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BDSM phone sex always gets me hot and sweaty

BDSM phone sex“Get down on your knees.” I heard my BDSM phone sex master say, and I didn’t resist. I never resist a good master giving his orders, especially if I think there’ll be some fun play to enjoy once I’ve met his demands. His hands on my ass felt nice, working in a grinding circle and playing to my bouncy tush. His cock slapping against it next set the tone, and I knew what I was in for was going to be hot and stuffy. Stuffy as in, stuffing that dick in my pussy and working me out. I love a good work out when the muscles getting their burn are the same ones that make my pussy grip. A man sounds amazing when you have a great grip on him, that struggle when he realizes he has to abuse you just to thrust in and out properly. I love being abused a little, feeling a sting here or a sharp jab there. If a man’s being too easy to move, he doesn’t deserve to. My masters know to fuck me up and keep going, cumming deep and overflowing out my folds from just how many times they’ve used me since they told me to get in position. 


Hypnotism play is BDSM chat with a curtain!

BDSM chat“Look into the pendulum, watch it go back and forth.” I did, ready for BDSM chat play and holding back a roll of my eyes while this guy seriously tried to hypnotize me. To be fair, this was a hypno therapy session I signed up for expecting it to get super sexual, but I didn’t really expect him to try. I figured we’d sit here for ten minutes, I’d fall asleep on this ridiculously comfy couch, and then I’d wake up with him taking advantage of me like the way things should be. Then I’d leave because he’s a hack. He’s definitely still a hack, but, he’s trying, and oddly enough I could feel my eyes growing heavy and my legs rubbing together in excitement. “Now when I clap my hands you’ll obey.” I nodded idly, waiting until that great slap.

I think it worked, because the next thing I knew his hands were clapping against my bare ass and giving me bare bottom spankings with some force. The idiot broke me out of his spell with a spank, just in time for me to feel his cock pierce my cunt and evoke a loud moan from me. I had to hold in spittle in surprise, and resist rocking my hips back lest he realize I was already free. I rested my face in my tits atop my arms, my ass up high for him to play. “Thrust your ass back onto my dick!” I heard him command, and I fucked back just as he said. I didn’t have an option, my ass moved on its own. I was still hit by his effect despite my consciousness, it was like watching a porn I starred in but wasn’t there for. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” I could hear myself saying despite how stupid I sounded. He made me do it didn’t he, he must have told me what to do!  He was making me fuck his cum into me one buck at a time, and I had no say in the matter. I was his super sexy BDSM phone sex whore!

My Master Likes To Sign Me Up For Gangbangs

Gangbang phone sexMy Master loves Gangbang phone sex and loves it when I get gangbanged. He is always inviting guys over for a gangbang and guess who gets ran through until cum starts leaking out of her pussy, asshole and mouth. Yeah, who else, me! My Master says he loves the look on my face when I am taking a cock in my asshole, pussy and mouth at the same time. He loves to watch these guys cum on my face and titties and smack me across the face if I start to pass out. He loves to watch me scream while I am orgasming from getting fucked by ten guys in a row, He loves to watch me cry when they tear my asshole apart. He loves getting me all dressed and made up just to watch these guys rip my clothes off and smear my makeup by wiping their cocks and cumming all over my face and  titties. I’m a good little submissive whore so I do it to make my Master happy. And I love getting fucked by all those cocks too. 

I’m such a lucky little slut.

BDSM Phone Sex Whore Will Submit To Your Every Whim

BDSM phone sex

I am Donatella, BDSM phone sex whore extraordinaire. Your wish is my command. I will kneel, rollover, play dead, anything you want. I will beg for your attention. Do with me what you will. Make me crawl on my hands and knees to kiss your foot.Make me call you Master, punish me severely with your cock for my transgressions. Tie me up and gag me with your cock rammed down my throat! Make me beg for satisfaction from your cock. Rape me, beat me. Do anything you want to me! I will comply. Take me to your BDSM parties and show me off as the slave they all wish they could have and long for. I am the perfect Bondage whore.

What I want is what you want, Master, what I do is what you tell me to do. My will is not my own. All I want is your cock in me deep as a reward for being obedient and a good little Bondage whore. 

I belong to you and the ultimate fulfillment is when you take your stiff cock and shove it down my throat, or deep in my pussy or all the way up my ass. You are my everything. Make me feel it. Cause when you give it to me, you’re the man, when you take it away? You’re god. Let me serve and please you Master.

Love Donatella.

Submissive Slut Willing to Make All Your Submissive Whore Phone Sex Fantasies A Reality!

Submissive slut

A submissive slut like me will do anything to fulfill your most secret, taboo desires. I am down for whatever and I love pleasing and satisfying my men by knowing when to keep my mouth slut, I mean shut and to do as I am told. I love being docile servile and submissive and expect to be rewarded with some nice , hard cock. Wanna humiliate me? Please do. Wanna spank me? Oh yes, if you think I have been  bad or deceitful, please, punish me. Make me crawl around on all fours and eat off the floor. Spank my ass cheeks ’til they burn and welts raise on ’em. Make me swallow your cock whole and choke on your jizz! Make me fuck all your friends and watch them degrade and berate me. That’s gonna make me go nuts (no pun intended) on all your hot stiff cocks! I am a good submissive slut. Let me prove it to you Daddy, let me show you how good and wet I am to be your submissive slut. Let me serve you. I wont let you down Daddy.

Cum Slut Phone Sex Goddess

Cun Slut Phone Sex


Ok, I’m a cum slut. I love to feel hot sticky cum shooting into my pussy, asshole and mouth. It’s the best feeling in the world!
Getting a man to cum hard is the summit of all my aspirations. If cum spills on the floor, I’m that cum slut that will get down on her hands and knees and lap it up like a cat laps up milk from a bowl. I want to fuck and suck cock so hard that it shoots cum all over my face and in my hair. I want to be drenched in hot sticky cum. I give myself facials with cum, better than any skincare product out there!I am willing to do anything to get a man to cum, suck cock. Lick asshole. Get a hot stiff cock in my sweet wet pussy and in my tight warm asshole.
I will suck your cock so good you will not be able to help jetting loads of hot sticky cum down my greedy gaping throat. Can you handle me?
Am I the cum slut you have been searching for? You can dominate me. Tie me up. Spank my ass until I get welts all over.
Oh yeah.
Grab my hair and jerk my head back while you tear my pussy and asshole up! That will make me cum so hard !I’m a nasty freak and I want it all!
There’s no holds barred when it comes to me and fucking.Smack my face, smack me in the face with your stiff pulsing cock. Enslave me , berate me, call me a dirty nigger whore! It’ll just make me go crazy on your cock and balls! Put me in chains and lock me in a basement, when you release me, I’m going to give you a release you have never ever felt in your sad little life! I’m top gun, Daddy, and I perform to expectations. Once you try me you will never get enough of me. My name is Donatella, come see about me. You won’t regret it, but then, maybe you will. Toodles!

Consent Non Consent

Submissive sex

“Please daddy no more “I begged as he rammed his massive black cock inside of me. I’m so small that the overbearing weight of a grown man holding down my tiny body makes it impossible to escape. I had no choice but to lay there and open my legs more to allow him to assault my virgin asshole. My pussy started tingling from the submissive sex anal busting that I was receiving. I wanted his sludge-covered cock in my filthy nigger pussy. I try not to moan but feeling his stomach massage my clip as he rammed into my ass hole felt so good! I started thrusting my hips at my abuser until my pussy almost exploded all over his stomach. I love didn’t want him to fill me with jizz but my rectum getting painted white sent me over the edge! I felt my juices trickling down my thigh as his massive cock flopped out of my blown out asshole.

Erotic Submissive Stories: Company Whore

erotic submissive stories
I literally suck at administrative duties. Being a stupid black bitch makes it very hard for me to be successful in corporate America. I just got fired from my last job but luckily Mr. S had another position for me in mind for me. My boss eyeballed my long black legs all the way up to my pink and black snatch as he let me know that I forgot to submit yet another contract. I was so pissed off because I thought that writing it on my calendar would help but it didn’t. Mr. S was not amused. After firing me from my administrative position he grabbed by the back of the head and tossed me to the ground. He stood over me and was so close that my glossed lips could feel his thumping white cock pulsing in front of it. Being a submissive slut I knew to not overstep my boundaries and only suck when given the command. He looked down at me with a grin as if he was noticing how well-trained I was. “Suck” he said like the Domme in one of those erotic submissive stories. That command prompted my ape brain to immediately latch onto his swollen meat. I sucked and slobbered all over his cock until he coated me white with cum. I wanted to hate being the new company whore but feeling his big dick ramming inside of me while my face was dripping cum made me cream all over my boss’s cock.

I think I’m going to enjoy this new position.

attention stealing new nigger

pissing phone sex
That ugly ape whore  needs better training. A long night of whipping will educate her on how to stay in her place! Master brought home a new slave for us to train and she seems to think that she is too good to belong to anyone. Master constantly has to tie her up in light bondage and flog her disobedient  pussy until she pisses herself. She is so hardheaded that her begging doesn’t work on her master. She has to take his abuse until he feels like she’s had enough! I’m starting to think that she is a bratty submissive that enjoys the attention her master gives his misbehaved coons. If that were me, the master would’ve had my black ass locked up in a  cage for at least a week! I try to not show how jealous I am of his new favorite. I secretly enjoy it when he has her bound with her legs and arms stretched apart. Every wince and cry she lets out as master’s whip tassels torture her cunt lips and clit make me so happy! I try to hide how hard I cum from watching him discipline her. When the master goes a little harder than expected and I have to remove her limp unconscious body from the reigns, he lets me assault her cunt until she comes back to life. I spray that bitch all over her face and wipe my cunt splatter all over master’s new cum rag. That’s the only time I get payback for being an attention-stealing black bitch! 

Scat Chronicles I

slave training

I’ve been gone for a while serving master John with a fellow nigger slave. She’s technically my offspring but he calls her Charmin because her main job is to clean his filthy shit spackled ass. When he is done shooting a loaf in her pie hole she can wash it down with his yellow frothy piss. The other night Charmin had a yummy soft serve treat from Masters ass that ended in a beating because she threw up like a sick puppy.

I’m completely used to master John randomly launching a right hook into my eyes or kicking and stomping me on the ground. He’s weird like that. Charmin still begs and cries like a pathetic porch monkey which just pumps Master to go even further. I try to comfort her when it is her turn to get 75 strokes of the cane but when given the option of saving myself and torturing Charmin; I will always choose to be my master’s accomplice. I torture her cunt with needles and clamp her back nipples alongside my superior. when the master decides that she has suffered enough he will pacify her with his thick white cock. That always makes our banana log-eating ape feel better.

Of course, I’m down there with her licking what’s left over between Master John’s hairy cheeks. I love sharing and swallowing Charmin’s muddy spit as it trickles down John’s nuts and taint. When Master releases all over his two pet coons he locks us in our cage until he is ready to use us again.
I’ll be gone for a while again because I’ll be in my cage until Master John gets back from his date. Charmin and I will lick each other’s cunts and wounds waiting for Master’s return.