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A Submissive whore Belongs on the Kitchen Floor

submissive whore

Where does a submissive whore mommy belong? On the kitchen floor enduring pain after she has been subjected to a wild gang bang organized by my son. My Husband and Master of my body and soul is away for work and I am completely in the hands of my son for the duration of his absence. I am required daily to video blog to my One True master how I am being used by my teenage son. I am nothing but a BSDM plaything and I know that!  I got pretty for my sons and his friends and made them dinner and served like a good slave is supposed too. But they wanted nothing but me, and to give me pain. I swear my son was selling tickets to my mommy whore cunt as they tied me up and pulled down my hose and panties. Using my tits and ass and even my cunt for all those cocks to be driven in and out of! I had lost my mind and was enjoying the fucking and cum gushing a little to much! I began to be spanked by the broom and the belts they had all found. My thighs ,tits and ass lit up like the forth of July!  And then because my son had a sick and twisted side no doubt from his father! He grabbed the chili peppers of the cabinet and stuck them up my ass and cunt and pulled my hose and panties back up leaving me in searing pain! The more I cried and screamed the more they laughed at me. My holes were on fire and the cum inside me just seemed to make the burning sensation intensify! I begged to be untied, but all my son did was pull out his cock and piss all over me. He had his buddies join in to drown my worthless mommy ass in piss as I lay crying in pain for hours. I blacked out and woke up in a tub full of ice with my husband standing over me smiling!

Mature BDSM Phone Sex Whores Do It Better

BDSM phone sex

He said I would be perfect for his plans. I continue this BSDM phone sex story of the Master I didn’t know I needed. The trunk slammed shit as he whispered that milfs are always so fun to play with. I was bound tightly and my blood pulsed in my ears. I didn’t know what his plans were or what was going to happen to me. After many turns and bumps and the heat starting to make me pass out he opened the truck and yanked me out by the hair. We were in another garage and he told me to crawl into the door leading inside. (Very hard to do, bound as I was, but I made it into the kitchen before falling.) A collar and leash was next as he cut my hands free but not my legs. I was led to a water dish and told to drink. I lapped up every drop as he told me I was his slutty pet! There was no living space, just a wall of bondage and a few tables. I was yanked and called a stupid whore as I couldn’t keep up. I was so groggy and scared as his knife cut me free and my collar dug into my neck. This submissive whore was made to lay on a table and spread her legs for the stirrups as pictures were being taken of my breast and pussy. I was on display and so confused, that didn’t stop my cunt from getting noticeably wet. After he put away his phone he came between my legs and began pushing his cock into my ass. “Tell me that you will be my personal slave whore Robyn!”

I stuttered a yes sir as he penetrated my ass and brought a flogger to my breast. I knew this was just the beginning!

Submissive whores In Cars

Submissive WhoreSubmissive whore in a car is nothing new. I still love a good car fuck. Last night I was on this date with a very shy man who I really wanted to suck and fuck. He bought me a nice dinner and we discussed his work and interest. What we never discussed was that he found me on fet life and he skirted sexual conversation the whole meal.But my pussy was throbbing and I held my legs together clamped shut. He was so shy that when he put his hand on my leg in the car He was trembling. I thought it was sweet and he even asked if I wanted to go to his place. His shyness wore off as soon as we hit his garage. He pulled me out of his car still trembling and as the garage door lowered he whispered he was going to hurt me. I was forced into a pink maids uniform and the rope appeared from nowhere. Being bound and used is nothing new to me and that ache inside me grew. One finger dipped inside my cunt as he tied my legs up. I was made to lick myself and tell him if it was a good pussy for Master! I said yes and he slapped me and pushed me to my knees. “You forgot to say Sir Bitch!” and his long cock was released from his pants. I made quick work on taking his dick inside my mouth even though I was secured tightly. He pumped with a rage that I hadn’t seen in a while. Tears came to my eyes as he pushed me to his balls and gagged me at what seemed forever. Finally he began to twitch in my throat and before I passed out My mouth sucked and rewarded me with a belly of cum. I was thrown in the trunk and I knew I was in trouble… Bdsm Phone sex

This Slut would  love to make your cock explode with more BDSM phone sex stories and roleplays!

I Need Submissive Phone Sex Punishments

submissive phone sex

Master had a treat, and Now I have a submissive phone sex story to let you know how obedient I am! 

Donning My Slave ensemble was easy. I went by the books for my “work” Uniform. Black short skirt, no panties and fishnet thigh highs. My spiked collar glistened in the mirror as I smiled to myself. My piercings showed nicely through the low cut top, and my new Tiffany’s Bracelet with the word Slave dangled. One more thing Master had requested, My black 8 inch heels with the spikes. They fit snugly and as I turned around to admire the work of My master, My pussy Got its own heartbeat. Head down I walked into the breakfast nook 10 minutes early. His belt laid across his lap and told me to look up at him. Had I been playing with My cunt? I knew, he knew, my belly tightened. A quick smack to my legs and I was ordered outside. The porch! It wasn’t even fully dark! The dildo on the leather pad glared at me. Ordered to kneel with my hands on the back of my head as the belt caught me in all the tender places on my thighs and legs. My skirt hiked up and I was beginning to feel the spikes on MY Pussy! Ouch, I was backed into my dildo and told to ride it Each thrust caused the spikes to poke me! Faster, deeper and lower as he pulled out the riding crop and bit my nipples and breast with it. But that wasn’t enough. I got  a brief pause to text the neighbor, a college guy home due to covid. It was then I was humiliating myself on the dildo causing pain as he and his sexy girlfriend watched me plain as day. Commands came from his cell. Give my master a blow job and stand up so I could get spanked for them. As I was gagging The cell rang. Yes, Master said, you can cum play with my toy, both of you! I was going to be the object of play all night!

Submissive whore Fucked By Son

submissive whore

This submissive whore mommy is enslaved by her son. I don’t know how or when it happened but I am his. I belong to two masters, and in turn I belong to anyone they want to give my body. Tonight as I was scrubbing the floor I felt my son behind me he pulled my panties to the side and stuck his fingers deep inside of me. I kept scrubbing and scrubbing as he penetrated me deeper and harder. 

“Such a good whore Mommy clean that floor you stupid bitch!”, and that’s all that took I was fucking back squirting, all over his fingers keeping my mind on my duties and allowing my body to come for my son. I wanted to be his good whore, but instead I got more pain. I felt the end of his belt afflict my ass and I just lost it. the pain from being spanked by his leather belt, brought me immense desire to please him. The scrub brush fell out of my hand as he pulled me up by my neck. My son bit my ear and told me that I would never be good enough to be a real woman. At that moment I didn’t care as I turned and saw his cock hard for me I worshiped it with every inch of my tongue. I lashed out licking any tiny drop of precum begging for it in my mouth. I know it’s not right, this is my son but he has complete hold on my body. My treat for cleaning the house would be my son’s cum,  hot down my throat. And as he pulled my hair back and spit in my mouth he pistol whipped me with his cock. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had begged and I received. I couldn’t breathe, but I didn’t care. My sons cock was being shoved down my throat and I was doing my duty as a submissive mommy.


submissive phone sex

Deserving Of Spanking Phone sex

spanking Phone sex

My ass has always been the fixation of my son. He knows that I crave spanking phone sex because he has such a good bare hand to whip my ass. and now I can not get enough of him putting me in tight bondage and tearing into my MILF ass cheeks, thighs and pussy. He is is control. In fact he thinks slavery should come back. Women such as myself should to do the work that there hearts and minds and bodies crave. Yesterday he got a foot massage with a happy ending. Some parlor had these cute Chinese ladies who did feet and leg massages and when told by the owner to go in the back room, they willingly went. My son got his ass tongue fucked so well, that he thought this little slave bitch was trying to get his lunch out from earlier.  Gives a whole new meaning to eat the booty like groceries! I am my own sons slave and when he needs to take out aggression and teach his naughty mommy to be as good an ass eater as that young Asian whore, he will spank me until I go into that beautiful sub space and do anything he ask of me. Mind you I am not one of these little tarts that needs after care. Mommy has been a service slave for way to long. I only require to take care of my men and live a life of sexual and physical submissive service! I am owned and know my place as a sub human and submissive whore. 

BDSM Phone Sex Mommy

BSDM Phone Sex

Mommy Robyn Knows so much about BDSM phone sex because she was raised in it since she was little. I didn’t understand at first why I was being tied to a chair naked, until daddy whipped his cock out and force fed it to me. It was a slave girl training from there on out. I learned positions and how to take care of a man properly cock and all. I took my own mommies place as the subby housewife when I was just a wee thing. I never knew how well I was being set up to be sold to my husband.

But that didn’t faze me I was an obedient wife for gang bangs and impromptu parties in the basement since I wasn’t old enough for Dungeon clubs and Porn Theaters when I was bartered for. I heard daddy got a nice Cadillac and some money for me. AND that it was prearranged almost as soon as mommy left.

I became a mommy a few times over starting with my son and I was always used and a good whore to my husband and now my son. My girls are being right little subby cunts as well. I will make sure they are properly trained when m husband decides its time to sell them to an older master just like This mommy submissive whore! 

Submissive Slut Serves Well

Submissive Slut

My son knows how to keep me in the ultimate service of his cock. I am his submissive slut and he lets everyone know it. I am to keep my whore milf body in top shape. The house is always clean and my tits are exposed and ass presented when he is around. Very much a normal wife and mother on the streets but in the house I become a filthy dirty whore. I become furniture and toilet paper. I was raised to be a good service whore. My husband laughs at how my son humiliates me. I drink his piss like the slave in me demands. My tongue cleans his ass after he defecates. I bathe both of my Masters, give feet massages and am humiliated in front of neighbors and friends in my own home. Last night as I was serving dinner to my family and a couple of my husbands friends and my sons best friend I spilled some water. My hair was yanked and I was thrown over my sons lap for the bare bottom spankings I deserve for being clumsy. My panties pulled down my legs swinging as his huge hand made red whelps all over my upturned ass and thighs. My husband doesn’t do embarrassment well. How dare I fuck up in front of company! I noticed all the men were hard and a couple including my son were jacking off already. I was going to be taking cum instead of having dinner tonight….

Bare Bottom Spankings For Mommy

bare bottom Spankings

He treats me like shit and loves to make me the victim of harsh bare bottom spankings. He is my teen son who loves to use and humiliate mommy. His rope knots have gotten better. Good for him bad for me. As I’m hogtied over his lap with his huge hands leaving marks on my ass, thighs and small of my back. Just a worthless filthy whore mommy that deserves punishment as his cock grows hard underneath me.

I don’t even have to do anything wrong to receive this treatment. He comes and grabs a fistful of my tit and breathes on my neck that it is time to serve him. I can’t say no or he will expose me to the neighborhood and my family. And worse to his father! I am a pet, kept, and submissive at all times. My son rules me when his daddy is gone.

I suck his cock after I am slapped and belittled. Filthy slut, cum dump. Tears in my eyes as I never expected my son to be like this. His daddy is a true Dom Master. His teen angst is filled with rage and the spankings often lead to more humiliating mommy. A cum shot to the face, piss down my throat. Anything to make me know I have been put in my place.

Tonight, one of my nipple rings caught on his zipper. How will I explain this to my husband? I am between to hard dicks and punishment awaits no matter what this milf phone sex subslut does…

Predicament Bondage For A Disobedient Submissive SLut

Submissive Slut

I had been an awfully bad submissive slut. I was due for some predicament bondage from my master! First when he asked me to show up in 6-inch heels I wore flats. And as you know that is a big fucking mistake. My comfort does not come before his pleasure of seeing me in the proper attire! I knew I was in for Punishment when he put my leather cuffs on me and demanded me to back up to the pole he kept for restraint play. Clover clams were fitted on my nipples and I was attached to the bar. Them Master demanded my tongue out and attached the clamps to my tongue. If I were to move my tongue, I would pull those clamps tighter on my nipples causing extreme pain. Then the pole with the dildo was set up on the stand. He lovingly put my red heels on my feet as he giggled to himself, giving me a clue as to the nature of my disobedience. It hit like a ton of bricks in my stomach! The pole was inserted into me mere inches from my cervix. And my hands jacked up over my head.  Then I was made to kick off my heels and balance on my tip toes. The dildo was so close to my pain center and I moaned, making my nipples grip with pain as the clamps tightened again. I knew that I was his extreme bondage whore and I would not get away with anything anymore.

extreme Bondage

Master sliced lemon with his pocketknife and grinned at me. Sour juice dripped on my open mouth and made me pull back my tongue causing me to endure more nipple torture and slightly release my tiptoes racking my pussy with pain from the inserted rode dildo apparatus. I had given the sexy new neighbor lip when she mistakenly accepted a package for my master. And He wanted to sweeten my tongue a bit. I was his bondage and submission whore and I was to act like a lady to men and women alike. When he texted her to come over and help punish me, she wore the sexiest thing in her closet. The look she gave me seeing me strung up and kissing all over my master would have been punishment enough. To hear him moan as she made eye contact with me and drain his balls with her whore mouth was more than I could handle. I slipped impaled myself and kicked the dildo away as I moaned and begged to please him! My tongue raw he unclamped it and my new sexy whore neighbor and he enjoyed me begging to please them both!

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