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Bare Bottom Spankings for Me and My Daughter


bare bottom spankingsI needed bare bottom spankings. At least that is what master said. He paid me an unexpected visit at home. Usually, he abuses me at work. Rarely does he come to my house. My car was in the shop. I was going to Uber to work, but he said he would pick me up. I was ready and waiting outside. He ordered me back inside. I was scared. What the fuck was he going to do to me. He ordered me to pull down my skirt and bend over the couch. I had on pantyhose. He loves me in pantyhose. They turn him on. Do you have a pantyhose fetish? Master sure does. He groped my ass first then he pulled off his belt. Oh boy, I was in trouble now. He whipped his submissive whore like a slave. My buttocks were taking the brunt of his punishment, but he whipped my ass too. I tried not to cry, but it just hurt too much. My daughter came into the room and laughed at me. She can be a little bitch sometimes. She hates my life as a subby whore. She thinks of herself as a princess. I guess it is her age. At her age, I was a high school dropout and on the run from my abusive dad. Master did not like her disrespect. He grabbed her and whipped her too. She fought. I do not fight. I never fight. I take the pain like a good bitch. That is what I am. A good bitch. Master whipped my daughter’s ass raw. He whipped her with his belt until she apologized to me. Master lectured her on respect. I doubt it will stick. She is a little bitch with no understanding that she is nothing more than a submissive slut too. Perhaps you can punish the little cunt too. We are both in need of training.

But hey at least I can say I put my blood, sweat, and tears into pleasing you!

Bondage whoreRough and hard! That’s how I like to be fucked! I’m a pain whore and the more pain the better. Pain is like a sudden rush for me and there is a thin like that I like to straddle. Speaking of straddle, I love the way you tie me up forcing my legs open with a spreader! I’m like a pig ready to be slaughtered, and baby you know how to slaughter all my holes! I’m your pig who needs to be punished. You know how to punish me just right baby. Spank my juicy ass make it cherry red while you choke and degrade me! Then flog me baby. The sting of your blows against my big tits and my dripping wet pussy is almost too much to handle. You know I’m just a whore and I want you to treat me as such! I will do anything you say although you don’t say much. Force is more your style, and baby I’m loving it. Force your huge dick in my already gapping holes. Use me and make me your cum dumpster baby! Cum all over my fucking face like the cum whore I am. I will suffer in silence knowing this is the fate I deserve! Suffocate me with a huge dildo down my throat. Force me to make it nice in wet so you can punish my holes with it. I want tears to be streaming down my face while your force fuck me with that anaconda baby! It’s so big I know I will bleed, but hey at least I can say I put my blood, sweat, and tears into pleasing you!

Please master let me taste it?!

Submissive slut How did I get here? I knew what I was getting into… or did I? You show no mercy on me master as you rip through my ass hole! I know I’m yours and anything I do you will punish me. So, don’t mind me while I break every rule! I want you to break me! Break my back, my ass, and my soul! Make me yours! I’m a pain whore, and I want you to prove to me I’m nothing but a whore, your whore! I like to be used for your pleasure! The things your vanilla wife won’t do… you know I will, more than willingly! Its almost sad how desperate I am for your punishments! I need you; I need to be put in my place! Force fuck me in every hole I have, then finish me off with two cocks, double penetrating my holes! I know I deserve it, but do I deserve it? Your cock is all I want! Please master let me taste it?! Feed me like the pig I am baby! I want every drop and will lick it all up, ensuring you are shocked by my performance! I’ll lie to you and say I don’t need you, as long as you know you’re either part of the problem, or part of the solution! I’ll let you decide which one I am!

Gangbang Punishment and Bare Bottom Spankings From Master

When master gives me Bare bottom spankings it gets my cunt wet. I thought that was what I was getting when he tied me up. But when all the BBC bulls walked in, all I could do was brace myself for the pounding and abuse my holes were about to get. Master gets off on seeing my squirm and punished, a gangbang is a good way for him to see me suffer.

Gangbang phone sex

As they got closer to me all I could think of was that I must take my punishment like a champ and milk these BBCs. As I started sucking the first big black cock in my face, I looked at master and I could see the excitement poking out his pants. I sucked that BBC deep into my throat as I felt my holes starting to be stretched out and pounded. I could barely take the cock in my mouth before he filled my throat up with his nut. I kept getting fucked hard until I just laid there as I was getting filled up with jizz. Master was pleased by then and he came up behind me and started pounding all the cum out of me spanking my bare ass with his paddle until it was red and welted, that is when he called me a good Submissive Whore and filled my cunt up with the last load of the night.

Maybe your whimpers will satisfy me!

Submissive slut

Gagged and tired, nipple weights swinging, i pant as I try to catch my bearing. My arms are tied behind me, but are also above my head, so all the blood is rushing to my head! I don’t want to use the safe signal, but I’m close to doing so! I have been punished by you before, but this time is different. You seem to really be enjoying all the sick depraved punishments you have concocted tonight. I am a pain whore, a big one, and I pride myself on being able to take any punishment you can dole out! Spit on me, beat me, flog me, hang me from the rafters like the pig I am, having me squeal for hours! Whatever it takes to get your frustrations out, and I’m your girl! I’m a submissive whore here for your pleasure. The ways you have forced inanimate objects ranging from your fist to the fuck machine that has the dildo that force fucks me with the force of a horse, will have me weak at the knees. I love to be thoroughly stretched out and fucked to the brink, and tonight was no disappointment. “Ha-ha you thought I was done?!” You ask. “Not hardly whore!  I want to watch you get fucked by the fuck machine again while you beg for mercy. Maybe your whimpers will satisfy me, but I wouldn’t count on it! I’m in this for the long hall slut! You haven’t been punished right in far too long, I can tell by how low your stamina is!” You say as you turn the huge dildo towards my already destroyed cunt. “Now open wide, because my dildo is going inside, weather you’re ready or not for this ride!”


Dad gives Bare bottom spankings

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings are wonderful after a nice long roleplay scene.
My dad popped over for a visit unexpectedly. I was minding my business and took a nap after masturbating in between picking my offspring up from school and cleaning the house. A rare day all to myself as Master was in meetings and I had already done my chores and thought I was going to have a great relaxing afternoon. But I woke up as my pops was tying my hands to the headboard and calling me a lazy bitch! He pulled out the viberator from under my pillow and told me that I really should have changed the locks on my house! He teased me as I was bound and gagged and wouldn’t let me cum. But he did get on top of me and put his old daddy dick in my mouth while he laughed at what a stupid bitch I was! ANd as he released his jizz and smacked my face, he turned me over and spanked the hell out of my daughter ass. I still had bruises when my master came home and I had to explain everything to be gagged with his cock and spanked all over again!

I’m your good little slut, with a good little cunt!

Submissive sexI love meeting good, white collar, Christian men and bring the devil in them to the surface! They are always the dirties because wifey at home is as vanilla as it gets. Well not me! I’m your slut, and I’m at your service; and boy do I service! And it’s never boring like the Sunday service we just sat through before we met here in the hotel room. You did look so handsome up there giving you sermon, but all I could think about way this moment right now! I’m your dirty like secret. And baby I’ll keep your secret! I’m your good little slut, with a good little cunt! I’m the cum whore who come to your office dressed as a slutty Nun and sucks your cock while holding a cross to your lord, pictures of your “happy family smiling back at me! Its like they are cheering me on, encouraging me to deep throat it all, and I gladly oblige I mean I would hate to disappoint, look at their cute little faces. I imagine I’m suck off your little brat while I bob and weave my head making sure I’m washing all your sins away with my wet warm mouth! I love to see just how much of a sinner you can be! I love how you call me a whore as you force your cock in my wet tight hole. I mean, technically we are doing what I was put here on earth to do! I was made from the rib of man and the way your pounding my juicy cunt, well let’s just say you’re the man! You pound me so hard I can’t help but cry out! It hurts so good but I know you been missing this whore cunt, so pound away baby! Use me and make me your cum whore! “Oh baby, this cunt is about to make me cum already!” You moan as your speed increases. “Yes baby fill me up! Cum in this tight little pussy! I’m your cum dumpster!” I plead. They do say, “let go and let god”, now let go, and blow your seed deep in my pussy! Breed me and follow your commandments and promise to populate this earth!

Bondage And Submission With Metal Dildo

Bondage and submission are what I look forward to when master is around. He likes tying his whores up and you better submit to master or you will get bare bottom spankings until your ass is read and swollen.

Bondage and submission

That makes master’s cock twitch and leak that is when he face fucks hard until I choke and have tears running down my face. He takes a metal dildo that shocks and shoves it up my cunt. He turns it on and the shock runs through my body making me stiff. I hear master laugh as he calls me a stiff submissive whore. He keeps it on and I get waves of shock as he shoves his cock up my asshole. He told me he could feel a bit of electricity of his cock through my ass so he turned it up higher. My body started convulsing as the shock ran through my body and he kept pounding my asshole going harder with every stroke. He didn’t stop until he started pumping me with his gooey load. He then pulled the metal dildo out my pussy and stuck it in my ass leaving me there to feel the electricity flow through my asshole.  

I didn’t know that’s what you meant when you said you were going to hit it out of the park!

Submissive slutPunish me master! Make me your slave! I such a good little pain whore! I love it when you torture me and take control of my body, entirely! When you withhold orgasms from me, well that’s is a special kind of torture! You know just when to pull away taking my change of squirting with you.  Just a split second away from sweet relief, but I wouldn’t be that lucky! You keep me edging to the point of pain! You’ve been playing this cat and mouse game for almost an hour! Frist you shove the huge, clear butt plug up my gapping asshole. You had already destroyed it with dildos, and that baseball bat! I didn’t know that’s what you meant when you said you were going to hit it out of the park, I thought for sure you were going to beat me with it. Truth be told that would have been better than this constant state of unrest I’ve been in! I just really want to cum! Now you have this wand vibrator on my clit, and I swear I’m going to blow! At this point it’s worth the punishment I think as I squirt across the room. “Oh no baby, you know you weren’t allowed to do that! Now I’m going to have to tie you up, but instead of the flogging I think the bat would be poetic you say with a grin “Damn, it maybe I should have waited just a little longer!” I think as you grab me by my hair leading me to the chains.

Now you can really say you are a hooker!

Submissive sex My ass hole is gaping! I love being gang banged! Seven men with rock hard cocks, ready to fill me up! I love how they treat me like a cum whore and just use me for their pleasure. I am not a lady! I am a cum whore! I am a dirty fucking slut! I am a fucking pain whore! Use me, abuse me! Make me your fuck doll, or your punching bag! I like to be pushed to the brink! The pain is a sudden rush, and I would never want it any other way! I love being forced to take a cock in my mouth, hard, and rough, while having my pussy and asshole destroyed at the same time! Rip me wide open boys! Make me remember this night with the scars you leave on my beautiful body, that you a beating, and breaking! I deserve everything you throw at me, the punches, the blows, and also the loads! Take everything out on me! Every horrible fantasy you had do it to me! I deserve it all. What’s that for?! Where are you going to put that huge hook?! My pussy?! Oh my! “No, please! That’s going to hurt so bad!” I beg as four of you carry my fighting to string me back up. “Oh whore, you’re going to take this hook and then you’re going to let use finish destroying your holes.” The ringleader hisses. The rest of you agree laughing and chatting amongst yourselves about what you want to do to me. “Now you can really say you are a hooker!” you say with a chuckle as you force the hook deep inside me!

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