Ass over applecart

extreme fetish phone sex

While at the bondage party last week Master found a mechanic that he really enjoyed. So of course that gave him the ambition to build me another fuck machine. Master is very creative and good with his hands when it comes to building these contraptions. He put his own personal twist on this specific model which folded me in half allowing my ass and pussy hole to be exposed at once. He always loves to surprise me with his builds and blindfolds me until I am all strapped in and ready to be fucked. He strapped my wrists down to the machine then pulled my legs back up over my body. From there he fastened my ankles in place which made my fuck hole vulnerable to that massive dildo on the end of the arm that was ready to fuck me for as long as Master seen fit. He must have really enjoyed this specific style because I was left here to be fuck for what had to be at least 2 hours. I quivered and came all over this fuck rod several times of the course of being tied down. Once I was released my pussy was numb and tingling. Master knows how to do right by his whore.

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