Bare bottom spankings will convince anyone!

Bare bottom spankings“Slap this booty and tell me no, go on daddy!” Daddy wasn’t completely sold on my whole drug some girl from the nearby school and offer her to him idea, but I knew he’d love giving her Bare bottom spankings so I was bold for the first time in a while trying to convince him. She moaned a little, more of a groan really, unsure what was even going on but aware I’d flipped her over so her ass was in the air. With a sigh, he gave it a nice thwap, and admired the jiggle from the girl I’d picked even through her clothing that she’d not parted with yet. “It is a nice ass.” He admitted, and with that I started slipping her damn pants off. Right over her ass, showing off her cute panties and all the innocence she clearly held here. It wasn’t until I had her panties halfway down her legs and daddy saw that pink, never before touched by a man, cunt that I knew he was sold and ready to treat her as a Cum slut phone sex whore. He was stepping out of his pants mere moments later, and I was climbing on her back to hold her down just in case the drug wasn’t running strong enough through her system yet. He spread her legs and got into place, as I lifted her hips just right. “Look what I brought you, be happy.” I gave him the greatest smile I could manage, while his cock found its way real close to her cunny. I wasn’t about to have him unwrapping her that way quite yet, I had other plans. I reached down and spread her pussy lips so he could see all the way to the entrance of her womb. Her pussy shifted while I held it, greeting him and begging. “Cum goes there, daddy.”

I knew I’d won and he was going to break this soon to be cum eating phone sex whore.

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