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My tits love to be soaked by you

cock worshiping“Remove that shirt.” Ryan demanded. So I stopped pinching my nipples and quickly removed my shirt. My breasts jiggled until that sat still on my chest again.“Ahhhhhhhhh…….FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I’M GONNA CUM ALL OVER
THESE TITS!” Ryan cried out. As he let out this cry, I could feel the pulsating of his dick unloading his hot
cream across my big tits. He must have unloaded a pint of cum. As he pulled away from me and his warm jizz 
drizzled out of his dick hole unto my tits. He watched his cream drip from my tits. He
liked to watch the mess he would make. After admiring his handy work; he helped me up and kissed my

I make Cock worshiping look like art

Cock worshipingAs a cock worshiping slut, I’m very lucky that my name is Zella, it makes writing my name on your cock with thick lipstick and kisses a lot easier. Lots of simple straight lines. The “a” gets a little tricky at the end, but you could say I’m used to pulling tricks. That may have been a dirty pun but I promise you it’s going to be the least dirty part of any time you spend with me. I will worship your cock like it is a god and the only way I can eat is by swallowing your load. I promise I’m a good girl that likes to drink all her milk and I’d never be so wasteful as to let a drop hit the floor, no matter which pair of lips I’m using at the moment, and I promise it will be both as I milk you dry and show you cum eating phone sex all night long. 

I know what I am, as a cheap whore I belong on my knees until the rug burn leaves them bright red, matching my lipstick all over your cock and balls. It will be a fitting compliment to my brightly colored mascara running down my face from the tears, my body trying to work past just how huge you are as I choke on you. I love a dick so big I have to struggle, it makes the cum so much sweeter, it really drills into any man that his cum is more important to me than air. It’s a simple decision to force you as far down in my throat as I can manage, always struggling to get just another inch down my airway so I can properly take in its magnitude and greatness. As a cum slut phone sex whore,I’ll suck for hours if it means even one more thick load of cum to drink down from your swollen cock.

Submissive whore like me need to be played with

Submissive whoreToday I, a submissive whore, couldn’t recognize a cock that was already inside of me. Normally as I get used, even if it’s dark and I’m waking up to it by the feel, the size, the speed it’s moving. Not today though, today was a different new cock and I loved not knowing. I loved that someone just got tired of my short little skirt and decided to do something about it. I came so hard my entire body spasmed as I realized the monster inside of me was totally unrecognizable to my poor abused little pussy stretching around it. Maybe it was a habit but I found myself grabbing my ankles and staring at my thong that had been ripped off and thrown on the ground. A stranger was using me for their pleasure and all I could think was that I was grateful for the surprise, for the welcome waves of pleasure washing over me. All I wanted in that moment was to milk that fat cock dry, to be as pleasurable for him as I could be. To make him cum a half dozen times inside of me. I am a free-use whore and I have always been proud of it. However, I rarely enjoy it half as much as when a stranger uses me for the first time, as I’m made a man’s toy and he chooses when and how to play with me.

Hurt me with your slave training

Slave training“Ow! Oh fuck!” The slap of my titties bouncing against each-other after his palm landed firmly to the side was enough to scramble my expression and wet my loins for his effective slave training. I’m a glutton for a little agony every once in a while, and that means when a man gets in his head that I’m a toy to be played with I respect him more if he’s willing to hurt me. I cried out his name, I cried a little in general, and my titties shined a little red. My breaths were heavy, while I moaned and twitched. He had created a rhythm for me, one that had my body in sync with my heart beat. “Harder~” I gasped, begging him to give me all of his passion in a way that I couldn’t ever forget. “Make me bleed.” A lot of men are into a woman who knows her place, I’m one of them, and I get a lot of appreciation. There’s nothing better than a woman that you can smack, hit, abuse and torture, who’ll beg for more with a teary smile and a dripping cunt. “Cum.” I heard him order, and I couldn’t stop myself from giving in and giving him the treat he requested.

Cum Slut Phone Whore

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Cum slut phone sex is all I can think about! I realized one of my lifelong dreams and became an honest whore working out of a brothel and to celebrate my new career move, I was the fuckdoll used at a 30 man gangbang last night and I had the time of my life, not to mention all the money I made! Even though I’m a submissive whore, I’ve never been fucked by so many men at once! For hours, there wasn’t a moment I was left alone; there was always a cock inside of all 3 of my holes at the same time and my hands also stayed occupied! I love being fucked deep in all my holes and having hot, sticky loads deposited. I was covered in cum and took at least 70 creampies in my pussy and ass. I still have remnants leaking out of my and it’s been over 24 hours! I can also still taste all that cum on my lips and my skin has never felt smoother than when I was covered in it like lotion. I was used like a piece of meat, just a worthless, life size pocket pussy for their ultimate satisfaction– I feel as though I fulfilled my life’s purpose! 

48 Hour Submissive Sex Fuckfest

Submissive Sex

I had a 48 hour submissive sex fuckfest this past weekend. I was tied up by my hands and feet, left to kneel on my knees and elbows while I got rodded for hours by a fucking machine. The only time I wasn’t getting fucked by the machine was when my master wanted to have his way with my ass or pussy and wanted to fuck and cum inside me; he also had some of his friends come over and take turns running a train on me as well. My throat was fucked while I was gangbanged and spit roasted with the machine still going and there was so much cum all over my face and body. I wasn’t allowed to shower and I had to piss and shit right where I was kept bound and they would use that as extra lube to continue fucking me. I was humiliated, degraded and fucked hard until my pussy was red, swollen and sore and my ass was puffy and near prolapse. I loved every second of it! I love being a submissive slut and indulging in wild bondage and submission fantasies. I hope to become a full bondage whore and be kept locked away and used for fucking 24/7!

Sex Slave in Training

Slave Training

I love sex slave training! I’m a cum hungry submissive whore that wants nothing more than to be a complete slut for you. Help me realize my rape phone sex fantasies and take my pussy any time you want it. I want you to force me down, choke me and fuck me hard and deep. I would love to have your white cock fill my coon pussy and get me pregnant with a little nigglet. I’ll always keep my pussy hot, wet and ready for you, greeting you at the door with my legs spread eagle while I lie on the floor ready to be humped on sight. I want to be your bottom bitch sex slave, training all your other sex slaves on how to take your dick like a champ. I want you to fuck my asshole until the hole is gaping wide for your cock, stretching it open so you can fist me. 

Give me a call so you can hear how wet this pussy gets and how loud I moan while imagining you pounding my slut hole. Don’t forget to ask about our phone sex specials so you can get some cheap phone sex from me, your personal cheap ebony submissive whore sex slave. 

Submissive Whore Ready for a Gangbang


Gangbang Phone Sex

I’m a submissive whore in desperate need of gangbang phone sex. I want to hear all about how you and your frat brothers want to pummel my black pussy and fuck me raw. I want your cocks deep inside me, stretching me open and using me for your most taboo fantasies. I want each of my fuckholes filled simultaneously–pussy, ass and mouth–and even have my titties fucked by big throbbing cocks while even more meaty dicks jack off around me, dripping pre-cum on my ebony skin and hair. I want to be covered in jizz and forced to keep it on me so every knows what a cum whore I am. I love being used for sexual desire – it’s really all I have to offer. I’m nothing more than a living, breathing pocket pussy and I deserve to be used as such. I want my feet fucked while I’m being bent over and whored out, stretched open and ravished. Please don’t stop fucking me until I’m covered and filled with hot white spunk, fulfilling my dreams of being the perfect submissive cum slut. 

Cock Worshipping Cum Whore Zella


Cock Worshiping

Cock worship is the only type of worship that matters to me; day or night, I’m always ready to drop to my knees and worship a big, hard cock. I love to get down on my knees and marvel at a hard dick up close and personal; the shape of the large mushroom head, the veins sticking out of it; the thickness…it’s all so fucking sexy to me! once it’s in my face, I can’t help but stick it in my mouth and show my appreciation for such a fine specimen. I love caressing it with my black pillowy lips and sliding it down my throat with big wet tongue…

And I don’t care if it’s in my mouth, in my pussy, in my ass, between my tits or in my hands…I just have to have it! Use all of me! I can’t get enough of it! Some days all I can do is stay in bed with my legs spread open, fucking myself with my favorite dildo, counting down the hours until I have a real cock inside of me again. This is why being a bondage whore suits me so well—I love being tied up and used as a real-life fuck doll; there’s nothing that I find more exciting. I want to be tied up and exposed all day, with fucking machines going at me until you and your friends can come and run a nasty train on me and fill me and cover me with cum. I really need this pussy fucked good—can you come help me?!

Bondage Whore Sex Slave Zella

Bondage Whore

I’m a bondage whore that’s at your mercy. I love to be tied up so you can have your way with me. Lock me in a soundproof dungeon with my legs and feet spread apart, tied up on a St. Andrew’s cross for you to do what you will. Plug in a fucking machine and have it ravish my cunt 24/7 until you’re ready to ram your cock into my cunt and ass, my fuckholes gaping open and ready to handle anything. My black pussy, ass and mouth are all yours for the taking. I’m a submissive black bitch that wants nothing more than to be your personal sex slave. Blindfold me and give me earplugs and have your friends forcefully take what they want. Make me your human cum dumpster, your black fuckdoll, an object made merely for your pleasure. Fuck my ebony cock pocket until its raw and swollen, then fuck it harder until I can’t even piss without screaming.