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Cock worshiping whore becomes a pawn and paid in punishment

Cock worshiping

I serve as a Cock worshiping slave for a  Master who has a few connections in the government. He likes to say he’s their garbage man, taking out the trash and dealing with the problems that they can’t handle. 

I’ve been to a few of these parties in the past, and they are always over the top. Huge mansions, lots of drugs and whores, all kinds of depraved debauchery. But this last party I attended was different. This time, I was on a special mission.

My Master needed me to seduce a senator who was ‘causing issues’ and get him to do the nastiest things to me. I was to be his undercover Submissive slut, suffering for the greater good. It didn’t take a great deal of effort to get him to play but he went overboard!

I let him do things to me that would make most people cringe. He hung me up and tortured my pussy with all kinds of objects, each one more painful than the last. I truly thought at one point when he was fucking my ass that I was going to die. 

He pushed his fat cock deep into me and wrapped his hands around my neck. He squeezed so hard that my eyes watered and I begged for mercy. But the senator didn’t give it to me. He just kept going, using my body for his own sick pleasure.

Thankfully, my Master eventually stepped in and put an end to the senator’s cruel games. But the things he did to me still give me nightmares. It’s like I can still hear him yelling that I am a pathetic whore and I can feel his hands are around my neck.

I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if my Master hadn’t been there to save me. Would I have died that night, strung up and tortured by a man who saw me as nothing more than a disposable whore?

So if you want to hear more about my experiences as a submissive slut, come find me in XXX bondage chat. I’m always up for sharing my stories with anyone who is willing to listen. 


Submissive slut turns vacant with a touch of Devil’s breath

Submissive slut

Submissive slut turns vacant with a touch of Devil’s breath! The powerful drug can make the most dominate person a slave. Sometimes when I am not submissive enough, the drug helps me embrace my role in serving my Master. 

Scopolamine or the Angel’s Trumpet is a mind controlling substance,  popular in South America. It only takes a pin-sized amount to make the most pious virgin become a total whore, never saying no! And they will never remember it. 

The other night, I needed to be a better submissive slave for my Master, so he decided to take things to the next level and dose me. I’m not sure how he did it, but I suspect that he put it in my drink. For me, the experience was one of complete blackness. I have no memory of what happened that night, but from the video that my Master showed me, it was more like black cock all night.

I became a Cock worshiping zombie for my Master that night. I serviced every single black cock in any way that they wanted. They had a suck-off circle where they passed me around to see who could make me puke on their cock first. Once I did, I had to do it to all of them. I was treated as an object for their cocks.  

My ass was stretched out to the max and I don’t remember feeling their cocks inside of me. But now, I can feel it! My pussy and ass still hurt so bad. There is still so much cum dripping out of me. I can’t help but walk funny since I am so swollen down there.

I have always been a submissive slave whore, but this experience took things to a new level. I was not in control of my own body. I was subjected to whatever my Master and his gang connections wanted to do to me. I am lucky that my experience was recorded so that I could see what happened that night.

Total blackness and total submission. I was turned into a vacant, zombie slave whore for my Master and his gang of giant cocks. My Master has always been in control and this experience just solidified that for me. With just a touch, he can turn me into a Submissive Whore who will do anything that he wants. I have no will of my own.


Golden Showers Phone Sex Makes My Pussy Wet

I love golden showers phone sex! I am a submissive and letting my master piss on me is one of the greatest acts of submission. I love knowing that his pissing on me is showing him what a good and obedient slave I am.  I love the warm feeling of pee all over my face or anywhere really. I was fucking my master about a week ago and it was hot as fuck sex. He was into giving golden showers and I was into taking them. I was on my knees in front of him sucking his huge cock and worshipping it. When he rewarded my efforts with his cum I swallowed every single drop. I licked his pee hole while I was sucking his dick and got a taste of his golden juice. After the last drop of cum was drained out of his dick the golden shower began.

golden showers phone sex




It was all over my face, in my mouth, and dripping down my chin to my tits. It tasted so fucking good and felt so nice and warm. I wanted his cock bad after that. He began pounding my pussy so hard. I came so hard! After he filled me with his cum he gave me another golden shower all over my pussy and stomach.  I went to bed in my cage one happy submissive whore! 

Cock worshiping for daddy and his friends

Cock worshiping for daddy and his friends is what I like best! Daddy Knows I am eager to service any and all cock for him while keeping eye contact!  For a whore like me who loves to show off her body, it’s heaven! My duty is to pleasure his and his friends’ big dicks. Will gulping and gagging, I never lose my daddy’s eyes! He uses me as the pass around gagging and slobbering whore whenever he can!  He loves to see me abused and degraded. I am his toy and his slut, and he knows I will obey his every command! Why? Because I love to see how hard I make him and how much cum I get after his friends are done with me! I swear it’s like a gallon of milk being poured down my Submissive slut Throat! 

Cock worshiping for daddy and his friends

Thus, this is why I am the perfect submissive daughter and will do anything to please him/them. Need a bad little good girl that is ready to be Daddy’s little slut? Just look at the places I go and the pictures I take for him. The glory holes while he jerks in my face is one of my favorite memories! Let me suck and gag and vomit on your cock if I have to for him! I promise to be the best girl for your DOM daddy cock!  My sexy as hell daddy says I’m his perfect blow Job princess and that is all he needs! Let me bring you back to my Teen phone sex days of daddy cock worship!
Cock worshiping


Submissive Whore Donatella has Slave Phone Sex

I’m a Submissive Whore by nature so when one of my clients wants to get into some slave roleplay I’m always down to play. BriaSubmissive Whoren wanted to imagine that I was in the woods in a empty cabin and he had me tied to a pole in the basement of the cabin. I had been there for days, and Master finally came back to use me again. I was naked, with only my hair covering part of my shoulders and back but I wasn’t cold because the thought of how I was about to be used made my pussy wet and my body hot.

When he came back I was ready to be abused and degraded in any way he wished. I have no limits and will do as I am told.

My legs and feet were tied and shackled and Master said he put a butt plug in my ass that had a long black tail and had a leather hood over my head.  I couldn’t see anything, but I felt Master coming closer to me.

He stuffed his beautiful 10-inch cock into my mouth and kept shoving it deeper and deeper into my throat until I gagged and felt like I couldn’t breathe. He pulled it out as quick as he shoved it in and once I was able to breathe again, I asked him how I could please him. Master told me he wanted my ass.

Master told me to put my ass up high and ordered me to fuck him till I came. As I pushed back on his big cock he pushed deeper onto his dick and his big juicy balls were pounding my ass at the same time. My pussy was so wet! I came so hard I collapsed onto the floor. Master put his dick away and went up the stairs and left the cabin. I was left waiting for him to use me once more. .


Slave training reminds me how utterly inferior I am to you

Slave training

Oh, my beloved Master, how I revel in the exquisite agony of my subjugation to your every whim and Slave training reminds me how utterly inferior I am to you! The sweet embrace of bondage, the delicious sting of your disciplinary measures, all serve to remind me of my place as your fuck toy.

I crave the power you wield over me, the ability to completely dominate my body and mind. From the moment you first took control of me, I knew I was forever changed. The thrill of kneeling before you, crawling to your feet to beg for even the smallest of indulgences, is indescribable. Every moment spent in your presence makes my pussy desperate for your cock!

Let me start by saying that there is nothing more thrilling to me than getting on my hands and knees and crawling to your feet. The mere sight of your shiny boots makes my whore pussy tingle with excitement. I beg for the chance to serve you, to fulfill your every desire and whim. And when you finally grant me that privilege, I am in heaven.

I am beneath you, inferior to you in every way. I am here to please you, to make you happy, to cater to your every need. The moment I forget that, the moment I start to think that I am equal to you, is the moment I must be punished. And oh, how I love to be punished.

Being your Sexy bondage slave means that I am at your mercy. You can do whatever you want to me, and I will happily oblige. Whether it’s binding my wrists and ankles with rope or chains, or gagging me with a ball or a bit, I am yours to do with as you please. My body is a temple, and you are the god that I worship.

When I am in bondage, I am completely at your mercy. I can’t move, I can’t speak, I can’t even think. All I can do is feel. And what I feel is an overwhelming sense of submission, of devotion, of cock worship! Force your cock into my mouth and make me gag. As you command me to choke on your cock, you know my pussy will throb and squirt, so hungry for you to fill me with cum! I can’t get enough of your rough hands as they bend me over, the dominant way you take whip me with your belt, you make me melt Master! 

I am your Submissive whore and live for the moments when you take control of my body, binding me in intricate, painful knots, leaving me helpless and at your mercy. The pain, the discomfort, the utter vulnerability of my situation only serves to heighten my pleasure, to remind me of my place at your feet.

I beg of you to continue to train me, to shape me, to mold me into the perfect submissive bondage slave whore that you desire. I will always be your willing slave, your eager-to-please plaything, your loyal and devoted property!


Submissive slut is what I am and slave is what I want to be!

Submissive slut

Submissive slut is what I am and slave is what I want to be! I crave the pain, the humiliation, the degradation from the moment I am awake, to well into my dreams. I want to be used, abused, and treated like the worthless piece of trash that I am. And so, I find those who could fulfill my lustful black hole of desire.

My pussy salviates for pleasure that only a true Master can provide. I need a Master who will take control of me, who will dominate me, who will make me his. A Master who will give me the torture I so desperately crave. The man who will push me to my limits, who will make me bleed, who will make me his.

I’ve always known that I was different, that I wasn’t like the other girls. While they dreamed of love and romance, I fantasized about being tied up, gagged, and used like the dirty little slut I am. I wanted to be dominated, to be taken, to be owned. And so, I embraced my true nature, and I became the submissive whore I was always meant to be.

In fact, My body is a temple of pleasure, a vessel for the desires of my Master. I want him to use every inch of me, to take me in ways that make me scream and beg for my Mommy. I want him to push me to my limits, to make me bleed. Use your thickest whip on me, followed by the spiked paddle. When I say I want to beg, I really mean it. Make me beg for my pathetic life.

I crave the Submissive sex that will leave me sore and aching, the kind of sex that will make me bleed and leave me begging for more. Please let me be your plaything, your toy, your property, and forever be your willing slave. And when I’m not being used, I want to be tied up, gagged and hung from your meat for hours. I want to be your prisoner, with all the pain and punishment that comes with that title.

Above all, I am here to serve you, to please you, to be your willing slave. I am here to submit every inch of my body to your hard throbbing cock. You can give me the kind of Slave training that will make me suffer every second and I will forever be your willing slave. So, come and take me, Master. Use me, abuse me, make me your own. I am yours to command, yours to control, yours to own.


Extreme bondage inflicts the shattering orgasm you need!

Extreme bondage

Extreme bondage inflicts the shattering orgasm you need! From the moment I wake up, I am consumed by the thought of my Master’s cock. I crave it like a drug, and I will do anything to please him. I am his cock slave, and I will never forget my place. My Master’s cock is my God, and I will serve it with every ounce of my being.

My days are filled with anticipation, as I eagerly await my Master’s arrival. I spend my time preparing for his visit, ensuring that my body is clean and ready for his use. I shave my pussy and ass, making sure that every inch of my skin is smooth and inviting. I dress in my most revealing lingerie, knowing that my Master loves to see me in my most vulnerable state.

When my Master finally arrives, I am overcome with excitement. I drop to my knees, eager to worship his cock. I take it in my mouth, savoring the taste of his pre-cum as it fills my mouth. I suck and lick, doing everything in my power to please him. But my Master has other plans for me. He wants to use me in ways that will push my limits and bring me to the brink of ecstasy. So my wrists and ankles are bound, securing me to the bed. I am completely helpless, at the mercy of my Master’s desires.

He begins by teasing my pussy, using his fingers to explore my most intimate areas. Master knows exactly how to touch me, bringing me to the edge of orgasm before pulling back. I am desperate for release, but my Master is in control. He then moves on to my ass, using a variety of toys to stretch and prepare me for his cock. I am filled with a mixture of fear and excitement, knowing that I am about to experience something truly extreme.

Finally, my Master enters me, filling me completely with his massive cock. As the Cock worshiping whore I am, my pussy is hungry for a harder pounding and I am overwhelmed by the sensation, my body trembling with pleasure. He thrusts deep inside me, using me like the whore that I am. As my Master fucks me, I am consumed by the most intense orgasm of my life. My body shakes uncontrollably, my pussy and ass clenching around his cock.

I am the Master’s slave whore, and I will do anything to please him. After my Master has had his fill, he releases me from my bonds. I am left feeling completely spent, but also incredibly satisfied. I know that I have served my Master well, and that he will be back for more. My life as an Submissive slut is one of complete submission and devotion to my Master. I live for the thrill of being used and abused, and I will never stop worshiping his cock. If you are looking for a true slave, then know I am here to serve.


Sexy phone chat whisper soft, just like a feather.

     Sexy phone chat whisper soft, just like a feather. Tickle me with the feather. Use some bondage. A chat is whispering. No one can hear. For this reason, it is a good idea over a call to ensure my newest Dom doesn’t get in trouble.

     Now my Dom asked me to write about how my hair is down to the middle of my back. He also ordered me to fuck someone for six hours and to not get caught. As soon as I did this I complied. I do like having a great big dick up in my cunt. Getting me dripping wet.

     Tickling me with the feather. Sexy phone sex does run the risk of getting caught a hence my Dom prefers to chat. That is to say hands free, naked but for the Soma bra and panties he requires me to wear. Hair down. Flowing free. Sexy phone chat

     A little bondage. A butt plugs. Anal sex. On the positive side these are all the things I really like. On the negative side only one is allowed to do it to me.

     For the most part I do listen. However, there are times would I listen to my other Dom, and he has me being so much naughtier. Fucking everyone not just my poor Cuck of a husband.

     By all means my wonderful Dom come and punish me for having more than one Dom. I have my hair long; I have the soma bra and panties. I fucked for 6 hours. Just have more than one Dom now.

Submissive slut stripped down, collar tight, ready to serve!


Submissive slut

Submissive slut stripped down, collar tight, ready to serve! I love being stripped down, my clothes torn off of me as I am left standing in just my collar. That collar is a constant reminder of my place, my purpose, to serve and pleasure my Master in every way possible.

I crave the feeling of being restrained, tied up and completely at my Master’s mercy. The anticipation of what he will do to me leaves me dripping wet and begging for more. My body is ready, willing to submit to his every command, I am to be bound and gagged for his pleasure.

I live for the moments when my Master takes control, when he tells me what to do and how to do it. Being submissive is not just a role for me, it’s a way of life. I long to be dominated, to be treated like a slut and to be fucked hard until I am left a trembling mess.

My mouth and throat are at your disposal, Master. Use me, gag me, make me choke on your cock. I want to hear you moan and groan as you use my mouth for your own pleasure. And when you’re done, I’ll eagerly swallow every drop of your cum like a good little whore.

But my talents don’t just stop there. My ass is ready and waiting for your punishment. Spank it, slap it, fuck it. I am aching for you to take me from behind and make me scream in pleasure. Use me as your personal fuck toy and I will gladly moan and scream until you are satisfied.

I offer myself to be bound and whipped. The stinging pain is what I deserve Master. Spoil me by beating my sweet little ass black and blue, then it will be ready for your cock to fuck my tight ass! Pound it hard and when you are ready to cum, I want to feel it shooting into my, I mean your pussy. Everything I have is for you, sir, so call me for hot Submissive sex chat!