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Submissive Whore for Women Too

submissive whoreUsually, I am a submissive whore for men. I love sucking cock, eating ass and getting fucked in the ass. You know, the things wives no longer do for their men. I am not really attracted to women, but sometimes I am forced into situations I do not want to be in like last night. Master owed a favor to another guy in his BDSM club. This is a group of old guys who went to law school together in the 70s. They have been masters for decades. Old school men who believe a woman’s place is in servitude to men. They are not misogynistic, however. They do not hate women. They just want women to know their place and serve them properly. I thought I would be having some submissive sex with this man. He traded favors with my master so I could be a fuck toy for his wife. Quarantine made life stressful for him and his wife. She has some pent-up frustration and since her husband is a dom, he was not letting her work out that frustration on him. He got her a whore instead. I was that whore. Women are often more cruel and rougher than men when it comes to a submissive bitch. I was not prepared to be violated by an angry woman. She had a huge strap-on that was bigger than any cock I had ever fucked before.  She did not use lube because she said lube was a courtesy a stupid whore does not deserve. She pulled my hair as she fucked my ass for hours. To add insult to injury, she made me suck the dildo clean. I do not like tasting my ass. She was brutal. She even fisted my cunt. My master was not happy that I was not sitting or walking right the next day. Hopefully, that means he will not trade me again.

I’m A Slut For Master

Cum slut phone Sex My master is the one who can get me dripping wet and pulsing, I do as he orders because pleasing him is what I am meant to do. I love getting on my knees and sucking his big hard cock for hours. Sucking on his balls and filling them up is my job and what I look forward to doing. It gets my pussy dripping wet knowing his cock leaks for me and the things I do. He knows how to handle a whore like me, uses my mouth for as long as he wants knowing I want to suck, lick and kiss every spot of him from his hard cock to his balls and ass. As soon as he is throbbing and balls are tight and full, he will bend me over and pound my wanting dripping cunt. If I get lucky, he will finger my pussy as he sticks his cock in my ass. I love when he fucks my ass, he is beastly when he does. Pounds my ass hard and deep while moaning hard. When does that it drives me while ill cum so hard. I am his slut and he is my master.

Truck Stop Whore

Rape phone sex fantasiesI was a runaway teenager and it taught me men will take whatever they want whenever they want it. I was new to being a teenager sluty and dumb I was hitchhiking at a truck stop, when I was picked up by a driver. We had a drink and I passed out. I woke up naked with my hands and feet tied up, I started screaming and “pow” I was slapped in my face he told me if I was a good whore, he might spare my life. He pulled a big fat throbbing cock out of his pants and told me to suck it good and to make sure he doesn’t feel any teeth. I sucked his cock just asked he asked taking as deep as I could, he stuck fingers hard and deep in my little pussy. I made sure not to cry and act like I was liking everything he was doing, he bent me over and spread my legs wide open. He started licking and sucking on my lips and my asshole, as I was starting to enjoy it, he covered my mouth and stuck his big fat dick in my asshole. As the pain shot up my body, he pumped my ass hard and fast. He was enjoying it so much he was moaning and calling me a good little whore, he didn’t stop even when it hurt until I felt his cock start pulsing and being filled up with hot cum. He untied me and told me I had earned my life, that is when I knew I was made to serve and be used for a man’s needs and pleasures.  

Obedient Submissive Whore

My master knows that sometimes, the worst punishment is having my tight cunt pounded by other men!

I belong to him and want to please him in every way but the thought of another mans cock stuffing my pussy is, well, it just isn’t what I want.

Submissive WhoreSo when we are out on the street and I am crawling behind my master on my lead, I know I am in trouble!

He has the servants bathe me and shave my tight cunt until I am slippery smooth!

He dresses me in the sluttiest outfits so there is no question that I am a whore that is meant to be fucked!

He attaches my lead and walks me down the street.

I am walking upright only because he feels it adds to the humiliation when he orders me to my knees and then laughs as another man mounts me like I am a pathetic bitch in heat!

I want to cry as that thick filthy cock is fucking my freshly cleaned cunt.

I know I am a worthless whore and I know my place is to do as my master orders…and I know that means, if he orders me to drop to my knees at anytime, anywhere, and fuck a strangers dripping hard cock….

I will do as I am told!

If he orders me to drain the piss from a massive bursting cock, I will swallow every drop.

If he snaps his fingers and commands me to hold my pretty ass cheeks apart so my tight juicy rosebud can be ripped apart by a meaty hard fuck stick…

I will obey.

I will always obey.


Submissive Cock Sucker

Bondage chat caseyIt’s not hard for me to worship your cock, because I was trained to be the best cum dumpster. I’m used to you using my body for your pleasure, if you like to tie me up whip me until I’m red and welted then I enjoy it even more. My pussy will be dripping wet from taking all you have for me; I will beg for your cock to be in any of my holes needing to taste or feel your cum. Once you shove your dick in my mouth, I will suck it how you want. Reminds me of my teacher when I was younger, he loved when I sucked his dick slow and deep in my throat. He would have me on my knees any chance he got and sometimes would cum all over my face or lips and watch me lick it up. If I sucked his balls right, I could feel them swell up and I knew he would be ready to fill my mouth up. His cum tasted sweet and drove me more into wanting to try all the flavors out there. 

This Submissive Slut is Back to Work

submissive slutBeing a submissive slut is not always easy. This was my first week back in the office after a year apart from my master. We had a few face time sessions. He sent a few surrogate masters over to see me. But basically, I became a spoiled bitch away from the daily BDSM grind. I am not the kind of woman who does well on her own. I need to be controlled. I need to be trained. I need a master to dominate me. Master is a year older now and he was old before the pandemic hit. He most have conserved some energy and built up some strength this past year because he was brutal on me this week. He reintroduced me to slave training. He was not dumb to my naughty excursions when he was not watching. The first two days we were together, he punished me for my insubordination. Day one, I walked around the office naked and in shackles. I had to answer phones and type up legal briefs naked. He would smack my ass and my tits when ever he wanted. He would bend me over my desk and fuck my ass. Master’s dick was never hard enough for my ass. At least not hard enough in the past decade. He told me he started taking Viagra. He wanted to punish me like he used to, with his cock. After the first day, I could barely sit the rest of the week. I mean he beat my ass, fucked my ass and I was not used to such anal attention. I am still sore because every day of our first week back together he reminded me what a submissive whore I was. My tits are black and blue. I have rope burns on my extremities. And I cannot shit or piss right. It is all deserved though. I know I got too big for my britches on lock down. The party is officially over though.

Prostate Milking Phone Slave

prostate milking

Phone sluts can be rude and lazy sometimes. I have a Master that I serve as his anal slut, and I couldn’t be happier to meet his needs. He said that he sometimes calls submissive women like me for some phone tug and fantasy about anal sex with a bubbly busty slave, and they get an attitude as soon as you mention you want strap-on. He said he’d had some of his best kinky phone fun with femdom phone operators but that his fantasy was for a sub to fuck his ass and milk his prostate. It just so happens that I am an attentive phone slave.

Would you like having a naughty bitch kneeling between your thighs and rubbing the bulb of a prostate wand against your sweet spot? I’d do that while I licked all over your balls for you. Don’t be surprised if you hear me whining. I’d just be dreaming of licking my way inside of you, aching to please you. Can you handle a prostate milking from your horny, filthy, and devoted phone slave? I’m sure that you can. Any man that can command fuck dolls around for his desires knows what’s coming for him.

Whore For Auction

Erotic submissive storiesOur masters lined us up on the stage, naked, hands bound behind our back and mouths taped shut. The lights ahead blinded us. There was no way for us to see out into the crowd, but it was very obvious what this was. It was auction time when enough masters get bored of their whores they sell them off for someone else to abuse…or dispose of. Being on the stage felt embarrassing as it should, it meant I was no longer pleasing to him. It also felt very uneasy, and fear crept in one in every 5 girls tends to disappear completely after auction time. Paying their ultimate sacrifice to their master’s we all assume. I felt myself begin to shake when the line of browsing Masters’ stood before us. The ripping sound of tape sounded in unison as they removed the tape from our mouths and put us on our knees. Out of habit I opened my mouth, this please the one in front of me. Whereas the girls on either side of me were slapped and mocked for not knowing how to properly greet a man. 

I didn’t flinch or react, just keep my mouth open, waiting for him to test me. Couldn’t help but widen my eyes when I saw the size of the cock I was going to need to take down my throat. The length had to be about 9 inches but the girth was worrisome for my airway. I went to it, determined to perform properly to hopefully avoid being one of the girls that disappear. Letting the cock go far back really pushing my limits, my eyes tearing up. There was no oxygen, my head grew faint, digging my nails into my palms trying to keep myself focused. I was lucky he pulled out and snatched me up by my hair. “I’ll take this one,” he proclaimed handing a wad of cash to my old master. “Any objections?” His voice snarled in a threat for tone. The other men remained silent. The transaction went forward. For a moment I thought I saw regret flash upon my old master’s face as he was selling me but of course it was probably wishful thinking. For a whore to be up for auction is a sign of failure and disgrace. I must be better going forward.

Submissive Whore In The making

submissive whoreThey say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but I’ve got a better analogy. The panties don’t drop far from the submissive whore! My young daughters are, much to my orgasmic delight, becoming hot little teen sexy slaves. They’re learning every lesson I know; how to serve and speak a BDSM Slave. As well as, submissively sitting and standing! Don’t forget my favorite cock sucking 101: how suck a cock. How to be the perfect little bed slave. Knowing that just makes my sexy Mommy pussy dripping wet and ready to be used. Master said he had a surprise for me! He dressed me up in my shackles, and my collar, and took me out on the town. We went to my slutty girls’ slave training! They were both strapped to the St. Andrew’s Cross, getting the living fuck whipped out of them. They were both crying and begging, it was so fucking sexy! They had to learn to only ask for more, so master wouldn’t be angry! These little fucking whores. Master pushed me down to suck his cock while he watched. We’d be here all day to turn these little ladies into submissive sluts!submissive slut

Cock Worshiper

Erotic submissive storiesMaster K has made me the best submissive slut. All he has to do is tell me to kiss it and I’m on my knees mouth open, taking his hard cock meat in my mouth, licking the head and playing with his ball; waiting to taste his precum which I love. If I do it right, he rewards me by filling my mouth with all his load. I love how sometimes he just bends me over whenever and where ever we are and sticks hi hard dick deep in my pussy, he fucks me hard and deep making me feel like I can’t take it while choking, spanking me and calling me his dirty little whore. When does this he can feel my pussy drip and then he will bite me hard on my shoulder sending me to full orgasm. My favorite is when he fucks my ass, he pushes his dick deep in me making me take it all. As he fucks my ass hard holding me down making me take whatever he gives me I play with my clit and when I feel him pumping his cum deep in my ass, I finger my pussy until I cum. Master K makes me worship his dick just like I like it. 

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