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Why I Love Being A Submissive Slut

Submissive slutI’m called some pretty nasty and cruel things, but I like them. I like being compared to shit and garbage, my body used in ways I never imagined. Often times I’m told to explain it, sometimes my masters just want to know why I like it. It’s always the truth when I say I don’t know. If I could guess serving gives me a purpose when I feel like I don’t have one. As for my love of pain, I like to feel the sharp intensity like a sharp sting of a strong hand, the powerful blow of a whip against my smooth skin. The stinging sensation of welts as they begin to heal, the pain that lingers for the rest of the day into the coming days. Compliments occasionally make my skin crawl as most of the time they aren’t real, but insults come from a place of desire. You see the feelings of desire and cruelty feel very similar when you think about it. So insults are more arousing to me then when you tell me I’m pretty. I hope this helps you understand me, masters.

Mystery Master

Submissive whoreThe one job I have learned above all else is to obey. My body is not mine to control nothing is when it’s always owned by someone else. The other day I met the man who is now pulling my strings so to speak. I serve him first thing in the morning from when he goes to bed. It seems simple at first glance, but this Master of mine will punish me whether I do things correctly or not. He really likes to grab me in the middle of chores and strip me down and test out ideas he has. I’ve learned he likes to test out torture methods, I think he likes to make me afraid my fear arouses him. I can never be sure I can not read him, it so hard not knowing if I’m being a good girl. Of course, maybe I never was, I was raised knowing I was replaceable. I had wondered why Daddy gave permission for this new mystery Master to take claim to me. Maybe I am to be disposed of? Has my use ran out?

Easter Bukkake

Bukkake phone sex

I was only asleep for a few hours when Daddy dragged me out of bed. No warning didn’t even see it coming when his hand yanked me by my hair and pulled me out into the living room. The smell of Easter breakfast being cooked was pleasant and reminded me that all of the important men in the family were here this morning. No wonder Daddy was so rough he was annoyed that I was not ready. I knew right there I was about to be punished for my laziness. I was nervous when Daddy, my uncles, and cousins started to gather around me. I braced myself for a beating but instead, they all pulled out their cocks. Knowing better I did question or ask what I needed to do. I just started to touch them. Licking and sucking as many as I could at once. The cocks covered my face, smothering me almost. Before I knew it they were cumming all over my face and body. By the time I got each cock off I was coated in cum all over. I was then required to remain as I was all throughout breakfast until Daddy was sick of looking at my filth.

The Family Toilet

Golden showers phone sexSince my return, I haven’t been fully accepted back into the family. They have not been very forgiving. That’s my fault for being such a stupid dumb cunt. But I’m serious about taking my place back as the family fuck toy. Today Daddy let me out of the cage but I had to sit on my knees in the bathroom all day. He ordered everyone to take care of this business using my mouth. Today I was the family toilet to be pissed and shitted on when they saw fit and I wasn’t allowed to clean off. I was stripped down, ordered not to move until almost midnight then Daddy dragged me outside and sprayed me off with the cold water from the hose. I smelled awful but he seemed pleased with me. Tonight he gave me a pillow to sleep with, maybe I am earning my place again.

I Can’t Sit Down

Spanking phone sex I hadn’t visited my family in a while, I tried really hard to live a vanilla life. No more crawling around and trying to please anyone. I thought I had value and was worth something. I was wrong, I found out real quick I really am worthless to any man unless I’m doing everything I can to please him. I have no skills other than following orders and being a fuck toy. Daddy wasn’t surprised when I showed up back home defeated. He didn’t show me any mercy either, not only did he call everyone he could over to initiate me back into the family he spent 20 minutes just spanking me again and again until everyone showed up. I still can’t stick down it stings so much and it’s been two days. My pussy and ass still feel very sore from the hours of taking all of their cocks with no breaks. And after I was put to sleep out in the kennel. I can’t sleep in my bed until I’ve earned that privilege back again.

Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sex

I love getting my daddy’s monstrous cock and milking every drop of juicy cum out of him. He took out his cock while I was watching tv and started standing in front of my face, smacking me against my cheeks. He wanted me to pay attention to his cock and like a good little stupid submissive bitch, I should always be doing that anyways. His cock head was leaving imprint on my face. I open my mouth and eagerly pushed him inside my cheeks.

I started sucking his cock all the way down my throat. I even pushed his mushroom head all around the inside of my cheeks. It was feeling so good sucking his fat cock. I could feel the cum in his cock about to squirt out. My only goal is to make that master daddy cock happy and hard, and well of course- empty. He started gushing all that cum all over my face, plastering me with hot juicy white cum. I love sucking all those ropes into my mouth.

Bare bottom spankings

bare bottom spankings

My master knows well how to treat my dumb little cum eager whore self. Today he bent my naked body over his lap. His hard cock was pressed against my tummy and he started smacking my ass with his hand. Each time his hand met my ass I could feel his finger prints starts to imprint on my butt cheeks. When his hand would leave my ass it would get super warm and send tingles down to my bones. Well, even really down to my pussy. I would squirt a little bit each time down my thighs. After making my ass red, his cock was about to dig itself into my tummy.

He pushed me onto the floor, off of his lap and told me to put my legs above my head. My ass hole was exposed and calling out to his cock. With one huge thrust my master pushed every inch of his fat cock inside of my ass hole. I felt his cock head pop right into me and my ass hole stretch wider the more he forced his full length inside of me. Those balls were tightening up and filling with cum. He hovered over me, still spanking me with his balls and his hands. He was going balls deep inside of my ass.

He told me how much of a pathetic fucking whore I was over and over again. I flexed my ass hole around his cock and begged him to let me get his cum like a good stupid submissive whore. His cock was twitching inside of me and I felt him start to shoot every drop of that warm cum right inside of me. I  get a cream filled ass hole! I am going to let it dry, that way it stays on me.

Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sex

 I am such a filthy little cum slut whore for my master. My holes are super wet and slippery and always needing to be full of hot sticky jizz! I grab my masters cock and I ask him to please let me suck on them and worship his big nut sack. I suck them into my mouth and spit up all over them. I love polishing his balls with my mouth and sticky wet and saliva. His big fat master cock swells up, aching for me to take control of it and to worship it.

He gives me permission to take his cock and fuck it down my throat. I make sure to keep his cock down my throat and I do not come up for air. I can feel my throat tightening around his cock. I put my hands around my neck making sure I am squeezing his cock nice and hard. I have so much tears leaking down my face and spit foaming out of my mouth. I know he is enjoying me acting like a dumb little cunt and using my fluids as lube for his cock to slip in and out of my face.

I can always milk a bunch of loads out of my masters balls if I put in the work. I mean, we would should be willing to work hard right? The two places we really belong are either in the kitchen making a sandwich or on a cock. You should not find us in voting booths or anywhere else. He are cock care takers. This is what we are meant to do. My master pulls his cock out of my mouth and slaps me across my face, knocking me down on my tummy.

He is going to take the holes he owns.

Slave training

slave training

I am a naughty little slut. I need daddy to take care of my little holes and treat me like the little cum whore that I am. He bend me over the couch and starts spanking my dumb ass. I feel his hands striking across each ass cheek, making them hot red. He finally takes his cock out and beats it across my face.

My cheeks get hot and flushed. I stuck my tongue out and he slapped his dick on my wet tongue. He pushed his cock all the way down my throat until I choked. He took his cock out of my mouth and stuffed it into my cunt from behind. He grabbed my hair and forced himself deep and hard inside of me. I love feeling his swollen meat stick get pleasure off of treating me like a dirty skank.

Cock worshiping

cock worshiping

I was in my brothers car with a bunch of his friends and they were all telling me to be a good cock sucking whore. They wanted to see how I would embarrass myself in  front of them, by pleasing my brother. My brother was in the passenger seat. I climbed up in his seat to sit on the floor bed in between his legs. I took his cock out and fucked him down my throat rough and hard. I did not come up for hair. I choked on my spit and let it run down my neck unto my tits. I made his balls dripping wet. Everyone kept saying how much of a dirty cunt I was, beating him into my face. My lips were stretched so wide open, I could not even help to him truing me into a nasty puke whore. I let puke gush out of my mouth and run down his cock. I guess I got a big mess to clean up. I hope the cum is a good treat.

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