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Torture phone sex at The BDSM club has me squirting

Torture phone sex

Torture Phone sex is one of the most erotic forms of sexual pleasure. I am known for stuffing extra large dildos inside of my holes and being stretched out until I am a useless slave. I tend to show off my pain slut skills when I get invited to a Bondage swingers club. Who am I kidding, I show off my sub-slut side whenever I get the chance to. My master brought me to The Raging Raw Club a few weeks ago and got some hellacious shots of me doing what I do bestMaster loves sitting back and having other whores suck on his cock as His toy gets her holes alienated. I normally would get so jealous as he shouts out how good his cock is being made to feel by another slave.

Torture phone sex at The BDSM club has me squirting

But tonight as I am blindfolded and hung up, My mind is only on my own sensations. Look at my tist tied so painfully. I thought I was coming here for the usual pet play. But I was so wrong as Master found a floor boy to hurt me. But pain is pleasure, right? So as I am being fucked with the drill dildo and my legs and ass are whipped I slip into subspace. All I feel is pleasure and pain at once. I take the Bondage and submission life very well. I love being a rag doll hung up and tortured sexually! And when I let go of my body and my squirt rains on the crowd, that is when I know I have done my job well! 


Sexy bondage toy Robyn Subslut Knows the ropes!

Sexy bondage

Sexy bondage toy Robyn Knows the ropes, cum, and every other kind! I pose for sexy pictures so my husbad can show them off at work, or at the bar with his buddies. I know damn well he is advertising my ass. 

But things have evolved in our home. Now I must send it to my oldest, my son as well. I know he is showing them off at school. I suspect a young boy will be waiting in my kitchen one day with a rope and a spatula ready to force this mommy submissive on her knees. Perhaps he wants to lay me on the floor and fuck my mouth. With my husband and son showing me off like this I am bound to draw more cocks, by being bound.

Sexy bondage toy Robyn Subslut

The next thing you know I will have the whole football team over to fuck all my holes. Oh, a Woman can dream of being the Milf Gangbang phone sex whore of the High school boys, can’t she? Care to treat me like the sex toy I am? I promise to be nasty, fun, and submissive to your every need. 

Cum slave Robyn I ready to take on her son’s football team any time this season! 

Bondage whore leaves a Permanent Impression on you

Bondage whore

 Bondage whore leaves a Permanent Impression on you and your cock. Robyn here, your sensual Milf with the curves and skills to make you addicted. I love men who are deep into the BDSM lifestyle and know how to handle me. I was born to serve and seduce Dom Cock. There’s not much anything better than a sweet girl who obeys and milks your cock. My master has a couple of sweet tattoos in honor of me.

Bondage whore ready to serve your cock

Many wonder why I stay to one master when I could have any dominant man using me. Well, That’s because I do not just get used and punished by him. He has made me serve many other masters and mistresses love the years. And allows me to do Bondage S&M by phone as well. I need to masturbate and follow commands sight unseen for a horny master.

Working early morning shifts also has ties to sleep deprivation when I am out of control. I have never topped from the bottom.  That is why I require a strong mind and hand. But there are times when I just need to get away from the constant direction of my master. By working here and doing part-time jobs as well as being a mother he enforces my lifestyle.

It’s all well and good to be so wanted for my submissive service. Keep me in check and use me as you please. Just beware I make a lasting impression. My hope is every man can find such a good girl as I. But until then you can give me all the Bare bottom spankings you want! 

Submissive slut & Friend gets publicly humiliated

Submissive slut

Submissive slut masturbates on the interstate for her Master. Voyeurism is a hot topic for my master indeed, he thinks I should show myself off for the masses. Humiliation in public and pleasure are combined for my freaky man. As you know my master loves to have another sexy female with us to humiliate and train in public places.

The first public place a slave like me must learn is in the car. Imagine yourself being a trucker and driving down the highway and looking at two sexy bitches with their fingers and their pussies driving down the highway and their sexy little sports car. I bet you do not guess that they were made to show off like this so they can be even more submissive for their master. But it’s your pleasure to get a hard-on while you’re driving that big rig. 

Public humiliation For Subby whores!

When a master is as good as mine he knows that both of us girls will get more than just bare bottoms spankings if we don’t comply. Made to put on fishnets tiny little bras and thongs to show off every piece of our flesh. 

And we’re going to the porno store. There our master comes to meet us and make us perform publicly. It’s one of the few places where the cashiers and staff members and patrons don’t mind a show. As I come in the door with my new submissive friend I am made to pick out several different toys. I know that Master wants the help of that nice gentleman stock boy. I ask him to put the nipple clamps on the sexy slave and me. And Then I tell him to put the butt beads up inside of her.

 I take out the biggest vibrator that I can find. Masters cards on file and the ladies just ring us up because they know we’ve been here before. On tippy toes and heels, I make our new slave friend orgasm over and over as each butt bead is pulled out slowly! Her first orgasm in the middle of the store makes her blush with embarrassment. And I’m sure the pain of me pulling on her nipple clamps when she crawls around like a puppy pet even adds to that. Of all the adventures we have; being a sexy submissive whore for our master in the toy store is the best! 

Golden showers phone sex Robyn is a pIss whore

Golden showers phone sex

Golden showers phone sex with a domesticated slave is always a great wet and musty session. I know that I am a worthless piss whore. I belong drinking your urine and holding it in my pussy and ass. That is when I’m not being drenched in the yellow stench! It is a nasty toilet slave life for me. One that I grow quickly accustomed to. My own son whips his dick out to hose me down with piss and/or cum any chance he gets to. To the outside world, I am a common quiet, and submissive housewife. No one would know just how nasty I am if they were not part of my husband’s BDSM world. And I don’t like to tell anyone how much of a Pissing phone sex whore I really am.  Being peed on isn’t something you discuss over a glass of wine. But I do think about how pungent my piss will be after a nice red! That’s right I do a bit of piss play all by myself or with my daughters when this slave whore is all alone. I even piss when I’m not supposed to during hardcore BDSM scenes with my master and his friends! Nothing like being hog-tied and three in the shower to piss all over me! I might get whipped or beat! But nothing compares to a nice yellow bath of hot piss! 

Slave training for a slave whore for my very own master

slave training

Slave training for a slave whore for my very own master brings me extreme pleasure. My neighbor had expressed a strong desire to come and play with my master and me. Her pussy got wet as she saw how submissive and devoted I was to my Sir! SHe confessed over wine one night that her boyfriend couldn’t take her and use her the way she wanted. I had her explain more as I set my voice recorder on my cell phone. 

Slave training for a slave whore for my very own master

She began by saying she noticed the bruises across my backside when I was changing for the Charity ball. She wanted to know how I got them. I smiled and told her Masters had been busy keeping me in line with  Bare bottom spankings and caning. Sitting there she wanted us to train her how to be a real sub slut. 

Soon My master was pumping his cock down my throat as he listened to her fantasies of BDSM and slavery. When asked if a could train a new pet I nodded as I gagged his semen down my gulet. A slap of my face, tits and some rope bondage later, he made the call for her to come and play with us. This is going to be the ultimate Satisfaction to my slave whore heart!

Bukkake phone sex subby cum dump

Bukkake phone sex Bukkake phone sex with a milf is good for the soul. I will feed for the night on cum that drips off my body. Make me your cum slut subby Mommy who will do anything to please you! Start with pulling my body out of the shower and dragging me to the floor. I am in your sub-service and I will take anything you have for me. Big dick, whips, and chains excite me. Let me serve you and everyone that you call in for me. Call over a few buddies to unleash big milky splooge all over me for hours. I will work hard with my mouth and holes to get the maximum cum shots!

Bukkake phone sex subby cum dump

Treat me like a doll and whore me out to strangers. Don’t forget about bondage as I ache and cry to be helping you clean the mess off of me. I want to be so cum covered that my skin wrinkles and I feel like a sloppy pig! I am that OG Submissive whore that will do anything for her master! Love, Your obedient cum bucket, Robyn
Submissive Whore

Submissive slut gets tied and tried

Submissive slut

Submissive slut Robyn gets tied and tried as she is being a caregiver! I have a dirty old man who I come over to take care of part-time. He always has a hard dick when I give him his sponge bath. I do jerk him as part of my extended caregiving services. And I wear the latex nurse outfit he requests as a sub-slut should! I love when he tells me how he has used whores throughout his lifetime and the ways he would make me bow to him if he could. Lately, I have been doing more for him. I have been losing my pantie and bra, and giving him quite a show. Today he did ask me to get on top of him and ride his capable cock. He says just because his legs do not work, does not mean his cock is dead. 

Submissive slut gets tied and tried

I already know that his dick is sexy and gets hard for me. So, I climb on top of him and ride his old man cock. Today he also made sure I drank two energy drinks and had a full bladder. Well, just as I was cumming he told me to piss! That wasn’t the part that got me tied up. It was his son walking in on me riding and pissing on his father! 

I guess his son understands that I am a Bondage whore!  Because right now I’m tied and gagged and struggling. The scarey part is my Husband is blowing my phone up! My true master won’t understand anything like this and ill get my ass busted bad! And even worse there are two more men surrounding me now! Please help, they are going to fuck me until I can not walk!

BDSM Phone sex Bondage Bunny

BDSM Phone sex

The life of a BDSM phone sex bondage bunny is intense. My pain tolerance has only increased over the years. And my appetite for kinky submission, while bound, has only grown. Whips and chains excite me but so do humiliating words of encouragement. This cum dump rope bunny is perfect to use and abuse. I am always pushing myself past my own limits in order to be a true subby slave. I know that the more that I can take the greater use there is for me. I strive to be the bottom bitch every master loves.  I work hard to be the best in my submission because it makes me feel alive! There is a lot of competition for an aging whore who adores bondage and  Bare bottom spankings!  I will devore and worship any master’s cock that decides I am worthy enough to be of use to him! Stop by and decide my punishment for yourself, My King! 

Bare bottom spankings Of a Home Aide

bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings for a home health nurse. You know I’m always been kind of a stupid bitch. Taking on side jobs when my husband was struggling at his business only made it easier for men to see my submissive side. I’m a caretaker I’ve always taken care of my husband my offspring and any men or women he brings to me. So when I took a job as a home health aide I never really thought that I’d be in this position.

The old man I was taking care of really didn’t need much help but he was looking for someone for his son and him to tag team. No, he did have some medical issues but it wasn’t with his cock! And apparently, they had made the pact of finding submissive nurses and turning them out to be slaves for that daddy dick.

And with the son punishing and beating my ass so I would get up on his cock and ride him. And of course, the blowjobs that I gave with sponge baths didn’t help my case. So now I am sitting here with spanked titties and a spanked ass and thighs.

And I have to service two men and my husband’s due back any day. I don’t think these two are going to let me know that easily and my secret will be blown! What would you do with your wife doing some nasty submissive shit like this? Would you treat her to some hardcore  Bondage and submission lessons and still let her play with her patients?