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Bare Bottom Spankings for Me and My Daughter


bare bottom spankingsI needed bare bottom spankings. At least that is what master said. He paid me an unexpected visit at home. Usually, he abuses me at work. Rarely does he come to my house. My car was in the shop. I was going to Uber to work, but he said he would pick me up. I was ready and waiting outside. He ordered me back inside. I was scared. What the fuck was he going to do to me. He ordered me to pull down my skirt and bend over the couch. I had on pantyhose. He loves me in pantyhose. They turn him on. Do you have a pantyhose fetish? Master sure does. He groped my ass first then he pulled off his belt. Oh boy, I was in trouble now. He whipped his submissive whore like a slave. My buttocks were taking the brunt of his punishment, but he whipped my ass too. I tried not to cry, but it just hurt too much. My daughter came into the room and laughed at me. She can be a little bitch sometimes. She hates my life as a subby whore. She thinks of herself as a princess. I guess it is her age. At her age, I was a high school dropout and on the run from my abusive dad. Master did not like her disrespect. He grabbed her and whipped her too. She fought. I do not fight. I never fight. I take the pain like a good bitch. That is what I am. A good bitch. Master whipped my daughter’s ass raw. He whipped her with his belt until she apologized to me. Master lectured her on respect. I doubt it will stick. She is a little bitch with no understanding that she is nothing more than a submissive slut too. Perhaps you can punish the little cunt too. We are both in need of training.

Gangbang Punishment For Submissive Whore Casey

I strayed from my master and found a new fuck buddy. He had a big black cock and pounded me hard until I couldn’t walk right. The next day my master came to visit me, I did as I usually do and greeted him naked on my hands and knees. He pulled his cock out and I sucked it like a good whore. He told me to bend over and with a bit of hesitation, he stuck his cock in me and I yelped out in pain. I was sore from the pounding I got the night before, as he fucked me, he got close to my ear and told me how he knew I had been getting fucked. My heart jumped and I knew I would be punished. He choked as he shoved his cock in and out of me.

Gangbang phone sex

He then turned me around and slapped my face saying he was about to show me what a whore gets. Three black men walked in with hard cocks in their hands. They took turns pounding my asshole and pussy as my master made me suck his cock. They fucked my cunt so hard I bled and that is when master filled my mouth up with his load. He reminded me of who I belong to and what would happen if I gave his property away. I will be a good Submissive Whore from now on. 

Submissive Slut Tool

I got on my knees like a dog bitch because I knew my master was having a bad day. As a good Submissive Whore, I let my master give me bare bottoms spankings until my ass hurt so bad, I pissed myself. When my master saw that, he called me a pissy whore and pulled his cock and started spraying me with his yellow piss stream all over my face.

Bare bottom spankings

He laughed as he told me I am his property to be used as he pleases, and I need to take it whether I enjoy it or not. He shoves his cock in my mouth telling me to clean it, then bent me over telling me his ass needs cleaning too. Like a good whore I licked his ass until it was clean. I wanted to please my master in every way. That is why when he told me to suck the pre-cum out of his cock I did. By then my cunt was dripping down my legs. My master saw this and bent me over lubing his cock up with all my cunt juices. With fast forced he shoves his cock in my asshole fucking me hard now taking his frustrations out on my asshole. After filling my asshole up my master told me to clean up and get ready for more, he still was tense.

Master’s Plan For My Girls

Submissive Slut

Master has been obsessed with force fucking my little girls right in front of me! Ever since master decided to pop my sweet angels cherries he has been using them nonstop in front of me while I’m tied up. It’s his favorite kind of torture for me witness my young girls turned into cum sluts, I can see that they will be nymphos now because they are starting to enjoy having his cock forced down their throats or into their little cunts. I’m ashamed to admit I’m dripping wet while he ruins their holes and makes me watch them get addicted to being abused. He even mentioned that he was going to start filming them and selling the videos for cash so they would be come bondage porn stars before they are even legal!

Submissive Whore Party Fever

submissive whore

A submissive whore is always the life of any party. I was invited to a party. I thought I was a guest. As it turned out, I was the free pussy and ass offered up to the real partygoers. I met this woman through my master. She is a client. We did her will and estate planning. Older woman. Old enough to be my mother. Her and my master go way to college. Back then it was rare for women to go to college. She is the daughter of old money, but she is in her 60s. She is not the kind of woman I ever would have suspected to throw a sex party. So, when I was invited, I thought it was to thank me for helping her with her legal affairs. Turns out master once again loaned me out, but he let me think that I was going to the party with him, not as a submissive sex slave. When I arrived, I was told I was overdressed. I was sent to a room to change clothes. When I saw the outfit, I realized I was not a guest. It was like an old-fashioned Playboy Bunny outfit from the 60s just sans the ears. I was walking around barely dressed serving drinks. Men were groping me. Master told me to do anything the party guests wanted. What they all wanted was to use my holes. I was free pussy and ass. They ranged in age from 25-85. And I fucked just about everyone there. Sucked a lot of cock too. More cock in one night than I am accustomed too. Master told me that my performance could bring him a lot of money. He was getting referral business based on how well I pleased these party guests. I sucked it up and swallowed load after load of cum. I was the best submissive slut I could be. I got old men hard enough to fuck my pussy and ass. Some of those men had not cum in ions. I was sore and covered in cum by the end of the party, but master was very happy with all the business I brought him. I guess a slave’s work is never done.

Two Bitch Submissive Phone Sex

submissive phone sexSome women just do not get submissive phone sex. I am not most women. I know my place. I used to fight being submissive. No more. My newest owner is far more benevolent than my father and ex-husband ever were. My master may be older and slowing down, but he still likes to have his way with me. I am in the office twice a week and the rest of the time I am doing phone sex. I had a surprise when I went to work this morning. He had another woman there. Her name is Eliana. Immediately, I got jealous and thought I was being replaced. I mean the woman is hot. Hotter than me. Likely near my age, but better body, better rack. Turns out Eliana is another man’s slave on loan. Master was in a kinky mood. He just wanted another submissive whore. He took a Viagra so he would have two bitches to play with this morning. Since his little blue pill had not kicked in yet, I was tasked with prepping the loaned slave. I licked her ass and her cunt. I could taste cum. Fuck my life. It was master’s cum. I got jealous again, but I kept my mouth shut. I was going to be the best slave master ever saw. I gave Eliana a tongue bath. I spit shined that awesome fucking body of hers. Master was so hard. I saw the equipment laid out, so I helped myself. I took a speculum and cranked open Eliana’s cunt. It was so wet and juicy. Master told me to fist her cunt. I felt bad for a moment, then I realized this bitch is my competition. I am obedient, so I fisted her gaping cunt. She is a sturdy whore, that is for sure. She never even grimaced with my arm inside her fuck hole. Master spooged all over the floor. Eliana and I crawled to the wet spot and licked his old jizz off the floor like pets. Master told me Eliana will be around once a week for a playdate. I guess I must like the bitch. He assured me he is not replacing me, but variety is key in submissive sex. He said two submissive whores are better than one. Do you agree?

submissive whore

Gangbang Punishment and Bare Bottom Spankings From Master

When master gives me Bare bottom spankings it gets my cunt wet. I thought that was what I was getting when he tied me up. But when all the BBC bulls walked in, all I could do was brace myself for the pounding and abuse my holes were about to get. Master gets off on seeing my squirm and punished, a gangbang is a good way for him to see me suffer.

Gangbang phone sex

As they got closer to me all I could think of was that I must take my punishment like a champ and milk these BBCs. As I started sucking the first big black cock in my face, I looked at master and I could see the excitement poking out his pants. I sucked that BBC deep into my throat as I felt my holes starting to be stretched out and pounded. I could barely take the cock in my mouth before he filled my throat up with his nut. I kept getting fucked hard until I just laid there as I was getting filled up with jizz. Master was pleased by then and he came up behind me and started pounding all the cum out of me spanking my bare ass with his paddle until it was red and welted, that is when he called me a good Submissive Whore and filled my cunt up with the last load of the night.

Own Me

submissive slutI love being a nasty submissive whore. I love being shit and pissed on and being used as a toilet. I love having as many cocks as I can in my slutty fucking body while there are more waiting for their turn. I love being tied up and tortured until I can’t take anymore but they still don’t let me go. I love being whipped and spanked and called dirty names while getting my dirty little shit hole pounded in. I love to have my whore mouth assaulted by a huge thick cock just fucking my face so fucking hard until I can’t breathe. I love when they hold my face down on their cock so I can’t breathe until I go unconscious. They love to take my unconscious body and tie me up and fuck me in every hole I have so that I wake up sore every day. I love being treated like a breeding slave, locked up forced to have a cock shoved in every hole I have begging for more.

Master’s Gang Rape Fantasy


gangbang phone sex

Someone broke into my house last night and force fucked  my pussy right in front of my master! I was laying at his feet when we heard a loud boom at the door. Master immediately ran and left me there alone! The intruders immediately snatched me up and started slapping my tits and cunt. I started screaming and begging for the 3 intruders to not to take my slut holes me but my all the noise I was making really starting to piss them off so they shove their cocks down my throat. I had three dicks in my mouth, and I could not fucking breathe! Even though I should have been scared my fucking cut was soaking and one of the intruders noticed my slit dripping down my legs. They had me pinned down with their faces covered so it all felt like a gangbang phone sex fantasy! How could my slutty cunt not be soaking wet?  “We’re about to assault her cunt, boss” he says as he pulls his cock out of my mouth. Who the fuck is boss? When I look up, I see Master standing there stroking his dick as the intruder pounds my black snatch. He set me up! I soon came to realize that Master wanted to watch his nigger slut get violated! I kept my eyes on my master as the gang rape fantasy continued. When they shot their loads all over my tits and face they simply left. Master patted my head and told me i was a good subbie whore. I was so happy master was proud of me!

Obedient Submissive Slut

submissive slut

Last week, Master Tomas told me that he had a surprise for me. When he says that, I always know he’s talking about something that’s going to be extremely humiliating for me. Well, this time he decided to take me to a casino and offer to take men in the bathroom for blow jobs to relieve the tension from gambling. I was instructed to just walk up to whatever man Master told me to and make the offer to them. Of course, I didn’t really want to do it. But I know by now that I am not allowed to say no to Master. 

So, we walked around and played some slots while Master looked for the perfect guys for me to please. When he found one, I was to walk up to him and ask him if he was getting stressed out from the tension of gambling. If he said yes, that’s when I’d offer him the cock sucking experience of a lifetime. Master would always buy the guy a drink after I sucked them off in the bathroom. Do you want to hear about that or some of my other experiences as a submissive slut, Sir?

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