A Whore’s Punishment

Erotic Submissive Stories

I’ve been a very bad girl! Master caught me playing with my cunt without his permission, so he locked me in the torture room. I couldn’t help myself, though; the only thing he allows me to watch is porn. A scene came on where a slut was getting brutally gangbanged and I couldn’t help but finger my wet pussy. Now, I’m getting punished for my misbehaving actions. He chained my arms above my head and chained my thighs up to where I was vulnerably hanging from the wall. He placed a ball gag in my mouth and clamps on my nipples and left me there for a moment. I knew he’d be coming in soon to give me further punishment.
He returned with a fuck machine and rolled it right up to me. I moaned as he placed it inside of me. He kissed my cheek as he pulled on my nipple clamps a little bit, making my moan louder. He walked over and sat on the chair in front of me while saying that the only time I can cum is when he allows me to. He sat down and turned the machine on. I moaned as this huge dildo stroke my tight pussy. He told me not to move and any time that I did, he turned up the speed. I moaned and pleaded, but the ball gag silenced me and my movements just made him drill me harder with no mercy. By the end, I was trembling and my eyes were stuck in the back of my head. I had squirted and came all over this thing! He came over and removed the nipple clamps and patted me on my head like a good little bitch. Then, he just left me there to hang, pussy sore and dripping. He definitely taught me a lesson!

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