Bondage Phone Sex

I woke up somewhere strange with my arms tied behind my back. Completely naked aside from my panties, I wiggled and writhed trying to break free from my restraints, or at least to sit up right to get a better look at my surroundings. I was on a bed in someone’s home, I could tell. And my legs were not tied! This was good, maybe I could escape. My stirring was heard, though, as a man walked in. His face was covered by his hat and bandana and he was holding a strange metal contraption in his hand. Cowering, I asked to be set free. He scoffed before grabbing me by the throat and pushing me back onto the bed. Holding me down, he attached the metal contraption to my head, putting it in my mouth. My jaw was locked in place, wide open! I couldn’t shut it no matter how hard I tried! Tears streamed down my face as he yanked me back up by my hair and stood behind me as he pinched and twisted my nipples. He gave me no mercy, no matter how hard I cried and yelped. I fell to my knees, the pain overwhelming me. Now in front of me, he firmly gripped each side of my head and began to fuck my throat. Gagging, I fought for air as he sunk into my face, balls deep. His cock was so huge, my throat could barely squeeze it in. When he was about to finish, he smacked me hard. I fell onto the ground as he straddled me and jerked each drop onto my face and into my mouth which was still being forced to stay open.

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