Bare Bottom Spankings I Rarely Want but I Always Get

bare bottom spankingsSome days I need bare bottom spankings. However, I do not always think I need them. When master paddled me Friday in the office, he told me I had been a bad girl. But honestly, I did not know what I did this time. Usually, I am late, or I fucked up a task or he caught me on Grinder. But I have been good lately. So, perhaps he just wanted to spank his slave. When we first hooked up, all he wanted to do was spank me and tie me up.

Bondage and spanking games he enjoys the most. As his slave, I just must submit and do as I am told. But this time, he employed a spanking machine. And I knew I might be in trouble. Those things use a wooden paddle to spank bare asses at warp speed. So, I did not know what speed he intended to use. And I have heard horror stories about women getting raw and blistered from these things. Master has blistered my ass before. However, he goes much softer now that he is an old man.

As a Submissive Slave, I Take My Punishments with a Smile

Modern technology did this submissive whore no favors Friday. I have a love-hate relationship with modern technology. No machine could spank my ass harder than my father when I was a schoolgirl. However, the spanking machines did not exist back then, thankfully. Simpler times to be a slave, LOL. I sucked it up and bent over the desk in the position to take my wallops. And master did put it on warp speed. Ouch. He started slow but increased the intensity quickly.

I grabbed a pencil on his desk and used it as a bite grip. But I broke the pencil with the first round of paddles. That machine hurt my butt. Although it has been a few days, my ass still resembles raw hamburger meat. I have not been able to sit. I still do not know what I did to deserve that sort of pain. But as a submissive slut, I take my punishments like a good bitch.

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