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Erotic Submissive Stories
Master works a very high profile job, but often times he gets insatiably horny for me while he’s on the clock. We have nasty, dirty sext sessions. I find any sort of cyber gets me twice as soaked, knowing he’ll be cumming home later to do horribly dirty things to me.

I get them here too, sometimes. You dirty fucking Masters will cum right into my chat box, and bully me into doing a delicious paid cyber session with you. How could I possibly resist? Men love my literacy, my horny pussy, my submissive nature, and my will to above and beyond please you in whatever fucking way you might possibly desire. No limits means none!

In fact, I often enjoy some of that extremely taboo subject material. Filthy whores are vile, and will do anything to get their cunts stuffed with fresh, steaming hot cum shots! I’m proud to serve, and proud to be a filthy whore for Master, and for you if you’ll have me. I know you could use some company. I can be mouthy, more than just with sucking cock, but I’m a submissive slut well worth the patience.

My obedience is above par, and I always aim to fucking please. Sext me like you own me. Demand a cyber session from this worthless whore; I’m yours for the taking.


S&M Video: Newton’s Sadistic Nipple Cradle

S&M Video

I pretend that I’m a strong woman, but I’m really just a piece of slutty, submissive meat for my Master to use however it pleases him. Once I found out that my cunt poured a fucking river of bitch grease every time I got hurt, when I realized my submissive snatch responded to pain, I was done for. I never could keep my slutty fingers out of my slick little slit. Master has warned me not to touch his cunt without permission, but I woke up yesterday with my filthy fingers pumping pathetically in and out of my pussy.

I had gotten so horny I’d started finger fucking myself in my sleep! Well, Master caught me and I knew I’d pay dearly for my transgressional sins against His Pleasure. Master said we were going to make a hot S&M Video. He dragged me by my hair into his Chamber of Faith, as he called it. I had to put faith in the fact he wouldn’t kill me every time he forced me in for a punishment or play session. Master likes it rough, needs it rough. He bound me up, and attached needle tooth alligator clamps onto my sensitive, swollen nipples.

I cried out in pain; my cunt pulsed in pleasure. Master attached the weights, and started to swing a most sadistic Newton’s Cradle. And then…
Submissive Slut

Fuck Doll Tracy

Submissive Whore

“Oh, yeah, Tracy? Tracy with the fat ass? No, haven’t seen her.” That nasty little fucker was such a liar! I had been forcibly stripped down until I wa shivering the fuck naked, shoved thoughtlessly in the trunk of his car like the worthless piece of fuck meat I am, tied up like a Christmas ham so that I couldn’t escape, and wetter than the Atlantic Ocean during rainy season. MY pussy was fucking soaked, even though I was in the last few moments of my life and I knew it. My assailant was lying his cock off to the cops, knowing full well he’d taken me captive to be his new little fuck doll. He had picked me up from work, boosting me a ride to the company meeting. That had been a week ago. Three days ago, someone had finally bothered to file a missing persons.

They weren’t going to find me, however. I knew i was his new little fuck slave. The very thought had my cunt dripping. I heard the officer drive off as my captor got in his car and drove us out into the desert. The vultures would eat well in a few days.

Degraded and Humiliated

Submissive Whore

Master loved games, especially the type where his submissive whore gets humiliated in front of her degrading public. I would say adoring public, but you and I both know what those vicious perverts are truly here to do; show the world what a worthless little bitch I really am. You won’t catch me complaining. My cunt turns into a regular slip-n-slide with every nasty name those fuckers drop. They tell me what a bitch I am, such a slut, a filthy whore, a dirty cunt, a worthless torture doll.

They’re right, aren’t they? You and I both know. But I love to hear how horrid I am. I love to know they want to hurt me. And they sure as fuck do. They tie me down, and use me however they like. One by one, they blow there loads in any of my fuck holes. My ass gets stretched beyond repair, my cunt is used as a proper cum dumpster, and my throat gets fucked raw. Nothing can stand between me and my true purpose. Master has seen clear to that. He says my days as a working woman are over; my only job is to serve him and who he says now. Master says I’m on loan today. What do you say, Sir?

Submissive Sex

Aileen’s Young Slutkins Electro-Fucked Me

2 Girl Phone Sex

Aileen is my nasty PMommy cousin who really does like to keep it all in the family. That’s right, we’re talking filthy incest sex with her and her slutkins. Those little brats love it when cousin Tracy comes by for a spell. They know just what to do to get my pussy to drip. Aileen let them play a game with me when I was there this weekend; a twisted version of pin the tail on the donkey. Aileen, she suspended me from the ceiling with my legs spread wide, leaving me immobile, and gave her brats tasers. Set to stun, if you will, she blindfolded them and set them loose upon me.
I was catching shocks all over my body.
|She has five, two boys and three girls, and those little monsters were really letting me have it. Her oldest found my cunt and was purposefully zapping me again and again right on my clit. I was writing in pain as my nasty slutty fuck hole started to really ooze and drip. I was so close to pissing myself. When Aileen handed out the electro-whatever wand, and it got shoved right up my ass, I pissed all over myself as I came painfully. The rugrats had taken off their blindfolds and were just teasing my body now. I was begging for them to stop.
Aileen stood in the doorway, smiling. Such a classy whore, letting her young ones learn on cousin Tracy.

Submissive Whore

He Forced Me To My Knees

Submissive Slut

I was roughly pinned against the wall, the grit of the bricks scraping against my bare back. He had cut the shirt and bra off of me mere moments ago, determined that he needed better access to me. His strong had was crushing my windpipe, and with every squeeze my cunt was dripping more and more. I was terrified, but my body was betraying me. It knew better than anyone what it was that I wanted; or more, what I needed. Getting used like this, forced to pleasure a stranger in a dirty, downtown alleyway was so close to the sick fantasies I actually craved.

He lifted me off of the needle littered asphalt. “Let me ask you one more time, bitch. Are you going to be a good girl for Master?” The submissive slut in me screamed “YES!” but my type A personality managed to choke out a “No.” He wasn’t pleased. He dropped me, letting me crumple to the concrete. It tore up my legs, and ripped away my pantyhose. My back scraped down the wall. I screamed, I bled, and my pussy leaked. He was pulling out his thick cock, throbbing and dripping. Grabbing me by the back of my head, he forced my mouth open. I stared up at him with pleading eyes.

Please, use me.

Submissive Whores Work Hard

Submissive Whore

Being a submissive whore is not as easy as you might think. I have to constantly do everything in my power to submit, so serve, and to please the men that use my body. It isn’t a mindless job; I have to obey every single whim and command, under fear of punishment. I say fear, but if you wake a look at my sopping wet cunt, we both know I’m not afraid. I’m desirous of being  demolished the way that a real, nasty little fucking slut would be. I need to be used like a little pain pig, showed the ropes and how they’re used, whipped, bruised, and abused until I’m leaking juice and oozing cum from my nasty little fuck holes.

The true submissive bitch can’t cum without serving, or having it done to her. I can’t masturbate my own dripping cunt anymore; it brings me absolutely no pleasure. I need to be on my knees, mouth wide open as cocks pump loads and loads of hot cum all over me. This is what I need. I need to be used like the masochistic whore I am. Are you up for the job?

Black Cock Is Superior

Submissive Slut

It’s all about hung, black cock. Black cock is superior. Getting my fuck holes stretched by some massive man meat is enough to make my cunt pour forth a river. I’m so fucking horny baby! I need to get my cunt stuffed, my mouth filled, and my as torn right in half. I’m a true pain slut, and I love a rough fuck. I need a real man to be able to handle me, and I can tell you right now the only throbbing cocks up to the job of fucking, stuffing, filling, beating, and eating a pain slut submissive bitch like me are BBC. BBC stands for Big Black Cock and i love those juicy ones.

In fact, I have a client who calls me phone chat numbers regularly, who loves to eat black cum! He pays a hung black bastard to come in and just absolutely fucking wreck me. Then, he wants that thick man mean to cum in me so I can squat over his face, and that little BBC cuck can pick up every drop. He loves to help my Black Master abuse me. It gets his cucky cock off. As long as it’s masochistic, I’m dripping the entire time.

He Used Me Like A Submissive Slut

Submissive Slut

“Suck that fucking cock, you fucking slut.” He grabbed a handful of my hair, shoving his cock down my throat. “You’re going to get used bitch,” He started throat fucking me, hard, fast, and it hurt so good. My cunt was soaked as he grabbed a second handful of my hair and slammed my oral fuck hole like the worthless whore I am. He was choking me with his massive cock, and I couldn’t breathe, My eyes were tearing up, I was uselessly bound. He spit on my face, and I tried to gasp for air around his cock. He finally let me breathe, and I dragged air into my lungs greedily. He spread my slutty legs, and rubbed his cock on my clit, making me moan and beg for him to fuck me. He slapped me, slowly pushing his cock into my cunt. It was driving me wild, so slowly, but he went balls deep stretching me out. He pushed it in so far it hurt, and I cried. He pinned down my hips, my hands tied above my head. He started to mercilessly pound away at my cunt, and I was only getting wetter.

Pain Slaves Take What They’re Given

Bondage And Submission

I’m strung up by my ankles, dangling two feet above the cold, linoleum floor. I’ve been stripped naked like the slut I am. My legs are spread, my glistening cunt on display for the onlookers. The stage lights are hot on my skin, but not as hot as the bite of the whip. The sting always follows the crack of it, but it splits on my soft skin, and I scream every time. The audience applauds, those of them who aren’t stroking their cocks, or sucking someone off, or best of all getting railed. I was on display, being beaten within an inch of my life while my cunt got soaked beyond my wildest dreams as the world looked on. i was being humiliated on public international television, and that thought alone is enough to make me damn well squirt.

Master pressed the brand into my fat ass cheek, and I scream as my skin bubbled beneath the red hot steel. His name was forever, painfully seared onto my ass, and every man I fucked from here on out would know who I belonged to. I’m a slave to him, for now and forever. I screamed as he began to whip me again, my cunt getting wetter with every fucking stroke.

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