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Small Dicks Aren’t For a Submissive Slut

All because I am a Submissive slut it doesn’t mean that I like small dicks. In fact I find small dicked guys to be the worst at attempting to be dominant. These small dicked pussies are pushy and demanding in a very annoying kind of way. That is not sexy to submissives even. It’s ok if you just go take a big daddy cock and become a good submissive bitch yourself. That is your place.

Submissive slut

So with all that off my back. I just want to say that I am the naughty little submissive that can be of good service to a charming big daddy dominant. I love the daddy types. I will take the punishment you feel I am in need of. The best way to control me is with lots of spoiling and gifts. I am a material brat that will always be a good slut to the dollar signs.

Deserving Of Bare Bottom Spankings

Bare bottom spankingsMy favorite form of punishment is bare bottom spankings. The sharp stings of the bare hand connecting onto my soft ass leaving a stinging sensation that shoots and spreads goosebumps all over my body. That’s just on the first spank, then comes another and another. Sometimes slow as you savor the power, other times fast as you can releasing your full fury onto my vulnerable behind. Feeling the welt of your handprint begin to cover my ass, the heat of the skin reacting to the constant impact leaves my pussy juices slowly pooling out of me. Spending chunks of my free time thinking what it would take for you to find me deserving of bare bottom spankings this time. Or what type of act must I commit to be punished severely with harsh smacks on my ass. Should I be fully dressed when you come home, will that offend you? Should I neglect my chores, tell you no, or maybe I should simply ask for it? No I could never be so bold to try to request how to expend your power over me. Please forgive my free thoughts as they overflow, I know better. I’m sorry master.

Cum slut phone sex whore Jessica

cum slut phone sex

I met my online date at the hotel room he told me to be at, right on time. He was a handsome, shy guy that wasn’t expecting this cum slut phone sex whore to actually show up and play with him in real life. He told me that he wanted to be tied up and tortured a little bit. Maybe some light whipping, teasing and paddling. I had just started to tie his wrists together when I heard someone step out from the bathroom. All of the sudden I was being forced to my knees and held down. The shy guy had brought along a friend. He sat on the bed, and stroked his hard cock as he watched his friend tied me to a chair, gagged and abused me. He moaned as his friend slapped me across the face and rammed his cock in my mouth. He grabbed me by the hair and forced his cock right down my throat. After watching me get my face brutally fucked by this guy for a few minutes, my shy date shot a sad little spurt of cum. When they were finished using me as a cum dumpster gutter slut, they left and left me tied up for housekeeping to find the next morning.


Erotic Submissive Stories

Erotic Submissive Stories

I bet you enjoy all kinds of erotic submissive stories. I had this dream the other night that I was at a bar. I was getting really intoxicated and being naughty. I was flirty with a guy right in front of his girlfriend. She was getting so pissed off and I was enjoying it. It seems this something a guy brought up to me one day started to seed into my brain. He had asked if I had ever had a girl brought in for me to take my pent up revenge on. It seems I never thought about that before, but it fueled a pretty hot dream.

I was flirting with this chicks boyfriend, and was doing so pretty obnoxiously. He was eating it up. I saw they were having some words earlier in the night and decided to move in on him. I even offered to buy him a drink. I found him attractive. I was getting wet at how enraged she was getting. It didn’t take too long before she got between us. I slapped her in the face and told her she was rude. She pulled my hair and I topped the bitch. I had her on the floor and we were going at it in such a cat fight we gained an audience. I loved it. I would love to have taken this bitch with a big strap on and fucking fantasy rape the cunt. All kinds of sexy things went through my head.

Melt in your mouth

cum eating phone sex

Do you remember the M&M’s motto about melting in your mouth and not in your hand? Well that’s my motto as well when it comes to cum eating phone sex. I would rather you explode my mouth rather than my hand. That doesn’t mean that I won’t use my hand to help you explode however. I like to feel when you tickle my tonsils with your man meat and coat my throat with a helping of your personal protein shake. My favorite flavor is you. There is something about the sticky sweetness that comes from in your pants when you are waiting to be sucked in and down. My man has a serious sweet tooth and his cum is like candy to me. He will take a hold of my head and use it as his own pocket pussy until he has sent everything he can down into my stomach. I will help him morning, noon and night and any other time that I can get my hands and mouth on that swizzle stick, in fact I am craving some cum now- wanna cum help? 

The gold standard

golden showers phone sex

As a young girl I was always fascinated with the toilet. As I got older I enjoyed golden showers phone sex. There is something therapeutic about a hot stream of yellow goodness splashing over my face and body. I relax as a man or woman stands over me and lets the river flow. I rub all of it in and have drank it straight from the source at times. After they finish I always clean them as a thank you. Either a quick suck on a purple head or a lingering lick on a tight pussy. The taste of urine on an already turned on cock or pussy is something to be savored and tasted as often as possible.  I really hope that you will come over and share your pee with me too!

Red Riding Whore

Submissive whoreMy body froze when I saw the stranger in the black cape and mask on my front porch.

His eyes pierced through me, sending shivers through my entire body! I could not see his mouth but I could tell there was not a smile on his face! I couldn’t speak and was glad to see him walk away with his young one after getting her candy.

I was done for the night and decided to turn off the porch light and get out of my little red riding hood costume.

As I locked the door and turned, I saw him in my living room. This time no mask and definitely no smile!

Erotic submissive storiesI began to shake as he came at me and grabbed me by the throat, forcing me to my knees!

He pulled his cape open to reveal his throbbing hard cock and I began to piss myself!

I was to scared to move as he tied my hands and feet behind my back

I could feel how hard his cock was as he bent me over the back of the couch and slide his thick meet from my pussy to my ass!

Then with one hard fuck, he slammed that cock so deep in my cunt, forcing the air out of my lungs!

He had his belt wrapped around my neck and with each punishing thrust of his meat, the grip of his belt got tighter and tighter!

I was so scared and it hurt so bad but my pussy was wet and cumming!

I realized that I was just a little cum whore that loved getting her pussy destroyed by strangers hard fuck sticks!

When he forced his dripping meat inside my mouth, making me clean my cunt of it, I knew I wanted him to own me!




Come pee with me

Pissing phone sex really gets me going if you know what I mean. I was introduced to pissing on someone by an ex-boyfriend and once we started it was hard for me to stop. There is something very basic about pissing on or in someone. I have found in my time that most men enjoy the feeling of putting their dick in a hot girls’ mouth and pissing down their throat. However in my case turnabout is fair play. I enjoy having a man beneath me in the bathtub with their mouths open ready for me to piss and for them to clean me up with their tongues. The men that are the quietest actually turn out to be the nastiest. Many of a geeky man has grabbed my head while pissing and some will cum right after. There is something both exciting and degrading about someone using you as their personal toilet. As long as there are men who are happy to use my mouth as a urinal I will continue to be on my knees enjoying it.    

Female Bondage Porn For my son

Female bondage


Yes, I make female bondage porn for my son. He is training to be my new master.  Eventually he will be the master of a young submissive. My husband is away a lot and I am allowed to use cocaine and film with my son some bondage material. I get wild when I am high and my body is so easy to manipulate! Did you know that my husband can dominate me from far away He purchased me from my abusive father and has made me the Milf whore I am today. I have a past and I use it to bring his Dominance and my sons new Master training to a head! Pun intended!  My teen son learning how to handle a well behaved submissive whore  like me makes me gush down my thighs as he practices his rope work.

Now, I do have a few problems letting go of the mother/son relationship, but he does his best. I don’t often misbehave but that part of me that wants to still be his mother makes me a fucking brat whore. I have had more spankings this year than the last five years combined. But I do have to say it makes for some great videos for my traveling husband! I am proud to be owned by two men and hope I am becoming a good slave example for my daughters!

submissive whore

Slave training Mommy

Slave training

Every man should have a mom or even a hot Milf at their disposal for slave training. Just look at how proud I am of my son training me. I have my medium cage all set up. I feel at ease as I know my place with him. I can barely move when I am in there but my son knows that I can be rewarded for being a good pet. If I get his porn Magazine with my mouth he even throws me a few dollar bills. He treats me well and helps me go through all my positions and tasks. I never knew something so dominant could come out of my womb. I have always had a submissive heart. Needing a strong hand on my back side or around my throat.

I know the only way a true naughty mommy submissive whore can be tamed is buy complete dominance over my body. My heart is all for my boy as he inspects my ass and pussy to make sure it is trimmed and clean for him. I only want to be good for him. He even uses forced rape fantasy situations so that I can feel like I am being made to fuck my own son. He says it may take the guilt off the things I do with my offspring. For now he is happy to have me in my cage while he is here, and show me off to a few close friends. I am his prized possession and I will let him and his friends do whatever they want to me.

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