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Cock Worshiping & Skull fucking

Cock worshiping
Cock Worshiping & Skull fucking are a normal part of my slave routine. I was bought as a teenager by my master and husband. I had no idea the amount of cock my poor throat would see in my lifetime back then. I remember learning to suck cock with my daddy. He wasn’t as nearly brutal with my mouth and throat as my Master is.

I remember Master being so upset with my cock sucking abilities that he set up a camcorder and filmed him teaching me how to worship his dick. I would later find out that my father received a nice montage video of his little girl becoming a deepthroat slave! Just knowing that my first sessions were recorded and sent to my daddy had my cunt soaked.

My master asked me if I would like to demonstrate my Blowjob skills for my father in person during our second year of marriage. I had just had my first brat and was eager to be serving cock again. Of course, I said Yes, Sir to a night with my Master and dad’s cock skull fucking me! How do you think I become such a good submissive slut? I bow to all of my kings’ cocks and suck them like a golf ball through a garden hose!

Slave training and I am ready to conform to your authority. 

Slave training Fuck my asshole daddy, nice and rough.. I love it so much when you use me, Sir. I will follow instructions and be on my best behavior, anything you say goes. Please Sir, may I have one of those incredible, extreme orgasms that make my legs shake while feeling your cock in the pit of my stomach’? Your cock belongs deep inside of me Master, my tight rigid hole is warm and ready to be filled. Pull your cock out of my pussy and force me to my knees.. Make me smell the scentless scent and taste the water, I’ve left all over your veiny dick. I want to be your Cock worshiping slut, who you teabag.. Have me lick the rim of your asshole while you stroke your cock above my face. Looking into my beautiful eyes while jerking you like a total slut. I’ll have your toes curl and show you that.. Yes Master, I’ve been on my best behavior.. I waited for you here at home and did everything you asked me to do.. I couldn’t wait for you to get here Sir, so that I could serve you! Light Bondage still necessary, bend me over and whack my ass even though I’ve been a good girl, my pussy will pulse because I know I’ve behaved so well. I thank you for being so good to me, Daddy. Slide your fingers beneath the seams of my sexy mesh lace panties and run them straight down my slit.. Tell me that I am deserving of your girthy cock.  I will naturally behave so submissively.. Always fully aware and respectable as I should be. Completely fascinated by your presence, thankful for the time you saved just for me. Conscious of my status, I’ve come  prepared for Slave training and I am ready to conform to your authority. 

I failed at Prostate milking so was put in my place

Men are so much more powerful, and I am just a worthless bitch. I feel lucky if my master uses me for Prostate milking. I get tired of being in my cage, so I was happy when you finally let me out. You told me a hoe bitch like me should feel lucky that you will let me eat your ass. I stick my tongue out and like a hungry puppy I start lapping at your asshole. Your moans told me I was doing a good job but when you pulled my hair and started to choke me and slap my face, I knew it wasn’t good enough job. I pleaded for you to have mercy on me and let me milk you anyways.

Prostate milking

You love hearing me plea for mercy. You gave me a bit of mercy and stopped choking me so I could breathe and bent me over and spanked my bare ass until it was red. But you wanted to use my mouth, you shoved your cock in my throat and used it to milk your master cock meat. When you finally filled my throat up with semen, I realized why hurting me for you off. You like to be in control and have all the power and I must be your happy Submissive Whore. 


Extreme Bondage Broke Me!

Extreme Bondage
I know it was extreme bondage that broke my will to be a good mother and save my girls from hard cock! All that time after my stepfather would give me bare bottom spankings I started going online and engaging in bondage chat with much older men. I had something inside me that wanted to be dominated like a submissive slut, I was begging to be owned by a real dominant master. As a single mother I fell into a trap easily when a dominant man came into my life and took ownership of me and my little girls. He paid the bills; he fed us and eventually exposed my sweet innocent girls to evil bondage porn. I had no choice but to let him use them for his new fuck toys, I had to let him begin teaching them to be his cum slaves  with his thick 9 inch dick!

Cum slut phone sex Whore needs more

Cum slut phone sex

Being a cum slut phone sex whore leads me open to so much good stuff. Like being a submissive slut and having men use me at their pleasure. There is nothing better than knowing a man want to use me for my purpose of serving his pleasures. Last week I was I was out shopping and I saw this guy following me. I understand why men feel they need to keep a distances these days since the whole women’s complaining movement but I was cutting my eyes at him in the most inviting way. I’m sure more bitches wouldn’t be snuffed if they realized how our only purpose is to serve the man. The good book says so. Well after following me around a few clothes racks I started to head to the changing rooms, knowing he would follow. When he came around the corner and saw me on my knees his rod instantly came alive. Maybe there way a hole in his pants or maybe he actually unzipped them but that stiff prick seemed to pop out automatically like a jack in the box. And I, just being a whole in the wall was drawn to that dick like a bee to honey. Before I knew it he had zipped up and walked away, leaving my belly full of the creamy white cum I so desired.

Bondage whore gets trained

I became a full-blown Bondage whore young because I met an alpha male I disobeyed. He was going to drive me home but turn the opposite direction. After he slapped me, he let me know how I needed to be trained and if obeyed I would be rewarded. I had to address him as master and would always be naked. The first night was the hardest, every time I opened my mouth to say anything he would force his cock down my throat. He fucked my throat so hard that I choked and would pass out. I thought my master was going to feed me his load. The ropes he had tied me with would keep me in place. When I woke up my master was ready to once again finish laying down the rules and giving me the training I need. My master would whip my bare ass to show me how I would be punished.

Bondage whore

The rope tugged and pulled on my skin every time, giving me rug burns. I thought it was over for the night, but he pulled a device that opened my asshole. My master fucked my ass so hard that night and filled me up with semen so much, I realized it was my life duty to be my master’s Submissive Whore.

I Sold My Girls Into Slave Training!

Slave Training

I never knew what a bondage whore I was until I did the unthinkable and sold my girls into slave training. My Master only paid the price of owning me completely, that meant my girls were his to discipline and train. The girls were surprised when Master moved in with us, they weren’t used to having a dominant cock in the house. Things changed so quickly once he started giving them bare bottom spankings while I was tied up. They would beg and cry for their mommy but I couldn’t disobey my Master’s wishes; I had to let them experience the throes bondage and submission on their own. My cunt was throbbing as Master forced his thick hard staff inside their young virgin cum tunnels, they cried for me but I could only soak my panties. Master barely fucked them for a few thrusts each before they were getting their first submissive bondage whore creampies right before my very eyes.


Submissive Whore deserves a punishment

As a Submissive Whore I am to follow all of my master’s rules and when I break them, I get punished. I snuck out my cage while master was away and got fucked by the mail man. When I got back, he was waiting for me. He had installed hidden cameras to watch me when he wasn’t home. He slapped my face hard, and I fell to the ground. Before I could stand up my master was pissing all over me using me like a filthy urinal. He called me a whore and made it clear that I should beg for his punishment and forgiveness. I begged as he asked, I didn’t stop even when he beat me and shoved his pissy cock in my mouth. I sucked it like my life depended on it, because it did. My master was choking me as he fucked my throat the harder, he fucked my mouth the harder he squeezed. I could tell he was mad and wouldn’t stop until I passed out or until he came in my throat. I was hoping he would feed me his loads. But as I started seeing black his cock popped out my mouth. Master kicked my cunt as he sprayed my face with cum. I woke up on the floor smelling like piss hoping my master would be pleased with me now.

Submissive Whore

Cock worshiping leads many astray

Cock worshiping

Did I know I was going to cock worshiping all the days of my life I would have started out in a brothel. But someone I started out in the burbs with straight vanilla parents. There was always something in me that saw the best times as those in which a cock was out and I was able to give it my undivided attention. If you’ve ever had a loved one with an addition. you know the look in their eyes. Well that’s me but because of my lovely choice of careers my addiction pays me. So as I enter my middle years I’ve come to accept that worshiping cock to me is the same as little old ladies going to church on sunday. But am I a half time worshiper? Hell no! Full time Cum slut phone sex whore is what I am. And my callers make it so addicting because they can tell when I’ve actually had an orgasm and generally get off around the same time. Nothing is better that cum, especially if your doing it with someone else.

Bondage and submission for slave bitch it is all that is needed

When you belong to master, Bondage and submission are all you know. On the weekends he will tie me up with his favorite rope. He makes sure to tie my breast in a way that if I moved I would have the rope tighten up even more and start burning me. That always made it fun for my master. He would purposely do things to make me squirm and move. He would stick his metal dildo in my cunt, the one that sends shocks deep in my cunt. That all ways made me squirm hard to where this fucking whore would be left with rope burn all along my tits. Any Bondage whore like me screams herself from all the torture and attention master might be give her. He checks my cunt hole after all the torture and if am wet and gooey enough, he will use my wetness to be able to fuck my ass. He pounds me hard until he nuts, but the best part he enjoys the most is being able to piss all in my holes. I am just happy to be a collard whore and have my master bless me with his juices. 

Bondage and submission