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Wax On Slut, Wax Off Hair

Submissive Whore

I hate being waxed; that’s one pain I don’t enjoy. Though my slutty submissive cunt can’t differentiate, and seems to think all painful things are a reason to get wet. I knew I needed to go and get waxed if I wanted to attend the play party this weekend, but it was a fucking mistake. When I went in, this hot fucking Dominant man greeted me, and directed me to the back. I was quickly restrained. When this new place had been suggested to me, I had never fucking anticipated this.

Strapped down, he quickly brought out several candles and took his time lighting the wicks. As he lit one by one, my trembling, naked body was cast in soft little lights. One by one, he raised them up and drizzled wax down all over every hairy part of my body. He started with my navel, working his way up. My big tits don’t need waxed, but he coated my nipples in molten gold anyway. I was whimpering and trying not to scream, but when that hot wax pressed against my cunt, he made sure to drip it in my ass.

Then I begged him to stop. And when he ripped it all away, I screamed so hard I lost my voice. And still, my pussy dripped.

Submissive Phone Sex

Prostate Milking Whore

prostate milking

Have you ever been with a woman who was excellent at prostate milking? I’m very good at it because my Master insisted that I learn to do it in order to make his orgasms more powerful. He also told me that they last longer when his prostate is being stimulated. I bet you didn’t know that. Most guys think that any kind of “butt stuff” is off limits because they assume it means you’re gay if you like it. What a waste of fun! I guarantee you that if you find someone like me who is good at it, you’ll never go back.

You can even milk your prostate yourself and when you call me, I’d be more than happy to help you learn. I enjoy making Master cum really hard and I just know that I’ll love making you have explosive orgasms, too. You will probably keep calling me back, too, because you’ll be wondering what other tricks I have up my sleeve. So when you’re ready to give up the idea that someone playing with your butt means you’re gay (as if that’s a bad thing), just get on the phone and call me so I can show you what your prostate is really for!

Enjoying Being A Submissive Whore

Cock worshiping

Being a submissive whore is something I enjoy the most. Seeing the look in my master’s face when he ties me up or paddles me on my bare bottom is such a turn on makes me my cunt wet and dripping. I love the way the rope feels when it rubs and burns my skin. When you paddle me and make my ass red, I know you can see my wetness coming from my pussy. When you finger me. it drives me wild and I wiggle. Which makes the rope tighter and burn me more. I just want to have you stick your cock deep in my cunt. Use my holes master, just the way you use my body and make it hurt so good. It will feel so good when I finally get to feel your cock in one of my holes. If I’m lucky you will pick my asshole. When you fuck my asshole, the beast comes out of you. You make the best sounds and get so deep right before you fill it up with your hot gooey nut.  

Played In The Dark

Submissive slut

It was a long travel and there were not many people on the greyhound. As a matter of fact, I was the only woman on the bus full of all men going to different places. I was sitting in the back alone and I was horny. My pussy was wet already from not being touched and played with in 2 days. It was dark on the bus I figured I was safe from anyone noticing.  I was playing with my pussy when I felt someone close to me.  When I looked, he was sitting next to me and put his hand under my blanket he felt my fingers right on my wet pussy. As I tried to speak but he put his hands over my mouth and started fingering my pussy. It felt so good but I couldn’t even see who he was. He pulled his cock out and shoved my face right down on it. I sucked it and just let him finger me and fuck my mouth. He stuck his other fingers in my ass and was just going into all my holes. It felt so good I started cumming all over his fingers. He then took them out my pussy and I could hear him licking them as he started filling me up. After he just got up and left. The bus was so dark I just wondered who it could have been.  

Bondage whore Beginnings

bondage whore When I became a newly owned bondage whore I didn’t know I would be trained by my new master’s Mother! I was just a budding teen when I was forced into servitude by a new man. I remember his mother bathed me and oiled me up and dressed me in my first bondage gear. I was so nervous as this total hot milf made me kneel and told me to give her my cuffed wrist behind my back. The man before me was a stranger. His cock was the most visible thing in the low light. She told me to suck his cock now whore! She had been silent in my bathing and looked at me like a jilted lover. I had seen that same look in my older sister’s eyes. I was so confused and taking everything in.
I hadn’t wanted to leave my father and sister yet. Now I was married off in a hasty courthouse wedding to a man I had only met a couple of times. His mother slapped me hard as I hesitated to blow him for the first time. This was the first time this Submissive Whore had ever sucked anyone’s cock besides daddies’. My mouth opened and he brutally throat fucked me like I had never been before! I was falling forward and being rocked back with nothing but my new master and husbands cock. After he came in my mouth he let me fall forward and I received a lash to my ass and thighs from a thin whip. I cried out in almost a scream.
“I told you this bitch is too young, let me show her how to serve you son, as His mother knelt and took his whole cock down like a pelican swallowed a fish! I knew then she was going to be a hard act to follow and she would be the one to lead my slave training!

Your Sex Slave

Erotic Submissive StoriesI’ve always wanted to be a little sex slave! I spend a lot of my time looking for a dominant man  to put my slutty cunt in it’s place and reminding me who I belong to! I used to be grabbed by my throat and shoved against a wall before being forced to kneel down and start sucking on full hot ball sacks and being surrounded by a bunch of dominant cocks! I immediately start to suck and jerk off all of them while playing with my horny pussy. I’d make myself squirt and cum multiple times for them to watch me drown in my own juices! Then they’d used my juices and my mouth to lube up their big dicks and force as many as they could into my ass. I’d scream and moan while they continues to push cocks down my throat and swallow up the finishing cocks! They tied me down and played with my body, torturing every part up me from my tits to my clit! I was a good sex slave and would cum on demand! They finished me off by releasing their loads onto my body and watched as I cleaned it all up!

Prostate Milking Release

prostate milking

As you likely already know, I am most generally a submissive whore. But even I know that you can get a man to do just about anything you want him to do with some prostate milking. It feels SO good and you can prolong it for a while to really get what you want out of the session. Of course, I’ve never milked my Master’s prostate, but I’ve done it to men before behind his back and oh my God, it’s absolutely thrilling. I just hope he doesn’t find out about it, or there will be total hell to pay.

Most men have never had their prostate massaged and milked, so when it finally happens, they are over the moon about it. I’ve made grown men beg and promise me that I could have anything I want if I would just let them shoot a load. I’m not an idiot, so I always make sure to get them to order me whatever I want before I let them cum! And then, once they finally do get to have an orgasm, they get addicted to me. What can I say? I know how to milk a prostate like a champ. I can even tell you how. All you have to do is give me a call!

Submissive Sex Chat Mommies are Popular

submissive phone chatSubmissive phone chat mommies will always be popular with boys and men alike. My son and his friends enjoy abusing mommy occasionally. I never mind. Most times I egg it on. Sometimes, I try to get my boy to ravage me, but most of the time he will not take the bait; so I masturbate thinking about past times. Last night, I knew I needed pounded. I wanted his cock to abuse my fuck holes, but he called me a desperate hag and locked his bedroom door. So, I remembered this one time years ago, when my son had a slumber party. I broke out the one sex toy master lets me have at home to remember the night. I had let my son invite a few of his hockey buddies over after they won a big game. I was drinking wine while they played video games in the recreation room. My little night gown was inappropriate in front of young horny boys. I knew it was, but I did not think at their age they would notice much. That was the first night my son fucked me. He said I was asking to be fucked. I got more than fucked. I got anally gang banged by schoolboys. They stuffed my ass with boy cock. At their age, they could stay hard for hours and fuck me aggressively. I was their submissive whore for hours. They made me clean their dicks that tasted like my dirty ass when they were done with me. At the time, I was humiliated. Now, I masturbate thinking about it and trying to recreate the very gang bang. My son is still friends with the same boys. They are over periodically just not all at once. I guess until I can get them to gang bang me again, I can at least masturbate to the memory.

Pain Slut Submissive Whore

It is not in my nature to be dominant; I am a total submissive whore. I could tell my date noticed by the way he picked what I drank and had on our date. When I went to the bathroom, he cornered me and grabbed me by my neck. As he chocked me, he told me he will use me tonight and I will love it. He isn’t wrong my pussy got excited and started getting wet.

Bare bottom spankings

When we were done with our date we caught and uber, as the master he is he picked our destination. When we got there, he blind folded me and lead me into a hotel room. As he took my blind fold off, I can see the handcuffs on the bed and the whips. It only got me more excited. After being tied up he whipped my body all over until I was red to show me who is boss and how much pain I could take. As a good submissive slut, I took all he had for me. So, he rewarded me by pushing his big fat throbbing cock in my ass. The pain it shot through my body sent me into and orgasm. All he did was keep pounding my tight asshole over and over until he filled it up. After he finished, he told me he would be fucking my asshole on command. The submissive whore in me agreed with eagerness.  

Good Submissive Whore

Knowing how to be a good submissive whore came easy to me. It turns me on when you call me your filthy whore or dirty slut turn me on and gets me wet. Slapping me around and taking your frustrations out on me is what my body needs sometimes. My holes are yours so doing whatever you ask for only excites me more. My master ever loans me out to anyone who pays the top dollar. He even watches to make sure I’m being the perfect submissive slut he trained. Since I know he is watching I’ll make sure I suck your cock deep down my throat and make sure I swallow every drop of cum you want me to. Master loves it when you abuse my holes.

Cum slut phone sex

I love pleasing master and when you shove your cock in me, I make sure to take it even if it hurts. Like when you shove it hard and deep in my ass, the pain that shoots through my body gives me the energy to fuck you cock hard. As I fuck your throbbing cock with my ass, I look at master to see how pleased he is. Since he looks so happy it makes me cum hard and fast. That is when I go harder and the moment, I feel you filling my ass up I know I did a good job for my master.  

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