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Cock worshiping is my natural state

Cock worshiping
Cock worshiping is my natural state of being. Everything I do is centered on pleasing cock. This subby slut is well aware that men deserve my obedience. If you find me misbehaving that only means that I need worked up more. The hormone surges that a bitch goes through during pregnancy and her period are my worse enemies. I’m not that bitch of a wife that nags you and cusses you out. My disobedience is in not getting into position fast enough or forgetting to put the timer on the turkey. And sexually? You are my world inside and out of the bedroom or playroom. My soul only longs to drain your balls and milk your prostate. I’m a destined slut. From youth into motherhood. I have always been willing and waiting ion your cock. Gag me, choke me and fuck me like a rag doll. I will still get up make breakfast and help you get ready for work. My life is yours to control. Having an excellent pussy and body are a bonus a man like you deserves. For all Submission and Taboo roleplay Robyn is your submissive slut!

Erotic submissive stories With Robyn

Erotic submissive storiesErotic submissive stories of a mature submissive.
There was a time that I didn’t believe in fate. That was until he took control of my body. The heater had been out for days. I found the cheapest HAVOC Tech I could. He was older and a smidge rough around the edges. A true silver fox with a bad boy vibe arrived and I showed him our issues and He went to work. I would bring him coffee and chat. There might have been some flirting, but Its my nature!

Advances were made but I was scared my Domme would beat me. Plus I enjoy being flirtatious and teasing at times. Like most woman. And I’m all woman! All I knew was my husband gave me a budget and I needed to keep some for my Xmas shopping for the babes. He fixed us up and finally the house was warm again. After that I thought nothing of it.

Bare bottom spankings were included in my home invasion

Until I was alone and relaxing to some nasty erotica. I feel asleep after a good fucking with my toy. I didn’t hear this man come in the house. He has bypassed my alarm. And By the time i woke up he was standing over me! I screamed but he was quick and strong. Ties to the bedpost and gagged I was at his mercy. He picked up my book and read a couple of lines to me. “ And he tore off my clothes with his savage cock bouncing with hardness..” he laughed and called me a dirty submissive whore!

Then my own sex toy was used forcefully on me until I came against my will. He worked me over choking me with his cock as he sat on my chest. Roughly excavating my ass hole and using my pussy like his personal playground! The kicker? He left me like that for my son and daughters to find!

Dad gives Bare bottom spankings

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings are wonderful after a nice long roleplay scene.
My dad popped over for a visit unexpectedly. I was minding my business and took a nap after masturbating in between picking my offspring up from school and cleaning the house. A rare day all to myself as Master was in meetings and I had already done my chores and thought I was going to have a great relaxing afternoon. But I woke up as my pops was tying my hands to the headboard and calling me a lazy bitch! He pulled out the viberator from under my pillow and told me that I really should have changed the locks on my house! He teased me as I was bound and gagged and wouldn’t let me cum. But he did get on top of me and put his old daddy dick in my mouth while he laughed at what a stupid bitch I was! ANd as he released his jizz and smacked my face, he turned me over and spanked the hell out of my daughter ass. I still had bruises when my master came home and I had to explain everything to be gagged with his cock and spanked all over again!

Milf phone sex slave

milf phone sex

This Milf phone sex subslut had to do her grocery shopping today. I noticed all the family’s out and the cute brats that tugged along behind mommies. I wear my standard stockings and garters and heels even doing mundane things like shopping. Master wants me to display it everyday! Sure, I’m embarrassed at the looks and sneers I get from other moms as I’m putting lucky charms and fruit snacks in my cart. Some of the older cute little boys get a peep show as I squat down and my pussy is out only to their level. Today the master texted me and told me to pee in front of this tot and his daddy. I had to seriously debate if bare bottoms spankings would be justified if I disobeyed. But my master is really harsh with his spankings and they can go on forever until I feel like hamburger meat! So, I squatted and pulled some cookies off the bottom shelf and let my piss soak through my panties and puddle beneath me. A lady jerked me up by my top and as I tried to run away as she was calling me horrible names my sheer top was ripped off and left me running through the store into the parking lot!

Submissive whore : Mommy Takeover

submissive whore

As a submissive whore mommy there is no escaping my son’s cock! He has been after me to submit to him since he began to smell the sweat on his balls! He took his opportunity as I was getting out of the shower. I had laid out a special outfit for his daddy since he was coming home today. I guess my son figured out that he better take the chance now! He snuck behind me as I was stepping out of the bath and made quick work of securing me in my own bondage ropes! I tried to fight him off, but my gag was used and he was standing over me with the most evil grin. His underwear hid none of his hard son cock. I knew I would have to give my son my pussy and it wasn’t by choice. But already my pussy was pulsating and dripping! When he pushed me on my stomach, I knew the first place he wanted to force fuck was mommies ass hole! This was what I had always wanted to be a submissive slut for my own son! 

Bondage Submission in public

bondage submissionBondage submission is what happened as I met my master on the porch as he has been away for a while.
I dressed as slutty as I could as I walked the street to his house. Tight latex dress, black panties and garters showing in six inch stilettos! I wore my collar proud as I walked so people would look at me and know this subby whore was on a mission. Master opened his door and I knelt and bowed to him. Several of his neighbors were peeping on us and he laughed and demanded I strip my dress off on his porch!
Without question I did as I was told as he shoved his dick down my throat and gave his neighbors a great whore mouth fucking show!
Then it was time to be attached to the rings on his rails and strung up like a pinata, only I was a submissive whore on display. And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect as he got a UPS package delivered as I was incapacitated and vulnerable.
As a tip Master told the UPS driver he could fuck my ass if it wouldn’t interfere with his route that day. He took the offer and held me tight as I got an ass blast from the delivery man!submissive whore

I know where I belong

submissive whore
I think all women should remember that we are ultimately all just a submissive whore! I saw a woman who was bossing her meek husband around the other day in the store and thought She really has no idea of her ture place. I would never never talk to any man in that tone of voice! I would be slapped into next week for starters! My mouth is only for sucking cock! The last time I back talked I was fucked in my ass for hours and beat like a puppy pet! My ass bleeding from the BBC gangbang I was submitted too after being tied up and left to think about what I had done! On my knees getting rug burns as my mouth is gagged with cock on one end and my ass is a shish kabob. As I’m supposed to be obedient and submissive and never talk back! Please have mercy as I am worshiping cock all over again! I am here for your pleasure, a vessel for you cum! Mold me into the perfect whore! I know that women are only meant to serve and please men. To be seen and not heard. To speak only when spoken to.
My cunt is soaking wet waiting for you to decide when I am worthy of your cock. spank me and cum inside all my worthless fuck holes! 

How it started Vs How its Going

milf phone sex

It started with me working for him, and almost getting fired. This milf phone sex subby subbing at a local high school. I was begging and pleading for my job. I would do anything he desired to keep my paycheck. He was a Dominant man in the office and he was quick to pick up that I had begun wearing low cut shirts and short skirts showing off the top of my thigh high to work. A woman has to use her best assets when dealing with such an authoritarian figure as my boss. Plus he was a silver fox and sexy as fuck! So, Now on my knees begging and ripping my shirt open to reveal my barbell nipple piercings I pleaded to keep my Job. I loved being around all these stud cocks. 


I felt his mood shift and a slap rang out across my face. I felt it in my pussy! He knew my fucking mommy pervert secret’s and would deal me accordingly! Bent over his desk, naked now and Instructed to keep my whore mouth shut and my hands on his desk! He fucked me violently, in my ass and milf cunt! 


I am my boss’s personal bondage slut now. My body is now used to instruct this high school boys i n how to use a BDSM phone sex whore to her fullest potential! Fill me up, cane, me, put me in extreme restraints all so I can be your subby older women who enjoys the torture and pain of it all! 

BDSM phone sex


Submissive slut and the stranger

submissive slutThere comes a time when being a submissive slut emcompasses your every being. I was grocery shopping today and at the check out I was lost in my phone missing the move up cue. The very burly man behind me had enough of frustrating women like me. He called me a stupid bitch! When I tell you my whole body reacted, and I was almost a puddle in the checkout line, I mean it! I turned around and stared at him for what must have been the most crazy two minutes. Now my tits were out just the way my master likes them. I was wearing my pink dress and thigh highs. I always show off for my master when I go anywhere. For a moment i was in the back of his car, I was on my knees in that grocery store with a mouth full of cock. But reality dawned on me. I finally sputtered the words, “I am a bitch, A very good one, obedient too. But, sir, I’m not stupid.” I checked out and flirted hard with the grocery boy. 

I knew this man behind me was not a real dominant, because he didn’t take control of that minute that had a heartbeat of desire between us. I thanked my lucky stars to have such a strong hand at home. I would ask for extra bare bottom spankings tonight. Maybe role play how this should have went down for a subby Milf and a stranger. After I made my famous meatloaf and got our brats to bed of course.

Oh, that man doesn’t know he could have had a willing cum whore submissive blowing him in his F 1-50. I saw him pull away as I was putting groceries in the trunk. I made sure to kneel real low putting the waters in so my Milf ass gave him something to jack off his dick later. Lesson, always be prepared to back your ass up, or shut up! I know my place ,do you?bare bottom spankings

Bondage Whore For Discipline

Bondage whoreAs a mother and wife I have a pretty normal life. No one would guess that I am a bondage whore. But sometimes men who are in The BDSM Lifestyle pick up on it. That is a fact of my life that I can’t dismiss. My master knows this and he is lenient about a true Dom using me on occasion. Such a thing happened the friday before spring break. I had to meet with the Vice principal to ask him to stop picking on my youngest son.
In his office he declared that he was only helping him become a man. He was too much of a sissy and needed to be toughened up. “Don’t you want him to be a man like me?” he asked, walking in front of his desk and leaning back in front of me. And by god This was a full Grown Masculine piece of art right in front of me. His cock was bulging in his pants inviting a good slave like me to suck it. I was lost in fantasy when I heard him repeating my name. “Something got you distracted Robyn?” It was a tell-tell sign of dominance by him using only my first name. I had no choice but to become his submissive slut in the office that Friday. On my knees my hands held behind my back. The way this Vice principal held my hair and pulled my throat down on his cock! OH Fuck! It was so good. My pussy was dripping wetting my panties! My Master would know what when he checked my panties. My throat raw as the Vice -principal Slapped my face and pushed me on my hands and knees! Pull your skirt up, now bitch! And don’t worry, all the receptionists have gone to lunch. No one will hear you when I fuck that ass! I know you love a Dirty milf for some hot cock sucking bondage chat!