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Sexy phone sex will explore both our kinks.

          Sexy phone sex will explore both our kinks. Among many things that I have for naughty things, one is being bound. Tie me to you. Shackle me. Pick a piercing to tug on and watch how wet I get.

          As soon as you tug on my cunt piercing, you’ll see the creamy wetness start oozing out of my cunt. Over your fingers. Ultimately, I want you to get off and explore every one of your kinks. As a cheating sub to my master some of my getting off is know that my husband doesn’t know what I do in my down time.

          Leaving him, sneaking out of the house. Just to run into my masters’ arms. Bending to your will. Making all my fantasies come true. At the same time making sure I am doing everything I can to make you cum. Make me into your Submissive Whore.Sexy phone sex

Fuck Meat Entertainment For Daddy!

Bondage whoreMy owner had a lovely session set up for me today and I was so excited to see what he had in store in for me. When I walked in and saw everything set up I knew I was in for the time of my life. My favorite Hitachi wand was set up with all the rope/restraints laid out for me to see. I could feel my pussy throbbing/tingling in my panties because I knew I was going to be able to cum. I have not been allowed to cum from my Master in over 3 months so I could feel how drenched and excited my little fuck hole was getting just standing there. 

I was enthralled with excitement and anticipation; my daddy could see me getting all worked up and he loved it. He grabbed me by the hair and threw me to the ground and said “Take off your panties bitch and open up your mouth”. I did exactly what he said and waited with my mouth open; all my drool was dripping down my chin. He stood above me with his rock hard shaft and said “If you take care of this cock properly you will be rewarded you fucking bitch”. I shook my head so excited to play and so needy for his cock in my mouth.

He pumped my throat open hard and made me look up at him while my makeup ran down my face. He loved a messy blowjob and enjoyed making all his cunts cry for him after a face fuck. He used my mouth for a while and nutted all over my face; I was covered in my spit and cum. He dragged me over to the set up and began restraining and roping me up to the wood slacks. He spread my legs and slapped my cunt a few times. He then covered up my mouth and said “I don’t want to hear you so I am going to keep this over your mouth whore”.

He cranked on that vibe and pushed it up my clit. He sat back and watched me squirm and get tortured by that vibe forever. I squirted all over so many times until I could not even feel my clit. I was in a daze and could not take it anymore I needed it to stop. My daddy came over and shut off the vibe and laughed at my disorientation; he told me I had enough orgasms for a lifetime. He slapped me in the face and pissed all over my fat tits and cunt. He called me a dumb whore and took me down. I laid there for quite a while unable to move!

Submissive Slut Jacqueline Obeys her Master

As I stand before you, my eyes rake over your body, taking in every delicious inch of it. You’re a submissive slut and I love being the one to dominate you. The way your chest rises and falls with anticipation sends shivers down my spine as I imagine all the naughty things we could do together.

I run my fingers along your jawline, feeling the softness of your skin beneath them as they trace their way down to where our bodies meet – that sweet spot between us that begs for attention. Your breath hitches when yours catches at this simple touch; it excites you  knowing how much power you have over me right now just by brushing against me. As you do I feel your full cock expanding in your pants

“Kneel before me,” you command softly yet firmly, enjoying how quickly obedience washes over my features when addressed properly by Master.  My knees buckle slightly under pressure but eventually obey without hesitation – head bowed low while hands clasp behind back awaiting further instruction…or punishment if disobeyed. I know what bad girls get and you won’t be gentle with me in that case.

You take that full cock and shove it down my mouth telling me to take it all and choke on that huge cock. As I’m restrained, having only my mouth to use, I try my best to take as much of it as posubmissive slutssible down my throat. My spit is falling down your cock, covering my mouth, I feel the sticky mess I am becoming with every bob down on that cock. You love holding my head down there to point I am gasping for air.

When you take that cock filled with my spit out and it’s slapped against my face, you get harder and harder. Eventually we move on to other parts of our fun, but I sure like how we started, don’t you?


A little bit of Light Bondage is

Light bondage or Extreme, I love it all.  Even the simplest restraints can add an enormous amount of pleasure to the cock and pussy in question. Take for instance, my recent one night stand. He brought me back

He bound my  wrists tightly above my head using silk scarves from around the room while whispering dirty promises into my  ears about all that was going to happen next. The anticipation on both our parts grew thick as we waited patiently until finally, after teasing each other enough with soft kisses along sensitive areas like neck and my ears  – i begged me not wait any longer – “Please fuck me now!” were words you likely never thought would come out of my

Without further ado or hesitation , he positioned himself  between spread legs revealing his quite large  throbbing member at last . As soon as our skin made contact, an electric current ran through us both sending shockwaves throughout every nerveLight Bondage around my mouth.

Cock worshiping please master let me praise your cock.

Cock worshiping          Cock worshiping please master let me praise your cock. Now! I want to see it now. It must be admired. I like it. I love it. I want some more of it. Your slave will scream and beg if only you let me be near it.

          Down on my knees. I will beg you. You have got the greatest cock in the world. It is so perfect. With its perfect head. Do you have a hood? I like a hood. Let me lick down your length. Lick around your shaft. Oh master your balls hold up your cock so very nicely. It is the perfect cushion and so big. You have a big perfect cock. Big perfect balls. Let me suck on them. Your slave begs you, master.

Soft Bondage Cock Sucker

soft bondageYou take me by the hair and pull me down to my knees. In front of me is a big fat juicy limp cock. You demand in your most assertive, dominating tone, “Get that cock hard” and of course, being the submissive whore I am, I oblige. I force that limp dick in my mouth as my hands are tied behind my back. My mouth is all I have to pleasure the cock before me.  I have to count on the many cocks in my mouth before this one to have given me the expertise I need to get that limp dick into a nice, hard one, ready to fuck.

I use my mouth to gag on the cock, almost throwing up from shoving it so far back there.  My eyes are watering as you force my head to stay deep down on your now throbbing hard dick.  I want to keep gobbling it up but I also know I can barely get my breath as my mouth is filled with hard bulging cock.   My spit is traveling down my mouth faster than a water slide.  Flowing down that hard cock from the head down to the base. Some of it gathers at the base and then drips down your balls.  When I take a peak, in between bobbing my head, I notice the cock is shiny and completely covered in my favorite type of lube, my spit.

Push my head down on that cock baby, there is nothing I like more than to fix my oral fixation through having your cock in my mouth.  Are you as yummy as you look?  I am ready to find out.

Rape phone sex fantasies make for a sexy phone sex call

rape phone sex fantasies Rape phone sex fantasies are very hot to me.  My pussy gets creamy with how much I love being dominated and being a good little submissive girl for my masters.  I love being a slave to their cocks.  They can get me to do just about anything when I’m a sub under their control.  They have this way of getting into my head and my pants.  I love it when they take the aggression with me to another level.  Catch me by surprise and throw me into a trunk or tied up in the back seat as I was unsuspectingly going about my day. I am at their mercy and must do whatever these big powerful cocks want.

Rip my clothes off, shove their fingers in my pussy. I love it and it makes me so damn wet.  I am just a helpless slut there with slut holes you must choose from. Which one will you start with? I know you want all of them so I prepare for that big cock to go into my mouth and my pussy and know you’ve been eyeing my tight ass.  You call me names and degrade me as you hit me, whip me, and throw me to the ground.  You didn’t realize that I may like this though because this whore likes it rough.

I’m getting turned on while also scared knowing the control is out of my hands. I feel my pussy tingling with excitement hoping you shove that cock up it soon.  For now, you seem to love watching me gag until I about puke on your cock.  I have to hold back a few times as I almost let my dinner come out on your dick.  I don’t know you, we are essentially strangers, and not sure if puking on your cock will make you more mad.  However, holding back is making my eyes water profusely.  Slobber dripping down my face. I am a hot mess, yours for whatever else you want to do with me that night.

Sexy Phone Chat Submissive Loves Taboo Filth

Sexy phone chat is a hot session to share with me. We can really have a lot of filthy hot talking when you set up a paid sex chat with me. As an example of something I really enjoy is when really know your way around training a submissive. Obviously I deal with amateurs every day. That is what is so great with fantasy phone sex play.

However to really get me hot make sure you know how to have the upper hand. Otherwise, of course my dominant side will come out and I will turn the tales and turn them hard on you. Never try to just think for a second that you will fool me!

I am often playing the roles of an amazon to little men. Shrinking and putting little men inside me is something guys enjoy fantasizing about. I am 6 feet tall and even taller in my many pairs of heels.

In essence if you cannot own me then be prepared to get owned.

Sexy phone chat

Cheap Phone Sex But Quality Experience

cheap phone sex“Cheap Phone Sex equated a quality experience” was how one of my recent reviews started. This review left me with my pussy wet so thought it was worth sharing.  Here is how the reivew went from a caller.

I got off the phone with Jacqueline, covered in my own cum sitting here holding my cock in a hotel room feeling like I just had the best sex with the sexiest girl alive.  My cock was aching to cum when I got done with this business dinner tonight. I am out of town from the wife and fam needing a little blue ball relief from the recent turn downs from wifey being so tired.

Jacqueline was the perfect answer.  She was a good little bondage whore for daddy tonight. Even when I forced her down to her knees and smacked her around calling her a bad little slut.  She was obedient as hell calling me “Yes sir daddy” in her sweet little innocent voice.  She sounds young but defitenily very obedient to whatever command I asked her to do. She was focused on making my already hard cock stay rock hard the entire call.

The sound of her slurping on my big fat cock, paying attention to details like licking my heavy balls and holding them in her mouth.  Watching her spit on my cock to get it nice and wet, I felt like I was there watching my aching cock push into that small little mouth of hers.  Choking the back of her throat with my head until she gagged from it getting so deep.  Instant turn on hearing her about to throw up from taking so much of this cock in her tiny little mouth.

Don’t even get me started when I finally stuck my hard dick into that nice shaved pussy.  I truly felt the same euphoric feeling I feel when I’m fucking someone and it first enters a pussy.  I knew with our connection she would be creaming all over my cock and she knew she would too.  I don’t know how I ended up blowing my load all over myself and this bed because it was all so damn hot.  And cheaper than any other major site.  Win win for Jacqueline!

BDSM chat tell me what you all like as will I.

BDSM chat

            BDSM chat tell me what you all like as will I. Tell me do you like to spank? Into tying me up. Perhaps you want me to be begging you for even more. Before long you will have me squirming and wet.

            Among other things, I want you to tie me up. Some cuffs. A whip. Second, you need to use those toys on me. Sucking on your cock while I am shacked to the wall. Have a gag ball? Choose between hardcore or softcore. There are so many options and when you chat with me.

            Another key point to remember is I am a submissive and need to be controlled. Calling you master, daddy, or anything else you so wish. I will ask even beg you to spank me. Put me in the stocks.

            That is to say you are the one in charge. You have the control. In summary when we chat it will be the same as on the phone and you may let your imagination run wild. Looking forward to spending some quality time with you.