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Hang Me Up

bondage submission

My tiny frame makes me perfect for submissive phone sex! You can pick me up and throw me in whatever position that you want me to. Most guys hang nigger sluts like me and suspend them with ropes. White men love watching their slut monkey swinging as they force fuck her mouth and throat. I want to feel the tension of the ropes burning my skin as you abuse my pink fuck holes. The momentum from being hanged makes it easier to plow the shit out of each hole as I scream. It hurts so good when you rip open my backend department with your huge cock. I know I probably don’t deserve it but I want to praise your steel pipe! Please skull fuck me until my tits are covered in puke and spit! I promise I’ll clean up my disgusting mess right out of my doggy bowl. I just want to worship your superior white cock. I know my place as make a black slut, master. I’ll do anything to be used by you.

Fuck Doll

cum slut phone sexI love being a fucking whore for any and all men that will treat me like the little fuck doll that I am. You found me on the corner of the street in just my panties and a bra and asked if I needed a ride. I told you yes but only if it’s to your house and got in. You looked at me and pulled out your cock and said that I need to be a good little whore and do what I’m made to do. I smiled and got down and started sucking his cock like it was my favorite flavor of lollipop, which it is. He grabbed my head and started bobbing it up and down as hard as he fucking could making me choke and gag on his fucking cock. We pulled up to his house and he dragged me inside like the useless piece of trash I am. We got inside and he threw me down onto my knees making me suck his cock while he slapped me in the face like I fucking deserve for being a useless whore. He filled my mouth up with cum and let me drink every last drop.

Shit Eating Monkey

scat phone sex

I thought he just wanted me to suck his cock but he had every intention of making me a shit eating monkey whore. When Austin came to my house his deep raspy voice made my cunt quiver. I knew instantly to drop to my knees and submit to my superior white daddy. I made sure to not make eye contact as I pulled out his big cock and started jerking him off with both hands. It was so big and thick I could barely get my fingers around it. As I stroked his thick manhood pre-cum dripped all over my face making me beg and yearn for just a taste of the tip of his cock. He only let me get a few sucks before he slapped me across the face and said, “that’s enough nigger!”. He tossed me over the edge of the sofa making it’s so that my ass was pointing straight up in the air. I felt three fingers plunge into the tightness of my asshole. I moaned with pleasure because my black ass loves to be stretched anally. What I wasn’t prepared for was for him to insert a spacer into my ass until my shit box was essentially a big gaping hole. He kept opening up my ass wider and wider until he saw shit. He took my feces and smeared it all over my fucking monkey face! He told me I better eat my stinky brown mess while he fucked my open stinker. I felt like he was scrambling my guts! Haha. He was so deep inside me that When he busted his nut it felt like I just had a four course meal. My tummy was full as fuck after being Austin’s dung gobbling ass whore.

Surprise Hog Tie Me!

Bondage Whore

I love being surprised hog tied while my master fucks my slutty young daughter! Just this morning I woke up to master dragging me out of bed to hog tie me and put a ball gag in my mouth. He blind folded me and I heard my daughter moaning after a while, when he took off my blindfold I saw that he had my young daughter’s legs spread and was licking her little wet pussy! He was tasting her and making her cum all over his mouth before he drove his cock into her tight young cunny right in front of me. She was screaming as he pounded her into the mattress, fucking her silly right in front of me! Eventually he made her cum all over his cock before he pulled out and came all over my face!

Bondage Nigger Whore

Bondage whore

Tie up my big nigger tits and wrap a noose around my neck. I want you to hoist my black ass up and have my glistening pussy swinging from the sky beams like a chandelier. First, make your tree monkey lick your superior white ass crack. Force me to tongue fuck your shit hole while you spank my cunt and finger fuck it. Im always begging for master to use me as his cock worshiping slut. Most black cunts are only useful for draining nuts and filling their cunts with cum! I am more than happy to be a a white mans cum slut nigger whore. I’m willing to do all the shit white bitches refuse to do and then some. If Danielle won’t do it, you best believe Donatella will!

pissing phone sex whore tonight

pissing phone sex

Let me be you pissing phone sex whore tonight. The act of giving a girl like me a golden shower is the ultimate domination. I’m so in lust with the idea of getting that golden shower all over me while you use me as your toilet princess. I’m going to allow you to whatever it is that you want to do to me. Show me how I’m going to make you use me. The best way is by teasing when a daddy is teased to the brink of domination it brings out the monster within and I love seeing that side. Whenever i make you horny and tease you so much that you can’t get yourself together so you have to lash out on my body it makes me want you more. It also makes you want to punish me more for you pleasure. Use me and gape me in every which way you please.

I’m Sexy And I Know It

Sexy phone sex


Every woman wants to feel like the sexiest woman alive but it doesn’t just happen, a girl has to make sure she’s doing her part to escalate the sexy in her life.  Take my idol, Paris Hilton, for example.  Sure, she was born into wealth and stature but she could’ve just left it at that and enjoyed her lavish lifestyle like her lackluster sister.  No, that bitch brings the sexy everywhere she goes!  Everyone wants to either be around her or inside of her and that’s the exact aesthetic I strive for each and every day.  Do you think anyone dreams about fucking Nikki Hilton?  Yuck, just gag me!

I like to primp and make myself look like a divine, fun loving little fuck slut.  My look, mixed with a bit of a devil may care attitude, grabs the attention of everyone around me no matter where I go.  I don’t care what anyone thinks about me, I want every person I come across to know that I’m ready for whatever kind of kinky fun and sweaty fuck action they can dream up.

It usually starts with a flirty flick of my hair and a grope or two on the dance floor, but it always ends with me getting my sweet pussy pleased.  There’s always someone who appreciates my level of sexy.  Guys, girls, they all love my alluringly slutty aesthetic!


Mature BDSM phone sex

BDSM phone sex
Master expected me to put on a show tonight for his guest. This BDSM phone sex milf wanted to wear as less as possible as i was to be put on display and passed around as much as I could. First it world be a sexy strip tease on the tables set up. Sky high striper heals and my pussy and tits are just about nude. I shook my ass and crawled across the tables to master after master collecting poker chips in my pussy and ass. These would be cashed in later for cash. I would have to take them out and clean them with my mouth. So, with each cock that wanted to fuck my Mature subby whore ass or pussy, I would make a big show out of removing my tips (poker chips) and cleaning them. Ass, pussy, all the same. Each fuck gave me more tips at this prostitution, slavery gang bang for mommy! Wouldn’t you love to use a Gangbang loving milf and cum in every one of her holes just like master and his friends? Make sure to incorporate some bare bottoms spankings too!

Teen phone sex with a subby slut


teen phone sex

Oh, you’re hurting me. You’re fucking my brains out, and you don’t care that I’m bleeding out here. You are a monster. You take control of my body and my mind and tell me no one gives a fuck about me. You continue your narrative, and I love it so much that’s how fucked up I am. I know that you want me to be your slut forever, your slave, the one that has to bark when you say I have to the one that has to bend over backward for you. I’m going, to be honest. I don’t have a problem with that. I love to be your slut; I love to feel worthless and pain all through my body. It feels so lovely to be here, a little punching bag only for you and your friends and whoever you want. I’m the teen phone sex victim you need.

make me a dead submissive slut

submissive slut

I’m sure you have had your eyes on me and keep dreaming about how a submissive slut like me will do about anything to make you happy. I indeed want to be your punching bag. Make me beg you to let you do whatever you want to me. Take me to the middle of the deserted woods and beat me so hard that I have blood-curdling screams echoing. It an often fantasy in my mind that I want to be beaten to death an fucked till my body goes cold. I’m going to be black and blue and bruised, and that’s all okay with me. I’m ready to be your whore for life. If you want to end, go ahead and do it. I won’t stop you from doing so.

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