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Prostate Milking By Submissive Whore

Master loves using my mouth, last night he made me milk his prostate with my tongue. He tied me up to the bed naked with my legs spread. He sat on my face and stuck his cock in my mouth as he rode my face, he pulled his big fisting dildo and I braced myself for the abuse. He was going to stretch my cunt hole open.

Prostate phone sex

He turned around and sat his ass on my face as he started forcing the fisting dildo into me. I licked his asshole as he forced the dildo in me more. He made sure to push against my mouth more so my tongue could reach his prostate. As he rode my face, he fisted my cunt hole with the dildo. He stroked his cock as I liked his asshole, I know how much loves that. When he was ready to cum, he shoved his cock in my mouth and fed me his big load of hot gooey nut. I make sure to swallow every drop of master’s nectar.  

Dad gives Bare bottom spankings

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings are wonderful after a nice long roleplay scene.
My dad popped over for a visit unexpectedly. I was minding my business and took a nap after masturbating in between picking my offspring up from school and cleaning the house. A rare day all to myself as Master was in meetings and I had already done my chores and thought I was going to have a great relaxing afternoon. But I woke up as my pops was tying my hands to the headboard and calling me a lazy bitch! He pulled out the viberator from under my pillow and told me that I really should have changed the locks on my house! He teased me as I was bound and gagged and wouldn’t let me cum. But he did get on top of me and put his old daddy dick in my mouth while he laughed at what a stupid bitch I was! ANd as he released his jizz and smacked my face, he turned me over and spanked the hell out of my daughter ass. I still had bruises when my master came home and I had to explain everything to be gagged with his cock and spanked all over again!

My Daughter Deserves Bare Bottom Spankings and More

bare bottom spankingsI had to give her bare bottom spankings. I did not want to, but he forced his way into my home and made me violate my daughter. At first, I had no clue who he was. Honestly, he was too young to be my master or any of his friends. Turns out I did not know him, but my cock teasing daughter did. She was the reason we were in this predicament. He was a teacher at her high school. Apparently, my daughter has been blackmailing him for better grades. She cock teased him for months, then when he tried to act on it, she threatened him. The conniving little cunt was to blame. I told him he should punish her too. I cannot spank my daughter hard enough to scare her, or even make her cry. I was on his side. My daughter should be a submissive whore like me, not some cock teasing princess who never gives a man what he deserves. My daughter had this incredulous look on her face when she realized I was on his side. I told him to fuck her. To fuck her bald cunt and her tight asshole. What she did was criminal and mean, and she deserved to be punished for it. I mean how is a girl going to learn her place in this world if men do not check their behavior? Punishment is always warranted when a girl or woman thinks she is better than a man. Not on my watch. She was getting fucked. I even sucked his cock and opened her asshole and pussy for him. Guided his cock into her tight virgin holes. No condom. No lube. She deserved none of it. He made my daughter his bitch with his rape phone sex fantasies, and I loved being along for the ride. Young bitches need to learn their place early in life.

Golden Shower With Master And Friends

I got a golden shower like no other last night. Master had his friends over and they drank and got aggressive just like master does. They whipped their cocks out and slapped me with their dicks. Master told me to stick my tongue out and one by one they bent over in front of me and grabbed my head to lick their asshole. Laughing and stroking their cocks while I licked their ass is what they did one of them even sprayed my face with his jizz.

Pissing phone sex

The rest including master wanted me to swallow it. I sucked them off and tried to swallow all their nut. When they were done using me, they decided to empty their bladders give me a golden shower and started pissing all over my face and tits. Their piss was yellow and smelly, but I took it like a good submissive whore would. I wouldn’t want to let master down while he is with his friends. Master reassured me that I made him and his friends happy before he put me in my cage.  

Erotic Submissive Stories

erotic submissive storiesErotic submissive stories are something I am full of to share. I have been a sub most of my life. I was daddy’s slave first. I had a caller who wanted to talk about when my father first abused me. It was hard to remember the details because I was that young. I think I remember most of it but my younger days were filled with traumatic experiences, so I am not sure how well I remember them. My mom left my father and me for another man. I guess the new beau did not want a brat. And she did not think my father would turn me into his sex slave because of my age or maybe she just did not care because she was free. Never saw her again. That first night dad was without my mother, he put me in her place. He came into my bedroom. I could smell the whiskey on his breath. I was scared. My father never wanted much to do with me. I always felt like I was more of an annoyance to him than a daughter. He pulled back my bed covers. I woke up and asked what was wrong. I was scared. I did not know what was going to happen. I never thought my father was about to give me my first slave training session. He told me I was the woman of the house now and that meant taking care of the man of the house. I did not know what that mean really until he was on top of me pushing his dick into my little bald cunt. I screamed because it hurt. He left me not long after that first thrust. I was I immobilized by fear and pain. I had blood between my legs. I peed the bed too. That first night was the beginning of my nightmare. I am full of submissive stories throughout my life.

Weekend Bare bottom spankings

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings are so erotic when a true submissive woman is under your hands. My ass bouncing with the added padding of delivering three beautiful offspring and the softness of age gives you a nice show. It could be as simple as the brats are in bed and you are pushing up behind me as I step from the shower. You dangle my rope gear and bite my neck. I’m down on the bathroom floor crawling after you into the bedroom. I know what you require. I put my arms behind my back and bask in the sight of your shadow as you make quick work of your BDSM wife. A smack reverberates through the wood floors. My ass becomes awake and the messages in my brain say this is good. My pussy is soaked in one bare handed paddle. All the stress of the day… the week seeps out of me as I become fully yours by the 3rd hit on my round cheeks. Now pulled up onto the bed you lay on top of me and slide your hands around my throat.

Slut, bitch, whore…your words are music to my slave wife ears. 
On my belly I feel your fingers tighten and my ass slit widen. I feel my master’s cock dripping with pre-cum and know where he is headed. A gasp is short lived when penetration occurs finally. The precipice of anal fucking your wife has me almost cum instantly with your cock in my ass. 

Slave Training a Submissive

slave trainingEvery now and then I get to assist in the slave training of another sub. My master is not replacing me or adding another submissive to our family. He is part of a club. This club is for old rich guys who have submissives. One of the club members goes through subs quickly. He is not a nice man. I was in his charge for 8 hours once and it was the worse 8 hours of my life. He has a few subs at any one time and part of what he likes is for his subs to play together. This new sub was pretty adamant that she did not worship women. He asked my master what he should do, and he suggested that he let his submissive whore train her. I looked at it as an honor if I did not have to interact with her new master much. She was a pretty thing. Lifetime submissive like me but needed breaking into the wishes of her new master. He acquired her in a poker game. This was not for an hour or two. This was for life. My Master has assured me he would never bet me for life because he would be lost without me. I felt for this girl I was training because life was not going to be good for her. I may have told he to just do as she was told and never tell him no because he scares even me. I also may have told her that girl on girl action would be the best thing he would make her do. I taught her to toss my salad and eat and finger my cunt. I even showed her some sexy wrestling moves that guys love to see two women do. I like training women to be submissive sex slaves like me. I also like preparing them for how to survive. Some masters would like to pit two submissives against each other, but I will always have another sub’s back.

Super Face Pounding For A Submissive Whore

He gave me a super face pounding after the Superbowl game. He was frustrated that his team lost. When master is frustrated, he takes it out on me because I am his submissive fuck toy to do with as he pleases.

Slave training

He made me undress by slapping my face hard with his hand. When I fell to my knees he stepped on my hands as he told me how worthless I am. He then picked me up by my neck choking me, letting me know I am his toy to do as he wants, and he wants to choke me with his cock so I better open wide. I got on my knees, and he shoved his cock down my throat. He choked me as he fucked my throat. I could feel the tears running down my throat as he face fucked me. He grabbed me by the hair as he shoved his cock deeper in my mouth I could barely breathe when he started cumming down my throat drowning me. Some of his nut spilled out my mouth and he slapped me, telling me that I do not waste any of his nectar.  

Molest My Mini With Me

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex

You read that right, and you know what I’m begging for and why I’m doing extreme fetish phone sex. I have two young daughters and an very big interest in turning them into little breeding fuck dolly whores. I think they need to experience the abuse I’ve been through as a sex trafficking “victim”, including being bound, drugged, gagged, and shown absolutely no mercy.

I want them to be shaking so bad they couldn’t take a clear photo of their bruises and burns for the social worker if they tried. Master told me he would help me, and after that I knew there would be no going back. Neither of my girls would ever recover from being victims of my rape phone sex fantasies – especially not the way I knew Master was going to treat them. he put an old film up on the screen for my bitches and showed them exactly the way I used to be treated.

There was no way to save them, and even though they tried to run Master threw them down on the bed. He made them huff the stuff and down they went into dreamland. This would be one of those erotic submissive stories to remember.

Then he ripped all their clothes off and forced his cock inside of them one by one. If that doesn’t teach them to submit and give in to their fate as personal pocket pussies, I don’t know what will.


Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

I am Ready for Submissive Phone Sex

submissive phone sexReady for submissive phone sex? I am on my bed ready to serve. Okay, maybe not exactly. That is what I told this guy last night on Tinder. I decided to give it another try. I have been horny lately. My master and I have been so busy at work with a big case, that there has been little time for any BDSM games. There is a lot riding on the outcome of this case. He understands that I have certain needs too. Although, I have been sneaky behind his back in the past, he has given me a lot of leeway for a submissive whore. He is the one that encouraged me to start phone sex. On Friday, he told me to find a lover for the weekend. The only requirement was that he had to be dominant and treat me like a sex slave. No problem there. That is what I am almost always looking for. I found James on Tinder. He was 10 years older than me and looking for a sub for the night. He was handsome and sophisticated from his picture and correspondence. I was excited. I wore something he wanted, and I was waiting on my bed for him. I left the door unlocked per his instructions. He wanted to come in and take me. It was not supposed to be rape phone sex fantasies. It was more like a home invasion fantasy. I was catfished. The guy who came into my bedroom was about 20 years younger than me. He looked like the guy I saw on the app, but younger. Usually when they catfish you, the guy is older than his pic. This had to be his son. I could have called him out, but I refrained. He was still handsome and hung and definitely in charge. He pushed me down on the bed, ripped my panties off and shoved them in my mouth. Okay, this was a rape fantasy. He fisted my cunt which made me cry, then he flipped me over and fucked my asshole. I cried again. He fucked me on my bed for a few hours then left. If a boy could fuck that violently, had me wondering what his daddy could do to me.

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