A submissive Christmas gift

submissive whore

What’s better than one subby whore? Three submissive ones! My boyfriend loves that I am his submissive whore and will do anything to keep him happy and with his penis nice and hard. My friends are all whores,, and we love to be there for each other. They are also in the same mind frame as I am. Many people love to say we are all brainwashed and dumb girls for allowing men to treat us like shit in the 21st century. None of us care. We all have our needs met by our masters. As soon as the girls got the a-okay from their master to subby train with my boyfriend, we knew it would be fun.
It was a Christmas gift to have three hot subby bitches willing to be used up and tortured. My boyfriend wouldn’t hold back and would show us we should have thought three times.

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