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Extreme Bondage is what I need

Extreme Bondage

Extreme Bondage is what I need from a sexy master who has rope skills. Oh, how I love being a sexy rope bunny on display during scenes. I have always loved ropes and knots, even as a girl. I would practice on myself and my sisters with cords I found around the house. And yes, I do think that rope bondage is very underrated. Some bitches just need to be tied up and vulnerable. 

Nothing compares to the feel of a braided cord being wrapped around your skin until you are just about immobile. One master of mine believes that there should be a category just for submissives right below human.

That some people, including myself, are naturally born to be slaves should be declassified from regular dominant folks. In his mind, women and other submissives shouldn’t have to be bound and gagged, but I explained it’s a great training tool. Not to mention how my cunt and body come alive under heavy restraints!

I realize that not all dominants want a slave to be so restricted in her movements while serving. But I do know that when I’m trussed up like a cornish hen I have no say in what happens to me. The tighter the leash, the better behaved Submissive! Plus don’t you just love a sexy slut all tied up and with nowhere to go but to serve you and take all those bare bottom spankings during impact play?

Bondage whore seeks Bukkake

bondage whore

Sexy Bondage whore seeks Bukkake fun with men who have huge balls. I crave cum in a way I can’t really explain. Addictions are funny that way. My horny milf cunt drips in time to the splatters that cum across my face, tits, and ass. I enjoy the way it tastes, feels, and pours out of my stretched-open fuckholes after receiving a really good beating. Tonight, I feel like a cum loving used-up whore. Would you like to help? Master advertised me as a horny slut hoping to get stuffed by as many men as possible in a downtown hotel. My master makes sure that every John Knows that Im a cum slut slave.  “Bukkake Milf, No limits, and No condoms, please; bareback only.”  Posted on my picture in the lobby. 

 Condoms are not used by real cum sluts like me. They just get in the way of enjoying that big wonderful cock sliding inside of whatever hole is being fucked at the moment, which I can’t bear how they feel. They just get in the way of experiencing that big delicious cock sliding inside whatever hole is being fucked at the time. I don’t want any barriers when that cock swells up and prepares to cream me.

It’s so exciting to be standing in a room full of other horny naked men ready to use me. I’m down on my knees, wide open, so you can all feed me your cocks. There are so many of you stroking your cocks against my body, looking for a free hole to stuff. I can’t stop cumming, and there’s so much cum dripping down my face, but it’s not enough; I want more. I’m not going to stop until I’ve drained every last cock and have cum dripping from every single inch of you! As a Cock worshiping whore your know I’m going to suck those cocks dry.

Submisive phone sex Neighbor fantasies

submissive phone sex I just adore having the place to myself while having submissive phone sex! I enjoy acting as a sexy switch with strong Subby whore percentages! Some Daddy types desire a princess who knows how to bring them to their knees, but most times they need a beautiful obedient fuck doll. Masters have told me several times that I am the ideal plaything for them to have their way with. Especially when I receive a little more than I bargained for. There’s this guy that lives just next door to me. Every time his wife leaves the house, he looks out the bedroom window to check what I’m wearing. (Or not wearing) I occasionally like giving him a striptease. I frequently notice his hand going up and down. I can only presume he’s stroking me. To be completely honest, I enjoy it when a man rubs his dick for me. Presenting these big bouncy tits, So he tries to get closer so he can see more! My nipples are gumdrops and clamped most of the time! I can only picture how they would feel if he squeezed them while running your tongue over my areolas. I sometimes sit back in my chair wearing nothing but a pair of silk panties. I love the way they cling to my wet, pink pussy, I can’t help but wonder what sort of kinky thoughts my neighbor has. I know that sometimes I just lie around fantasizing about a man grabbing my hair and putting me in my place! Oh, just thinking about that makes my body throb… I want a man that rules over me and treats me like I’m his sex slave! I like things tough, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy me! Put me anywhere you want and do anything you want! My body trembles in delight at being your sex slave as you impose your authority!! “Obey me!” my pussy flows at the sound of your voice. When I’m spoken to like that, I want your cock in me! Master, you may put me in whatever hole you choose! That’s why BDSM phone sex with me is so enjoyable! I’m very good at being told what to do!

Submissive whore secerts

Submissive Whore

I have secrets as a submissive whore. I wouldn’t expect “normal” people to understand why I need to be tied up like a barnyard slut  and forced to take all the cock I can. Being bound and gagged gets my pussy so excited that I wet my panties every time! Give me nipple and pussy clamps and I feel my cunt start to clench! Add in some humiliation and pain and I turn into your sex slave with eagerness to please. Grab my long hair throw me on the ground and force that cock right in my slutty mouth.  First piss in my mouth before you ram my whore throat!  I will be grasping for air as you pump my throat. Just how I like it! Gag me with all of your cum shooting ribbons down my gullet! Vomiting back up the same cum I just swallowed. Slap me and tell me to keep sucking even as the vomit pours out of the corners of my mouth around your cock. Barebottom spankings have nothing on pussy whipping. So go on Now, lay me on the bed and paddle my milf pussy until your slave’s cunt is all bloody and raw. Use my body as you need to including every hole I have! I’m the kind of submissive that will obey as I am pleasing all of your friends! 

Sexy Bondage MILF slut

Sexy BondageSexy Bondage always has me wet between my thick thighs. The love of bondage it’s so hard for me to explain sometimes. Perhaps it’s a position that I get tied in that makes me so ecstatic! Hogtie will always be my number one restraint choice. That’s because my hands are behind me My feet are tied up leaving my thighs able to be parted and my mouth and tits free when I’m turned on my back. I have feeling like a trussed Christmas ham. Are there moments where I know but I’m the most vulnerable?

But I have complete trust in my master that he won’t damage me too bad or give me too much of his punisher cock. It needs wild thoughts of being you so badly and not being able to even resist that make me the hottest. is being in bondage scary sometimes? Of course, it’s always scary to wonder how long you’ll be tied and it’s your muscles and your body will go to handle it. But it’s the trill of giving my body over completely and knowing my master has the skills to beat out the best submissive slut I can be!

Slave Training at the Cartels farm

Slave Training Slave training for me and my oldest daughters is going well. We are drug mules for our new master. I was surprised at how easy it was for us to be sold to the highest bidder. And this new Master is a fucked up son of a bitch who has no mercy! See, my daughters are not looking forward to being tied down to the breeding bench at the farm. We had been trafficking dope by swallowing rubber balloons filled with a little toe tag dope; and black tar. But we had been busted at the border and now were under the hands of the Cartel. The balloons had leaked and both of my young tight bitches were high. I knew this would happen I have been scared for months about my girls tasting some of that dope and becoming addicted to the shit.

I have to obey my master as he commands me to tie them down. Asses and pussies in the air for a four-legged farm fuck! My girls are begging to be let up, But they won’t get another hit until they perform for these brutal horny men. That’s right It’s Rodeo Time, fucking young women up the ass and pussy with a huge four-legged swinging engorged beast cock. As the four-leggeds come out they are snorting and pawing at the ground. They smell my daughter’s sex and it doesn’t take long for the handlers to get them mounted on my daughter. Master slaps me as they cry out for me and I cry out for them! Now he bends down and shoves a huge butt plug in my ass with no lube on top of a Tab of dope. Mommies going to get really high and watch as my daughters are ripped apart by a braying beast! I don’t get tied down over my bench, I am of my own free will because I am a fucked up bitch who just wants something in her pussy!

Cum slut phone sex With Robyn

Cum slut phone sex

Cum slut phone sex delivered enthusiastically by a true lover of cum. I am so much and love with the flavor and the consistency of ejaculation that I get myself in some very precarious situations. 

While working as a waitress at a cute little diner My overly flirtatious attitude got me into just a little bit of trouble. We tend to get some high-end guys occasionally who want more than just food stuffs. A big part of waitressing is hustling yourself very much like a prostitute. And This specific establishment caters to men who needed a little side of cream with their meal. And even though I am owned by a very sexy master I still enjoy finding ways to be a dirty cum slut.

I had one client in particular who loved the blackened fish and always wanted me to go in a back booth and suck him off. He was very handsy he liked to strangle but he always gives me a nice big fat tip. For a few months, This went on, he wanted me for his own and he made that very clear. Going home to my master with bruises and smelling like cum was nothing new. But the night that my client from the restaurant decided that I should be his was very scary. I don’t remember much but what I do know is I woke up in the trunk of his car in his garage looking up at a man with a very evil face. Yes, I never really noticed how mean and ugly this man was.  I was told that I would not only be servicing this man, but a few of his buddies as well! I wouldn’t be in this mess if I wasn’t such a slut for as many cum loads as I could get.  My only hope is I’m covered head to toe in cum and all of my slut holes are sore and overfilled!  


submissive slut maid for sale

submissive slutThis submissive slut maid loves sexy costumes. Look at me cleaning the house in a full slutty maids outfit. Add the embarrassing element that we are showing the house this weekend! My Master says if the house isn’t up to par, he will just have to have me clean my outfit when people come over and see if they want to buy the house! So, I have been using all my spare time to clean as much and as good as I can! I have scrubbed the toilet bowl with my own tooth brush, the grout with q-tips and scrubbed my floors with rags on my knees with my ass in the air. I have worked so hard all week in this get up only to discover on open house I will be wearing my maids outfit and offered as cleaning slave to anyone who buys the house! Life is so unfair for a submissive whore. I have given my life to this man and bore him offspring, and now, he just wants to throw me away! 


So if you come over to buy our home, and me, You should know some of the things I’m good at. 

I love cum, so I will make sure there is never a drop spilled. I enjoy sex and bondage, and don’t talk back. I speak when spoken to, I know all the slave positions. I have many years of submissive training under a strong DOM.  Excellent service slut, with a quiet presence. Big tits and nice ass to show off for your friends. Sturdy thick thighs that can endure long BDSM sessions and restraints. A healthy love for impact play and bare bottom spankings. Much more to list, I just hope I go to a worthy master of my slutty slave devotions.

Light Bondage is Classy

light bondage

Light bondage can be a class act. Many people in high society have kinks in the bedroom. PTA moms like me are subby whores behind closed doors. Wifes of the upper class will do anything to keep husbands happy and the money flowing.  Sex is money and Money buys you any kind of sex act you can think of. All while going under the radar of high society standards. Personally I participate in wife auctions about once a year. A place where wives are bid on in the name of some charity. Everyone knows how kinky and filthy this practice is and that’s why we do it in the name of raising funds for those less privileged. 

Bondage whore is on my detail card for the men to bid on. And the man who bought me, said he has been looking for a new submissive bitch to take his aggressions out on. For me I like going to different homes, and getting a taste of a new cock. Every man dominates a little bit differently and Never knowing what kind of man I get makes my pussy wet. The nervous excitement of wearing his wife’s jewels while he berates me makes my heart beat fast!  Realizing that I am about to be punished for her transgressions scare the fuck out of me! 


Pissing phone sex Punishments

Pissing phone sexPissing phone sex has been used as punishment for mommy a time or two. My oldest is strong in his Master training and has subjected me to piss blasts more than I care to admit. It is really demeaning to know that my son who I raised only wants to humiliate me. I have begged my master (who is my husband) to put a stop to all this. But instead, I am constantly reminded of my age and mom body. My husband says it is natural for a young man to want to abuse his mother. Perhaps I should have been more lenient with my son as he was growing up.

I was a loving, involved mother. But I know years of me being a subby Milf phone sex whore and seeing me submit to my husband has put this in my son’s head. Now he gets to use my pussy, ass and mouth whenever he wants. It is so humiliating to serve my son’s friends and take a piss to my face and tits. But I do enjoy the young cock pounding my throat and mommy cunt. I hate that now as good as a slave I have been to my husband and other masters, I have to endure this abuse from my own offspring! But we all know I will take the cum and piss like a champ. I mean it is very hot for me to take bare bottom spankings from my teen son after he has practiced his rope work on momma! 

milf phone sex