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Slave training In The Sex shops!

slave training I never had real slave training to worship cock until my master had a hold of me. I would be subject to specialty sex shops that let you Try before you buy. The day I was used so  whatever the customers are buying they get to try out on my body. No matter if it was nipple clamps, floggers, Painful whips huge toys anal toys. I was the display doll used to help others find what Toys would best suit their sexual needs! WOmen would come up to me and ask me to see how a huge dldo fit inside me. I knew I was beginning to be looked at as a play thing and experiment. A few flogs across my tits  as I stood like a sex mannequin to be gawked at and touched to see how well I would let men and women I didn’t know use me. Every day is a chance for bare bottom spankings and I found that men loved walking behind me and spanking my ass and thighs as other customers used me to find their next toy purchase! The night ended with em tied in leather restraints and face buried in the shop owners Daughters cunt! But that is a story for another time, wink wink! 

Mommy Robyns BDSM Chat

BDSM chat

 “Female abducted, held as a sex slave!”  Shall we have a BDSM chat about how fucking hard you get when your think about was has been done to those girls?  I personally you’re not the only one with the taboo fantasy of abducting a sweet young girl and making her your own personal cum slut. I was one such slut before I was bartered off by daddy! I had become too “mature” for his P-cock. I am a submissive p-mommy so I understand all too well! I wish to submit and help you find a young harlot we can train to be your next sex slave. Young whore ready to serve she just doesn’t know it yet! This filthy p-whore wants that cock to be spurting cum as we you control and make her your next cock slave! Play out your abduction fantasy–maybe you’ve seen her in the neighborhood, taunting you with her innocent sexuality. We need to kidnap, ravage, and train her so that she can serve you, her Master. Brainwash her so she falls to her knees, mouth open, pussy spread and exposed, whenever you are nearby; maybe you will drop her on the floor, and force her to ingest your cum and give her a bath with your piss. I’m positive some bare bottom spankings will keep her little ass in line.  She’ll be your own personal cum slave! Am I Depraved and no Taboo? Absofuckinglutely, but this is unrestricted play time for this subby mommy and your Master Dick!

Subby Mommys Phone sex specials

submissive whore

Your subby Mommy Has a gift for you My king. In my efforts to serve you better, I think you need to know that submissive women have to let you know when you can punish me cheaply.  But no matter if you’re using one of our company specials with me or not, I will always be the best whore money can buy. 

I learned early in life to save master money, he says he does everything for me that I must find ways to bring income in. He is not a Rich man, but he doesn’t need my help. It’s a way to control his pet. I started doing phone sex after we had our offspring. It doesn’t do to have mommy whoring on the street after dark now does it. We are not out in our normal life. We have a sub life, that is BDSM culture. I find being a submissive whore for men on the phone trilling, as I have to punish myself and can not rely on the physical touch of a guiding master. Though there are nights I crawl Into my master’s room and kneel beside his bed hoping he takes the opportunity to use me in some way. Sometimes my phone masters wont let me cum, and the only way I can is by pissing off my master so he slaps me or beats me and goes back to sleep. BUt I always get to at least suck him off so he can get his good sleep. Everyman should have an obedient whore to punish everyday!

submissive whore


Fuck O de Irish

Milf phone sex

This milf phone sex whore was walking down the road late one night all by herself from a Hot St. Paddys Day Party. My ass and pussy were a little sore and not just a little cream filled as  I had sucked and fucked a couple horny teenage boys and was feeling more than a little green and Drunk as hell. It is full spring in the South and I was wearing my cute Daisy Dukes and sexy Halter top. There might have been a few droplets of cum on my shirt dried to look like a mashed potato stain! 

My heart starts to be fast as I hear footsteps behind me. I turn and nothing… A few more feet and nothing.. I try to stay calm but my whole body is on alert. Trembling, I turn down the alley to my house. Then I hear it.. 

“My isn’t it a wee Lass all alone in a dark alley? I smell the ejaculation’s of many men on you my submissive whore!” I begin to cry as a leprechaun is mocking me and has forced me into a corner. 

“Want me gold pot do ye?” Come forward my pretty , yet stupid Maiden fair, I have gold for miles just for you!”  compelled through magic and crying and fighting I am under a 13 inch Leprechaun dick as he begins spanking my face with it taunting me. Yellow piss runs down my face as he turns me around and shoves all of his mighty magical dick deep in my ass hole. You get no Gold only My cum, which is more priceless than any substance on earth, May the Lad grow up to control you and beat you every day!” And with his cum spurting inside of me still My Leprechaun disappeared and I was left sobbing on the ground, possibly impregnated with Leprechaun seed!

Soft Bondage And Cock

soft bondageSoft bondage and cock was on the breakfast Menu this morning. As a slave mommy I was exhausted between caring for my family and serving my Masters.  My son and Husband have made sure I have been sleep deprived and ran hard all week. They say it makes me much more complacent. This morning I was serving breakfast and as I went to get back in my slave position under my Husbands feet I passed out! I woke up to my husband having his cock in my face and telling me I needed to have a quick shot of cum to pep me up. I was so embarrassed that I took his meaty dick and greedily sucked it for all its worth! My mouth was numb as I tasted the familiar tang of cock covered with cocaine! My Husband and demented master at times, laughed and told me how much this reminded him of our honey moon, only minus the five groomsmen’s cocks! My brain suddenly realized that I was in for a weekend gang bang and I hoped my husband would find the biggest black cocks to use me. Sometimes a submissive whore just needs to be turned out in order for her to know how good she has it at home! submissive whore

Submissive Whore In The making

submissive whoreThey say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but I’ve got a better analogy. The panties don’t drop far from the submissive whore! My young daughters are, much to my orgasmic delight, becoming hot little teen sexy slaves. They’re learning every lesson I know; how to serve and speak a BDSM Slave. As well as, submissively sitting and standing! Don’t forget my favorite cock sucking 101: how suck a cock. How to be the perfect little bed slave. Knowing that just makes my sexy Mommy pussy dripping wet and ready to be used. Master said he had a surprise for me! He dressed me up in my shackles, and my collar, and took me out on the town. We went to my slutty girls’ slave training! They were both strapped to the St. Andrew’s Cross, getting the living fuck whipped out of them. They were both crying and begging, it was so fucking sexy! They had to learn to only ask for more, so master wouldn’t be angry! These little fucking whores. Master pushed me down to suck his cock while he watched. We’d be here all day to turn these little ladies into submissive sluts!submissive slut

Masters Birthday: Bondage Whore Tales

Bondage WhoreMaster’s birthday was just this past weekend, and I know for damn sure this bondage whore wasn’t expecting it to turn into a massive fuck fest! It was an elegant affair, black tie and little black dress exclusive. Several of the slaves, myself included, were all leashed and collared up, walking behind our Masters like the perfect little pets we are. Master was giving his customary Birthday Speech when he forced me to my knees, on stage, in front of the crowd. He never stopped speaking, but he did pull his massive Daddy cock out and force my red-lipsticked mouth down over it. Master choked me on the stage in front of all of his guests. The customary birthday spanking would be given to me instead of my master! And when the long thin leather paddle serviced I knew I would be trashed until I was black and blue. A trophy for being My Master Good whore! It was when he picked me up by my neck to bend me over and fuck me, I caught a glimpse of the room. All the slaves were getting gang banged like the pretty whores they were. Master kept me all to himself; though from the way he rammed my tight asshole you might think I had six guys in there! Master used me as his special birthday cum dumpster.Bondage Chat

abusable, submissive whore

submissive whoreI have always been and will always be a nasty, filthy, usable and abusable, submissive whore. Ever since I was a sweet little young thing, men have been forcing themselves on me.

The truth?

I’ve always fucking enjoyed it! My pussy drips knowing that I’m worth so little they just treat me and my fuck holes like property. My Daddy started it all! He used to let the doctor touch up on my young, innocent body. It always made Daddy so hard to watch me cry and beg those big, strong men in authority roles take advantage and violate my body.

My cunt never felt so alive! My mouth says no, but my body says yes! Daddy still likes to watch it happen. He sets up Bondage and submission events all the time where I’m the center of entertainment and attention.

My little ones and I use my P Mommy pussy to get everything Daddy wants! Our little fuck holes sure do get Daddy a pretty penny. All it gets us is used like the cum dumpster trash we are.

Don’t you want to get that cock of yours wet too, Sir?

Bondage whore Loves Prostates

bondage whoreThe master has a lesson planned for this bondage whore and I have to pay heed. Master has discovered how pleasurable prostate massage is, and I have the enjoyment of mastering the skill from master what prostate milking is all about. A pair of cute little black pantyhose and a cute little lacy bra were placed on me. My collar is locked firmly around my neck, Nipple clamps on and tightened all the way down. Ball gag on and leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles. A pair of black fishnet pantyhose and a lacy bra were my costume!  I am not allowed to move or speak freely while being in service.  As always I must pay attention Master hates to repeat himself!  As soon as she is done showing me I will have a demonstrative quiz to guarantee that I learned well. If I don’t pass I know that I will be punished so I must pay close attention. I am such a good whore. When my master says jump I enjoy doing whatever he tells me to do. I will suck his cock for hours  and tongue and finger fuck his tight ass!  I have even pulled sand filled balloons out of his ass before I pleasure his prostate! I will still get the welts and stings from his hands as he gives me the bare bottom spankings after he shoots his load into my mouth! I welcome bare bottom spankings any time! Spankings make my pussy so wet! 

Bare bottom spankings For A New Slave!

bare bottom spankingsOn your knees now bitch! This wouldn’t be a simple bare bottom spanking! I was trembling as his boots creeped near my face. “Face down!” I was on my knees looking at the floor. I knew I had displeased master. I had only sought solace with my oldest daughter. And master caught me face deep in her young snatch. I wasn’t expecting him home so early. More on, I had divulged that I was her fathers sex slave.
I knew I would be caught in my perversions. I reasoned it was because I am bisexual and master hadn’t brought any females for me to play with in so long! That day My master knew exactly what I was! I am a p-mommy. He would go on to fuck my daughter right in front of me as punishment that day. Only, It didn’t turn out that way. As Mommy Joined in with daddy punishing that tight cock virgin pussy. I rode my daughters face, helped her daddy get his dick all the way in her bald little cunt! And I came about five times to my daughters ten. She took daddies spankings and cock so well! And much to this mommies pleasure she has a new young slave training with her!

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