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An Orgasmic Pain

bare bottom spankingsThere is nothing hotter than the sight of a red freshly bare bottom spanked ass. You can almost see the heat radiate as the redness spreads. I love the sound of the woosh as the stick is pulled back in the air. My pussy gets so wet as I prepare for it to touch my skin. I wince and thank him at every strike. The occasional misses hit my clit driving me mad. The sting causes my pussy to quiver with desire. As tears run down my face I can only think of the next hit. My ass feels like it is on fire and my skin broken but I still want more. I thank him over and over again, sometimes barely getting my words out from the pain, but I need more. I live for the pain. That orgasmic feeling from the hurt. As welts form, he puts the stick down. He then caresses my ass with his hands. Gentle and soft. He notices my pussy is soaking wet and just laughs as he calls me his pain slut. I then feel his huge hard cock enter my slippery wet pussy and I am drifted away to the ecstasy of the orgasm he is giving me.

Spanking Phone Sex : Choose your Target On my Flesh!

Spanking phone sex

Spanking phone sex is what Drives me into complete “slutdom”. The arousal of my pussy as you find ways to make my body red and painful. Do you see all the enticing parts of me that need a good whipping? My tits are my freshly shaven pussy. Even my belly and ass are perfect for that flogger and other creative things. My boyfriend long ago did not know how much I needed that submissive roll. Lucky for me I knew a true DOM who was in control of his own submissive sexy slut. We had a nice card game and I knew that Frank could help me. He led the conversation to the kinky BDSM world and my pussy drenched my sweet tiny black thong.  Frank’s own sub took my boyfriend and tied him up with her panties and stockings. 

Then it was my turn. I had to show all the equipment I had been using on myself and inside my toy box was nipple clamps, leather cuffs, paddles and all kinds of pentratable sex toys. 

But what I got after all was very creative, Big rubber bands used to mark me in a tic tac toe patterned all over my body. They played the game with hot candle wax and I came all over myself. My boyfriend was serviced by Frank’s own sub so he could relate pleasure to my pain. I love how she sucked his cock and rode him to orgasm as I was crying out in pain. My pussy was spanked and my body was bound tightly. It was in those bare bottom spankings I found myself.

barebottom spankings



Submissive whore Mommy Jessica

submissive whore

I’m cleaning up the mess and myself after my son just left. I am covered in cum and completely disheveled from what just happened to me. I should have expected it. I am a submissive whore for my son and I know that  every Friday evening, he comes over to use me. He usually doesn’t bring over so many strangers to fuck me. Tonight he brought over several very big, rough men who slapped and pushed me down as they forced their cocks into my holes. I couldn’t resist them or my son would have punished me for being disobedient. He doesn’t like me cause any problems for him or his friends. I do as I’m told to make him happy. My entire life is centered around pleasing my son. I am his submissive cum slut and I will do anything for him. He demanded that I get on my knees so that he could force his hard cock down my throat as the men took turns force fucking my holes. My son told them to cum in his worthless whore mother’s cunt over and over again. The more rough these men got with me, the harder his cock grew! Once I was so full that cum was leaking out of my holes, my son made me ride his cock. He wanted all of that sticky, creamy jizz to drizzle out, all over him as Mommy rode his hard cock! Once he shot his load into my cum soaked cunt, he was finished with me. He told me to get dressed and make something for him and his friends to eat. He knows that Mommy will always be here for him to use as a cum dumpster slut and serve him in any way that he wants.


cum slut phone sex


I was a really bad girl. I was told to stay put and not to go anywhere, but I am hard headed and I don’t listen a lot of the time. So, when he punished me, I knew I really deserved it this time. But I don’t regret it. I had a lot of fun. I even let someone else fuck me. When master found that out, he was really pissed off. I don’t think I have seen him that made before. He told me to never let someone else touch me unless it was with his permission. He had just been gone so long, that I felt so lonely. He strapped me into the swing and kept spanking my bare ass. It hurt so bad but I had to count each one and thank him for them. I was being spanked for not listening. My ass was hurting so bad, it was stinging. I don’t know what he was using to hit me with. I think I may have passed out from the pain but was woken up but his slamming his cock in and out of my tight bald pussy. He was fucking me so hard and rough. Not a single gentle bone in his body tonight. He fucked me all night long, until he wasn’t able to cum anymore. He pulled his cum covered cock out my pussy and walked away. Left me hanging there with his cum dripping out of my pussy.

In Need of a Rough Fuck

I am in need of a nice good hard fuck. I want to be used and abused. Fucked raw and cum deep inside of me. Let your friends fuck me, let your family fuck me, let your furry friends fuck me. Eat me and beat me. Force those big cocks deep inside of my tight little pussy and fat ass. You know you want to hit on me, smack my face and spit on me. Force your cocks deep down my throat until I am gagging on them or throwing up all over that dick. You can even shove that cock as far as it can go down my throat and shoot that hot load all down my throat. Nothing like using a sweet bald pussy to make all your friends cum. You can fuck me in front of everyone or take me in the back and do all those naughty things you can’t talk about. Whatever it is that you want, please use me. My holes need to be stretched and I think you are just the man for the job.


bukkake phone sex

Anything For You

submissive whoreHe came home with that twinkle in his eye and I immediately knew what he wanted. I smiled as I walked to our little secret room and put on the newest addition he had purchased. The metal against my skin was cold and hard, my pussy was already wet. I saved the collar for him as he always likes to put it on me. He then had me stand so he could admire my body. It was not quite to his liking, so he pulled the buckles a little tighter and then snapped on the leash. I got down on all fours and crawled behind him as he led me to the basement. There he lifted me and bent me over the couch with my hands bound behind me. He took out his favorite paddle and started spanking my bare bottom. He started slowing and firm, a type of rhythmic motion. Just as I had grown accustomed to his pattern, he started striking me harder and faster. My ass was on fire, but my pussy was pulsating with desire. He saw that and took a big scoop of ben gay and slathered my juicy wet cunt with it before ramming a thick long vibrator inside. He turned it on full speed and laughed as I flinched and cried out in pain. He moved in front of me and put on a mouth brace before ramming his throbbing pre cum soaked hard cock deep in my throat.

Submissive Slut Shown Her Place

Submissive SlutI may be a submissive slut at home, but I’m a boss ass bitch at the office. I own those men, and they know it; I silently tease all their sweet cocks. I had just gotten my promotion, and was leaving the office for the day when one of the new guys stepped on with me. I was surprised he was still there. In between floors, he turned the elevator, and the lights, off.
He slammed me into the wall, using my throat to pin me. I was gasping for breath. “You fucking cunt. You think you’re hot shit. You aren’t; you’re just my cunt to use as I please.” He forced me to my knees, and shoved his hot cock right down my throat. I choked on him for longer than I could handle.
He used my little fuck hole until he was cumming down my throat. I was begging and screaming around his fat cock. Anything to make it stop. And yet my cunt was crazy wet! Did I even want it to stop?

Submissive Slut Secretary

submissive slutI was hired as a submissive slut secretary over 20 years ago. This virus benched me from the office. My master / boss is much older and being among the public is more dangerous for his health than mine. We have worked around being in the office, however. We can still consult with clients and potential clients with Zoom and other similar platforms. Sometimes, I must give master or one of his associates a special show like yesterday. It is challenging to hurt yourself. I will never hit myself or fuck my cunt or ass as hard as you would, or my master would. And bare bottom spankings are near impossible. But when master asks me to do something, I have no choice. It is not really a request. I did my best striptease. I was dressed professionally yet seductively too. Master likes me to look sexy but not sexy like a trailer trash whore. I utilized some stripper moves, but I knew a seductive dance was not the only request. I had to insert things in my ass and cunt. Things not meant to go in either hole. The ruler in my cunt was not bad, but the stapler hurt like hell and I almost lost the computer mouse. Master and his associate were jacking off watching the submissive whore do whatever they said. I have a love hate relationship with self-torture. On one hand, I am a pain slut. On the other hand, even a pain slut has her limits. Master was in a mood. Maybe it was because this was the first extreme fun he has had with me in months. Maybe it was his friend egging him on. Maybe it was cabin fever. Whatever it was, my holes are sore as fuck today. But I am a good whore. I always do what I am told.

It Started When I Was Young

submissive whoreFrom an early age I knew that I liked submission. I craved it. I always was drawn to the mean guys. You know the ones that degrade and were sometimes forceful. My first experience was as a teen. My boyfriend decided he would like to blindfold me and tie me up. I didn’t even hesitate and gladly agreed. He must have gotten an extra dose of testosterone that day because he was an animal. He started nice enough and teased and fucked my pussy but soon he became a little rougher. He untied me and bent me over his knee and started spanking me. With his hands between my legs he felt my pussy getting wet. That set him into overdrive, and he was soon throwing me to the bed and spanking my pussy. I think when I started to moan from excitement, he took that as a sign to use and abuse me. He took out a belt and whipped my tits, leaving them swollen and bloody. I didn’t even try to fight back. I fucking loved it. He shoved a cucumber up my ass and fucked my pussy. I moved my ass taking it in deeper. Instead of cumming in my pussy he shot his load all over my face and I licked it off my lips. His dick was hard again, and he turned me over and pounded my ass. There was nothing he could do that I said no to. I even smiled and spread my legs when he brought in his little furry friend to play.

Submissive Whore Brutalized Over Broken Condom

Submissive WhoreMaster snatched the pregnancy test from the hands of his submissive whore, and slapped me hard across the face. “You stupid cunt.” He growled as he picked me up by my throat. “I’m going to beat that fuck out of you.” I whined, but my cunt was growing wet. Master’s cock is so fucking huge, it’s not uncommon for us to have condoms bust.
I knew exactly which one this accidental knock up was from too. Six weeks ago, Master had me bound to a tree in the garden and had gotten so rough with my cunt as he forced himself into me, the condom busted right as he was spilling his sticky seed into my submissive whore snatch.
He dragged me by my hair from the bathroom, snapping me back to reality. Master bound my ankles and wrists and hung me in his favorite style just like a piñata . He grabbed his favorite baseball bat, yes the one wrapped in barbed wire, and took six solid swings straight into my belly. “I’m going to beat the fuck out of you worthless piece of shit!” Master hates little ones.
I was screaming for mercy as the bruises welled up, black and blue beneath where he beat me. He punched me in my mouth, and I spit out a bloody tooth. My poor pussy was getting so wet at all of this sadistically brutal abuse.
After an hour of being used like a punching bag, my cunt still wasn’t bleeding and Master was getting impatient, so he grabbed a big butchers knife and took quick, angry steps towards his submissive whore. Pressing the blade into my belly button, Master dragged it down to my cunt. A thin trickle of blood followed the butchers knife. It mixed with the wetness between my legs, and that seemed to calm him a bit. He grabbed me by my face, and pulled me in so close. “I’m going to let you get big, fat as a fucking house. And then, you stupid little bitch, I’m going to stick a razor sharp coat hanger up your slutty snatch and rip that thing out with my bare hands.” He was foaming at the mouth, in a hellishly evil rage. “I’ll bash that meatball’s head in and make you eat brains, just because it’s a broken condom bastard and no son of mine is being born by a whore!” He screamed, cracking me in the head with the baseball bat. That was the last thing that I remembered.

Submissive Whore

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