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I have always been open about my bondage habits and so I get a lot of people interested in bondage chat. Many are curious as to what extremes I will go to, some want to know the pain levels involved and my least favorites are the ones who want to tell me that I am a whore and that sex and bondage are wrong. The chats that I enjoy the most however are the ones who are interested in getting their partner involved ad what they need to do. I usually recommend so research online and a simple under the mattress bondage kit that you can buy at any local adult store. I do explain that this is not everyone’s cup of tea and to not be upset if their partner is not into it. I also recommend that they try the bondage themselves so that they also have an understanding of how it feels and the loss of control. I also recommend videos to watch together and if they want to go further then to try classes and seminars put on by the local kink groups to help with their levels of experience. Most are very thankful and will be more open-minded to trying new things with their partners. I am really glad that I can help these people feel more at ease and to help the kink community grow.

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