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I Don’t Always Like Being a Submissive Slut

submissive slutI would love to tell you I love being a submissive slut, but I think you might call bullshit. No one loves being pissed on, degraded, force fucked and extremely humiliated. I do it because I was born to serve. It is a calling. Some submissive moments I enjoy more than others. Yesterday, was one I didn’t enjoy. My boss got pissed at me because I was late and he wanted me to suck his dick before he started an important conference call. Normally, I am early. There was a car accident that delayed me. He didn’t want to hear my excuses. He came in a coffee container and saved it for me. There was more in that container than cum. He had pissed in it too. He made me drink it down, chug it actually. I was not permitted to drink water or coffee all day, just his piss cum connection. It was nasty and humiliating. I was being punished for something beyond my control. I didn’t like swallowing his cum piss, but as a submissive whore, I have to do things I don’t like. Life is not about me. It is about the men in my life. Like my boss, like my daddy, I will serve you too.