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Deserving Of Bare Bottom Spankings

Bare bottom spankingsMy favorite form of punishment is bare bottom spankings. The sharp stings of the bare hand connecting onto my soft ass leaving a stinging sensation that shoots and spreads goosebumps all over my body. That’s just on the first spank, then comes another and another. Sometimes slow as you savor the power, other times fast as you can releasing your full fury onto my vulnerable behind. Feeling the welt of your handprint begin to cover my ass, the heat of the skin reacting to the constant impact leaves my pussy juices slowly pooling out of me. Spending chunks of my free time thinking what it would take for you to find me deserving of bare bottom spankings this time. Or what type of act must I commit to be punished severely with harsh smacks on my ass. Should I be fully dressed when you come home, will that offend you? Should I neglect my chores, tell you no, or maybe I should simply ask for it? No I could never be so bold to try to request how to expend your power over me. Please forgive my free thoughts as they overflow, I know better. I’m sorry master.

Whore For Auction

Erotic submissive storiesOur masters lined us up on the stage, naked, hands bound behind our back and mouths taped shut. The lights ahead blinded us. There was no way for us to see out into the crowd, but it was very obvious what this was. It was auction time when enough masters get bored of their whores they sell them off for someone else to abuse…or dispose of. Being on the stage felt embarrassing as it should, it meant I was no longer pleasing to him. It also felt very uneasy, and fear crept in one in every 5 girls tends to disappear completely after auction time. Paying their ultimate sacrifice to their master’s we all assume. I felt myself begin to shake when the line of browsing Masters’ stood before us. The ripping sound of tape sounded in unison as they removed the tape from our mouths and put us on our knees. Out of habit I opened my mouth, this please the one in front of me. Whereas the girls on either side of me were slapped and mocked for not knowing how to properly greet a man. 

I didn’t flinch or react, just keep my mouth open, waiting for him to test me. Couldn’t help but widen my eyes when I saw the size of the cock I was going to need to take down my throat. The length had to be about 9 inches but the girth was worrisome for my airway. I went to it, determined to perform properly to hopefully avoid being one of the girls that disappear. Letting the cock go far back really pushing my limits, my eyes tearing up. There was no oxygen, my head grew faint, digging my nails into my palms trying to keep myself focused. I was lucky he pulled out and snatched me up by my hair. “I’ll take this one,” he proclaimed handing a wad of cash to my old master. “Any objections?” His voice snarled in a threat for tone. The other men remained silent. The transaction went forward. For a moment I thought I saw regret flash upon my old master’s face as he was selling me but of course it was probably wishful thinking. For a whore to be up for auction is a sign of failure and disgrace. I must be better going forward.

Cum Slut Phone Sex Slave

Cum slut phone sexMy Master is well aware of how I spend my nights away from him. They are almost always spent being a cum slut phone sex slave. I’m never allowed to touch myself without  permission and my priority is always the pleasure of the phone master who comes to take control of me. Master doesn’t believe that I’ve spent my time wisely if I don’t come back to him with new bruises or signs of serving others. I do get punished severely. It’s my wish to be used and abused at the pleasure of others. My pussy is already wet as I write this, just thinking about being a used slave tonight. I don’t dare touch myself without permission but the temptation is strong.

His Party Toilet

Pissing phone sexSometimes one of the master’s likes to have big parties for his special friends. He picks houses that a normally vacant completely and those in some pillows and blankets and the masses flock for orgies and fuck parties all night. This time he picked a completely abandoned house, made me clean all morning, by the evening it looked a little livable. But a big problem I brought up to him when he arrived back was in the bathroom. I led him to the bathroom where there was only the sink in there. The toilet itself had been completely removed. He laughed as he grabbed my risk and handcuffed me to the sink. “I know I removed it myself” he spat in my face. 

I sat on the cold tile floor for hours when I finally heard the guest start to arrive. No doubt he was filling them with drinks, cause soon people were coming up to use me. Pissing right into my mouth and pulling my hair back to make me swallow. He made me the toilet for the evening and warned me if any shit or piss made its way to the floor and not cleaned up by morning I was in for the beating of a lifetime. I spent all night licking up droplets of pee, off the floor and oftentimes having to eat up shit, and some vomit off the floor. It was humiliating and disgusting, so why did it get me so wet?

Tied, Used, And Throw Away

Bondage submissionI sat still, quiet and waited. He paced the floor back and forth at times I thought maybe he forgot I was even there. I dared not ask what was on his mind. It was normal for him to be lost in thought and I thought for a moment it was possible….oh how I dared think it but maybe he didn’t need me. As soon as I began to question my use was when his large hand came up and grabbed my throat, his free hand diving down into my panties. Feeling his large fingers shoving into my cunt. “Not fucking wet enough” he screamed finger fucking me, as I profusely apologized. His grip around my neck grew tighter as he dragged me into the bedroom throwing me onto the bed. He opened up the closest and grabbed his black rope hanging up on the inside hook. He yanked me to the edge of the bed and used his favorite position to frogtie me. To keep my legs open but secured, and rip my panties to reveal my pussy to him. “I’ll make you wet, stupid bitch”. He pushed his cock into my pussy, it slid in quick and fast as his control had me hot and ready to be used. He slammed into me over and over, not satisfied until I was screaming, cumming on his cock begging for a moment. The moment I was not going to be granted as he kept going, slapped my face and told me to shut-up. With 3 final thrust he blew his cock juice deep inside me. Pulling out and laughing as I quivered, he didn’t untie me instead he grabbed my body and through me into his closet. Tossing a towel at me and ordering me not to drip his gift on the floor. Then shutting the door and leaving me in the dark.

Your Submissive Valentine

Submissive SlutValentine’s day, the day that your slut should do exactly what you crave and desire. If she doesn’t, then you know who will, don’t you? I present to you. I’m the perfect submissive Valentine. You want to be sucked and fucked, easily done. However I feel that you don’t want something so simple. No, make me scream, make me choke, make me beg for mercy under your control. I’m just a slut, treat me as such this Valentine’s day. Don’t bring me chocolates, or flowers. Just bring your hard cock, and balls filled with cum. Bring the whips, rope, toys, nipple clamps, and torture devices! Here I am waiting and willing. I know that I’m that slut who should be thankful to be able to have a cock like yours to serve this Valentine’s day.

Drowning In Load After Load

Bukkake phone sexIt was just a little after the sun was coming up when I was dragged out of bed by my hair to satisfy his dripping cock. From the smell I could tell he was coming back from a night of fucking other women. I was just an afterthought. He dragged me letting the carpet burn set in as he didn’t even let me until my feet dragged me across it. The carpet burned across my ass and legs until he finally stopped and tossed me into a group of his friends. They all grabbed me forcing my arms back and my head up to look at him. The pussy smell off his cock was strong as he started rubbing it all over my face as they held me still. “No be a good bitch, open and clean!”.  

They snickered around me as I opened my mouth, tasting the taste of other women’s cunts that just moments ago were bouncing up and down all over his cock. Now it’s my turn to clean it all up. Licking along the sides while his friends called whore, useless, pathetic cleaning up the sloppy seconds. Soon he just grabbed my face and shoved it deep into my throat gagging me with it as he shot his last load, when he finished he just slapped me and his friends to do whatever they wanted. Leaving me to be stuffed, my throat wrecked by all them shooting load after load. Cum was all I tasted for hours.

Gasping For Air

Torture phone sexI’m worthless, I know it and most importantly you know it. That’s why you don’t hesitate to use me, to abuse me. The moment you got your hands on me you considered for the moment making sure yours was the last cock I ever took care off. It wouldn’t be hard to do away with another whore no one would miss. And destroying the back of my throat was so pleasurable just holding your cock in place while I choked and gagged until I turned blue was a turn on wasn’t it? Laughing as I gasped for air struggling to breath. I think the only reason I was spared was because you’re going to experiment with me. To see how many times you can bring me to the brink of death and back again.

Why I Love Being A Submissive Slut

Submissive slutI’m called some pretty nasty and cruel things, but I like them. I like being compared to shit and garbage, my body used in ways I never imagined. Often times I’m told to explain it, sometimes my masters just want to know why I like it. It’s always the truth when I say I don’t know. If I could guess serving gives me a purpose when I feel like I don’t have one. As for my love of pain, I like to feel the sharp intensity like a sharp sting of a strong hand, the powerful blow of a whip against my smooth skin. The stinging sensation of welts as they begin to heal, the pain that lingers for the rest of the day into the coming days. Compliments occasionally make my skin crawl as most of the time they aren’t real, but insults come from a place of desire. You see the feelings of desire and cruelty feel very similar when you think about it. So insults are more arousing to me then when you tell me I’m pretty. I hope this helps you understand me, masters.

Mystery Master

Submissive whoreThe one job I have learned above all else is to obey. My body is not mine to control nothing is when it’s always owned by someone else. The other day I met the man who is now pulling my strings so to speak. I serve him first thing in the morning from when he goes to bed. It seems simple at first glance, but this Master of mine will punish me whether I do things correctly or not. He really likes to grab me in the middle of chores and strip me down and test out ideas he has. I’ve learned he likes to test out torture methods, I think he likes to make me afraid my fear arouses him. I can never be sure I can not read him, it so hard not knowing if I’m being a good girl. Of course, maybe I never was, I was raised knowing I was replaceable. I had wondered why Daddy gave permission for this new mystery Master to take claim to me. Maybe I am to be disposed of? Has my use ran out?

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