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I Love Eating Cum

Cum eating phone sex


Every submissive worth her salt is a pro at cum eating phone sex.  I’ll take it however you want to give it: in a cup, on a saucer, I even love it as an ice cream topping!  I prefer to get it right from the source, though, so when I get asked to sit in on a blowbang orgy and sub the fuck out, I happily agree.

The only thing that can beat a chunky, creamy mouthful of hot cock juice is multiple mouthfuls of that pearly, pussy plastering nut sauce.  I can even fit a couple of cum slingers in my gob at once to make sure I don’t have to settle for swallowing single loads.  So what if I have to keep my mouth open really wide for so long that my jaw cramps up and my lips start to sting?  After a little bit, I don’t even notice that the corners of my mouth feel like they’re about to rip apart.  When I get that double blast of bone juice I’ll be on cock cloud nine!

I can chug down a pint or so of sperm filled semen in a single blowbang session, no problem.  When you get that yummy fuck yogurt straight from the tap you can swill down a hell of a lot more than you can when you’re gulping down cups of cold, gelatinous jizz.  Maybe it’s having a cock shoved in your mouth to push it all down that really helps!


Submissive Sex with Anything: Human, and Inanimate Objects for my Holes

submissive sex

Sometimes men enjoy me having submissive sex with inanimate objects. I have this caller who enjoys making me fuck things in front of the window. He likes submissive exhibitionist sluts. I just like to do what I am told. It is in my nature to do what men tell me. With this guy I have gone outside naked and masturbated in front of neighbors. I have peed in my backyard too while neighbors were outside. He likes to humiliate me. He has made me do nude jumping jacks in front of windows until I was about to pass out too. He is a sadist. I am his willing victim. I am anyone’s willing victim I guess because I am a submissive whore. Last night, he wanted me to fuck my cunt with a high heel. I have a lot of shoes, and unfortunately for my pussy, I have a lot of spiked heels. They are not meant for the pussy. The one shoe he wanted me to use had a 6-inch spiked heel. Now of course I have had bigger and thicker things in my pussy, but this heel was dirty and sharp, and he had me fucking my cunt and my ass with it. I was worried I might impale something. He made me snap some pictures, so he knew I really had the shoe. He keeps me on my toes. I cut the inside of my cunt somehow because I started bleeding. Not bad. My pussy and ass have bled harder from rough sex before. But my cunt was stinging, and he was just laughing. Laughing at my pain. I told you he was a sadist. I am just a nasty subby bitch, so I guess we are a good match. I love his calls, but I dread them too. Sometimes, submissive phone sex is just as rough on me as real time with a master.

Submissive Slut And Cock Worshiping

Cock worshiping

Taking my place between his legs, my breast grazing his thighs while I wrapped my head around his thick base, my lips pressing against his swollen head. It’s a privilege to have such free range of a cock so big. Submissive sluts like me rarely have to opportunity to really worship the beauty of such amazing cocks. Cock worshiping is my favorite task if it’s allowed to me. Letting my hands caress and massage the balls while my mouth and tongue survey his mighty shaft. Using his reactions to gauge what pleases him and what does not. Sucking his cock intensely slurping, slobbering all over it cause I know just how much he likes it wet, and messy. Knowing it pleases him to choke on his cock without being forced to. Listening to him praise me for being a good cocksucking slut. Working to earn the deposit of cum for me to swallow as a reward for being a good cock worshiping whore.

Erotic Submissive Stories Go Back Decades to Share

erotic submissive storiesI am full of erotic submissive stories. Would you like to hear some? Some go way back to when I was a little girl, and I was daddy’s little whore. I was never the princess type. As much as I hate talking about my past, I know many of you relish in the details. My introduction into the submissive lifestyle began over 30 years ago when my mother left us for another man. My guess is she either thought my father would not abuse such a young girl or she simply did not care because she found a way out. I woke up one morning and she was just gone. In hindsight, it is possible my father killed her and disposed of her body because all I know is what he told me. I never saw or heard from her again after my father told me she run off with another man. Daddy was rough on her. She was his submissive whore before I was. I was young, but I grew up seeing my father slap her around and fuck her violently, even in front of me. And when my mother went MIA, daddy replaced her with me. I remember that first night my mother was not home sleeping in bed with daddy because he came into my room and dragged me out of bed. He violated my little holes so bad I could not go to school for a week. I was pissing blood and could not sit. My little butthole was prolapsed. It was awful. I never new love from my father. And if he could be so brutal to his own super young daughter, he could have killed my mother and told me she left us for another man easily. I will never know because I ran away when I entered my teen years giving me even more erotic BDSM stories to share.

BDSM phone sex For Bare Bottom Spankings While Master Is Away

BDSM phone sex is what i sneak and get on when master is gone. He uses me for Bondage and submission when he needs to bust his nut. It is my job as a Submissive Whore to get all the Bare bottom spankings I can for my master. I’ll do all the cock worshiping i can for my master before he cums wherever he wants. Then he puts me back in my cage.

BDSM phone sex

I barely get to cum, but I know it isn’t about me. When he is gone if I haven’t gotten our furry friend to get me off yet I will break out of my cage and get on BDSM phone sex so I can hear you stroking your cock and telling me how you would give me Bare bottom spankings just like my master and abuse me with your cock before pissing all over me showing me what I was made to be. It is all i want my holes to be fucked and used until I cum so hard, that is why I am a Submissive whore who wants slave training. Once I get what I wanted, all the Erotic submissive stories I need to cum. I get back in my cage before my master comes home. 

Erotic Submissive Stories With Bare Bottom Spankings

Erotic submissive stories turn me on all the time because I am a Submissive whore. It gets my cunt wet knowing you will tie me up and use me. The first time I learned I was a Submissive whore; my cunt was bald. I was always a daddy’s girl and did whatever daddy asked of me, if I didn’t daddy would give me bare bottom spankings until my but was red or I would have peed myself.

Erotic submissive stories

When daddy asked for me to take my clothes off, I did. Then daddy taught me how to use my mouth on his daddy meat. I would suck his cock into my mouth as far as I could, and I didn’t stop until daddy gave me his man milk. When he busted in my mouth, I had to swallow every drop even if I was tied upside down. Daddy enjoyed using rope on his little slut so I couldn’t move or go anywhere. He knew tying me up would make me submit. Seeing me squirm got daddy hard every time and every time I used my mouth like he taught me to milk his dick into my mouth, I knew what would happen if I didn’t. 

Submissive Slut Treated As A Pet

Submissive slut

One of my current Master’s likes to keep me all week, I stay by his side at all times. Whether he makes me stand, or sit on the floor. I’m like his pet with my leather collar tight around my neck, and silent unless spoken to. Like a good submissive slut waiting and obeying. Fucked whenever he wants, however, he wants it and if I dare complain or respond in a way he deems negative I get crated like an animal. My only meal during this week is his cum, nothing is allowed to be swallowed by me that whole week unless it comes from his balls. Sometimes he will choose to starve me for a few days, watching me grow weaker over the passing time. He says it’s cause I give very eager blowjobs the hungrier I get. In fact, a part of me really loves the starvation it makes his cum taste like ambrosia. A real treat for me to savory pining away for my next meal.

Erotic Submissive Stories: Company Whore

erotic submissive stories
I literally suck at administrative duties. Being a stupid black bitch makes it very hard for me to be successful in corporate America. I just got fired from my last job but luckily Mr. S had another position for me in mind for me. My boss eyeballed my long black legs all the way up to my pink and black snatch as he let me know that I forgot to submit yet another contract. I was so pissed off because I thought that writing it on my calendar would help but it didn’t. Mr. S was not amused. After firing me from my administrative position he grabbed by the back of the head and tossed me to the ground. He stood over me and was so close that my glossed lips could feel his thumping white cock pulsing in front of it. Being a submissive slut I knew to not overstep my boundaries and only suck when given the command. He looked down at me with a grin as if he was noticing how well-trained I was. “Suck” he said like the Domme in one of those erotic submissive stories. That command prompted my ape brain to immediately latch onto his swollen meat. I sucked and slobbered all over his cock until he coated me white with cum. I wanted to hate being the new company whore but feeling his big dick ramming inside of me while my face was dripping cum made me cream all over my boss’s cock.

I think I’m going to enjoy this new position.

Sexy Sub Threeway

Erotic submissive stories


My erotic submissive stories are all hot as hell and filled with fucking.  What kind of filth do you want to hear about?  Unwilling anal at a picnic in the park from a random passerby?  Intimate circle jerk with the Wing Shop wait staff in one of the stalls in the ladies room?  A taxi ride to the middle of nowhere with a handcuff and cunt loving cabbie?  I bet I have a tale to tell about any sexy topic you can think of, just try me!

One of my favorite masochistic memories is the time that I was hanging out with my girlfriend and the, then, current guy she was banging.  We all had some drinks and a few laughs, but when it came time for me to head home, my friend told me that her guy wanted to fuck the both of us together and she wasn’t going to let me go until it happened.  I liked the level of gentle assertiveness in her voice and the look of desire she had for me in her eyes, so I agreed almost instantly.

When we got back to the bedroom, the fella had the lights dimmed really low with candles lighting up the corners.  He was already naked, of course, so we wasted no time and both started sucking his cock super slow like.  We licked it up and down, gargled his nutsack and throated ourselves just for his pleasure.  He couldn’t contain his cum and absolutely had to let off some semen steam all over our faces before he would be able to continue on to please our two pussies.

He didn’t disappoint.  The man was dominant but caring, forceful but kind and knew exactly what he wanted from us.  In the end, they parted ways and I don’t think she’s ever seen him again.  At least we got to have a six hour sex romp that ended with smeared makeup, red asses and cum filled cunts.  I’m sure it was a night he’ll never forget, too.



Tie The Knot And Make Me Yours

Submissive Slut

I find being a submissive slut makes it easy for me to teach those who are new to domination. It’s not something I do often but sometimes there is an eager attractive young stud that wants to learn to make me his. I normally teach the art of bondage first, because the power my masters have felt tying me up in any position they desire is often the one that gets them hooked. Recently a young new master has been coming over every other weekend if I’m free to learn and to dominate me. I completely submit to him but not before a little lesson on how to tie the knots just right. 

Starting with the basic frogtie so he can use a simple knot to bound my hands behind my back and then open my legs. Bonding my ankles against my thighs which gives him very easy access with me in the nude to my pussy. To do anything he wished. He could lick, bite, whip, and fuck it however he wanted. The knots were tight, I wasn’t going anywhere. He knew that when he was done with me he could just leave me there. He started with his tongue, got it wet teased me with pleasure, and then grabbed a small whipping crop from the shelf and whacked my pussy repeatedly until it was red and swollen. Ignoring my whimpers, continuing until he was satisfied. Only stopping to ram his cock into my beaten pussy until he unloaded his cum inside me. With each new lesson, I can feel him becoming more confident and eager to do more to me. All he needed was a true submissive whore to teach him.