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Extreme Bondage Broke Me!

Extreme Bondage
I know it was extreme bondage that broke my will to be a good mother and save my girls from hard cock! All that time after my stepfather would give me bare bottom spankings I started going online and engaging in bondage chat with much older men. I had something inside me that wanted to be dominated like a submissive slut, I was begging to be owned by a real dominant master. As a single mother I fell into a trap easily when a dominant man came into my life and took ownership of me and my little girls. He paid the bills; he fed us and eventually exposed my sweet innocent girls to evil bondage porn. I had no choice but to let him use them for his new fuck toys, I had to let him begin teaching them to be his cum slaves  with his thick 9 inch dick!

Submissive Whore Punished for husbands actions

submissive whore Your favorite submissive whore woke up with nipple clamps on my tits! Ropes and chains hold me down as I try to wiggle free. I expected my Master but it was my husband’s best friend who was laughing at me and calling me all kinds of names. I have no clue how he got in here, but My pussy clenched when I realized I couldn’t even scream out. I knew that the punishment I received for allowing this man to use me would be severe. He looked down at me and my ball gag and I could see in his eyes he was out for pain!  

I saw that he was enjoying seeing me struggle and moan and try to get out of the knots in my rope. I had no idea what time it was the curtains were blacked out and the room was my own, but I heard no sounds other than the air conditioner running. I was sweating already, scared and alone with a man who wanted to hurt his next friend’s wife.

Or Should I say, ex-best friend? My husband had been fucking his wife and using her as a playmate with me for a couple of weeks now. I guess he found out and I was wet and turned on myself…knowing he was going to take all of his misery out on me! The pain he gave me pain is indescribable, really.

Hot smolder irons worked my nipples and the clamps made the heat even worse, I screamed but no one would hear me.  I told him to be his pain play toy and that he can do whatever he wanted because my husband had broken up his happy home. Knowing I’m just a worthless slave whore he beats me unmercifully! I gasp for some air wondering if I will survive him! My Husbands punishments were never like this!  I can tell how much he likes it when I suffer! Already my whole body aches and screaming behind my gag only takes more of my breath away! I’m scared more than I have ever been and the pain is just getting worse! 

If your looking for extreme fetish phone sex My body is your canvas! 


Cock worshiping slut willing to do anything for ur pleasure

Cock worshipingI want to be your slave the one you call on when your balls need draining. Your personal Cock worshiping filthy slut who makes you feel mighty and in control.. The kind of gal who knows her place quite well and knows that you being a man makes me inferior. I am your doormat, you can trample me, use me then leave me there until you want more.

I enjoy servicing your cock with no strings attached! I am your naughty mistress who gives you the best orgasms and relieves you of your daily stress.. I promise to always be on my best behavior, what you say goes! If I ever do fall short and misbehave I deserve nothing less than Bare bottom spankings to reassert your dominance.

I will be here waiting for you completely naked ready for you to instruct me.. Anything you want, I am here to give! Own me, Use me and Brand me. There are no limits to the cruel things you make me endure.. If you are upset with your wife and need a punching bag.. I am here, that’s what I am for!.

Slam your cock in and out of my pussy and rip me by my hair. Nice and rough just the way I like it.. Don’t feel bad, it’s what I want and exactly what I deserve.

I am a Submissive slut by choice and I enjoy every moment of degradation and abuse I am to endure. 

I Sold My Girls Into Slave Training!

Slave Training

I never knew what a bondage whore I was until I did the unthinkable and sold my girls into slave training. My Master only paid the price of owning me completely, that meant my girls were his to discipline and train. The girls were surprised when Master moved in with us, they weren’t used to having a dominant cock in the house. Things changed so quickly once he started giving them bare bottom spankings while I was tied up. They would beg and cry for their mommy but I couldn’t disobey my Master’s wishes; I had to let them experience the throes bondage and submission on their own. My cunt was throbbing as Master forced his thick hard staff inside their young virgin cum tunnels, they cried for me but I could only soak my panties. Master barely fucked them for a few thrusts each before they were getting their first submissive bondage whore creampies right before my very eyes.


Toilet Whore Deserves to be Spanked

Spanking chat

I swear to be a good little piss and shit gobbling whore. Use me as a toilet and you can slide your shit right down my throat. I don’t care how long you need me to keep my mouth open; I love being your toilet slave. You can use me as your personal cum rag as well as your toilet paper. You can tie me up in tight ropes or tight cuffs so that my only purpose in life is to be a toilet for you whenever you ask. If I let one drop of shit or piss escape my lips, you can spank me as punishment. My tight, juicy ass is ready for your spankings. You can slap my cheeks until they’re completely red. I deserve it. I deserve to be punished for wasting your golden stream. I don’t care if you need to spank me for hours. I am your worthless little toilet and you can punish me as you see fit.

Bondage Phone Sex Keeps Me on My Toes

bondage phone sexBondage phone sex is hard to do on myself. But we can role play. I do not have to role play with master though. Even at his age he is still the King of Knots. He was starting to decline, till he got on a new arthritis med that was a game changer. He is tying me up better in his early 70s, than he did in his 40s, when we met. Friday, I was in the office. I was 15 minutes late. I get punished when late. Master has never accepted traffic as an excuse. I need to leave earlier to accommodate for that. He tied me to my chair. Not, however, before he gave me some bare bottom spankings like I was a naughty brat. He pops a wallop too. My ass was bright red and raw when he confined me to the office chair. While sitting at the desk, he would make me tried to type while sucking his cock too. I must scoot up to the computer with my wrists bound and try to type. I can multitask, but sucking dick while typing legal briefs is not easy. But if I made a typo, I had to start over. I made many mistakes. I was still bound starting over many times. Master is not often in a sadistic mood, but he was Friday. He enjoyed shaming me for not being able to type and suck his cock while bound. He would wait until the end of the brief, read it then make me repeat. I think he was just trying to get me to suck his cock more. He does not need to do that. I love cock worshiping. I will suck his cock any day and drain his prostate. When I finally got the brief typed, he made me not only suck his old dick, but milk his prostate. Now, that was some multitasking I could handle.

Submissive Slut Housewife

Submissive slut

As your submissive slut housewife I do everything to ensure your cock is satisfied. Even your brother and father! It is not uncommon for a house slave to be exposed to incest and more. Especially when your husband is a kinky motherfucker like mine.  There is no one that is off limits for me: Sons, daughters, or even in-laws! When a Master and his family are in on the housewives training I do as commanded and do so with great pleasure. I understand that my body is a vessel for satisfaction, and this subslut is not meant to serve one person in my lifetime.

By serving my master and everyone he demands me to I fulfill my destiny as a domesticated house slut and wife whore.  Bare bottom spankings are taken with pleasure as I perform my kinky sexual acts for his side of the family.  My own son rounds out my domination, and I am happy to be showing my offspring how a woman should really be.  Let me be the wife of your dreams for all your cock creams! 

I deserve Bare bottom spankings for being a internet slut

Bare bottom spankingsI dropped my jaw and Master blew his load into the back of my throat.. He fucked me nice and rough and then had me shine his dick of my ass juices while degrading me and reminding me of my status! A dirty Submissive slut is what he called me while using my pigtails as handlebars to rail his cock in and out of my Sloppy wet pussy. Mercilessly he fucked me as I clenched my finger nails into the hardwood floor..

I knew better than to ask him to be softer so I pleaded for him to go harder.. Gasping for air as his balls smashed up against my waxed pussy while deep in my shitter.. mm I love it when he fucks me rough.. I had a leash hanging from my neck that he yanked me by across the room.. Knees scuffing from the throw carpet! I was picked up by my pony’s and thrown onto the mattress. Master is into Female bondage, he bound my ankles to the bedpost and my arms to the headboard then mounted me face. He gave me an extreme throat fucking..

My eyes watered and saliva dripped down my chin as he thrusted in and out. I gagged and drooled all over his cock as I felt him penetrate my tonsils… when he was ready to blow he wanted me to surrender.. So he untied me and had me kneel to my Master and plead for a burst of flavor to be shot ito my mouth. Daddy likes when he makes me beg.. I rubbed on my tits and traced my upper lip with my tongue with a very seductive look in my eyes and watched as he stroked his cock above my face.. A thick creamy load splattered all over me! He then gave me Bare bottom spankings and told me I was a good girl! 

Submissive Phone Sex Role Play Made Me a Schoolgirl Again

submissive phone sexMaster enjoys submissive phone sex roleplays. Even though I am an old bitch, Master still enjoys the fantasy of a schoolgirl. Unlike you, he would never fuck jailbait. That is only because he does not want to go to jail, I think. If he knew he would never get caught he would have bald pussy all the time. He knows about my history as my father’s favorite fuck toy. Some days, he feels sorry for me and wishes he could change my past for me. Then days like Friday, he wants to recreate my violent past. I was my father’s whore first. I dressed up in a schoolgirl outfit for my boss. I thought I looked ridiculous, but Master thought I looked like the perfect young submissive whore. I had to bend over daddy’s lap and take some spankings. Since his new meds, he can really smack my ass hard again. He pulled my cotton white panties between my ass and cunt lips, giving me a wedgie from hell. Master was into this roleplay way more than I was, but I had no choice. I cannot displease any man. I know from experience that fighting, squirming and complaining just makes things worse. I asked for more with each spank to my ass. Once my ass was bright red and sore as fuck, Master skull fucked his schoolgirl whore. His old dick reminded me of my father’s when it was slamming in and out of my mouth. Only difference was that Master needs a blue pill to skull fuck me, and daddy never needed any help to brutalize his daughter. Master called me his baby girl while cumming on my face. Now, I looked like a porn star. Cum dripping all over my face. I was still in a schoolgirl outfit too. Master was just getting started, however. For a few hours, I was not a milf phone sex whore. I was daddy’s little whore and cum dumpster.

You Find a Bondage Slave in the Basement…

Light bondageHelp me!

I can’t believe you’ve found me! I’ve been down here for hours. My Master upstairs has kidnapped me and wants to use me as his BDSM slave. I have been trapped down here ever since. Can you help me get out? Oh, you’ll only help me if you get to use me? I can’t believe you want to violate me before you let me free, but I have no choice. Use me as you wish. Force me on my knees and shove your cock down my throat, make me tell you how much I love to suck it. Turn me around and pound my pussy hard while slapping my ass. Treat me like a dirty slut. Force me to hold in my cum as you tease me with a vibrator, and then titty fuck me until you cum in my face. Now, are you satisfied?

What? You won’t let me go? You want to be able to use me again?