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I will Need Slave Training Again After Quarantine

slave trainingAfter this quarantine is over and things get somewhat back to normal, I think I will need some serious slave training. I have been a bad sub when left to my own devices. I am getting spoiled being at home all the time. I have been playing with women without permission. I have been masturbating without permission too. I have even seen a few young neighborhood boys and master would be pissed the most about that. He is old school and prudish. He does not like me playing with younger guys, at least not the ones still in school. The more I have been stuck at home, the hornier I have become. I am a BDSM whore. But I cannot go to clubs and I cannot see my master, so I must fill my time somehow, right? I thought I was just having some naughty fun with one of my son’s friends. The boy came over, looking for my son, but he was out on Postmates deliveries. I told him he could wait for him. I was happy to have some company. Master keeps me isolated and my second job as a phone sex submissive whore never leaves me time for a social life. Then this virus happened, and I had all the free time in the world, but I could not go anywhere, lol. This boy walked into my house like a gift from the gods. I tried my best seduction tricks on him, but he was impervious to them. I had given up and decided to make us some snacks. He came into the kitchen, grabbed me by the throat and choked him. He started calling me names like bitch and cunt. He new all about my whore ways from my son. He was not interested in fucking me. He wanted to take me. To force me to submit. He slapped me around, skull fucked me, sodomized me and came on my face like he was marking his turf. Sometimes a boy does not want what is given to him. He wants to take it instead.

Let Me Be Your Submissive Whore

submissive whore

Oh my God, hi Sir. Are you looking for a little submissive whore who will follow every instruction you give her? I have been dreaming of being down on my knees in front of you. I know you love to smack pretty girls like me in the face with that giant cock. I’ve seen you do it with other girls. I long for that and after you smack my face, I’d love it if you shoved your entire cock down my throat to gag me with it. And Sir, I would love it if you would shoot your load of cum in my mouth so I can swallow it – if you think I deserve it, that is.
I will be your darling little slave anytime you want me to. After all, slaves don’t have a choice. They just have to do whatever their Master tells them to do. I know that most of the time, our duties will be sexual in nature, but maybe sometimes they won’t be. Maybe you’ll give me the privilege of doing errands for you. Maybe you’ll want me to clean your house. Or maybe I’ll even get to cook for you sometime. I’ll do anything you want, Sir. I’m begging you to please call me so I can make you happy.

Cock Worshiping Cum Whore For Master

I was forced to admit that I am a cum whore. I have a gaped hole and I can thank Master. My obedience training for the day was cock worshiping. I was treated like a little Bitch and forced to worship furry sheaths with red rockets lurking inside. I needed to suck that k9 cock and tell Master how much I love it. I was a bad girl last weekend and I needed to be trained with some obedience lessons. Trained like a naughty pet. I am my Master’s pet. I needed to please his house pets like a good whore. I was made to be Master’s pet and had to wear a collar and be led around by a leash. He brought me into the kennel as he likes to call it and made me sleep on a large pet bed. I had to drink from a pet water feeder and beg for the cum from his friends cocks. I was to be a good girl for my Master’s friends and their house pets. Some were human, some had four legs. I was to worship their cocks like a good slut and drain their balls. It was humiliating when I saw one of the guys was someone I had a crush on from school. I can’t believe he saw me in my bareness wearing only a collar. I had to worship his cock and couldn’t help gazing at him as his dick was fucking my whore face. He came on my face and called me a good girl as he laughed at me. I’m such a pathetic little bitch and I was even made to go woof woof for him. I know my Master knew I was embarrassed and that made him angrier. I wasn’t allowed to want anyone else other than Master. When Master fucked me that night he fucked me hard.

cock worshiping

Slave training with my new Master

slave training

I waited by the door, on my knees all day long. Just like Master told me to. This morning, after he force fucked my throat and gapped my holes, he told me to sit by the door and wait for him to get home from work. I knew what would happen if I didn’t do as I was told. I knew that he would punish me again. Last time I didn’t do as I was told, he invited a bunch of strange guys over to run a train on me and destroy my holes. As soon as he got home from work, he pulled his cock out. I knew what to do. He takes his slave training very seriously. If I don’t do exactly as I am supposed to, I will be punished again and again. I wrapped my lips around his fat cock as he forced me down on it, making me take it all in my throat. He force fucked my throat and then pulled out to shoot his load all over my face. Master loves to cover my face and tits in his cum and then tell me what a nasty cum slut I am, as I lick it all up. I will do anything my master tells me to because I am the ultimate submissive cum slut.

Cum Eating Phone Sex Slave

cum eating phone sexMy cunt is so wet for some cum eating phone sex tonight. Let me set the record straight. I do not play at being a subby mommy… I’m by all rights and privileges a domesticated house slave slut. I have been in service since before I left my father’s house. I was bartered and traded until I found my husband who is my Master. That doesn’t mean I am not allowed to play with other dominants or Masters’. I have no choice in these kinds of matters. I am serving whomever he says. My son is rearing up to be a dedicated Master of mommy as well. I have a taste for many different flavors of cum. No two men taste the exact same. There have been nights that I have choked on a cock and equally choked on the amount of cum going down my throat. My teen son seems to have the most cum for me to swallow. I think that is because he acquired his daddies big cock and he is still so young. Whatever the case is you are sure you phone a cum slut phone sex submissive in me!

Milf Robyns’ Erotic Submissive Stories

erotic submissive storiesErotic Submissive stories are what makes life go round. I enjoy submitting to a new Master in an Audition in A BSDM friendly restaurant and Bar. I dressed in a black button-down dress with a tiny thing and stockings and heels. I made sure to wear my chains attached to my nipple piercings and my belly button hoop. I simple chain ran around my neck connecting the submissive ensemble. I had my bare ass pre spanked so I could show my marks off as a subby slut to make a good impression. I had wanted to entertain Master frank for a while now. I would bow at Frank’s feet as I had permission to submit from my husband. Training is never complete for this slave. As he ordered me a drink and asked me how I would serve him in public. I sat on the stool and opened my legs showing of my clit piercing and asked if I could perform for him here. I walked to the ladies’ room removed my panties and walked back with my black thong dangling and kneeled on my knees and presented them to him. I played with my clit and gave the audience a nice show. We moved to a table with a clear glass top to order and I was commanded to give the waitress and orgasm as every button was opened on my dress reveling my naked, chain laced body. I pumped my pussy until he orders the waitress to slowly drip the candle from the tables wax all over my tits. It did not take long to cum for her at all. I fed my new master his meal as I jerked his cock off under the table. All in all, I say this submissive whore did well and looks forward to serving in any way she can for Master Frank!

Little whore is taught endurance

bondage whore

The ball gag pressed hard into my mouth as it was tightened. My master lifted me by the chin and looked deep in my eyes and played with my swollen pussy lips. He had been teasing me for hours bringing me right to the edge and pulling back over and over. My whole body ached with need. I needed the master to let me off. I looked at him and moaned desperately ” Not Tonight my Little slut, we are building your endurance your not allowed to cum tonight!” He chuckled pressing his fingers in my cunt and making me shiver. Pushing in and out so deep it felt so good and hurt so bad because his touch brings me closer to cumming every time he plays with me!

The Ball Gag Makes My Pussy So Wet

Submissive SlutI know that when Master puts the ball gag in my mouth I should be scared. I mean it is the prequel to a punishment, so no one can hear my screams. But that does not happen. My pussy gets so wet and my nipples get hard and I get lost in my head fantasizing about which whip he will use, or will he bind me or will he run a train on me. But I never let him know I am not scared because then he would stop. Lately I have even found myself putting it in my mouth and fastening it. I attached nipple clamps and weights and then I take a giant dildo and sit on it while using a vibrator on my pussy. I bounce up and down on that dildo taking it deep in my ass. The pain brings me so much pleasure that I have multiple orgasms before I am through. It is so hot to me, just telling you about it is making my pussy wet again.

Gangbang whore

gangbang phone sex

Another fat cock pressed into my well-used pussy. I was already at my limit cum was dripping out of my cunt and ass. My thighs sticky from all the love juices unloaded in me.The blindfold prevented me from seeing anything. Hands touched me everywhere kneading and groping my soft tired body. Cocks being dragged across my face and pushed in my mouth. I sucked so much cock i lost count after fifteen. I could have been the same group or multiple I just know that I was flipped around and fucked hard in all my holes. All i could taste was all the salty cum being pumped down my throat till i felt like a balloon just bursting at the seams. Master’s breeding parties are not for the faint of heart and this one almost pushed me to far. I loved every second of it though because i am masters best whore!

Why I Love Being A Submissive Slut

Submissive slutI’m called some pretty nasty and cruel things, but I like them. I like being compared to shit and garbage, my body used in ways I never imagined. Often times I’m told to explain it, sometimes my masters just want to know why I like it. It’s always the truth when I say I don’t know. If I could guess serving gives me a purpose when I feel like I don’t have one. As for my love of pain, I like to feel the sharp intensity like a sharp sting of a strong hand, the powerful blow of a whip against my smooth skin. The stinging sensation of welts as they begin to heal, the pain that lingers for the rest of the day into the coming days. Compliments occasionally make my skin crawl as most of the time they aren’t real, but insults come from a place of desire. You see the feelings of desire and cruelty feel very similar when you think about it. So insults are more arousing to me then when you tell me I’m pretty. I hope this helps you understand me, masters.

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