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submissive sex


Submissive sex mommas will do anything to cock worship. A chance at a stripper pole and some cash never deterred me.  Good thing master loves showing off my sexy older body. I knew this wouldn’t be a run of the mill sex show. The men who had gathered had eclectic tastes. THey needed more than some tits and pussy on stage. Soon I would be on the dance floor showing off my ass and toast and waiting on comments and commands from my Master and his friends who occupied the club. Once the music started and I began to grind on the pole I knew I was in trouble. Soon hands reached up for me and brought me into the crowd. Master quickie put me in my ball gag and let all these men use me in different ways. I could suck a cock but then my gag would be put back as I was filled up so many times I lost count. A shameful submissive whore laid out to be used as a cum eating cum slut cum dump. And all was right with the world as I slipped into a beautiful sub space and submission as I had never before! Not bad for an older whore huh? I know my place and I know how to serve!submissive whore


Subby Rape phone sex fantasies

rape phone sex fantasies

His rape phone sex fantasies made him do it. He was recovering from a motorcycle accident! It just so happens that Mr. Andy had a very hot submissive nurse. No way ever tell that she was submissive that she carried out her duties very well. Perhaps it was that hand job she gave him as she was giving him a sponge bath that clued him in. Andy feigned like he was not getting any better and needed even more hand jobs and maybe one blowjob request was had. Now this submissive nurse knew that she had to give him what he wanted after all the patient needed to heal. 

She wasn’t counting on the fact that he was going to get up after the blowjob with his dick still hard and push her to the bed, rip open her nursing outfit and tie her hands and feet until she couldn’t move. A plan well executed If you ask this submissive whore! Tits smacked, pinched and  sucked between hard bites! This nurse needed to be used and Andy, well Andy picked up on it right away! Would you like to hurt and rape fantasy fuck your nurse next time you need a sponge bath?


Severe Bare bottom spankings …

bare bottom spakings It was the most severe bare bottom spankings I had ever endured! Thrown over my masters lap, with my ass in the air, each flog, and hand print rang out as pain racked my body. I know you Masters only know the pain given, not taken. But as each new thwack landed the pain increased and I began to whimper and cry. I had done nothing wrong. This was a routine maintenance spanking to keep me in my place. Master took pleasure in how my body responded with each new hit to my ass. In between the pain haze I admired his stamina and felt his cock rise to the occasion! One of his hands squeezed my left tit and brought new pain into the equation. My mouth got me in trouble as he asked if I had enough. I told him The right tit was jealous and that brought a whole new series of hard swats and increased momentum! I smiled through my tears and knew he would fuck me like the submissive whore I am! Sometimes it pays to be his sassy slut! Especially when you like pain!

Home Invasion Submissive phone sex

submissive phone sex

An unexpected home invasion fuels this submissive phone sex story.  Not that any home invasion is expected. I was cleaning the house being a dutiful domesticated slave as expected of me. I saw our neighbor John outside watering his lawn. I thought it’s too hot to water, but I would never say anything. First it is out of my slave nature to talk to men unaccompanied and directly. Second, the way he looked at me gave me the creeps. And that’s saying a lot for a whore who spent time in underground BDSM rooms and porn theaters when I was younger. 

I had begged my Master to move my elliptical from the side window, he declined saying looking outside through the bay windows is good for me while I sweat! 

Maybe he liked people watching my body. But as I cleaned i put Mr. Creepo John out of my mind and turned on the music full blast. 

The next thing I felt was strong hands around my throat as I was pulled down to the ground. The kitchen door swinging open! 

“Scream bitch and I will make sure I gut you!” His words were angry and hate filled. As He flipped me over I saw cheap nylon rope and duct tape. I was suddenly scared as I caught a glimpse of a knife he had pushed up to my throat.  I had no choice but to let him tie me up and have his way with me. He was really interested in my full lingerie and she under my clothes. I’m a good slave whore who knows what my master demands. The fact that this man assaulted me didn’t realize I was a bondage whore worked in my favor. I couldn’t let on that I enjoyed every second of a stranger force fuck! Clothes pins to my nipples ducted taped and bound in a hogtie while he shoved his cock down my throat and force fuck my ass violently. I deserve to be spanked and beaten for leaving the door unlocked!


bondage whore

Submissive sex Cheating and punishments

submissive sexI am in trouble and I know it. I am what you call a milf submissive sex slave. I have no identity other than being a wife and mother that is submissive to her husband’s desires. I am still a woman though, and my libido often gets me in severe trouble. My son is so handsome and strong, and I just could not resist fucking him behind my Masters back. One evening my Master husband was coming into town a bit early, I had no clue. I was happily riding my son’s cock all that week. I knew I should have stopped a couple days before and cleaned up all evidence of my son’s rather large young cock being inside me. I should know that after 20 plus years of marriage my Husband rules my body and always knows when something is amiss! The precise reason he snuck home early was to catch me in the act. And little did I know he had already planned out my extreme punishment! I was yanked by my hair to the ground and beaten as my son and husband both worked my bondage gear tight! I screamed and begged and apologized, even though I knew it wouldn’t do any good. The three black men waiting in the pain room scared me and I knew I had to go through with this. I risked losing my slave status and being tossed out like yesterday’s garbage if I didn’t. I had to take being blown out by black cock all night. I couldn’t move in my rope rig and I had to endure my pussy ass and whore mouth being used like a cheap pussy stroker.

Submissive Slut Milf Gangbangs

submissive slut There’s something heavy in the air, This submissive slut can feel it. Sir, I’m acting tense and I know he’s planning on using me tonight. Earlier as he put his feet up to use me as a footstool, I could feel his stress and asked if I could blow him, with all due respect. That only gained me a cold slap in my face. “Shut up, worthless slut!” I am not used to him denying me. I thought about what I had done to garner such harshness. With out another word he goes back to his phone and I am left to wonder. And eternity passed and a rare night without my offspring, I thought we would get into heavy bondage play. Perhaps I am not useful without my play things and son any more? That’s when the knock came. I recognized that knock from old underground BDSM rooms. Master Told Alexa to unlock the door and five men came in laughing and looking for… me. I was quickly hauled up and inspected by several masters I hadn’t seen in ages. Giddy with excitement I kissed boots and rubbed my body against them almost purring with excitement. Soon we were downstairs and I was laid out like the fuck meat I truly am!  My ass was so sore from all the spankings of these masters I missed so much. For a slave like me spankings are extreme affection!

“Robyn, Baby you only get better with age, said one of my favorites. The fact he was throat deep inside me as I was being ravished with another’s thick cock, only made it better!



S&M Video Whore

S&M Video

I would make my daughter the biggest S&M Video slave to date! My offspring really doesn’t get the whole Submissive bitch life yet? You would think she knows better by now! My daughter thinks she can dress slutty around the men in my husband’s office and get away with it! Teasing and never really giving them the time of day! She is such a disappointment and I have to correct her or I will be punished severely right beside her! Therefore, without hesitation my Husband and Master Came to me with an Idea! He had ten of his Master friends Gather and we would put on the biggest show for him and the camera crew.

My daughters ass would be thoroughly cleaned out and Mommy and her would create the hottest Mommy and daughter slave S&M Porn around. She was spanked until she cried out for mercy, Bound up like a pig in a blanket and fucked so hard she squealed like a a piggy slut! Her lesson would be taught one cock after another to remind her to be nice to men and serve them with her body!

A lesson that nine months later she would have proof of her dirty deeds! Truth is every one of them wanted her bareback and she begged to be filled as Mommy Robyn filled her ass with every toy I could find! How can you refuse a slave that wants cum filled and her mommy helping her?S&M Porn

Bare Bottom Spankings Galore!

Bare bottom spankingsDo You think Bare bottom spankings are essential for a whore like mommy? Does that make your nice young cock rise? Or are you an experienced master with a skillful hand? No matter, for I am your spanking whore Galore, and we can even have those spankings go down the family line. In my household it is perfectly acceptable to have the barely legal girls and mommy lined up for spankings by My Husband and Master. Now my son is training to be a DOM he is in on the fun finally. Daddy Had unleashed him on the slave females in the house to do his worst while daddy was gone. But when daddy is in charge he loves to take me and my oldest daughter to our limits. Making us dress each other in the sluttiest thing we can make each other wear. Today we both thought we had him. I put my daughter in a black thong and short slut school girl outfit and she had put me in my tight red dress. Both of us in fishnets and heels. Our collars were on and we present in front of the Master. And then… He sent us to get him two packs of cigarettes. That meant a public display of slut hood for this submissive whore. My daughter and I were not prepared. I drove us to the corner store and we texted our arrival. My daughter thought she could stay in the car but when Daddy was on speaker phone he commanded us inside to the counter and he wanted to talk to the clerk. He asked the clerk to check us for panties in front of another two Male customers. When it was discovered that indeed we were both wearing tiny thongs, the clerk got to remove our panties! He copped a feel and told Master we were wet for him. We purchased cigarettes and Master asked the man to send him pictures from his cell phone of our panties laying on the counter. Now we were going back for our asses to be spanked by Master for daring to wear panties in full slut gear! Mommy and daughters ass spanked relentlessly and each of us spanking the other raw for our indiscretions.Spanking phone sex

Arranged BDSM Marriages

bare bottom spankings Arranged BDSM marriages involve a lot of bare bottom spankings through the years. My ass has been turned up and beaten up by the most powerful hands. And I was given to this man by my father knowing full well what he was and what he was going to do to me as long as he laid claim to me. But there is something in my soul that speaks of being tamed in ways no one can understand.

You reading this are hard wondering if I can submit like I say I can. Dick hard in your hand, jerking to my bondage gear and my dirty tales.

In fact I love my collection of sexual oddies laid out beside my office chaise lounge. My husband has made me in tune with what you want. And always has what i need on hand to punish myself for you. I know when to be naked and when to have my fishnets on and my pretty panties for certain callers. I hear your voice and I know you require the flogger or belt to whip myself as you tell me to insert the biggest toy up my ass and be a good girl for you.submissive whore

I am your submissive whore and I cater to every master’s varied needs. I was put in this life because my father saw something that only a dominant man like you could explore. ANd now a proud wife and mother in the streets I am decidedly a Dirty freak in the discreet!spanking phone sex

His Long Distance Submissive whore

submissive whore Master used to go on long business trips and this submissive whore knew that when he got in it would be time to submit by phone. A young Submissive eager to please I did everything I could to show my complete submission!  A hot shower and naked and waiting sheets for him. Most of the time I got dirty detailed instructions before our phone scene and sometimes, to my delight he surprised me when I answered the phone.
Nipple clamps, butt plugs, vibrators, glass dildos. I had a limited amount of sex toys when I was younger, so we had to make do with what we had. My husband’s instructions made me wet as his voice dominated me, telling me to picture him with me, and what he would do when he returned.

During our BDSM phone sex, I slapped my pussy, pinched my nipples, and squirted on my sheets. I also went through several long periods of time when I bit my fingers and choked back screams of pleasure. Luckily, he was able to guess my true thoughts and so did not expect anything from me other than “Yes, Daddy” and “May I come, Daddy?” His domination of me was accompanied by my squeaks and whimpers. I stumbled through trying to ask to come or beg for mercy, he was savoring each moment of it. BDSM phone sex

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