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Submissive whoreThere’s nothing like being all tied up and fucked . I am a whore . And I put myself in dangerous situations hoping someone will kidnap me and fuck me senseless ! One time I went to the worst neighborhood I could find wearing nothing but a corset and a tiny skirt and I toke a walk. I remember blacking out in pain and when I woke up I was all tied up . As pretty as a fucking present. One man was fucking my ass so hard . And he was using the rope to thrust even harder . I swear to god his cock toke up every inch of my ass .But what got my attention was the man standing in front of me . Your not allowed to scream , cry , or run said the man . You will call me master and you will fucking like it . And you will take everything I give you graciously. You have no value do you understand ? I told him to go fuck himself . Being tied up and fucked was my reward for him now being in my life. The punishment I got for talking back …

Submissive Slave Girl

Submissive WhoreThe first rule, no clothes allowed. He likes to watch my naked body move while I complete my chores. He still gasps when I bend over to clean to floor. He sees my bald cunt and his dick gets hard then his commands become really sexual. He says I’m never prettier than when his cock is in my mouth. He’ll make me suck him off for hours, cumming in my mouth over and over again. For entertainment, he’ll call some of his buddies over and they’ll pass me around like a party favor. I’ll end up with red swollen lips because I’ll suck too much cock. He likes watching me be gangbanged. They’ll fill all of my holes with hard cocks and I’ll love every second. He’s my master and he owns me, body and soul. I’ll do anything to please him and keep him happy.

His Whore

Submissive Whore

Master’s friends came over to watch the game. I was the entertainment. Master made me wear only a bra and panties with 6-inch heels. I served snacks and drinks until Master asked me to do more. He loves showing his buddies that he a full control over me. He charged his friends $200 each to fuck me. When he wants me to be a whore, I obey. One by one I took them into the bedroom and let them fuck my tight pussy. I fuck so many guys that my cunt swelled from the heavy pounding. But I never stopped, I sucked and fucked like a porn star, I wanted to make Master proud, I’d do anything to please him. When he says “jump,” I say “how high?”. Plus, fucking Master’s friends felt really good. All of those dicks fucking my tight holes felt amazing.

The Slave’s Punishment

Submissive slutMaster punished me today. I hung a shirt in the wrong section of his closet. He’s so anal about keeping his clean. His face turned red and evil for a brief second. Then he smiled because he knew the perfect way to punish me. He sat in his favorite chair and called me over motioning me to kneel between his thighs. I knew what he wanted and unfastened his pants. I pulled his huge cock from his boxers and licked it all over like I’ve been trained to do. I licked and slobbered all over its hardness making my cunt really wet. Sucking dick makes me so hot and horny. But remember I was being punished and only Master can turn a blowjob into a punishment. He’s a master at edging and forces me to suck, gag and stop over and over again. After hour three, tears are running down my eyes and my knees ache he finally fills my mouth with warm semen.

Submissive Slut

Submissive slutMaster got mad because I didn’t jump fast enough when he called my name. He wants and wishes come first. It’s my job to make his life easy and pleasurable. When I anger him it’s his job to punish me. He said I can’t talk or eat for two whole days. He says the only thing coming and going in my mouth is his dick. My pussy gets wet when he’s cruel. When he uses a stern voice my panties get soaked. I know it’s supposed to be a punishment but I love sucking Master’s cock. I stroke him into my mouth and I can feel a heartbeat between my legs. I’ve even had orgasms just from sucking his dick. Being on my knees making Master happy is my greatest joy. I love looking up and seeing his grimace from sexual pleasure. I think I do things on purpose to anger him because I crave his punishments.

Grits and Submission

Submissive slutEveryday I clean Master’s house from top to bottom. I dust, vacuum, and mop all day long until every surface is spotless. But today I forgot to clean underneath the sofa and Master was not happy. He put grits on the floor and made kneel on them. The grits were so painful to my knees. He pulled his cock out and I knew what he wanted, I put it in my mouth and started sucking. I thought if I sucked him off really good he would let me get up. But even after he came in my mouth he made me stay on those grits for another hour. When he finally allowed me to stand my knees were bloody and tears were running down my face. He taught me a lesson that I would never forget and from now on he won’t find a speck of dust anywhere. A clean house makes Master happy and I want to keep him happy.

Submissive Slut

Submissive slutI want to fulfill your every desire. Nothing is off limits, anything goes. Nothing is too degrading, I’ll do anything to make you happy. The only time I’m really happy is when a big dick is in my mouth. I’m a dick sucking professional and I’ll suck the skin off your cock. When I spread my legs you’ll see heaven between my thighs. Bend me over and fill my cunt with hard cock. My pussy is tight and sloppy wet. I need someone to destroy my pussy. Pump my cunt fast and hard. Sometimes if the sex is really good my pussy will squirt. I need you to be dominating and controlling. Nothing turns me on more than a man who knows how to handle his woman. I want to call you Master because I’m your slave. I want to blow your mind and your cock. And if you’re in, I’ll run my tongue up and down your ass crack. Have you ever had a tongue inside your asshole?

A Submissive’s Dream

Submissive whoreI need to be controlled. Any order you give I’ll obey because I’m a submissive. Be my master and I’ll worship your cock. I’ll drop to my knees and worship your cock with my mouth. I promise that I’m a good girl and your every wish is my command. My world revolves around you and making you happy. Nothing is too degrading or demeaning, and I’ll do anything you ask with a big smile on my face. Pass around to your friends and I’ll make you proud because no one sucks dick better than me. My last master didn’t allow me to wear clothes and giving him hour long blowjobs was a regular occurrence. He controlled me with an iron fist and I loved every second of his rule. He liked to bend over and make me clean his asshole with my tongue and I did it without a complaint. I liked the moans he made when I tongue-fucked his anus. Some girls are afraid of going too far but I have no boundaries, no limits.

Submissive Whore

Submissive whoreMaster says I need to start making money. He wants to find men to dominate me. He knows that I’m an ultimate submissive. He finally realized that men would pay big bucks to dominate me. I will do anything to keep my Master happy. If he needs me to make money he should change my name and call me “Piggy Bank”.
He found someone with deep pockets. His name was Dennis and he was my new Master. My original Master handed my leash to Dennis and left the house. I was alone with a strange man and my cunt pulsed with anticipation. He pulled my leash and walked me around his house on my hands and knees. He wanted to make sure I knew who was in charge. He walked me to his bedroom and removed my leash. He ordered me to undress and show him all of my holes. I spread my ass cheeks apart and revealed my puckered asshole. Then spread my legs, touched my toes, and exposed my bald wet pussy. He quickly undressed and rushed towards me. He entered me from behind and it felt heart-stopping. He slammed his pelvis against me, pushing his cock deeper and deeper. If someone walked in, they would see us on the floor fucking like animals. I came hard and squirted cum on the white carpet. He never saw a girl squirt and it pushed him over the edge. He shot his load deep inside of me. Making money for my original Master was so easy and seductive.

I Worship His Cock

Cock worshipingI know what pleases my master, he’s trained me to pleasure him. I don’t speak without his permission. One of his rules is I have to be naked and ready to fuck at any moment. If during the winter months, no clothes allowed. He loves for me to be cold. He says being chilly makes my nipples hard and ready to be sucked. He is my king, my world, and I worship his cock. I get down on my knees and please him with my mouth. I love having his dick in my mouth, looking up and seeing his eyes rolling back. Sucking on my Master makes my cunt super wet. I want him inside me so bad, but I can’t ask for his dick. He decides when it’s time to fuck. He need my pussy to be sloppy wet. He rewards me with head, I love the way he sucks on my pussy lips. His tongue fights with my clit and it drives me wild. He sucks and licks on my fat pussy until my cum is sliding down my ass cheeks. He takes his big cock and shoves it in pussy. It’s hard to put in words how amazing his cock sends a euphoric current through my body. I adore him. I worship him. He’s my Master, and I’m his slave.