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Black Cock Is Superior

Submissive Slut

It’s all about hung, black cock. Black cock is superior. Getting my fuck holes stretched by some massive man meat is enough to make my cunt pour forth a river. I’m so fucking horny baby! I need to get my cunt stuffed, my mouth filled, and my as torn right in half. I’m a true pain slut, and I love a rough fuck. I need a real man to be able to handle me, and I can tell you right now the only throbbing cocks up to the job of fucking, stuffing, filling, beating, and eating a pain slut submissive bitch like me are BBC. BBC stands for Big Black Cock and i love those juicy ones.

In fact, I have a client who calls me phone chat numbers regularly, who loves to eat black cum! He pays a hung black bastard to come in and just absolutely fucking wreck me. Then, he wants that thick man mean to cum in me so I can squat over his face, and that little BBC cuck can pick up every drop. He loves to help my Black Master abuse me. It gets his cucky cock off. As long as it’s masochistic, I’m dripping the entire time.

He Used Me Like A Submissive Slut

Submissive Slut

“Suck that fucking cock, you fucking slut.” He grabbed a handful of my hair, shoving his cock down my throat. “You’re going to get used bitch,” He started throat fucking me, hard, fast, and it hurt so good. My cunt was soaked as he grabbed a second handful of my hair and slammed my oral fuck hole like the worthless whore I am. He was choking me with his massive cock, and I couldn’t breathe, My eyes were tearing up, I was uselessly bound. He spit on my face, and I tried to gasp for air around his cock. He finally let me breathe, and I dragged air into my lungs greedily. He spread my slutty legs, and rubbed his cock on my clit, making me moan and beg for him to fuck me. He slapped me, slowly pushing his cock into my cunt. It was driving me wild, so slowly, but he went balls deep stretching me out. He pushed it in so far it hurt, and I cried. He pinned down my hips, my hands tied above my head. He started to mercilessly pound away at my cunt, and I was only getting wetter.

Pain Slaves Take What They’re Given

Bondage And Submission

I’m strung up by my ankles, dangling two feet above the cold, linoleum floor. I’ve been stripped naked like the slut I am. My legs are spread, my glistening cunt on display for the onlookers. The stage lights are hot on my skin, but not as hot as the bite of the whip. The sting always follows the crack of it, but it splits on my soft skin, and I scream every time. The audience applauds, those of them who aren’t stroking their cocks, or sucking someone off, or best of all getting railed. I was on display, being beaten within an inch of my life while my cunt got soaked beyond my wildest dreams as the world looked on. i was being humiliated on public international television, and that thought alone is enough to make me damn well squirt.

Master pressed the brand into my fat ass cheek, and I scream as my skin bubbled beneath the red hot steel. His name was forever, painfully seared onto my ass, and every man I fucked from here on out would know who I belonged to. I’m a slave to him, for now and forever. I screamed as he began to whip me again, my cunt getting wetter with every fucking stroke.

Santa’s Slave

Submissive Whore

I will gladly serve any man my Master orders me to. This year, he demanded I soothe the riled spirits of old Saint Nick; Master said to drain his balls, suck and ride his cock, and to keep him both holly and jolly. Well, I found out that Santa loves getting his massive cock sucked. Santa loves to throat fuck me. He told me I’m the best submissive whore he’s ever had. Santa baby said I’m an obedient little cock sucking bitch and he wished I had been around the entire year to drain his jolly, saggy sac. He says I drain him like a whore he once had in Barcelona, and just the sound of that praise makes my slutty pussy drip!

I found out what Santa Claus really does with nasty little whores who end up on his naughty list. He uses us as his own personal little fuck toys. Some of the other girls cried, and begged him to strop stretching out their little fuck holes, but I swear I only every begged him to give me just a little bit more. Don’t get me wrong I was always satisfied, but I’m a filthy milf slut with an insatiable craving for pain, and more cock.

Master’s Slave Gets Humilited Publicly

The back of the train was quiet; I moaned as Master dragged His nails against the nape of my neck. My cunt was already soaked, and our game had barely begun. Master had been seated behind me for the past hour. Now, as we made our way across the countryside, the train was a bit more crowded. He stood, and opted for a seat on the other side of the car. He was facing me, watching me; I saw as he pulled a small remote control from his pocket, and pressed a button. A muffled buzzing adds itself to the ambiance, my face reddening. I was failing to control the bucking of my hips as the wireless vibrator mercilessly tickled my swollen clit. Before long. I was fighting back the need to moan loudly, to beg Master to please, please let his pathetic submissive slave cum. That was too humiliating to think of!
Master changed the settings, and suddenly I was nearly screaming. I did everything in my power to hold still. The toy was going from full blast to off, in five second increments. I was losing my mind. Suddenly, violently, the need to piss overtook the torturous pleasure. The buzzing would start, my cunt would gush, the buzzing would stop, and my bladder would scream from the fading contractions. I was in Hell.

Master Owns My Cunt

Submissive Whore

Master calls me with the clear intent of making me cum. He’s a darling, my loving Master. He asks me what I’m craving, and I whisper any daring fantasy my twisted, submissive slut mind may have concocted. He delivers every time; by the end I am always a quivering puddle of cum and humiliation. Early this morning, I was given the forced fucking of my life by him, in an alleyway outside of my favorite coffee shop.
He’d been watching me for months, you see. Learning the routine I kept, he fantasized about annihilating my fuck holes and showing me what it really meant to be a stupid, pathetic submissive bitch.When Master made his move, I was helpless against him. I couldn’t have fought if I wanted to; he was too strong for me. He moved on me like a predator, and tore into my flesh with his cock. My cunt was stretched from how fucking huge he was, but his iron grip across my mouth kept me from screaming for help. The sickest part? I was a soaking wet mess the moment he grabbed me.
He was choking me, and forcing himself violently into my soaked submissive cunt. I was being used for his pleasure, his greatest fantasy coming to life; stalking and claiming a worthless piece of meat. I knew he was cumming inside my body without a barrier again and again, and the risk of being bred by a complete stranger was making me squirt all over his assaulting cock. I was cumming so hard, I blacked out. I awoke alone. Covered in cum with a number carved into my arm. He wanted me to call him, and wanted to make sure I didn’t lose it.

Submissive Phone Sex

He Demanded Holiday Pay With His Cock

Submissive Whore
“I wasn’t asking you.” His massive hand was wrapped in my hair, his cock mere centimeters from my willing, open mouth. “You are going to give us holiday pay.” He slammed his cock back down my throat, choking me and forcing me to swallow all ten inches of his juicy johnson. I was helpless in his grasp, a filthy submissive whore who needed this more than he could have ever known. Right then, all I knew was his meat in my mouth as he shamelessly and recklessly throat fucked me. I was lost and hypnotized by the rhythm of his hips, his cock slipping in and out of my hot, hungry little fuck hole. My pretty pussy was dripping under my skirt.
He yanked me up by the hair suddenly, his other hand slapping me roughly across my slutty face before settling tightly around my neck. “We are getting holiday pay, right whore?” He spit in my face, and I started to cry. It was so fucking hot, the way he was handling me like a rag doll. I knew I wanted, no needed, more of his viscous caress. He didn’t give me a chance to answer, ripping my soaked panties off my fat ass and shoved them right into my mouth.
He picked my fat ass up, threw me on the desk, and slid his throbbing cock up into my tight, soaked slutty slit. I was moaning through the panties, so he slapped me again. I could taste the blood in my mouth. It only turned me on more as he roughly fucked me there in my office, not giving me any choice in the matter. I nodded, crying out as I came on his forced cock. He spit on me, came on my face, wiped himself in my hair, and left. When he went, he left the office door open, and everyone was peeking through the door at my wrecked form.

BDSM Phone Sex

Master Demands Office Masturbation


Sometimes, I really can’t help it. I have to close the blinds and lock my office door during the day so I can play in my soaking wet pussy. There’s not really a reason to be locking the door. The entire office knows what I do; they can hear my loud ass vibrator, and me screaming when I’m squirting all over my desk chair. I should be embarrassed, but I can’t be. Master ordered that I behave this way every day until each and every man in the office forces their cock into one of my tight little fuck holes.
I’m waiting for the day I’m brave enough to leave the door unlocked so that instead of my buzzy little friend sliding into my wet submissive pussy, it will be the cock of a hot fucking Dom. He’ll come in here, choke the fuck out of me and bare bottom spank my ass. Really beat me! Then he’ll force his cock right in my open fucking mouth, and completely use my mouth as a pocket pussy for his thick fucking cock.
After blowing a steaming hot cum load in my mouth and down my throat, I knew he wasn’t done with me. He’ll drag me up by my hair up so he can bend me the fuck over and slam that cock into my cunt. Well, his cunt. He owns it now. I’m his to use at the office. Master is going to be so thrilled.

Bondage Phone Sex

Locked Down And Knocked Up

Submissive Whore
Due to the amount of break-ins, we had started locking the office building up mighty tight. So tight, it would seem, that I was now trapped in here with them. I turned around, looking for a sign of the man who was chasing me. My cunt was dripping wet, I didn’t know why this threat to my life turned me on so much, but I wanted nothing more than to sit down on a bench and finger my sopping wet cunt until I squirted all over the lobby floor.

I couldn’t; I was trapped in an office building with maniacs who were determined to forcibly fuck me and use my holes for their pleasure.
I ran into the staircase, afraid the elevator would draw too much attention. He was there, waiting. Another closed the door behind me. They were on me, ripping away my clothes and forcing my legs apart and my mouth open. I was assaulted with cocks. They were forcing them into my fuck holes, using me as their pwn personal pocket pussy. It was so surreal, and yet I was cumming harder and harder with every fucking minute.

When I tell you that this was my entire weekend, just an almost never ending stream of cocks completely and totally destroying every fuck hole I have. My pussy got decimated, my ass gaped wide fucking open, and my throat fucked raw. But I’ll be damned if I wasn’t stupid turned on the entire time. I guess it’s true; I am a submissive whore. They found me on the floor Monday morning. I wasn’t a pretty sight, and everyone knew what a whore I had been all weekend.

Submissive Phone Sex

Home Invasion Masturbation

Extreme Fetish phone Sex
He stood in the doorway to my bedroom. I wasn’t sure how he had gotten into my house, but his cock was out and he was furiously stroking it. I sat motionless on the bed, my vibrator still half inserted into my dripping cunt. “I’ve been watching you, through the window.” He growled, approaching the bed and climbing in. He never touched me, but perched precariously on the edge masturbating. “Keep going.” He commanded, and I did.
I slipped that buzzing joy toy in and out of my slippery pussy, rubbing and flicking my sweet little clit. My eyes never left his. We stared at each other, mutually masturbating. He had a mask on, but I knew those icy blue eyes seemed so familiar. His cock was huge, and thick, and he was working that monster like an expert snake charmer. He was dripping pre cum, being sure not to get any of it on my sheets.
I was getting close to cumming, and I could tell it was going to be a big one. I was going to squirt during a home invasion while the intruder stared me in the eyes, jacking off his cock! It hit me, and I squirted all over. Convulsing, my eyes closed just for a moment. When I opened them, exhausted and soaked in my own cum, he was gone. There was no trace of him, except for an open window and a draft.

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