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Sexy Bondage GirL Jacqueline Gets BDSM Fucked

sexy bondageWhen he first started with me it was a couple or really hard slaps on the ass. I noticed my pussy squirted a little as it got nice and tingly. I liked it. Then next he took his big strong hands and as he thrust his cock hard into my wet cunt, he slapped me across the face as hard as he pushed his cock deeper into my holes.  My pussy walls tightened up around his 9 inch monster.  The hits became more frequent and way more aggresive. He taught me something about pain.  I would never feel it when he was inside me doing it. It gave me the most intense feelings in my pussy while numbing me everywhere else.  I focused my entire being on how that big hard cock was making my pussy quiver.

It wasn’t long after that where I became addicted to cock.  I wanted it all day every day.  But anytime we didn’t have ropes and chains tied to me, I was bored.  Maybe my first real bondage lover outside family had set the bar too high.  What do you think? Could you meet my expectations?