Yes, Master

I heard you screaming for me – yelling “get your ass down here, you fucking dirty whore!”. I knew you were in a mood and I knew I was going to get punished for whatever kind of day you had at work. My pussy tingled as I tip toed my way down to the basement where you were waiting. I knew not to make any noise, as I am not allowed to anger you any further. You look at me with such disappointment, and I look at the floor, ashamed of what a submissive little fucktoy I really am.

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You tell me to get on my knees and then walk over and begin rubbing your balls all over my face. They are sweaty and hot and moist and they soak my face. I let you continue to humiliate me as you begin slapping my cheeks with your hard cock. You tell me that real girls don’t have to be punished and that real girls are not little whores like me. You tell me I deserve everything you do to me, and I know you’re right.

As you put your cock in my mouth you warn me to be gentle. The last time I accidentally drug one of my teeth on your huge cock, you beat me senseless. I will never forget that day, and I am ever so careful to do it just how you taught me. Silently and without closing my eyes. I have to stare at you even when you pull my hair so hard that my eyes water. You need your blow jobs done your way, and I am your little fuckpig whore that makes sure they get done right.

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