Bare bottom spankings with Naomi

Bondage S&M

Bondage and S&M has made me reborn. I have a new father and since today is Father’s Day he has me tied up special. He wanted his nasty whore daughter to be punished. Punished for what reason I asked. He smiled as he put the ball gag in my mouth and tied it tightly. “You are going to be punished for my enjoyment. You are nothing but a dirty whore. Someone I hurt, so I can blow my load.” I nodded as to say “Yes Sir” The ball gag was tight, so tight that I could not move my jaw at all. I started drooling almost immediately.  He hates it when I drool, Every drop on the floor is 5 spanks. He left me here. With paper under neath me as I hang. He is going to count all the drips. ALL of them.  When he comes back My ass is going to be raw. With each drip I hear hit the paper my anxiety sets in. I know he is going to spank me. He is going to take his time. Teasing my ass with his crop. Rubbing it lightly against my skin. The anticipation is what kills me. Sitting here, waiting. 

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