Gangbang phone sex

gangbang phone sex

My brother is over for the holidays and he ran to the store for a quick beer run and when he came back he had a lot of his old friends with him. He told me that they were horny so I was going to be a little fuck puppet for them to sink their cocks into me.

I never disagree, a dumb slut like myself does whatever she is told. I bent over and immediately offered up my holes for their pleasure. His five friends all took turns opening up a beer and unzipped their pants. They took turns pushing their cocks into my holes.

They were stretching my holes out and pounding them deep and hard. I kept letting them stuff me. My brother bragged to his friends that I was just a little cum slut, and to give me all the cum they could stuff in me. I was just like a little pinnate for them to stuff full of cum into and beat it out of me later.

 I will do anything to satisfy my master brother though. I am too stupid to think for myself, he knows what is best for me! I am grateful.