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“Just Some Light Bondage,” He Lied Grinning Evilly

light Bondage

It would be some light bondage. But I knew better. I was willing to submit to my husbands’ boss, but we had never played together before. The scene was set he wanted to roleplay a Rape fantasy from some B movie he loved with an old movie star that had my dark hair, eyes, and big tits. The way he grinned at me made me want to shriek in terror. A big slap rewarded my outburst as I looked to my husband and son who were forcing me to take part in this man’s sadistic games. I went as a slave should and dressed exactly down to the detail of what he wanted. Leopard print old fashioned panties and bra under a cute little outfit he had dropped of for me the day before. On my entrance I was hit in the head and pushed to the ground. Blacked out and woken duct tapped up so hard that I thought my hands and feet would fall off. I am sure this was beyond what a slave would be forced to do. Very much the service slut pain is only used in sexual games. When I looked up to find my temporary master, I was astonished to see family pictures of a woman like me and soon realized I was no move star replacement. I was a stand-in mommy. This man stood over me cock out and said that it was time for mommy to pay for all the things she had done to her little boy. I tried to scream beneath the gag. I knew he was going to hurt me and give me more than just bare bottom spankings…

Mommy Robyns Gangbang Phone sex

Gangbang phone sex

You know times are hard and I took a little job at hooters to make some cash. And well I have a gangbang phone sex tale you will never forget.  My tits are my greatest asset so when my master told me to go shake my tits and serve the men who had been quarantined way too long I agreed. I had been couped up without another man or two to submit to for way too long. Only there were limited men allowed on the first day we opened back up. And there was something vaguely familiar about these ten men sitting tables apart. They weren’t ordering food just beers and making me run all over for little things. Like a napkin dropped and water spilled. Only two other girls were there, and one was bartending and the other was watching me and laughing at my clumsiness and stress. The woman who was laughing pushed me over as I went to pick up a straw and put her heel on my back. The lights dimmed the shades came down and she said “alright boys the party has started! I heard the doors lock and dared to look up and see three cocks in my face as I was dragged behind the bar.  I was tied and gagged, but the gag didn’t last long as my mouth was to be abused! A bottle of tequila pushed in my mouth as I was told to chug. My legs were spread apart, and my shorts ripped off. After the burning of the liquor, this milf phone sex whore had cock after cock shoved in her gullet and was double penetrated at the same time. I thought at first warm beer was being poured on me but soon realized these two bitches were pissing on me! I was fucked so hard and degraded and it was all a set up from my master who knew I needed a good gang fuck!

Cum Eating Phone Sex Slave

cum eating phone sexMy cunt is so wet for some cum eating phone sex tonight. Let me set the record straight. I do not play at being a subby mommy… I’m by all rights and privileges a domesticated house slave slut. I have been in service since before I left my father’s house. I was bartered and traded until I found my husband who is my Master. That doesn’t mean I am not allowed to play with other dominants or Masters’. I have no choice in these kinds of matters. I am serving whomever he says. My son is rearing up to be a dedicated Master of mommy as well. I have a taste for many different flavors of cum. No two men taste the exact same. There have been nights that I have choked on a cock and equally choked on the amount of cum going down my throat. My teen son seems to have the most cum for me to swallow. I think that is because he acquired his daddies big cock and he is still so young. Whatever the case is you are sure you phone a cum slut phone sex submissive in me!

Milf Robyns’ Erotic Submissive Stories

erotic submissive storiesErotic Submissive stories are what makes life go round. I enjoy submitting to a new Master in an Audition in A BSDM friendly restaurant and Bar. I dressed in a black button-down dress with a tiny thing and stockings and heels. I made sure to wear my chains attached to my nipple piercings and my belly button hoop. I simple chain ran around my neck connecting the submissive ensemble. I had my bare ass pre spanked so I could show my marks off as a subby slut to make a good impression. I had wanted to entertain Master frank for a while now. I would bow at Frank’s feet as I had permission to submit from my husband. Training is never complete for this slave. As he ordered me a drink and asked me how I would serve him in public. I sat on the stool and opened my legs showing of my clit piercing and asked if I could perform for him here. I walked to the ladies’ room removed my panties and walked back with my black thong dangling and kneeled on my knees and presented them to him. I played with my clit and gave the audience a nice show. We moved to a table with a clear glass top to order and I was commanded to give the waitress and orgasm as every button was opened on my dress reveling my naked, chain laced body. I pumped my pussy until he orders the waitress to slowly drip the candle from the tables wax all over my tits. It did not take long to cum for her at all. I fed my new master his meal as I jerked his cock off under the table. All in all, I say this submissive whore did well and looks forward to serving in any way she can for Master Frank!

Bondage and Submission Milf


bondage and submission robynBeing a mom and wife with a growing Tribe of brats does not stop the bondage and submission in my home.  If anything, I am held to more strict obedience policies than other slaves I interact with. My son has had a full range of my body these last few weeks. But this weekend my husband and a few Men he rounded up were in complete control of my body I was gifted new crotchless panties with the word whore on the ass. New nipple gauges and chain and a tight latex skirt and fishnets rounded the attire. My ruby red hooker heels were tight on my feet as I made my way down to the basement with my head lowered. I could see the naked feet of all six of the men. Master pulled me by the chain on my pierced nipples and made me look up. Here slut this is going to be your weekend. A little nose candy will keep you energized and cum and piss will be your only meals. I began to ask about our offspring and he said I would be a dutiful housewife while covered in dried cum between the gangbang penetrations and that our girls and son know exactly what a stupid, submissive whore their mother s so it really doesn’t matter.


Catering to Your Extreme Fetish Phone Sex Fantasy

extreme fetish phone sex

I have a masochistic side that I can’t get rid of, perhaps that is what I love extreme fetish phone sex with men like you. I am a mommy whore BDSM plaything who wants you to hurt me. My son loves knife play. Using it as a weapon to force me to do the nastiest things, like suck off the delivery man and piss on myself on live camera with his buddies. I have even strokes and been fucked by his best friends and Fido. He learns well from his daddy, but he lacks that self restrains on giving me pain for the hell of it. I give over my body to him because I know he has no self-control and will hurt me so well! Now I don’t let him have the small ones, his sisters, because that’s only for daddy and I just want to be used by my son to teach him how to be the best master while dolling out the pain to me! I will be the same for you, hurt me ravage me force me, I belong to your cock, All I want is your cum and to be a good milf and mommy whore to you!

True Bondage Whore

Mommy Has been a bad girl, and you know she is a true bondage whore. She belongs right here until she learns to suck your cock whenever you ask her too! Sometimes mommy forgets that she has been given as a piece of flesh and property to you as well as daddy and taking care of her submissive littles’. Bondage whore

All I want is to make you happy, to serve all of your needs big and small. And that cock is no longer the small willy that I used to play with when you were a boy. It is a cock of mass destruction. Please let mommy out of the cage, I haven’t you pissed and jacked off enough all over me as I beg for mercy. Your sisters and father have needs too, but if you let me out I will be your devoted servant, forsaking the head of the household. My teen son is my priority. I have learned my lesson and will take all the punishment and bare bottom spankings that you give me!

Submissive Slut Milf Slave Ramblings

submissive slutThere is nothing hotter than a submissive slut Milf. A woman who bore offspring to the masters and has been under his command for many years. I am a rope bunny and A pain slut on top of everything else. Everything else has been to seek solace with my sons’ cock for a very long time. And when he got old enough to dominate me, I turned to my girls as a pleasure source. I have never known a life without submission. I know what I am. I belong at the feet of my master, cleaning up his bathroom needs cleaning his boots with my hair. And if he commands me to turn my lovelies over to be fucked. I have no choice. I gave up my own free-thinking when I was sold off to my now husband master. You would never know it to look at me, I am his and my sons and I am the seeker of pain and punishment. My darling Angles shall follow in my footsteps. It’s a good life to have. My pussy gets wet for pain, and I need my girls to know this is the way, the only way women are supposed to be. One day they to will be a slave in the hands of a big-dicked master!

Bare Bottom Spankings For Mommy

bare bottom spankings

I did a bad thing. Something that got me more than just sexy bare bottom spankings.  I tried to go out with my girlfriends and leave my brats home alone. My husband, who is my master, was working late so I thought I would get away with it. I came home drunk off my ass and very horny so I tried to sneak in my sons room to have some teen cock. I didn’t know my husband was waiting in my boys room with his flogger at the ready. I tried to run but my son caught me at the door and tied my hands to the doorknob. My husband and son were both laughing as the flogger came out and my husband flogged my bare ass after my son pulled up my skirt and my panties down. I was busted as My son told Master that I had been fucked tonight. that enraged both of them and my throat and ass tore up from the floor up for the next couple of hours as I was spanked, choked and gapped. I really should learn my place. Or I get Punished as a pain slut should and my holes forced fucked. 

Submissive Slut Punished By Master

submissive slut

This Submissive Milf had disobeyed master by not being a sexy vixen and showing off my beautiful tits and ass. This submissive slut is supposed to be alluring and over the top showing off the property of my master. My Master was going to retrain me and show me what a true whore should look, and act like at all times. The packages dropped at my feet were not a present for me but for my master to show his slut off in public. I was demanded to dress. The Micro Mini, halter that barely contained my tits. The slutty fishnets and 6-inch heels, all of it to showcase my big beautiful tits and round ass and luscious thighs and legs. My nipple clamps secured and my collar in place so I would be paraded in public looking like a sexy ass street hooker behind my master. Special nipple clamps and the word slut on the chain connecting them were attached and I wore them proudly as we went into the strip club and my shirt was removed to show off my branding and my big tits. I might be a little older and a mom but my body always gives master great pride. I watched the girls dance and tease my master as I was on the floor with my lease attached. This hot blonde came over and asked my master if she could spank me, that she would fuck him right in front of me if she could. Of, course he wanted to fuck this young huge titted blonde. Make me pay for not being in slut gear every second. A paddle was passed to her and in front of all these patrons my ass was exposed and I got spanked over and over until my cheeks were blood red and I was whimpering for mercy. My Master got to fuck this sweet stripper in front of me while I watched and when he came inside her all I could do was clean his mess from inside her pretty cunt!


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