I could never be your average run of the mill girlfriend. I have always been in touch with my sensual, sexual side and I have always known that I was born to be a submissive whore. I am a born and bred Floridian. My earliest memories of the beach and fun in the sun all include watching the men and women with their golden brown skin and their scantly clad bodies. These memories all include a driving desire to submit, to experiment with things such as being spanked and the kinky desire to be held down by big strong hands. I really have a kind southern personality but now that I am older and in the adult entertainment industry in the form a BDSM phone sex operator I love giving in and becoming the sweet southern girl that gives in to a man’s control in any situation or fantasy that he desires. I have been told many times that I am a well trained submissive slut. I listen carefully and do my best to please the men and woman that I am beneath in the bedroom. Over the years I have found that there is so much more to submissive phone sex then things like bondage or spanking phone sex. The perfect submissive slut knows how to allow her Master of the evening to control her emotionally, spiritually, physically, and sexually. This complete and total submission is what brings me the greatest pleasure and serves to light a fire deep in your loins that can only be extinguished by my complete submission. Please cum and tie me up, whip me, tell me when and how I can touch myself, tell me when and how I can touch you, make me beg, pray, crawl, live and die for you. Bring me your most erotic and sensual request or your deepest darkest fantasies and let me help you make them a reality. When you finally look down at me panting from the experience and tell me I have done a good job, I will let my cum flow hot and sweet from the intense experience we have both shared.

Sweet, Southern, Submissive~Robyn

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  1. Frank

    What’s your schedule? I’d like to place a call next week!

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