Anything For An 8Ball

gangbang phone sex

All I’m really good for these days is being a coke party girl. I’ll do anything men want for an 8ball and that includes a huge gangbang at orgy parties. Once that coke starts giving me sweet numb gums it’s time to play!!! It’s not a good gang bang until I am completely tied down with all of my holes primed and ready for cocks and fists! These guys were no rookies to the routine. I had cocks in every hole and I was choking on those dicks! But it all felt so fucking good because of that white powder running through my system. I was moaning and gagging all over those dicks and soon I was gulping down cum and my own chunky vomit! Dick after dick came down my throat and I lost count of how long I was brutally fucked. I can tell you that I almost finished half of that 8ball though. Damn I am sore, but I’d do it all over again to get some more of that angel dust up in my face.

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