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Slave training for my master is what he showed his friends

Part of my Slave training consists of having to clean all of my master’s mess. Last night his friends and him were partying so much they started using me as their urinal. My master started calling me their golden shower whore. First my master would spread my legs and show my slut pussy to his friends. While he slapped me all over and even my cunt, he wanted them to see how wet it gets me.

Slave training

He can feel that I am embarrassed, but he doesn’t care. His friends laugh every time he abuses me because my cunt starts twitching. “You filthy bitch get on your knees”, I always do what my master commands of me. Once on my knees my master took his pants off and bent over in front of me and spread your ass. I knew it was time for Prostate milking,”lick my ass you worthless whore”. My tongue was wiggling on his ass hard as he laughed with his friends.

Master always likes to show me what my place in the world is. “Come on bitch show my friends how good you can make me cum. Finally, I had the energy to encourage me to lick his asshole harder that is all my master needed. As he stood up and sprayed my face with his thick load of semen, he moaned out “good job whore, now you have my friend’s ass to lick”. They all cheered, and I knew by morning time my tongue would be numb. 

Rape phone sex fantasies and Zella won’t resist you

Rape phone sex fantasies


Rape phone sex fantasies and Zella won’t even resist you. She’s a hardcore Submissive slut who needs bondage and a master to feel complete. Kneeling before the one who will soon put her in her place gives her a primal urdge she can’t explain. Serving a master with a firm spanking hand has allways been a goal for Zella, If she could find him then life would have the spice and balance that she craves. Zella longs to be a pet for a master like that, wearing collars and being lead and controlled in public make her so happy. Could you be the one she trusts to give control? Are you willing to handle a true submissive forfilling your every need?

Bondage and submission of Submissive Whore Switch Eliana

Bondage and submission of Submissive Whore Switch Eliana. As the filthy cum dumpster I find myself unashamed of being used in public. Hovering over most men, it is a turn on. Submitting and being obedient is an extra turn on.

Bondage and submission

Simply put, my life is all about getting sexual pleasure. And in this journey of sexual deviances, I find a soft spot for being a submissive. Getting piss and bukkake sprayed on me while I am tied up is so damned hot.

In fact the other night I was surrounded by ten guys that all used me as their urinal. They shoved their cocks down my throat even and had me gagging and vomiting all over them. Of course they expected me to slurp my vomit right back up.

Another night I was laid out on a slick black vinyl sheet. In this position my hands and ankles were bound. Of course this is a good position for a submissive cunt like me! The guy I was serving, or rather my Master of that moment then sat his big hairy ass on my face.

When my face gets used as a seat there is only one thing for me to do. That’s right. I used my tongue and rimmed his hairy asshole. Milking his prostate is the place of a good subby slut.

Submissive whore

So when you need a good submissive then you know who to call to drain your balls.

Submissive sex from a easy slut

Submissive sex chat

Zella the Submissive slut likes you to take control and be in charge. She follows direction well and never says no, and Bare bottom spankings make Zella wet as a river. Tell her what to do to her body or yours, Submissive sex chat can make you cream harder then you ever seen. Fucking and sucking until only you say “stop”. Holding her cum until you allow her to release and squirt all over you. Bless her with a ripe and ready cock to ride, or a new spanking paddle made just for her round ass. After you are done with her just pass her to a friend, Zella loves to be a whore for more. Zella is the easiest sex you can get.

Submissive Phone Sex Slut Always Down


Submissive Phone Sex


Being a submissive phone sex whore has been my jam for as long as I can remember. Nothing makes my pussy get wet faster than a big strong man being in complete control of my body, mind, and of course all my holes. I typically take me calls with very little on as it gets me in the mindset that these men, I am here to please are in control of every part of me. However, when any master tells me to wear something else, I am here to please. Sometimes it’s my favorite schoolgirl outfit, sometimes they ask me to put on my daisy dukes and tightest top (my wardrobe is to die for).

My masters often like dressing me. Only to turn around and take my clothes off. Something about giving up control of what I’m wearing. It gets my pussy ripe for whatever they want from me next. I’m into it all-no limits. If it makes his cock hard, I am down. BDSM is my favorite! You like ropes, whips and chains? You like seeing those fresh marks on my ass? The ones you see when  you slap it as hard as you can? Making that big cock rock hard as I am whimpering in pain, This is my jam!

Tonight, I dare you not to think of my little helpless body. A body waiting for a big strong man to take control. Taking away my senses with a blindfold. Throwing that ball gag deep down my mouth, so I cannot talk. Then, restraining my arms and legs. Having full bounding and restraint control of yours truly. Whatever means you prefer while you start exploring my holes with your fingers and eventually get that huge cock into my tiny tight pussy and ass, oh boy, my pussy is throbbing just thinking about how hot we get on our calls.

I am so thankful to my masters that call and take control of me. They are so good to me. I love doing whatever they want.  I’m here to be their submissive phone sex slut whenever they are needing to relieve those bad boy desires. This sub slut is ready MASTER SIR! I hope to please you in whatever ways you want soon master. You are in Total CONTROL!  Your wish is my command.  Please call me Sir…


Submissive Whore pet like me need our cum feedings!

Submissive WhoreA submissive whore pet like me needs to be pet and fluffed and fucked all hours of the day and night. I’m a needy slut and my master spends a great amount of his time forcing me onto all fours before diving into my pussy cock first and leaving an explosive amount of cum right where it belongs. I need it too, I need every drop of my master’s overflowing jizz. His heat is what I live for, it’s what keeps my heart beating, without it I’m not even sure how to think or feel. Master tells me how to function from moment to moment, and master told me to listen to you and all your carnal cravings. Not just yours though, everyone around my slave training honed body. Just before you called a man was balls deep in my pussy and pumping away like it was his real home away from home. His family a secondary thought to the one he could make with my drenched cunt if he shot enough seed into my belly and waited long enough. A man really only wants one thing and that’s to turn every sex pet around into a breeding whore for their pleasure. If we’re not left dripping cum and dirtying the carpet so we have something to lick clean the moment it starts to dry, what are we doing with our day? Sex pet have to know their place or they get uppity. Punish me, force me, breed me, treat me like the whore I am and never let me out of your sight or I’ll find another guy to please for master’s whims. He doesn’t really care who’s cumming as long as the explosive cum flows from every cock around me and my sexy phone sex pussy. I’m a regular drenched slut looking for a feeding.

Submissive Whore Eliana Here For Her Masters Every Desire

Submissive whore Eliana is the perfect submissive cum slave. My use is always my every bit of pussy tingling pleasure. You can own me and deliver that raging hard cock to my asshole and gape me out even.

Cumming on my face and maybe even invite or sell me to a bunch of guys to do the same. Let them all use me as a bukkake whore for their sperm. Pissing on my face.

A human toilet is what you wish to use me for? I have no say in the use as I am but your submissive to be used as you wish, Master. I will rim your anus with my subby tongue.

Ask and request and I must obey your wishes. I am your faithfully and devoted cum slut submissive ready to serve your every desire while under your ownership.

Submissive Whore

Sexy phone sex maids like me give master whatever he wants

Sexy phone sex“The young master wants my sexy phone sex tits?” It was such an odd phrase I’d been asked I’d needed to get clarification, I was truly gobsmacked. “Why wouldn’t he just take them? They’re his.” Apparently, he wanted to be dominated today, which meant I needed to take the initiative and get my busty body up there to rock his world and make his cock explode into many rivulets of beautiful cum! I’d taken myself up to his study just like that, not even bothering to knock. “Young master, you called?” I knew he hadn’t, and he knew I knew that, but his face said many other wonderful things. Like how hard he was, and that he also knew what was cumming, and where he’d be cumming. “You wouldn’t want special treatment, would, you?” I took a sing song tone to it as I dropped to my knees, quickly getting out of my black maid’s top and showing off the tits that are technically his property. “Get your cock out for me, master, I would like to inspect it with my fuckable mounds.” I could actually see sweat on his brow at the results of my slave training, he was completely shocked I could be forward. Meanwhile, my heart pounded in my chest, as I eagerly took in his engorged cock leaving his pants. I really hoped he’d top me right back in a minute, a maid can’t keep this nonsense up long she needs to be taken control of! I gulped, I breathed, I salivated. I dripped little drops of saliva onto his cock as I got ready to take it deep and start slurping. I’d suck and fuck and make it count. I was so ready for him, and I could see he was so hard. “Haah, thank you.” I gripped his cock and got ready to blow his mind a little more, and lead him to take charge and make my submissive sex loving body quiver for him.

Slave Master Spanks Daughter of Sex Slave

Spanking chatMy daughter and I have been sold as sex slaves, and are ready to service you in any way you ask us to. You have complete control over our bodies and our actions. So, first, you ask me to molest my daughter, rubbing her beautiful, tiny tits and licking her beautiful nipples. After that, you order me to lick her sweet young pussy. I’m a massive whore, and my holes have been fucked endlessly, but her virgin cunt didn’t taste of cock at all. I loved tongue fucking her, and didn’t stop even though she begged me to. You are our Master, and we must follow your commands. Once I was finished getting a taste, your cock was hard enough to slide right in her wet pussy. I played with my pussy as you fucked her from the back, spanking her ass as you pounded her. When you came inside of her, it was time for you to make me your permanent slut as well.

Submissive whore like me need to be played with

Submissive whoreToday I, a submissive whore, couldn’t recognize a cock that was already inside of me. Normally as I get used, even if it’s dark and I’m waking up to it by the feel, the size, the speed it’s moving. Not today though, today was a different new cock and I loved not knowing. I loved that someone just got tired of my short little skirt and decided to do something about it. I came so hard my entire body spasmed as I realized the monster inside of me was totally unrecognizable to my poor abused little pussy stretching around it. Maybe it was a habit but I found myself grabbing my ankles and staring at my thong that had been ripped off and thrown on the ground. A stranger was using me for their pleasure and all I could think was that I was grateful for the surprise, for the welcome waves of pleasure washing over me. All I wanted in that moment was to milk that fat cock dry, to be as pleasurable for him as I could be. To make him cum a half dozen times inside of me. I am a free-use whore and I have always been proud of it. However, I rarely enjoy it half as much as when a stranger uses me for the first time, as I’m made a man’s toy and he chooses when and how to play with me.