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Submissive slut gets punished by Daddy

submissive slut

Daddy had to punish his submissive slut again last night so naturally, it’s all I can think about. I smarted off to him even though I knew better than to speak to him like that. Daddy deserves a good girl who respects him and I’m almost always doing something that pushes him to his limits. I regretted what I said the second the words left my lips but I knew it was too late. Daddy was going to punish me again and my pussy throbbed at the thought of what he might do. I was equally terrified and turned on. I kept wishfully thinking that he might punish me like he did last time I was a bad girl and didn’t listen to him. Last time, he bent me over his lap and pulled my panties down to my knees. He made me reach up and squeeze my tits while he ran one finger down my ass and right to my already drenched pussy. He was seeing how wet I was so that he would know if his punishments were turning me on. He brought his hand down across my skin as hard as he could, spanking my ass until my cheeks were bright red and stinging. Daddy knows that I’m a slut for his spankings. Feeling my ass get all hot from the stinging handprints across my skin, gets me so horny! I could feel his stiff cock pressing into me. He was rock hard, throbbing and I knew he was just as turned on as I was. By the end of my spanking,my cunt was dripping and I was begging him to fuck me! He made me bend over and hold my ass open, begging him for his cock. Last night, he told me that he was fed up with the way he had to keep reminding me how to act. He skipped the spanking and went right to whipping my ass with his thick, leather belt! The raised welts still sting a little but it’s a constant reminder of how powerful and dominant Daddy is when I get out of line.

Slave training with Kinky Ursa

Slave training

Ursa is such a naughty girl. I thought I was already a pretty good submissive, but I could always use a brush up on some nasty, hardcore slave training. The first thing you need to do is take me outside down to the beach and strip me of all my clothing, including panties and bra. Standing outside in public fully nude and vulnerable is a great way to start this training and be in the right mindset.

                I’m begging to be your bondage whore. You tie my hands to two trees that are around me and place a blindfold over my eyes and a ball gag in my mouth. You find a palm laying on the beach near us, and pick it up, knowing it’s the perfect tool to start bare bottom spankings. Each time the palm hits me, I wince at the stinging pain on my tits, the back of my legs and my nice, round, plump ass.

                  My body is so sore from the whippings, that my legs get weak, and I fall against my restraints. All I want now is my swollen clit and pussy to be fingered and fucked like mad. I need a good thrashing. Before I know it, I feel you walk up to me.

                I feel your rough fingers touch my pussy lips, two of them, and then go inside. Exactly what I’ve been yearning for. You have kept me on edge so long that I can’t hold back anymore. I squirt my pussy juices everywhere from the anticipation. That’s exactly how you train this slave, you fucking break her down to nothing.

Prostate Milking is so much Fun

Prostate Milking

Prostate milking is one of my specialties. Having a good lube is key to getting ready to really get every last drop. Depending on who it is, I’ll use my mouth and some toys. Other times a nice remote-controlled vibrating butt plug. It all boils down to what you like. I love being told what to do. Told exactly how to please you. I enjoy submitting and being used, tied up, strapped down. Giving in to you completely, knowing you’re going to use my body to please yourself, over and over again until you’re done with me.

Stretching my pussy nice and wide with you cock deep inside of it. Tying my hands behind my head, legs spread apart, letting you ravage my body. I love it when you spank me too. Forcing me to cum over and over again as you watch me squirm and wiggle all over the bed, holding a vibrator to my clit. Cumming so many times in a row to the point my body is just shaking uncontrollably. Bare bottom spankings making my ass sting with pleasure.

I also love dressing up for you. Teasing you like I know I shouldn’t, because teasing you always lands me tied up and being taken advantage of. I love pleasing you though. I enjoy it when you let me use my toys on you. Letting me make you cum over and over again. Switching rolls every once in a while, can be fun. I love watching you cum so much, to the point nothing comes out. Milking you. Using my fingers up your ass while I suck your cock. 


Bare Bottom Spankings When Your Slut Forgets Her Place

bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings are the perfect way to punish your little fuck pig. Dirty whores need discipline from a strict, dominating master. I earned my ass whooping today. My responsibility is to take care of your cock. And when you message me, I should be on my knees responding to you immediately. But it looks like I forgot my priorities. My punishment is one hard swing for every minute it took me to respond back. It took me 29 minutes to reply. So I will take the rod to this submissive ass 29 times.

Bare Bottom Spankings for Submissive Whore Naomi

I’m on my hands and knees completely naked. That’s how you prefer your submissive whore anyway. You squeeze my soft ass and ask me why I’m being punished. I pathetically admit my faults. I’m an ungrateful little slut who wasted Daddy’s time. I need to be reminded that this ass belongs to you every minute of the day. You drag the rod up and down my ass. Teasing me before you finally crack it on my ass. The first hit stings but every hit feels worse. I count every hard whack on my ass out loud. You love hearing the pain in my voice.

The 25th smack on my ass and I think my legs are going to give out. I beg for you to forgive me instead. Your cock is hard as fuck. You pull it out and slap it on my wet cunt. Then you ask me why I think I get to dictate the punishment. I try to apologize, but you slam your cock into my cunt hard. You drop the rod and use your bare hand to spank my ass. The bare bottom spankings with the rod left my ass raw and stinging, but your hand smacking my ass sets it on fire. You start pounding my pussy and tell me to start counting again from zero.

Bukkake phone sex

Bukkake phone sex

I love being a submissive and being your own sex slave, but I thought tonight we could try a little bukkake phone sex. I wake up on the floor of what looks like some kind of abandoned warehouse. I look around and see at least a dozen naked men in a circle around me. I have no idea what is going to happen to me.

                I start to get up and only make it to my knees before the first man comes at me, dick first. He shoves his hard cock in my mouth until it hits the back of my throat. He just keeps thrusting in and out, grinding on my face. With every movement, I can feel his balls smack against my face. He suddenly stops, pulls out and the next man comes at me.

                It feels like hours that I’m going through this fuck circle. I’m so sore and tired, I just fall to the hard cement floor. I don’t even care how cold the floor is against my body. I’m able to open my eyes and look around, and that’s when I notice all the men taking steps closer to me.

                I see them start jacking off their huge, hard cocks. That’s when I feel the first stream of hot jizz hit me on my left titty. After a few moments, I feel a couple more streams. I’m such a nasty cum slut and I love what I’m feeling. I close my eyes and open my mouth, hoping to catch some and taste it. I’m a nasty, dirty bitch who loves cum eating.

Sexy phone sex your slut likes to switch it up.

     Sexy phone sex Sexy phone sex you slut likes to switch it up. All things considered do like a good spanking. With this in mind make the ass bare. Now this means it could turn into a finger going in the ass, in the cunt. Your sexy slut would also love to chat with you to keep you from trouble. Claim me.

     On the positive side when you claim me then the sky is the limit. You get to listen to my sexy voice gagging on your cock as I am sucking on it. Moaning in pleasure as you are spanking me. Groaning as you cock enters my sloppy wet cunt hole.

     That’s it, claim your Submissive slut for yourself. Make me yours. Driving in deep. Moans grow louder as you hold my breasts using them as handlebars. Twisting them. Binding me to you as much as any restraints would do.

     For this reason, when I belong to you, I get out of line. Which you can be sure that I will, then a punishment is in order. A spanking on the ass, a willow switch, feel like being a gentle punishment then use a feather tickler, among so many other choices.

     In summary I belong to you when you call me yours. I will please you as long as you give me that cock. I am a cock loving slut.

Slave training from Robyns Point of View!

Slave trainingSlave Training POV from Slave Robyn! The hanging and pulling of my most sensitive parts is what hurts the most when I’m shackled and immobile. The way the cords pull on me as I am being pierced by my Nipple clamps and a rope threaded Through my clit hood piercing.

I’m forced to endure mean men who have taken away my sense of self. I hate it and I love it at the same time.   My body and mind are powerless to stop them. Your Milf slave has been given no choice. I must obey. 

My ass being riddled with so many welts as I am trained up to be a Pretty plaything on a string is what it feels like. Make me shudder in pleasure and pain. here I am to be broken and remade. I am no longer the same. Consider me a Pathetic slave to these men. I am theirs.

Slave Training POV from Slave Robyn 
 I am a slave.

My body is a canvas, I know giving into pain and being molded into the image of my master is nothing to take lightly. I scream and cry and deep inside I know this submissive whore needs the pain to become obedient and malleable. I never know how a master is going to use pain and bondage to make his own cock better! 

For example, my master might tie me up and use nipple clamps and whips to make me beg for his pleasure. He will then use me to pleasure himself and when he is finished he will leave me in a heap of my own pain and tears. I will always be his slave, and I will obey his every command.


Submissive Whore who knows to obey and abide by your rules

Submissive Whore I am the College cutie you get to use as your personal Cum dumpster. A well-known Sexy teenage Submissive Whore that lives to submit to dominant men! I used to be a nerd that was until my virginity was forcefully taken and I just became a used whore. Now, I live my day-to-day being punished by absolute strangers, which I enjoy. My first time serving as a Bondage slut, I was forced into a glory hole and watched by my so-called lover at the time.

In all reality I was nothing but worn-out fuck meat, that he used to render his Dark fetish for watching women get destroyed. I was roughly fucked and then forced to my knees to have all of my holes plugged. A Creampie slut is what he made of me!

Make me your Submissive sex pot…

Bare bottom spankings, fisting, and rough penetration are what my daily succumbs to. It makes me scream and cream! Even after hours of continuous pounding I can’t help but want for more. I am bound for a balls-deep fuck, that leaves me dreading my entire existence. My nymphomania is what led me here! Facefuck me hard, give me a facial and a nice thick-throat pie…

For you Sir, I am willing to do any and everything… I am a filthy slave slut in constant need of a penis that’ll leave me oozing from my Young bald pussy after being fucked incredibly hard. No mercy shall ever be given, I am to obey and abide by your rules during Slave training.

Transform me into your Creampie, rough fuck loving, rimming slut.

Submissive Whore’s Manifesto: Getting Filthy With Your Dominance

Please, Master, use me as you wish. I’m your submissive whore, here to pleasure you in any way you desire. I’m on my knees, waiting for your command. The dirtier your wishes, the hornier I become.

My hands are quivering as I hold them up, ready to do your bidding. If I falter, I know you’ll punish me, Master. The thought of your discipline makes my heart race and my cunt drip with desire. I’m a good girl, and I’ll keep those books steady, even as your fingers thrust deeply into my soaked pussy.

I’m all yours, Master. Do with me as you will. Punish me, own me, and make me your dirty little whore. I love it when you treat me like the filthy slut I am, pushing me to my limits. Your cock is my addiction, and I yearn for it in places most would find taboo.

“Please, Master, spank me, fuck me, and make me feel your dominance. I want to be your willing slave, a possession to be used for your pleasure. Cum inside me, treat me like an object, and I’ll be your good little slut, forever obedient.”

Bondage whore gets pissed on and used

You are a true Bondage whore if you love the way it feels when the rope rubs against your skin. The burn excites you and sends shivers down to your cunt. Then you feel the sting from the paddle when it hits your bare ass. “Thank be bitch” my master says as demands of me as he beats the paddle into my ass cheeks.

Bondage whore

Once my ass is red and swollen, my master likes to humiliate me. That’s when I saw him pull his cock out. Then a stream of golden nectar piss starts flowing straight at me. “Open your mouth and drink up” my master commands of me. Since I am his property, I open my mouth and try not to waste any. As the last drop of piss dripped from my master’s cock, he tied a rope around my neck.

“Tonight, you will milk my superior cock with your ass but do it fast before you pass out” he instructed me to do as he rammed his cock. It is easy to get my master’s cock hard. Because I know how my master likes it. He wants me to choke on it and squeeze throat around his cock. I start to taste the saltiness of his precum gets me excited. Therefore, he gets behind me and I feel his cock right by my asshole. “Ready, set, go” my master moans as he rams his cock in my ass.

Then he starts to pull on the rope. So, I started fucking him hard and fast. I wanted to make sure I did he asked. As it started to get hard to breathe, I went harder. “That’s it bitch” my master moaned out. Then I felt my body get weak and his cock spraying his cum inside me. Which made him pull on the rope all the way. I fell with his body on top of me. After he released the rope, I took a deep breath. “You just made it my pet” my master said as he got off me and walked away. I just tried to catch my breath as I dripped with cum.