Thank You

Submissive phone sex

Thank You so much for treating me like the gutter trash that I am Sir.  I know I am useless, worthless and nothing without You. I am only here because You allow it.  I know You are free to find another woman who is more worthy of Your generous cock.  I am in awe of it’s magnificence, and take honor in receiving it’s Golden Blessing.

There are days where You are kind enough to shower me over and over again.  Reminding me that I am Your urinal.  I take every gift from Your body without hesitation.  I take it to mean that You are anointing me. Saying to Others that I am solely Yours to do with whatever You desire.

I beg for it, I need it, and I crave it.  Every single drop of piss is welcomed.  You Baptize Your slut in it as much as possible.  The saltiness of it, the pungent smells permeate the air around me. Fore I am not allowed to change nor wash away Your Blessing.  It bothers me not.  I know many a women who would find this disgusting.  I do not, because it is what I deserve and You desire.  Submissive whore


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