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Submissive sex from a easy slut

Submissive sex chat

Zella the Submissive slut likes you to take control and be in charge. She follows direction well and never says no, and Bare bottom spankings make Zella wet as a river. Tell her what to do to her body or yours, Submissive sex chat can make you cream harder then you ever seen. Fucking and sucking until only you say “stop”. Holding her cum until you allow her to release and squirt all over you. Bless her with a ripe and ready cock to ride, or a new spanking paddle made just for her round ass. After you are done with her just pass her to a friend, Zella loves to be a whore for more. Zella is the easiest sex you can get.

Hot couple plus one Submissive Whore

If we embrace our deepest fantasies and embrace our sexuality fearlessly your sex life never suffers. That’s why I choose to be a Submissive Whore, to explore power dynamics and be dominated. To experience intense, erotic, role-playing discovering uncharted territories. Cock worshiping after my Bare bottom spankings. I enjoy being the nastiest, sluttiest, whore for the pair. I aim to please all who  I am lucky to be dominated by. Harder the force the wetter I become instantly. I am always ready night or day. Extreme does not scary a girl like me, I have so many submissive stories to share. I would love to hear yours too, tell me about what you would do to me so I can pleasure my self to the fantasies of others. Submissive Whore

Rape phone sex fantasies and Zella won’t resist you

Rape phone sex fantasies


Rape phone sex fantasies and Zella won’t even resist you. She’s a hardcore Submissive slut who needs bondage and a master to feel complete. Kneeling before the one who will soon put her in her place gives her a primal urdge she can’t explain. Serving a master with a firm spanking hand has allways been a goal for Zella, If she could find him then life would have the spice and balance that she craves. Zella longs to be a pet for a master like that, wearing collars and being lead and controlled in public make her so happy. Could you be the one she trusts to give control? Are you willing to handle a true submissive forfilling your every need?

Submissive Whore awaiting your commands

submissive whore

Submissive Whore awaiting your commands, ready and willing to be dominated by a strong handed Master. Zella can take anything you can throw at her, no role play was shocked her yet, only excite her and cause her to have wet panties. Bare bottom spankings are zella’s usual punishment of choice, however being gagged while teased and tickled have become a close second. Zella has 2 masters that she serves and enjoys them very much but in true sub hoe fashion she craves more, maybe more then she can handle. zella hates to waste time just jump in there and take control, slut shame her to tears if you like, still will she suck you like no other. It’s her kink!

Submissive slut Zella is just waiting to be taken to poundtown.

 Submissive slut

Submissive slut Zella is just waiting to be taken to poundtown. Tie her down with some slave bondage and Zella becomes all yours. She’s one hot pussy pocket with nothing to lose, Zella gets into some pretty sexy submissive situations. How on earth could a slut like her not be chained or controlled by a master, all the cock Zella gobbles deserves an award. Imagine you own this sexy submissive ebony whore for your own. How would you play with her? Torture her? Maybe some sexy sexy bondage? or something more hardcore S&M. Whatever you chose Zella’s pussy will get wet for it, nothing is off limits for Zella. Hell! She doesn’t even have a safe word…. not need for extreme whore

Zella’s S&M porn collection is full!

S&M porn

Zella’s S&M porn collection is full of slave training tutorials , and Extreme bondage videos. Everything goes, no rules, Zella has never had to use her safe word as of yet. Will you be the one to change that?  Zella’s a slave who only does as she’s told but deep within her she longs to be told to do unspeakable things. Zella wants to be commanded to do things to her self and others that would repel those closed minded ones, those who haven’t experienced the complete satisfaction, domination, and humiliation that comes with straddling the chest of your lover for Golden showers phone sex. Covering them with what comes from can be pretty erotic and new, so try some Scat phone sex with Zella as your guide. Step into my No judgement Zella Zone.

Wearing my leash at the park was fun

Light bondageLight bondage is what me and Master Daddy enjoy, but today we decided to take a walk in the park.  Master Daddy is slave training me so I had my cute pink collar and leash on today. As I strutted along next to my master he gave me instructions to take my shirt off and expose my chocolate tits to joggers nearby. I did as I was told knowing that Submissive sex would follow as my reward for such whorish behavior. I truly love the looks we get when Master Daddy and I play in public places, I get so turned on he has to remind me not to go to far. I couldn’t care less who sees me submit to Master Daddy, I am his eternal sex slave.



Control me Daddy please

Submissive slut and I can never get enough! Degrade me, shame me, make me your Bondage whore. I deserve to be spanked, tortured, and abused. Please I beg of you, splatter me with so much of your warm spew that it burns my eyes. Have your way with me keep me all to yourself or share me with your filthy friends, you can slut me out. Split me in two, ravage all my holes, You won’t hear any complaints from me . I promise to be your submissive trash. Make me your human tissue, use and discard me. I never know how nasty I can get, maybe I will suck the shit out of your asshole while the neighborhood watches. Submissive slut

My tits love to be soaked by you

cock worshiping“Remove that shirt.” Ryan demanded. So I stopped pinching my nipples and quickly removed my shirt. My breasts jiggled until that sat still on my chest again.“Ahhhhhhhhh…….FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I’M GONNA CUM ALL OVER
THESE TITS!” Ryan cried out. As he let out this cry, I could feel the pulsating of his dick unloading his hot
cream across my big tits. He must have unloaded a pint of cum. As he pulled away from me and his warm jizz 
drizzled out of his dick hole unto my tits. He watched his cream drip from my tits. He
liked to watch the mess he would make. After admiring his handy work; he helped me up and kissed my

I make Cock worshiping look like art

Cock worshipingAs a cock worshiping slut, I’m very lucky that my name is Zella, it makes writing my name on your cock with thick lipstick and kisses a lot easier. Lots of simple straight lines. The “a” gets a little tricky at the end, but you could say I’m used to pulling tricks. That may have been a dirty pun but I promise you it’s going to be the least dirty part of any time you spend with me. I will worship your cock like it is a god and the only way I can eat is by swallowing your load. I promise I’m a good girl that likes to drink all her milk and I’d never be so wasteful as to let a drop hit the floor, no matter which pair of lips I’m using at the moment, and I promise it will be both as I milk you dry and show you cum eating phone sex all night long. 

I know what I am, as a cheap whore I belong on my knees until the rug burn leaves them bright red, matching my lipstick all over your cock and balls. It will be a fitting compliment to my brightly colored mascara running down my face from the tears, my body trying to work past just how huge you are as I choke on you. I love a dick so big I have to struggle, it makes the cum so much sweeter, it really drills into any man that his cum is more important to me than air. It’s a simple decision to force you as far down in my throat as I can manage, always struggling to get just another inch down my airway so I can properly take in its magnitude and greatness. As a cum slut phone sex whore,I’ll suck for hours if it means even one more thick load of cum to drink down from your swollen cock.