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Extreme fetish phone sexMaster wanted to show me what happens when you act up and be a very bad girl so he had his young little niece come over to have some fun with us. As he handed me a leather whip, he told me to go all out on her and don’t hold back whatsoever. He instructed me to lash the life out of her bald little cunt until she was bleeding, screaming, skin welting and begging me to have mercy on her. I did exactly as I was told and used all my force to crack that thick leather whip against her baby soft skin. It was so fucking funny to watch how pathetic she looked while I knocked some sense into her. Master was jerking his cock as he witnessed the violent acts against his sweet little girl. He was very pleased with how I treated her and rewarded me with a big jizz load to guzzle down! I love being a filthy cum slut while having extreme fetish phone sex!

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