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Slave Training After Caught On Bondage Phone Sex By Master

Slave training for me is what I look forward to. I am stuck in my cage while my master is at work, he only lets me out for Slave training or punishments.

Slave training

Sometimes I would break some rules so he would let me out. My master left and I decided to get on Bondage phone sex so I can hear erotic bondage stories while I watch S&M porn. My master had given me Bare bottom spankings and had gotten Prostate milking from me but not once touched my cunt. I was fingers deep in my cunt while hearing Erotic bondage stories when master walked in. As soon as he saw me, I knew I would be punished, and it excited me. He grabbed me by the neck and asked me what I was doing out of the cage. He tied my hands behind my back and slapped my face a few times until I fell to the ground. That is when he climbed on top of me, spread my ass and shoved his cock in me. While he fucked my asshole, he gave me bare bottom spankings telling he is the only one who is allowed to touch my cunt. He fucked me hard until my body shook and I came so hard. That is when he filled my asshole up and made me crawl back into my cage. I went to sleep satisfied and sore. 

Submissive Whore Gives Master Some Prostate Milking

Prostate milking was what I had for dinner. My master loves Cock worshiping and Bondage and submission. Tonight, he tied my hands and the rest of the rope he tied around my neck making a noose he held on to it as he climbed my face. When he gets cock worshiping from me it gets my pussy wet but i couldn’t reach down without making the rope tighter on my neck. He rubbed his cock all over my face making it hard, quickly I sucked it into my mouth and the master moaned out with pleasure. It made my cunt even more juicy but i still couldn’t touch it, master likes to torture me. He scooted up, grinding his balls on my face, until his asshole was right on my face.

Prostate milking

I knew that meant he wanted some prostate milking and I love to please my master. It is my job as a submissive whore, so I stuck my tongue right on his asshole and licked hard and fast. I could feel he was jacking his cock off on my face as I wiggled my tongue on his prostate hard making sure I would get every drop out of his balls. He started pulling on the noose around my neck as he grinded his asshole on my mouth. I could barely breathe. I thought I was going to pass out and that is when my master’s body tensed up and he started splashing cum all on my head and face. He was so spent from the prostate milking he just left me tied up with a face full of cum when he went to bed.

Spanking Chat

Spanking ChatSpanking chat turns me on. I lay on the bed with my ass in the air, with my cute little pink tight pussy wide open for you to see all. I want you to spank me spank me hard spank me rough. Spank me till I’m really red. I know I misbehaved make sure you hold that stick up high and bring it down hard. Make sure I listen next time oh, it feels so good to hurt so bad spanking with me will give you so much pleasure feels so bad. This nice round little ass deserves a good spanking from her big old daddy. I swear daddy I’m gonna listen to every word you say next time. I might not, I like our spanking time.

Submissive Sex with Anything: Human, and Inanimate Objects for my Holes

submissive sex

Sometimes men enjoy me having submissive sex with inanimate objects. I have this caller who enjoys making me fuck things in front of the window. He likes submissive exhibitionist sluts. I just like to do what I am told. It is in my nature to do what men tell me. With this guy I have gone outside naked and masturbated in front of neighbors. I have peed in my backyard too while neighbors were outside. He likes to humiliate me. He has made me do nude jumping jacks in front of windows until I was about to pass out too. He is a sadist. I am his willing victim. I am anyone’s willing victim I guess because I am a submissive whore. Last night, he wanted me to fuck my cunt with a high heel. I have a lot of shoes, and unfortunately for my pussy, I have a lot of spiked heels. They are not meant for the pussy. The one shoe he wanted me to use had a 6-inch spiked heel. Now of course I have had bigger and thicker things in my pussy, but this heel was dirty and sharp, and he had me fucking my cunt and my ass with it. I was worried I might impale something. He made me snap some pictures, so he knew I really had the shoe. He keeps me on my toes. I cut the inside of my cunt somehow because I started bleeding. Not bad. My pussy and ass have bled harder from rough sex before. But my cunt was stinging, and he was just laughing. Laughing at my pain. I told you he was a sadist. I am just a nasty subby bitch, so I guess we are a good match. I love his calls, but I dread them too. Sometimes, submissive phone sex is just as rough on me as real time with a master.

Cock Worshiping Is What This Submissive Whore Is Good At

When my master has a bad day, I know it will be doing some Cock worshiping and he will be giving me Bare bottom spanking until my ass is welted. I get myself ready as a Submissive Whore who knows to take whatever her master has for her with a smile.

Cock worshiping

I got on all fours like a dog bitch slut. I wiggled my ass in the air letting my master know that I was ready. When the paddle hit my bare ass, it made my body shake and it let me know how bad of a day he had. The harder the hit is the level of a bad day he had. He kept going until I fell on my tummy. That is when he just mounted me and spread my legs. He forced his cock in my asshole and hate fucked my ass. I didn’t say a peep as he rough fucked my asshole open while choking me. I just wanted to be a good Submissive Whore for my master and take all the Bare bottom spankings he wanted to give me. Plus, every inch of his cock in my asshole. As he choked me, I could barely breathe and that is when I felt his cock pump his nut inside me. He got up and told me to go to my cage. I crawled over to it knowing I had made master’s day better by being a good Submissive Whore.

Mommy Loves Training With Her Girls!

Slave Training

My girls understand what must be done when mommy and Master are playing together at home! My little girls are the sweetest and most submissive little cum whores you’ll ever encounter, why? Because my Master is training them to be perfect little submissive wives just like their mommy. My Master treats my girls like his own, he punishes them and trains them to take his cock and his instructions as if he were their father. My little angels love making mommy proud by sucking and spreading their perfect little fuck holes for whoever mommy or Master says. Just this morning Master came over with two big black cocked stallions for us to entertain, me and the girls got right to work sucking them hard and guiding their big dicks into my asshole and pussy. My oldest loves helping lick my pussy and making my creampie the perfect place to shove her fist, I love getting fisted by my little angels after taking two hot loads of cum in each hole. Master is so proud of us when his friends leave with their balls drained completely satisfied!

Submissive Whore Gets Bare Bottom Spankings And Slave Training During Gangbang

It is easy for me to be a Submissive Whore for my master. When he plans gangbang parties i know that is his way of showing his Slave training to his friends. He makes me undress in front of everyone. I had to make sure I took his Bare bottom spankings with a smile even when my ass was sore and red. He tied me up to his spanking bench and my legs were spread open for all his friends to see my cunt hole. One by one they got close to me and pulled their big dicks out. I opened my mouth just like my legs were open and they didn’t hesitate to go deep in them.

Submissive Whore

I could feel them poking me from every direction as they gangbanged me. Master watched as his friends used me. He gets the most pleasure knowing I am his property, and he can use me however he wants. By the time they were done using me my holes were sore and I was dripping with semen. Master came to me and whipped me a few more times before he jacked off on my face bukkake style. When he was done, he took me back to my cage until he needed to use me again.

BDSM phone sex For Bare Bottom Spankings While Master Is Away

BDSM phone sex is what i sneak and get on when master is gone. He uses me for Bondage and submission when he needs to bust his nut. It is my job as a Submissive Whore to get all the Bare bottom spankings I can for my master. I’ll do all the cock worshiping i can for my master before he cums wherever he wants. Then he puts me back in my cage.

BDSM phone sex

I barely get to cum, but I know it isn’t about me. When he is gone if I haven’t gotten our furry friend to get me off yet I will break out of my cage and get on BDSM phone sex so I can hear you stroking your cock and telling me how you would give me Bare bottom spankings just like my master and abuse me with your cock before pissing all over me showing me what I was made to be. It is all i want my holes to be fucked and used until I cum so hard, that is why I am a Submissive whore who wants slave training. Once I get what I wanted, all the Erotic submissive stories I need to cum. I get back in my cage before my master comes home. 

Bukkake Party

Bukkake phone sex

Having my face plastered in cum is a good reminder of what a slut I am. With no thought, I stayed all night on my knees like a good whore opening my mouth to cock, and stroking off more until they blast thick loads of cum all over my face. I wasn’t the only whore in attendance but there were so many big dicks surrounding me. I felt like the only submissive bitch there, with nothing to see but throbbing cock, and the cream that leaked from them. Even now hours later I can still feel the sticky hot feel of cum dripping on my face. Still taste the salty, thick cream lingering and teasing my taste buds. I want to be a good cum eating slut, that bukkake party left a real craving for it in me.

Consent Non Consent

Submissive sex

“Please daddy no more “I begged as he rammed his massive black cock inside of me. I’m so small that the overbearing weight of a grown man holding down my tiny body makes it impossible to escape. I had no choice but to lay there and open my legs more to allow him to assault my virgin asshole. My pussy started tingling from the submissive sex anal busting that I was receiving. I wanted his sludge-covered cock in my filthy nigger pussy. I try not to moan but feeling his stomach massage my clip as he rammed into my ass hole felt so good! I started thrusting my hips at my abuser until my pussy almost exploded all over his stomach. I love didn’t want him to fill me with jizz but my rectum getting painted white sent me over the edge! I felt my juices trickling down my thigh as his massive cock flopped out of my blown out asshole.