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He Tied Me Up

submissive whoreHe caught me with my vibrator again and I knew that I was in even more trouble than I had been in before. He had told me that if he caught me again that the punishment would not be pleasant. I walked down the stairs to the basement where he was waiting for me. He told me to kneel with my hands in front of me. I did as I was told, and he bound my hands in gloves and lifted me up. He walked me over to where hooks hung from the ceiling and bars leaned up against the wall. He took my hands and attached them to the hook above my head. He then placed my legs in a spreader bar and attached a rod between my legs leading to my pussy. He then removed a paddle from his box, ripped open my shirt and proceeded to paddle my tits until they were bright red and my nipples were swollen. As tears rolled down my face and I tried to catch my breath he attached a wand to the bar between my legs, pushed it close to my clit and turned it on. I immediately felt my body begin to orgasm. He sat there watching me and when he could see my clit becoming engorged, he would flick it with a stick. The pain was enormous. Who would have though that orgasms could bring such unpleasantness? As I sobbed from the torture he just laughed as he turned off the lights leaving me in a dark room with only the sound of the wand and my cries.

Spanking Phone Sex With A Submissive Slut

spanking phone sex

Hello, Master. I need to confess to you. You told me that I am not allowed to touch myself without you being present. But this morning, I got so horny thinking about the last time you were very generous and let me cum that I just couldn’t help it. I had my hand in my panties and was cumming before I even knew what was happening. But I know that I have to confess all my sins to you, Sir. So I’m here for my spanking phone sex punishment now.Would you like me bare assed over your knee now, Master?
Even though it is painful when your big, strong hand comes down on my bare ass, I love it. Just being that close to you and having you care enough about me to punish me and set me straight really makes my pussy wet. I know that you probably won’t allow me to cum after my spanking because of what I did. And you are right – I don’t deserve to cum because I was a very bad girl. Now please spank me harder, Sir. I really want to have your hand-prints on my stinging ass all evening.

A Submissive Slut Even on Quarantine

submissive slut

Once a submissive slut, always one. Even though I cannot see my master yet, we are in touch daily. Texting, phone and sometimes cam. His wife had a doctor’s appointment today, so he had some free time to Face time me. He wanted to see my pussy. He wanted to inspect my ass. I think he was just checking up on me to make sure I am being a good whore. I am mostly being a good girl. It is not from lack of trying, however. The state of the world right now makes it harder for an old submissive whore to get cock. I have had a few men behind master’s back, but not as many as I want! Master made me put the phone close to my fuck holes. He said my ass looked used. My ass has not been used in too long. My pussy has had a few loads, but master missed that. He wanted me to punish myself. I had to fuck my asshole with my stiletto heels. Can I say ouch? I did as I was told because he can cut off my financial stipend. He is paying me while on quarantine and not working. I need his money. Even though my ass has been untouched, my pussy has not been on good behavior. I needed punished. I knew it, so even if I had to inflict the pain myself, I did. He watched me. I saw his old dick get hard as my heel penetrated my asshole. I was biting down on a leather strap. It is hard to inflict that kind of pain on yourself. He was yelling at me to go deeper and faster. I did as I was told. When he does finally see me face to face, he still might punish me more. I would rather have bare bottom spankings than a heel up my ass any day.

I Need Master’s Bare Bottom Spankings

I’m a naughty girl that has completely gone out of line and need Master to put me in my place again. I bet you would administer Bare bottom spankings to me before you give my holes a good pounding. I know I deserve everything you do to me Master. You know whats best for my naughty girl cunt and assholes. I know I will be gagging on cock for you because I need to show Master that I am owned by You and only you. I was playing with my pussy again without permission. I really couldn’t help it Master. I was looking at porn videos with a friend. Yes it was a male friend that isn’t my Master. He wanted me to do things to my pussy while he talked about his hard dick. My friend wanted to fuck me, and I wanted him too. I’m sorry Master. I let him come over and snuck him into my bedroom without daddy knowing. He put his penis inside me without permission from my daddy or my Master. I just really am a bad little slut.

Bare Bottom Spankings

Punishment For Playing With His Pussy

Submissive WhoreI walked in and could tell just by the look on his face that I had displeased him. I hung my head as he stood there just looking at me. He asked me who’s pussy was between my legs. In a low whisper I answered that my pussy was his. He had caught me playing with his pussy and I knew I was in for a punishment. He ordered me to follow him into the basement. Once there he bound my hands above my head, duct taped my mouth and ripped my shirt. He attached nipple clamps and pulled on them so hard as he attached a weight. It felt like my nipples were going to be ripped from my body the pain was so great. He left me like that for what seemed hours before he returned. He then ripped my skirt and panties and pulled out a paddle and started striking my pussy. I could feel it swelling and what I imagine was blood running down my legs. He then reached between my pussy lips and moved them back, so my clit was exposed. He then proceeded to beat it too. I was screaming in pain, but no one could hear me. Tears ran from my eyes as he smacked my face with his hands. Next, he got out a dildo and shoved it up my sore, swollen bleeding cunt and turned the vibrator on. He attached it to me and sat to watch as I wreathed in pain.

Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sex
Hey guys! It’s your soon to be favorite submissive, Rosalie! With this pandemic going on, I hope all you perves have been staying safe, healthy! Since you and I can not go out and have fun as we did before with our lives, let’s make perverted spanking phone sex our stress release, if you know what I mean. I know we can think of some pretty steamy, sinful ways to make that happen over the phone.

I’ve always enjoyed perverted teen phone sex fun. You do not even have to be my dad, you can be any older man you want and make me be submissive. Want to be the teacher that wants to teach me a lesson for always wearing those super short skirts to class with my tight crop tops? Punish me for being a slut and put me over your knees and spank me! I know you want too and you know I need it! Make me hike up my skirt so it’s my bare bottom, even better! Now my little bum is cherry red from all the smacks you’ve given me!

Submissive Slut Serves Well

Submissive Slut

My son knows how to keep me in the ultimate service of his cock. I am his submissive slut and he lets everyone know it. I am to keep my whore milf body in top shape. The house is always clean and my tits are exposed and ass presented when he is around. Very much a normal wife and mother on the streets but in the house I become a filthy dirty whore. I become furniture and toilet paper. I was raised to be a good service whore. My husband laughs at how my son humiliates me. I drink his piss like the slave in me demands. My tongue cleans his ass after he defecates. I bathe both of my Masters, give feet massages and am humiliated in front of neighbors and friends in my own home. Last night as I was serving dinner to my family and a couple of my husbands friends and my sons best friend I spilled some water. My hair was yanked and I was thrown over my sons lap for the bare bottom spankings I deserve for being clumsy. My panties pulled down my legs swinging as his huge hand made red whelps all over my upturned ass and thighs. My husband doesn’t do embarrassment well. How dare I fuck up in front of company! I noticed all the men were hard and a couple including my son were jacking off already. I was going to be taking cum instead of having dinner tonight….

Bare Bottom Spankings For Mommy

bare bottom Spankings

He treats me like shit and loves to make me the victim of harsh bare bottom spankings. He is my teen son who loves to use and humiliate mommy. His rope knots have gotten better. Good for him bad for me. As I’m hogtied over his lap with his huge hands leaving marks on my ass, thighs and small of my back. Just a worthless filthy whore mommy that deserves punishment as his cock grows hard underneath me.

I don’t even have to do anything wrong to receive this treatment. He comes and grabs a fistful of my tit and breathes on my neck that it is time to serve him. I can’t say no or he will expose me to the neighborhood and my family. And worse to his father! I am a pet, kept, and submissive at all times. My son rules me when his daddy is gone.

I suck his cock after I am slapped and belittled. Filthy slut, cum dump. Tears in my eyes as I never expected my son to be like this. His daddy is a true Dom Master. His teen angst is filled with rage and the spankings often lead to more humiliating mommy. A cum shot to the face, piss down my throat. Anything to make me know I have been put in my place.

Tonight, one of my nipple rings caught on his zipper. How will I explain this to my husband? I am between to hard dicks and punishment awaits no matter what this milf phone sex subslut does…

Predicament Bondage For A Disobedient Submissive SLut

Submissive Slut

I had been an awfully bad submissive slut. I was due for some predicament bondage from my master! First when he asked me to show up in 6-inch heels I wore flats. And as you know that is a big fucking mistake. My comfort does not come before his pleasure of seeing me in the proper attire! I knew I was in for Punishment when he put my leather cuffs on me and demanded me to back up to the pole he kept for restraint play. Clover clams were fitted on my nipples and I was attached to the bar. Them Master demanded my tongue out and attached the clamps to my tongue. If I were to move my tongue, I would pull those clamps tighter on my nipples causing extreme pain. Then the pole with the dildo was set up on the stand. He lovingly put my red heels on my feet as he giggled to himself, giving me a clue as to the nature of my disobedience. It hit like a ton of bricks in my stomach! The pole was inserted into me mere inches from my cervix. And my hands jacked up over my head.  Then I was made to kick off my heels and balance on my tip toes. The dildo was so close to my pain center and I moaned, making my nipples grip with pain as the clamps tightened again. I knew that I was his extreme bondage whore and I would not get away with anything anymore.

extreme Bondage

Master sliced lemon with his pocketknife and grinned at me. Sour juice dripped on my open mouth and made me pull back my tongue causing me to endure more nipple torture and slightly release my tiptoes racking my pussy with pain from the inserted rode dildo apparatus. I had given the sexy new neighbor lip when she mistakenly accepted a package for my master. And He wanted to sweeten my tongue a bit. I was his bondage and submission whore and I was to act like a lady to men and women alike. When he texted her to come over and help punish me, she wore the sexiest thing in her closet. The look she gave me seeing me strung up and kissing all over my master would have been punishment enough. To hear him moan as she made eye contact with me and drain his balls with her whore mouth was more than I could handle. I slipped impaled myself and kicked the dildo away as I moaned and begged to please him! My tongue raw he unclamped it and my new sexy whore neighbor and he enjoyed me begging to please them both!

Submissive Sex Isn’t So Innocent

In my years of submission to my father, brother’s and their friends I will admit that I am not all innocence. I get a real thrill out of submissive sex with strangers. It gets me wet to be bound and gagged and eye level with a big throbbing erect cock. I am enthralled with it. I want to worship and submit to it, is it so wrong?

I want his dominance over me and I play the dumb cunt role well. It’s how I was raised. As the only girl, besides my mother in a household with three dominant males, it’s something I was taught. It was my pleasure to open my mouth and take my daddy’s erect penis in it and if he had to piss I am there to drink it. I really was used in extreme taboo ways by my family and I love them for it.

submissive sex

My mother either had no say in things or didn’t give a fuck. She was passive on it all at some points and was quite domineering over me as bad as the guys were, at other times. I learned my place early and have no qualms about my place in life. It’s my choice. I wish to play coy and dumb. It’s my ultimate fantasy to be in a binding of Master/ slave ownership where I serve a rich Master and his friends while being kept and spoiled.

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