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Bondage and submission for daughters who cheat on daddy

Bondage and submissionBondage and submission for daughters who cheat on daddy! Oh God, the first time my papa found out I was being a whore at school with my sister was fucking torture. Not only had I cheated, but I brought my little sister to a party and she cheated on daddy cock too!  He tied us up and made us both watch him torture and humiliate each other. To date it was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life.

I had failed papa and not for the reasons I thought. He wasn’t mad that his submissive girlies had gotten cock. Our daddy was upset that he wasn’t there to watch as we served like good Subslut girlies! Daddy wants to watch he says! 

Although, that didnt stop him from dressing us in our sluttiest outfits and inviting no less than four other dommes over to use his daughters. A lesson in whoredom was to be learned, and we were not going to have any free movement. Not only that but we were restrained face to face and had to suck cock while looking at daddy.

Bondage and submission for daughters who cheat on daddy!

And take cocks in our bound asses and whore cunnies all while trying to keep eye contact with our true King, our own Papa! Bare bottom spankings were give with floggers and hands when we fucked up. 

We were made to take turns licking each other’s asses and cunnies. We had to submit to our own father and get his cum splattered all over our young subby daughter’s faces. Daughters who beg for daddy cum can fuck all his friends as long. We were born to fuck and to be degraded. Do, you need a couple little subby daughters to run through for your enjoyment?

Bukkake phone sex Slave mommy and daughter 

Bukkake phone sex celebrates my Mommy slave anniversary! Fuck, how this mommy slave revels in the sticky, salty taste of cum. To me, it’s more than just a sexual pleasure – it’s an addiction. So for my milestone Slave anniversary , Master decided to throw me the ultimate bukkake party. He handpicked 15 men, a mix of black and white but all with massive cum-filled cocks, to satisfy my insatiable craving.

Bukkake phone sex Slave mommy and daughter

When I came back from my mommy errands, the Master greeted me with a knowing smile and led me to the red  room where the men were already waiting for me. Stripping me bare and tying me up was only the beginning. My Master loved using their cum as icing for my whore cunt!I slurped a few cocks like a milkshake delight too! As soon as I was bound they formed a circle jerk around me and began spurting into my face. It felt like an endless downpour of warm cum coating every inch of my skin.


Bukkake phone sex

Cum slut phone sex

Feeling completely immersed in my own personal paradise, I started rubbing the thick gooey substance all over my body, reveling in its stickiness. My Daughter came down and couldn’t resist joining in on the fun and helped lick off some of the excess cum from my body. In that moment, she became more than just my brat, she was now my partner in crime as we both indulged in our shared love for cum. Cum slut phone sex as we share the cum between us, savoring its delicious flavor. We were both completely covered in Bukkake!

Hardcore bondage is what I Crave master, Please!

Hardcore bondageHardcore bondage is what I Crave, master! I’m begging to be punished for being such a bad girl!  I want to be tied up and spanked, I want to be gagged and blindfolded. I want to be made to suffer for my disobedience. One mistake and I will be bent over like a paper clip with your hands around my throat.

Another mistake in my legs will be tied behind my back and spread eagle position and the whips come out to flog me. Try as I might, I will not cry out because I know this is your vengeance on a bad submissive. Turn me over and give me the Bare bottom spankings that I so deserve. Make my ass black and blue crisscross until my pussy drips down my thighs. I am yours and if you would like for men to come and use my mouth and my ass, That is your privilege as my master.

Hardcore bondage makes me a good girl slave

Make sure they fill me up well and tell me what a good girl I am for taking the beatings and being in severe bondage for you. I know what I am just a mere pawn for you to use as a jizz dump slut.  I can’t promise to never make another mistake, but I will always take your punishments and your beatings and bondage for you my master, my king! Above all, I seek to be your Submissive sex babygirl always!

Cock worshiping for daddy and his friends

Cock worshiping for daddy and his friends is what I like best! Daddy Knows I am eager to service any and all cock for him while keeping eye contact!  For a whore like me who loves to show off her body, it’s heaven! My duty is to pleasure his and his friends’ big dicks. Will gulping and gagging, I never lose my daddy’s eyes! He uses me as the pass around gagging and slobbering whore whenever he can!  He loves to see me abused and degraded. I am his toy and his slut, and he knows I will obey his every command! Why? Because I love to see how hard I make him and how much cum I get after his friends are done with me! I swear it’s like a gallon of milk being poured down my Submissive slut Throat! 

Cock worshiping for daddy and his friends

Thus, this is why I am the perfect submissive daughter and will do anything to please him/them. Need a bad little good girl that is ready to be Daddy’s little slut? Just look at the places I go and the pictures I take for him. The glory holes while he jerks in my face is one of my favorite memories! Let me suck and gag and vomit on your cock if I have to for him! I promise to be the best girl for your DOM daddy cock!  My sexy as hell daddy says I’m his perfect blow Job princess and that is all he needs! Let me bring you back to my Teen phone sex days of daddy cock worship!
Cock worshiping


Slave training from Robyns Point of View!

Slave trainingSlave Training POV from Slave Robyn! The hanging and pulling of my most sensitive parts is what hurts the most when I’m shackled and immobile. The way the cords pull on me as I am being pierced by my Nipple clamps and a rope threaded Through my clit hood piercing.

I’m forced to endure mean men who have taken away my sense of self. I hate it and I love it at the same time.   My body and mind are powerless to stop them. Your Milf slave has been given no choice. I must obey. 

My ass being riddled with so many welts as I am trained up to be a Pretty plaything on a string is what it feels like. Make me shudder in pleasure and pain. here I am to be broken and remade. I am no longer the same. Consider me a Pathetic slave to these men. I am theirs.

Slave Training POV from Slave Robyn 
 I am a slave.

My body is a canvas, I know giving into pain and being molded into the image of my master is nothing to take lightly. I scream and cry and deep inside I know this submissive whore needs the pain to become obedient and malleable. I never know how a master is going to use pain and bondage to make his own cock better! 

For example, my master might tie me up and use nipple clamps and whips to make me beg for his pleasure. He will then use me to pleasure himself and when he is finished he will leave me in a heap of my own pain and tears. I will always be his slave, and I will obey his every command.


Cock worshiping Submissive piss taking Doll

Cock worshipingCock worshiping with a very good girl who will do anything to make you feel good. I’m the kind of BDSM toy that you can tie up and leave in the shower as covered with your piss.

I’m pretending to be a doll, lying naked and bound on the cold bathroom floor while you stand over me with your swollen, throbbing cock. My skin tingles with every droplet of your warm piss that splashes across my body, mixing with the fragrant smells of cum from our earlier session.

Your hand roughly grabs my chin, forcing me to look you in the eyes as you continue to piss on me. You step closer, allowing the hot, golden stream to splatter across my face and coat my eyelashes. I moan softly, my cunt twitching with each droplet that touches my skin, as I press my aching clit against the cold tiles.

Your slave wants your piss and cum more than anything. I ache for your cock to be inside me, to fill me with your essence in the most profound way possible. Pissing phone sex has me drinking your golden nectar and worshiping you in new ways!

Cock worshiping Submissive piss taking Doll

As the last droplets trickle from your tip, you bend down and press your wet, pale cock against my mouth. I open my lips willingly, allowing the warmth of your piss to wash over my tongue and the inside of my cheeks. The salty taste is intense, and I savor it, knowing it comes directly from your body.

You thrust your hips forward, driving deeper into my mouth. My throat instinctively relaxes, allowing you to fill me with your cock. I moan around you, feeling the pleasure of being so fully possessed by you.
You groan in response, your hips bucking with each thrust. Your balls slap against my forehead, leaving a trail of wet heat that mingles with the droplets still on my skin. Your hands grip my head tightly, forcing me deeper onto your engorged member.

XXX bondage is nothing new for this Milf whore!

XXX bondageXXX Bondonage is nothing new to me! Being naked and sexually tortured while in the most uncomfortable positions is hot and puts me in sub space!  I love the feeling of helplessness and not being able to control my own body. It’s a feeling of complete submission and pleasure. I’m addicted to it and can’t get enough of the masters who use me up like a cum dump! 

XXX bondage is nothing new for this Milf whore!

Now here you are looking for a subby slut milf who is experienced and already tamed for your cock! No slave on earth can say she is ready for the most evil men like I can!  Subby Mommy Robyn is ready to be used and abused for your pleasure. You have a bitch who is willing to take whatever punishment you dish out. Always yours to command and obey. 

I take orders from men and make my life those orders, like having a whole high school of females under the finger of a sexy man who wants everything his way or the highway. Men who love masturbating females and teachers and mommies that are pregnant and teaching chitlins about sex.

Nasty Kinky men want me to be a Milf phone sex Subby P-mommy!

Some men are nasty Men who like brat fucking and a mommy who will make other mommies into P-mommys. A submissive milf phone sex whore like me is perfect for that scene!  I enjoy being controlled and submitting to my master’s wishes. I will do anything to please them and make them happy. I’m looking forward to fulfilling all your fantasies. Submissive slut mommy Robyn reporting for duty! 

How are you going to make me into the kinkiest Milf sub slut around! Who has the power to control a wife, mother and BDSM lover like me? Ill make your dreams of being a Master reality!

Extreme bondage : Master captured pictures of me, vulnerable

Extreme bondageDuring my extreme Bondage, Master captured pictures of me, vulnerable, helpless, bound and gagged, before indulging in his BDSM pleasures!  There was no escape from his control. It was a world of pleasure and pain for me. My master made me a slave to his cock! 

It was the moment when I learned that my life would revolve around fulfilling his wishes, becoming his dedicated and subservient servant for eternity. The air was heavy with the scent of leather and candles, creating an atmosphere of submission and dominance. My ass stripped by bare bottom spankings!  I cried out in pleasure and pain, my body trembling in anticipation. I felt my submission growing stronger with each second. 

I could hardly breathe as the rope tightened around my neck, pulling me into the mattress. My wrists were already bound securely above my head, the leather cuffs digging into my flesh as I struggled desperately for air. I could barely make out the dark figure looming over me, a wicked smile stretching across his face as he continued to tighten the noose.

Extreme bondage : Master captured pictures of me, vulnerable

“Please,” I gasped, my voice barely audible between gasps for air. “Please, let me up.” He chuckled, his voice low and sinister, as he continued to choke me. “I don’t think so, sweetheart. You know what you did, and now it’s time for you to pay the price.” As he spoke, he grazed a finger down my chest, making my heart race with both fear and excitement. I felt a rush of adrenaline as I realized this was more than just a BDSM scene!

 Every touch of his hand burned into my skin, etching itself permanently into my memory. And from that day on, I surrendered to a life of devoted servitude to him alone. The memory of the day Master claimed me as his own will forever be etched in my mind. I can still feel the cold, hard surface beneath me as I lay bound and gagged, helpless to resist his advances. His cock buried deep in every hole. I was his slave, and I was willing to do anything to please him. I yearned to be his, body and soul. I gave myself to him willingly, knowing that I was his forever.

His camera flashed, grabbing a moment before he began to ravage me. He showed no mercy, demanding complete submission! His cumming was the only thing that mattered anymore!  I was lost in the pleasure of his orgasm, my body trembling in pleasure. I lay there, panting and exhausted, as he slowly withdrew his cock from my trembling body. I was his, body and soul. It was then that I learned my fate—to be his obedient servant for the rest of my days. From that day on, I was no longer my own person but merely his submissive whore.

Slave training helps me teach other milfs to pelase son cock!

Slave trainingSlave Training A mommy bitch like me is required throughout my service. Much like any skill one must always be committed to the lifestyle with weekly training sessions. Master Always finds ways for me to serve in order to keep me well tuned and ready for his next adventure and all of his cum every day. 

He is always making sure I am obedient and compliant with his orders. I must always stay humble and submissive in order to please him. He is always pushing me to become a better slave.

Slave training for Milfs with teen sons

When I am sent to clean one of his business associates’ homes, I must wear my full french maid outfit with the pantyhose. 

I thought I was going to be entertaining his colleague as I cleared and put my body on display; however, that wasn’t the case at all! His Teen son was home and following me around, asking me all kinds of embarrassing questions.

I knew that this submissive whore would have to drop to her knees and serve the son of one of my master businessmen. As I was sucking the lad off, his mother came home from shopping and was outraged. I knew that I would have to convince her to let me lick her pussy so she wouldn’t get me in trouble. But things soon become apparent that this mother needed to be submissive to her son and worship his cock! The real reasonI was sent over was to please this son and mommy duo and teach her all about son Cock worshiping! 

Erotic BDSM stories of a slave wife sold and bought

Erotic BDSM storiesErotic BDSM stories of a Sinful trophy wife. Once there was a woman who thought her shit dont stink. She married into high class and was rougher than sandpaper. Everyone says she stands out and must be from some trailer park in the south.  Everyone wonders why her husband married this societal trash in the first place. 

Erotic BDSM stories of a slave wife sold and bought

The truth is he bought me for  a price. Master frequents rooms and parties. Parties that have a common theme as the slave nightclubs of the underground. Slave women like me being lashed at in full leather bondage gear. Ass red and ripe and every hole stuffed with a toy or restarting device.

My husband is tired of me and says sim too old for him any more so he decides to divorce me and sell me to a young rich man who adores older slaves that he can trust.  Master buys me and I am taken to his new mansion.

He treats me like his whore and makes me pleasure him and his guests. I obey and obey, knowing that this is the only way to survive. So those in the know already see that I am the Submissive Whore wife and but a toy instead of a wife. I think I might be a trophy wife of some kind? Like a losing bet perhaps?