Bare bottom spankings with my juicy ass

Bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings will convince anyone to be a drooling cum slut begging for a massive plugging. I’m a big believer in being punished, degraded, and pushed around if it gets me a paycheck. I’m a slutty whore ready to ride, grind, and be tied down by a guy and all his friends. In fact, just the other night I found every hole I had filled up by delicious, weighty dick that ruined me for more than a few hours. I was so stretched out that I couldn’t believe it, and yet the ropes around my hands and feet stopped me from even checking to make sure I wasn’t torn. Lust will make you miss things, you could easily get hurt and not know till a lot later if you’re being fucked in your tight cunt at the time. I’m a Cum slut phone sex professional and even I have a hard time noticing sometimes when a honking prick is just too damn big and dripping too thick a precum for my pretty pussy. I have firm limits and take great joy in having them wrecked and broken, in the moment nothing makes me cum harder than knowing I might have regrets later from too damn much hot and ready pumping fun. Back in that gangbang I could barely see because I was too into it and my tunnel vision had kicked in hard, focused on the massive cock in my face slipping between my lips and filling my cheeks with hot sweaty man meat. I’d have been feeling and fondling his balls if I wasn’t tied down, but as was, all I could do was admire it with my tongue and lap around it while squeezing it with my lips and throat. There’s no greater joy than losing yourself in a sensual, sexy moment and forgetting you’re restrained. You try to move and do your normal thing only to realize yet again that you’re restricted, and panic all over again! That’s the kind of time all Erotic bondage stories are made of!

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