A Submissive Sluts Weekend

Submissive SlutFor Valentines Day my Master took me to his cabin in the woods for a long weekend. When I entered, I saw this beautiful lady in nothing but a black garter and thigh highs sitting on the bed. I knew immediately that he had some naughty plans for the weekend and my pussy immediately started getting wet. I love when he brings in play dates as I am such a submissive slut. I secretly love the taste and smell of another woman. He wasted no time as he sat back in the chair with his dick in his hand and instructed us what to do. He had her tie me up, spread eagle on the bed. She attached electrodes to my nipples and clothes pins on my inner thigh. She sat down beside me and he had me bite her breasts hard, if I didn’t leave bite marks, he turned on the electricity to my nipples. After a few shocks I was biting her as hard as I could. Every shock made my pussy that much wetter and a small wet spot appeared below my juicy pussy. He had her put the clothes pins on my clit and tap them with her fingers. Every tap caused a pain to rush through my body but also brought me so close each time. He had already told us that neither of us were to orgasm until he gave permission and he was a master at bringing you to the cusp and then making you stop. I ate her pussy and she ate my pussy, I fucked her with a strap on while I shoved a huge vibrating dildo up my pussy. We paddled each other’s assess and pussies until they were both bright red and our pussy juices ran down our legs. But still he did not give us permission to cum. Finally, he had us both lay on the bed and attach the electrodes to our clits, making us finger each other. He sent shock after shock as we continued to finger bang each other. Finally, he allowed us to come and he jacked off as a puddle of cum formed beneath us. It is going to be a great weekend.

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