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Branded Like A Bovine Bitch

Submissive Whore

My skin was searing faster than a fat slab of bacon on the griddle, not that there was much difference. My little submissive pussy was dripping out down my legs as Master pressed the brand into my skin one more time. I was a cow, not a heifer since I was a Mommy Whore, and the white hot metal brand being pressed into my skin on repeat said one thing: Slut. It’s what I was, what I was born to do. Sucking cock was second nature to me from such a young age that even now I could do it in my sleep. He pressed it into me again, and I screamed out with every ounce in my body, but there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop the pain.

Allowed To Cum

Submissive Slut
I was finally allowed to cum. It had been, well I don’t know how long since I’d last been permitted to feel the quaking pleasure wrack through my body. There was only one condition; I had to do it myself and work myself up in front of an audience. Now I hadn’t cum in over a year, so squatting on the corner of Time Square furiously rubbing my pussy. In the city that never sleeps, even at three in the morning I had gathered a crowd of gawkers watching me not give a single fuck I was being recorded. Master was nearby, and monitoring me. I was so close, so close to cumming when he called me back to his car. Time was up.

Spanking Me Raw

Bare Bottom Spankings

There was no relief from the belt as it came across the soft flesh of my thighs again. My pussy was running wet rivers down those same welted thighs, the lubrication somehow making it hurt so much worse. And yet, my cunt was eating up every moment, every single drop of pain pleasurably provided by the strap. I screamed out, and he drew blood with the leather. One hundred lashes, and I was only on forty four. I couldn’t stand it for another second, but I had no where to go. I was bound, each finger and every toe spread. Reading my mind, he stopped his willful assault all over my thighs and instead took to beating my feet. He had given me a bare bottom spankings to start with that had drawn me close to the line of red and raw, but I was well over it now and well past my slutty little limit. I knew no thing on the planet but the pain, and my unquenchable desire for more of it. He moved his cock around to my moaning mouth, and started to roughly face fuck me. “I’ll give you something to cry about, bitch.” He snarled. I gagged around his dick.


Subby MILF Tracy

Submissive Slut

His cock was shoved so far up my ass, I’m surprised it didn’t come out of my mouth! Though it wouldn’t have had far to go considering I had a second and even bigger cock getting very familiar with my gag reflex. There was little I could do but “grin” and bare it, though my cunt was starting to ooze down my quivering thighs making a mess as it went. In and out that anal fucker went, rocking my fucking world and making me flinch every time he pulled all the way out and then shoved it back in all the way to his balls.I couldn’t see my little shit hole, but I knew it wasn’t little any more. I knew it was gaping, oozing ass juice and as his nuts tightened up and he came so hard deep inside of me, I started leaking his cum too. To be used as a submissive slut is truly the root of all of my desires. I love being the little piece of ass these strong, dominant men crave so badly to use and abuse. I want to be the cum depository, and the big fat cock in my mouth was about to do just that.

BDSM Phone Sex

Bondage Whore Bitch

Bondage Whore

Suspended from the ceiling, I was gasping for breath as he pulled his massive cock out of my mouth. He’d been face fucking me for over an hour and I had spent most of it in a timeless place near passing out. Master made sure to wake me back up here and there with a heavy slap to the face, or punch to the gut. He insisted I needed to pay close attention to the way we was making his dick fit in my throat. I knew there was no use fighting. I was just his bondage whore made to do exactly what he ordered me to. Master lowered me down so he could slam his cock into my other fuck holes. He chose my dripping wet cunt, the thing he’d purposefully ignored for hours. I couldn’t ignore the throbbing in my clit and the deep need I had for Master to take his fat fucking cock and use me like his own little pocket pussy sexy dolly. He knew that’s what I wanted, so he opted to force all eleven inches of his rock hard Daddy dick deep inside my tight, dry little asshole. I was going to be his perfect little anal fuck puppet.

Submissive Sex

Bondage Whore Tracy

Bondage Whore

I only have a few goals in life, and being a bondage whore for an incredibly dark and sadistic man is most of them. I dream these crazy BDSM dreams where I get suspended from the ceiling or a rack and get beaten within an inch of my life. I’m inverted with cocks pounding in and out of my throat so I can’t even catch my breath. I don’t want to be viewed as a human being. I want and need to be seen as only a sex toy. I’m the torture dolly of your dreams, Sir. I’m professionally trained and know all my postures and protocol. Let me submit to you please Sir and I promise I will drain your cock beyond the capacity you thought you had. I have been known to make one blow Joe’s bust six or seven loads down my throat, and I happily swallow them all like the little cum guzzling slut I am. When it isn’t my throat hole getting abused, it’s my asshole getting stretched out or having an entire forearm shoved up inside my cunt. Yes, I do get used as a nasty slut puppet and yes I love every fucking minute of the way I get used.

Submissive Phone Sex

No Gas, No Grass, Just Ass

Submissive Sex

I could feel such an ache in my pussy, my nipples sore as a fresh beaten ass. Where was I? I sat up and tried to gain my bearings. I was on the side of the highway, and I didn’t know why. Dressed like an A Class hooker, I had no choice but to start walking towards a town.

A nice trucker pulled over, and coaxed me into his cab only for me to find him stroking his cock. “If you need a ride, missy, I’ve got something for you!” He laughed, pulling me up onto his lap so I could mount his throbbing cock. He slammed into me a we were parked on the side of the highway, reminding me it was “Gas, grass, or ass.” in these parts.

That’s when I found out my druggy bender had taken me all the way to West Virginia! I didn’t have much time to think as his cock was slamming into me harder and harder, again and again. Once he unloaded in my port, he boosted me a ride to the state line where he suggested I hit the truck stop, and try to use my cunt to catch another ride.

Bondage Whore

Submissive Whore Naked In The Leaves

Submissive Whore

Master loves to show off his submissive whore, so he dressed me up and dragged me to the Renaissance festival. My little pussy was drooling at the thought of what he might do to me, but I wasn’t prepared at all for what was about to happen. When we got there, instead of dressing up Master dressed me down until I was roaming naked, the crisp Autumn leaves crunching under my bare, sensitive soles. There were other naked sex slaves as well, most of them were walking on collars and leashes though. Master led me to the center of a field with lots of bleachers around it. Master made me kneel naked in the leaves, and watch as all the spectators rolled in. He then began his sadistic little show.

“Ladies and gentleman, I am Master Gianni and this is my submissive whore, Tracy. Today, we’ll be demonstrating how to whip a wench!” He roared. The crowd screamed back with encouragements to “tan my hide”, make me “striped like a zebra” and to “break the skin!”. I was trembling, terrified and chilly as a breeze brushed past my naked flesh. Before I knew it, I was bent over in stocks and Master had my ass to the crowd, though I swear they would have preferred to see my facial reactions. Master raised the whip, and it cut across my lower back. I screamed out, though my pussy began to throb in need.

“See how the submissive whore gets when when I hurt her? Can I have a volunteer to help me beat this bitch bloody? Let’s stain the leaves with this wicked wench!” He called. Men started to clamor forward, and it was a burly as fuck biker dude he chose. The man wielded the whip with skill, and before long my cunt was running down my thighs to mix with the blood leaking from my ass cheeks. After what felt like hours, I was torn to fucking shreds and bruised up from head to toe. Master released me from my restraints as the crows surged forward to get a better look and take photos of me. I collapsed in the leaves, naked and terribly turned on.

Submissive Whore


My First Master

Bondage Whore

Being a sex trafficking “victim” has surely made for an interesting life. It seems like only yesterday I was bound and beaten in the basement of a well-paying man. It started when I got snatched off the street as a young girl and taken into a big warehouse.

They stripped us, cleaned and waxed our tiny, trembling bodies, and then bound us with manacles and shackles. We were marched up onto a stage to be sold like livestock. I later learned that’s all I was: a sexy toy made for the pleasures of men.

I was lucky to have been bought by a kind Master, one who fed me, brushed me, took care of my basic needs. In return, I was the best little cocksucking slut he’d ever met in his life. I did everything that Master asked and gave him every inch of my body willingly. Even if I hadn’t been compliant, he would have taken it. I was, and still am, just pretty pussy property after all.

Used At The Kink Club

Bondage And Submission

It was a slow weekend so I packed up my overnight bag and took the time getting dressed. I went to the local BDSM Club called Scizor. It’s an exlite access only joint but I know how to sneak myself in. The bouncer has a soft spot for milfy Mommy subs, and that’s exactly where I fall. I just slip him some special pictures, and he lets me right in.

Once I was inside, I got a green bracelet that signified I was ready to play. My pussy was dripping as the smells of cigars, booze, raw sex, leather, and lace all mixed together. Up on the stage a Domme was gathering a volunteer. Suddenly, she pointed at me! The spotlight lit me up and the heat of the entire club’s gaze fell on me. I was shocked, but scurried up to the stage where she stripped me down, and spread me wide for the men to see.

That’s when I realized I’d been tricked by the bouncer! Men rushed forward, all eager to line up and use my sweet, milfy body. I had my holes filled almost instantly with the seductive voice of the Domme hypnotic in my ear.


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