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Slave training whore is in need of a good trainer

Slave training

I’m sitting at the bus stop waiting for my boyfriend to arrive, he’s thirty minutes late and I continue to wait like a good slut. You see me and think that I would be a good whore from some slave training. You approach me and begin to play with my hair and feel all over me while asking what I’m doing there all alone. I tell you I’m waiting for someone… “Oh sweetie, no one’s coming to get you. Do you really think he’s going to come pick up a whore after he has already gotten what he wanted from you?” You speak. You offer to take me home with since I’ve got nowhere to go while touching all over my responding breasts. I agree and go home with you. You tell me I’m your new slave and that from now on I’ll be your new bondage and submission whore. When we get to your home you make me bark like a dog and get on all fours while walking me around the house in a leash and color. You introduce me into cock worshiping, I suck and lick and deepthroat your huge cock. I’m your new slave training, submissive whore that will never say no to anything you have me do. I’m then forced to lick your ass whole. I give you a deep rim job and think about how humiliated and what a submissive slut I am. I like being your bondage whore and I want more.

Golden showers phone sex

Golden showers phone sexI have a filthy secret; I like golden showers phone sex. It turns me on when a man knows how to train a submissive slut and put me in my place. I want you take me out in public and treat me like a golden shower phone sex whore. Tell everyone how good I am at cock worshiping. You do. I get on my knees and suck and worship your cock, as you let out a hot stream of piss into my mouth. It gets all over me. It trickles down my chin, my perky tits, over my belly, and in between my thighs. I’m covered in your hot steamy piss. You think about how you can’t wait to tell your friends about all of your erotic submissive stories, but this one in particular is your favorite. I’m a filthy whore who even gives you rim jobs when you ask. Your new craving is a submissive whore like me who will never say no to being covered in hot sticky piss.

Submissive whore will do anything you ask

Submissive whore

I’m a submissive whore and will do anything you ask. I can be your bondage whore and you can tie me up in all sorts of uncomfortable positions. You can get a collar and leash and walk me around the neighborhood on my hands and knees, wearing nothing but lingerie. Some soft silky lacey panties, and a sexy bra for these perky tits. I’ll be a good submissive slut for you and all of your friends. If I’m not you’ll pull me over your knees and spank my ass, hard. But, lets be honest; I’ll never say no. I’m nothing but holes to fuck and property to you. I want you to tie me down for some bondage and submission. You want to own me in every way possible through sexual domination. Go ahead and use me. Dump your load into me and dominate me, make me be a good obedient submissive whore. I’ll do anything to please you and make you happy master.

Bukkake phone sex

Bukkake phone sex

I’m a bukkake phone sex submissive slut who will do anything you want with absolutely no limits. I’ll get on my knees and worship your cock like a good submissive whore. I bet your cock is hard just thinking about a woman getting on her knees and just begging for your cock to be put in her mouth. Can’t I just lick on the tip? Just once? I’ll slurp your dick into my mouth, sucking and moaning and letting it hit the back of my throat just so that you can feel the vibrations from my moans. You can invite your friends over. I want you and all of your friends to cum all over my face. You invite your friends over, and all of them use me. I want you to tie me up in some erotic bondage, fold me up into uncomfortable positions, and use all my wholes. You can turn me into your bondage whore. Go ahead and use me as one of your erotic bondage stories that you can tell all of your friends about. I want you to tie my wrists above the headboard on the bed, and my ankles down at the bottom with my legs spread wide. Use me. Turn me into your bukkake phone sex whore. When you are done, you and your friends cum on me. Everyone’s load of cum is just covering my whole body. My tits, my lips, in my hair, dripping from my chin down to my breasts and passed my stomach. I’m covered. I want more even after all of that. I want to be your cock worshiping; bukkake cum slut. I’m ready to be used by you. 

Cum eating phone sex is the best part of a night!

I couldn’t help but feel the lust enter my lungs as I took in his magnificent cockmeat against my lips and got ready for cum eating phone sex. I’ve heard some girls waste time doing pointless things like jerking their boyfriends off. I’ve always found that a pathetic excuse to get away from doing anything actually worth his time. You can’t taste how manly a stud is with your hands, you at least have to wrap your tongue around the shaft as you bob and take him in so deep you’re salivating. You can’t feel the head pulse against the inside of your cheek if you’re holding him in your soft hands. You’ve gotta have him begging to fill your mouth, begging to plunge everything he has into your lips and down your dirty throat.

As a cum slut phone sex whore I love the way a thick cock smells. It fills my head so much that all I can think about is that lovely prick filling my needs and fulfilling my chamber. I need his beautiful prick in my throat and his big, heavy balls slapping against my chin with a weight that sends shockwaves down my spine. I need him slapping against me, I need him working himself up without relent. I need his essence taking away all my worries, my stresses, and my existential thoughts. I want to be at harmony with the universe, and nothing gives me that like a huge cock I can worship all night long. Praise be the great big dick that takes away all woes and shoes the way. Sometimes that way is a huge river of cum flowing out of my pussy, sometimes it’s just what’s right. No matter what, if you’ve got as huge a dick as the man I was blowing just last night, admiring the smell and taking him in on an intimate level… Well you’ve got a place on my cock worshiping tongue.

Bare bottom spankings will convince anyone!

Bare bottom spankings“Slap this booty and tell me no, go on daddy!” Daddy wasn’t completely sold on my whole drug some girl from the nearby school and offer her to him idea, but I knew he’d love giving her Bare bottom spankings so I was bold for the first time in a while trying to convince him. She moaned a little, more of a groan really, unsure what was even going on but aware I’d flipped her over so her ass was in the air. With a sigh, he gave it a nice thwap, and admired the jiggle from the girl I’d picked even through her clothing that she’d not parted with yet. “It is a nice ass.” He admitted, and with that I started slipping her damn pants off. Right over her ass, showing off her cute panties and all the innocence she clearly held here. It wasn’t until I had her panties halfway down her legs and daddy saw that pink, never before touched by a man, cunt that I knew he was sold and ready to treat her as a Cum slut phone sex whore. He was stepping out of his pants mere moments later, and I was climbing on her back to hold her down just in case the drug wasn’t running strong enough through her system yet. He spread her legs and got into place, as I lifted her hips just right. “Look what I brought you, be happy.” I gave him the greatest smile I could manage, while his cock found its way real close to her cunny. I wasn’t about to have him unwrapping her that way quite yet, I had other plans. I reached down and spread her pussy lips so he could see all the way to the entrance of her womb. Her pussy shifted while I held it, greeting him and begging. “Cum goes there, daddy.”

I knew I’d won and he was going to break this soon to be cum eating phone sex whore.


Submissive whoreThere’s nothing like being all tied up and fucked . I am a whore . And I put myself in dangerous situations hoping someone will kidnap me and fuck me senseless ! One time I went to the worst neighborhood I could find wearing nothing but a corset and a tiny skirt and I toke a walk. I remember blacking out in pain and when I woke up I was all tied up . As pretty as a fucking present. One man was fucking my ass so hard . And he was using the rope to thrust even harder . I swear to god his cock toke up every inch of my ass .But what got my attention was the man standing in front of me . Your not allowed to scream , cry , or run said the man . You will call me master and you will fucking like it . And you will take everything I give you graciously. You have no value do you understand ? I told him to go fuck himself . Being tied up and fucked was my reward for him now being in my life. The punishment I got for talking back …

Submissive Slave Girl

Submissive WhoreThe first rule, no clothes allowed. He likes to watch my naked body move while I complete my chores. He still gasps when I bend over to clean to floor. He sees my bald cunt and his dick gets hard then his commands become really sexual. He says I’m never prettier than when his cock is in my mouth. He’ll make me suck him off for hours, cumming in my mouth over and over again. For entertainment, he’ll call some of his buddies over and they’ll pass me around like a party favor. I’ll end up with red swollen lips because I’ll suck too much cock. He likes watching me be gangbanged. They’ll fill all of my holes with hard cocks and I’ll love every second. He’s my master and he owns me, body and soul. I’ll do anything to please him and keep him happy.

His Whore

Submissive Whore

Master’s friends came over to watch the game. I was the entertainment. Master made me wear only a bra and panties with 6-inch heels. I served snacks and drinks until Master asked me to do more. He loves showing his buddies that he a full control over me. He charged his friends $200 each to fuck me. When he wants me to be a whore, I obey. One by one I took them into the bedroom and let them fuck my tight pussy. I fuck so many guys that my cunt swelled from the heavy pounding. But I never stopped, I sucked and fucked like a porn star, I wanted to make Master proud, I’d do anything to please him. When he says “jump,” I say “how high?”. Plus, fucking Master’s friends felt really good. All of those dicks fucking my tight holes felt amazing.

The Slave’s Punishment

Submissive slutMaster punished me today. I hung a shirt in the wrong section of his closet. He’s so anal about keeping his clean. His face turned red and evil for a brief second. Then he smiled because he knew the perfect way to punish me. He sat in his favorite chair and called me over motioning me to kneel between his thighs. I knew what he wanted and unfastened his pants. I pulled his huge cock from his boxers and licked it all over like I’ve been trained to do. I licked and slobbered all over its hardness making my cunt really wet. Sucking dick makes me so hot and horny. But remember I was being punished and only Master can turn a blowjob into a punishment. He’s a master at edging and forces me to suck, gag and stop over and over again. After hour three, tears are running down my eyes and my knees ache he finally fills my mouth with warm semen.