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Snatched, Used, And Painfully Abused

BDSM Phone Sex

I cannot begin to even tell you how long I’ve been serving my Master as His personal sex slave. He snatched me up just after work what I would imagine a several weeks ago, and has been using and abusing my snatch ever since. I used to think about escaping, about trying to run. But now I think my body is addicted to the pain that He inflicts on me.
Every kiss of the whip makes me drip. Every single slice in my thigh leaves my pussy leaking more and more! It’s even going as far as I’ve cum while He was forcing himself into me. I never thought I would stoop down and be this disgusting little pain loving whore, but what am I supposed to do? I’m trying to make the best out of a bad situation, and He fucks me so sweet and so good I wonder if I even need help.
Maybe Master is doing me a favor. Maybe He’s showing me what my body is meant to be used for, which is as His own personal pocket pussy and form of entertainment. I’ve come to love sucking Master’s cock every morning, noon, and night. I make sure I drain His hot fucking balls of that thick sticky cum.
I make sure He stays happy, and He makes sure that I eat. Maybe I’ll just stay here forever, serving Him. Maybe this is what my whorish little body was made for; to be the personal fuck slut of a great man.

Submissive Slut

Home Invasion Prisoner

Submissive whore

It was dark, and I didn’t know exactly where I was. I had been having a cheap phone sex session when all of a sudden a man came through my front door! It’s been so long since I’ve had a home invasion, let alone one that wasn’t stage for my pain slut pleasure. He grabbed me, and forced me out into his van. Blindfolding me, he slipped a needle into my vein and everything after that was blurry.

When I woke up just now, I found that I’m suspended from the ceiling. My body is sore, and I can feel the lacerations all down my back from where the whip has kissed me most sadistically. I must have been enjoying it though, because there’s a sloppy wet mess between my fucking legs. Now I remember. It was a group of them, and they gangbanged me to high hell.

My ass is so sore from being overstretched again and again, and my throat is so raw from getting cocks slammed down it that I can barely speak, or cry for help. I hear footsteps in the hallway now, and I’ll be honest my pussy is dripping in anticipation of exactly what they’re going to do to me next.

Submissive Slut

Filthy Submissive Whore CNC

Submissive Whore

Getting forcibly violated becomes a regular occurrence when you’re a filthy submissive whore like me. I’m never safe, and I know it. I look like a target; like an easy fuck, maybe even an easy kill. I let these men do whatever they want with me, even when I really don’t want it. What choice do I have? They’re bigger and stronger than me. They can use my fuck holes however they see fit.
The truth of it is, I’m addicted to it. To the home invasion, the kidnapping, the trappings. I love pain, but the root of pain is fear, and it’s the fear that is my drug. I crave strange cocks being shoved into my mouth. I need to be used like a pathetic fucking rag doll. My pussy drips at even the thought of being captured, kept, and used for my cunt as a cock sleeve.
Most women shy away; I welcome it. I walk alone at night, I dress like a twenty cent slut, and I even meander through the gang territories. There’s nothing like a true gang bang. I cry, and scream, and bleed; but inside I am loving every second of my volatile use and abuse. I get bound, tormented, and become merely an object of my captors amusement. That’s what makes my cunt cream.

Submissive Phone Sex

Submissive Whore Behind Closed Doors

Submissive Whore

Everyone that I know thinks I’m a strong woman, but in truth I’m a little, worthless submissive whore. Sometimes I take calls after hours at the office for some cash on the side. Well, I swear one of the custodians of my building has been spying on me after the office closes, listening to me have that sweet submissively whorish phone sex. When I tried to leave the other day, I decided to take the stairs after my little “accident” in the elevator. He was there waiting for me, with his cock out. He was stroking that long, thick, hard BBC; I saw the pre cum dripping from his fat tip. When his hands left his pocket monster, they wrapped around my throat as he slammed me into the wall. He admitted to spying on me when I give submissive phone sex as he slapped me a couple of times, in the face and across my gigantic tits.

Then he bent me over the railing and gave me a bare ass spanking! Oh my God he was driving me crazy! My pussy was dripping fucking wet and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop him! That BBC destroyed my cunt in the stairwell that day. I’ve never been so stretched out, or so wet. I squirted all over the stairs, and he made me clean it up with my mouth. Then he made me clean off his cock and big black balls, and he left me there; naked, in a puddle of my own cum and tears like the worthless bitch I am.
Submissive Phone Sex

Bondage And Submission Bonfire

Bondage and submissionThe ropes were cutting into my skin, and I nearly regretted these bondage and submission lessons. I was bound and hovering three feet above a sandy floor. The cave was dark, so I never saw the whip coming as it kissed me in rapid succession up my thigh. My screams were muffled by cock shoved down my throat.
I had been here for three, maybe four days. They’ve been keeping me prisoner. They took me from near my car when I was going home from work. The way they handled me so roughly really made my cunt wet.
When they discovered that, they used it against me, edging me before they started to beat me. The whip’s bites were gentler than how they had started. The flogger with the metal bits were the absolute worst. I knew they were leaving scars, and the wounds burned the worst when they doused me in gasoline.
I watched the match spark up, the tears pouring down my face, and my pussy dripping. I was going to burn so brightly.

Submissive Slut Shown Her Place

Submissive SlutI may be a submissive slut at home, but I’m a boss ass bitch at the office. I own those men, and they know it; I silently tease all their sweet cocks. I had just gotten my promotion, and was leaving the office for the day when one of the new guys stepped on with me. I was surprised he was still there. In between floors, he turned the elevator, and the lights, off.
He slammed me into the wall, using my throat to pin me. I was gasping for breath. “You fucking cunt. You think you’re hot shit. You aren’t; you’re just my cunt to use as I please.” He forced me to my knees, and shoved his hot cock right down my throat. I choked on him for longer than I could handle.
He used my little fuck hole until he was cumming down my throat. I was begging and screaming around his fat cock. Anything to make it stop. And yet my cunt was crazy wet! Did I even want it to stop?

Submissive Whore Brutalized Over Broken Condom

Submissive WhoreMaster snatched the pregnancy test from the hands of his submissive whore, and slapped me hard across the face. “You stupid cunt.” He growled as he picked me up by my throat. “I’m going to beat that fuck out of you.” I whined, but my cunt was growing wet. Master’s cock is so fucking huge, it’s not uncommon for us to have condoms bust.
I knew exactly which one this accidental knock up was from too. Six weeks ago, Master had me bound to a tree in the garden and had gotten so rough with my cunt as he forced himself into me, the condom busted right as he was spilling his sticky seed into my submissive whore snatch.
He dragged me by my hair from the bathroom, snapping me back to reality. Master bound my ankles and wrists and hung me in his favorite style just like a piñata . He grabbed his favorite baseball bat, yes the one wrapped in barbed wire, and took six solid swings straight into my belly. “I’m going to beat the fuck out of you worthless piece of shit!” Master hates little ones.
I was screaming for mercy as the bruises welled up, black and blue beneath where he beat me. He punched me in my mouth, and I spit out a bloody tooth. My poor pussy was getting so wet at all of this sadistically brutal abuse.
After an hour of being used like a punching bag, my cunt still wasn’t bleeding and Master was getting impatient, so he grabbed a big butchers knife and took quick, angry steps towards his submissive whore. Pressing the blade into my belly button, Master dragged it down to my cunt. A thin trickle of blood followed the butchers knife. It mixed with the wetness between my legs, and that seemed to calm him a bit. He grabbed me by my face, and pulled me in so close. “I’m going to let you get big, fat as a fucking house. And then, you stupid little bitch, I’m going to stick a razor sharp coat hanger up your slutty snatch and rip that thing out with my bare hands.” He was foaming at the mouth, in a hellishly evil rage. “I’ll bash that meatball’s head in and make you eat brains, just because it’s a broken condom bastard and no son of mine is being born by a whore!” He screamed, cracking me in the head with the baseball bat. That was the last thing that I remembered.

Submissive Whore

Strange Things Bottomed Me Out During Torture Phone Sex

Torture Phone SexThere’s something sadistically sexy about torture phone sex. I myself am a masochistic whore who needs to be beaten and bloodied on a regular basis. I was given some sick and sadistic torture just the other day, and it led to the strangest object ever being shoved up my ass. I was rented out by a pair of young, cocky Wall Street fuck faces. They were high as kites, floating on some Colombian coke, and wanted to use me.
I was hung in the center of a room by my wrists and an anal hook. My arms were bound behind me, and I faced the floor, which swung several feet below me. They whipped me repeatedly, fisting my poor soaking wet cunt. This was more intense than any other torture phone sex I had ever endured, but it sure made my pussy more excited than anything ever before.
They were so fucking focused on my asshole, and the “special surprise” they had for me. Lowering me down, they let me off of the anal hook and unbound my wrists. They made me lay on my back as they used me as a human toilet, squatting their hairy assholes over my body and leaving steaming piles of shit. They made me rub it in to myself, since i was such a lowly piece of garbage myself.
They took turns forcing themselves in my poor asshole, gaping it out and then they both pissed in it! Fuck I really was a human toilet, and that disgusts me! This was true torture phone sex. Then it was time for the strangest thing that had ever been in my ass! They brought out a toilet scrubber brush to clean their new piss whore. They scrubbed my body until I was raw, scrubbed out my mouth, and then shoved that hard bristled nightmare right into my gaping asshole and cleaned out my filthy piss filled asshole. Nothing before or after has ever measured up to that anally tortured experience. I have never forgotten the excruciating pain of those hard bristles rimming out my black hole of an ass, and still to this day the very recollection gets my cunt soaking wet.

Torture Phone Sex

Submissive Whore Next Door

Rape Phone Sex FantasiesI’m the whore next door your momma warned you about. During the day, I’m an Alpha girl, a go getter. I run my own Maid service, and running a business is never easy. I’m not married, I have no kids. Why? I have never found a man who can handle the extreme fetishes I have. I love pain, I’m a true masochist. My cunt gets soaking wet every time I get hurt. Men never want to hurt me because I’m “a woman”. That’s frustrating as fuck and makes it hard enough to get laid, let alone to get my needs met!

One of my girls called in sick, so I had to pick up the offices and homes she would normally clean. My last house of the day was for a Police Chief. He asked me to stay a bit after, so he could ask me a few questions about our services. I was agreeing, picking up some cleaning products when he grabbed me by my ponytail and flung me into the wall. His hand was around my neck, choking me. His eyes were wild!

That man used me for the next three days! I was bound, and held in a small cell in his basement. He flogged me, whipped me, and even spanked my bare ass with his hand. He fucked me… oh how he fucked me. Spit on me, degraded and humiliated me for the worthless bitch I am.He forced himself on me, in my mouth, up my ass, into my poor wet cunt, again and again.

When he finally let me go, I was a sloppy, cummy mess. He had kidnapped me, basically, but in the end… it was exactly what this submissive whore next door needed.

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex

Master’s Submissive Whore

Submissive whores who are true cum sluts are hard to come by anymore. Luckily for Master, I am both, and so much more. He gets my cunt to drip with the simplicity of a look. The look says “You’re mine, whore.” And my pussy responds with such a ferocity I almost cum then and there.
Right after he fucks me with his eyes, Master forces me to my knees and pries my jaws open before slamming his cock down my throat with reckless abandon. Master violates my facial fuck hole, destroying any hope I had of begging him to stop, ignoring the pain written all over my choking face.
When Master decides I can breathe again, it’s only to rip my clothes away so he can violently force his fat cock deep inside my hot wet pussy. He will use me as his little cock sleeve, destroying my cunt without a thought to me or my comforts. It hurt so fucking good, his prick hammering away inside, rearranging my organs. God Damn, it hurt so good.

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