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Fucked at the club

.Bondage Chat

The Cool Liquid in the Yellow bottle sent me on a trip so nice. I bumped and grinded against the master. The Beat of the song pulsed through my bottle at the swingers club. I could feel the hardness of his cock rubbing against me. I know that he was close to his limit of me teasing him. I bit my bottom lip and rubbed my ass harder against him. The Alcohol had made me even more of a tease. He grabbed me by the arm and twisted it behind my back. I let out a soft moan as he leads me off the dance floor to a nearby couch. He pushed me down on the leather-covered couch and ripped my dress up and pulled my panties down. He Stabbed his cock deep in my pussy hole and fucked me to the beat of the song until his body shuddered and unloaded in my pussy. I love it when he fucks me in public!

Master’s pleaser

submissive whore

Master loves when I am a good slut, today master wanted me to eat his asshole while I stroked him off. I love worshiping him, I massaged his firm bums gripping and groping and laying soft kisses on each cheek. I spread them open and ran just the tip of my tongue over the start of his crack. Flicking my tongue back and forth teasing for a while I licked all the way down finding his asshole. I licked all around it as I wrapped my hand around his cock. Stroking nice and steady. Master groaned and reached behind pushing my head in deeper suffocating me with his ass signaling for me to quicking my pass and tongue fuck his brown eye. I stroked even harder and tongue fucked his asshole with skill. He let go turned around and came all over my face. I love when he showers me with his cum

Submissive Phone sex is all I Got

submissive phone sexSubmissive phone sex is all I have right now. I can’t see my master. I can’t go to my fetish clubs. Hell, I can’t even find a guy on Tinder to come over and fuck me. Since I am not working my other job right now, I am on the phone a lot more. Some of my callers are really sadistic too. That is not a complaint, however. I am doing my best to be an obedient phone sex submissive. It is all I have, and I need to be a slave. I need to be abused. I had a new caller last week that honestly made me glad we had only met on the phone. He was the kind of sadistic man a submissive slut hopes she never meets in person. He had me beat my tits. Nonstop smacking of my big fake boobs. He wanted no excuses like they are fake so don’t bounce as much. He wanted to hear my hand against my tits. He wanted me jumping up and down too so they would smack me in the face. I had a headset on because I didn’t want to drop the phone, but he made me take it off because it muffled the sound of my tits smacking against my body. I dropped the phone a few times and that just pissed him off. I had to smack my face a few times to make amends. He was like a drill sergeant. It was the longest 20 minutes of my life. I figured he was a one and done kind of caller, but he called me back two days later and made me do the same shit just with more intensity. My tits have never hurt that much from a call. I have never been out of breath from a call either. I’m not complaining though. Submissive sex on the phone is all I got. 

Master’s Submissive Whore And Personal Cum Dumpster

Submissive whore

Another night in the Dungeon with Master for this Submissive whore! Master had been playing too many games with me lately and I was craving his cock like no other! I hope tonight was the night I got rewarded and fucked by master’s mighty cock hard! I sat in position legs open arms behind my back and sat still for inspection. Master ran his hands over me and cupped my chin “Open” He commanded as I popped my mouth open wide. He gripped my hair and pushed my head down and had me engulf his cock. I swirled my tongue around and caressed every inch of his love stick as he made good use of my mouth.” To the bed” I again followed orders and crawled over and up onto the bed. I put myself in master’s favorite position, Ass up face down ankles hanging over the bottom of the mattress. He came up behind me and wrapped one hand around my ankle and used his free hand to tease my dripping slit with his rod. His cock pulsing against my lips I felt a sharp pain as he brought his open hand and spanked my ass. He smacked my ass a few times then he was pushing his hard dick in suddenly I moaned in delight. His cock fit perfect in my fuckholes. He had trained me to be a good girl and his girth made me cum almost instantly to his long slow strokes. ” I’m going to fill you up so deep my little cum dumpster” He growled. I felt his cock twitch in me and start to spurt out. Like any well trained submissive whore, I pushed back letting his cum pump deep in me. If master wants my fuckhole to be a cumdumpster I won’t spill one single drop!

I’m Going To Need Slave Training After Quarantine

slave training

I am going to need some more slave training once this quarantine is over. I have been a disobedient slave. I know while separated from my master, I am supposed to be on good behavior, only doing what master would want. Because I am on quarantine at home, I have been talking on the phone more. I get so horny talking to phone masters. I had one late last night with a shoe fetish. Funny thing is I have a shoe fetish too. When I first learned to masturbate, I did it with shoes. My mom left in the middle of the night, leaving behind a bunch of pretty high heels. I have a closet full of designer shoes, but I can never wear them to my paralegal job because master likes me in classic black pumps only. One of the first rules I have violated is wearing “slut” shoes. The second rule I have violated several times a day is no masturbating without permission. I can’t help it. Some of my callers want me to play with my pussy. My caller last night wanted me to fuck my cunt with high heels. I was happy to do that because it took me back to my youth. I am stuck at home with a son and daughter who loath me. We interact very little. They hole up in their rooms watching movies and talking to their friends. I am up in my room having submissive phone sex trying to forget that there is an epidemic going on around me. I have become a masturbating fiend. My caller last night made me fuck my cunt and my ass with my shoes. I am not going to lie. A heel in the ass hurts. At one point, he made me put three heels in my ass. Master would be so pissed off if he knew I was being a dirty masturbating whore without his permission. Don’t tell him. I mean my ass did get punished. I can barely sit today.


A Submissive Sluts Weekend

Submissive SlutFor Valentines Day my Master took me to his cabin in the woods for a long weekend. When I entered, I saw this beautiful lady in nothing but a black garter and thigh highs sitting on the bed. I knew immediately that he had some naughty plans for the weekend and my pussy immediately started getting wet. I love when he brings in play dates as I am such a submissive slut. I secretly love the taste and smell of another woman. He wasted no time as he sat back in the chair with his dick in his hand and instructed us what to do. He had her tie me up, spread eagle on the bed. She attached electrodes to my nipples and clothes pins on my inner thigh. She sat down beside me and he had me bite her breasts hard, if I didn’t leave bite marks, he turned on the electricity to my nipples. After a few shocks I was biting her as hard as I could. Every shock made my pussy that much wetter and a small wet spot appeared below my juicy pussy. He had her put the clothes pins on my clit and tap them with her fingers. Every tap caused a pain to rush through my body but also brought me so close each time. He had already told us that neither of us were to orgasm until he gave permission and he was a master at bringing you to the cusp and then making you stop. I ate her pussy and she ate my pussy, I fucked her with a strap on while I shoved a huge vibrating dildo up my pussy. We paddled each other’s assess and pussies until they were both bright red and our pussy juices ran down our legs. But still he did not give us permission to cum. Finally, he had us both lay on the bed and attach the electrodes to our clits, making us finger each other. He sent shock after shock as we continued to finger bang each other. Finally, he allowed us to come and he jacked off as a puddle of cum formed beneath us. It is going to be a great weekend.

Home Invasion Tied and Tortured

He was inquiring about a bondage chat session. We were at a little scene party and I was being very docile and shy as my Master that took me there loved me to be. I pleasantly told him he’s going to need to talk to Master about such a thing. I think it upset him terribly. He was able to follow us when we left the party, and found where I lived. He would message me on FB through the group and try threatening me about knowing where I lived and that I really should just give him a date. It was getting annoying that he wouldn’t leave me alone and I never realized he really did know where I lived. He never proved it… well not until the other night. I was asleep and he managed to find the spare key and knew my family was away. He found me in my bed. I was gagged and blindfolded quickly, but I knew him by the way he smelled and breathed. He was very forceful with me and called me a fucking little slut before he slapped my face. He tied my wrists and ankles. I was bound completely and stripped of my nighty and panties. He said now that I was tied up and all his we could have that session he’s been bugging me about. I whimpered as he started to put clamps on my nipples and take the riders crop to them. I tried to squirm but he was too good in his knots. I knew he was going to do bad things to me now.

Bondage chat

Submissive slut

submissive slut

“Suck it like a good whore! Mommy loves being my submissive slut, doesn’t she?!” he growled into my ear as he tightened his grasp on my hair and pulled my head back to bring me face to face with him. I nodded and stared at my sexy young son, commanding me to suck his cock. He shoved my face down to his cock and forced it into my mouth. Using a handful of my hair he pushed me all the way down, ramming his hard cock in my throat until he spurted his hot cum all in my mouth. I have been completely submissive to him for a few years now. He loves knowing that he owns my juicy Mommy cunt and he can do whatever he wants with it. Sometimes he like to tie me up and force fuck my throat. Other times he watches as his friends run a train on me and fill me with their hot loads of cum as he strokes his cock from across the room. We have a special relationship that started a long time ago. I love being his personal whore. I do whatever he tells me to and he loves degrading me and making me his bitch. I will always be ready to take loads of cum from my sons firm young cock.

Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sex

My son overheard me on the phone. I was in the middle of a cum slut phone sex call when he walked in. I was shocked and a little embarrassed but he didn’t seem to mind. I even noticed his cock growing hard in his pants. I knew there was not much I could do. I knew what was about to happen. Being a submissive for my son means that I have to be ready whenever he wants me to serve him. Once he heard me on the phone he wanted me to suck his cock. He grabbed me by the throat and forced me to my knees. He loves it when I look up at him as I suck his big hard cock. He fucked my throat so hard that I could barely breathe. I knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to ram his big fuck stick in Mommy’s wet whore pussy. He stood me up and spit on me before he smacked me hard across the face. He loves degrading me and treating me like the nasty cum slut that I am. He bent me over and fucked me hard in the ass. My asshole was on fire as he told me what a slut I am and continued to fuck my whore holes. He loves making me tell him how much I enjoy getting fucked by his hard cock. I took his cock until he was ready to cum. He pulled his throbbing cock out and forced it into my mouth, making me suck all of my juices off of him. He filled my mouth with his hot cream and held my face up by my chin. He pinched my nose forcing me to swallow all of his cum. He loves making me eat his cum and I secretly love being his submissive cum slut Mommy.

Submissive Whore for a High School Jock

submissive whoreThe life of a submissive whore is interesting. Sometimes what one man tells me to do is in opposition to what another man tells me. I just try to please all the men in my life. I have a full-time Master and he has ultimate control over me because he pays my bills and insurance. He is married and older, so he doesn’t have eyes on me 24 / 7. That makes it easier for me than many slaves to do things like get a hardcore fucking from my daughter’s boyfriend. My son and daughter hate me. My daughter thinks I am pathetic. She is a popular high school girl. High school boys and grown men fall at her feet. She is the opposite of me. She plays the field. She has a high school football player boyfriend for appearances and many sugar daddies decades older than her behind the scenes. Her hot teen boyfriend showed up over the weekend and she was not home. She was out shopping with a sugar daddy. That left me and her teen boyfriend alone. He had heard about me. Nothing good of course. There I was, cock teasing my daughter’s teen boyfriend in a white t-shirt with no bra and booty shorts. I was baiting him, and it worked. I know. I need slave training. Master would be unhappy. My daughter would be lived. I let a high school jock rough me up. He saw me as nothing but the whore mommy of his girlfriend. He treated me like a trailer park whore. He smacked my face as he called me a whore. He pushed me down on the floor and mounted me like an animal in heat. He wouldn’t fuck my cunt though. He said I didn’t deserve pleasure. He gave me a hardcore ass fucking while his hands gripped my throat. Joke was on him because I love rough ass sex.

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