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I think I do pretty well for a young slave who was forced into an arranged marriage and slave ownership. My subby heart excels at BDSM chat because I have had years of experience in many different Sub/Dom Settings. Roleplay is a great way to enhance any scene my master and I do. Now I am not out here sucking cock on the streets in public, but if he asked I wouldn’t be able to say no, although I suppose that would have to be a carefully evaluated scene! But There have been many times over the years that my costumes for roleplay have worked into the public eye without causing too much trouble. Full body fishnets covered in only a slinky dress as I walked the neighborhood with the stroller. I have had a weight inserted into my pussy as I am always in training mode. I have been the sexy FBI agent in Halloween’s past that walked my brats from door to door, and my master followed in the car to see how many men and teenage boys I turned on. All to be used against me for our BDSM play time later that evening. If I am lucky he has had a few men that are coming to use my pussy and other holes, placed for me to interact with.  This year I have been entered in a scavenger hunt for objects pertaining to a bondage scene and I will be wearing the most slutty Little Red Riding Hood outfit. I cant wait to see how he has this SubSlut Milf phone sex whore obey! My Cunt is throbbing behind my chastity belt just thinking of the delicious ways to be used by him and you! Milf Phone sex

Your Submissive Whore Milf Trains Sluts

submissive whore

This submissive whore knows a thing or two about training younger women. I have been in my husband’s care since I was a teenager. My daddy knew my submissive willingness to cock would be handy when it came time to marry me off.  Over 20 years in subservice to my husband and now son has made me an experienced MilF Slave. We are well known in the BDSM community and often masters would like me to help other sub sluts out in their first year. The thing about me is I ask no questions on age, or if they are in service willingly. I was not at all willing when I met my own Daddy Domme who is over twenty years my senior. I fought and needed a lot of manhandling and training. So when I get my hands on a fresh new slave I am eager to show her that I can be A dominatrix and never go easy on that sweet pussy. I am a bisexual cougar who loves to eat pussy and make young ones beg to taste me. More times than I can count, a woman bucks at me, saying she is not gay. Bitch, you’re a submissive, you are anything a Master or Mistress says you are! You belong to whoever you are put with at that moment. Slave training is a work of art, and a well trained slut will always make sure you are drained of your cum. Man or woman, girl or boy, you can be sure I do my job well.

slave training

She Demanded Extreme Bondage

Extreme bondageShe demanded extreme bondage. She was the Mistress to my submissive. Not that she didn’t have her own master. She was sent to train me and humiliate my very existence. Though This Madame did not know that I would be her slave willingly. I know how to obey, but women can be much harder to please. The first time my Mistress had me in shackles I was made to eat her pussy for two hours and she even took a piss break in my mouth. I was happy to drink her warm nectar. But that wasn’t enough for her.

She was incredibly skilled in withholding her orgasm. My face was nothing but a glazed slippery wet mess as she laughed and evil laugh. She was purely sadistic as she used chains to mount me to the wall. A hibachi wand was produced and a mask gag with a zipper was fastened to me. I was teased mercilessly as she tried to constrain my own orgasms.submissive sex chat

The next thing I knew her Master and two other men entered our sex chamber. I begged behind my gag for release and to stop the wand torture. I couldn’t hold back my orgasm longer than a few minutes which brought me full body spankings and lashes with the cat of nine tails.

I had been in extreme situations before but nothing had prepared me for a mistress and her two Masters executing me in the fullest sexual tortures. I was lowered and bound with rope and My zipper was opened on my mask. I let out a scream as my ass was penetrated by the biggest dildo I had ever encountered. Right now all I wanted to be is in my own masters arms, as he pushed me to my limits over and over. I needed his collar and his hands around my throat until I almost passed out. Instead I was here being covered and filled with cum, by a Evil Mistress and two masters who cared not about my existence.
Would you torture an obedient submissive sex chat slave?phone sex specials

Spanking Phone Sex : Choose your Target On my Flesh!

Spanking phone sex

Spanking phone sex is what Drives me into complete “slutdom”. The arousal of my pussy as you find ways to make my body red and painful. Do you see all the enticing parts of me that need a good whipping? My tits are my freshly shaven pussy. Even my belly and ass are perfect for that flogger and other creative things. My boyfriend long ago did not know how much I needed that submissive roll. Lucky for me I knew a true DOM who was in control of his own submissive sexy slut. We had a nice card game and I knew that Frank could help me. He led the conversation to the kinky BDSM world and my pussy drenched my sweet tiny black thong.  Frank’s own sub took my boyfriend and tied him up with her panties and stockings. 

Then it was my turn. I had to show all the equipment I had been using on myself and inside my toy box was nipple clamps, leather cuffs, paddles and all kinds of pentratable sex toys. 

But what I got after all was very creative, Big rubber bands used to mark me in a tic tac toe patterned all over my body. They played the game with hot candle wax and I came all over myself. My boyfriend was serviced by Frank’s own sub so he could relate pleasure to my pain. I love how she sucked his cock and rode him to orgasm as I was crying out in pain. My pussy was spanked and my body was bound tightly. It was in those bare bottom spankings I found myself.

barebottom spankings



Female Bondage Porn For my son

Female bondage


Yes, I make female bondage porn for my son. He is training to be my new master.  Eventually he will be the master of a young submissive. My husband is away a lot and I am allowed to use cocaine and film with my son some bondage material. I get wild when I am high and my body is so easy to manipulate! Did you know that my husband can dominate me from far away He purchased me from my abusive father and has made me the Milf whore I am today. I have a past and I use it to bring his Dominance and my sons new Master training to a head! Pun intended!  My teen son learning how to handle a well behaved submissive whore  like me makes me gush down my thighs as he practices his rope work.

Now, I do have a few problems letting go of the mother/son relationship, but he does his best. I don’t often misbehave but that part of me that wants to still be his mother makes me a fucking brat whore. I have had more spankings this year than the last five years combined. But I do have to say it makes for some great videos for my traveling husband! I am proud to be owned by two men and hope I am becoming a good slave example for my daughters!

submissive whore

Slave training Mommy

Slave training

Every man should have a mom or even a hot Milf at their disposal for slave training. Just look at how proud I am of my son training me. I have my medium cage all set up. I feel at ease as I know my place with him. I can barely move when I am in there but my son knows that I can be rewarded for being a good pet. If I get his porn Magazine with my mouth he even throws me a few dollar bills. He treats me well and helps me go through all my positions and tasks. I never knew something so dominant could come out of my womb. I have always had a submissive heart. Needing a strong hand on my back side or around my throat.

I know the only way a true naughty mommy submissive whore can be tamed is buy complete dominance over my body. My heart is all for my boy as he inspects my ass and pussy to make sure it is trimmed and clean for him. I only want to be good for him. He even uses forced rape fantasy situations so that I can feel like I am being made to fuck my own son. He says it may take the guilt off the things I do with my offspring. For now he is happy to have me in my cage while he is here, and show me off to a few close friends. I am his prized possession and I will let him and his friends do whatever they want to me.

Slave training A Toilet whore

slave training A toilet whore is a submissive used for the collection or disposal of human urine and feces. This is a slave training punishment reserved for piggy whores who get out of line.  I got out of line by thinking I was anywhere close to being a human. I do not have the same rights as most. I do not want to think for myself and I have no explanation for why I acted out. I bought a designer purse without permission. Big mistake on the part of a true subby slut. I remember the time I was pregnant and had my first scat lesson. Now that I was a serving Milf the toilet training was worse than it had ever been in my life. I am lucky to still be owned. 

But I have been told that young sluts do not have the proper training and men want a woman who knows whose feet to worship. 

But as a butt plug was super glued into my ass and the castor oil pumped down my throat, I wished I was still a young stupid bitch. This basement submissive whore was going to be turned into the piggy slut she has always been at heart. Within an hour my sewer pipe exploded sending the butt plug tearing out of my ass. It was liquid shit straight from my pig ass! Master put my new purse under my ass to catch the brown feces and pushed my head into it and made me eat my own shit! I got a mouth full of piss to wash it down. My ass is my masters piss commode as he pleases but eating my own shit is the worse punishment for a dumb whore like me!submissive whore

Your Nasty and Submissive Whore

Submissive whore

He entered the room and told me it was time for the submissive whore to perform. I had on the fishnet jumper so my whole naked body was on display. My head bowed as he pulled my face to his. “You will do me well to do anything asked of you tonight. These are very important people, do you hear me stupid Bitch?” I nodded as he released me to my knees. My wrist was bound and he took the big paddle and told me to march as fast as my knees would allow me. The Room was dark with candles lit as one of the ten masked men pulled me close and attached my nipple clamps and ripped my body suit to attach the clit clamps. From behind me the ball gag was hooked tight. I would not be allowed to suck cock just yet. They knew my cock sucking skills would give my fuck slut holes a break form pounding. As I maneuvered to the plastic mat in front of me, my ass and back stung with the constant spanking. The golden showers surprised me as all I  could hear was the cackling laughter of my shame. I was going to be the nasty Gangbang stupid bitch to make these men come over and over, and if i dared not serve accordingly I would be subject to much more pain and degradation!

I deserve Female bondage

female bondageI deserve female bondage for how I have acted. My cunt might be wet as you lead the ropes around my torso and pinch my nipples. But inside I am shaking. I know punishment is one of your biggest pleasures. I feel your hard cock against my legs as you secure me. “Worthless whore, I can’t believe I caught you in the act this time.” Your breath is hot on me as you force me to look you in the face. You’re squeezing my jaw as you spit on me. I can not control my libido. The two men you caught me fucking in our bed was enough for you to snap. You have always been in control of my body. And for me to step out of line in such a way is life threatening. You could have easily snapped my neck, or are you still planning on doing away with my body. I am scared, and this is not a sexy bondage routine anymore. The whip comes out and I fall to the floor in an instant. But you yank me back to my tip toes. Another 15 lashes and one of my nipple piercings is ripped out by the whip. I am crying and screaming behind my gag. Nothing will save me now. Out of the corner of my eye I see the men who came over to fix the water leak. They are laughing and stroking their hard cocks. I knew then you had set me up. And my only hope to stay alive is to please all of you!sexy bondage

Mommy Is Your Submissive Slut Lover

submissive slut

Your Dominance is showing through for this submissive slut mommy. You have grown into a man almost overnight. You have always had control in this house and now you seek to control me. It started with a slap to my face and you calling me a bitch. Before You knew it,  it just happened, you were shocked by your own actions and looked at me for some discipline as I was your mother. But I flushed red and you saw me squeeze my legs together. Your father had left me because I let you run the house and He said I was nothing but a stupid cunt who he couldn’t get hard for. He needed to be younger and couldn’t Be the Master to get me under control, I suppose. But that night you charged me and had your hands around my neck and spit in my face. Your instincts to take full control and make me your slave took over you. My body reacts as you ripped my tank top and told me I had been teasing you for so long. My nipple in your teeth made me cry out. You grip tighten on my throat as you bit my round bouncy Milf tits. I sank to the ground to receive my son’s cock. But you wanted to inspect me first. I stripped slowly as per orders and showed you my pussy and ass. They were clean and ready for you. It was only then that you gave me that cock to worship with my mouth. I was well on my way to becoming your slut slave and mommy lover.

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