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I Share All My Erotic Submissive Stories with Men Like You

erotic submissive storiesI am full of erotic submissive stories. And some not so erotic. Well not erotic to me, LOL. My first master I guess you could say was my father. He introduced me to the submissive lifestyle. However, back then I was not a willing submissive. Now, I am. I guess you could consider me part nature and part nurture.

My mother abandoned us when I was a very young girl. And I do not know if she knew what my dad would do to me and did not care. Or if she thought he would only abuse adult women. He never touched me until she left. At least I have no memories of him abusing me until my mother left the picture.

I Have Years of Submissive Stories to Share With You

But soon I became his submissive sex slave. Although I did not fight him, I did not like it. I wanted to play with friends and watch cartoons. And I wanted to go to school. But he quickly pulled me from school because he feared a nosey teacher would notice my bruises and rope burns. Or he thought I might say something about him forcing his cock in my tiny holes. But I would never have said anything because I had no family. I would have ended up in foster care and who knows what would have happened to me then.

When I became a teenager, he put me on the pill. He did not want me pregnant. And he pimped me out to his drunk poker buddies. I assume they were all P men and they traded favors for access to my tiny young holes. And if my dad owed them money from poker, well my little holes settled the debt.

Eventually, I ran away. But before I learned to drive, men used me worse than any adult submissive whore. Although I never wanted to be some one’s bitch, here I am owned again. I’ve got decades of submissive stories to share. And I create new ones daily. Life is never dull for me.submissive sex

Submissive Slut Jacqueline Back To Basics Aims To Please

submissive slutAs a submissive slut, I live to please my partner in every way possible. My body is theirs for the taking – any hole they want, any time they want it. I’m always ready and willing to be used for their pleasure. I love being told what to do and how to act; it turns me on knowing that someone else has control over my actions.

When we fuck, I’ll take whatever position they desiredoggy style, missionary, even standing up against a wall if that’s what gets them off. And when we use those bondage tools like ball gags or nipple clamps? Oh man…the more restricted and helpless I feel, the hotter it gets! So yeah – basically your submissive slut here will do anything you say as long as there’s plenty of dirty talk involved too 😉

Getting fucked and dominated is like an out-of-body experience for me. I love the feeling of being taken completely by surprise, with my partner grabbing me roughly and throwing me onto the bed before tearing off my clothes. They pinch my nipples hard while their rough hands explore every inch of my body, leaving goosebumps in their wake.

Then they push inside – either with fingers or a cock – filling up every hole until I’m begging for more. As they pound away at me from behind (or above or below), all I can think about is how much I belong to them now; how there’s no going back once we cross this line together. The pain mixed with pleasure makes each thrust feel even better than the last as we both get closer to our climaxes…and then finally release into one another’s sticky messes! It truly feels like heaven on earth when someone takes complete control over your body like that…

Submissive Whore Priscilla Forced to Blow all her Husband’s Friends


submissive whoreBeing a submissive whore means that no matter what I want, I have to do exactly what I’m told. Whether I like it or not. My husband can be a sadistic asshole sometimes and force me to do things that I don’t really want to do, but I have to him. Because I’m a good for nothing little whore. My sole purpose is to pleasure him whenever he wants me to. This time it wasn’t just him that I had to submit to, or pleasure.

Pleasuring Multiple Cocks at Once

It was all of his friends. He threw a party with the “Boys”, with me being the only woman there. I waited on every one hand and foot. I was forced to walk around topless and, in a thong, that’s it. Everyone there was allowed to spank me, smack me, kiss me, anything they wanted to do with me was up to them. 

 This was all a part of my slave training. Here to be used as they all please. As I was making sure all these men were happy, drinks filled, and food brought out to them. I thought I was just going to be used as a waitress today, but my husband had more plans for me than just all of that.

Towards the end of the night, I was getting tired, everyone was constantly asking me to get them something, some were spanking me constantly. My husband even bent me over and fucked me for a few minutes just to show everyone that I’ll do anything I’m told whenever I’m told to do it.

He Wasn’t Going to Let Me Off That Easy

Right as I think the nights about to end, my husband calls me into the living room. He tells everyone that I’m a good little cock worshiping whore. That I love sucking cock. Of course I start to realize what’s about to happen. Everyone starts to unzip their pants. There were about 8 of them, I think.

One by one I was forced to suck them from their soft little cocks and make them grow into nice hard ones. I did as I was told, I was tossed around sucking every single one of them including my husband.

But to my surprise, I was told to stop right before they were about to cum. That’s weird I thought, usually I’m forced to swallow it all. Yet again, my husband has something else in store for me and I had no idea at the time. As I’m finishing the last guy, my husband tells them all to form a circle around me. Here was my surprise he said.

They all stood around me jerking off to keep their cocks hard. Then again, one by one I sucked as fast as I could. I felt some cum early and they blew their loads all over my face, my tits, my hair, everywhere. I was getting used a little cum slut. Covered in everyone’s cum. I know that I’m a worthless little submissive slut.

Submissive slut pressured to fuck Big black cocks by Master

Submissive slutI am an owned Submissive slut who is peer pressured daily by my Master into having sex with other men. He loves seeing my Young bald pussy stretched by Big black dicks… His addiction to Cuckolding porn is what brought us to this point. I am left with no other choice but to be forcefully fed multiple big black cocks…

Master doesn’t care to fuck my Shaved wet pussy he prefers to see it get used. His cock and control is what I yearn for and I am nearly never able to get it. He always makes empty promises, promising that if I do as I am told he will fuck and breed me. In reality, I am left to be nothing more than a low-down Cock worshiping slut that fulfills his fantasies.

I am just a whore in physical form to Master, rather than one in a porn video! 

To him, I am to be used as a Cum dumpster and to spoon-feed myself the loads fresh out of my cunt after a Hardcore ass fucking involving not one but no less than three cocks. Tonight I am to put on my thigh-high leather mules Mirco mini skirt and ripped cropped top that reveals my hard nipples.

My panties are to be crotchless and I am going to go out tonight and find men to bring back to our place so that he can record and masturbate while I get fucked. I have accepted my position as nothing more than his Submissive whore that serves him by getting fucked by other men. 

Submissive Whore Jacquelie Submits to Her Master On All Fours

Submissive whoreI love being such a submissive whore, it gives me the best sexAs I waited for my husband to return home, my heart raced with anticipation. The moment he walked through the door, I knew exactly what was on his mind – our secret passion for BDSM. He locked the door behind him and began to undress slowly, revealing his rock-hard cock that stood at full attention. It twitched as he approached me, a look of dominance in his eyes.

“Tonight,” he whispered huskily into my ear, “I want you to be my slutty little fucktoy.” His rough hands gripped my hips and pulled me closer towards him. My pussy was already wet with excitement at the thought of submitting completely to his desires.

He pushed me down onto all fours on the kitchen countertop and spread my legs wide open before him. With one swift movement, he plunged two fingers deep inside of me while teasingly rubbing against my clit with another finger from below. I moaned loudly as pleasure coursed through every nerve ending in my body; it felt so dirty yet so good being taken like this over a kitchen countertop while dinner burns away unattended in the oven!

As if reading my thoughts (or perhaps just taking control), he reached around and pinched both nipples hard enough to make me cry out again – but not too hard because we both enjoyed this pain mixed with pleasure thing going on here! Then came something unexpected: He grabbed a handful of ass cheek and squeezed hard enough for it hurt…but also made me crave more punishment from him.

I whimpered in delight as he spanked my ass, leaving red handprints that stung but also turned me on even more. He pulled out his fingers from my pussy and replaced them with something else – a long, thick dildo covered in lubricant. With one swift thrust, it filled me up completely; I gasped at the unexpected intrusion but soon found myself moaning again as he began to fuck me hard from behind while still teasing my clit relentlessly with his other hand.

Bondage whore here to serve you Master, give me your all!

Bondage whoreBondage whore here to serve you Master, give me your all! I live for the thrill of being bound and tortured, my body at the mercy of my Master’s desires. I’m here to serve you, to give you my all, to make your wildest bondage fantasies come true.

When I’m not serving as a human plaything for my Master, I’m thinking about it. I dream about the feeling of tight ropes digging into my skin, the burn of hot wax on my flesh, the sound of a riding crop slapping against my bare ass. I crave the pain, the submission, the utter degradation of being used for extreme bondage.

 Give me the Extreme bondage I deserve. Make me suffer as humanly possible! I want to feel the rush of adrenaline as you bind me, the sting of your whip as it leaves welts on my skin. I want to suffer for your pleasure, to cater to your every desire.

When I’m bound and helpless, I’m putting myself entirely in your hands. And there’s something incredibly hot about that. You will make me squeal as you pull the rope tighter around my neck as you are pounding my ass. I know how you love to use the vibartor on my clit till I cry out in pain.

I’m here, ready and willing to submit to your every desire. Whether it’s in person or over the phone, I want to make you feel like a powerful Master. I want to suffer for you, to be your plaything, to be your lowly bondage whore. So go ahead, give me your all. Bind me, torture me, use me for Extreme fetish phone sex! I’m here, waiting for your command.


Bare Bottom Spankings When Your Slut Forgets Her Place

bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings are the perfect way to punish your little fuck pig. Dirty whores need discipline from a strict, dominating master. I earned my ass whooping today. My responsibility is to take care of your cock. And when you message me, I should be on my knees responding to you immediately. But it looks like I forgot my priorities. My punishment is one hard swing for every minute it took me to respond back. It took me 29 minutes to reply. So I will take the rod to this submissive ass 29 times.

Bare Bottom Spankings for Submissive Whore Naomi

I’m on my hands and knees completely naked. That’s how you prefer your submissive whore anyway. You squeeze my soft ass and ask me why I’m being punished. I pathetically admit my faults. I’m an ungrateful little slut who wasted Daddy’s time. I need to be reminded that this ass belongs to you every minute of the day. You drag the rod up and down my ass. Teasing me before you finally crack it on my ass. The first hit stings but every hit feels worse. I count every hard whack on my ass out loud. You love hearing the pain in my voice.

The 25th smack on my ass and I think my legs are going to give out. I beg for you to forgive me instead. Your cock is hard as fuck. You pull it out and slap it on my wet cunt. Then you ask me why I think I get to dictate the punishment. I try to apologize, but you slam your cock into my cunt hard. You drop the rod and use your bare hand to spank my ass. The bare bottom spankings with the rod left my ass raw and stinging, but your hand smacking my ass sets it on fire. You start pounding my pussy and tell me to start counting again from zero.

Submissive Whore who knows to obey and abide by your rules

Submissive Whore I am the College cutie you get to use as your personal Cum dumpster. A well-known Sexy teenage Submissive Whore that lives to submit to dominant men! I used to be a nerd that was until my virginity was forcefully taken and I just became a used whore. Now, I live my day-to-day being punished by absolute strangers, which I enjoy. My first time serving as a Bondage slut, I was forced into a glory hole and watched by my so-called lover at the time.

In all reality I was nothing but worn-out fuck meat, that he used to render his Dark fetish for watching women get destroyed. I was roughly fucked and then forced to my knees to have all of my holes plugged. A Creampie slut is what he made of me!

Make me your Submissive sex pot…

Bare bottom spankings, fisting, and rough penetration are what my daily succumbs to. It makes me scream and cream! Even after hours of continuous pounding I can’t help but want for more. I am bound for a balls-deep fuck, that leaves me dreading my entire existence. My nymphomania is what led me here! Facefuck me hard, give me a facial and a nice thick-throat pie…

For you Sir, I am willing to do any and everything… I am a filthy slave slut in constant need of a penis that’ll leave me oozing from my Young bald pussy after being fucked incredibly hard. No mercy shall ever be given, I am to obey and abide by your rules during Slave training.

Transform me into your Creampie, rough fuck loving, rimming slut.

Slave training on some big black king cock!

Slave trainingCurrently I am involved in some BBC Slave training; my master gave me direct orders and instructions on my sessions. Basically, I am no longer allowed to fuck any customers or playmates that aren’t black. He makes sure to set me up with at least 3 men a day and each cock has to be bigger than the next. Eventually he wants me to be completely trained with a 13-14 inch black cock. Until I can take a pounding by a prick that big I am not allowed to have any orgasms. Not only does he want my wet cunt to be trained with BBC but he also wants my ass hole gaped opened with big thick brown meat too. 

Most big black daddies love a whore who is into Cock worshiping. That is super easy for me because I love worshiping and drooling over cocks. I am obsessed with getting fucked and completely emotionally and physically trained to need sex and cum. I am craving a thick creamy load all the time and I am even more horny because I haven’t had an orgasm in weeks. It has made me even more needy and horny for a pounding. My pussy is always throbbing and ready to get stuffed full of prick and black seed. 

Are you a BBC king baby? I sure hope so. Give me a ring so I can worship you and beg you for your cock and big creamy load. I hope you are ready to spray that seed in my cunt or tight little ass pipe!

Submissive Whore drenched in piss

Have you ever been a drench in piss Submissive Whore? I have and I am every weekend, sometimes throughout the week. That is because my master likes to finish his week by pissing all over. First, he pulls me out of my cage. “Get into position, worthless whore” my master instructs me to do. I love pleasing my master. Therefore, I kneel down with my face up. Then my master pulls his cock out and starts to piss all over my face and body. I love everything my master has for me. So, I even open my mouth and drink some. One reason being I was thirsty and dehydrated.

Since my master had been gone for over a day. Another reason is because my master is so special, and I would have to waste any of his juices. “I have more for you later” my master says as he undresses and sits down. “Time for some nasty ball draining Prostate milking bitch” my master says. I know what that means. He lifts his balls and I right away dive with my tongue. I start eating his ass like I’m starving. It’s true I haven’t eaten in a few days.

Submissive Whore

After my tongue flicks fast over and over his ass, he moans out “suck my dick too”. Then I go back and forth from sucking his cock to eating his ass. Even make sure to play with his balls. Anything to please my master. After a bit he wraps his legs around my neck and pushes my tongue deeper in his asshole. “That’s it bitch show me you are worth keeping as a pet” he moans out. Then he grabs my hair and sprays my face and mouth with thick jizz. I make sure to eat most of it up and try to fill my belly. “Good job slut, you have earned some dinner” you say as he puts me in my cage and throws a fast-food bag in there too.