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Submissive phone sex when I was a teen wife

submissive phone sex I turned eighteen and married my first boyfriend who was 10 years older than me. An army sergeant that I met at the diner I worked in. He took me to my first social function on base in Columbus, Georgia, a “fishbowl” party. I learned that when a man comes into the party, he puts his car keys in a fish bowl. After dinner, drinks, and dessert, the women take turns pulling a set of car keys out of the bowl and matches with the man that belongs to the keys, and then she retires to one of the guest bedrooms for the evening with said man.

Because I was new, I was conveniently matched with the oldest husband in the room. His name was Cecil and he was tall, 6’3″, and skinny. His thick white hair was parted on the side and slicked down. His rheumy hazel eyes leered at me under bushy eyebrows. Seeing my hesitation he said “Don’t worry darling, I won’t bite” and he laughed a rattling laugh at me. I was just a young army wife, I had no idea what to do. 

He took me by the hand and led me to the tall antique bed with curtains around the Bed. He slowly and deliberately undressed me. He was paying attention to every detail of my body. When we were both naked, I couldn’t help but stare at his long, thick donkey Dick. He chuckled when he saw my eyes widen.

The old husband laid me on my back, closed my eyes, and started kissing me from my fingertips to my wrist, the inside of my arm. My collar bone, my breasts, my neck, his kisses were exquisite. I started to moan and my pussy started flooding. He fingered me gently over and over until I came on his hand, and then he put his mouth down there and licked me until I came again and again and again. I was delighted and dizzy, and so relaxed when he climbed on top of me and shoved his huge monster cock into my very wet pussy. I gasped at the fullness I had never felt before. I came again. And I hug onto his neck as he pumped me full of his cum. What I thought would be the worst night, turned into the best fucking I had ever received. I knew what that little smirk meant on his wife’s face when we returned to the party. And those Cadillac keys, I will be the first to grab them next time.

female bondage

Submissive slut will not shave her pussy

submissive slutA submissive slut like me will not shave her pussy for anyone. I have had many a dom come along and try to make me shave my pussy and I will not do it. I love my bush. It makes me feel womanly and all-natural. Most men these days want their pussies clean and shaved like chicken skin.  Give me a real man who wants my beaver hairy, wet, and smelling fragrant like musky honey. I want an old-fashioned man who is not afraid to dive right into my hairy natural bush and lick my clit until I cum all over his beard. He is the type of man who is burly and rugged and cannot wait to bury his big cock into my sweet pussy.  Once he gives me that, I will truly be a submissive whore and do everything he wants me to do! Except, shave my muffin.

BDSM chat with my newest gift today!

BDSM ChatI’d brought a friend home for Daddy BDSM chat today. She thought it was a normal home, and for all intents and purposes, it looked like it. The place has always been well furnished, and recently using my sex money it’s gotten even better. That was just the first part of it though, the second part was in the drink she was slipping down. I could already see her eyes getting foggy, unknowing of the devious deed I’d snuck right into it. She was really cute, and caught my attention from moment one. While she was chatting me up after class, she probably thought I was a pretty thing that could help her loneliness and give her a friend to call on when in trouble, or at least help her with Cock worshiping. What she got, punctuated by the thud of her falling over on the couch just now and dropping her drink, is a good friend whose plans were to show her a new life as Daddy’s slave. Just then I heard the door open and I ran out to give him a big hug, “home from work?” I asked, and saw him smile as he clapped my ass and held me tight for a moment. “I brought gifts!” I knew he was expecting something expensive, maybe I’d sucked some guy off and got a blender or something. I didn’t let him think that for long, I took his hand and led him right into the living room where the pretty blonde I’d brought home rested. Her eyes were so cloudy, but I knew she was still awake. I had used the best drugs, the kind that leave a girl unable to move but capable of feeling everything. She couldn’t be broken if she wasn’t able to feel! “I brought daddy a new Submissive whore!”

BDSM Chat Anal Whore


BDSM Chat is where I confess the nasty sins of my fucking life! When I was a very young girl before I was sold into sex trafficking, I used to ask for a doctor’s visit every single week! My Mommy and Daddy were so confused, but they took me every week for my special examination. He would pick me up and bend my young little body over the exam table. “Spread your tushy so Doctor Daniels can have a better look.” He would say softly, and I’d reach my little hands back and open my ass hole wide so he could start with one finger and end with his extremely hard and fucking long cock! He never pounded me too fast, no. Doc loved to take his time and it always felt like the best poop of my life so naive me loved it, too. He’d tell my parents he put some antibacterial cream in my “sphincter” so they’d never suspect it was two cum loads they always found in my little girl panties. It would sometimes take days to drip out of my butt, and I knew that when my panties were finally running dry, it was time to go back and get some more for my hiney hole!

I still go back for my exams. My doctor has retired since then, but his five sons have taken over the practice in every way possible.

Bondage Phone Sex


Molest My Mini With Me

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex

You read that right, and you know what I’m begging for and why I’m doing extreme fetish phone sex. I have two young daughters and an very big interest in turning them into little breeding fuck dolly whores. I think they need to experience the abuse I’ve been through as a sex trafficking “victim”, including being bound, drugged, gagged, and shown absolutely no mercy.

I want them to be shaking so bad they couldn’t take a clear photo of their bruises and burns for the social worker if they tried. Master told me he would help me, and after that I knew there would be no going back. Neither of my girls would ever recover from being victims of my rape phone sex fantasies – especially not the way I knew Master was going to treat them. he put an old film up on the screen for my bitches and showed them exactly the way I used to be treated.

There was no way to save them, and even though they tried to run Master threw them down on the bed. He made them huff the stuff and down they went into dreamland. This would be one of those erotic submissive stories to remember.

Then he ripped all their clothes off and forced his cock inside of them one by one. If that doesn’t teach them to submit and give in to their fate as personal pocket pussies, I don’t know what will.


Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

Tracy Takes A Pounding


His cock was slopping in and out of me so hard I didn’t know how to speak! It was so crazy the way he was fucking me and my submissive pain slut pussy was throbbing! I needed to cum so bad but every time he knew I was close he would stop and pull me back from the edge by beating the insides of my thighs with his studded leather belt! Even then, my cunt would drool down and drip a nasty grool puddle on the floor which he would always piss in and make me clean up later. At this point, the welts were running blood down the pale snow of my thighs, and that’s when he’d come back and cum all over them so it fucking burned like a bitch. It’s what I deserve though, isn’t it?

Coke Whore Mommy Hooker

Hardcore Bondage

My pussy was pouring down my thighs while he was fucking me from behind – this was hardcore bondage. I was bound, and I could feel their eyes on me. I knew all the men were watching. I got picked up as a coke whore mommy, and even my brats were watching from the sidelines. Though they were getting just as used as me! One of my girls was bent in half and getting flogged on the soles of her pretty little feet, the backs of her calves and thighs, and those swollen pussy lips leaking with excitement.

My other little girl was tied down, legs spread like a fucking whore, and getting used like a slut by a fuck machine just so they could make pleasure slave training videos! They were barely hanging on as their tits and fuck holes were getting seriously violated! I was getting fucked and made to watch, conditioning me to get off on my own offspring getting used like fucking whores! Not that I needed the conditioning, I’ve been a PMommy since my first little came along. And now? I’d do anything to watch them get treated exactly how they deserve. Like dirty little whores who are going to grow up and be torture phone sex stars just like their nasty, subby Mommy.


Slave Training

Worthless, Bad Mommy


I was rubbing my pussy furiously as tears poured down my face. My cunt was sloppy, and it was slurping along all nasty and wet as I played in it. He was in front of me, holding my daughter. “Say it.” He ordered. There was no way to say no. “Please show my daughter your rape fantasies. Please abuse her and force your cock into her.” I sobbed as my cunt got wetter and wetter. “Mommy please no!” My girl screamed. But, I’m a worthless, bad Mommy, and this was the shit that turned me on. He and I both knew I was going to cum while I watched him breed my little girl, and we both knew it wasn’t going to be the last time he called me for something like this.

When he’s done using my girl, he’ll stuff his cock down my throat until I’m gagging and choking. Like I can’t breathe! That’s just to make sure his fuck meat is all lubed up so he can really pound my worthless Mommy pussy. What sort of Mommy loves seeing rape fantasies and forced breeding on their brats? The masochistic whore with a deep non consensual kink. And that’s me, baby. Tracy.

Bondage Phone Sex

XXX Bondage – Tracy’s NSFW Fucking

XXX Bondage

Freaky perverts seem so interested in my sex trafficking tales! I remember the first time I got left for dead with a sloppy cream pie cunt and a cigarette smoking from my used hole after a massive gangbang. Those men had paid for me in cold, hard cash and after fucking me senseless for what felt like days, they saw I wasn’t breathing and was getting cold to the touch. I think I just over dosed for a minute before bouncing the fuck back, because even though I’m a worthless fuck whore, I’m fucking resilient as Hell.

When I woke up, the cleaning people had found me in the hotel. I had a toilet scrub brush shoved up my ass, a cigarette butt pooled in a dried ocean of cum under my ass, and I looked like I’d been through some intense torture phone sex.

But it was just another gangbang. They called the police, and the cops were hard in their uniforms as they loaded me into the back of the car to take me to the hospital. I was all over the one who rode in the back with me, so desperate to get just one more cum load. He was finding it pretty hard to resist me, and even let me slip my hand into his pants so I could jack him off. What can I say? I was born and raised into a sexy, horny, cock hungry bitch. I can’t help but be a submissive slut.
Torture Phone Sex

Submissive Phone Sex – Simple Fuck Toy

Submissive Phone Sex

Mommy was raised as a sex trafficking slave, and every moment of my fantasies are spent with me having unholy things forced upon me by nasty, abusive men; now I can only get off using submissive phone sex or some other display of my inferiority to men. I’ve turned into a dirty house whore who makes discreet house calls to the really sick fucks out there. They bring me in their home all nice, and I stare at the photos of the wives they hate while they put cigars out along my back, or spank me until their wrist hurts from the swing; never mind my poor, raw ass! I get treated like a worthless fuck toy, a simple breeding whore, and that’s the life for Mommy Tracy.