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Punished By Daddy

Slave training I was being a mischievous child not listening in class or playing nice during recess. I knew daddy was going to be upset with me, I just had no idea how we would be punishing me. When he got home, he went in my room and right away smacked me on my face and laid me on his lap. He pulled my dress up and pulled my panties down, he spanked me hard over and over until my ass was sore and red. As I cried, he spread my legs and told me he wasn’t done with me that I was going to learn to be a good girl. He stuck his finger in my ass and started pumping it in and out of me. As I squirmed, he spanked me hard again. I learned not to move and just let him punish me. He grabbed me by my hair and put me on my knees. As he pulled his cock out, he slapped me and made it clear I better open my mouth and let him use it. He pumped his cock in and out my mouth chocking me as it went deep. He picked me up and spit on his hand rubbing it on my little cunt hole. With one hard push he shoved me down on his throbbing cock. I couldn’t scream or cry he was covering my mouth. As he ripped me open, he told me I would be a good girl and listen from now on. I knew that I had to do as he said, before I knew it his cock was pumping juices in me. Now I love when daddy or any other man punishes me and uses me.  

Disgraced By S&M video

S&M video

I am exposed! I know it’s all my fault! One of my S&M Videos got released, by accident,  I have been punished severely and my ass is black and blue from the hard core spankings I received! I didn’t mean too! I was uploading my video to my master and added another mom from The fucking PTA! I didn’t even notice she had the link, until I got a call. She said I was a disgusting vile woman and I needed help. She offered to send me to a women’s shelter and had forwarded it to her sheriff friend. Explaining that I am a slave 24/7 was the most miserable thing I had to do. Now, I want to move, but my master says he enjoys the fact of the PTA moms knowing about me. Disclosure notices were filed and signed, but that doesn’t stop word of mouth. I know the sheriff made a copy for himself so he could jack off to me. The worst part is it was an abduction scene filmed with not only my master but several men cumming and pissing all over me as I was forced into the trunk of my master’s car! bondage and submission

naughty little worthless fuck!

bondage whore

Today, I woke up to the feel of my Master’s cock splitting my asshole wide open. No matter how many
times he takes his submissive slut’s little asshole, it still hurts like hell when ten inches of thick manhood
ram into me!
Today was a training day, and that meant he hogtied me and then used a riding crop to spank my pussy
until I was crying from the pain. Of course, my master never shows mercy. He let me cry and then
rammed a very thick butt plug into my already hurting little ass!
He shoved a big vibrator into my BDSM whore cunt and kept it going so I wriggled and moaned like the
little slut I am! There I was hogtied and he lifted my head up by my hair and made me say, “I’m your
good little whore, Sir!”
I had to say it perfectly, without moaning or anything! It was impossible because my ass was stretched
like nobody’s business and that vibrator made me cum over and over. Master didn’t care. I had to learn
to say the words one way or another and every time I messed up I got spanked, whipped or flogged!
It took all day before I could finally say it just once without moaning or screwing up the words.
Master rewarded me with his thick cock in the only available hole, my submissive slut mouth. After he
gave me the gift of his cummies and let me lick his lovely cock clean, he untied me. He wouldn’t let me
take the toys out, though, and made me crawl all the way to the chair with them. You wouldn’t believe
the ass cheek destroying spanking I got for letting the vibrator fall out of my pussy.

Daddy Administered Bare Bottom Spankings

It was something of a boring day yesterday. I was getting myself into no good, and that calls for Bare bottom spankings and more from daddy. It was when I got to snooping in my daddy’s bedroom and looking at his porn collection that got me thinking. I got caught up in a magazine and was really trying to get myself off when he caught me. I sorta set myself up for this because I was super in need of some torture and fucking. Daddy grabbed me by my pony tail and yanked me to my knees. He had his cock in my mouth and I was gagging on it. Slapping me in the face with it he came hard. I was put over his lap and he started spanking my ass into a bright red. This is what I deserve and crave.

Bare Bottom Spankings

He Bound Me For My Punishment

submissive whore


I was in trouble, well actually more trouble and I knew the punishment would be severe. I was asleep when I heard the door slam and his heavy steps coming to the bedroom. The door flew open, and his eyes were filled with fury. He grabbed my hair and threw me onto my stomach. Yelling he told me to stay. I didn’t move a muscle. He rummaged through the play drawer and brought out a rope and locks, He grabbed my legs and arms and bound me so I could not move. The rope was cutting into my wrists and ankles, but I didn’t say a word. I looked down not daring to look him in the eyes. Then he pulled out his phone and put it under my face. Watch he screamed as the video of me appeared. It was me in my bed using my vibrator while watching porn. I had orgasmed multiple times, playing with my pussy and ass and nipples. He was furious. I could say nothing except I was sorry. I know I am not to play with his pussy without permission, but I did. He slapped me across the face and told me he would be back. After an hour or so I heard the front door open and the sound of dozens of feet coming down the hallway to give me my punishment.

Went To Work With Master

Erotic BDSM storiesI’m a pain slut I love being used and abused by my master; he takes me along with him to work and makes me sit under his desk ass naked no one can see me when I’m down there. Whenever he feels like it, he pulls his cock out and I know I must suck it hard and deep and not make a sound. He will cum over and over down my throat and during his break he will pull me out and bend me over his desk. He spanks me hard and fast until my ass is read and when he is ready, he sticks his fat cock deep in my ass. I know I must take all his cock and not make a noise as he fucks me deep and hard, I love when master takes me to work uses my ass and mouth whenever he wants. Specially how hard he pounds me and how he still has lots of hot gooey cum to fill it up with.  

Slave training In The Sex shops!

slave training I never had real slave training to worship cock until my master had a hold of me. I would be subject to specialty sex shops that let you Try before you buy. The day I was used so  whatever the customers are buying they get to try out on my body. No matter if it was nipple clamps, floggers, Painful whips huge toys anal toys. I was the display doll used to help others find what Toys would best suit their sexual needs! WOmen would come up to me and ask me to see how a huge dldo fit inside me. I knew I was beginning to be looked at as a play thing and experiment. A few flogs across my tits  as I stood like a sex mannequin to be gawked at and touched to see how well I would let men and women I didn’t know use me. Every day is a chance for bare bottom spankings and I found that men loved walking behind me and spanking my ass and thighs as other customers used me to find their next toy purchase! The night ended with em tied in leather restraints and face buried in the shop owners Daughters cunt! But that is a story for another time, wink wink! 

Sunday Golden Showers

Golden shower phone sexEvery Sunday my master gives me a goldenshower, he drinks liquids all day. I love as he ties me up, the feeling of the rope burning my skin gets my pussy wet he teases my pussy. He paddles my ass until it is nice and red. With every lash my pussy creams up, he loves abusing my ass so he will use all kinds of big dildos or even anything he found around he wants. When it is opened wide, he will pound his dick me hard and fast while playing and fingering my cunt. I enjoy that so much I move back shoving my ass on his cock more and slamming his fingers in me. As soon as I cum and my body shakes, I feel him cumming and shaking he even sometimes bites me body cutting my skin and making me bleed. It only excites me more and gets me ready for the big golden finish, he pulls his cock out and starts pissing all over my face and body! I love our Sunday goldenshower fun.

Mommy Robyns BDSM Chat

BDSM chat

 “Female abducted, held as a sex slave!”  Shall we have a BDSM chat about how fucking hard you get when your think about was has been done to those girls?  I personally you’re not the only one with the taboo fantasy of abducting a sweet young girl and making her your own personal cum slut. I was one such slut before I was bartered off by daddy! I had become too “mature” for his P-cock. I am a submissive p-mommy so I understand all too well! I wish to submit and help you find a young harlot we can train to be your next sex slave. Young whore ready to serve she just doesn’t know it yet! This filthy p-whore wants that cock to be spurting cum as we you control and make her your next cock slave! Play out your abduction fantasy–maybe you’ve seen her in the neighborhood, taunting you with her innocent sexuality. We need to kidnap, ravage, and train her so that she can serve you, her Master. Brainwash her so she falls to her knees, mouth open, pussy spread and exposed, whenever you are nearby; maybe you will drop her on the floor, and force her to ingest your cum and give her a bath with your piss. I’m positive some bare bottom spankings will keep her little ass in line.  She’ll be your own personal cum slave! Am I Depraved and no Taboo? Absofuckinglutely, but this is unrestricted play time for this subby mommy and your Master Dick!

Sexy Bondage Cum Slut Submissive

He was seeking a Sexy bondage cum slut submissive. That spoke to me. The advertisement may have had my name branded to it. This was what I am meant to be and it just so happens that I need a new gig to serve as another’s submissive. The Master I was serving recently turned out to be a real dirt bag loser. This piece of shit tried to sell me to some Cartel fuckers to fix his debt.

This guy was no Master. He was a druggy loser pretending. These little dick losers pumped full of speed are the worst. They don’t understand the demanding role as a Master. It’s shameful that I let this one lure me. I had to turn the tables on him. The cartel beheaded that loser. I was a submissive cum slut for the cartel for a few hours and they were quite nice to this subslut white girl. I put out with my submissive sex and gave them a dipshit moron to take care of. Win/win for all parties involved. But, Now I need to find a new Master to satisfy my needs.

I will be the best little ass licker, cum slut you could ever desire. My skills at eating ass, being a human toilet and just a subslut whore for cock. I want to do whatever it takes to get the oozing cream from your cock. I really don’t care where you cum as lond as it’s on or in me.

Sexy bondage

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