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Punish Me

submissive slut I was walking into the house when he came from behind and grabbed me. He covered my face with a pillowcase, handcuffed my hands and led me to a waiting car. I knew who it was by the feel of his hands on my face. I knew that this was my punishment for playing with my pussy without permission. Part of me was scared but mostly I was excited. My pussy was wet, and my panties were soaked by the time we arrived. He led me into the building and down the stairs. He lifted my handcuffed arms above my head and fastened them to a pulley. Then he ripped open my shirt and attached nipple clamps and weights. My pussy was throbbing now. He then lifted the pillowcase off my face and put duct tape over my mouth. As my eyes adjusted to the low lighting, I could see a dozen or so men watching as I hung there. Some appeared to have their cocks out of their pants and were stroking. He then stood back and told them that I was all theirs to do with what they wanted until he was tired of watching. I was so turned on that when he ripped my panties off, and his finger grazed my clit I orgasmed right there. He laughed, called me a slut and backhanded my face. The things those men did to me was naughty and dirty and I loved every painful minute of it. Give me a call and let me tell you about it.

This Submissive Slut loves cock

submissive slut He says this submissive slut looks so much sexier with something in my mouth! Dressed up like a street walker and my skin bathed in Vanilla oil, His favorite next to my sweat. I take his cock whole down my throat like a fat girl sucking down a Klondike bar. Master says he loves how my cheeks puff out like a chipmunk with spittle running down the sides of my face. Only this night I choke and gag and vomit a little. I get slapped across my face hard enough to draw blood. Now There are times I should gag and vomit but tonight isn’t one of them. I’m told to grab the back of my legs and he bares my ass and his chuckle scares me. And then the cream! The Biofreeze is rubbed in my ass and his finger pushes it in more and then the searing pain of my metal but plug as it stretches violently and the cream makes it burn so very bad. Not only that, the familiar sting of his hands as he paddles me bare handed. My master yells for my son. “You sure you want to take control of this pathetic bitch, boy!?” I honestly think my Master hates me and I thrive on the fact that my son said yes, dad, I want my mommy submissive whore!” Now I’m being beat across my ass and sucking my son’s growing dick and I feel like I’m in heaven. Pain, and submission are my only lifelines. Soon I be covered in my son and master jizz and I will know all is right in my world. 

Choke the submissive slut

submissive slut

Want to know how you can tell if a girl will make a good submissive slut? Simple, grab that bitch by the neck and show her you’re the boss. There is no argument in this scenario. If you genuinely have a sub bitch on your hands, you will see totally why you have the best cum slut. There will be no argument in the situation.

A real cum slut knows her way and will understand her place. Instead of giving you shit, she will make sure you fuck her up and take out all your frustrations on her. the dead giveaway is when you choke her and check those panties. You can bet they will be soaking wet, and they will make you want to conquer her whole life.

Pain Slut Needs a Punishment

Submissive Whore

As a submissive whore, I aim to please just you my Master, no matter how humiliating or torturing it is. I will let you sting me up, bound me, and play with my body until you decide I have had enough of your torment as my punishment for playing with myself while you were away. See, I was a good girl and told you! But I know you need to choke me with your huge and hard cock. Place me on my knees and take my had privileges away as I have a huge dildo rammed into my fucking ass the side of a coke can! I won’t misbehave anymore I promise! I’ll write it a hundred times across my slutty tits along with your name Master, I’m your property!

Your Bare bottom spankings Subslut

bare bottom spankings

He only wanted to know about my bare bottoms spankings I received as a sub slut over the years. He quizzed me on implements of destruction to my bare ass! I first said the bare hand of my master is best, but that was wrong. I took out my plexiglass paddle and gave myself three hard paddles for him right on my ass. I was wearing a t-back thong and the sounds were marvelous as I wailed on myself for him! Not that he was wrong, no man is wrong in my opinion, but a nice big masculine hand makes beautiful marks on a bare derriere! Next we discussed cane poles, and flogging devices. I described each that was in my possession and I knew I couldn’t cane myself, so we talked about how it felt and what marks the can left on my body. When he asked me to spread my legs and give my pussy lips a nice twack in time with his voice… I was busted. “You’re wet, I can hear it!’ He almost laughed and told me to get on all fours and with one hand take my favorite thin leather strap and lash myself for him! I came almost instantly! God, I love spanking phone sex!

I Waited For My Punishment

submissive slutPain. It causes some extreme discomfort but for others, like me, it causes extreme pleasure. Master knows I crave pain and often calls me his hot little pain slut. I can’t deny it, but Master uses that against me sometimes. If I have been bad or he is feeling incredibly naughty he will tease me. Just like today. He called me and told me to be ready for him. I already knew what that mean. Naked but with hot stripper boots and a corset. I was all ready and my pussy was pulsating in anticipation.

He walked in and I was already in position. In the basement on all fours with my ass facing the stairs. He walked in and I looked back at his smiling. He picked up the switch I had placed beside me and held it against my bare ass. He could see my pussy glistening with wetness and laughed. He didn’t move the switch. He held it there as I waited for the strike, but it didn’t come. He told me there would be no spanking tonight and I would be forced to stay on all fours with the switch against my skin. Master can be so cruel, I bet you would have spanked me.

Obey Your Master


submissive whorePinch my tits and use me till I’m blue in the face. You’re my master, and I’m a little slave pet. I love to be put in my place. I belong on my knees worshiping you and making you feel like the king you are. I’m so sorry that I thought for a second my opinion mattered. I’m so excited to quit school and become your live-in slave. I want to make your life easier. It’s all about your needs and wants, and mine doesn’t matter. When you’re friends come over, I will bow and be of service. Whatever you want, I will do happily with a smile on my face. I have become quite obsessed with you spanking me till I’m black and blue. Hours of torture and abuse have made me crave it all the time. There’s no place I want to be but beneath you because I was born female, and I am naturally inferior and submissive and will no longer associate with anyone who believes the feminist notions. I’m all for women not even being allowed to vote. It’s true women are complete idiots and cum dumps. I’m your cum slut for life. My only job is to please you, master.

Bare bottom spankings make me wet and horny

I was sent off to Prague for the Summer. My daddy wanted to make money off of me and prostitution is legal there. I was lent to a Master and forced to work in a Thai Massage parlor that offered erotic massages. I experienced my first Thai massage also. I had two small Thai gals crawling on me and beating me. It was so good. They were told to go brutal on me and beat me more than the general kind of massage pounding.

Bare bottom spankings

I was bruised and covered in oil when my first male client was sent to me. He loved that I was a white girl with blonde hair and tiny tits. He made me worship and suck his toes and taint for the whole 90 minutes. It was dirty and only the beginning. Have you ever experienced an erotic massage from a Thai Massage parlor? I want to hear all about it!

The pimp my dad is has made me the best little slut for BDSM chat and I am good with all kinds of topics. You see the fact that I have been raised to please my mom, dad, and two brothers is a perfect start to being the best little subby slut. I just love to please everyone and you can use me and spank me as much as you like!

BDSM chat

Mommies Bondage submission

Bondage submission

I can’t even read a book and relax in my own home without being put in bondage and submission by my own son. I was reading some hot lesbian erotica and fucking my pussy with my big dildo and passed out from a great orgasm! When I woke up my son was tying me to the head board and a ball gag was placed in my whore ass mouth! I went to kick my feet and try to get away when he took his belt off and began lashing me and spanking the hell out of my thighs and telling me he knew my secret! He knew i had been talking to men behind his daddies back. I tried to tell him I wasn’t do that but he opened up my laptop and showed me the videos I made for men while daddy was away! I was busted and now my own so began to give me punishment and spankings to prove that he was the true dominant of the house while papa was away! His cock was so hard, I knew how to make him keep quiet, I offered my cum slut mouth and sucked him off so hard and deep that his yes rolled back in his head. But I was not expecting what happened next. My son flipped me on my belly and told me he was going to breed me and that would be my payment for being a dirty subby mommy! “No! Your my own son!” I cried out, but he was intent on fucking me pregnant!

Pissing Phone Sex

Pissing Phone Sex

Pissing phone sex is what a dirty little slut like me fucking lives for. I’ve been trained how to properly please my Master. His sexual satisfaction is all I’m good for. My Master uses me in any way that he deems fit. During our last training session, Master tied me up so tightly. He wrapped my wrists tightly with his special red rope and spread my legs wide open. Master forced a ball gag into my mouth as I began squirming on the bed.  I was ready to be used like a fucking whore. I felt Master inch the head of his rock-hard cock into my small, wet pussy. I bit down on the ball gag and Master wrapped his hands around the base of my throat. I came immediately as he pumped in and out of my tight pussy. Master used me as his cumdumpster and then pulled his cock out. His warm piss sprayed all over my body. I am my Master’s toy.

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