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Submissive Whore deserves a punishment

As a Submissive Whore I am to follow all of my master’s rules and when I break them, I get punished. I snuck out my cage while master was away and got fucked by the mail man. When I got back, he was waiting for me. He had installed hidden cameras to watch me when he wasn’t home. He slapped my face hard, and I fell to the ground. Before I could stand up my master was pissing all over me using me like a filthy urinal. He called me a whore and made it clear that I should beg for his punishment and forgiveness. I begged as he asked, I didn’t stop even when he beat me and shoved his pissy cock in my mouth. I sucked it like my life depended on it, because it did. My master was choking me as he fucked my throat the harder, he fucked my mouth the harder he squeezed. I could tell he was mad and wouldn’t stop until I passed out or until he came in my throat. I was hoping he would feed me his loads. But as I started seeing black his cock popped out my mouth. Master kicked my cunt as he sprayed my face with cum. I woke up on the floor smelling like piss hoping my master would be pleased with me now.

Submissive Whore

Submissive Phone Sex Role Play Made Me a Schoolgirl Again

submissive phone sexMaster enjoys submissive phone sex roleplays. Even though I am an old bitch, Master still enjoys the fantasy of a schoolgirl. Unlike you, he would never fuck jailbait. That is only because he does not want to go to jail, I think. If he knew he would never get caught he would have bald pussy all the time. He knows about my history as my father’s favorite fuck toy. Some days, he feels sorry for me and wishes he could change my past for me. Then days like Friday, he wants to recreate my violent past. I was my father’s whore first. I dressed up in a schoolgirl outfit for my boss. I thought I looked ridiculous, but Master thought I looked like the perfect young submissive whore. I had to bend over daddy’s lap and take some spankings. Since his new meds, he can really smack my ass hard again. He pulled my cotton white panties between my ass and cunt lips, giving me a wedgie from hell. Master was into this roleplay way more than I was, but I had no choice. I cannot displease any man. I know from experience that fighting, squirming and complaining just makes things worse. I asked for more with each spank to my ass. Once my ass was bright red and sore as fuck, Master skull fucked his schoolgirl whore. His old dick reminded me of my father’s when it was slamming in and out of my mouth. Only difference was that Master needs a blue pill to skull fuck me, and daddy never needed any help to brutalize his daughter. Master called me his baby girl while cumming on my face. Now, I looked like a porn star. Cum dripping all over my face. I was still in a schoolgirl outfit too. Master was just getting started, however. For a few hours, I was not a milf phone sex whore. I was daddy’s little whore and cum dumpster.

Bondage Whore Will Have You Begging For More!

Bondage Whore Quinlynn

Let me tell you, I am one big bandage whore.  Here’s a story I just have to tell you all about! The night that led to me being held captive, for real, when I thought it was all just a game. Only did I notice it wasn’t a game after I was free and had no clue where the hell I was. I was out shopping when they grabbed me from behind, put a blind fold on me, then tossed me into the back of their car.

I don’t know how long we were in the car for or where wed were going, but it was my birthday, so I assumed my man had set this up for me. I was laughing and smiling, thinking my man had finally followed through on my plan I had been begging him to for all these years. Finally, he set up a stranger/ forced sex scenario, I thought.

So, after a while we stop, they unblindfold me and I see a cabin and we are in the woods. Im just thinking oh this is so cliché. He could have done so much better than a cabin in the woods. Anyways they get me in and tie up the rest of my body. They tear off my clothes and put a knife to my throat and say if I scream, they’ll kill me.

I play along and am like “oh no, don’t do that” and kind of laugh and they just look at each other kind of confused. They fuck me in any and every position until my cunt is raw and red. They fill me up and cum deep inside of my pussy and tell me to beg for their cum so I do and it feels so fucking good I’m really begging them for more. But they cum then stop, cut the ties then throw me outside. I’m like really? They said I’m free to go and I’m like I wanted more fellas.

They give each other a weird look then slam the door closed. I end up asking my man why he wasn’t involved and why he had gotten his friends to do it instead. He had no clue what I was talking about.

Submissive Whore in gloryhole box

My master always finds new toys for me to be used in. He found a glory hole box that he locked me in. For two nights I was left there like a worthless Submissive Whore. I had pissed myself and everything. Finally, I heard my master open the door. He laughed at my smiling face and pissed all over me. He then pulled his hose and sprayed me down. He closed the door and locked it without saying a word. After a few minutes my master’s cock poked through the glory hole. My heart started beating through my pussy. I opened my mouth and sucked his cock deep down my throat. I wanted to please my master and show him that I love his new toy box. My body shook as I tried to give my master the best Cock worshiping session with my mouth that I could. I barely had any room to move and when he pumped my mouth hard my head hit the back wall. He could hear my head banging and that turned him on even more. I felt his cock tighten up and with a hard burst his semen filled my mouth and throat. He screamed out for me to swallow it all up and I never let my master down. I swallowed every last drop; I was hungry and needed all the protein I could have. I didn’t know how long I my master would leave me in the glory hole box before feeding me again. 

Submissive Whore

Master’s Favorite Dirty Slut!

Erotic submissive stories

So, I went out of town last week and just wait till you hear what happened to me. Man do I have a lot of hot Erotic submissive stories for you. 

I came to and opened my eyes. The room is pitch black and I realize I have no idea where I am. I attempt to roll over and the hard metal chains dig into my wrists. Suddenly, I hear noise from the far corner of the room. I try to ask what is happening and notice that my mouth is taped shut. It must be duct tape because I can not move my lips at all. 

A dark hooded figure appeared before me and he brought down an electric wand placing it right in between my legs. The shock runs through my body and I try to fight but the chains tighten the more I move. He shocked me again and again until l passed out again.

This Female bondage whore needs Dominating

Female bondage 

This female bondage whore can’t seem to get enough of me dominating my body in anyway they see fit. I couldn’t simply say my cunt or my ass. No, I need every part of my body to be used and abused. There isn’t anything I need more than knowing men are getting off. That’s my sole purpose. Friday night is coming up and I can’t wait. On Friday I go to the adult store nearby. I’ve gotten a reputation as a cum addict. I won’t say no to any man no matter what he looks like or smells like. Nothing has felt more right then having a cock burst with jizz. 

Since the first time I saw a man cum I was in love with jizz. I wasn’t like the normal youth attending time filling pointless activities. Daddy had exposed me to his cock before I had hair on my twat. And by exposed I mean Daddy exploded his cock in my cunt. Did you know women crave a man after he’s cum in her? No matter the age. This Friday I want to see if I can make 20 cocks cum, maybe when you call we can have some Bukkake phone sex while I beg for jizz. 

Cock worshiping is my new natural state as a cheating whore

Cock worshipingSucking a dick and Cock worshiping is something I think most people could do with improvement on. There’s something special about running my tongue along his glands, and sucking him into my mouth with a nice long stroke. I sucked him hard, rubbed him against each of my cheeks, sucked them in and started pumping my head all along his thick fuck meat.  Love a good cock in between my lips. I can’t stand life without dick, my average time in between fucks is a painful occurrence I only manage because I know it’s coming, just like he will be. I wouldn’t be going behind my husband’s back if he’d give me more, but I understand his limits, and sad as it might be, that means to stay with him I have to accommodate. I have to cheat, I have to play with cocks like these, because if I don’t I can’t stay. I’ll have to leave and go become some cum swapping gutter slut or whore house needy bitch. I worship what’s given to me, I love him and I love this cock too. My thoughts are scrambled, always are these days, ever since I got wrecked by a strange man for the first time. Maybe I could spice things up at home, and I will, but it’ll never feel as good as sucking the cum out of this random guy like he’s a straw for my desires.

Submissive slut is always on all fours for master

Since I am a Submissive slut for my master, I must always be on all fours like a dogbitch. I must worship him in every way and I really do. My master has me do all my choirs before he comes home from work. When he gets home I am supposed to greet him on my knees. My training has taught me to do so and I do as I was trained. He started by first face fucking me hard. He likes to make sure I swallow every drop of his semen, so he holds his cock down my throat as he cums. When I am on all fours like a doghoe, it is easy for my master to spank or whip my ass. I want to please my master in any way. I know I am a worthless whore and should be happy for anything he gives me. So when he spread his ass for me I knew it was Prostate milking time. I stuck my tongue out and licked his ass like it was my last meal to have. He turned me around and called me a filthy whore as you spread my ass and started ramming me like a used sock. After licking your asshole like I did, it didn’t take much for you to fill me up. As soon as you fill my ass. you put me in my cage so you can go to bed. That is our normal routine and as your worthless property I feel lucky to get it.

Submissive slut

Tie this cheater down for Bondage and submission

Bondage and submissionA cheating whore like me always deserves to be punished more and more to be thrown into bondage and submission without a choice. It’s not just my guilt its also just how things are. I deserve to feel pain, and I should, I want you to inflict it on this poor body of mine. I want to be stripped of all excuses I could possibly give, and have to come clean because you split me open so hard there’s irrefutable evidence. Sure I could claim it was something else, maybe I got pinned down outside of a shopping plaza and ravaged until my insides were quivering and my body was as unfit for his use as it was filled with cum. Sure I could have been wandering through a park for some mid-day air when I got dropped to my knees and had my face fucked and used by some hard cock. My bondage whore airway struggling, my whole body moving into it out of pure fear, my palms on their legs so I could control some of the tempo and ensure it was over quick. Sure, I could have been at a club with a friend when I got grabbed from behind. The dark light not letting me figure out who it was, my short skirt lifted before I knew what was going on. He could have used me to the beat of the rapid music, my moans and cries for help drowned out by the strobe lights and deafening music beating through our hearts. I’ve even given some of those excuses before, my husband thinks I get taken advantage of a lot, like I’m a beacon for predators to come and use me for their whims. How many times do you think I can get away with that before he starts to wonder about the consent part of my claims? I doubt it’s very many more times, so abuse me, hurt me, bring me one step closer to a crashing burn with Erotic BDSM stories.

Bondage whore needs the abuse to get off

When you have been used like i have over and over you no longer get off from just getting your holes fucked. A Bondage whore like me needs to be tied down and abused. When I feel the rope burning against me and ripping my skin, it excites me and makes my cunt drip. I need you to abuse me and beat me with your tools. Your whip hitting me time after time gets my cunt ready to be fucked. While you are beating me my body is getting excited knowing you are using this worthless whore to feel better. That tells me that you need me a little just like I need you all the time. When I feel my skin bleeding all I want is for you to fuck me and use my holes. You pull your cock out and fuck my mouth making me choke and that makes you laugh. With your laughter my pussy twitches, you tell me to bend over, and I do. You take the end of the paddle and shove it in my asshole. That is all I needed my cunt squirted all over and you laughed again. Then you jack your cock off on my face before taking a piss on your Submissive Whore. I thanked you for everything you gave me because I am lucky, I got off and you got me off.

Bondage whore