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Daddies Hardcore bondage Tween

Submissive phone sex

My first rough sex scene involved my daddy.. He was super heavy on drugs!  Daddy hated when I would make a lot of noise so he would always pinch my cheeks and drop something into my mouth to shut me up.. Daddy was short on supply this specific day, so he decided to gag me using my cotton panties and tie me up using an extension cord…

I was completely naked sitting in the corner of the room watching him jack off while watching S&M porn. He noticed me staring at him and it pissed him off, he got up and dragged me by my hair across the floor.. Then bent me over his knee and gave me Bare bottom spankings.. I began crying so loud.. he shoved his cock down my throat to shut me up! from that day forward daddy started Slave training, he taught me how to be the perfect little pleasing Submissive cum whore. 

Submissive Whore gets put in her place and loves it

Even though I strive to be the perfect Submissive Whore. Sometimes I need to be reminded of my place and even get punished into submission. My master decided it was time to remind me

Submissive Whore

where I belong as his submissive cum hole. He bent me over his lap and spanked my bare ass until my ass was pretty red and welted. He then spread my ass cheeks and shoved his fingers in my ass. He fucked my ass hard and raw with his fingers and shoved his hard meat down my throat. He fucked my throat until i passed out. I woke up to my master slapping my face and telling me there was no sleeping on the job. My job was to please him and take anything he has for me. He pushed me down on the ground and got me on all fours, he started fucking my cunt calling me a filthy bitch in heat. I just loved having my master fuck me. When he felt my pussy squeeze his cock from my orgasm, he spanked my ass hard again. The stinging sent a shock to my body and he pulled his wet lubed up cock out my cunt and shoved it in my ass. Just like he fucked me with his fingers, he fucked my asshole the same. He gave me a raw and hard pounding until he filled my ass up with his load of semen. When he was done he pissed on me and drenched me in his golden shower. He smiled and said I took my Slave training like a good slut. 

Pissing phone sex Punishments

Pissing phone sexPissing phone sex has been used as punishment for mommy a time or two. My oldest is strong in his Master training and has subjected me to piss blasts more than I care to admit. It is really demeaning to know that my son who I raised only wants to humiliate me. I have begged my master (who is my husband) to put a stop to all this. But instead, I am constantly reminded of my age and mom body. My husband says it is natural for a young man to want to abuse his mother. Perhaps I should have been more lenient with my son as he was growing up.

I was a loving, involved mother. But I know years of me being a subby Milf phone sex whore and seeing me submit to my husband has put this in my son’s head. Now he gets to use my pussy, ass and mouth whenever he wants. It is so humiliating to serve my son’s friends and take a piss to my face and tits. But I do enjoy the young cock pounding my throat and mommy cunt. I hate that now as good as a slave I have been to my husband and other masters, I have to endure this abuse from my own offspring! But we all know I will take the cum and piss like a champ. I mean it is very hot for me to take bare bottom spankings from my teen son after he has practiced his rope work on momma! 

milf phone sex

Prostate milking Subby whore

He forces me to give him a rim job until my jaw locks. My neighbor has a thing for prostate milking.. The last thing you ever wanna call him iSubmissive whores gay! His wife has no idea about his anal fetish.. I only found out because him and I were fucking the same man.. Ever since he’s been doing everything in his power to instill fear in my heart. He doesn’t want the word to get out and honestly after spending an entire week tied up in his basement because of knowing. Believe me, I wouldn’t say a word!

He feels better when there is a female involved in his shenanigans. Which is where I come in, I am forced to get his gaping asshole nice and moist.. Sometimes, he just smothers me with his round ass.. Sits right on my face and makes me suck his asshole while gasping for air. I prepare not only his ass for the pounding but a big fat long black cock.

Once I have them both fully prepped, they have me sit there and watch them be Cock worshiping faggots while my hands are tied behind my back.. (Don’t tell him I said that!) I am not allowed to masturbate or get off in anyway while they fuck. My pussy gets so wet and gooey watching them do the nasty.. Something about Light bondage and gay men fucking really makes my pussy stream. 

How I Became A Submissive Whore…

Submissive WhoreHow did I become such a submissive whore that I’d let a man use and train my own young daughters? I think it all goes back to my father, he was so strict and religious, I was afraid of his judgement and his punishment. Daddy never let me wear the things I wanted or choose my own friends; he was so controlling even mom was afraid of him. I remember once I put on red lipstick at my friend’s house and I forgot to take it off before I went home. Daddy dragged me by my hair to the sink and washed it off, calling me the devil’s whore while he pulled my skirt up. He bent me over his lap and spanked my bare ass with his belt, I felt him getting hard underneath me and when I rubbed his cock, he slapped me hard across the face. He punished me because I was a temptation to him, he eventually started letting me suck his cock but there was no relief for me. He punished me even worse when I made him cum, I started to enjoy the punishment almost as much as I enjoyed sucking daddy’s cock… I know letting Master fuck my girls and breed them is wrong in some way but I truly love being his slave, I love letting him own me and my girls.

Sexy Bondage Whore stories

sexy bondage Sexy bondage stories involve jealousy when I am made into furniture. My master saw where I blogged about being objectified and he was thinking that he would make me into a pure object by placing cables on my nipple clamps and attaching a tray. I am holding the drinks for him and my sister, a nice glass of wine and his scotch. A butt plug and egg are shoved up inside of me and this tray is hard to hold up on chains attached to my nipples.
My sister is so sexy and showing off her ass and Master is all over her right in front of me. I’m so jealous and she turns up my inserted sex toys to bring me almost to orgasm. But I spilled the drinks and Master was not happy! I try to tell him it’s not my fault and get back handed for speaking out of turn. And now he has a better idea. The tray gets strapped to my back and I am made into a table for them. If I look up I can see my sister sucking him off and being told what a good whore she is! Master spanks my ass with his crop for catching me watching. I am only tortured furniture for this play time. I am left with a wet pussy and trembling. For more erotic bondage stories will have to wait and my needs always cum last!

I love being master’s Submissive slut

Submissive slut

I love being master’s Submissive slut. It’s been so long without my master! I needed to see him so badly and so did my dripping wet pussy and fuckholes. He brought my over to our room and made me fuck myself with a big red vibrator, he tied me up, and while I fucked my pussy with this big vibrator, he got a paddle and smacked my clit with it! I couldn’t stop screaming for him while he spanked my pussy and I fucked it. It felt sooo good! I couldn’t get enough of it, especially when he tied me up like a pig and had Submissive sex with me. I was being fucked in all three holes of mine and came so deep inside of me! I love it when my master breeds my submissive pussy!

Spanking Phone Sex with a Spanking Addicted Whore

spanking phone sexSpanking phone sex is my favorite. Now, I do not like to tell men what my favorite thing is because then that is all we do and suddenly, it is no longer my favorite. But I have been spanked ever since I was a wee girl. My father was a fan of spanking my bare bottom as a little girl. I would later realize he was not using spankings to punish me. It was more for his sexual pleasure. I hated my father, and I never liked it when he would whack my ass. He used his bare hands primarily, but he used paddles, belts, tree branches and anything in the kitchen from wooden spoons to rolling pins. I think what I dreaded the most, however, was my hairbrush. Those bristles sting. Funny that I am a spanking whore now. It was how I met my master. I was young and married living in New York City. I had a part-time gig in a fetish club. I was a cocktail waitress, but men could pay to spank me or tie me up or whatever they wanted. I was a high school dropout and a runaway. I did not have many job opportunities. Letting strangers give me bare bottom spankings for a fee was the most I could aspire to back then. Now, thanks to my love hate relationship with spanking, I am a paralegal and a subby whore. My master flew me to California, made me his slave and his paralegal. He helped me get legally divorced from my abusive husband. He set me up in a house, gave me a generous salary and supported my son and daughter too. Master loves to spank me too. He says I have the perfect ass for spanking. My father used to say that of my little bubble butt. Funny, how the one thing you hate as a young girl, is the one thing that shapes the rest of your life. Once a spanking submissive whore, always one.

Master and his friends gave me Bare bottom spankings and two dicks in my ass

It was the first party my master had thrown for his friends since the new year. My uniform this time consisted of high heels, leash and the biggest butt plug he owns. They drank all night and gave me Bare bottom spankings until my ass was so red. They would push the pug pug in and out my ass saying that they were going to tie me up and wreck me later. I was tired and they were drunk so I thought the night was going to be over. I laid in my cage and was closing my eyes when my master pulled me by my leash out the cage. Master and his drunk friends tied me up and bent me over. They pulled the butt plug out and  my master shoved his cock in my mouth. I love the way my master tastes and how hard he fucks my mouth. I was enjoying it so much that I got lost and brought back to reality when a cock was shoved in my ass.

Bare bottom spankings

I was pushed forward and it made my master’s cock go so far down my throat i almost threw up i had tears running down my face as i was getting fucked. My master and his friends cheered and someone screamed that I should get two dicks in my ass. I looked up at my master and he was smiling and responded with “ fuck yeah”. Before I could even blink I could feel another dick being forced in my asshole. The pain was too much and I passed out. When I woke up I was getting sprayed with cum and piss. When they were done my master told me that he wasn’t disappointed with his Submissive Whore.

Big dicks deserve a Submissive slut

Submissive whore

Being a Submissive slut for the right man.. Excites me! Especially a guy with a big enough cock to make a Submissive whore like me submit.. Nothing is better than a guy with a big fat long cock asserting his dominance.. I love getting down on my knees and being cock whipped across my slutty face. Slobbering and drooling all over a veiny thick dick. Gasping for air and him showing no mercy. Big dicks deserve to be worshiped. My gaping asshole is wide enough to swallow up a Mack truck. I love Bondage and Submission but if the cock is not worth the trip I can be a bit of a switch. Just because I am submissive doesn’t mean I ain’t size queen..