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Sexy bondage is what I look forward to

My master uses Sexy bondage pictures he takes of me to show off how a pathetic owned pet i am. “Time for new material,” he tells me as I crawl out of my cage. Therefore, I get in the position I have been trained to be in. Then my master pulls his favorite thick rope out and goes in. first my hands and then around my body. By the time he is done, the rope has burned me and my cunty leaks. Just to have my master spare me and keep a worthless whore like me as a pet makes me happy. Plus knowing he is showing me off gets me ready to fuck with any hole.

Sexy bondage

After a few pictures in positions my master wants me in, he pulls his rod out. Just like a water hose, he starts spraying me. Without being able to move I watch as his yellow streams starts to hit my face and rest of my body. “I want more than just your cunt dripping in these pictures” he says proudly. Once he took more pictures, his cock was being shoved down my throat. “ I need some of you choking on my cock like a pathetic hungry bitch” he moans as the camera clicks.

His cock is deep in my throat. I feel like my eyes were going to pop out of my head. “Keep going, let’s get to the money shot quick” he demands of me. Since I know my masters time is precious I do not want to disappoint him. Therefore I started milking him by squeezing my throat muscles. It was feeling so good he let off enough for me to breathe and be able to bob my head. “Milk me bitch” he moans as the camera continues to click.

Finally I felt his balls tighten up and my master’s cock started to splash nut into my mouth. My holes were starving for his sperm, so I drank every drop. There was so much of his jizz that some was dripped on my chin. Perfect for his collection and there I was a tied up Submissive Whore dripping in his golden shower and sperm on my face, just like he likes it.

I Share All My Erotic Submissive Stories with Men Like You

erotic submissive storiesI am full of erotic submissive stories. And some not so erotic. Well not erotic to me, LOL. My first master I guess you could say was my father. He introduced me to the submissive lifestyle. However, back then I was not a willing submissive. Now, I am. I guess you could consider me part nature and part nurture.

My mother abandoned us when I was a very young girl. And I do not know if she knew what my dad would do to me and did not care. Or if she thought he would only abuse adult women. He never touched me until she left. At least I have no memories of him abusing me until my mother left the picture.

I Have Years of Submissive Stories to Share With You

But soon I became his submissive sex slave. Although I did not fight him, I did not like it. I wanted to play with friends and watch cartoons. And I wanted to go to school. But he quickly pulled me from school because he feared a nosey teacher would notice my bruises and rope burns. Or he thought I might say something about him forcing his cock in my tiny holes. But I would never have said anything because I had no family. I would have ended up in foster care and who knows what would have happened to me then.

When I became a teenager, he put me on the pill. He did not want me pregnant. And he pimped me out to his drunk poker buddies. I assume they were all P men and they traded favors for access to my tiny young holes. And if my dad owed them money from poker, well my little holes settled the debt.

Eventually, I ran away. But before I learned to drive, men used me worse than any adult submissive whore. Although I never wanted to be some one’s bitch, here I am owned again. I’ve got decades of submissive stories to share. And I create new ones daily. Life is never dull for me.submissive sex

BDSM chat with a pain slave!

BDSM chatI had a great BDSM chat with my friend Tyler here and he just couldn’t control himself. Once he knew about all my fun encounters and how happy I make my master he needed a piece. We talked for a few weeks and he finally was ready to book a day with me. He spoke to my owner and they set up a meet right away. We met and I could tell he was nervous; he has been craving a slut who likes it rough for a very long time. My master gave him a price and told him how long he had with me. Tyler was so excited to be able to take out his fantasies on a bitch who will never say no!

While I was bouncing on his cock he told me how much he loved some Sexy bondage with a inferior fuck slut. He knew I was submissive and with his cock up my ass he would never question how much I can take. He knew he could push my limits without hearing me complain, etc. I screamed as he butt fucked me harder and harder as he degrades me and told me how badly he wanted to hurt me. I was in pain and I loved feeling him force fuck my ass hole open on his cock. After a while he made me begin begging him for his cum load. He wanted me to basically tell him how much I needed my ass filled with his seed in order to live. It was so hot watching him get so close to the edge of nutting!

Slave training for Slave Whore Donatella at new Plantation

Slave training role play turns me on and gets me black cunt dripping wet. I should get a job as civil war reenactor because I love being a nigger slave whore. I got this client that calls me, I can’t quite remember his name, I just call him “Massa”. Its 1800 and I’m a young, thick, black as blackberries slave whore and I just came to a new plantation. I’m in the back of a horse and buggy, naked, and my hands and feet are wrapped in ropes.

Slave training

We pull up to a big plantation and standing in front of it is Massa. He walks up to the carriage and looks me up and down. He smacks my fat ass and juicy titties. He orders me to open my mouth wide and inspects my mouth and tongue. He shoves his finger down my throat then sticks it up my pussy. Massa looks at his wife and smiles and then gave me precise orders to meet him at the main house at dusk.

I get taken to my new quarters and when I am greeted by two other slave girls. The guards ordered the slave girl to bath me in preparations for tonight. When the guards leave, the girls tell me what is to come of me. I am going to be raped by Massa and his friend for my initiation.

The girls open the slave quarters door and tell me to run if I don’t want to meet this fate. I run for my life, ass naked and afraid.

I run for a few hours, and I get tired and decide to take a nap by a tree in the middle of the woods. It was the middle of the night, and I thought I was safe. Tell me why did I wake up to Massa and a gang of his white boys standing on top of me?

They used every one of my holes and raped me for hours and hours. A group of about 20 guys fucked my black nigger pussy till they came and then when they were done, they pissed all over my dirty nigger body.

Massa and his friends then tied my arms and legs back up and took me to the center of town and left me on display for all of the towns people to have their way with me like they did in the woods.


Submissive Whore Priscilla Forced to Blow all her Husband’s Friends


submissive whoreBeing a submissive whore means that no matter what I want, I have to do exactly what I’m told. Whether I like it or not. My husband can be a sadistic asshole sometimes and force me to do things that I don’t really want to do, but I have to him. Because I’m a good for nothing little whore. My sole purpose is to pleasure him whenever he wants me to. This time it wasn’t just him that I had to submit to, or pleasure.

Pleasuring Multiple Cocks at Once

It was all of his friends. He threw a party with the “Boys”, with me being the only woman there. I waited on every one hand and foot. I was forced to walk around topless and, in a thong, that’s it. Everyone there was allowed to spank me, smack me, kiss me, anything they wanted to do with me was up to them. 

 This was all a part of my slave training. Here to be used as they all please. As I was making sure all these men were happy, drinks filled, and food brought out to them. I thought I was just going to be used as a waitress today, but my husband had more plans for me than just all of that.

Towards the end of the night, I was getting tired, everyone was constantly asking me to get them something, some were spanking me constantly. My husband even bent me over and fucked me for a few minutes just to show everyone that I’ll do anything I’m told whenever I’m told to do it.

He Wasn’t Going to Let Me Off That Easy

Right as I think the nights about to end, my husband calls me into the living room. He tells everyone that I’m a good little cock worshiping whore. That I love sucking cock. Of course I start to realize what’s about to happen. Everyone starts to unzip their pants. There were about 8 of them, I think.

One by one I was forced to suck them from their soft little cocks and make them grow into nice hard ones. I did as I was told, I was tossed around sucking every single one of them including my husband.

But to my surprise, I was told to stop right before they were about to cum. That’s weird I thought, usually I’m forced to swallow it all. Yet again, my husband has something else in store for me and I had no idea at the time. As I’m finishing the last guy, my husband tells them all to form a circle around me. Here was my surprise he said.

They all stood around me jerking off to keep their cocks hard. Then again, one by one I sucked as fast as I could. I felt some cum early and they blew their loads all over my face, my tits, my hair, everywhere. I was getting used a little cum slut. Covered in everyone’s cum. I know that I’m a worthless little submissive slut.

Bondage Whore gets pissed on and more

Being a Bondage whore means you are at the mercy if your master or whomever has tied you up. First my master likes to paddle my ass. “Bitch you are mine and I love to see you squirm” he laughs as the paddle hits my bare ass. The sting from the hits to my ass were rushing through my body and hits my cunty. My master knows I am his property and anything he does to me, brings me pleasure. That is how worthless and submissive I am to him. Last night he decided to use his big metal song in my ass. The harder he fucked me the weaker I got.

Bondage whore

“Thank you master I am not worthy of your attention” I whimpered as he rammed me. Hearing me thank you for the abuse I was getting made your cock stiffen. Knowing I can please you makes me feel so proud. Even if it means you letting your frustrations out on my worthless body. “Open up and worship your master’s cock” he said to me. Of course I opened my mouth wide. Just to know I will get to taste my master makes me very happy and my pussy too. I suck his cock just like he trained me to do all while dangling from my rope restraint. My master loved to feel how deep his cock is down my throat and that is why he wraps his hands around my neck.

“That’s it bitch, take it deep” my master moans as he pushes his cock deeper down my throat. I couldn’t even breathe but I kept taking it. Since I am tied up I must take all my master had for me and hope that he will let me down right after. Finally, my master moans out “Eat every drop”. Then I feel his sperm splash down into my belly. Just in time, since I felt like I was going to pass out. After I swallowed every drop of thick sperm, I was trying to catch my breath when I felt a warm stream start to hit my face. My master was starting to piss all over me. “Thank you master for blessing me with your golden shower” I said like a pathetic Submissive Whore.

Bondage whore gets cock in every hole

I know it is time for a gangbang for his Bondage whore when my master pulls me out of my cage. “Get into position bitch” my master demands of me. Therefore, I get on my belly with hands behind my back and my feet up. First, he picks his favorite rope. After he had tied me up tight, I looked like a pig ready to be roasted. It is the way my master likes me to be. That way I can’t move. Even if I tried to move the rope would burn and cut my skin. “My very close friends and business partners will be here shortly” my master said as he started to paddled my bare ass.

Bondage whore

“Make sure you do not disappoint me tonight” my master says as he pats me in the head like a pet bitch. One by one my master’s friends came to the party. They all took their turn to paddle my ass as they walked in. It is part of my training and my master loves making sure my ass stays red. But every time I got paddled it made me squirm and move. Which sent shivers to my cunty. The rope made my cunty wet and my master took notice. “My slave bitch has been trained very well and tonight you guys will get a taste of it” my master announced. Then he pulled his cock out and slapped my face with it. The training i have received has taught me, that is a sign to open my mouth and let my master fuck me as hard as he wants.

Even when I choked on his cock, I made sure to take it. I didn’t want to let my master down. “She is here to get used, guys so, take her as your cum bucket” my master said proudly. After that I felt the rope just starting to rub and burn me as i was being pulled in any direction of a cock. I had a dick in every hole as my master fucked my throat. After a bit I felt his cock start to pump its load down my throat. “Keep entertaining my guest and do not let me down” my master whispered in my ear. I was gangbanged all night until I was dripping with sperm. The rope had burned me all over. But this Submissive Whore made her master proud and his friends happy.

Extreme Bondage Play With Submissive Sluts

Extreme bondage
Now that we’ve gotten those basics out of the way, let’s talk about some more extreme forms of bondage I have planned for us. Imagine being tied spread-eagle on a St Andrew’s cross with your ass and pussy exposed to the air, begging for someone to take them both at once. Or maybe suspended from the ceiling by your wrists and ankles while I tease every inch of your body with feathers or hot wax before finally giving into temptation and taking what is rightfully mine – all three holes filled simultaneously!

You want to get into some more extreme bondage?  How about if we try something truly depraved like locking you into chastity device so that not only can nobody else touch this little cock but neither can you? It will remain locked away until further notice unless given permission otherwise – which won’t be often since it serves no purpose other than making me laugh when I remember how pathetic it used to be before training began. And just think: every time I decide to use one of my many dildos on myself (or even better yet, invite one over), there will always be a reminder sitting right next door waiting patiently under lock and key.

get really heated up!

Now that we’ve gotten those basics out of the way, let’s talk about some more extreme forms of bondage I have planned for us. Imagine being tied spread-eagle on a St Andrew’s cross with your ass and pussy exposed to the air, begging for someone to take them both at once. Or maybe suspended from the ceiling by your wrists and ankles while I tease every inch of your body with feathers or hot wax before finally giving into temptation and taking what is rightfully mine – all three holes filled simultaneously!

But wait…there’s more! How about if we try something truly depraved like turning you into my personal human ashtray? Yes, that’s right – after using my strap-on dildo to fuck every hole until they are both sore and satisfied (and yours still pathetic), I will instruct one of my friends to fill me up again while ordering you kneel down next to us holding a tray full of cigars between your teeth so that when we finish our passionate love making session together there will be no better way than having fresh ash fall onto those pretty cheeks as proof positive who was truly dominant here tonight.

Submissive Slave Training and Rough Gangbang for Slut Naomi

Gang Fuck for my Submissive Slave Training

Daddy wants me to prove that my submissive slave training is working. And the best way to show off what a broken little cum dump I am is to let his sadistic friends get full control over me. I’m on my knees while someone holds my hands behind my back. I can’t see anything around me with the giant cock pushing down my throat.slave training My eyes are watering. From the dick that’s choking me and the hand slapping my tits hard. You told me to take care of your friends and that’s all that matters to me. I submit to my superiors like the good obedient slut you trained.

The cock pulls out of my throat and I gasp to catch my breath before another random dick gets pushed into my mouth. Their hands are spreading my legs apart. Slapping my thighs and my ass and tits at random. You love hearing my little squeals while they smack me until my skin is as red as my face is. The person holding my hands behind my back yanks me up by my wrists. I can feel his hard cock pressing against my ass. He pushes my head forward so that I’m bending over. You’re stroking your big cock right in front of me and I want to make you proud. I beg for the submissive sex.

Rough Submissive Sex for Your Pathetic Whore Naomi

I lean forward to slide your cock in my mouth while I feel his cock pushing into my asshole. I want to scream when that huge dick pushes in. But the cock in my mouth muffles it. He let my hands go and now too cocks are in my hands instead. I keep pumping those cocks while I submit to my bdsm submission. The wet cock in my mouth slaps against my face instead and he tells me to beg for his cum. I look up to you master and ask you to please give me your cum. I stick my tongue out like a good girl and look up at you begging for your cum.

Submissive Whore Donatella has Slave Phone Sex

I’m a Submissive Whore by nature so when one of my clients wants to get into some slave roleplay I’m always down to play. BriaSubmissive Whoren wanted to imagine that I was in the woods in a empty cabin and he had me tied to a pole in the basement of the cabin. I had been there for days, and Master finally came back to use me again. I was naked, with only my hair covering part of my shoulders and back but I wasn’t cold because the thought of how I was about to be used made my pussy wet and my body hot.

When he came back I was ready to be abused and degraded in any way he wished. I have no limits and will do as I am told.

My legs and feet were tied and shackled and Master said he put a butt plug in my ass that had a long black tail and had a leather hood over my head.  I couldn’t see anything, but I felt Master coming closer to me.

He stuffed his beautiful 10-inch cock into my mouth and kept shoving it deeper and deeper into my throat until I gagged and felt like I couldn’t breathe. He pulled it out as quick as he shoved it in and once I was able to breathe again, I asked him how I could please him. Master told me he wanted my ass.

Master told me to put my ass up high and ordered me to fuck him till I came. As I pushed back on his big cock he pushed deeper onto his dick and his big juicy balls were pounding my ass at the same time. My pussy was so wet! I came so hard I collapsed onto the floor. Master put his dick away and went up the stairs and left the cabin. I was left waiting for him to use me once more. .