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Have A BDSM Chat with your sexy mommy Robyn. There are things you should know about this milf slave though. I like it rough, and I seem to get off on kidnapping and home invasion scenes. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I purposely set my set up for these scenarios but I do on occasion find myself tied to my own bed with a stranger and his accomplices on top of me.  Leaving my doors unlocked as I fall asleep on my bed thinking I would have the day off from submissive things such as bare bottom spankings and slave sex. I never have a day off. Complete strangers to me, but known to my son as he rounded the corner grinning evilly. 

It was his turn to watch and help these men use his own mother. I have no safe space now that my son has taken the reins to learn how to use a submissive such as myself. With him it turns sadistic as I am heavily tied to the bed frame and my panties cut off. “Use this stupid bitch, he commands, “ I want to watch her become a bukkake whore just as mommy whore knows she is!” He is beside me feeding me his young hard cock and ordering the brutal fucking of his own mother! No complaints from a whore who has always been meant to be used and abused! 

Cock worshiping Slave Slut

cock worshiping

I am Sirs Cock worshiping slave slut. I belong in chains and ropes and only allowed to use my fuck holes to give that cock its due praises. I have been restrained for play. Today is a fresh day out if bondage and I have made his cock cum twenty-two times in the past two days. I am nothing but a slut. Mother, and wife are only subtitles for a older slave who is domesticated. I am being trained to give my body to my son. He is making his way to be a dominant and will have a slave girl bought for him soon at auction. I will be training her to be my son’s live in slave. She will be young, how young I can not say here, but old enough to breed like I was. House slaves are a different breed and one must account for being a fake normal woman to the outside world. My job is to introduce her to spankings and bondage in between the massive amounts of fucking my Husband and master will give her beside my son. Only when she is ripe enough will she be taught household day to day activities with her slave bracelets firmly attached. Nipple and pussy lip weights will be her new attire. She must be prepared to never embarrass her master and quickly think on her feet. Our Masters must never be exposed or embarrassed. His and her  daughters will be slaves like mine are destined to be. Its not just a physical fuck for this milf phone sex bondage mommy. Its a way of life and a mind fuck as well.

Your Obedient Submissive whore Milf

submissive whore As long I can remember I’ve been a submissive whore inside! Even young I always ready to serve cock. It began with watching slave porn, with my Dom Father. He was already training me as a sex slave only I didn’t know it. On the screen we saw slaves beaten, gagged, and tied up while taking cock. My little bald pussy was instantly wet. Everything from gangbangs to toilet games while being pounded made me want to be a slave like these! I knew one day I would be just like these slave sluts! And the thought soaked my panties. Daddy would roleplay each scene a hundred times before he sold me to my now Master! I was his young cum whore. I loved being used, even while pregnant! . As I took so much cock, you would have thought I would have grown sick of it but the more I took, the more I craved abuse, I am a real slave sex addict! When I was younger I would beg my husbands friends for sex and they would give me what I asked for, and I would keep it our little secret forever. Or so I thought. I would be beaten black and blue, but still encouraged to be a gang bang submissive mommy! Cock hungry and producing brats for my master is all I knew those first few years! And now my daughters are ready for slave training right alongside mommy. And I feel like a young nympho again! I am your obedient subslut Milf!slave training

Master Wanted Hardcore S&M Porn For Xmas

S&M Porn

When your master of twenty years wants S&M porn for Christmas with you as the star you oblige. Well, if you are a sex slave milf like me that is! I am a pain slut and always have been, so when Master who has been my husband since I was a teenager set us up in a dungeon scene I was ready, horny and shivering in excitement. He had me wear my tightest latex dress with no panties and no bra. It was so cold as My thin jacket barely covered me when we got to that old theater downtown. Late nights after the Nutcracker Ballet ended the basement became a BDSM scene. There were more men and slaves than I thought would be there but the film equipment seemed to be the top of the line and I wanted to make a good impression. Dropping my Jacket and showing off my collar I bowed my head as my leash was attached and I was led to the highest platform. The lights in on my body made it so I couldn’t even peek out of the corner of my eyes to see  anything but my chest heaving. Over the speaker I was asked if I was ready for pain and punishment. “Yes, I am a submissive slut and I crave pain!” Was my line. The cane pole was used on my thick thighs as I sunk down and I felt hands hiking up my latex black dress. “Get those tits out now whore!” boomed the loudspeaker. As soon as I did the thin switch lashed them, I cried out “More, please!” It was a night of whippings and spankings and degradation that I will never forget. My whore holes would be fucked raw and I would be a cum cover mess before we got enough film to give to my master and he told me that he was signing his name so other BDSM lovers could watch me for eternity! I love pain! Give Me more, Sir! 

Submissive slut

Bare Bottom Spankings Make me wet

bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings make me wet. I have been spanked in doctors offices, over a teacher’s desk, including when my offspring teachers have conferences. My husband has used these spankings to humiliate me and push me over the threshold when I was withholding orgasm. It’s not uncommon to find me ass up with my wrist bound behind my back. If my round milf ass isn’t red as an apple then you are not doing it right! Now as you can see we are a roleplay BDSM couple. I will put on my schoolgirl outfit and get my ass beat literally. Today he used the hairbrush with the bristles down to inflict more pain. I screamed more and he pulled out his belt and slashed my thick thighs and inner ass cheeks as I spread them apart. 

submissive whore

This afternoon I was sure he forgot I had a Female check up. See, My Master had filled my ass up a couple of times and demanded I wear my butt plug until he came home from work. I texted him and told him, but he said if I remove my plug he would know! I was supposed to go and if I skipped it he would beat me until I was an obedient submissive whore! So with My feet in stir-ups My Male doctor looked at me and back up at the nurse. “I need a moment with Robyn alone,” he swiftly dismissed her. spanking phone sex

 “Get off the table, and bend over Robyn.” He had a glint in his eye and a hard cock as he pushed into my bare ass. My gown hit the floor and he began spanking me right over the exam table. I wasn’t allowed to move as he slipped out the butt plug and pushed his cock deep in my cream filled ass hole. WIth the other hand he pushed his forceps inside me and fucked me with them. I came squirting hard all over his cock and he dismissed me to put my ass plug back in a reschedule with him tomorrow when I was cleaned up and ready to have my lady bits looked at. 

Forced Fucked Submissive Whore

submissive whore

To be fair, I have been a submissive whore my whole life. Men have forced fucked me many different times. Starting with my pops, and men who were supposed to look after me, like teachers, counselors and even a doctor once. I knew that my body was for pleasing mens cocks and I found out later as I was bartered for by my husband, now master, that I should serve a man in every way.  But I wasn’t sexually experienced enough for him in the first years of our marriage. So he would send me out on these house cleaning jobs to Masters. Now I didn’t realize this until the fourth or fifth time. Call me a late bloomer as a sex slave. I would try to resist the sexual advances of these dominant men and They would force me with strength and violence even when I was pregnant. They would make me suck them off and be telling me exactly what to do. I received piss shots to my face and was made to lick dirty hairy ass holes clean.

It was the fourth sexual encounter of such that I was severely beaten and put in the back of one sadistic Masters Benz. I had kept all these forced sexual encounters to myself and my Husband/Owner never asked about bruises or split lips. But this one man had bound me and beat me after he fucked my brains out that I was crying. I came in a crying fit and thus he told me you were a good girl and picked me up and put me in the trunk and When he opened it I was in my own garage looking up at my master. Everything came crashing down on me and I realized that this would be my life forever. 

I get off on rape phone sex fantasies now, because I  lived it and My pussy and body react well. 

Rape phone sex

Mommy Is a Bondage Whore

bondage whore

When did you find out your mommy was a bondage whore? Was it when you began to sneak around to look at her tits while she was changing? Did you see her nipple piercings and the brand across the bottom of her ass as you creaked open the bathroom door? Perhaps when you went sniffing for a pair of dirty panties and found handcuffs and anal lube in the hamper?

I know you ran to your room with these things you found and furiously jerked that young cock off! Those weren’t fuzzy handcuffs either! Locking, metal cuffs with no keys. Your cock is so hard at you sit them over you teen dick and cum hardest you ever have! 


You decide to investigate more and you find keys to her lock cabinet. Inside are “whips”? You mother has whips, you think maybe she is a dominatrix at this point. But when you take the keys down to the basement you find it unlocked. Your father is flogging your mother while she pleads no MASTER, He is my son… I won’t submit to him, please don’t make me! 

Another lash as she breaks. He spins her around and you see her ass is criss crossed ass and back he gives her more whippings! You do nothing but your  boy cock is throbbing and aching. You can’t stop watching! 

Wait is she enjoying this? So she is submissive and taking bare bottom spankings because she doesn’t want to submit to you? 

What is your next move?

Bare Bottom

Bare bottom Spankings For a pre Sub SLut

bare bottom spankingsBare Bottom Spankings for a little bad Girl!  My Slutkin has been acting out all this week!  Daddy decided to pull my daughter over his knee and paddle her ass till she was black and blue on her sweet cheeks. He used his fingers to wiggle in her panties and slip his big man fingers in her asshole! Seeing my little one kick and scream and get finger fucked in her little butt hole made me very wet! She deserved all the punishment as she wiggled and begged daddy to stop spanking her, and at the same time she was pushing her ass up onto his hands. Her thighs would ring with his welts as well and I would expertly kiss them later and pamper her. Affection is the best for assisting pain and pleasure! I know she wouldn’t be able to sit on her behind, thank goodness for the holiday break. My slutkin is on track to become a submissive slut just as her momma is! My pre subslut didn’t verbalize her appreciation for daddy beating her ass, but she showed it with her body. Attention from daddy in this way made her feel special and made her want more. I worried she would act out just to get her little butt hole fucked and red welts across her backside more often. I was a proud Submissive slave and would make sure she got her due spankings when she needs them! I would not be long before his cock found purchase in her behind and I cant fucking wait! Until then it was my turn over his knee and my ass hole he would be fucking and stuffing like a thanksgiving turkey! submissive slut

Bukkake Phone Sex Tales from a subslut

bukkake phone sexBeing a trained and obedient sub slut, I have a more than a few bukkake phone sex tales to share.
Last year I thought I was done with the gang bang scenes. But as a Master you know as submissive women living the life 24/7 will never truly be out from under the multi men fucks! The basement was cold and wet and thought we had decided to make it a wine cellar. But I was soon to find out that Master had arranged a ten man gang bang for his slave wife. I tried to run upstairs but it was no use, the men were dragging me back down by my feet. My stockings were ripped and my face hit the stairs. Brutal is all that went through my mind. In the swinging light of the once happy BDSM room, I saw masked men and cocks out all around me. I wiped the blood off my lips and began the cock sucking of a lifetime. See, this is submissive sex. I can not say no, nor do I want to. I wanted to swallow each load that night but I was only given the opportunity to be came all over. And the worst part is they made me crawl out of the basement window and walk all the way around the house in the dawning light. My shame for the neighbors to see. They think I am a cheating slut now and no one will talk to me. No one knows but the people my Husband/Master bring home how filthy a whore I really am!submissive sex

Every Man Should Own A Submissive Slut

Submissive Slut

I believe that every man should own a submissive slut. Slavery should be brought back. At least the slavery of women like me. I serve well, I have been trained for many years. I know that even a housekeeper you pay for should willingly submit to a blow job when you tell her you want one. 

My son is beginning to take over and learn his hand with me. I know he despises me and hates me as a woman. That is the way my Master raised him to be. He needs to be hardened with his mother as he will have his own slave one day. But my son can come back and dominate me any time if my master says so. If a man wants to purchase a slave it should be legal still. I have learned my place among women and My pussy still gets wet when I am spanked for no reason. My daughters will serve their own master one day. My hope is they will be bartered off as I was when I was barely legal. Why shouldn’t you be allowed to own a sex slave against her will. Submissives should never have free will and only serve your big fat Master cock.

submissive whore

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