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Bright and Red

Bare bottom spankings

I remember my first bare bottom spanking well, it was part of my original training. My father had decided it was time for me to feel real pain with my everyday humiliation. He called all the men into my room and he began to undress me. Exposing my flat chest and tiny hard nipples, I turned bright red all over as their eyes seemed to burn into me. Daddy pulled down my pants and panties, swatting at my little bald cunt as they fell to my ankles. I remember being scared, that fear is something that excites me now though. Because now I know what followed. 

He pulled me down across his legs making sure my ass was prominent and the rest of me just hung upside down. Before I knew it his hand was smacking, again and again across my bare little ass. It went on for a long time no matter how much I cried and begged. Promising to be a good girl. The stinging became sharper each and every firm smack across my little butt. Every time I tried to look up at my brother and uncles watching they would only snicker at me. Complimenting my father on teaching me my place while I was young. I remember once it was over I couldn’t sit still it hurt so much, the marks became bruises over time. Daddy spent weeks making sure those bruises didn’t fade, not until he was satisfied I had learned to understand pain was part of my life now.

The Overhead Center Piece

Bondage and submission

Being a bondage and submission whore I should be used to chains, and ropes but sometimes I’m just outright treated like a wild animal. Something about it actually makes me feel beastly, it’s arousing. He slipped that metal chain around my neck, it was heavy but I kept my eyes on his showing little discomfort. As he pulled me forward with a yank, it sent a surge down my spine leaving tingling in my legs as I felt my clit swell as my pussy grew moist. Pulling the chain harder until he position my naked body where he wanted. 

He hooked the chain onto the wall, and I had to balance on a thin wooden rail as the cool air caused my body to tremble. I watched him walk down the stairs to the poker table below. I looked on as he played with his buddies all night, as they would look up and taunt me on and off. My cunt juices dripped down onto their table as they ordered me to cum repeatedly for their entertainment.

Daddys Mockery

Cheap phone sex

My daddy mocks me for being a cheap phone sex whore. Even with a job, I can’t stop myself from doing what he brought me into this world to do. To be a servant to men and their cocks for money. With daddy fully aware of my extracurriculars he’s now making me give him a cut of my submissive phone whore earnings. After all, he gets a cut from all the men he brings home to use and abuse me. The slave training really has stuck I must say, when I was more willful I dreamed of escaping daddy. 

Now I can’t imagine leaving from under his control every dirty secret I hide, he knows. He heard me moaning loudly on the phone when a caller was making me whip my own cunt. The moment I hung up daddy was there to plunge his cock into my swollen pussy. To punish me for trying to hide using the body he made to make money without his knowledge. I was a stupid fucking whore to think he wouldn’t find out. Daddy gave me hard bare-bottom spankings for over ten minutes to make sure it would welt up and sting well. So as I typed this I would remember what a used-up fuck toy I am. Daddy wants me to beg more men to come to punish me.

Submissive Whore Cock Slut

Hey guy! Got a hard throbbing cock for something kinky and nasty to use a Submissive Whore for? mmmmm… Well I am the perfect whore for you then! I just had one hell of a weekend and enjoyed so many cocks cumming all over me! I was in the middle of a bukkake fest and gangbanging some fucking hotness. These guys loved me! I am a rather tall and flexible slut with nice tits. If I don’t say so myself!

So you should know that my very submissiveness is something that has been trained into me. I am considered a switch, meaning, I am also dominant. I will not fret at taking control as much as I love to just fully submit! We could have a great time with those dynamics sexy! Hit me up soon and get this tall slut restrained and trained for your use.

Spanks you later!

Submissive Whore

Submissive Sex Chat Whispers

Submissive sex chat


I have a mistress who loves to whisper a little submissive sex chat into my ear as I obey her domineering commands.  Her voice is smooth and gentle but her actions are rough and unkind.  She obviously likes the stark contrast between the tone she uses and the actions she takes.

Yeah, I know why.  I’m not that dense, I’m a blonde not a moron.  Every super sub knows that their overseer lulls them into a false sense of security through acts of kindness and benevolence (see, I know words, too) then rips away that invisible security blanket with pain and humiliation.  If any masochistic man or woman hasn’t had that experience, then they aren’t really into submission.  Sorry to tell you.

My mumbling madame knows exactly what she’s doing, which helps to bring a sense of security to a submissive slut like me.  She strokes my hair and skin as she breathes out insult-peppered compliments right into my ear canal.  I don’t know about you but I love having my ears played with, sends shivers up and down my whole body.  Especially when I cum, oh my god!  

This mistress knows how to direct her carbon dioxide directly down to my eardrum with ease.  It’s all about the angles, I guess.  She can spank my ass until it’s black and blue, even bloody and raw, as long as she’s tongue fucking every single part of my ear as she does it.  She switches up the punishments every time, but she always makes me play maid with her so she can follow behind me really close and boss me around, then correct my poor performance with a whisper and a slap if needed.  

Ironing her clothes is kind of scary because she likes to hold the scalding hot iron right up to my face and threatens to burn off my pretty ears and cheeks with it when I don’t make her pleats absolutely perfect.  She never does it, but her hate whispers really make me feel like she wouldn’t hesitate.  I don’t care, she gives me whole body orgasms without ever even touching my sloppy wet cunt.  Have you ever made a sub cream simply by using submissive sex chat?  If not, you have some learning to do.


Submissive Whore, Switch Whore Taboo Sex

A submissive whore that is a switch whore with a complete enjoyment of taboo sex sums me up. I am a bit of an amazon especially in heels, and I love wearing heels. Standing over you at 5’10 and taller still in those 7 inch heels. I really could just easily wrestle you down and take control. It’s hot that way.

My cunt loves to get tortured and at the same time I love torturing cock. Anything can be a sounding device in that penis, well if it’s slender enough. Sticking q-tips in a dick hole was great times while my partner was tied up and squirming with my panties in his trap.

Once I was tied up in black stockings, open toe heels, to a gate. My partner was doing all kinds of things to my cunt and making me piss for him. To be honest squatting on a dick and taking a piss is hot. But tying a guy to the bed and hovering close over his face with my cunt and letting the golden shower out as I had his cock tied up was so god damned fucking hot. I finished peeing and rubbed on his mouth commanding him to lick and make me cum.

Submissive Whore

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex, Delight Me?

You know what would delight me the most, it’s Extreme fetish phone sex sessions with a strong Master. Let me be your cum guzzling phone sex whore that enjoys a good tie-up and clamping.

Clamp my nips, and my clit.

Tease me with your big beautiful dick.

Make me suck and lick.

I promise to love it even if your sick. 

Just don’t try to be slick.

Be a little bitch that thinks being a Master’s servant means I am a dumb cunt and let you do whatever you wish to me.

Well I will prove you wrong and switch it up in a flick.

With the Click click clack of my high heels on the slick of your dick the flickering of a whip will make your prick hard as a brick.

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex

i know the rules now i get bare bottom spankings

bare bottom spankings

My ass needs some bare bottom spankings. I have gone against daddy and have had a one-night stand without his approval. I know the rules, and I know the repercussions. I’m about to get fucked like a dumb cum slut in my asshole. Daddy will slap my ass with a giant paddle, and that’s only the beginning. I’m going to have to endure so much pain. It is no surprise daddy has his rules and his punishments for me. Im well aware that my ass needs to be destroyed in every way. That’s the way it is, and if I’m going to be hurt, I will enjoy it now I know the trick. My pussy gets so wet whenever I see that belt and paddles. Each time I take things to the next level, my payback is even more excruciating.

Slave Training by Angel

Slave Trainng

There are times when the Slave like Angel gets to turn the table and have some slaves over her own.  This is April and Ashley and they have stopped by for some fun.   As you can see they are used to being led around by a leash and have the required collar as well.  Master was kind enough to lend them to Ashley for the afternoon.

There are times when a slave like Angel gets special privileges and this is just that a special treat because she has been such a good little slave for Master.  If you look closely you can see the sweet surprise between April and Ashley legs.   Master likes all the slaves in his own unique way.   Do you have any ideas on how you would like to train willing slaves like these two.

Submissive Phone Sex Whore

submissive phone sexSubmissive phone sex is what I was born to do. Despite not enjoying my youth or my first marriage, I am still a subby whore. The decades of being someone’s bitch has grown on me. I embrace being submissive now. When guys ask me to dominant them, I truly struggle with it because it is not who I am as a person. That does not mean I embrace every aspect of being submissive, because I am made to do many things I hate. I do them anyway, however, because I am truly submissive. Master sometimes lends me to one of his younger master lawyer friends. It is a way of repaying a debt or saying thank you for a favor that was granted. Pete is a 40-year-old tax attorney who my master owed for a favor that helped land a big client. It is not ethical to pay for referrals in this business because the exchange of money looks like a case is being bought for personal gain. A fruit basket or the use of one’s personal submissive whore, however, is not unethical. So, Pete was granted access to me for a night. A night that he enjoyed, and I hated. But I am only telling you I hated it. To my master and Pete, it was another great night spent as a submissive slave. I am sure you want to know why I hated the night. It was because I was Pete’s toilet whore. My master rarely makes me participate in bathroom games. That is all I did with Pete. He tied me up and pissed on me for hours. Why, I am not sure. He could have fucked me. He could have flogged me. He could have pimped me to his friends. Instead, it was a night filled of pissing phone sex stories. I drank his piss. He pissed in my cunt. He pissed in my ass. He made me drink his piss from the toilet. I even puked up his piss and had to lick it up. I am not sure Pete even sexually enjoyed using me as his private toilet. I do know, however, he enjoyed degrading and humiliating me. That was his end game. I love my master. I am loyal to him, but I do hate when he pimps me out. His friends and colleagues always treat me worse.

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