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Submissive slut Cydney has recruited her closest friends for Master

Submissive slutMaster stopped by and updated some rules for his newest Submissive slut! I now have to keep a steel plug-in for 6 weeks straight.. he has also recruited my closest friends Sophia and Emily to be his property. We have been sitting here in nothing but our Soma bras and panties per Daddy’s request. We are no longer allowed to wear clothing indoors… We are to flaunt our tight bodies and embrace Master’s wishes. Today Mom had to spend the entire evening on the fuck machine Daddy left her on before he left this morning so she wasn’t able to join us. That’s just too bad…

I enjoyed every moment I got to spend as a Cock worshiping slut with my Master Tim.

Sir did clarify that I serve as nothing more than a slave slut until he says otherwise. I must be available to serve my master and tend to his needs whenever he needs me. that even means on call, if Master reaches out to me I am to drop whatever I am doing and do as he wishes. With that being said I am not worthy of being a girlfriend or wife unless Master determines otherwise.

I promise to be a good pet for you Master.

As soon as Sophia and Emily got here I had them strip down in the living room and took pictures so Master could see that we were following the rules. Sophia and I broke Emily in by giving her Bare bottom spankings pitting her in a very vulnerable position. I know Master is going to be so proud when he sees the hot shots we got of her gaping asshole after taking turns reeling her with our strap-ons. I first want to receive the Okay from Master Tim to post those pictures here since they are for his eyes only.

I can’t wait for our next training session; I am so thankful for Master Tim!

Bondage and submission and fucking for a Bottom Bitch

Bondage and submission

Bondage and submission and fucking for a slave pet is needed! This bottom bitch is the perfect vessel for all of your aggression and domination.  Sometimes you will need a whore to do anything for you!

A sexy subby to fill with cum and serve you in any way you desire. My Name is Robyn and your cock is throbbin for your obedient slave and pleasure toy.

How can I fulfill your wildest fantasies? Let me know Sir! I know sometimes you need a sensual whore to be your pet, and other times you need to hurt me badly! I’m okay with it, in fact I love being a true pain slut. 

Bondage and Submission Robyn has Your cock Throbbin’!!!

Most people will never understand why I love pain so much. The endorphins are intoxicating as the whip and paddle make contact with bare skin. Explaining my bruises to my young daughters also gets me wet. I think I’m broken inside and wish my babydolls to be like me.

 But what matters most is a Bondage whore gets what she needs at the hands of A strong Master! Bondage highlights pain as I struggle in my ropes and cuffs. There are nights when my Husband and owner have one arm tied to my back with my knees bound, making my bullet unreachable. I am controlled by his app, and if he falls asleep with it on high I suffer bound and orgasming over and over. Until he wakes to piss (sometimes in my mouth) or the battery dies! 

This is the life of a bound horny wife-slave pet! Of course, when you feel like using a dirty bitch you know where to turn!  I am always ready to be used for your pleasure and pleasure only. I am his slave and My sex drive is content with that. It is my sub-slave life. 

Submissive sex chat submissive Robyn lives to serve, obey, and make cock happy! As property and I am willing to do anything you say. 


Bare bottom spankings competition is what I was used for

My master found a new way of using me and humiliating me to submit to the place I belong as his pet by having a Bare bottom spankings competition with his business partners. “Whoever can spank her the best and longest wins” he said as he gave the paddle to one of his business partners. I was bent over and naked just waiting for his spanking completion to begin. “You will take every spanking and thank my partners and beg for more” my master demands of me.

Bare bottom spankings

Then the first paddling hit my ass and it sent a shock through my body. Therefore, I took it and thanked them and begged for more like my master had demanded of me. After his second partner took his turn paddling me my ass was red and welted. Soon my body was shaking but I didn’t want to let my master down. Slave training has shown me many times to take anything my master has for me with a smile. “Thank you master, could I have more?” I asked, hoping it was his turn.

Anytime my master touches me makes me happy even when he uses a paddle. The attention he gives me makes me feel special and not as worthless. After that he took his favorite wooden paddle and started spanking my welted red bare ass. “Thank you master” I whimpered as my body trembled with pain. After he looked at my ass he said, “I think we are all the winners”. Then they laughed and left me there as they continued on with their good time.

Submissive sex through the holidays for my Masters

Submissive sex

Submissive sex through the holidays for my Masters who need a whimpering bitch at the end of a belt! If you do not know me, Im Robyn a cock hungry milf who will do anything to please. Trained at the end of a big fat brutal daddy cock I know how to please! I still remember fondly the feel of daddy’s belt stinging my backside as I cried out begging him to stop. Still heats up my cunt to this day!

Just thinking about the Kitchen chair he would tie me to naked after I had fucked up some house rule has me fingering myself.  He would always make me beg for his forgiveness before he would let me cum. His love for punishment was so strong. I miss his touch and the smell of his cologne.

Submissive sex for men who need a stress release

Bondage phone sex is a way of life for me. I never disobey on my own. I might be a little too dumb for my own good though! Following my pussy instead of my brain has gotten me knee-deep in shit for as long as I can remember. And now I ahve a couple sweet offspring that are quickly catching on to what mommy is. So if you are a DOM son who thinks mommy needs punishment Ill be happy to fill those shoes for you! Or if you are a daddy who would like to revisit training his sweet plaything, Im you dirty lil brat! Train me and make me behave in only the way you can! 

A time of remembering and letting go of the stress of the world with a subby piece of meat

Erotic bondage stories to get lost in my pussy with from me or you are needed. Tell me the most kinky ways you and your wife, daughter, or Slave have gotten! Remember that I love to share and roleplay many things. My pussy gets off to serving and being a cum slut! Tis the season for cuddling up with a nice drink and beating your sub’s ass!  

Submissive sex from a easy slut

Submissive sex chat

Zella the Submissive slut likes you to take control and be in charge. She follows direction well and never says no, and Bare bottom spankings make Zella wet as a river. Tell her what to do to her body or yours, Submissive sex chat can make you cream harder then you ever seen. Fucking and sucking until only you say “stop”. Holding her cum until you allow her to release and squirt all over you. Bless her with a ripe and ready cock to ride, or a new spanking paddle made just for her round ass. After you are done with her just pass her to a friend, Zella loves to be a whore for more. Zella is the easiest sex you can get.

Hot couple plus one Submissive Whore

If we embrace our deepest fantasies and embrace our sexuality fearlessly your sex life never suffers. That’s why I choose to be a Submissive Whore, to explore power dynamics and be dominated. To experience intense, erotic, role-playing discovering uncharted territories. Cock worshiping after my Bare bottom spankings. I enjoy being the nastiest, sluttiest, whore for the pair. I aim to please all who  I am lucky to be dominated by. Harder the force the wetter I become instantly. I am always ready night or day. Extreme does not scary a girl like me, I have so many submissive stories to share. I would love to hear yours too, tell me about what you would do to me so I can pleasure my self to the fantasies of others. Submissive Whore

Bare bottom spankings from my master excite me

When my master gives me Bare bottom spankings my cunt gets wet and excited. Any time my master gives me any attention I get excited. Since I am a worthless bitch and I feel lucky if he uses me in any way. First you pull me out of my cage. Since I stay naked, all you had to do was bend over your lap like you like. With your paddle you swing down on my ass while saying “all you are for is for me to use” you say while laughing. Hearing your laughter brings me joy.

Therefore, I will take anything you give me. That is because I was made to be used and trained. “Beg for me to spank you more, my worthless pet” you ask of me while you continue to paddle my red welted ass. “Please master, give me more spankings” I beg with a trembling voice. Although my ass was red and welted, you didn’t stop. After a while my whole body was trembling but your cock was rock hard. “Open your mouth bitch” you demand of me.

Bare bottom spankings

Therefore, I do as my master asks. Once I open my mouth, he pushes his dick deep down my throat making me choke. That excited you and you fuck my throat hard until I had tears coming down my face. “Worthless bitch show me you are worth keeping” you say as you continue to fuck my throat. You spanked my welted ass one more time before your balls tightened up and your cock started to spray semen down into my belly. “That’s right, eat all my cum slut. Show you are worth keeping.

Prostate milking has a daddy domme feeling good

Prostate milking

Prostate milking whores are useful in cleaning out the ol’ pipes. My mouth and tongue in your ass as I jerk you off are helping get every drop of semen.  Call me a toilet slave if you will, but I have been milking prostates and taking piss for as long as I can remember. Often my nickname is Charmin because I have to clean Master like a bidet or toilet tissue. This part isn’t the most glamorous or sexy, but it is required when Needed.  Master loves to keep me humiliated and disrespected to keep me in line. But it is all worth the degradation if he is happy with me. 

Prostate-milking whores are still not in control

Never fear I still get my holes slutted out and whipped like a good girl. My bare bottom spankings are hard and plenty! Bruises and welts make me wet.  Master rubbing his ass on my mouth and fingers as I jerk him gives the best ball-milking orgasms. Sometimes in a slave’s life, she has to do things she would rather not. But it’s okay because if my master needs a soft pegging by his sexy slave occasionally Ill be right there to fuck his ass just as he does for me.

Milk MilK lemonade around the corner fudge is made

I know I could never command such a strong-willed Daddy Domme. But giving what I take sometimes is worth the pain of a built-up cum shot! Do you think that I get away with a simple strap fuck or prostate drain without increased bondage and a humiliating pain slut session? I am a submissive whore and will always be that no matter if I am playing with his back door! I am your potty play, ass slut for your pain and punishment any way you like!

Submissive Whore watches Master pleasure her new sister-wife

Submissive Whore My pussy was aching for Daddy’s load… instead, I was forced to watch Daddy please the guest he had brought home.

Like a good Submissive whore I did as I was told. I fetched a glass of wine for his dear lady! Then set out for dinner for the two of them. She sat in my chair where I normally sat while I sat underneath the table and naturally lubricated Sir’s, cock with my throat! I was preparing Daddy for the beautiful miss who stood 5′ 7″ with long blonde hair that draped down her back and big royal blue eyes.

When she was through with dinner she told me to suck on her young bald pussy until she was near climax.

I was forced to look up into her big beedy blue eyes while dragging my tongue through her firm bald pussy lips. Daddy patted me on the head and told me I was a good whore before telling me to move aside. I sat back and watched as they had Submissive sex…  Daddy had finally given the order to latch onto his balls. I could taste her sweet pussy juices as they dripped down his big girthy cock all over his swelling sack.

The wetness of her cunt made my pussy dripping wet!

I was hoping Daddy would slide his dick out of her and have me bend over so he can put his honorable dick inside of me. But, instead, he had me bury his creamy cock into the back of my throat to lick him clean. She sat up on the table and whacked her pussy with Daddy’s leather belt while I did the honors of draining Daddy’s balls into my mouth. Sir, then sat back rubbing his flaccid cock while Rebeccas and I put on a show for Daddy. I snowballed his load all over her beet-red welted pussy lips and stuffed it into her cunt using my fingers. After watching us perform like the naughtiest sluts Daddy bent us over and gave us Bare bottom spankings then sent us to the shower so he could clean our sticky tits.

Cum slut phone sex worships at the temple of cock

Cum slut phone sex

Cum slut phone sex with me, a sub-slut who knows the power of pain is everything your cock needs. My husband has drilled me in all things related to the BDSM world. I love when my callers tell me to relay that he is one lucky motherfucker. Quite literally in fact! Hehe! 

He was able to buy me from my father who worried I would not be able to be “normal” if I continued being his cum bucket. Plus Daddy has a crazy pregnancy kink that my husband graciously allowed him to be part of those first few years. 

In my innocence, if you can call it that I never ever thought a man could be more ferocious and mean than my papa

How wrong I was is proven time and time again by the hurdles and punishments I must take to keep my place in my own family.

Now that my own babes are ripe and my son is smelling the sweat on his balls, I’m doomed. In my pain I give my master and next in line heightened pleasure unfortold. My body is a temple meant for Cock worshiping and my men are Gods, everything I do is worship.

I worship at the Temple of cock

That’s why you will often find me beating my own pussy with a flogger for you and me during sessions. BDSM impact play can be incredibly powerful and intense, both mentally and physically. For your BDSM submissive, allowing my master to hurt me is one of the most intense and pleasurable experiences of my whore life.

I have just about every new BDSM toy known and always collect more.  I’m addicted to submission and will do anything for my pleasure and yours. I’m an open book and will always accept your commands. Robyn is your submissive whore ready to serve.