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Arranged BDSM Marriages

bare bottom spankings Arranged BDSM marriages involve a lot of bare bottom spankings through the years. My ass has been turned up and beaten up by the most powerful hands. And I was given to this man by my father knowing full well what he was and what he was going to do to me as long as he laid claim to me. But there is something in my soul that speaks of being tamed in ways no one can understand.

You reading this are hard wondering if I can submit like I say I can. Dick hard in your hand, jerking to my bondage gear and my dirty tales.

In fact I love my collection of sexual oddies laid out beside my office chaise lounge. My husband has made me in tune with what you want. And always has what i need on hand to punish myself for you. I know when to be naked and when to have my fishnets on and my pretty panties for certain callers. I hear your voice and I know you require the flogger or belt to whip myself as you tell me to insert the biggest toy up my ass and be a good girl for you.submissive whore

I am your submissive whore and I cater to every master’s varied needs. I was put in this life because my father saw something that only a dominant man like you could explore. ANd now a proud wife and mother in the streets I am decidedly a Dirty freak in the discreet!spanking phone sex

Enjoying Being A Submissive Whore

Cock worshiping

Being a submissive whore is something I enjoy the most. Seeing the look in my master’s face when he ties me up or paddles me on my bare bottom is such a turn on makes me my cunt wet and dripping. I love the way the rope feels when it rubs and burns my skin. When you paddle me and make my ass red, I know you can see my wetness coming from my pussy. When you finger me. it drives me wild and I wiggle. Which makes the rope tighter and burn me more. I just want to have you stick your cock deep in my cunt. Use my holes master, just the way you use my body and make it hurt so good. It will feel so good when I finally get to feel your cock in one of my holes. If I’m lucky you will pick my asshole. When you fuck my asshole, the beast comes out of you. You make the best sounds and get so deep right before you fill it up with your hot gooey nut.  

Bondage whore Jessica

bondage whore

I’m Jessica, the bondage whore, slave who is owned by her own son. You might have heard about me. I’m the center of attention when I go places with him. He loves to brag to any and everyone about all the ways he uses my cunt and asshole, and that he owns his mommy. Sometimes, his friends will tell him that they don’t believe what he says about me. This is why he invites a big crowd back to our place, so that he can show off his mommy slut slave. Watching my juicy pussy get slammed and stretched by man after man, really gets his young cock hard!  I can’t even count how many times I’ve been tied up, stripped down and force fucked by a group of his friends. He has tons of photos and videos of his friends and even some strangers, using me as a gangbang fuck hole. His favorite photo is of his cum whore mommy’s cunt spread open. You can see big globs of cum dribbling out and running down my inner thigh. He has that photo framed on the mantle. He shows it off to everyone that comes over and challenges them to try to get me that packed full of cum again. Tonight, he is bringing over more guys than I have ever taken in a single day. I can’t let him know but my mommy cunt is soaking wet, thinking about all of the young hard cocks that I will be taking. I still have a few hours before they will be here but mommy needs to cum! Don’t you want to make this slutty, mommy slave cum?


A good girl for daddy!

submissive slut

My boyfriend loves to be called daddy it gets him so fucking hard! He left for work after teasing my little clit and almost made me squirt all over his fingers but he told me no! So I sent him naughty pics of my soaking wet pussy begging for his big thick daddy cock to fuck me and use me up! He left early from work and as soon as he walked through the door his cock was already out and throbbing! Daddy tossed me on the bed restraining me telling me I’ve been a very naughty subby and I’m going to be punished for it! my tight little kitty got so fucking wet when he started to rub the head of his cock against my pussy but then he pulled back and shoved his cock all the way in my tight little ass! It hurt so fucking bad but I loved getting fucked and used by him! Daddy spent the whole night using my tight holes as cum dumpsters and he never let me cum!

Your Naughty Slave Needs Cock

bdsm phone sexYour naughty princess has been begging to be fucked after you punished me all day. Now I lay in the dark with a dripping pussy that needs a hard daddy cock in it! Please sir fuck me! I’ll beg and cry as long as you want or need me to. You took toy after toy and edged me until I couldn’t take it anymore and you stopped leaving me a hot and horny mess, crying and and so needy, I promise to be your good girl from now on. I won’t play or go to the bathroom without permission and more and I’ll stay naked around the house at all times! When you are coming to bed and waking up I’ll be a good slut with daddy’s cock in my throat!

Begin with Bare bottom spankings

bare bottom spankings



Big hands and floggers coming down on my naked ass during bare bottom spankings make me squeal. 

This morning after a hot night of serving my phone masters, my own King of my household decided to give me some much needed playtime. 

The girls were still asleep as my son and husband roughly pulled me down to the floor and said it was time to open up my slave holes! 

I was begging just to go to sleep, but as my tears fell and the first slap cane across my face, I knew I wasn’t going to be getting any rest. I am but a lowest whore with no options in my life about anything. I obey, period. I am pushed to every limit I have and back again by my husband and my teen son. Most days I enjoy our scenes. Today was not one of them. I fought, I cursed I spit at them. The hog tie was tight and the brutal spanking only made me cry harder. I have choice erotic submissive stories and today was one to add to my repertoire. Even as a Milf I still have days I don’t want to be controlled, beaten and used like a common cum rag. My girls were at my bedroom door begging for mommies release. I screamed at them to go back to their rooms. That only served to get my lip busted and an absurdly large metal butt plug forced in my ass hole. My tears dried as one of my girls cheered me on. They have grown accustomed to mommies beating and sexual charades. By the time my men were done with all three of us we were able to put breakfast on the table get cleaned up and go to the block party. No-one knows I have just went went through extreme bondage!  I still haven’t slept but a good slave whore knows that cocaine is her best friend in days like today. 

erotic bondage stories
extreme Bondage


Submissive Whore at Work

submissive whoreSubmissive whore is what master calls me. I have a name, but no one calls a subby slut by her name. My job is being master’s bitch and whore. Men have used me, even abused me since I was a schoolgirl. My boss is my current Master. We have an S and M relationship. I am more than just his slave. I am his legal secretary too. Today, I messed up a phone message. I had the number to call him back at wrong. I transposed a number. I saw this as a minor work infraction. Master did not, however. He restrained me at my desk. He restrained my arms to the chair with duct tape.  My legs too. He put a ball gag in my mouth. I was stripped naked with my breasts exposed.  Master positioned me in a way, so my ass was dangling off the seat. He wanted my asshole accessible. He shoved a huge dildo in my ass. I had to keep it in place for the rest of the day and do my work. I was severely restrained with a 10-inch dildo crammed in my ass. I peed myself a little. My ass was sore when the end of the day came. I thought that was my punishment. Master was just waiting until the end of the business day to really punish me. When he ripped the duct tape off, I lost some skin too. He bent me over the desk and fisted my asshole. Then he spanked me. Bare bottom spankings from Master are painful. He fucked my ass too. He dumped a load of cum in my ass and put the dildo back. He sent me home with an order. Keep the cum in my ass all night and come to work with the dildo and cum still there or do it all over again.

Your perfect Submissive

submissive whoreI vow to be your perfect submissive whore! When my master says jump I do it without hesitation!
Sucking his cock for hours as he whips my ass until it is red and welted. I enjoy my master taking his big cock head and ramming it into my ass hole because I was misbehaving and did not follow his instructions perfectly! Master always shows me exactly how a woman should be treated! Like a subservient cow. I am honored as I am taking a beating and being used the way a female should be used! Let me be your obedient subslut like I do for my own master!
I love cock in my ass, toys in my ass, fingers in my ass, and anything else that will fit in there. Pound me hard with a big fat throbbing cock and balls slapping against my clit and cunt. I really love it when I am bound and spread eagle, vulnerable and ready for punishment including Bare bottom spankings! And ass abuse! I have had a baseball bat in my anus. I have had dildos, every size of cock and every kind of toy in my whore asshole.
I have been beaten mercilessly, bound tight for hours at the hands of a man who loves to see how much I can humanly take! As if I was even close to being human! One of my masters favorite sex adventures involves me being gagged and ass raped fantasy style in my pretty brown asshole. A slave’s asshole is like a mouth that is always hungry and craving to be fed! Double dick me down with a buddy or two, I love being fucked from both ends!
I want to be fucked, hit, slapped, punched, kicked and any other abuse you want to dish out to me I will take like a good little cock worshiping slut! I am here to serve and please your cock at all cost!
Fuck me!bare bottom spakings

Spanking Chat Is Punitively Savage

I was raised in a household that practiced corporal punishment by the man of the house. My dad trained me well especially with spankings. I enjoy spanking chat sessions where I am punished for being the dumb little slut I am. It’s no wonder I tend to sneak out and get into trouble so much. I have come to enjoy it so much. As the only girl in my family, besides my mom, it was a never ending world of punishments. I get off on them.

My mom and dad both smoked in the house. They sometimes even got a little drunk and I would wake up and wonder downstairs when they were entertaining friends. I always did this in just my panties. It was frowned upon, but I hate wearing clothes to bed or at home. You see, I always set myself up for these punishments. It’s become a game with me.

One day I snuck into my mothers purse and snuck a cigarette. I went outside and started puffing and coughing on it. I was young. My big brother caught me and made me bend over so he could spank me. I was getting wet and realized I was a dirty little slut just then. He took that cigarette and put it out on my red bum. I screamed and he got hard. He shut me up with his hard cock in my mouth and that was just the start of my submissiveness and trouble making in my family.

Spanking chat

Punish Your Slut

Torture Phone SexYou’ve kept my naked body caged up for so long daddy! I’m ready to be let out and played with. I put on my sexy black outfit and do my chores and serve daddy’s dick by sucking it off until I swallow at least three busts of daddy’s yummy cum. If I didn’t do a good job of licking the toilet clean and getting daddy off then you take me into our special room and get me all tied up and pinned down. Get that fuck machine and clit vibrator on and leave it on while I whine and moan and squirm at first but you leave the room for a very long time and come back to a screaming and crying slut! My pussy has cum over and over and squirted all over my toys and the floor. You leave again for a longer punishment and once you’ve finally come back for the last time I’m nearly passed out and a little quaking and shaking mess. Daddy does not stop there though. He takes my nearly limp body and bends me over our fuck bed to spank my ass with his strong cane leaving all those hot marks and welts. Finally daddy uses up my pussy and forces me to lick all the cum after digging it out of my pussy with my fingers. Such a naughty little slut for you daddy!

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