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Submissive Slut till the end

submissive slut

Please don’t try to wine and dine me. I don’t care to be treated like a princess. It actually turns me all the way off when you say nice things to me and tell me how lucky you are to be with me. If you want me to stay interested, you have to treat me like a submissive slut.

It’s quite easy. All you have to do is swear at me and slap me around. Show me off to your friends and let them all have a blast with me. It is better when there’s a team treating me like shit.

The meaner you are, the better of it is for me. I can’t wait to prove to you what a dirty whore I can really be. I want you to spit on my face and pull my hair. Do whatever you want to me. Take out all those frustrations at my expense and know that I will take it all with a smile on my face.

Soft Bondage And Cock

soft bondageSoft bondage and cock was on the breakfast Menu this morning. As a slave mommy I was exhausted between caring for my family and serving my Masters.  My son and Husband have made sure I have been sleep deprived and ran hard all week. They say it makes me much more complacent. This morning I was serving breakfast and as I went to get back in my slave position under my Husbands feet I passed out! I woke up to my husband having his cock in my face and telling me I needed to have a quick shot of cum to pep me up. I was so embarrassed that I took his meaty dick and greedily sucked it for all its worth! My mouth was numb as I tasted the familiar tang of cock covered with cocaine! My Husband and demented master at times, laughed and told me how much this reminded him of our honey moon, only minus the five groomsmen’s cocks! My brain suddenly realized that I was in for a weekend gang bang and I hoped my husband would find the biggest black cocks to use me. Sometimes a submissive whore just needs to be turned out in order for her to know how good she has it at home! submissive whore

Cum slut phone sex whore Jessica

cum slut phone sex

Today was my birthday and it was a very happy one! There was a knock at the door this afternoon, out of nowhere. When I opened it, there stood the hottest and most ripped guy I have ever seen. He told me that my friends had hired him to come and surprise me for my special day. I let him in the house where he stripped down and started to flex those sexy muscles for me. I ran my hands over his rippled muscles, rubbing all over that amazing body. He reached into his gym bag and pulled out a can of whipped cream. He sprayed all over his sexy chiseled abs. I licked it off of his chest and stomach, kissing and slurping my way to his g-string. He pulled that g-string down and his giant, hard dick flopped out, right into my face. He shoved it into my mouth and made me gag on it. It was so huge that I could barely get my lips around it! I sucked and stroked that massive cock until he shot a fat load into my mouth. So much cum shot out that it spewed out of my mouth around his cock and got all over my face! I licked it all up while I watched him flex and pose for me! Such a wild, hot birthday surprise!


Erotic Submissive Stories

Erotic Submissive Stories

I bet you enjoy all kinds of erotic submissive stories. I had this dream the other night that I was at a bar. I was getting really intoxicated and being naughty. I was flirty with a guy right in front of his girlfriend. She was getting so pissed off and I was enjoying it. It seems this something a guy brought up to me one day started to seed into my brain. He had asked if I had ever had a girl brought in for me to take my pent up revenge on. It seems I never thought about that before, but it fueled a pretty hot dream.

I was flirting with this chicks boyfriend, and was doing so pretty obnoxiously. He was eating it up. I saw they were having some words earlier in the night and decided to move in on him. I even offered to buy him a drink. I found him attractive. I was getting wet at how enraged she was getting. It didn’t take too long before she got between us. I slapped her in the face and told her she was rude. She pulled my hair and I topped the bitch. I had her on the floor and we were going at it in such a cat fight we gained an audience. I loved it. I would love to have taken this bitch with a big strap on and fucking fantasy rape the cunt. All kinds of sexy things went through my head.

Cum slut phone sex whore Jessica

cum slut phone sexMaster caught me on the phone again tonight. He said that I was his cum slut phone sex whore and I wasn’t supposed to be talking to anyone else. He hates that I sneak and take calls to please my subby slut pussy when he’s not here. I can’t control the constant urge to be a submissive cum slut. He was pissed off and said that I had to be put in my place. He forced me into a small wire kennel and clicked a padlock around the door. I was stuck on my hands and knees and had just enough room to move my head. He called a few of his other sluts over and had them torture me while he watched and stroked his cock. They poured hot wax all over me, and laughed at me in the kennell. They pissed and spit all over me and even shoved a broom handle in my asshole. Daddy’s cock was rock hard watching and hearing me cry and beg them to stop. He fucked each one of them on my bed and then made me suck his cock clean once he was finished. Before they left, he made me apologize to each of them for being such a dirty, worthless whore. I think they felt bad for me but little did they know, serving Master like this and being punished makes my pussy drip! I love being his subby slut and being used for his pleasure. I’m on the phone again now. I hope he catches me.


Cum slut phone sex mommy gets used

cum slut phone sexI’ve spent the last week letting my stretched pussy and prolapsed asshole recover from my son’s wild New Years Eve party. As always, my son used his cum slut phone sex whore mommy as a fuck toy for all of his guests. I was tied up, gagged and positioned so that everyone had access to me. He let everyone there use my holes however they wanted. He even brought out a massive dildo and rammed it into my asshole. He held it and let everyone take turns fucking me with it. Fucking me and using my holes was the main event of the night. I stayed on my knees all night long like a good submissive. I was getting soaked in piss, spit and cum by all of his drunk friends. At the end of the night, he made me stand by the door, still soaked and thank every one of his guests for fucking me and using me like a urinal slut. Humiliating me and letting his friends use my holes gets his cock so hard. When he finally had me alone, he forced his hard cock down my throat while he made me bounce on that giant dildo. I was gagging and crying while that big fuck toy ripped my shit hole wide open. My son shot his hot cum all in my mouth and told me what a good mommy slut I was for him. I’ll be healing for a while but my pussy still gets so wet thinking of how hard his cock was, watching mommy get used.



I am Your Submissive Slut

submissive slut

I am a submissive slut. Vanilla calls do nothing for me. I was not always this way. I used to think I was a princess. I was popular in high school. I was even a cheerleader and prom queen. I got into BDSM as a joke. I went to a fetish club because I had a crush on an older man. I was 19 and never thought things out. In order to be with him, I had to let him tie me up. He called me all sorts of names. He shamed me for thinking I was special. He knocked me off my high horse. No one had ever talked to me like that before. No one spanked me or tied me up. He owned me from that day on. I needed lots of slave training because I struggled with thinking I deserved to be treated like a whore. I struggled with pain too. He was my master for years. I lived with him. I slept in a dog cage. I had a collar and ate out of bowls on the floor. I miss him. I got too old for him and too obedient. He likes breaking in new bitches, but that loses its thrill after the bitch no long fights. Maybe you will not grow tired of me?

Cock worshiping slave Jessica

cock worshiping

I answered a personal ad looking for a cock worshiping slut. The details said he was looking for a whore to be degraded and owned as a piece of property. It has been so long since anyone has owned and used me the way I crave. When I arrived at my new master’s house, he instructed me to go change into the uniform that he provided. The uniform was tall, slutty heels with thigh high fishnets, a black thong and a ball gag. Once I was changed, he called me into the living room where he was entertaining a few guests. I was instructed not to look at or speak to any of the people there. He told me to get down on my knees. I did as I was told. My new master let his guests use me however they wanted. They put cigarettes out on my bare ass cheeks and took turns fucking my mouth. They shoved beer bottles in my holes and took pictures of all of the fucked up shit they were doing to me.  All of this had my new master so turned on. His dick got rock hard watching me be such an obedient slut and taking the abuse like a good slave. I could feel my whore cunt get wet when I saw how big and hard his fat dick was. He held onto my hair and force fucked my mouth until I puked from gagging on his cock. Cum and slobber dripped out of my mouth around his hard cock as he held my head in place while he pumped his cum shot into my mouth! I hope he calls me to serve him again!

She Demanded Extreme Bondage

Extreme bondageShe demanded extreme bondage. She was the Mistress to my submissive. Not that she didn’t have her own master. She was sent to train me and humiliate my very existence. Though This Madame did not know that I would be her slave willingly. I know how to obey, but women can be much harder to please. The first time my Mistress had me in shackles I was made to eat her pussy for two hours and she even took a piss break in my mouth. I was happy to drink her warm nectar. But that wasn’t enough for her.

She was incredibly skilled in withholding her orgasm. My face was nothing but a glazed slippery wet mess as she laughed and evil laugh. She was purely sadistic as she used chains to mount me to the wall. A hibachi wand was produced and a mask gag with a zipper was fastened to me. I was teased mercilessly as she tried to constrain my own orgasms.submissive sex chat

The next thing I knew her Master and two other men entered our sex chamber. I begged behind my gag for release and to stop the wand torture. I couldn’t hold back my orgasm longer than a few minutes which brought me full body spankings and lashes with the cat of nine tails.

I had been in extreme situations before but nothing had prepared me for a mistress and her two Masters executing me in the fullest sexual tortures. I was lowered and bound with rope and My zipper was opened on my mask. I let out a scream as my ass was penetrated by the biggest dildo I had ever encountered. Right now all I wanted to be is in my own masters arms, as he pushed me to my limits over and over. I needed his collar and his hands around my throat until I almost passed out. Instead I was here being covered and filled with cum, by a Evil Mistress and two masters who cared not about my existence.
Would you torture an obedient submissive sex chat slave?phone sex specials

Submissive phone sex Mommy Jessica

submissive phone sex

My master tells everyone how he owns and humiliates his submissive phone sex slut Mommy. He has owned me since he was very young. The first time he held me down over the breakfast table and dominated me, he told me that I was his and I was to serve him. I have always done anything he wants me to. He lets all of his friends and even random strangers fuck me. Sometimes, he will take me to his dealer’s house and trade my worn out, cum soaked pussy to get high. Once, he let everyone that was there have a turn with me. They were so high that they couldn’t cum so I got fucked for hours and hours on end. I was gaped open and my asshole was prolapsed. By the time we left that night, I could barely walk and had cum running down my legs. I love serving my son and making him happy.  I will do whatever it takes to please him because that’s what a good submissive Mommy does.

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