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Sexy phone sex your slut likes to switch it up.

     Sexy phone sex Sexy phone sex you slut likes to switch it up. All things considered do like a good spanking. With this in mind make the ass bare. Now this means it could turn into a finger going in the ass, in the cunt. Your sexy slut would also love to chat with you to keep you from trouble. Claim me.

     On the positive side when you claim me then the sky is the limit. You get to listen to my sexy voice gagging on your cock as I am sucking on it. Moaning in pleasure as you are spanking me. Groaning as you cock enters my sloppy wet cunt hole.

     That’s it, claim your Submissive slut for yourself. Make me yours. Driving in deep. Moans grow louder as you hold my breasts using them as handlebars. Twisting them. Binding me to you as much as any restraints would do.

     For this reason, when I belong to you, I get out of line. Which you can be sure that I will, then a punishment is in order. A spanking on the ass, a willow switch, feel like being a gentle punishment then use a feather tickler, among so many other choices.

     In summary I belong to you when you call me yours. I will please you as long as you give me that cock. I am a cock loving slut.

Sexy phone chat whisper soft, just like a feather.

     Sexy phone chat whisper soft, just like a feather. Tickle me with the feather. Use some bondage. A chat is whispering. No one can hear. For this reason, it is a good idea over a call to ensure my newest Dom doesn’t get in trouble.

     Now my Dom asked me to write about how my hair is down to the middle of my back. He also ordered me to fuck someone for six hours and to not get caught. As soon as I did this I complied. I do like having a great big dick up in my cunt. Getting me dripping wet.

     Tickling me with the feather. Sexy phone sex does run the risk of getting caught a hence my Dom prefers to chat. That is to say hands free, naked but for the Soma bra and panties he requires me to wear. Hair down. Flowing free. Sexy phone chat

     A little bondage. A butt plugs. Anal sex. On the positive side these are all the things I really like. On the negative side only one is allowed to do it to me.

     For the most part I do listen. However, there are times would I listen to my other Dom, and he has me being so much naughtier. Fucking everyone not just my poor Cuck of a husband.

     By all means my wonderful Dom come and punish me for having more than one Dom. I have my hair long; I have the soma bra and panties. I fucked for 6 hours. Just have more than one Dom now.

Extreme fetish phone sex gets me soaking, choking & out!

Extreme fetish phone sex Extreme fetish phone sex gets me soaking, choking & out! In the depths of my mind harbors my dirty secrets, I, Breanne, want to be choked until lights out. From a tender age, I have craved a Master that would squeeze my neck as tight as possible, watching as my eyes roll back in my head, and when I begin to twitch, Master lets go, and wakes me up with a fat cock in my cunt. I  honed my ability to go with out oxygen for a while. silence my lungs, plunging into a realm where oxygen becomes an elusive mistress. It is a world where time stands still and the voice of my Master fades in the dream world.

For me, breath-holding is not merely a sexy sport but an obsession—a dark and consuming force that propels me to the brink of asphyxiation. I strive for perfection, for my Master. He deserves my  ultimate surrender to erotic submission and I wouldn’t want it any other way. With each descent, I feel the weight of my Master’s hands wrapped around my throat, it becomes so much hotter when I am gagging on a thick cock while his hands are there. I am his whore and he can share me with whoever he pleases. When we play he always is sure I cock constantly on cock.  It is like a  claustrophobic caress that whispers promises of oblivion.

With Extreme bondage I can I sink deeper and deeper into darkness. I love going out of my body and being used as a cum toy for Master and his friends. Wrap a cord around my throat and pull it tighter and tighter while you pound your hard cock deep into me. Master loves to make me cum over and over again until it starts to hurt because I deserve it. I need to feel the pain to remember why I exist, to be stuffed, fucked and filled will Master’s cum!

Over-indulge me in my fear, in my obsession, suffocating on your cock Master. Turn my surroundings into a psychedelic blur. I don’t care how you do it, as long as my neck is squeezed tight and my pussy is filled with cock. Push me to the edge and keep going, I want my Master to get dangerous with me. I want to be the best cock choking slave that has ever served you. Make your Sexy bondage slut black out, and take that limp tight body as yours, Master!


Rape phone sex fantasies with your favorite cum bucket!

Rape phone sex fantasiesRape phone sex fantasies always gets me going like a little bitch in heat. My master loves watching me be a helpless little piece of fuck meat for him. He always sets up some nasty little fantasies for me when he finds nasty men. His cock gets so hard when he sees me being used like a dumb whore. This particular guy is a long time friend of my owner and he has always paid top dollar to play out some dirty fantasies. He loves to make it seem like I am taken against my will and desperate to get out. He likes to watch me suffer and beg for my last breath!

He says the best Slave training is by making a bitch do the most vile shit for a mans pleasure. His friend Logan picked me up from my house and ripped off my clothes before putting me in the back seat. He took pictures of me in  nothing but a slutty pair of leather heels. He made me pose and show off my holes for the camera. He taunted me as he roughed me up and made me beg him to stop. He said he wanted it to sound more real so he went harder and rougher so I would scream. Once I started crying he recorded me and came all over my face before he even put his cock in me.

When he finished his first load he said my master would be very proud of me for being the proper Cock worshiping whore I was trained to be! When he was done using me for the night he threw money at me, pushed me out of the car and told me he would see me next time if my holes weren’t worn the fuck out yet!

Prostate milking will knock you out & have you at ease

Prostate milking

Prostate milking will knock you out & have you at ease. I’m a master at the art of prostate milking. I know, you’re probably thinking, ‘Prostate what?’ Well, let me educate you. It’s when a woman, like me, expertly massages your prostate, that small gland located within your ass, and it feels like heaven.

Trust me, once I lay my hands on you, you’ll be begging for more. I am never a dom but I do know how to milk that prostate right. I think all men should feel the sensation of being milked. And don’t worry, you are always the one in control with me.

I believe that all men should experience the sensation of being milked. It’s not only a mind-blowing orgasm, but it’s also good for your health.So why not indulge in a little self-care and let me take care of that prostate for you? Sometimes a man just needs to be worshipped in a different way. And I am more than willing to worship every inch of your body, especially that delicious throbbing cock of yours.

I’ll start by slowly sliding my lips down your shaft, warming you up and getting you nice and hard. And once you’re ready, I’ll gently insert my finger into your tight asshole and find that perfect spot. The way you’ll squirm and moan as I stroke your prostate will make me so wet. I know you’ve been pent up and in need of release, and I’m here to serve you. After you’ve exploded hot cum all over me, I’ll happily take a good spanking from your throbbing cock. Oh, the thought of your hard cock pounding inside my raw asshole is making me wet!

So come on, baby, let’s have a Sexy phone chat and let me take you on a hot sensual journey. I promise to have you in a state of complete bliss, and who knows, you may even discover a new favorite kink. Don’t be shy, it’s our little secret, and our little secret is safe with me.


Submissive phone sex when I was a teen wife

submissive phone sex I turned eighteen and married my first boyfriend who was 10 years older than me. An army sergeant that I met at the diner I worked in. He took me to my first social function on base in Columbus, Georgia, a “fishbowl” party. I learned that when a man comes into the party, he puts his car keys in a fish bowl. After dinner, drinks, and dessert, the women take turns pulling a set of car keys out of the bowl and matches with the man that belongs to the keys, and then she retires to one of the guest bedrooms for the evening with said man.

Because I was new, I was conveniently matched with the oldest husband in the room. His name was Cecil and he was tall, 6’3″, and skinny. His thick white hair was parted on the side and slicked down. His rheumy hazel eyes leered at me under bushy eyebrows. Seeing my hesitation he said “Don’t worry darling, I won’t bite” and he laughed a rattling laugh at me. I was just a young army wife, I had no idea what to do. 

He took me by the hand and led me to the tall antique bed with curtains around the Bed. He slowly and deliberately undressed me. He was paying attention to every detail of my body. When we were both naked, I couldn’t help but stare at his long, thick donkey Dick. He chuckled when he saw my eyes widen.

The old husband laid me on my back, closed my eyes, and started kissing me from my fingertips to my wrist, the inside of my arm. My collar bone, my breasts, my neck, his kisses were exquisite. I started to moan and my pussy started flooding. He fingered me gently over and over until I came on his hand, and then he put his mouth down there and licked me until I came again and again and again. I was delighted and dizzy, and so relaxed when he climbed on top of me and shoved his huge monster cock into my very wet pussy. I gasped at the fullness I had never felt before. I came again. And I hug onto his neck as he pumped me full of his cum. What I thought would be the worst night, turned into the best fucking I had ever received. I knew what that little smirk meant on his wife’s face when we returned to the party. And those Cadillac keys, I will be the first to grab them next time.

female bondage

Cum Slut Phone Sex With Cum Whore Jacqueline

Cum slut phone sexCum slut phone sex is the thing that makes my sweet cunt stay soaked from morning until night.  Your cum is what I crave in me, on me, and my cum is what I crave giving you.  There is no way around it, I’m obsessed! Oh, I love cum! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of warm sticky jizz filling me up – especially when it’s all over my tits or in my mouth. And as for getting it in every hole? Bring it on baby! I’ll take that big fat cock wherever you want to put it; whether it’s up my ass, down my throat, or even both at once if that’s what gets you off. Just promise me one thing: keep fucking me until I can’t walk straight tomorrow morning because this dirty girl needs her fix!

And when you finally untied me and let me collapse onto the bed in a heap of sweaty, satisfied bliss, all I could think about was how amazing it felt to be used by someone who truly understood my filthy obsession with getting filled up like a little cum dumpster cum whore I am. Shoot all your loads up in me while you tie me up, spank me arpound until your handprint is imprinted on my ass. I know you love feeling how hard your cock gets when you dominate my i

So are you ready to give this submissive slut your every load?  Use my holes to drain your balls any time, any place, they are ready for you to always loseMay our beds always be sticky with sweat and our hearts full of lust for one another.

Cum Whore Loves Cum Slut Phone Sex

Cum slut phone sexCum slut phone sex is Oh, I love cum! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of warm sticky jizz filling me up – especially when it’s all over my tits or in my mouth. Especially when a guy is trying to get it in every hole? Bring it on baby! I love that you tie me up, gag me and then you without hesitation, take that big fat cock and wherever you want to put it, shove it in that hole!

Whether it’s up my ass, down my throat, or even both at once if that’s what gets you off. Just promise me one thing: keep fucking me until I can’t walk straight tomorrow morning because this dirty girl needs her fix!  I want round 2, 3, 4, 5.  I want you to tie those ropes so tight around my wrists that I have marks for days. I want to have my legs to where I cant even move or walk when you are done with me.

And when you finally untied me and let me collapse onto the bed in a heap of sweaty, satisfied bliss, all I could think about was how amazing it felt to be used by someone who truly understood my filthy desires. You were everything I’d ever wanted in a partner – dominant yet caring; rough around the edges but with enough tenderness to make this dirty little escapade feel like more than just sex.

Are you ready to make this little submissive whore your own personal cum rag whore? Use these holes baby and use them good. I am here to please and pleasing is what I do best!  Give this squirting little bondage bitch a call soon!


Join Me In Submissive Sex Chat For a Hot Time

Join me in some submissive sex chat. This I can promise I will be a good slut for you in any form of session we may have. My eagerness to please you and drain your balls is profound.

Obviously I can take some massive cocks. After all I am an Amazon at nearly 6 feet tall. I can indulge you in some vore and be the proper dominant for you as well.

And did you read about foot licking, toe sucking and ball washing? Well as a matter of fact you read that correctly. I take great pleasure in doing all of those things. But one of my favorites is giving rim jobs. I will rim that anus and suck the juices from it.

Finally if you just really need a kinky toilet with a long tongue, that’s me.

Submissive sex chat

Submissive Whore Loves a Good Submissive Phone Sex Call

Submissive whore, that is who I am and taking it in any and every hole to please my masters throbbing cock is what I do.  Nothing makes me happier than being thrown to my knees with my hands tightly bound with thick rope, blindfolded so I am at your mercy in every way as you shove that soft cock down my throat and force me to use my mouth to get you hard.  It’s a task that I am up for as I start using only my mouth, lips, tongue and spit to work on that lock flopping cock.

As you hold my head and pull my hair, I start licking from the base and get my mouth lightly cupped around those full balls, sucking lightly. I then go licking up your shart and teasing the head and ridge feeling you get harder.  Its getting harder with each thrust into my mouth.  I feel your head hit the back of my throat as I gag and try to fight back but you hold my head on your cock. I am at your mercy to even take a breath as I struggle, drool coming out of my mouth mixed with messy phlem from my throat.  My eyes watering uncontrollably under my blindfold.

As you feel hard enough from the head of your cock tickling my tonsils enough times, You pull me up by my hair and throw me on the bed, smacking me around and playing with my cunt back and forth. That’s just the way I like it. You forcefully take me and turn me over lifting my ass in the air, face down in the bed and slam your cock into my pulsating wet cunt.  I am dripping wet as you enter that hole and it only gets better from here.

Tell me what you would do from here by giving me a hot submissive sex call!Submissive whore jacqueline