Anything for master!

Bondage whoreI live to serve him. He is my long dick master and I beg to please him every moment that I am not being used for his pleasure. I love being his show toy for his friends. The way he makes me fuck any and all of them for him at a moment’s notice. I love that look on his face when my eyes are tearing up from him plowing my tonsils with his cock, like he could care less about my pain. It reminds me of my duties as his servant mommy and I love it. He is so young forceful and energetic that I long for his pain when he isn’t here. I may just make him mad tonight so that he will slap me with his cock and piss on me. He will then probably call over some huge cock guys to ass fuck me as punishment. Even when I am a bad little mommy slut my master treats me so well and that is why I live to serve him.

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