I was sold into sex trafficking and got liberated by the police! My story is “sad” to some, but remembering what I’ve been through only makes me fucking wet. I was stolen and sold as such a tender young whore, it’s hard to say just when exactly I began fulfilling my life’s purpose. What I do know is that I spent the hottest years of my life riding cock and serving the elite men who paid for a tasty little torture dolly like me; I was bought and sold like meat from the market. Every time my use was up, I got dragged back into the underbelly of the trafficking world, and I was sold or traded again. I belonged to them, and I never once wondered if I had a family out there looking for me. All I knew was my servitude and living my life as a cock slave. Every morning, I’d make sure the Master was able to drain his full bladder right down my throat. I was grateful for such a gift. Then, I’d suck his cock clean, and let him blow his balls into my belly. Protein is important for a growing girl. When I was found, chained in the basement of an abandoned psych hospital with a hundred other bitches awaiting resale, the “nice” policemen tried to send me to therapy. They tell me I have Stockholm syndrome but what I truly have is the need to be used and abused like the submissive whore that I am. I’ve tried to settle down and marry, but it’s only left me with abusive husbands who leave because I love what they dish out to me far too much, and three sweet angels ripe for slave training and sale. What hot fantasies I have; I don’t want freedom – I want to be used for what I’m worth.


    • John on July 29, 2017 at 4:09 pm
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    Sexiest voice ever!

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