Use me as a punching bag

extreme bondage

Master came home tonight with an evil gleam in his eye. He ordered me down to the dungeon and to get naked. I hurried and did as requested and he said that tonight we were going to do some extreme bondage. I shivered as I knew that it was about to be a bad night for me. He tied me up so that my arms and legs were behind me and then suspended me from the ceiling. He put my ball gag in and then taped over it so that I couldn’t get too loud. He then proceeded to use me like a punching bag. He punched me in the face, the torso and my thighs. He then used my tits like speed bags. I was crying and screaming but he didn’t care. He then moved on to practice his kickboxing. By the time we were done that night I was so exhausted and bruised that Master had to carry me upstairs and into bed. He then proceeded to tie me up and fuck me as roughly as he could. My pussy was swollen and purple by the time he spilled his baby batter inside me. He then untied me so I could clean him up.

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