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Cheap phone sexTell me how hard your cocks get when you take full control of my hot body. Not to mention you take control of every hole on my body. Where ever you want to stick your swollen cock is okay with me. My mind, soul and body I submit to you. You are my master. My place is to please my master in every way possible. What I enjoy the most is when you tie me up. You tie my hands and feet together. You lay me on my stomach as if I am a stuffed pig ready to be grilled. My ass is exposed in the air. You spread my ass cheeks apart and slide your stiff muscle of a cock into that tight black asshole. My cunt instantly starts to drip. You fuck me so hard and rough and I am unable to utter a word. You have my mouth taped. Have your way with me master. Use my worthless whore body for whatever you desire.

How to obey my master

Submissive slutHow I obey my master is pretty simple.  I have submitted my whole being and existence to him. He has control over my mind, my soul and more importantly my body. What ever I am told to do I must do. For example, master likes to watch me have cuckold sex. Master instructed me to jack off his boss and his brother while he watched with glee and a plastered smile on his face. Master stood there with his stiff cock in his hands stroking it back and forth as he watched me work hard to make these two men cum. They stood there over me with their cocks as stiff as a board,, and I went from left to right working my mouth up and down. I wanted that cum bad and I wanted them to cum all over my face. I wanted master to see just how good of a Submissive slut I am. How much I obey and how I work so hard to be the best cum guzzling whore for him. I wanted to leave an impression on his boss and brother so that they would not stop talking about me. I want to make master look good. I succeeded in every way. His boss gave him a raise and his brother hasn’t stopped talking about how good I swallowed their cocks. They both wished they had a good slave whore like myself. I am put on this earth to please my master and that is exactly what I do. Master wants me to suck more cocks and fuck more men in front of him. I know you want to fuck me. How about we give master a good show?


What ever master wants he gets

UncatergorizedWhat ever master wants he gets! Sometimes my master demands I suck his cock 10 times a day. Like a good subby cock sucking nigger whore I do what I am told. What submissive whore doesn’t like to please their master? Name me one! The only chance of me disobeying my master if I want to get beaten. Sometimes I disobey on purpose just so I can get hit and slapped around harder than usual. It gets my cunt so moist to be bruised by my master. Every week master has a different sex act I am to do on him for hours at a time. This week was sucking his cock everyday for 10 times a day. Next week he will be fucking me in my tight little asshole everyday for multiple times out of the day. I will never complain about my master wishes. Never!

I am my master’s pet

Slave trainingMy master wants to teach me some new tricks. I love it when my master wants to teach me anything new. I love to please him in anyway possible. Showing my master I can learn how to please him makes my pussy wet. Anything to put a smile on my master’s face not only warms my heart. but also warms my pussy. My master likes to call me Kitty because he says I am his sex slave and also his own personal fuck pet. He makes me crawl around the house with a leash around my neck. I am to wear no panties. My fat juicy cunt hole exposed as I crawl around the house on all fours. He like me to purr and lick my hands and titty as if I am a real live kitten cleaning myself. One of master’s favorite things that I do is  purr while I am sucking his fat white cock at the same time. The sound of my pur makes my throat vibrate and feels so damn good to his dick. When master is about to cum he pulls out and cums all over my titty and down my body. Then I am  to lick is off just like a kitten would do while cleaning herself up. Master wants to teach me how to lick cum off my whole body just like a kitten. That is his new trick for me to learn. If there is anything my master wants to teach this slave whore I am willing to learn and get beaten if I do not learn quickly.

Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore

I love to call him master just as much as he loves calling me his nigger slave whore. Everytime he calls me his nigger slave whore my cunt gets so fucking moist and wet. Being called a nigger slave while getting fucked by my master’s hard white cock makes me feel like the perfect submissive whore. Everytime he whispers in my ear and his dick is pounding my guts he calls me a nigger slave over and over again. I cum all over my master’s cock multiple times. Once he bust his load into my warm fuckhole he lays me across the bed and spreads my legs wide apart and then licks his cum out of my nigger pussy. I just love fucking my master. He know how to make this nigger cum over and over again.

Guzzling Cum Slut

Cum slut phone sexDon’t you love the way it looks to see your cum dripping down my big full lips and down my chin onto my puffy brown nipples? The warmth of my master’s cum spraying all over my fucking face makes me beg you for more. You tell me to shut up bitch and to stick your hard cock down my fucking throat and demand me to suck it. You tell me if I want more of your cum I have to work my warm wet throat for it. Massage your cock with my tonsils you say. Like a good nigger slave whore I do what I am told. After all I am here to please my master. All I want is to feel that sticky milky liquid onto my face and I will do what ever it takes to get that cock hard and shooting that load all over my face and tits.

Tie me up Master

Bondage whore

My master loves to watch me suck a BBC.As a matter of fact he likes it so much that I have to suck those massive cocks everyday of the week. Not just any cock either. He prefers the cock to be black and will not have it any other way. Like a good cum eating slave I abide by my master’s rules. Anything to make him happy. My master has a ton of rules while I devour those big 12 inch dicks in my mouth. He wants me tied up and hands behind my back. So no matter how much pressure they cause by forcing their dicks in and out of my mouth I must take it no matter if I am choking or not. My master tells me I am a bondage whore and that’s all I am good for. I am only good for sucking cock tied up.

Cock worshiping

Cock worshiping I am such a Cock worshiping whore and my whole family knows it. I remember the first time I found out I was a submissive whore who loved to worship cocks. My dad’s friend came over for a family bbq. I was young but, very horny. He knew it too. We finally snuck away into the back of the garage and he pulled out his hard cock and demanded I take all my clothes off. He tied my hands to my back and face fucked me until he squirted his salty cream all over my face. He called me bitches and whores and slapped my face with tha big white cock of his and I loved it. Ever since that day I worship cock. I will fuck it, suck it and even ride it. Whatever I have to do to make that cock cum I will do it.Let me worship your cock and make it cum!

Fuck me Master

Submissive slut

Come and fuck me master. I want to feel your hard white cock inside this tight little brown fuck hole. I will do anything for my master. I use to have a master that liked to watch 50 guys fuck my tight cunny in one day. He enjoyed seeing my cunt hole stretched out by all the different dicks. Any size, any color and any shape was okay with him. He also enjoyed watching his submissive slut squirt her warm pussy juice on every cock. He demanded that I squirt on each one of those cocks. He demanded that they fuck me until I squirt. I squirted 50 times in one day. I was totally exhausted! Master didn’t give two shits. He finished my night off with fucking my face and busting a nice load inside of my mouth. He tied me to the bed and I passed out. All I remember was a sly smirk on his face before closing my eyes. I could finally rest knowing I had pleased my master and been a good nigger Submissive whore for him.

Your own personal fuck slave

Bondage and submissionI knew I had to put my cunt to use right away. As tight and as wet as my cunt gets I just could not let it go to waste. Especially, since I was about to get fired by my boss. I begged him not to fire me and he agreed not to and only under one condition. I had to be his own personal fuck slave. He tied me up right there in his office and made me choke on his swollen hard black cock. He practically shoved it down my throat rather I could breathe or not. From that day forward I became his and had to do what he said when he said. If he were to pee in my mouth I had to swallow it. I actually love submitting to my boss. It is something about giving my life to another that makes my pussy so wet. I even enjoy getting raped. Although my mind is saying no. My fat ass cunt is screaming yes. Every day before work my boss has to tied me up and face fuck me. I am to swallow his cum for breakfast. I know you have more breakfast for me. I need some of your hot sticky cream inside of my coffee. Please give it to me master. Read the rest of this entry »