Thirsty For Cum

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Nice girls might avoid getting their skin wet with cum and they might refuse to swallow. That is some seriously messed up shit though. I’m a total fucking cum slut and I’m the one that you call when your cock needs cum slut phone sex. Do you want a dirty fuck toy that will go to any length to get her fill of hot jizz? I’m the one you need then. I’ll suck any cock anytime if it means nut in my mouth. Any man can fuck this pretty pussy so long as he has a big set of balls to shoot hot spunk into my snatch. I can’t get enough cum, believe me, I have tried.
There is no point in even denying it, or trying to shake it off. I am a sexy cum dumpster that will do anything to get a hot fresh load. Do you want to line up some men for a gang bang? That’s a really efficient way for a cum slut to start the night off, am I right? It will shock you just how needy I am when it comes to being a cum slut. I’m insatiable, come and see for yourself.

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