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Golden showers and Wife writing for my humiliations!

Golden showers phone sexGolden showers phone sex has always been one of my favorites. Something about being a hot piss whore that humiliates me and thrills me at same time. A hot steaming load of piss covering my face after a good choke fuck is the fucking best!  Do you want to hear me gulp down pint after pint of piss out of my beer stein? Of course, you fucking do! As a MILF sub I know how to be a good toilet Sub! Subby whore Robyn spends her time crawling and begs to lick my master’s ass and drink his pungent pee! Consider me your toilet tissue as I clean my ass and every drop of piss out of your cock! 

Golden showers phone sex for Milf Robyns Humiliations

Lets not forget how much I love a good hard piss in pussy! My master wife writes humiliating things on me when I am for public use during a gangbang scene! Cheap Piss slut and piss all over me are my favorites, really!  Master, love to be degraded in public and to be used by everyone. Milf Robyn wants to be the dirty little sub that will do anything for you. I want to be your toilet sub.

Erotic bondage stories of Empowered Dom women

Erotic bondage stories

Erotic bondage stories of a subby mommy pet being dominated by the man behind the screen. 

I have talked about Master Tim controlling me and my daughters and even my daughter’s principle. But something amazing has happened and I can not contain my excitement on Valentine’s morning. 

Erotic bondage stories

The women that work for my daughters’ high school are all following commands from Vicky the principal. But little do they know Vicky and I are under the control of master Tim. And The vice principal is a man who has been turned into a sissy slut for his wife who also follows Vicky’s domination. 

What I want to talk about right now is the Slave training that Vicky is implementing with her new dominatrix powers bestowed upon her. 

Under Master Tim’s guidance, each and every one of her female staff is under strict dress codes and sexual perversions. She has taught many women here about the power of a good hog tie and new paddles and sex toys. When Master gives us a command it’s usually tying a new bitch up and using her pussy until she cums in a crying orgasm.  Mothers are teaching offspring about sex. Mothers are asking teen sons to impregnate them. Pregnant teachers are masturbating in SLave Vickie’s office and getting pussys licked to kingdom cum. This is the empowerment of a slave turned on by female submissives allowing her to assert her power and get a lot of slave pussy in return!

So On this Valetines day SLave Vicky and Slave Rbyn give thanks to the Universe for sending us a strong master who loves his bitches to be pervert Kinky whores! 

Hardcore bondage by my husband leaves me piss filled

Hardcore bondageHardcore bondage by familiar hands are hands I know well. The best master knows all the tricks to get his submissive in extreme positions to please him. Without my hands, I cannot stop the cock from choking me and making me vomit. With my legs tied open, I cannot adjust the thrust of his cock, or fist. 

One is left exposed to the torturous vibrator racking her cunt in uncomfortable, uncontrollable orgasms. 

My master, my husband, and the father of my offspring have every part of my body memorized. He knows the things I hate and the things I love. He uses all his kinky knowledge of me to his full advantage. My master isn’t always kind, and he isn’t always mean. 

But he is a true Hardcore bondage DOM who knows how to handle a pain slut! 

In restraints, my milf ass is whipped with his favorite cane and I yelp a little too loudly.  Out cum the ball gags and the nipple clamps! Master knows with enough bondage he can film me na dI turn into his S&M porn star! 

My ass is in the air as I wobble on my toes, my master forces his cock in my ass. He is kind enough to grab a fist full of my hair to steady me. I am his slut, his bitch and dirty cum dump all rolled into one. I feel his cock soften a little and I worry that he is not into me. Soon, I am rewarded with a hot ass filled with his piss. Down he throws me and I feel his piss leaking out of my shit hole. Now my gag can be removed and clean my ass and his piss from his ever-so-hard cock! 

This is exactly how you treat a submissive whore milf such as me! 

Sexy bondage at the hands of my daughter’s Principal.

Sexy bondageSexy Bondage at the hands of my daughter’s principal has me begging to suck cock. He knows secrets about me and my master that he shouldn’t know. And now I am in his hands and there is nothing I Can do to escape. But perhaps suck his massive master cock.  That should be enough for him right?  Mommy Robyn Has no choice. I need to take what I can get to survive. I must do whatever it takes to please him.

This afternoon is not going to plan. I just want to pick my girls up and head home to cook dinner for my own master. As A domesticated destined slut, I know serving my Main master is all I am worth. Now, here this man is gagging me with his undershirt so I don’t make a sound as he uses a subby milf. 

Sexy Bondage at the hands of my daughter’s principal has me begging to suck cock.

I can hear the bus and car riders’ announcements and I know my darling girls will be looking for Mommy’s SUV. 

Instead Here I am bound to the principal’s chair and being degraded for coming onto school property wearing “tramp wear”. Whatever that means. I dress sexy to show off my firm ass-ets. Next, I hear my girls’ names being summoned to the office. This mean man is set on showing my girls that mommy can suck another man’s cock besides their daddys. He has my girl wait until everyone in the school is gone for the day. 

My daughters and I must worship the cock so we can be released to serve our master at home

Mommies darlings look at me and are scared as he takes out his huge master cock and has each of them suck it. My sexy teens fight for a few minutes, but they do know it is best just to do what he says. Daddy will punish us with some hardcore Bare bottom spankings for being late with take-out.

But we will never leave this office if we do not comply. Pus this sexy man’s power and sexiness aren’t lost on us. It’s a chance to suck and get drilled deep by huge man meat. What kind of subby slave would I be if I passed his cock up for my girls and me? 

Bondage submission of a Female principle and school Nurse

Bondage submissionBondage submission of a Female principal and school Nurse as Master takes over the school. These last few weeks I have been delighted to get my hands on my daughter’s Principle. Veronica is a tall, curvy milf in her forties with a teen daughter of her own. When the master came into my life he wanted not only to own me. Master owns my two slut teen bitches as well. I am the nurse on duty at the highschool part-time.  The way Veronica was owned came about because I am a bad mommy! A bad mommy who kept my daughters home to train them per my master’s instructions. 

Bondage submission of a Female principle and school Nurse

My daughter got in trouble for missing school and Master gets highly aggravated and tells me to call her up and meet with her to tell her our situation. I also had to take her daughter and my two daughters with us for an appointment at the panty store to get fitted for some beautiful soma panties.

Such a strong Master like Tim knows how to handle all women and put them under his spell!

Bondage whore 

He has all the power over the submissive school nurse and Principal of her daughters!

Master Tim Loves his whores in sexy panties and push-up bras!  When we arrived at the store, Master Tim was already waiting. He was very pleased with the outfits we had chosen! Master Tim tells us we are good girls for obeying him. 

Bondage whore Robyn really shows out to her master when she is forced to be with her daughter’s Principle Veronica. 

Now Veronica and I are married but that makes no difference. He is showing her husband how to properly break in a bitch and her teen daughter is riding her daddy’s cock. Meanwhile, I get to get in between my slutty daughter and her daughter Tabbys legs and eat those asses and pussies like no tomorrow!

This last week of Hotel rooms and girl-on-girl submissive action has my pussy soaking wet. Veronica and I are hot milfs who rule the school now under Master Tim’s direction for his pleasure. 

Bare bottom spankings and more for ruining dinner

Bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings given freely for a Milf pet! This sexy whore is still a very slutty hot bitch and enjoys taking cock every day. Things that make my pussy wet are hardcore, never vanilla! Abuse of any kind is my favorite. Now That I have been exposed to real hardcore men I know that my ass is a canvas of pain. Oh, the sting and welts have me soaking my leather panties! 

Nothing is better to wake up to than a good spanking because my master wants me to perform for him.   I see the clamps and the thin nylon rope in his hands, and I beg. Have I not cleaned well enough? Were the clothes not ironed well enough? All I know is without words I am brought into the center of the room and made to straddle a high-back chair. My bush is the first to be attacked with heavy and tight clamps.

My clit is pinched hard as he positions me again. The rope is laced through, as he hooks my thighs and nipple rings up as well.

Bare bottom spankings given freely for a Milf pet!

Oh, I forgot to mention he had me sit on a huge phallus before rope torture. My little outfit and hose are ripped in the process. That’s when I smelled the smoke. My dinner! I must have fell asleep due to Slave training exhaustion!  Then the wack and pain of a cane begins to whip my thighs. Every movement has me pulling at my clit, thighs, and nipples! “Ride bitch!” 

Now I am putting myself in extreme pain for my Master as I fuck myself. How I get lost in pain and sub-space as the cane hits me again and again! Now I must make dinner when he is done with me. Or maybe he will beat me and out me in my cage without food and order pizza for the family! 

My BDSM phone sex is all about me obeying and getting pain for fucking up!

Bondage chat with Master Tim Has me treating him like a King

bondage chat Bondage chat with Master Tim has me treating him like a king! Master is now in control of how I dress and what sex toys I use on myself. He is such a strong-willed man that I will give him anything he wants. Mommy is compelled to have her sons and daughters begin using my mommy holes. I know he is setting me up to fail.

My Husband is going to beat me black and blue for leaving him

By telling me I no longer can fuck my OG Master and husband. I do not think My New King understands I will take the beating and be forced fuck, so I obey him! I have ordered 20 pairs of panties and bras from my favorite place. This master loves his bitches dressed well! 

Bondage chat turns me into a subby mommy Pet for new Master



Bondage and submission are my life and I gladly give up my family to be able to be owned and controlled by Master Tim! Today I will tell my son he needs to give me a new brat. I will enjoy fucking my son in my martial bed and stealing his baby batter!


I am a lowly submissive who only wishes for the thin strip of leather beating across my ass for Master Tim! My panties are in my ass crack as his belt touches bare flesh!  Mommy Robyn is his slave, his toy, and his pet. I am his to do with as he pleases. Yes, I am now his property, and I own nothing. My husband will give me the house for my daughters, and I to be my sons new slaves. Finding such a hardcore master as My Tim has changed my life and I know I shall worship his cock with all I have!

Bondage and submission

Submissive Whore Robyn serves cock at dinner

Submissive WhoreSubmissive Whore Robyn gets dressed up just to be used as a slut. I had a fancy dinner to go to with my Master and family. I had no clue I would be put to work for his friends to use me. Oh, how I just love dressing up and showing off these tits and body. The tight pink dress shows off my every curve with a nice low-cut v-neck. I’m proud of my master’s side as I walk in knowing that I have on his slave bracelet and choker collar. Most people would dismiss my jury but those who were masters are slaves and easily point me out as being owned.  

Submissive Whore Robyn serves cock at dinner

I was feeling fabulous as everyone told me how beautiful I was and I even got to dance on the main floor with my husband. Tonight’s fun had me stepping out of my submissive role and enjoying all the attention.  That was until dinner was served. My master handed me his steak knife and fork and had me cut his steak into little pieces in front of everyone. I immediately blushed. Later the master retells me how my tits flushed with me and swell just a little bit at the embarrassment.

 No one took notice and I began to get a little suspicious that I was in like company. When he dropped his napkin he pointed to the floor and I immediately knelt and grabbed it. Not before I noticed that a couple of the women were jerking their men off under the table. What can I say? I raised my head so fast that I hit the mahogany I saw stars! But this Submissive slut is ready for duty as her hair was pulled from under the table. And my master’s cock was in my face. 

Dutifully I sucked him until he came in my mouth. It seems that dinner ended then with me and a couple of other women led to the couches on either side of the hall. Tonight master celebrates the holidays by having me perform on other men for him. But not before he put me in a nice hogtie pulling my beautiful dress into rags and making me a cum whore for his friends and a couple of strangers. My mouth aches as slut gulps cock down. With my round ass in the air, I take multiple loads. My fancy dinner that I felt so fabulous at turned into a slave whore show! 


Submissive sex chat keeps going even on Holidays!

Submissive sex chat

Submissive sex chat stops for no Holiday! My ass is ready to serve you cock in any way you so please! Often I wish there were two of me, so I could be double the good whore for Masters’s fine cock. My gumdrop nipples are clamped and chained for you. My corset slave dress is laced tightly as I am put in leather cuffs to show I am ready for Masters Instructions. Slave whore pussy is dripping wet and ready for Master’s magic touch. Always willing to be the good whore and obey all orders. Any time of the day I am ready to serve and be Master’s slave. 

Do you have some whips for my pussy as my bare lips push out under my leather dress? Im just a fuck doll who needs to be reminded she is on duty. I am exposing myself to the neighbors as you parade me outside. One such morning perhaps you brought your paddle and pulled my dress up over my waits. Parade me down the street spanking my ass and bring my slave pussy some Holiday Joy! 

Submissive sex chat slave whore is ready for duty!!!!

Bare bottom spankings cum to me every day and Holidays are no exception!

Extreme fetish phone sex for all the men in my life

Extreme fetish phone sexExtreme fetish phone sex cums to those on the naughty list this year. You have been a very bad man and have some dark desires that need to be tended to. King, it’s not your fault that these bitches don’t understand you. It takes a quick-witted subby milf to get to the root of your intense fantasies. I can make you laugh as you beat my ass. A quick lash or two will run all the sarcasm and brattyness from my ass like fire.  

If daddy wants me a little younger for our play sessions, I know he has bad intentions. Bring me down to that pre-slut age and let me turn you on. Daddys got a hard p-cock and he’s about to use it on his subby slut daughter! WHip my thighs as I straddle your cock. Let those men in the house and watch them use me as I cry out for you. 

Extreme fetish phone sex cums to those on the naughty list

Bare bottom spankings happen in our house enough that I know what they need! Gag me and tie me up as you tell me that daddy needs to pay ransom or he will take it out on me. No! Please stop! My words are muffled as a cock slides into my little teen ass! Who’s my teen whore, daddy whispers from the couch!

What! Please, Oh God Daddy you did this to me!
Oh bring me back to the daddys when I was a glutton for punishment and make me feel alive again! There’s a sickness inside of me that’s just waiting to be exploited for daddy, intruders, and sick men who like a subby whore to be daddy flesh lite


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