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Your perfect Submissive

submissive whoreI vow to be your perfect submissive whore! When my master says jump I do it without hesitation!
Sucking his cock for hours as he whips my ass until it is red and welted. I enjoy my master taking his big cock head and ramming it into my ass hole because I was misbehaving and did not follow his instructions perfectly! Master always shows me exactly how a woman should be treated! Like a subservient cow. I am honored as I am taking a beating and being used the way a female should be used! Let me be your obedient subslut like I do for my own master!
I love cock in my ass, toys in my ass, fingers in my ass, and anything else that will fit in there. Pound me hard with a big fat throbbing cock and balls slapping against my clit and cunt. I really love it when I am bound and spread eagle, vulnerable and ready for punishment including Bare bottom spankings! And ass abuse! I have had a baseball bat in my anus. I have had dildos, every size of cock and every kind of toy in my whore asshole.
I have been beaten mercilessly, bound tight for hours at the hands of a man who loves to see how much I can humanly take! As if I was even close to being human! One of my masters favorite sex adventures involves me being gagged and ass raped fantasy style in my pretty brown asshole. A slave’s asshole is like a mouth that is always hungry and craving to be fed! Double dick me down with a buddy or two, I love being fucked from both ends!
I want to be fucked, hit, slapped, punched, kicked and any other abuse you want to dish out to me I will take like a good little cock worshiping slut! I am here to serve and please your cock at all cost!
Fuck me!bare bottom spakings

Bondage whore Beginnings

bondage whore When I became a newly owned bondage whore I didn’t know I would be trained by my new master’s Mother! I was just a budding teen when I was forced into servitude by a new man. I remember his mother bathed me and oiled me up and dressed me in my first bondage gear. I was so nervous as this total hot milf made me kneel and told me to give her my cuffed wrist behind my back. The man before me was a stranger. His cock was the most visible thing in the low light. She told me to suck his cock now whore! She had been silent in my bathing and looked at me like a jilted lover. I had seen that same look in my older sister’s eyes. I was so confused and taking everything in.
I hadn’t wanted to leave my father and sister yet. Now I was married off in a hasty courthouse wedding to a man I had only met a couple of times. His mother slapped me hard as I hesitated to blow him for the first time. This was the first time this Submissive Whore had ever sucked anyone’s cock besides daddies’. My mouth opened and he brutally throat fucked me like I had never been before! I was falling forward and being rocked back with nothing but my new master and husbands cock. After he came in my mouth he let me fall forward and I received a lash to my ass and thighs from a thin whip. I cried out in almost a scream.
“I told you this bitch is too young, let me show her how to serve you son, as His mother knelt and took his whole cock down like a pelican swallowed a fish! I knew then she was going to be a hard act to follow and she would be the one to lead my slave training!

I earned it!

female bondage

I earned my Masters cum load! Being A female bondage slave for so many years means Master ups his game from time to time and has put me through the most brutal courses know to a sex slave. There are ways to make me beg for his cum like no other. One of them is for him to fuck a nice young slut in front of me and make me jealous. Thrown on the bed in a hog tie like a useless piece of baggage, I felt discarded. 

I saw that young tight bodied slave working his cock with her mouth as he berated me and told me how good of a cock sucker she was. I almost fell off the bed moaning and begging with my body. The ball gag was pushed in tight. I wanted nothing more to show him how much I needed to please him. And when he had her crawl on the bed so he could fuck her right in front of me I thought I would die. I watched her face as she thought she would be getting a cock in her sweet puss. Instead he went straight into her ass and her face told me she wasn’t ready for anal play. I began to laugh behind my ball gag, which pissed the master off and he removed it.  He said I needed more slave training, but I didn’t expect the younger female slave he was vetting to be released and told to please me! I Knew what he wanted as I forced her up and made her eat my milf cunt and told her what a disrespectful whore she was. She was trash to a man like my master as I put my ass in the air and pushed her head to my piss hole! I pissed in her mouth as My Master entered me from behind and fucked my shit hole. I got his cum as I filled her mouth with my warm golden piss! Then he gave me the belt and I whipped her so hard I got a second load in my juicy wet pussy! I made this want a be slave eat my Masters cum out of me too! I mean, I earned his cum she should share it with me!slave training

Cum eating phone sex Milf

cum eating phone sex What your magnificent Master cock needs is a come eating phone sex milf to serve you! The art of cum eating is something this mature sexy slave knows all about. The end game for brutal face fuck is for your slave to hold her tongue out and swallow each and every last drop of your thick semen. Your hands in my hair are pulling roughly back, slapping your face with that thick hard cock. It all starts with a pre-cum drip. Seeing how much your completely cock worshipping submissive wants to taste her master. It’s even better, it’s untied up so tight that I can’t feel my arms and legs anymore. The blood has drained and left me only thinking of your cum in my throat. When this slave milf  finally gets you to cum, after sputtering and gagging on your cock, it’s pure bliss for me. The only thing would be better is that you’ve called my daughter in here and you make me spit your baby batter into her mouth. It’s okay for me for I know she’s next in line to be your willing submissive. 

Cock Worshiping Cum Slut

cock worshiping

What you need is a subby mommy who is into extreme cock worshiping. I bow down to the greatness of your cock. You know how mommy likes it! Brutal. A brutal face fuck by both her son and husband as they slap her and make her that nasty cum covered bukkake slave. Shoot you load all over me and I will get you a glass of juice and a snack so you can get your strength up to fuck this milf wet pussy! Now lay back and let me drop this fat mommy ass down on you and twerk it like a whore should do. Riding your young stallion cock like a striper pole. Slowing it down and going in circles as I get my cunt and ass filled by that man meat! Pull my hair and bite my back, let mommy be your snack! I might be a cum slut phone sex mommy, but i do love bouncing this fat ass down on some hot young cock! Tie me up and make me take it Ill fucking enjoy every little drop of cum you have!

Mommy Slave for BDSM Chat

BDSM chat I’m free to address you as Master or Sir in our BDSM chat. I am owned in life, but part of that ownership means I work the phone lines for my master! I will be your devoted cock servant, taking care of all of your sexual wants and needs. I know your thinking that domesticated milf slaves don’t exist but I assure you I have known more than just myself! I’ll sweep and vacuum the house for you, in full bondage gear. Nothing like a slave cleaning in a ball gag! Feel free to fuck me and spank me anytime and wherever you want. I am your subby mommy and am a pain freak for the most insane punishments you can give me! You push me on my knees with my hands cuffed behind my back, telling mommy how warm, hot, and juicy my sweet pussy will be when you rule my holes. And that’s what submissive phone sex slaves do, I’d sit on my knees and worship your son dick! I can’t wait to choke on your long, throbbing dick before I vomit and scream for mercy. I enjoy being used and destroyed by you. You may also invite your friends to participate. MASTER, I’ll let you restrict and hogtie me as they force fuck my milf-a- liscious holes!

Milf Bondage Chat

Bondage chatSome women are born for the bondage life and I give you that in our bondage chat. I give you my life as I have been in sex slavery since I was a teenager. My husband is my master and we have two beautiful girls and a teen son. I guess you know where this is going…
My son dominates me and my daughters are being trained up to be slaves for an older man when the time is right.

Now, you wouldn’t think a master who has all these females under his hand would ever want to lose complete control over them. But my master was in his thirties when he bought me from my openly sadistic and twisted father. He says he has no time for bratty bottoms as young females tend to be. I guess his spanking hands are all used up from training me those years ago. Although I was already in submission by the time he gained control over my body! Now in order to keep my daughters close to me, my son and I have begun training these sluts for daddies’ pleasures! I believe there is always room for another submissive whore or two in the family!

Slave for pissing phone sex

pissing phone sexPissing phone sex delights my slave nature! Hot golden yellow sweet and salty sour nectar raining down on my willing face. My mouth is open. My tongue is protruding. I want master’s piss. Long ago it was degrading and now It is a sign of my slave contract. What a master pisses in your face and slaps you around. You know he wants to keep you. Unless I face facts, as a milf I am due to be traded out very soon to a younger man. The younger man will be my son. He is brutal. It has no finesse about him. He is still learning the ways of the master hood. But he is a teen and he only associates bondage, submission and degradation with owning a slave. And as a slave who served since she was a teenager I am the perfect training tool for my boy. I never balk at his extreme demands. I know he is learning his place and testing my limits. Only as my son pisses all over my face and I drink it down all I can think of is he used to come out of my vagina and now his cock head is going in my vagina, ass and mouth. It’s hard to be a mom when the son takes over using you like a piece of submissive filth. My life as a submissive whore will ever be changed. I will continue serving him because being an owned slave is all I’ve ever known.

Disgraced By S&M video

S&M video

I am exposed! I know it’s all my fault! One of my S&M Videos got released, by accident,  I have been punished severely and my ass is black and blue from the hard core spankings I received! I didn’t mean too! I was uploading my video to my master and added another mom from The fucking PTA! I didn’t even notice she had the link, until I got a call. She said I was a disgusting vile woman and I needed help. She offered to send me to a women’s shelter and had forwarded it to her sheriff friend. Explaining that I am a slave 24/7 was the most miserable thing I had to do. Now, I want to move, but my master says he enjoys the fact of the PTA moms knowing about me. Disclosure notices were filed and signed, but that doesn’t stop word of mouth. I know the sheriff made a copy for himself so he could jack off to me. The worst part is it was an abduction scene filmed with not only my master but several men cumming and pissing all over me as I was forced into the trunk of my master’s car! bondage and submission

Slave training In The Sex shops!

slave training I never had real slave training to worship cock until my master had a hold of me. I would be subject to specialty sex shops that let you Try before you buy. The day I was used so  whatever the customers are buying they get to try out on my body. No matter if it was nipple clamps, floggers, Painful whips huge toys anal toys. I was the display doll used to help others find what Toys would best suit their sexual needs! WOmen would come up to me and ask me to see how a huge dldo fit inside me. I knew I was beginning to be looked at as a play thing and experiment. A few flogs across my tits  as I stood like a sex mannequin to be gawked at and touched to see how well I would let men and women I didn’t know use me. Every day is a chance for bare bottom spankings and I found that men loved walking behind me and spanking my ass and thighs as other customers used me to find their next toy purchase! The night ended with em tied in leather restraints and face buried in the shop owners Daughters cunt! But that is a story for another time, wink wink! 

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