Whore’s commandments

submissive slutCock worshiping

Daddy loves to train Naomi and I. We both know exactly what daddy loves and we are always ready to be his obedient sluts. Daddy has simple rules, and they are as follows. First always know your place. That is real simple our place is on our knees like two servant sluts ready to make all of the daddies dying wishes come true. Second rule and probably just as important as number one. Always address daddy, as daddy. Always start with daddy end with daddy. Third always be ready to be at daddies beck and call. Whatever we are doing we must stop and attend to our master daddy. Fourth if daddy wants us to keep it cute and look our best naked if that means having to starve and clock in endless hours at the gym to avoid being a lard ass than so be it. Daddy likes pretty bitches only, and that’s what Naomi and I are. Fifth daddy wants access to all our social media and all our nudes he can ruin our lives in a matter of seconds by posting all our naughty escapades for the world to see. Sixth be willing to take all the pain humanly possible and not complain or make a peep. Seventh assure daddy you are his submissive slut. Eighth always remember piss belongs in your mouth. Ninthbow down for daddy. The tenth rule remember daddy likes you to bring bimbo friends once in a while.

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