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Light Bondage With Intense Fucking

Light bondage

I was up on the stage in nothing but a red g-string light shining in my face. Heard the auctioneer discussing the terms of owning me for the night. As punishment, I’m part of the whore auction for displeasing my master. I must sell myself for a night and come crawling back like a good whore once the night is over. It’s only my second time doing this, and I was very nervous as you never know who’s going to buy you for the night. I heard the final bid end at five thousand, this will please my master. However, for someone to pay such a high price is hardly worth it. I’m a worthless whore. 

I was brought off the stage and taken to a back room. Inside was two women whose jobs were to get me ready for my purchaser. They removed my g-string, used some long silk scarves, and got me into some light bondage. I was able to move a little more than with standard bondage rope but they did make their knots tight. I was carried to the bed and left there in the dark waiting. 

It felt like hours before the door crack open and a man appeared lighting only a single candle. It became clear he didn’t want me to see who was about to ravage my pussy. A sharp pull to my hair as he grabbed my body. Tossing me into a more acceptable position. He got behind me and I could hear the unbuckling of a belt and sliding of it being pulled through the loops. It got discarded on the floor, as did the rest of his pants. As he grabbed my ass and started fucking me hard from behind. When he was done with my pussy he switched to pounding my ass, then shoved his cock down my throat. Raping the back of my throat hard to the point I was beginning to get dizzy from the lack of air. I felt a hand come down and squeeze my neck and I truly thought it was the end as my world went black.

Submissive Slut And Cock Worshiping

Cock worshiping

Taking my place between his legs, my breast grazing his thighs while I wrapped my head around his thick base, my lips pressing against his swollen head. It’s a privilege to have such free range of a cock so big. Submissive sluts like me rarely have to opportunity to really worship the beauty of such amazing cocks. Cock worshiping is my favorite task if it’s allowed to me. Letting my hands caress and massage the balls while my mouth and tongue survey his mighty shaft. Using his reactions to gauge what pleases him and what does not. Sucking his cock intensely slurping, slobbering all over it cause I know just how much he likes it wet, and messy. Knowing it pleases him to choke on his cock without being forced to. Listening to him praise me for being a good cocksucking slut. Working to earn the deposit of cum for me to swallow as a reward for being a good cock worshiping whore.

Bukkake Party

Bukkake phone sex

Having my face plastered in cum is a good reminder of what a slut I am. With no thought, I stayed all night on my knees like a good whore opening my mouth to cock, and stroking off more until they blast thick loads of cum all over my face. I wasn’t the only whore in attendance but there were so many big dicks surrounding me. I felt like the only submissive bitch there, with nothing to see but throbbing cock, and the cream that leaked from them. Even now hours later I can still feel the sticky hot feel of cum dripping on my face. Still taste the salty, thick cream lingering and teasing my taste buds. I want to be a good cum eating slut, that bukkake party left a real craving for it in me.

Submissive Slut Treated As A Pet

Submissive slut

One of my current Master’s likes to keep me all week, I stay by his side at all times. Whether he makes me stand, or sit on the floor. I’m like his pet with my leather collar tight around my neck, and silent unless spoken to. Like a good submissive slut waiting and obeying. Fucked whenever he wants, however, he wants it and if I dare complain or respond in a way he deems negative I get crated like an animal. My only meal during this week is his cum, nothing is allowed to be swallowed by me that whole week unless it comes from his balls. Sometimes he will choose to starve me for a few days, watching me grow weaker over the passing time. He says it’s cause I give very eager blowjobs the hungrier I get. In fact, a part of me really loves the starvation it makes his cum taste like ambrosia. A real treat for me to savory pining away for my next meal.

Tie The Knot And Make Me Yours

Submissive Slut

I find being a submissive slut makes it easy for me to teach those who are new to domination. It’s not something I do often but sometimes there is an eager attractive young stud that wants to learn to make me his. I normally teach the art of bondage first, because the power my masters have felt tying me up in any position they desire is often the one that gets them hooked. Recently a young new master has been coming over every other weekend if I’m free to learn and to dominate me. I completely submit to him but not before a little lesson on how to tie the knots just right. 

Starting with the basic frogtie so he can use a simple knot to bound my hands behind my back and then open my legs. Bonding my ankles against my thighs which gives him very easy access with me in the nude to my pussy. To do anything he wished. He could lick, bite, whip, and fuck it however he wanted. The knots were tight, I wasn’t going anywhere. He knew that when he was done with me he could just leave me there. He started with his tongue, got it wet teased me with pleasure, and then grabbed a small whipping crop from the shelf and whacked my pussy repeatedly until it was red and swollen. Ignoring my whimpers, continuing until he was satisfied. Only stopping to ram his cock into my beaten pussy until he unloaded his cum inside me. With each new lesson, I can feel him becoming more confident and eager to do more to me. All he needed was a true submissive whore to teach him.

Slave Training Glory Holes

Slave Training

Master has taken me lots of places for my slave training. One time, I burnt Master’s food. It was an honest mistake, but I know better. Making a mistake means I have to be punished, that I’m a failure otherwise. I brought the charred ribeye to my master, my knees shaking as I closed my eyes. Waiting for my punishment, I heard a deep growl from his throat. His hand slapped me across the face, and I fell onto my bruised legs, pressed against the cold hardwood floor.

“Worthless Bitch,” He spat at me, “Maybe someone will find a fucking use for you.” I felt his hand grab me by the hair and throw me into the dark, windowless closet. I don’t know how long I stayed there, maybe a few hours, maybe a day. It was until a blade poked my side and I moved away from the door that I saw any light. My master carved a hole into the door. I assumed that maybe he might give me some water or food through it, but as I moved my face closer to look out, a large black cock shoved its way through, rubbing against my cheek. 

“Make my friends happy slut, and maybe I’ll let you out.” I heard my master demand, so like the good cumslut I was, I opened my mouth, and wrapped my lips around the huge dick. I pushed my head down, forcing myself not to gag on the enormous girth. I heard several voices outside the door, talking about how they couldn’t wait to use me. It felt like forever that I sucked that cock before he came all over my face, covering one of my eyes. As I went to wipe it off, another man entered the hole. He banged on the door, “I want to feel your stretched whore pussy”. I obeyed, as I always do, and backed my quim up against him, thrusting my hips back. He stretched me, and couldn’t help but scream as I thought about all those men outside, waiting to fill my pussy up with their seed.

Submissive Whores Don’t Have A Choice

Submissive whore

It was chilly that night after work I decided to head on down to a little local bookstore. I had a craving to be lost inside a fantasy novel, it didn’t occur to me that I would be tempting fate by doing something just for me. As I was leaving the store a man grabbed me and dragged me around a corner. I went with little fight and when he thrust me against the cold brick wall I realized it was one of my old masters. He sneered at me as he started to undo his belt and pants. “Who let the whore out of her cage” he hissed shoving his hand up my skirt, pushing my panties to the side. 

“It’s been too long, little whore” his hot breath blew in my face and despite being startled I couldn’t help but get wet with excitement. “Yea submissive whores don’t have a choice to say no” he teased me as he shoved his hot thick cock up inside my wet hairy pussy. Thrusting up inside me over and over causing my backside to be scratched up by the bricks. The stinging of each scrap and continued burning only added to the intensity of my orgasms as he continued to fuck me. Finally, he couldn’t hold back and blew his thick white load of cum into my cunt. After a moment to catch his breath, he pulled out of me and started shoving his cock back into his pants as he spat at my feet. “Don’t be surprised if I make a house call soon little whore” he teased eyeing his cum dripping down my thighs from under my skirt. Smirking as he left me there. 

Bright and Red

Bare bottom spankings

I remember my first bare bottom spanking well, it was part of my original training. My father had decided it was time for me to feel real pain with my everyday humiliation. He called all the men into my room and he began to undress me. Exposing my flat chest and tiny hard nipples, I turned bright red all over as their eyes seemed to burn into me. Daddy pulled down my pants and panties, swatting at my little bald cunt as they fell to my ankles. I remember being scared, that fear is something that excites me now though. Because now I know what followed. 

He pulled me down across his legs making sure my ass was prominent and the rest of me just hung upside down. Before I knew it his hand was smacking, again and again across my bare little ass. It went on for a long time no matter how much I cried and begged. Promising to be a good girl. The stinging became sharper each and every firm smack across my little butt. Every time I tried to look up at my brother and uncles watching they would only snicker at me. Complimenting my father on teaching me my place while I was young. I remember once it was over I couldn’t sit still it hurt so much, the marks became bruises over time. Daddy spent weeks making sure those bruises didn’t fade, not until he was satisfied I had learned to understand pain was part of my life now.

The Overhead Center Piece

Bondage and submission

Being a bondage and submission whore I should be used to chains, and ropes but sometimes I’m just outright treated like a wild animal. Something about it actually makes me feel beastly, it’s arousing. He slipped that metal chain around my neck, it was heavy but I kept my eyes on his showing little discomfort. As he pulled me forward with a yank, it sent a surge down my spine leaving tingling in my legs as I felt my clit swell as my pussy grew moist. Pulling the chain harder until he position my naked body where he wanted. 

He hooked the chain onto the wall, and I had to balance on a thin wooden rail as the cool air caused my body to tremble. I watched him walk down the stairs to the poker table below. I looked on as he played with his buddies all night, as they would look up and taunt me on and off. My cunt juices dripped down onto their table as they ordered me to cum repeatedly for their entertainment.

Daddys Mockery

Cheap phone sex

My daddy mocks me for being a cheap phone sex whore. Even with a job, I can’t stop myself from doing what he brought me into this world to do. To be a servant to men and their cocks for money. With daddy fully aware of my extracurriculars he’s now making me give him a cut of my submissive phone whore earnings. After all, he gets a cut from all the men he brings home to use and abuse me. The slave training really has stuck I must say, when I was more willful I dreamed of escaping daddy. 

Now I can’t imagine leaving from under his control every dirty secret I hide, he knows. He heard me moaning loudly on the phone when a caller was making me whip my own cunt. The moment I hung up daddy was there to plunge his cock into my swollen pussy. To punish me for trying to hide using the body he made to make money without his knowledge. I was a stupid fucking whore to think he wouldn’t find out. Daddy gave me hard bare-bottom spankings for over ten minutes to make sure it would welt up and sting well. So as I typed this I would remember what a used-up fuck toy I am. Daddy wants me to beg more men to come to punish me.