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Milf phone sex A milf phone sex slave can worship your cock like no other! Master had me on foot duty this weekend. I was slathering his feet with my tongue and cleaning in between his toes as he jacked off his cock over my head. I love some hot foot worship of my master. His big cock smacking me in the face as he tells me what a good nasty whore I am. Sometimes he makes our daughters watch so they know what mommy is. And other times my son watches so he may learn the art of dealing with an older slave such as myself. As I am slathering slobber all over his feet, his cock invades my lips and I go to town sucking and slurping as fast as I can. I want to show my offspring how to suck cock properly and how much I enjoy serving Daddy! A true submissive whore wants to teach the younger generations all about being a slave to cock and men! Without a woman to show them how would they ever know that is the slave life for females and Master life for my son, all destined for them!?

Pussy Torture Erotic BDSM stories

Erotic BDSM stories Milf pussy torture is the best way a master can control a subby slut like me. Erotic BDSM stories of a older slave who loves to be pushed as far as she can. Clit pumps and fuck machines and precision electrictrical stimulation make me weak. I deserve and relish all the havoc he is wrecking on my Milf cunt. I need that intensity to bring me to that wonderful of sub-space. A place where I am free to do as I need, my thoughts are only of serving and giving my body to my master. Being enslaved for as long as I have, I need a little extra help getting there. The ass fucking was a masterpiece to bring me gushing over and over, I must say! 
I always want my master to feel pleasure from me. His pleasure is drive from pushing me to and over all sexual extremes. He knows I will suck him in a fantastical thankful blow job when he is finished with me. Side note: my teen son is learning alongside Master, and that makes for more extreme situations as he gets the full lessons on how to become a DOM. I only hope my son is as good of a master as my Husband is to me.

Master gives me extreme Bondage

Extreme Bondage Extreme bondage was my gift this year! Master gave me the best present. He wanted to have me all to himself as he secured me by ropes and shackles. There was nothing I wouldn’t do to PLEASE his cock. Completely in his commands all alone without another submissive or Dom with something that I always adored with my master. Though I had been asleep for a while my milf body still needed to be bound and took as if I was a slave for the very first time. My wrist shackled up to the ceiling, my legs and knees bound to the floor made me ache to serve as I never had before! My pussy was already dripping wet before Master put the nipple clamps on and placed a hook in my ass hole to control his wild submissive whore. He knew that once he stuck his cock in my mouth I would go wild with ecstasy trying to get him deeper in my throat. But it was when he attached ropes and catnip toys on the ends of my nipples I knew I was in trouble! My sweet little fuzzy friend was going to get high on that catnip and begin to play with these clamps! I wouldn’t be able to move and my tits and nipples would be tortured! And to make it all that much more painful, Master began to spank me with a cane pole! Oh how he loves marking his beloved slave! I did get his cum though and I did get a nice fucking after all the slaves were trying to gave me! Now it’s your turn to tie me up hard and make me your slut!

dedicated submissive slut

Submissive slutAs your dedicated submissive slut I was at your feet. You had a long hard day and your feet needed much attention. I slip off your shoes and socks, rubbing fist and then clicking your souls. I show devotion and help keep your feet clean. Everything I do is meant to serve. I look up at you stroking your cock for me and see how pleased you are with me. You tell me you need to shit and I follow on my hands and knees. This isn’t just a BDSM scene for us, this is the day to day life of a slave. A devoted to cleaning you ass with her tongue slave. The Kind of submissive whore who will blow you before and after she washes every inch of your skin in the shower. Also the slave who will be put on the rack and spanked mercilessly just because you feel I need sporadic discipline to stay as submissive as I am. I cant afford to fuck up, because I am older now and new slaves, might not be as obedient, but we all know a Milf whore is easy to replace, my skill set isn’t, but my pussy and ass are used in any way you need them to be, and I never have any objections. It wouldn’t matter if I did though…

Made a Mommy Slave

rape phone sex fantasies

Do You have rape phone sex fantasies of your own mother? My son did! He knew what was going on when men would come over. My Master would make me serve cock and be a slut for his friends. I guess as my son started to smell the sweat on his balls, he wanted to take mommies pussy and ass as well. He would come up to me at inopportune times trying to catch a feel of my breast and ass. I would try to shoo him away. Yes, my own father had turned me out, but that was many years ago, and he was doing it for my own benefit! This was my son, born from me, I couldn’t just give myself to him. Plus he was young and untrained in the arts of dominance. My haughty attitude got me in trouble though. He was on the wrestling team and much stronger than I anticipated. He had enough of a whore like me denying him. I found myself on the laundry room floor being tied up with my own panties as he forced his cock in my whore mouth. I tried to fight, that seemed to only make him more aroused! BY the time my own son pulled apart my legs, he knew I liked him taking control of me. My milf phone sex pussy was dripping wet as my son took what he wanted from his mommy whore!milf phone sex

Bondage whore Holidaze

bondage whoreWhat makes a better Holiday decoration than a bondage whore all trussed up and nowhere to go? A slave at your every command to make your cock merry and her face bright with cum! Master loves to use me as his decorations at our parties. My nipple clamps holding onto bright sparkly bulbs and using tinsel to hog tie me over my rope bondage. I serve him as the guest pill inside, and smack my tits making my bells jingle! A true whore waiting on the time when I can service my mistress and master cocks tonight. With a nod he sends my daughter over to let me on my feet. I change into my tiny outfit, still showing my bell ringing nipples and my ass as I serve the Duck and mash potatoes to our guest. My daughter and I do our best, but a small spill occurs and I am over my Masters lap as he delivers the bare bottom spankings to set me on course. I don’t mind the spankings as much as the embarrassment of making a mistake. My nipple clamps and the bells draw attention to my tits and another Mistress comes and slaps the holy fuck out of them until I’m biting back tears. And This is it, we skip right to dessert using Mommy Robyn and her daughter to please all the guests. It’s our job to make sure each cock and pussy is fully satisfied! Master throws the best Holiday parties, even if I am sore as hell the next day!

Bondage S&M Milf

Bondage S&MBondage S&M Milf whore here who loves pain and Bukkake play. Imagine if you will a Brunette Mommy tied to a chair and left in naked in anticipation. My Master comes forth to attach steel nipple clamps and tweek my breast enough to make me moan. Those moans are a mixture of pleasure and pain, and all of it goes right down to my pussy folds. A small piece of wax is used to cover my clit to prevent me from having unexpected orgasms. But I will cum just from the pain alone as The ass and thigh thrasher 5000 comes in contact with my delicate flesh. S&M is about deriving sexual pleasure from pain after all and That’s what happens to a Masochist like me. While I do enjoy psychological power-play hence why I work the Submissive phone sex lines, my Milfalicous body craves abuse in a painful way. You will love how I moan and trash under your hand and beg for your cock as we go through a series of play scenes and you let that inner Dominant Master beast out to play! Please handle without care and use me as your unwilling Mommy slave.

Cock Worshiping Cum dump

cock worshiping

I am a cock worshiping cum dump Mommy. I have no regrets about the life that was chosen for me. Very few people from my past know that I live a domesticated slave life. My pops does and I had an impromptu visit from him. My master thought that I should get back to my roots and remember my roots from being a brat slave. 

I was instructed to dress in my sexiest slave wear, the thigh highs and six inch heels and garters and have my hair down. I had no idea my father was going to be the mysterious visitor to use me last night. Imagine my surprise as I was head down on my knees and saw the boots of a man and heard my fathers voice. “Robyn, It’s been a long time my slut.” My heart skipped a beat and The flashbacks rocked my head. I was suddenly that little girl tied to a kitchen chair gagging on his cock. I instantly went to grab his pants and get high socks out. He might have aged but his dick was still strong and long! I looked to my master and was instantly slapped and told I was still a disobedient whore. My dad might have sold me to my master But I always take cock that is presented to me! “Robyn take my cum and get me hard again, and bring me back to my youth with your precious slaves in training!” my pops commanded. Master chuckled and called my girls for a lesson in mommy training with her own dad!

Mommies Slave Training

slave training

I use slave training to bring my daughters up as good servants to cock. Those small tits are perfect to punish. My own tits are his masterpieces of pain flesh! Starting her out with clothes pins and numbing with ice makes the master happy. He gets a new start on fresh young nipples and tits  to put his dick between! He even gave her very first pearl necklace! Imagine fresh whipped young breasts and a coat of daddys cum all over! It never satisfies Masters Hunger but he does get off on me helping train my delectable daughter for him! In these moments I remember my own young tits and the first time I had to show them off as I was receiving bare bottom spankings on a smooth young ass! Men don’t shame small tits, they beat them and your ass! I watched as the paddle lifted each tender girl tit up from beneath as she cried out, for daddy to stop. Then it was this mommy’s turn to make her obey. I sat on her face as daddy / Master whipped her ass and I pinched her tits so hard she screamed into her own birth canal! 

Would you like to help this mommy train her daughters up right?

Spank This Milf Whore!

milf phone sex

Milf  phone sex with a subby mommy can be very erotic. Sometimes public humiliation is used to punish me. Don’t get me wrong, when I say punished that’s just my Master’s favorite word. For me each and every time is a thrill even if other people are seeing my bare ass turned into a cherry red landscape. It’s not always about the violence it’s about the rush that I get from the lash of a flogger or bare hands’ anger slaps across my rump and thighs. I might be able to hide the pain but I will never be able to hide the wetness that creeps between my mommy pussy lips. Spanking turns me on. I’m an ass whore while you are stroking and watching. Stroking your cock, while my ass is upturned and the lashes are going out against my skin almost causing it to break! I won’t be able to sit tomorrow but my butt cheeks are nice to open and there’s been a couple of lashes between them as well. It’s so sensitive! Now I moan and cry because I can’t help it. But that’s what you want isn’t it? All I know is nothing makes me more vulnerable than a nice flesh ripping open ass lashing that you deliver to this spanking phone sex Mommy! spanking phone sex

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