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Cum slut phone sex mommy gets used

cum slut phone sexI’ve spent the last week letting my stretched pussy and prolapsed asshole recover from my son’s wild New Years Eve party. As always, my son used his cum slut phone sex whore mommy as a fuck toy for all of his guests. I was tied up, gagged and positioned so that everyone had access to me. He let everyone there use my holes however they wanted. He even brought out a massive dildo and rammed it into my asshole. He held it and let everyone take turns fucking me with it. Fucking me and using my holes was the main event of the night. I stayed on my knees all night long like a good submissive. I was getting soaked in piss, spit and cum by all of his drunk friends. At the end of the night, he made me stand by the door, still soaked and thank every one of his guests for fucking me and using me like a urinal slut. Humiliating me and letting his friends use my holes gets his cock so hard. When he finally had me alone, he forced his hard cock down my throat while he made me bounce on that giant dildo. I was gagging and crying while that big fuck toy ripped my shit hole wide open. My son shot his hot cum all in my mouth and told me what a good mommy slut I was for him. I’ll be healing for a while but my pussy still gets so wet thinking of how hard his cock was, watching mommy get used.



Lessons Learned II

Submissive WhoreAs I laid there with my pussy so swollen and sore, all I could think was ….I want his cock so bad!

He had just left me to be brutally fucked for hours!

But my bruised cunt ached for him!

But he was not going to give me that thick cock that he had taunted my mouth with just hours before!

Not with out a little torture first!

I felt the leather tip of the whip glide across my round tender ass.

I was shaking  just thinking of the lashing I was about to receive!

And with one sharp snap, the first welt began to rise from my ass!

Then another! And another!

Until I could feel the blood trickle down in between my thigh!

I sobbed lightly as he pulled the ball gag out of my mouth and asked me what I was.

He loved to hear me say it….I am a dirty whore!

Only then, only after I tell him that I am his filthy dirty whore…

only then will he slide that hard cock in my raw cunt!

And all it takes is one push of his raw meat inside me, skin on skin….. pushing hard and deep….and I remember what I live for!


Lessons to be Learned

Submissive WhoreThe word has gotten out that I am a submissive whore.

The entire town knows that my young wet cunt is open for fucking anytime, anywhere.

All a man has to do is tell me to get on my knees and swallow his  throbbing meat or bend over and take his massive cock, balls deep in my tight shaved pussy and I do it willingly!

It is not because I am easy. It is because I know my place as a woman is to serve a man and that means all his wishes are my command!

And if I fail…I get the treatment I received last night!

I was lucky enough to be giving head to a hot guy with a scrumptious 9 inch cock! It was so delicious that I got carried away licking and sucking his bulging meat and devouring every inch!

Before I knew it, he had dumped a huge load of hot and creamy dick spit in my mouth!

Of course I loved it but that cock was soooo perfect, I wanted to feel it deep inside my tight cunt!

I should have known better because at that point he tied my wrists and ankles to a spreader bar, gagged my big mouth and strapped me to a fucking machine that drilled my cunt long and deep!!

I was getting pounded so hard, my head was popping like a pez dispenser!

He explained that it was not his job to serve me and I needed to learn my place!

It was hours before he came back and my once tight pussy was swollen, sore and burning red!

But nothing could have prepared me for what he did next!

(to be continued)


A Whore’s Punishment

Erotic Submissive Stories

I’ve been a very bad girl! Master caught me playing with my cunt without his permission, so he locked me in the torture room. I couldn’t help myself, though; the only thing he allows me to watch is porn. A scene came on where a slut was getting brutally gangbanged and I couldn’t help but finger my wet pussy. Now, I’m getting punished for my misbehaving actions. He chained my arms above my head and chained my thighs up to where I was vulnerably hanging from the wall. He placed a ball gag in my mouth and clamps on my nipples and left me there for a moment. I knew he’d be coming in soon to give me further punishment.
He returned with a fuck machine and rolled it right up to me. I moaned as he placed it inside of me. He kissed my cheek as he pulled on my nipple clamps a little bit, making my moan louder. He walked over and sat on the chair in front of me while saying that the only time I can cum is when he allows me to. He sat down and turned the machine on. I moaned as this huge dildo stroke my tight pussy. He told me not to move and any time that I did, he turned up the speed. I moaned and pleaded, but the ball gag silenced me and my movements just made him drill me harder with no mercy. By the end, I was trembling and my eyes were stuck in the back of my head. I had squirted and came all over this thing! He came over and removed the nipple clamps and patted me on my head like a good little bitch. Then, he just left me there to hang, pussy sore and dripping. He definitely taught me a lesson!

Submissive Whore Training with Donatella

Erotic Submissive Stories

I’ll do anything to please my Master’s cock, and he knows it too! He gets so much pleasure out of making me do new things that he’s never done with any of his whores. The other night, he said that I had been being a naughty little brat and spent the whole day training me on the perfect way to suck on his fat dick. He pulled back my hair and held my head as he used his hips to pump his monster cock deep into my tight throat. He fucked my mouth until he was ready to fuck my tight little pussy. I stayed on my knees as he placed a gag inside of my mouth, he said there was no more use for my mouth. He then bent me over and proceeded to use my other holes however he deemed fit. He pounded my pussy and my asshole so hard, I thought that my eyes would permanently be stuck in the back of my head. My screams were muffled by the gag in my mouth, but he knew that I felt pleasure nonetheless.

Maybe he felt like I was enjoying it too much because he decided that I needed to be punished. He placed me on all fours in a small doggie cage, stuck his cock through the bars, and proceeded to fuck me like the little bitch I am. He was using my slutty little body like the dirty fuck doll I am.

The Dr is in- your ass

prostate phone sex

Yesterday I got my first call for prostate phone sex. I am a doctor by day and a submissive by night. Today my schedule was filled with a bunch of men coming in for their yearly exams. After we get through the usual greetings we get down to the nitty gritty. Every man gets so nervous when it comes time for the prostate exam so today I decided to start a new way of making them feel at ease. I sent my nurse out of the room to start the labs and I would glove and lube up. While my patient lay on his side I would slide my lubed fingers into his ass in search of their walnut sized prostate. As I feel around and make sure that everything is feeling normal I also start rubbing and applying pressure. I would look over and see their cocks rising and their breathing quicken. I would increase my rubbing until I would see their hips start humping the air. I would then instruct them to grasp their pricks and stroke them while I would keep stimulating the prostate until they came. By the end of the day all 3 of my exam rooms smelled like cum but each guy happily re-scheduled for next year. I think that I will continue my new practice and help decrease white coat anxiety. I would love for you to make an appointment to cum see me!

Baptized in Cum

I lived to be your cum dumpster slut and now that my sweet soft skin has not been baptized in your cum, I am an empty void of a whore.Submissive phone sex


My master had been gone for quite some time.

Everyday, I shaved my wet young pussy so that is was velvety smooth, in hopes to feel his hard throbbing cock punish me just once more.

And everyday, I slipped out of my clothes and crawled to my cage and curled up and wept on the floor.

I thought if I was a good little submissive whore, he would come back and own my cunt like before.

I know I am a worthless whore without him.

I laid there on the cold hard cement floor, reaching between my legs, feeling the softness of the inside of my thigh… I did not dare touch my wet pussy!

Never without permission!

But I ached for him, for the sting of his hand across my bare ass, and for the bruised cunt the morning after getting fucked so hard that I could not walk!

What could I have done to be so unworthy?

Please Master! Please come back to me and fuck my tight hungry cunt!

Remind me who I belong to!

I am pleading, naked, kneeling, shivering on the floor, clinging so tightly to an old pair of dirty boots that you left behind…nuzzling and licking your old boxers…just to smell you one last time!

Submissive Slut Donatella

erotic submissive stories

Every time I come over to my brother’s house, he’s always walking around with his shirt off and in his boxers. We always drink together and hang out, but the other night he took things a step further. He made one of his “special drinks” and I got entirely too intoxicated that I couldn’t drive home. He offered for me to crash there and that I could sleep in his room in which I obliged. Even through my drunk haze, I could feel his hands groping me as he helped me up the stairs and into his room. I didn’t put too much thought to it, laid down and went into a drunken slumber. A while later, I heard the door squeak as it opened back up. I saw the light of the hallway before the door shut again. I thought my brother was just checking on me until I felt his remove the blanket from over my naked body. I moaned with anticipation as he rubbed my body up and down, ending his journey with his fingers inside my pussy. “What are you doing?” I asked. He quickly told me to shut up as he continued to finger my pussy. Even though I knew this was wrong, it was feeling too right. He lifted me up and placed me on my knees on the floor as he placed a collar around my neck and ball gag in my mouth. “You’re going to be a good whore, right sis?” he asked. I nodded in agreement as he lifted me to my feet. He kissed and licked me all over before leaning me on the bed and burying his huge dick in me. He used the collar to choke me as he pounded my pussy, my moans being muffled by the gag in my mouth. This was the best sex I had ever had and it was with my brother. He fucked me so good and made sure no one could hear my screams, the only time he removed the gag from my mouth was when I was deepthroating his cock. I keep replaying it like a movie in my head, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. The way he felt, the way he commanded and dominated me, I couldn’t believe it. He’s my brother, but I’m definitely going to get that good dick again!

Submissive Whore Sex Slave

submissive whore

My Master always have a demeaning plan for me when we had our “date” weekend. This past weekend was no different. He decided I would be treated like the trophy side of meat I am. Not as I expected to be treated. Not at all. I was use to being showered with gifts and lots of great words about me. I was used to being adored and worshiped. That was all before I met Master and was hypnotized into consenting to be his property. To be his sex slave and allowed to be used however he wished on one weekend every three months. That was last weekend. I was forced to ride bitch on a motorcycle without panties on and a short slut shop skirt. I wasn’t even allowed to wear a bra. I had to wear a cheap whore leather halter and was road around town feeling like a skank trash slut. I didn’t know what was going to be expected until we road up to a Roadhouse in the middle of nowhere. This Master led me in by a collar and chain. I was applauded and cat called at before I was left for the greasy biker vultures to get their hands on me and fat pricks in me. I was fucked raw that night.

Pussy Whipping

Submissive WhoreI know what I am and I know who owns me!

But sometimes, I make mistakes, and for that, I must be punished!

In the past, I have had spankings.

They would sting…turn my tender young skin, the brightest shades of crimson!

But his hard strong hands, bring the flush of blood to the surface started to create yearnings….desires….an erotic aching in my tight moist cunt!

He knew I was enjoying the pain!

So yesterday, when I brought home canned cranberry sauce instead of making home made, my torture was severe!

My master had grabbed me by my hair, yanking it hard as he pulled me to the “punishing room”.

He threw me on the bondage platform, working quickly to shackle my arms!

The restraints were tight and I knew if I tried to fight, the pain would be worse!

He began thrashing my soft smooth cunt!

The leather straps stung as they split the smooth soft flesh of my young wet pussy!

I tried not to like it….I tried to control my excitement!

I tried not to let him see the juices that began to ooze out of my hungry fuck hole!

But it was no use!

I could not control the surging tidal wave of sweet cum that was exploding out of my erotically tortured pussy!

Oh, the pain he gives me brings such intense pleasure!


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