Badge Bunny Bo

submissive slut

I’ve known that being a submissive slut is my true calling in life for a long time now, but I recently found out that being a hero just might be in my blood.  At least, I had a bunch of them in my pussy, anyway!

The house across the street caught fire and I was the only one around to help before the firefighters arrived.  I charged inside the smoke filled home and helped my neighbors get their family to safety.

When the firemen showed up we were just getting out to the stoop hacking and coughing with flames hot on our heels.  As they extinguished the inferno we were tended to by a hunky hottie who gave us all the attention we needed.  Well, almost.

I wanted to thank him personally for taking such good care of me so a couple days later I headed down to the firehouse to show the stud my appreciation.  I should’ve known that I wouldn’t just be giving my gratitude to him, I was about to share my gracious holes with the whole damn crew.

I walked in and asked if I could speak with the Captain and everyone was so kind and helpful in leading me to his office where he greeted me with a welcoming smile and a warm handshake.  When I explained my reason for being there he said he knew exactly to whom I was referring and called for Jake to come in and meet with us.  I was so excited that my snatch got all squishy with anticipation as we waited for him to arrive.  I sat down to try to hide my excitement and settle myself but the astute chief could tell I was getting all flustered.

When Jake stepped into the office a goofy smile spread across my face.  Before I could speak, the Captain told him who I was and why I was there then grabbed a handful of my hair and told me to show Jake’s cock just how much of a thankful submissive slut I am as he pushed me down to the floor.  With my head held close to his crotch, I pulled that giant hose out of Jake’s pants and primed it with my hot mouth, getting it ready to fill me up and spray me down.  A bit envious of his underling, Captain slapped me in the face with his veiny fuck tube and started cramming it into my gob too!  The two pipemen worked my filthy mouth over until they were ready for more then threw me up on the desk for easy access to my horny holes.

As Jake pushed me down on my back and ran his loveline deep inside my fiery funbox, Cap went to the door and called the rest of the crew in to get a little respect and recognition.  I took on every last one of them as they rotated around the desk making me jerk and suck and take all of their cocks in both of my happy fuck holes.

They’re quite the team, even had their load blowing down to a scorching science.  All at once, every last one of them exploded all over me, blasting me like a circle of busted open, cum spewing fire hydrants, momentarily extinguishing my everlasting longing for that sweet fuck juice.

Now I’m the entire brigade’s submissive slut.  Whenever they need a helping cunt, they call on Badge Bunny Bo.


    • Larry on July 1, 2022 at 1:43 pm
    • Reply

    Badge Bunny Bo, now that is sexy as all fucking get out.

    • Mason on July 10, 2022 at 12:00 pm
    • Reply

    You look like a slutty movie star.

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