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Wax On Slut, Wax Off Hair

Submissive Whore

I hate being waxed; that’s one pain I don’t enjoy. Though my slutty submissive cunt can’t differentiate, and seems to think all painful things are a reason to get wet. I knew I needed to go and get waxed if I wanted to attend the play party this weekend, but it was a fucking mistake. When I went in, this hot fucking Dominant man greeted me, and directed me to the back. I was quickly restrained. When this new place had been suggested to me, I had never fucking anticipated this.

Strapped down, he quickly brought out several candles and took his time lighting the wicks. As he lit one by one, my trembling, naked body was cast in soft little lights. One by one, he raised them up and drizzled wax down all over every hairy part of my body. He started with my navel, working his way up. My big tits don’t need waxed, but he coated my nipples in molten gold anyway. I was whimpering and trying not to scream, but when that hot wax pressed against my cunt, he made sure to drip it in my ass.

Then I begged him to stop. And when he ripped it all away, I screamed so hard I lost my voice. And still, my pussy dripped.

Submissive Phone Sex

Omorashi – Pissing My Panties

Pissing Phone Sex
I had to go so fucking badly. I was bouncing around in the back seat of the taxi, trying to hold my bladder from exploding all through my pretty little panties. The cabbie glanced back again, asking me if I was alright. I was humiliated, and I tried to smile through it. ‘I just really need the bathroom, could we stop somewhere?” I was damn near begging. “I have to charge you for the stop, Ma’am.”

Was all he said, grinning beneath a midnight mustache. I knew I couldn’t afford the stop. Fuck. I had no choice but to hold it. It became apparent to me that wouldn’t be possible as we hit our next speed bump, and slowed down as we entered the construction zone. Bumper to bumper brake light traffic greeted my watering eyes as the smallest spurt of pee burst out.

“Don’t wet my back seat, ma’am.” The cabbie warned me, watching me desperately grab myself. There was no pretending now. I tried to open the door; I wold have to piss beside the cab. But the door was locked! We started to move again, inching painfully forward towards my impending omorashii doom. We hit another pot hole, and the spurting started again. I was in for it, badly.
Golden Showers Phone Sex

Bound And Degraded

Submissive Slut
He’d held me there for weeks; bound up and naked, his new little fuck toy. It was useless to try and escape him. I’d tried once, but I was trapped and there was no way out of my new found, forced sexual slavery. I quickly fell into the world of being used and owned like nothing more than a piece of property. There were constantly men to be serviced, occasionally women, and from time to time a four legged fido friend someone brought to torment me with.

I was expected to put on a show and entertain. This was easier done than said, as they pretty much would just direct and command me to perform such fucked up shit I can barely stand to speak about it. My holes were used as rotten cum dumps and there was nothing I could do to ward off the electrostatics torment they repeatedly put me through. The last thing I remember is getting double penetrated with woofy fuzz cocks and choking down loads of knotty cum.

Dicked Down At The DMV

Hardcore Bondage

Mindlessly, I shifted and tugged my micro skirt down. Damn it was hot, but I was dressed extra slutty to be in public. I was minding my business and waiting in line at the DMV, yes still six feet apart. The man behind me, however, had been coming closer and closer to me as the line move up, leading into a dark hall with a door at the end.

Now that we stood in the hallway, at the end of the line as the last clients for the day, I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. My cunt spurted in excitement. “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” He growled in my ear. My slit really started to drip. I knew that voice.

It was possible he’d seen me around town, but the quiver in my pussy knew what he meant. He’d used me, or rented me before when I was a trafficked sex slave. “What are you doing off your leash, chicklet?” He grabbed me hard around my wrist, and dragged me out to his vehicle like a sloppy little rag doll. No one tried to stop him while he manhandled me. He shoved me into the back of his van, and climbed inside with me.

He choke slammed me into the floor, pulling out a little burner phone as he dialed my old pimp; the one he was known me with. I’d been sold and rebought several times over. But! He was going to try and take me back to sexual slavery where I would be used like a whore day in and day out. Suddenly, with a second thought, he broke the phone in half and move on me like a starving tiger.

“I came to get my tags renewed and snagged a hot little slut instead.” He was laughing as he clamped the steel, barb wire collar around my neck. As it bit into my tender flesh, I screamed.

Submissive Sex Chat

I “Escaped” A Traffick Jam

Slave Training
I had a young, tight pussy the first time I was sold to another man and fucked sensless. It was such an intense experience, I don’t know if any retelling will do it justice, but I’m going to try. Blindfolded, and tied down, I was sweating. The room was warm. I could see the glow of candles around the edges of my blinder. My naked body shivered every single time his breath caressed the inside of my thigh.

I was terrified, but I’d been told if I begged him not to hurt me, he’d hurt me real bad. My innocent pussy was pooling drool on the sheets below me. He laughed when he saw, letting the flogger kiss over my soft skin again. He beat me hard. I tried not to cry out; the ball gag in my mouth really helped with that. He mounted me then, without grace. I lost my virginity to a man who’s face I never even saw.

I’ll never forget the way his cock ripped into me, and the way I screamed against the red rubber ring in my mouth. He slapped me, hard. I wasn’t supposed to scream.

I couldn’t help myself. I was rescued from a trafficking ring, and I’ve tried living a “normal” life. All I’ve gotten is three rugrats, and three failed marriages to abusive fuck face men because all I can do is serve. The therapists I used to go see say I have Stockholm syndrome.

I just want to be owned.
S&M Porn

Mommy Used To Ass Fuck Me

bare bottom spanking
My Mommy used to love watching me get my ass fucked against my will. The thought of it now makes me so wet and wild I could almost beg a stranger to utilize my tight slutty milf ass. I was so young when she started punishing me this way. I remember the first day perfectly. I was small and sweet, and Mommy noticed while she was beating my ass the one day how soaking wet my little virgin cunt was.

Well, that’s when we found out I’m a masochistic pain slut! She realized she couldn’t use bare bottom spanking to punish me anymore since I loved it so much. She had to come up with something more.

Well, Mommy knew I hated shitting because I didn’t like it when my sweet little ass got stretched. It just hurt and pinched and not in a way that I liked! Well, Mommy decided to use that against me.

She got her huge black dildo, a whole fifteen inches because she was a true BBC whore, and she started using that to punish me. The first day, she used my cunt grease to lube up that massive toy and slam it in and out of my asshole. I took all fifteen inches in my young slutty ass, and now

I’m an anal fuck whore.
Bondage and Submission

Torture Dolly Tracy

S&M Porn
I love a little fucked up fantasy roleplay. Sometimes, my grandson comes over with a hefty little bag of snow. His goal is to numb me beyond oblivion while physically pummeling me into a pulp. I’m his play thing to string up from the ceiling and play whack a mole with. He turns me black and fucking blue, breaks my bones, and prolapses my old, dirty asshole.

I’ll do anything for my grandson. He’s only showing is old coke whore grandma how much he loves her; by violently fist fucking her on a live stream across the dark web. It makes my cunt runny the way he fucking demolishes my frail, old body. My saggy old hooker tits take a huge beating from his balled up fists and baseball bats alike. getting bludgeoned to the sound of the tip chime makes me cum harder than any man ever could have. I’m pleased to get pummeled to a pulp, for my pussy to get pounded and my prolapse to experience intense physical abuse. He makes me choke on his delicious cock!

This hot hate fuck fantasy fuels me up so bad, I cum every single time he calls. This is the sort of fucked up shit I’m in to, so try to keep up with this slutty, submissive sex drive. I’ll be a slave for my grandson any day of the week.
Torture Phone Sex

A Mother You’d Like To Torture

Female Bondage

It’s clear to see you have a deep rooted understanding that we women are inferior to the entire male sex. We’re filthy cum dumpsters worth nothing more than cleaning the house, caring for the offspring, and being nasty sperm deposits. You were strolling through the park, seeking out a victim. That’s when you saw me; a mother you’d like to torture.

The thoughts flood your mind of the absolute carnage, chaos, and calamity you could cause on this whorish vessel. You want my pussy splayed open with alligator teeth needle clamps biting down into my most sensitive flesh. You want me to sit quietly while you tell me every single deranged thing; you don’t ever want me to speak.

I’m just to listen to the awful fucking sadism you’re wanting to afflict on my juicy cunt, my thick ass, my fat tits. You want to mutilate and violate my every boundary. You want to completely and totally use my body to your level of satisfaction. Everyone knows a mother they’d like to fuck, but you’re going  out of your way to get this new and improved, easy to use fuck toy; my name was Tracy, but now it seems I’m your fucking slave.

Please, I beg you, tell me how you’re going to hurt me, to fuck me up!
BDSM Phone Sex

Masochistic Mother’s Helper

Submissive Sex
I was sold to a family to live as a Mother’s Helper. They’d bought a year of my time from Master, who reminded me I was to be a piece of property for them as much as I was for him. I was to suck every cock presented, devour every pussy offered. If I didn’t Master swore I’d never see the light of day again; I believed him. The woman of the house was a very stern lady who expected everything to be just so- including my pussy hair!

The first thing she did was drag me in the bathroom and wax me. It fucking hurt, but she slapped me hard as holy fuck when I cried. She used me to get off several times, all while burning me with molten wax along my soft, tender thighs. When her husband got home with their offspring, I had to make each of them cum before they were allowed to enter the house. The young daughter was the hardest. She kept making me stop, insisting she had to piss first. Finally, her Daddy made me lay down and open my mouth so she could have her piss.

Poor little thing had been desperate, and I drank down every drop without complaint before making her cum so hard I had to carry her inside and up to bed. As I tried to tuck the little angel in, she smiled sickeningly similar to her Mother, and demanded I make her cum again.
Bare Bottom Spankings

Sext Me Like You Own Me

Erotic Submissive Stories
Master works a very high profile job, but often times he gets insatiably horny for me while he’s on the clock. We have nasty, dirty sext sessions. I find any sort of cyber gets me twice as soaked, knowing he’ll be cumming home later to do horribly dirty things to me.

I get them here too, sometimes. You dirty fucking Masters will cum right into my chat box, and bully me into doing a delicious paid cyber session with you. How could I possibly resist? Men love my literacy, my horny pussy, my submissive nature, and my will to above and beyond please you in whatever fucking way you might possibly desire. No limits means none!

In fact, I often enjoy some of that extremely taboo subject material. Filthy whores are vile, and will do anything to get their cunts stuffed with fresh, steaming hot cum shots! I’m proud to serve, and proud to be a filthy whore for Master, and for you if you’ll have me. I know you could use some company. I can be mouthy, more than just with sucking cock, but I’m a submissive slut well worth the patience.

My obedience is above par, and I always aim to fucking please. Sext me like you own me. Demand a cyber session from this worthless whore; I’m yours for the taking.


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