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Submissive Whore gets put in her place and loves it

Even though I strive to be the perfect Submissive Whore. Sometimes I need to be reminded of my place and even get punished into submission. My master decided it was time to remind me

Submissive Whore

where I belong as his submissive cum hole. He bent me over his lap and spanked my bare ass until my ass was pretty red and welted. He then spread my ass cheeks and shoved his fingers in my ass. He fucked my ass hard and raw with his fingers and shoved his hard meat down my throat. He fucked my throat until i passed out. I woke up to my master slapping my face and telling me there was no sleeping on the job. My job was to please him and take anything he has for me. He pushed me down on the ground and got me on all fours, he started fucking my cunt calling me a filthy bitch in heat. I just loved having my master fuck me. When he felt my pussy squeeze his cock from my orgasm, he spanked my ass hard again. The stinging sent a shock to my body and he pulled his wet lubed up cock out my cunt and shoved it in my ass. Just like he fucked me with his fingers, he fucked my asshole the same. He gave me a raw and hard pounding until he filled my ass up with his load of semen. When he was done he pissed on me and drenched me in his golden shower. He smiled and said I took my Slave training like a good slut. 

Submissive Sex Slut Helps Train a Younger Submissive Slave

submissive sexI have been told repeatedly that I was born to be a submissive sex slut. I had dreams when I was a little girl that I would go to college, marry a nice man and have a nice house. I did go to college, but on my master’s dime. I did marry but not a nice man, and I divorce him once I met my master. And I do have a nice house, but that is thanks to my master too. When he moved me from New York to California, he bought me a nice three bedroom home that I never could have afforded. Not as a high school dropout with zero skills outside the bedroom. I went to school to become his paralegal. He is a good master. I am loyal because I would not have anything without him. Plus, he treats me better than my daddy ever did or my piece of shit ex-husband I married too young to get away from my piece of shit father. But I am still a submissive whore. I have come to embrace it now. I know my place is serving men. But I have climbed up the totem pole of submissive whores because master asked me to help his friend break in his new slave. She is young too. Not as young as I was when I got my start, but only 20. She could be my daughter. I spent the weekend with her, and her master. She is a sugar baby slave. I had no clue what that even was, but apparently, it’s a girl who agrees to be a submissive slave in exchange for money. She is a submissive prostitute in a sense. Just no middle guy as the pimp. I guess if I was younger, and hotter, knowing what I know now, that might be an option for me. She really needed slave training though. She was a poser in my eyes, so I was rougher on her than I would be. I pegged her ass. I made her an ass to mouth slut. I tied her up. I spanked her with everything and anything I could find. She hates me, but I do not care. I am not sure how I feel about some girl pretending to be a submissive slave for money, when I have been a real sub for decades. Anyway, I went hard on her holes and her body. I am sure master’s friend will break her in more. He is very brutal man. I am sure she in over her head. I hope to train more young sluts too. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

How I Became A Submissive Whore…

Submissive WhoreHow did I become such a submissive whore that I’d let a man use and train my own young daughters? I think it all goes back to my father, he was so strict and religious, I was afraid of his judgement and his punishment. Daddy never let me wear the things I wanted or choose my own friends; he was so controlling even mom was afraid of him. I remember once I put on red lipstick at my friend’s house and I forgot to take it off before I went home. Daddy dragged me by my hair to the sink and washed it off, calling me the devil’s whore while he pulled my skirt up. He bent me over his lap and spanked my bare ass with his belt, I felt him getting hard underneath me and when I rubbed his cock, he slapped me hard across the face. He punished me because I was a temptation to him, he eventually started letting me suck his cock but there was no relief for me. He punished me even worse when I made him cum, I started to enjoy the punishment almost as much as I enjoyed sucking daddy’s cock… I know letting Master fuck my girls and breed them is wrong in some way but I truly love being his slave, I love letting him own me and my girls.

Sex Slave in Training

Slave Training

I love sex slave training! I’m a cum hungry submissive whore that wants nothing more than to be a complete slut for you. Help me realize my rape phone sex fantasies and take my pussy any time you want it. I want you to force me down, choke me and fuck me hard and deep. I would love to have your white cock fill my coon pussy and get me pregnant with a little nigglet. I’ll always keep my pussy hot, wet and ready for you, greeting you at the door with my legs spread eagle while I lie on the floor ready to be humped on sight. I want to be your bottom bitch sex slave, training all your other sex slaves on how to take your dick like a champ. I want you to fuck my asshole until the hole is gaping wide for your cock, stretching it open so you can fist me. 

Give me a call so you can hear how wet this pussy gets and how loud I moan while imagining you pounding my slut hole. Don’t forget to ask about our phone sex specials so you can get some cheap phone sex from me, your personal cheap ebony submissive whore sex slave. 

Pimped Out to Be a Submissive Maid Whore

Erotic submissive stories


My Master loves to pimp me out to other men. It is his way of giving back to the community. I was asked to go to a house where I was to be a maid. I came there with my French maid outfit, the man’s jaw dropping. He tells me that I am such a well-trained slut and that most women would not understand what it meant to be his maid. I got to work scrubbing and wiping, bending over to reveal my lack of panties. All I wanted to do is finish my work so that I can go back to my Master. As I was cleaning the sink, I could feel him coming up behind me. He lifted my skirt up and started playing with my clit. I couldn’t stop him, he owned me for the hour. He fucked my ass, grabbing my tits as he hammered his cock into me. I had to be a good girl for him and did not resist him. He is my Master now!

Cum Sluts Love Cum and Know How to Get It!

Cum slut phone sex

All it takes to be good at cum slut phone sex is a true love for thick and sticky dick cream!  That’s totally me!  I love getting hosed down with hot hog snot, filled up with slimy semen and swallowing load after load of creamy cock juice!  Being covered in jizz shows me that I’ve done a great job as your submissive and that you’ll probably want to come back for more.

Any skanky slut can make a guy cum, it’s not that difficult.  Get him hard, apply pressure to his penis, preferably warm and wet, and move back and forth at varying speeds.  Simple formula for getting a guy off.  If you really want to make him explode and spray you down with more dick sauce than he even knew he had in him then you have to make sure you make the sub sexing session go as long as possible before he blows.

Everyone knows what edging is but you can’t let your dom know you’re doing it to him otherwise he doesn’t feel like he’s really in control.  It’s a tricky game to play but when we’re done, we’re both big fucking winners!  He gets to power pump out pearly white rope after arcing rope of sperm filled jizz and I get plenty of chunky spunk to choke down during our dirty, ejaculate filled, creampie creating, sticky and steamy cum eating phone sex freak fuck session.  I know you have a slime shot brewing for me in those balls of yours.  Let’s see how big we can make before you shoot it all over me.  Whadaya say?


I Want to Be Your Perfect Phone Sex

Cum slut phone sex


I love being your little cum slut. Use me how you want. Fuck me over the sink, on the couch, in the stocks, you name it. I need your cock all the time, it’s a bit of an addiction. I especially need that cum inside my pussy, covering my face and splattered all over my body. I am such a big whore that you don’t even have to ask to use my mouth to face fuck me until you cum deep in my throat. Your perfect cock pumping in and out of my throat, shooting a big load inside of my mouth is what I love most. My body is ready for you to use to your pleasure. I will spread my legs open for you so you can fuck my ass or fuck my pussy, your choice. I am just a cum dumpster for you to empty your balls into. Please, Master, give me every drop. I need it so bad. 

Slave training and Prostate milking for period whore

Slave training is what I get every night from my master. It doesn’t matter if I am tired or on my period, I am here to serve my master no matter what.

Slave training

I was on my period and had made a mess all over. My master gave my ass spankings until my ass was red and swollen before making me clean my mess up. The mess must be cleaned up with my tongue. Master watches over me as i lick all the mess up, whipping me with his favorite whip whenever he feels like it. My master was very pleased at how well I cleaned my cage and he wanted to reward me. He laid on the couch naked and spread his legs for me and I knew it was time for me to use my mouth on my master. I opened my mouth wide for his cock to fuck my mouth. My master grabbed my head and made me suck his hard cock all the way down my throat until I choked and couldn’t breathe. I thought he was going to cum in my mouth, but he wanted some Prostate milking. He grabbed my head and pushed it down to his asshole. I knew to lick him good and fast and to shove my tongue as deep as I could in his asshole. I wiggled my tongue on my master’s ass until he came all over my face. He made me wear an adult diaper so i wouldn’t bleed all over my cage again, he likes me to keep it clean.

Bondage Whore Bernice is Ready to Be Tied Up and Used.

bondage whoreI love being a bondage whore. It is what I do best as a slave. I mean I am an obedient old whore, and I will do anything a master demands of me, but I have decades of experience being tied up. I am good at being bound and gagged. I do not fight you. I do not complain. I just get into whatever position you want me in. Master has been getting much better with bondage. Thanks to modern medicine, he is back to his old self. His arthritis is not bothering him much these days. That is both good and bad for me. Although, I love being his submissive slut, he can now tie me too tightly. I guess I got spoiled these past ten years or so when he physically just could not tie a knot like a sailor anymore. Last night he took me to a fetish club. He made sure everyone knew I was his property, but he would be happy to share with them if they shared their prized pig too. Master enjoys showing up much younger men with his bondage skills. He can tie up any woman in any position now that he has new drugs. He tied me in the 69-position with another woman. She was a slave too. Much younger, but bigger than me. My face was buried between her legs and vice versa. Men were watching us try to eat each other out when the only thing that could move on us was our tongues. It did not take long for all eyes to be on us in the club. The men in the club saw two pigs trying to wriggle an orgasm out of each other. When we finally could make one another orgasm, men pulled out their dicks for some cock worshiping. They pissed and came all over the two pigs tied together. Master was the most envied man in the club. And me and this other slave were the filthiest slaves in the club. When we left, we looked like porn stars and smelled like toilet slaves.

Pissed on and Fucked by Master and his Friends

Pissing phone sex


Use me as your little piss guzzling whore. I am a worthless little piss slut who needs to take the piss of you and all of your friends. I am a human toilet and my only person is to get pissed on and pissed in. My hands and feet were tied up with rope. One of your friends told me to beg for his piss. I begged and begged for it on my hands and knees until he pissed in my face to give me my reward. Another friend stuck his cock in my mouth so that I could give him a blowjob and he can see if he pisses in me or cums in me first. He pisses in my mouth, telling me to keep the piss in my mouth until he says so. It was so hard to keep the piss in my mouth while I was getting fucked doggy style by my Master and the rest of his friends. Finally, everyone pisses all over my body. My hair and my skin are completely soaked in piss. I am the ultimate piss slave for my Master.