Age Play Punishment

submissive phone sex

Daddy Master loves BDSM age play with his little subby whore. I love slurping on Daddy Master’s cock begging for his warm cummies with my little pink tongue. But I’m also such a naughty little subby. I got in big trouble yesterday for rubbing my young bald pink cunnie with my magic wand yesterday without his explicit permission. I needed to be punished! Daddy Master grabbed me by my pigtails and dragged me out to the yard. He stripped my frilly pink dress off of me and made me parade around the yard naked. Then he made me beg for forgiveness, but not before he bound my young school girl hands together behind my back. Daddy Master forced me to get on my knees and slurp on his cock in broad daylight for his forgiveness. My little bald cunnie got so wet having Daddy Master’s cock fuck my throat nice and deep. I begged for sweet release, I even began rubbing my clitty on the grass but Daddy Master slapped me and commanded me to stop. “Naughty whores are not allowed any release.”

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