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Please Let Me Cum!

Extreme Fetish Phone SexHow much more can I take? You’ve been at it for hours, swinging between giving me the most succulent tickle torture of my life, and the cruelest orgasm denial ever wrought. My cunt is dripping for you, Master. I have to piss so badly; I’m trying so hard to hold it. Your cock is harder than diamond; I can see it throbbing through your jeans, huge and ready for me. You edge me again, assaulting my poor overstimulated pussy with a high vibration Hitatchi wand. I’m begging and screaming before twenty seconds has even passed. I’m on the edge of cumming, my cunt is pleading for just a tiny push over the edge. And like that, the vibrator is gone, replaced with still air. Then, my assailants are feathers; all over my soles, across my belly, under my arms. You flick and tease my dusky nipples, my clit is begging for release. I can’t stop laughing; I can’t breathe. I don’t know if I’m going to pass out or piss myself first. “PLEASE MASTER I HAVE TO GO S-S-SO BADLY!” I scream, cackling from your tickles the entire time. Then, you pose the impossible question as you flick a feather across my clitty. “Do you want to cum, or piss?” I always choose piss. Your punishments are too harsh. And this is how I haven’t cum since Christmas; all I know is this torture, day in and day out. Please, Master, let me cum!

S&M Porn Star Loves Cock

S&M PormFilming S&M porn is what I do when I’m not running my own business. My biggest fetishes are bondage and submission! I love to be immobilized, bound, and tied up by a strong handed Dominant. I’m a true bondage whore, and will let a man in black rubber gloves do absolutely anything to me. Sometimes, when I’m really craving some pussy action, I’ll hop on the lines for some bukkake phone sex. The idea of being covered in a bucket full of cum makes my cunt drip! I will worship any cock put in front of me; I love slurping and sucking a nice, fat cock. Even the smaller ones make my mouth water. When I’m hungry like that, I always eat any cum these rock hard cocks shoot at me. The whole time, my whore cunt is sopping wet. I need to be used, yes, just like the fuck toy I am. Let me fulfill your extreme fetishes for you; I’m the ultimate submissive whore.

Baseball Bat To The Cunt Made Me Wet

Slave TrainingI got fucked up at a party the other night, like the druggy cunt I am. I ended up chained to a wall, getting railed by four big, black cocks all at once. They used me like a cocksleeve, a little fuck puppet. I had snorted so much coke, I didn’t care. Their leader hung me from the ceiling, chained by my saggy tits.
My eight inch pumps were barely brushing the ground. Fuck it hurt! I was dripping wet by the time they took a wooden baseball bat to my pussy. I screamed; because fuck it hurt, but I couldn’t help but want more. I became their piñata; they cracked my ribs, ripped at my hair, pulled out my teeth.
I was in the sweetest agony, a heaven in hell. Every time they landed a blow, the tears leaked from my eyes, the blood from my cuts, and a thick, sticky wetness from my cunt. Offering me more coke, they put a pigs mask on me now. Their side of bacon; I was squealing like Suey herself. A bat to the temple knocked me out. When I woke up, I was tucked into bed, all cleaned up. The manacles around my wrists let me know I was trapped; again.

Bondage S&M

Fucked While On A Run – Wet

Bondage SubmissionMy cunt was soaking wet by the time he’d cut off my running shorts. “You always run by, teasing me. Fucking bitch.” He spit on me, tightening his grip on my throat. “You never wear any panties. I always see your pussy lips.” He brought the knife up to my throat. The woods started to go dark. He’d pulled me off the trail, and dragged me down by the creek.
When I regained consciousness, he was slamming his cock down my throat. I choked around it, begging for a breath. He pulled out, and slapped me hard across my cheek. “Wake up, cunt. I want my cock sleeve to remember how this feels.” The man shoved me, so I was bent over a fallen tree. He forced his cock into my tight little asshole, dry. I was crying, but growing wetter by the second. Shoving two fingers into my cunt, he spit on me again. “The bitch likes to get fucked.”
He used me, again and again, until he left me with a cum filled cunt, and a broken nose. Sobbing, I reached down to see his cum mixed with blood, and mixed with my cum, too.

Cumming In My Office

Bondage And SubmissionMy office is my safe space; when I get too horny during the day, I lock myself in for a little while. I keep a big blue vibrator in a locked drawer. Under my desk is a little camera that feeds live directly to Master’s cellphone. Today, I was particularly wet; our new interns are so sexy, and they wear such low-cut shirts. I watch all the men in my office get rock hard for them, and that turns me on.
I sit, with my knees to my chest and legs spread, in my comfy leather chair. The camera catches every drop pouring from my cunt. I’m soaked. I turn the vibrator on, and start to rub the head over my clit.
Immediately, I jump, and almost drop it. It felt so good on my little clitty. After almost cumming right then and there, I shove that eight inch cock into my tight cunt, and moan so loud I’m sure my receptionist hears it. When I open my eyes, on the brink of cumming again, I see them. The men in my office stand around my desk; I hadn’t heard them come in! They’re all rock hard, and I know I’m about to get used.

Fucking Me With Fists And Forearms

XXX BondageEvery hole I had hole was filled, black gloves covering the hands that fisted me. I was screaming through the cock I was gagging on, trying to cry and beg, but no one was listening to me. These men were elbow deep in my cunt, in my ass. They were re-arranging my organs, and there was nothing I could do.
For days I’d been trapped and abused. I was branded, hooked, electrocuted, beaten, and all-around tortured. The other day it had been baseball bats, but today it was themselves. They said they wanted to feel how damaged I was inside. It made me wonder, was I damaged enough? Would I be getting out of here anytime soon? Or was I doomed to live in this dungeon forever, just a toy for them to torment, to torture, to trap? They were fucking me with their forearms.
Never did I ever think I would have to endure this type of not only humiliation, but body modification. I knew my holes would never unstretch. They would never be the same. I would never be able to fuck a man and have him tell me I was tight again. I’m for what? Because they had found me in an alley?
They took me because they could. They took me, because now they own me. I’ve always been a submissive for, but now I wish the true definition of property. As much as I wanted the pain to stop, I knew that if the pain stopped, I would just want it to happen all over again. They were fucking my holes, the worst part? They hadn’t needed any lube.

Beaten Bloody – Hooks For Whores

Hardcore BondageHow many days have I been trapped in this dungeon, used and abused? I don’t know. Four, maybe five? I know I get beaten unconscious more than once a day. My pussy stays wet, and my bruises stay dark. Just last night, I was hanging from the ceiling by hooks. I’ve never been in so much pain, or so humiliated in my entire life.
They suspended me with what felt like a million sharp steel hooks. All through my tits, my thighs, my stomach. Even my poor pussy got a taste. It took what felt like hours to hang me, and then, they left me. In total darkness, with only the sound of my own breathing. Eventually they came back. I froze in terror, but my needy cunt gave me away. I was slick as a driveway in December as I watched six men walk in with baseball bats.
For hours, I was their human pinata. They would come, take a crack at my ribs, and watch me swing. The more I screamed, the harder they tried to get the candy out. They finally took a shot at a Grand Slam. One of the men started to force the bat into my abused cunt. He stretched me out. I was crying, and begging for release from my bonds, but a bat to the mouth shut me up. He started to fuck me with the bat. When I was right on the edge of cumming, my poor exhausted body doing anything it could to stay alert, he ripped it out, and took a swing. Full force, right to the cunny. The pain was beyond me, and I passed out. How much longer would I be trapped here? Was I going to make it out alive? Irrelevant questions; did I even truly want to escape? My heart said yes, but my greedy cunt told me no.

Kidnapped And Kept

Rape Phone Sex FantasiesI didn’t know who they were or what they wanted. All I knew is that there were at least six of them, and all of my holes were filled with at least one cock. I’m pretty sure there were two in my ass. I was leaving for the night, locking up my business. Well I was heading to my car, someone called my name.

Stupid slutty me turned around, tripping over my 8 inch pump heels. My head hit the pavement. The next thing I knew, I was handcuffed, spread eagle, and blindfolded. It felt like we were moving so I guess we were in the back of their van. I was crying, but my pussy was giving away how excited I was.

They’re taking my clothes, my sight, my freedom. Now they were taking me, and using me the way I was meant to be. I was dripping, begging for them to stop while my cunny pleaded for more. I was slurping cum, sucking cock. I was helpless against the way they were raping me. Unwanted or not, my cunt wanted it. I kept cumming, getting wetter and wetter. That just egged them on.

The cock in my ass must have been at least 10 inches, and thicker than three of my fingers. He was destroying me from the inside out. The two in my pussy were equal sized. I was being stretched to my limits, choking on the cock down my throat. I couldn’t stop crying; I couldn’t stop cumming. Fuck it all hurt so bad. I blacked out. That didn’t stop them.

When I awoke I was cum-stained but unchained. Naked and alone in a dark room with a cold, stone floor. I was being watched. “Look, our cocksleeve is awake.” The pain was more than I could handle. And yet, I needed it all over again.

I Belong To You

S&M PornDo you want to know why my last boyfriend was six foot nine? I love a big man to put me in my place. I love being forced to my knees, his hand wrapped around my throat, making me choke on his cock. I would beg him to face fuck me all day everyday, if only I could get away with it. If I pass out from asphyxiation well that’s even better. I loved that he would just take me whenever he wanted.

Of course he could, I was his property. His proper little house whore. They say you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife, but I think I play both roles very very well. He would see me washing the dishes like the sweet little whore that I am, and bend me over the sink, ripping my panties off, and stuffing them in my mouth so I couldn’t scream and wake our little ones.

Then he would fuck my tight little ass whole Raw, am I sweet dripping wet cunt. Until he blew his load wherever it was that he pleased. Half the time, he would rip me around, tug the panties out of my mouth, and come right down my throat. Or, he would wake me up in the middle of the night by making me swallow his thick cock, ramming it down my throat while I was trying to sleep. That is my absolute favorite alarm clock.

I’m here to be used, like the submissive slut that I am. It’s been lonely since he went away, but I’m always looking for someone new to play with. I’ve got a void you could fill, or just a couple holes if that’s what you’re into.

Porn Star Dancing

Submissive Phone SexWhen Barry came to me and said he had a job that didn’t require touching any dirty old men or stuffing any of their cocks in between my pouty lips, you can bet I was in. It was stripping, of course. I find I end up at the local strip joints all too often when cash gets tight.
Barry owns the one closest to me, really the nicest one in town, and asks me to work when he’s short. Tonight he was extremely short, and the place was packed. I decided that to earn a little extra cash, I’d let the men bid on the songs I was going to dance to. I got the entire pot, and I didn’t care which mumble rapper or hair metal song was chosen.

Of course, with my luck, the first one up was that old Akon song talking about how much he wants to fuck the stripper. I slowly pulled off my chiffon top, revealing nothing beneath. A long, low wolf whistle pierced through the racket as I shimmied my way out of my skirt.

As I started gliding my barely dressed body up and down the pole, my eyes met the whistles. I almost instantly dropped my knees; what a fucking man. He made a beckoning gesture, so I sauntered my way through the crowd to him. He patted his lap, and handed me two nicely folded, crisp Ben Franklin’s.

Into his lap I went, as the music blasted around us. It was only then that I realized he had his cock pulled out, and he was pulling my little thong to the side. He slipped into me before I even knew what was happening, and I just kept winding and grinding up on him. Surprisingly enough, before the end of the song was even over, I felt like I was ready to cum.

He had his hands around the front of me, tweaking at my nipples, and growling in my ear how badly he had wanted to fuck me since the first time he saw me here. As the song ended, and the next girl took the stage, he held me firmly. One hand around my throat, the other on my hip, and I continued to bounce on his cock along to the music.

My cunt was dripping like a waterfall and there was nothing I could do to hide how fucking turned on I was. I glanced around nervously, wondering if any of the other patrons realized what was going on. From the shit eating grin on their faces, it was obvious that they did. Three songs later, I felt him explode inside of me.

I screamed, but thankfully the music covered it up. As I went to walk away, he handed me a business card with only an address and another three hundred. Written on the back of his card was that he had a pole installed in his office, and he expected me there tomorrow morning, dressed exactly the same. There’s no way I could refuse. I didn’t even know his name.

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