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Your Submissive Whore Milf Trains Sluts

submissive whore

This submissive whore knows a thing or two about training younger women. I have been in my husband’s care since I was a teenager. My daddy knew my submissive willingness to cock would be handy when it came time to marry me off.  Over 20 years in subservice to my husband and now son has made me an experienced MilF Slave. We are well known in the BDSM community and often masters would like me to help other sub sluts out in their first year. The thing about me is I ask no questions on age, or if they are in service willingly. I was not at all willing when I met my own Daddy Domme who is over twenty years my senior. I fought and needed a lot of manhandling and training. So when I get my hands on a fresh new slave I am eager to show her that I can be A dominatrix and never go easy on that sweet pussy. I am a bisexual cougar who loves to eat pussy and make young ones beg to taste me. More times than I can count, a woman bucks at me, saying she is not gay. Bitch, you’re a submissive, you are anything a Master or Mistress says you are! You belong to whoever you are put with at that moment. Slave training is a work of art, and a well trained slut will always make sure you are drained of your cum. Man or woman, girl or boy, you can be sure I do my job well.

slave training

Do You Like Submissive Sex?

submissive sex

Do you like submissive sex? It is all I have ever had. Not once in my life have I been able to be in charge. Not saying I would want to. I do not think I would know what to do. Oscar is this guy I met at a fetish club before Covid-19 changed my life. He has been my master for a few months now. He is pushing me to take charge more. Not with him. He would never permit that. What he wants is for me to dominate his teen daughter. I feel like that is his job only, but he likes the idea of his sub spanking his daughter. He forced me to do it last night. I just tried to think about what all you phone masters do to me. I channeled you last night. After dinner, I grabbed his blonde twat of a girl and threw her over my knees. I pulled her panties down and gave her the hardest spanking ever. Bare bottom spankings leave a mark on such a young ass. She was kicking and screaming. She begged for daddy’s help, but he was just stroking his cock watching. Turns out I like dominating young girls. But do not worry. I have not forgotten my place.

Submissive Milf Phone Sex Slut

milf phone sexI am a submissive milf phone sex slut. I love the idea of younger men owning older women. I think older women and younger boys is taboo, but when you flip the dynamic and make the woman submissive to the boy, it is hot as hell. I have a son. My fantasy has always been that he would make me his slave. He has fucked me before. Many times, but it is not a slave master relationship like I want. He gets drunk or angry and fucks me, but the next day he does not want anything to do with me. My son and daughter only live with me because they have no other options. They disrespect me, which is okay because I know I am a submissive whore not deserving of respect.  I try to push my son’s buttons to get him to abuse me. I just wish he would take me, own me. I want to be my son’s bitch. I want to be his sex slave. He wants to just use me when I piss him off and then forget about me. Personally, I think many men want to fuck their mothers. And I am not talking about making love to mommy. I think boys want to pound mommy’s ass and pussy. Abuse the shit out of her fuck holes whenever they want. I would be the perfect submissive mommy. I would do what ever my son wanted. Drink his piss. Let me fuck my ass. Let him fist me. Be a gang bang whore for him and his friends. Clean his room and his house on my hands and knees while naked. Anything my son wants, I will do for him. The only problem is he hates me and does not want anything from me most days. But I bet you would take advantage of this mommy’s submissive nature and rape phone sex fantasies, wouldn’t you?

Slave Auction

Submissive whore phone sexMy owner had not been home for a few days and I was very worried!

I can not live with out him and my bad kitty had not been punished in a while.

I had to go out looking for him! The only clothing I had was slutty lingerie that he had bought me for parties and things but I had to wear something!

I put on my bra and panties and some thigh highs just to stay warm and headed out to find my daddy.

I had only got a little way down the road when this car pulled up and a man got out to help me find my owner. But when I turned, the mean man hit me on the head a knocked me out!

I was dressed in a very fancy lace and satin teddy with high heels and silk stockings and men were pawing at me!

There were several other girls, some of which had woke up, and they were also tied and gagged and dressed in very fancy lingerie!

We were being auctioned off to the highest bidder and I was up next!

The man paid a lot of money for me and then took my leash and took me home.

Still in my gag and restraints, he had put me in a very fancy room with a giant 4 poster bed and drapes all around the room!

I felt like a princess! Then he pulled the drapes back to reveal walls of restraints and and other things that I had never seen before!

As slowly undressed me, taking his time to explore every inch of my body, he told me that my life will be very easy if I learn to please him and do as I am told!

I had been trained well and I thought of daddy and started to cry.

That is when he slapped my face and whipped out his cock and shoved it down my throat!

He had his hands clenched in my hair as he was fucking my face!

His meat was banging hard against the back of my throat and was making me vomit in my own mouth!

He pushed his thick meat in as far as it would go as he held my head hard against him, forcing me to swallow everything that filled my mouth!

After he came, he threw me back on the bed, calling me a filthy whore, saying something about learning to be his slave or suffer the consequences!

With my hands and feet  still tied. I curled my naked body up on the bed and cried myself to sleep….where are you daddy?


cum slut phone sex


I was a really bad girl. I was told to stay put and not to go anywhere, but I am hard headed and I don’t listen a lot of the time. So, when he punished me, I knew I really deserved it this time. But I don’t regret it. I had a lot of fun. I even let someone else fuck me. When master found that out, he was really pissed off. I don’t think I have seen him that made before. He told me to never let someone else touch me unless it was with his permission. He had just been gone so long, that I felt so lonely. He strapped me into the swing and kept spanking my bare ass. It hurt so bad but I had to count each one and thank him for them. I was being spanked for not listening. My ass was hurting so bad, it was stinging. I don’t know what he was using to hit me with. I think I may have passed out from the pain but was woken up but his slamming his cock in and out of my tight bald pussy. He was fucking me so hard and rough. Not a single gentle bone in his body tonight. He fucked me all night long, until he wasn’t able to cum anymore. He pulled his cum covered cock out my pussy and walked away. Left me hanging there with his cum dripping out of my pussy.

Submissive Slut Seeking a Master

submissive slut

I know that I don’t deserve to be in the dominant position in any situation, so I’ve learned to love being a submissive slut.  At first, I wasn’t so sure about being told what to do and always being punished if I didn’t do what I was told. But now, I know that that’s my place in life. No matter what my Master tells me to do, I almost always do it without question. I will admit that there are some times that I am defiant, but it’s not what you think. I do it sometimes because I want to be punished in a more harsh way.

When my Master gets really mad, he loves to punish me pretty harshly. Like, one time I purposely didn’t swallow ALL of his cum (I let some drop to the floor) and he tied me up to the bed, face down, and spanked my ass until I was sobbing and begging for him to stop. But that wasn’t even the worst part of the punishment. He didn’t let me suck his cock for over a week. Instead, he brought in some other girl and made me watch her suck it. What can I say?! I’m a masochist.

Slave training Mommy

Slave training

Every man should have a mom or even a hot Milf at their disposal for slave training. Just look at how proud I am of my son training me. I have my medium cage all set up. I feel at ease as I know my place with him. I can barely move when I am in there but my son knows that I can be rewarded for being a good pet. If I get his porn Magazine with my mouth he even throws me a few dollar bills. He treats me well and helps me go through all my positions and tasks. I never knew something so dominant could come out of my womb. I have always had a submissive heart. Needing a strong hand on my back side or around my throat.

I know the only way a true naughty mommy submissive whore can be tamed is buy complete dominance over my body. My heart is all for my boy as he inspects my ass and pussy to make sure it is trimmed and clean for him. I only want to be good for him. He even uses forced rape fantasy situations so that I can feel like I am being made to fuck my own son. He says it may take the guilt off the things I do with my offspring. For now he is happy to have me in my cage while he is here, and show me off to a few close friends. I am his prized possession and I will let him and his friends do whatever they want to me.

Slave training A Toilet whore

slave training A toilet whore is a submissive used for the collection or disposal of human urine and feces. This is a slave training punishment reserved for piggy whores who get out of line.  I got out of line by thinking I was anywhere close to being a human. I do not have the same rights as most. I do not want to think for myself and I have no explanation for why I acted out. I bought a designer purse without permission. Big mistake on the part of a true subby slut. I remember the time I was pregnant and had my first scat lesson. Now that I was a serving Milf the toilet training was worse than it had ever been in my life. I am lucky to still be owned. 

But I have been told that young sluts do not have the proper training and men want a woman who knows whose feet to worship. 

But as a butt plug was super glued into my ass and the castor oil pumped down my throat, I wished I was still a young stupid bitch. This basement submissive whore was going to be turned into the piggy slut she has always been at heart. Within an hour my sewer pipe exploded sending the butt plug tearing out of my ass. It was liquid shit straight from my pig ass! Master put my new purse under my ass to catch the brown feces and pushed my head into it and made me eat my own shit! I got a mouth full of piss to wash it down. My ass is my masters piss commode as he pleases but eating my own shit is the worse punishment for a dumb whore like me!submissive whore

Girl Fight

Submissive whoreI was making the bed in my uniform, when my owner came home.

I heard another girls voice!

I ran out to see what was going on and he had his hands all over her tight little ass!

Oh no! He can’t have another girl! I just got used to him owning me! I can’t share him!

I ran right over and pushed her down and jumped on her! I wanted to destroy her!

I was straddling her curvy young body when I slapped her as hard as I could!

I was screaming at her and pulling her hair and calling her a filthy whore when suddenly my pussy started to get warm and creamy!

And just like that, I began to understand the way he felt when he is beating me! I felt the pleasure it brings him!

And I bent down and kissed her perfect lips. Then I look up and saw him smiling!

“I got her for you.” he said.

But then he told me that I still needed to be punished because that is not how we behave!

I started crawling to my chains to be restrained when he grabbed the back of my hair and pushed me face down onto the floor, I heard his belt come off as he pinned me beneath him! His giant cock forced its way into my cunt, making me scream with pleasure!

He fucked me so hard that my smooth pussy was red and swollen! His yummy cum drzzled out of my abused fuck hole as he got up and walked away.

I looked over at my new pet!

“Come over here you dirty little slut! Lick all this cum up off the floor and kiss my bruised cunt!”

Yes! This could be good…as long as she keeps her hands to herself!

Your Go-To Submissive Whore

submissive whore

My Master had to remind me the other day that I am nothing in life except a submissive whore. He got so upset at me when he checked my pussy and saw that I’d been fucking someone else. Master doesn’t allow me to have any other cocks inside me except his and other cocks that he approves. It was just my bad luck that he came over to check my cunt on a day that I’d been fucked. I can usually hide it from him, but not that day. He told me to get ready for more punishment’s than I’d ever had.

He ordered me to do all my household chores nude and I wasn’t allowed to stand. I had to crawl around on my knees. Once I was done, he told me that I was going to get a whipping the likes of which I’d never seen. It has been a few days and I still can’t sit on my ass without pain. But I sit anyway because Master wants me to be in pain. He didn’t fuck me that day because he said I didn’t deserve it. I don’t know when I’ll get fucked again. Maybe you’ll call me so I can at least touch my pussy. Sigh…or maybe you’re another Master.

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