S.A.M. Stands for Self Assertive Masochist or Smart Assed Masochist depending on if you are trying to be clinical or just accurate. It’s what happens when you put the heart of a submissive whore in the same body as Type A personality. You get a smart, fiesty woman who finds satisfaction from being in control all the time, everywhere except in bed.

I’ll tell you a secret. I can’t just submit. I want it. Fantasize about being used like a fucktoy. Crave being tied up and pushed to my limits of pain and pleasure. I want to feel your hand up inside me working my cunt like a perverted sock puppet. I need to have your cocked forced deep into my throat, depriving me of breath in my efforts to please you. I want to be covered with a pantina of purple and yellow bruises to remind me of the last time you played with me. But I can’t get there on my own.

I need you to take control of me, to force me to my knees figuratively and literally. Show me that you’re the boss as violently and often as necessary. I’m not easy but I am worth the effort. In the end my total submission is what we both want.

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